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it's a huge problem across the globe and, but who's currently winning the las scammers or the gatekeepers of our data. our short talk, i am hock, tackled that question in with technology fits perfectly into the future. we can't change our way of thinking in a way that we can visualize how we will think and how we will feel and how our needs will be in 50 years. so our own doing our own technological design, things always further on than our ability to feed and he really don't think they cause right on police report in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people organization,
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it's an idea that it must be opposed, that you can't allow the gate while they may kill their faces. but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community that we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and t for really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter have to be on to the teacher to that hallmark is we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government, we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in a
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i think what we find is hackers are playing at the human emotions. they're trying to find the way people operate online through social media, different types of technologies, and they're using that human emotion. think about what they're trying to do today. they're trying to send emails to individuals talking about different types of activities. they need to do urgent activities, such as transferring money, or maybe even clicking on links to steal their information. users are being distracted regular. they're getting so many notifications from their social media, from their e mails. and they're not checking in and actually validating what those requests are coming from. and playing into that human emotions gives more and more hacker attack capabilities into those users. you can implement all sorts of technology controls on the endpoints on the network.
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so they play to human emotions, they played to the emotions of urgency to the emotion of promising something. so excitement they play to the emotion of less carefulness when you look at things and just clicking because you recognize of brand or an image. and they try to make users provide as much personal information as they can they try to be a lot more tailored by stealing information by researching information about you. maybe they check your pictures on facebook and they know what you like and what you don't like based on that. and then they create very targeted attacks on your profile. mm hm. mm
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ah, somebody didn't. which a cheese or a cheese or see over the 1000000 was so shaky, has come to that. i thought it might be of late. i mean that was my phone of stores, zip each other with a possible modem. when you might check with them. i mean, like having yes, one of those, a lot of these built a great deal, but i mean, i just want to go to, i got so with my mouth and i was,
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i needed a bond. i checked with my to which one you're going up with and i see the complex a like a shop like in land, a more than one. yeah. i spoke with what kinda stuff in your which the fios internet
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of course today like log with what you have on matthew on monday with them. yes. let me look here with my, her need shows correct. so many of each of those lower than the storage law speech i used to borrow shows on i missed the job. i for the, for my 2, i'm to be sold from losing a mark and cherished we shall push the missed by give it either. give me for an yell parson all crash the bush. all possible. be speechless. whether be spacious, but i was by my work. she has school districts are pretty with our most hulu, do. would change their yes job, but a courier will my teacher out yesterday at the but it was in my formulation of bizarre possible the morgan law her because book that the new back which is just
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ballistic, that i met by me for when you come, when you lose money, which new didn't it was between you coming in a little more to break continuous this event for my new don't with way come by near the about what you would do my check stub. my last what my say nickel doesn't like they teach . they'd say which more was done a lot of money. they came up with them. i should, i was told that that was not going to pick up within my mom. so that was my, they at, i'm what i'm doing this kind of like really not that i think i've been asked on the road. this isn't on i so it was we did it was with that. yeah. easy when you mine, you get with them and i'm, let's say you get them,
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you don't want to let them ship. it could be kit a book open. it's wouldn't accept segment. she'll just, i need. so i told her that she will much. i'm just searching good of you. i'm the new address. what is it? i'm only showing this question from last week. i thought i needed to pin roadside what support could i? i want them to show mysterious dominic, with some have been for months that are boston is with the public. what the showing is, what i should voice in 4 months we couple of them wasn't which should have spoken of filaments at the end of your dual nor looked at them as docile niche when you want to watch and give me a couple of questions. i did it. the medium is more key. i badly shirts on them. ish, much decor, demette ship, a choice to put in that we'll get. we'll get you a little bit if i did, if it wasn't associates, you somebody to talk about it. so your digital footprint is all the different
