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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  November 18, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

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in eastern europe there is a growing e. u. bear who stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence, some recalling this hybrid war, but who is hybrid war against whom? ah, we're seeing high levels one key creeping in economic life. and i think we're all aware of the disruption of global supply chains with spike in the cost of energy. we're seeing a reappearance of inflation and i think all of these constitute economists cool down the sign risks which could mean the weather is still ahead of us despite the moderation of the severity of the timing juice crisis.
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hey folks. next up on dennis miller plus one, a good canadian boy or abbey, a mel. i think he's up in toronto, you know, from the flash and then he did something called code 8, which i enjoyed. it was on his own dime. so you got to make a lot of decisions over there. and they did a nice top little thriller of a show. he's got a new project out and i'm blanking on it, but he has it. and i'll tell you right about it after this are dennis miller plus one with a pokes. welcome to dennis miller plus one. happy to welcome actor robbie amount to the show: robbie: of course best. none of the audiences for his work is ronnie, on the c w series, the flash. he's also start in the science fiction film code 8. and i think that might have been and how, staying with him and some buddies,
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and they got to do their own thing over there, as opposed to having suits teleporting in 5 minutes to kill the creativity to be exact proud on that robin can be seen next in the film resident evil who help them direct coon city. and imagine the time somebody were told the way back. and lo and they're doing forbidden planet or invasion of the body snatchers. eventually, sy fi films would be based on video games. they'd look at you, go, listen, i'm a futurist, but are even know what the hell that means, but that's where it's at right now. that hits theaters on november 24th. this is robbie and mel. robbie, how are you? i'm good, thanks for having me. when you're up in toronto and we're talking a little pocket before we go on, i think you went up and shot this resident, evil thing in sudbury. i think the great george armstrong of leaf spain is from there. as is alex drew back. tell me about said, very brother, and is there anything happening there or do you get to go home and run lines at night because it's a little little more sedate than usual. i hadn't been to sudbury since i was
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a kid doing hockey trips up there and it still feels like the best thing to do in sudbury is play off. well, listen, as i grow older, there's a few things that resonate with me now. i love to go to costco once every 10 days because it works so well. it's well lit. they have that machine, that bony clean and the out, the things are priced well. and i also had grown much more fond of coffee as i get older because it makes sense to me. so i think in the past like somebody would say, yeah, the best thing, those were not the main is the play hockey. i think that's a great thing to do because the world's gotten mad, and a hockey resonates even more. how far did, how far did you go with that? i know it's in the canadian kids, dna slashed pond experiences, but how far you go with robbie. i played right up until i book my 1st movie i was, i was a hockey player. the only the only guy played against the made it to the show is
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wayne simmons, which is pretty cool. i was in that way when he was there. i had my wayne simmons jersey but most of my buddies kind of fizzled out. it's one of those things. i think, you know, if you're going to, if you've got a pathway to make it a h l by like 12 years old in canada. wow. really. so the, the road presents itself even. i just saw wayne play last night. that's so funny. i watch the kings in the and he still looks good. obviously it's pretty that with the flyers, but he still looks like he's still moving pretty good. what was he? he must have been a gangly kid bad because he's stretch armstrong now. well, what do you remember away back in the early days? it was fast. it was flashy. he'd like to, he'd like to do the drag. you'd like to drag the park and kind of jump out of the way, which we'll get in trouble these days. but he was really good. he's really fast. he played on a team called the toronto aces. i was on north toronto and i played, i would say probably 5 or 6 years against him. never played on the same team but,
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but i think we had some pretty good battles. we hadn't, we had a couple years back to back where we eliminated each other out of the play offs, which is pretty fun. cool. sorry folks. whenever i talk to a cat or played and as a canadian, i got to talk a little park as a, as i said, i'm a big, big hockey fair. you know that hand off from the thing i love about hockey, is they police their own? i mean, you can go so far with the rat, a chat thing at the score, and then somebody on your own team is going to grab it and say, hey, listen, brother way or you know, this is going to show you what we want you to celebrate on a certain new tom and so we got to ship here, we run it a certain way. don't make the clock you and fresh get it together like that fact of our hockey. when you get to hollywood, it is the wild was rather when you, when you left the behind and got into the serial dream like world of show business where people have their head so far up there. sometimes you've got to cut and
