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a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of went with protests, sweep europe as governments clump done yet again in response to rising cobit cases, germany's expected shortly to issue tough new rules for its own vaccinated citizens . also this hour they seizes animals out, but we are not on and off. as i saw up into the border, i called a very hard when i saw poland used to your gas against women and children, i thought other european countries would be no different after days of tensions they, poland bella roost. border begins to clear after demoralized migrants choose warn shelter instead of facing cure galsen water cannon. the rock is now sending plains for those who want to return home. plus i have
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one with the device have trial of teenage shooter co written has seized clashes outside a us court. now the judge brown's media coverage of the proceedings, grossly irresponsible. ah oh, from moscow to the world, this is our t for the have you with us today? i am union o'neill, our top story. europe's being battered by yet another corona virus. wave with france registering more than 20 families and daily cases for the 1st time since august hungry. the infection rates 5 times higher than at the start of the month. and numbers are all so spiking in austria,
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response governments are ratcheting up the pressure on people to get their cobit yonce. several you nations are introducing partial locked ons for the and vaccinated or limiting their access to key services in the czech republic, the measures of spark public fury with thousands protesting on prag central square . smockey is also targeting the screws on the, on job, barring them from large events and requiring testing and workplaces. as we can see here, it hasn't gone 9 very well in protest. lava and germany, daily infections have hit a record high, and berlin is expected at some stage today to impose those new restrictions, bring them in as well. or europe correspond peter oliver can ticket through what set to change it looks like we are going to see new measures in all change in germany when it comes to covered restrictions that would allow the 60 states in the individual governance in those states to strengthen, to tighten those restrictions,
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should they feel that they are necessary? what that bare minimum, that national bare minimum could look like is being called the 2 g plus method. now to g was the way in which only the vaccinated and those that can prove that they've recovered from cove at 19 would have access to certain public spaces to g plus means you wouldn't get into air things like restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters, or cinemas without a both having your vaccine certificate or your proof that you've recovered and a recent negative test. now this has proved pretty popular with the population, suggesting 60 percent of those would back such a moose. among them seems to be the outgoing chancellor angler merkel who has highlighted the real risk that germany is facing from this 4th wave of coven 19 digging voting economy. log into the current and excitation in germany is dramatic
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. i can't say it any other way that the 4th wave is here in our country with full force on we urgently need to make progress on vaccinations. and so i would also like to take this opportunity to promote vaccines. it's also not too late at all to decide to get vaccinated for the 1st time. the action certainly needed spurred. it's not just because of the high coven numbers that something needs to be done. the current government has seem to have been inadequate when it comes to its response, particularly to this 4th wave of coven 19 around 60 percent of those polled by news magazine dash beagle said. current government hadn't been cutting it hadn't been doing enough. but what we are facing is a real problem when it comes to those in need of serious healthcare. in germany, there is a shortage of intensive care beds in some regions. meaning that those that are a who are really, really sick with cove at 19, are going to struggle to find the care that they need. how what we are seeing is
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the interim health minister yen spawn. saying that he wants to see booster vaccine jobs given out to all of those over the age of 18. be keeping an eye on what comes out of the bond the stag all day on thursday. peter over or professor of molecular oncology lawrence young, says the tightening of restrictions is all about trying to ease the burden on hospitals. vaccination doesn't completely stop you spreading the virus. it does stop, you getting sick and it does take pressure off the health care systems. what we're seeing here, essentially, with these searches across europe is a combination of insufficient vaccine uptake. and the premise sure easing or restriction measures. and this is the glasses, our combination, human behavior, and the need to get high levels of immunity in the population to prevent hospitalization. vaccines work in reducing the spread of infection, the not perfect in doing that, but they do work in dampening down spread. and that's what we're seeing,
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that's what we're experiencing. because a lot of this is about the fact that we have a very, very infectious virus, that spreads from person to person very easily. that we're in a situation where a lot of europe is starting to experience cold weather, driving people inside into poorly ventilated spaces where the virus spread. so simple measures on top of vaccination, a very effective cubic development. today, the 1st plane ticking migrants back home to a rock from beller. ruth says no taken off. according to an iraqi diplomat more than 400 people of officially registered to fly home voluntarily. it comes after crowds of people spend several freezing night sites in the open on the bell roost, pullin boarder hoping to get into the at the moment. only a few dozen people remain nights in the cold. after most of the migrants were, how as to any converted warehouse, a covert vaccination point has been set up to the camp or senior correspondent