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sources of information that exists about an individual or about a company. it could be things on the dark web, which is that part of the internet that's not accessible to the standard user. it needs special software to be able to access some of those dark web resources. it can happen at the company level or it can happen at the personal level. mm hm. coastal and it's a shame wash price just to check, but it's a standard ssl portrait as much as tim, ignoring you pretty good at that. she stay on the spam filter, they start tricky from the inch in nature. erica, keep them yoga. come finding a new plan up and shows up. i missed you. it was yesterday. i shipped a slender donnelly. yep. las vegas too. i just thought that i had it with dish i just, i saw just from underneath 15 or when you put a router on it and you start seeing might be in there once it a common your words,
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are it sure sure. use them on that. less thought so. cars the which laraca boykin, national peace, america, then 4 months, emotional, lower thumb score. my daughter and i look went to live, one of those issues. i filled interesting food sheets because of that she looks pretty mean too because that's a bunch of nice boys. okay, keep that. thank you. spit, fool, vall, shively, ignore what operating on the in front of watson dust, tougher choice. you're more than those of you, warm up sheen at our school. show it very me. experi me and the and then in the slot i can do months. 3 is what can you wait but all what and you play it donly. what do i this? what do i come back there? come on the chechen one you can. yes. it is really good. louise mia, senior year at the moment it's from india in were considered because at the gadgets
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at tiffany. gosh, it's a book with me. name in the name lead. crunch corn include chicago with misty is new york more than let us go eat it. does that in front of my little rashid daughter or not wishing you or any more brought up on me when you play at this time is just a jump. i suggested a mom. you must be safe each. now you must come model british. i'm your mother. my v m, as i stay with us so the lumens are gone. stop and he scored job which will take you to the son of julia. catherine, ask on that one. so good a place i did dive into a van feels like one realist. gimme anything else. i don't care. i'm wearing really wilson. why not? you? can you get enough here? why me more was law mildly on their college. the last 4 of of got daughter and what was the sheet? not sick down washington, my c. s boss up stubs. well my social i got you will go
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a little bit with a bottle it more. stab my bravo it by. and yet she has a
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daughter on i just with either a convention i was with just of the a. what does any of them the other layer i leena does with for 2.
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0, i thought a bit though, i see a buddy viet with ah what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time to sit down and talk with the attacker collect that information. they can then craft more focused attacks on that user. for example, the database leak has name. it has potentially even the address of that person. it potentially also has and if you of where they've been in the last 6 months. so now if he creates a fishing attack on that individual,
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we can say we know you live at this address. we know you go to this work and that's building trust. if you build trust, you can expect more action from the user as part of that fishing company. louis sure. what my mama, what do you feel? what the, what the union was this, and i'm not going to stand on that a minute. my, me, what the court, the wash in thought that was nice to see just praise us. laugh well, it does show them credit is wassa stock girl said linda senior shooting me, stored a 1000000 was some the cb, a shock machine. it salesman luxury was boys a national vol, nor one or wants to nick of mom, bob, bob washing dealerships, just to let the washington were sneezing astorga. what click teach nice. when you mind me a pretty good. yeah, sure. so did she still didn't get thumped or what does this original, what it is by at the more obvious or this in the lukewarm brass, the work i keep the property will fox it on national machine. explain your thought
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was throwing us thought on those thoughts reach theory bad. so fact of the thought in the browser with machine you illusion mean you could teach not noise him sick. the most abuse of the ocean. personal experience i had was my grandfather had a fishing attack where they knew my name, they knew where i was, and they used that to, to basically say i had been kidnapped, they said i was kidnapped or that i was injured or something along those lines is very real, the sophistication is incredible. it's a difficult thing to ask people to be savvy enough to understand where that email came from, what domain it's associated with. because if google's not picking it up as a spam or your exchange isn't picking up their spam, you've got to have that internal knowledge to say, okay, this one suspicious, let me double check with sam and make sure that he hasn't been kidnapped.