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switch back trails to get through it. what was that hand? oh man. i mean i, i literally book my 1st movie the summer before 11th grade. before that, i was just a hockey player who didn't really know what what i was going to do. i think i never looked at the n h l as a possible career path. but i figured i would kind of play in college, maybe get a degree in like, can you see ology and sports medicine, something like that. that's just kind of what i figured. and then i book this movie out of the blue because i look like i can be eugene levy and carmen electra kid. and it was called cheaper by the dozen to a shop for 2 months. and i was like, this is, this is not a bad way to make the limit, so i quit hockey. got into some on camera classes and i just kind of looked at it as, i'll give this a shot and see what happens. one of my buddies i played hockey with was going to university san diego. so i went down south with him kinda hung out his place,
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lay back and forth. and luckily it's worked out cuz i don't know what i would do now. now, you know, i remember i've taken like 2 acting classes and the teacher was sweet and the people were well intentioned, but there was some stop happening in front of me. i thought, wow, i must be active now because this is a train wreck and i got to say, you know, it was the best thing i ever did just because you didn't want to be a pisser with people who are risk in front of us. but what do you think that is like i thought, you know, but i think i'd watch it and think my god, what that acting classes help you or what, what was your big swing thought that helped you start to get better at acting? so i did i, i got into like an on camera class just because i had literally, i had never done anything like it other than this movie. i did commercials when i was a kid. my mom and dad got me into just to like, put some, some money aside for anything from like dental work to canadian whereas
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maybe college. and i think last wasn't especially for me. it was just, i just found it to be a little weird. now. i learned a lot more onset and just kind of trial by fire. i did a show called life with derrick, which was out of toronto. and luckily it was, you know, it was a kid show. so there's not a whole lot of critic sway. and i learned a lot and i had a lot of fun onset, and then i've been lucky enough to just work with super talented people who have have given me a shot. and given me advice and i've just learned from watching. and i also think that acting has kind of started to steer a little more towards the, you know, even the sy, fi and stuff, i think everything's trying to ground itself a little bit more. i think if you're a little, you know, there's,
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it's not that there's no place for it, but it's pretty specific if you're going out there and weird. i feel like most things are, are trying to be fairly grounded, even if they're, even if they're, while you watch old movies now and i enjoy and, but it's definitely a switch in your head and i, by old. i mean, i'm playing 60 seventy's on the old ones or just the different planet, but you watch what the craft was then. and you watch the urgency and the striving to make a character. and you think, boy, we live in such a post ironic world now to strive. you're deemed immediately a sweat act. you almost have to look in susie and about coming to the the project. now kids don't want to see you, you know, for an attic that they want to kind of see as smooth into it a little. so i agree. are a little more grounded now. tell me about the resident, evil. listen for head like me is not a video game guy here, where i see it's called welcome to racoon city. now what? it's a video game 1st. yeah. how it works over a new movie and tell me where,
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what is the longitude latitude on raccoon city. my friend where is that at? so record city is the fictional city that takes place in this in this world based on video game video games. the 1st one resume was from 1996. and it's, you know, some people credit to like zombie making a push back into pop culture in the ninety's and i grew up playing it. i was 8 when i played the 1st one. like, you know, it's one of my 1st childhood video game memory is just in my basement lights off and zombie dog jumped through a window and like the game had legitimate jump scares and just scared the crap body . but you know, i grew up on the games they, they've made movies in the past with a job of which, who was amazing in them. she's in total, my buddy, sean roberts, played one of the characters in them. i'm a big fan of those movies are movie is much more, you know,
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kind of based off from the source material of the 1st 2 games they take place the movies take, the movie takes place in the 90s. it's got a little bit of, you know, camping this to it, but at the same time, it's much more of a horror movie than been the 1st. the 1st ones where they were a little bit sy fi action. it's super fun. anybody that grew up playing the games is going to lose their mind. it's. it's like easter reg after easter egg. the sets are built completely after the game that the director you harness roberts want to cap. com and asked him or ask them for the blueprints to, to the major set pieces, which is a mansion kind of a haunted house side of things and the police station. and he built them, you know, as much as he could to the game. and then anyone that hasn't played the games, it's a fun ninety's horror movie was zombies. and really great music. it's so funny that it's come full circle where you go from a kid in the basement in the dark, with a zombie dog coming through