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broadcast they have sent us this report from near him. this jet was announced just yesterday, plans for it. things have been expedited, obviously moving along very quickly. there has been an abrupt de escalation here. the migrants have been moved back away from the polish or from the pool for the on the bell. russian. such even those who, who wanted to remain, who wanted to take their chances and try to run the border even they have been moved further back here towards this logistic center, which has been handed over for the needs of the migrants. more than a 1000 people are now housed here, they're receiving a medical attention, for example, which a number of them have needed, especially after the the incident where police secure resources sprayed them with, with water cannons laced with a tear gas like substance. so they are receiving medical attention,
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this hot food here, there's electricity, there's, there's warmed. the weather recently hasn't been. cons to any one. it is been wetted, has been frightfully cold, very windy and it's going to get worse. it's go to a snow. so even those hardy migrants who want to take their chances and the border there, are they being forced to think twice before doing so. but again, that iraq has sent a jet and ease one thing, but there are many nationalities here. there are afghans. there are syrian thera, iraq is obviously, but there are also even people from tibet that have been spotted here all coming here to belarus, trying to get across into europe, most of them into germany getting across poland into germany over the last several days. many people by may have changed their minds at the is what they imagined. the strip would be like is very different from what it was like. which is when they faced her flashbanc grenade, said tear gas water jet,
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fired by polish security forces. and many of them are now saying that they would rather return to where they came from, rather than risk running the border liberated him each and i don't have any more hope for the european union. we were sleeping in the forest for 10 days and they were children with us. it's very dangerous. just none of the you countries are ready to speak about this problem and nobody accepts us. and holland is using take us against women and children, and the you keep silence about this and only poland is telling the media that we are dangerous if they seize as animals are. but we are not on emotion. oliver. i have failed to reach germany and i want to go home and we've tried to get to europe 3 times and we didn't succeed. i'm upset when i saw happen to the border. i can't stay here very hard. his envelope man, the vassar. i am very tired. i don't want to try again. my family in iraq are saying, please come back. when i saw poland use tear gas against women and children. oh,
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i thought other european countries would be no different. there have been many questions asked of poland response to these might with attempting to cross the border. women, children among them, the violent often responds that there are very few people who have made it across the boarded among those even fewer scanner. individuals have made it all the way to germany. they're being caught across poland and driven back to the border with barris and pushed back across the border. so again, many of become disenchanted with what they imagined europe would be like. and what they have found reality to be like again, they expect many more repatriation floods from iraq from ah, from other countries perhaps. but the, the situation is that there has been a di escalation on the political level. there was also been contact between bellas
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and. 3 the european union president lucas, chicago, or his administration just could just coming out saying there, i know about 7000 migrants currently in bellas, about 2000 of them here at near the border with the near the checkpoint. the border with the, with poland, and many of them are going to be driven back to minsk the capital, and they're going to seek those flights, carrying them out of the country. another aspect to this story with roots from bella roost into poland, largely sealed. all migrants are trying their luck further. north southam, lithuanian from here the bell russian border service has released this on verified video, allegedly showing lithuanian police with dogs forcing migrants to turn back on tuesday night. lithuania, which is in the e. u has offered a different version of events. it saying bella, russian guards pushed 13 migrants over to the lithuanian side and prevented them from returning to belarus. after they were denied and 3
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another story were across to day, despite the british government making repeated claims that it would get a grip on illegal immigration. this year has seen record number of migrants arriving on you, case soil. within 23000 have scrambled ashore after making the perilous english channel crossing. and the authorities have now admitted only 5 have been sent back to the continent. mapping some difficulties around secure returns, not least as a consequence of concrete, that is an important context. i feel free to assess a toyota on this time last year that return agreements were on number one priority, it strong in the french national interest to agree such returns interest that gives me significant cause for optimism. instead, the opposite has happened. is that correct? and bishop remains to secure successful returns, arrangements with our european friends and neighbors and potentially with the european union. but the sole side doesn't just relate to the you. well,
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you had just that britain has got to do better. that is, the admission for ministers have in the united kingdom. it's simply no good, really a blaming these cycle difficulties or even the kinds of 19 pandemic. because the numbers are really escalating out of control. it comes as the numbers of people trying to reach the united kingdom. as the english channel has now trickled in a year from 8 and a half 1000 to more than 23000. in the last week alone on 3 different occasions, over a 1000 people reach the united kingdom via this route. now, ministers all following. indeed, the home secretary pre patel's lead of using a slogans and rhetoric like making the channel absolutely on viable. but it seems to be just a slogan. it's now 3 years ago, pretty battelle 1st used that phrase. and the situation year on year is only a getting was well as per usual, as a tit for tat between the united kingdom and the french old forties. not only does