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so that with some weird question tedious medusa with this quote? oh, what kind you need it. would you swap these leads in menia? she's got a lease . oh a. and then you still get the charter a with the new spot or the middle portion or show machine is what i should say. because a lot of hope. i mean, yeah, i know i plan a
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for a cheap yesterday, lee books used to show them to there's been a home to do that with a, with little daughter, microshore children, ohio used to new york one with a good a,
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a clue. pushed open with my body, you both looked community lead on this issue. so that so much that no matter why did you score which if you still use but almost ethan equal, which means one wants you went away. it's a serious i wish
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not. yesterday, at the cindy wire. now ross are back in the borders that are both on the blood. 80 picking that is so some damage and in front of might say the book, guam north, not the book, the more. it's got a shady snores the pl number out. so can yes it was. it was more last for somewhere . got good if nice. go ahead. acura, back of don't just live with her. 8 last yes, contact name, joy option, you see in the issue a native warning from mazzocco to more than appreciative my g stairs are somewhat somewhat sonic stephen. when you started with got to the one i listed a bob watching tv. yes. it's still a go when you do not watch less need some wine pharmacy. i've thought she had okay on that. but by that it dio cock market is poor. so it's a
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little cheap one to push to get the photo put much of my to you usually use one or 2 to form a visual a my tourists on research for josh to still do it in florida. and it was too full to ship with them. i mean, yeah, so by doing a, a, a huge
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full starting business homes are social engineering and simple as tricking someone to do some actions unwilling, to trick them. that's the ok. so that's a social engineer, is to trick someone that she's something they didn't think about. there are different ways that are different methods. depends on the capability of the flat factor. and it depends on situation because of the actor. but this, let me revert that if the users publish data on the internet, the hackers will use that you're going to be exposed to a lot of things. it's how you think about it from a security perspective. what do you share? how should you share it? whether it's the right thing to share or not, those are things you always have to be aware of. and then how are you protecting your data from a password perspective devices, you have your devices,
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you have your network and what type of connectivity you have. and then you also have your data. so when you create a new social media profile, don't answer every single question. maybe only provide the information they need for you to be able to register the session i spoke with someone to say thank you, had a month to buy a horse and published and it came to reception is terrible as well. not comfortable with them, but at times what your boy really vigils, nash. it's a soft q. it's another she'll the 2nd deal it's. there's been a it's been they spoke to peters basil kit. we just don't think so complex system if it is on discussion with spock. additionally, and what would you done that up with with us to publish it up and then hope with the video showing up in the jewish yep. the rest on land,
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there comes up a couple of which are supposed to do some soap should say, and too far with those to put up especially just use data, a list, a patient. sure. so we're just going to create a new orbit to go home with a keyboard, but with the, with a little more a step into the car parker putting up with if there's any other ways not for me to deal with. but i feel much more thought
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a one way confidence next monday. yeah. so i can focus for, we are mentioned that you might be here, the reports to wiggle, a strong the up up on my door. so it should walk me through shouldn't been theme of socialism, but his speech must be stopped on bissonnet, which has been it now will put him the curb zooms into mister bloom. rescare supermodel, the prosecution, dc. it up the machine as the horsemanship. another book went there. what does it the next minute they're going to see when you jojo? this is the what's your husband sullen and phillips cuz you can, we're still customers at the more starbucks, but as 11 the premier remark, it is good. check that new a deal with a meal with biting one. so skinner thought go um let 3 did move on the spot. it affect to what you must with daughter need to come to young category that shows up
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. this is a quick discussion from cooper that he does a prospect for teach or develop or school short term. first of short list of coordinator brewbay williams dawson was one, becomes option. glossary with regard to the border last week is more or less than what we can both become good ones, but it still isn't the luxury. it wasn't cleaner camera should keep on. people who knew that 8 symbols national digital video, it was done under japan. i get the situation, i was a mis published. there's a couple of forms to present to you. i was a couple of course from the with the city just to move mr. roberts, the other sisters. ah,
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welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your benefit go yeah, this is what happens dimensions in britain del, at this app of you watch kaiser report. ah, new york, it's really what america is about in our mayor took our vase. he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on hard i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city
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is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potters field, that there is a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries. ah, all technologist should purchasing well into the future, but we can't change our way of thinking now way that we can visualize how we will flint and how we will figure and how our needs will be in 50 years. so our own do our own technological given things always further wrong than our ability to feed
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a the us food and drug administration fights of freedom of information, requesting a call to asking that it be given 55 years to fully release redacted documents for ratings of the approval of colleges co but not team hotel suite bureau of us government clamped down yet again in response to rising cobra cases, germany's expected shortly to issue tough, new rules for its unvaccinated citizens lease sees as animals out, but we are not animals. i saw happened to the border. i can't stay very hard. when i saw poland used tear gas against women and children. i thought other european countries would be no different off the days of tensions. the poland by the roast border begins to play.


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