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a wind. don't scare you to the point now where they're blocking it for 4 hours. and you're everybody's in green screen garb. those lightbulbs attached their head and your 2nd zombie dogs. the worst part of my day right now is no dogs. just a guy with the green thing. right. you got the space goes talk show once that i'm supposed to talk to the brock sitting next to me and it's a paint stir. okay. motion to brock. right now. i'm looking at the painters i get. here's my big curve right here. take the thought of it, which rub a bell and the film is welcome to raccoon city resident, evil, welcome direct can city it's hits, theaters on november 24th. you're not that you put meals name to it. i am by the way, folks, if you're out there she is a great album. i. it's like fiona apple. go back and find. i know you're going to say what's it called? i don't remember any of that. but she could sing up,
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but i do remember scary effect in one of those films, robbie, where somebody gets lasered by some like netting or sub than and they get split up into like a 1000000 little cubes. is that what i remember? you? do you actually remember that dead on a 100 percent? they go yeah, faces fall, limbs, everything, just little cubes. that's a great moment. i know it's terrible. i listen. i was an adult. i was they just like are the rubik's cube? gone horribly, right? so if there's any of and now the effects like today, jeez, if they want to make you feel it's real, they can do it and i'm sure they're doing it in resident evil. welcome to reconsider. all right, enjoy our time with robbie. amount will come back chat a little more about what else has happened in his life. i want to talk to him about that project. he did code aid, i think that was some friends and i must have been liberate released acquaintances because there's a lot of guys and get your way when you're trying to realize vision. this sounds like this one might have been in house talked robbie mal right after this. dennis
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miller plus one ah. with price is for gas is going to be up dramatically by the time the election is because of mine has an adjust the true cause of this calamity, and that is the excess of money printing and they, they're scheduled now to double the money supply. the empty money supply again on the next 12 months. they've doubled it over the previous 12 months. they're going to double it again. so gas is going $89.00 a gallon. ah, new york, it's really what america is about. ah,
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when our mayor took office, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the halves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on hard. i. the cities always wanted to forget the got hold. island city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried. there is wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that exists in the city for centuries. ah,
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a folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one. join in enjoying our time with robin mouth left to right winger di what were you center man, what were you robbing way back? well i, i kind of anywhere. oh, up on forward i would switch to left wing for a one time or i shoot right arm, but i spend most of my time right wing and center. well the, the brief slot left wing reminds us that the great mike bossy out there. finance to hang in there mike, he is a true amazing player. and i were grubby can be seen in the film resident, evil. welcome direct human city. it's the latest permutation of those films that you remember me land. and like i said, i beckons de la to send her a check because she got that part in undergrad because i think really cut the you know, she cut the way through for women superheroes because she was absolutely great in that film as kicker, tell me about up i worked with greg daniels is f that l for
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a few years. he's a brilliant cad, him and conan were always off in the corner and you'd look over anything who's the red and the quiet kid. but then he started talking and he was a freak and genius and a good guy to boot and he's got this thing called upload. tell me about it man, i'm so lucky. i met with greg. he actually came up with the idea when he was writing us and now so he's been sitting on it for a long time. he said he tried to turn it into an s. no. it didn't work in tried to make it into short story, didn't work. he wrote into a movie, it didn't work. he finally made a pilot. nobody wanted to touch it because it was so out there. finally amazon went for it and he's just like you said, he's brilliant. you so funny. you know, for someone who is so wildly successful, there's no ego, he's like, he's super collaborative and i get to, you know, i get to go to work and say the words that, that he gives me every day, which is,