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each sigh as the others problem, but the united kingdom says the french authorities are simply not keeping to their word of this joint patrol mission. while the french authorities say that the u. k. was in no position at to point. the finger of blame will, pre to patel, met with her french count to pause and the stalemate position continues. buquet home secretary and french interior minister agreed to accelerate the delivery of the commitments made in the joint agreement of july 2021. to deliver on the joined determination to prevent 100 percent of cross science and make this deadly route and viable for the record. the 100 percent figure was not agrees between the home secretary and french, interior minister gerald german and, and should not be presented as an agreed commitment. it is not, and it is not part of the joint statement or further diplomatic routes haven't really worked either. the united kingdom is trying to replace the dublin agreement with other re settlement schemes. however, france, belgium gemini,
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and sweden have all rejected these attempts. but one, a certainly needed, as i say, these numbers are now as soaring out of control. and we have to look at the context of all of this. even ministers in that meeting admitted the very fact that when the full of cowboy happened, that's when we saw the influx of asylum seekers particularly from afghanistan and the nit by region with these people ending up in the channel. plus, of course i wasn't just the crisis of people coming to the united kingdom by this route, but what happens once they're here as well? we know it can take up to years for asylum seekers at to be processed. and now the u. k. is even considering offshore a processing of these applications, particular in albania, that's a i did that's been floating around for some time. now, however, i'll pena simply rejecting these claims. so it seems rhetoric and these don't you deals that simply isn't an art to dealing with this crisis. nothing really seems to be working on campaign is have long said,
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the united kingdom needs safe and legal passages and for asylum seekers to reach the united kingdom. because of course make no mistake. the english channel is one of the wealth busiest shipping lanes. when people say it is life threatening, it's absolutely no exaggeration. of course, in recent weeks we've seen at least 2 people losing their life when trying to cross this perilous journey with many more fit to be lost at sea as well. so the time really is now to get a grip of this situation. here let's head stateside temperature flooring in the trial of teenage shooter, col, written us with a ma sprawl outside the courtroom in wisconsin on wednesday. it's exposed to councilman us politics on media with issues of policing on racism. again of the forefront of a culture, puzzle ortiz john hubby reports from outside the court. oh i yeah.
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i know it's definitely heated up in terms of the overall vibe and the overall atmosphere. you know, there was actually just about maybe 10 minutes ago. an altercation on the steps between essentially opposing protesters to other protesters gone into a fight. it turned into a fist fight, one of the demonstrators or one of the people that was involved in the altercation then ran across the street. i'm going to get out of the way just so you can kind of see the scene a little bit directly in front media. then behind that, that's the courthouse. the courthouse steps. anyway, this, the scrum was up there. one of the guys ran ran across the street, and a van pulled up, loaded with police, who then jumped out, tack old v. the person involved in the altercation, and presumably arrested him. got them in a van. got that vehicle out of here and then pushed the remaining protesters back
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up before really that situation escalated and became more violent from there because definitely other protesters were starting to get into a pushing match. this is really the most volatile and the most tense that we've seen so far now that we've been here a little bit earlier today. the jury ask another question to the judge about seeing some of the video evidence the jury one to review some of the video evidence again . and also the defense team filed another motion for a mistrial. contending and it has to do with drone video intending that they did not receive the same resolution and quality a video that the prosecution received. so they have push. this has happened even during the, the overall trial that the defense was pushing for a mistrial. adding to the overall drama of the situation. and then of course, during the testimony car rittenhouse is emoji testimony. then a back and forth between thomas being the chief prosecutor in the case and the judge brew schrader. and i hate to say it's become really kind of a circus carnival. ask atmosphere earlier today. people showing up in costumes,
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people, you know, just odd the coops and the crazy look you lose showing up here. you know, the question then becomes what happens here in the city when a verdict is handed down. if that does indeed happen, the governor of wisconsin has activated early on stand by $500.00 national guard troops to be at the ready to help local law enforcement. if things get out of control, once again, the hearing now definitely get more vogel. definitely getting more volatile from see were done. last year, coll rittenhouse who is 17 at the time fatally, shall 2 people during a black lives matter, rollin kenosha, which had a ruptured into a riot. several immediate commentators presented braces central to the trial, even though the men shop by rittenhouse during the unrest were white. with if
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you want to know why critical race there exists, they look no further than the trial of how written counts. and several adults welcomed him and loudly serenaded the 18 year old with a rendition of proud of your boy. they flashed the okay sign, which has been co opted as a sign of white power. kyle rittenhouse flashed hate symbols. i mean, while kyle rittenhouse, his mother has accused president biden of defaming her son. it's in response to a tweet from last year containing his image in which that then presidential nominee condemned white supremacists. the issue was raised to art, a recent white house briefing. why did president find suggest that kyle, written house on trial in kenosha as the weights and premises?