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which is a total honor. he's, he's a black, the show is really fun. takes place in a world where if you know you're going to die, you can upload your consciousness to a digital after life and the run by these big corporations. it's great it's, it's unbelievable he's, he's predicted we shot the pilot and then a year later, it took a year because there were, they didn't know what they were doing with the show. we shot the 1st season and by the time it came out like 4 of the things from the show had come through in real life is just or imagined he has the side. i don't even know if the phrase uploaded exist back when he had this idea. i mean think about that as well when i was with daniels, it must be must be 35 years ago or something like that is when i cross that he had the side the back that no wonder i can see him pitching that at the wednesday table read and say what i've got to thing upload where you upload. 1 you and i imagine
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lauren, john, what can you write a wayne's world ish? so i got a little kermit my throat. so we're yet in upload right now in the middle of the 1st season. you've done a seas and tell me where the, if they picked it up, it sounds like such a great idea. where is it lay over amazon. thank you. are 1st season premier kind of at the beginning a coven, which you know, only lucky for us. everybody was at home, so the 1st season did really well. we went back and shot the 2nd season in vancouver this past april or february, march and april. that'll premier in it sounds like february on amazon prime. and then hopefully we get to do a 3rd season. another super excited about it. i just watched. they sent me 7, all 7 percent, my wife and i ripped through them and mean, i just, i love watching. i hate watching myself, but i love watching the rest of the cast. they all crack me up. griggs,
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son owen. right on the show. he wrote the finale. he started right on the showing. he was 18 brilliant. it's awesome. i love all the people involved and i'm super proud of the show. you know what really people always think that's precious when people say, i don't like to watch myself. i know that's. listen, i sometimes think one model say i eat anything. i think it might be, but i'm telling you i've only been around 5 movies and my kid says, hey, tales from the crypt movies on. and i watch myself trying to be smooth. so i, i go, i go, i listen. i don't even have problems with the movie, it's ok for what it is, but i can't just be trying to be smooth than that movie. hard to bother you and you try to act in for turbo or smooth. you know, for me it's for it's, it's marginally better than hearing my own voice on rate like played back on audio that's. that's as close as it gets. but it's
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a watch at once and i'll try and learn as much as possible. ok. i didn't buy that, that didn't work. that was ok. and then i don't want to see it again. yeah. talking to rob m l resident. evil. welcome to rec city is out in the last my card, but it's theaters on november. 24th. i guess the big fittingly or big quick rise to say, hey mr. is this flash? and i remember when i was a kid, i go so far back with flash was j. garrick, running around and a superbowl with wings on a turned upside down on is that it goes over the very i think is, is very gordon. but tell me very, very alan, sorry. why very good. but tell me about your worry, getting the flash man and was it will already shocked when you pull the sword from the stone or did you know you had a tell me about it. so i finished the show called the tomorrow people, which was on c, w. ready and greg blanche who produced that show was making the flash. and he
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found me, he was like, i got, i got bad news. you know the tomorrow people's not going to come back for another season. but i'd really love for you to come play firestorm on the flash and i was like, i mean, let's go. so he's dc sent me over a care package of like justice league comments comics to check out the character. i got to go over there. greg is amazing, he produces ero, the flash super girl, all of the d. c show and it was just great to be a part of that world. the fan base is wild. they are now to and troll. busy yeah, they are super new, so i didn't want to screw that up. and luckily it's been, it's been fairly well received and, and i'm just happy for them. they're in their final season now, which i think is season 8. but i got to stick around for the 1st little while, you know, i, i thought we were rabbit one, we are kids. and like i said,
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i used to have all the jail a man, and then they started crossing them over with the marvel thing, which was a, believe me, a mind blower for a young kid. you didn't even, you didn't even want to see that at the beginning because 2 distinct cams. but boy, they are so rabbits today. i remember once i was flying out of comic con or i took my kid and harrison ford was coming in. it's the same term on he was going over and i go harrison. i just came from there yet. ready. and he's there. why is it isn't going to be crazy. i said, what are you kidding me? your home. oh, i just, i just play for include body with con pieces on so they can project to images. it's going to be crazy. you got to use your head on a swivel is realize this is the realize that's like plastic, harrison ford. i love that whatever it will be, fine, is it wild? i wrote it on chewing shoulders. there would be be we know
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it tell me about this show. you did the one that you guy you exec produced and did with so yeah. tell me, when you found that you could call some shots. what did you find yourself doing or were you just ape in the note for the people who are your overlords, at some point or how are you? is that exact producer? you know, it was pretty, pretty amazing. my code 8 was my buddy jeff shann who directed it friend of mine. i was ron. oh, she came to me and was like, we wanted to work together for a long time. he said, i've got an idea. we can do this, we can do it right. but we got to do it, so we put up our own money. we spent $70000.00. we spent $35.00 grand each. we shot a short film. was me jeff and son came from the fast and furious franchise. he did us a favor and we pitched him on the short and he was, he was up for it. he did it for us. and we had a called in a bunch of favors. we made the short film short from went viral. we front paged on,
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read it, and we used the short film, the starting in the go go campaign. and we raised $3000000.00 on indigo. so my cousin, myself and jeff sung, we made the feature film version out of toronto. we used money from telephone, which is like the canadian government grant for films, the indigo go money and tax credits. and we made this $7000000.00 movie and then we took it to netflix and we said, look, we think that this is the right place for it to be. and they were kind of lukewarm about it. and then they went for it and we were the number one movie on netflix in the us and a bunch of territory is all around the world. and, you know, granted, now netflix came in in a big way. they had fully financed the sequel were in production where week for filming. it is a netflix original. it is bigger, it is stronger. it is. it's really awesome. i super proud of it. it. it was
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just one of those things where we kept betting on ourselves and push the chips in and got lucky and it kept working out for us from what you just delineated. there was a trip tick for modern filmmaking. folks, it used to be by louis b. mayer would sit in the office and give you a thumbs up or thumbs down. it was either made or not made. and now our friend robbie just laid it out that you can do the hospital that commercial, they show where kids are on cameras, doing films that can happen. you get 70 out of your own pocket and you put it out there. you get a bite, you get another cat jumps from a big franchise. you get some people who believe in and on the internet. busy they kick in some seed money. all of a sudden you get some matching funds from the canadian government. you get a little tax break. and all of a sudden you got 7000000, right. when you started i, you might have thought it was going from 70 to 700, but to go to 77000000 by you got producer jobs. it was, you know,
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it was one of those things where we, i don't know if we could do it again. we kind of hit lightning in a bottle with the algorithms on facebook and instagram and twitter before they changed. you could reach so many more people. we the short film was really specially, you know, if, if the short wasn't a good product, there's no where no way we could have done it. and i don't know, it was just one of the things right place right. time. and a lot of people who are really, really talented, believing in us and taking a shot at us. sounds like a bless. i'm starting a crowd funding site, by the way, for all the trolls out there who don't like me. i will tell you what i'm going to make in the next calendar year. and if you guys get together and make it $1.00 more than that a month, i'll never talk in public again. how's that home? i do crowdfunding pretty good. yeah. later. all right, robin. well good kid. 80 kid toronto look beautiful out there to background. looks
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like the hound of the baskervilles today. i don't know if that if it's fully great and the like a great it's a little cool. it's not that way. right now, i'll tell you that much. all right ravi can be seen in the film resident evil. welcome to raccoon city, hits theaters on november. 24th. good to meet your brother. take care you too. thanks a lot. all right, dennis miller plus one. ah, there is no shortage of growing tensions in eastern europe. there is a growing, e, u b a stand off over illegal migration. there are western reports. russia is amassing troops within its own borders. and of course, there is the self inflicted crisis of european energy supplies. it is no coincidence, some recalling this hybrid war. but who is hybrid war against?
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who ah, there's a patch of water around the try seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states. northern gulf, maine, i suddenly become optimal for lobster. our population here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had made an canadian fisherman in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention are high. violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to po countries. quarter disputes don't go away, they just fester. something's going to happen with
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the usaa food and drug administration fights a freedom of information request in court asking that it be given 55 years to fully release redacted documents relating to the approval of pfizer is coded 19 vaccine. the us court slammed. it's the door is shut from american tv station after one of their freelance journalist was caught allegedly stalking a bus full of jurors in the high profile case of cow. rittenhouse also well if they don't want to cooperate with us, fine, they don't have to. it isn't something we want to anyway. i put in, takes a swipe at the military activities of washington and nato in a fiery foreign policy speech. you can get more on those stories online. those are for me.


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