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so peter, at what i am not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial. we're waiting a verdicts beyond that, i'm not going to speak to any individuals or this case with the president has spoken to it already. and his mom now calmer enough, his mom came out saying that the president veined her son claims. she claims that when the president suggested her thoughts, why the premises, he was doing that to when both that would happen, i just have nothing more to speak to an ongoing case where the closing arguments for just me go ahead. well, we discussed the situation with law professor an author, allan der sivitz, he thinks joe biden's opinion on the case as infant. it's also based on traction. if there's nothing in his background to support that. he's a white supremacist, that would be defamation. so i think god, joe biden, the candidate made a serious mistake by intruding into the case and letting his opinion be heard whether a year later, it still has an influence. it's probably an indirect influence on establishing the
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media narrative, if the sure on the other foot, if this were a black lives matter protester who had shot electrically in self defense, then the hard lashed and the racial left would be very much in favor of the defending the same people or condemning him would be praising. so it's all hypocrisy. it's all about partisan choosing sides. it has nothing to do with truth . it has nothing to do with the evidence. it has nothing to do with honesty, it's all ideology, and it's all hypocrisy. can lot of reaction fast coming into this next story in a controversial move reversing its previous stance. the international olympic committee no says it can't be presumed trans roughly, it's of a competitive advantage over a biological lemon. it's all part of a review by the i o c into its guidelines, which also suggest trans women should no longer have to lower their testosterone
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levels to be able to compete. ortiz, donnie armstrong has been looking deeper into this smooth for inclusion. the i o. c has lowered the bah, according to new inclusive framework for fairness and non discrimination. the standard for transgender female athletes wanting to compete amongst women is, well, just saying so, no athlete should be excluded from competing, based on an and verified alleged or perceived. unfair competitive advantage due to their sex variations, physical appearance and or transgender status. this means no more quote or necessary medical treatment. for example, lowering testosterone levels. no presumption of inherent advantages over biological women and restrictions will only be imposed based on painstaking research. that's a huge change from the previous requirements. initially, this was sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy. that was them relax to just
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a maximum testosterone level. now the bar has been set as an all time low. and unsurprisingly, the news has been welcomed by trans athletes. this new i o c framework is ground breaking in the way that it reflects what we know to be true, that athletes like me and my peers participate in sports without any inherent advantage. and that our humanity deserves to be respected. when i challenge the stock home consensus after making seem usa in 2015, the main premise of my case was my position that medical intervention should not be necessary to compete in sport. while the surgery requirement was removed or the medical steps remained in the policy away from arbitrary self identification, ignoring the natural biological differences between men and women, has naturally caused concern. some female athletes have accused the i o. c of putting women sport at risk of being overrun by bigger and stronger competitors, boosted by testosterone. it will create mountain a work to tell us what we already know on sex based performance,
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full of political platitudes, but little clear, helpful guidance based on facts and science will diminish. female sport. the ios see, could have protected the female category, unequivocally to encourage women and girls into sport with guarantee of fair and meaningful competition. they choose not to and is even being concerned from within the trans community itself. it is important that the i o c has come out in favor of inclusion of trans and intersects athletes. but i think section 5 and 6 of the framework are problematic. it is also unreasonable to ask the sports federations to have robust and peer reviewed research before placing restrictions on trans athletes in elite sport. such research will take years if not decades. the i o c have however stopped short of enforcing the framework. it's instead been watered down as advice to individual federations who will decide for themselves who competes and who doesn't. that move has been branded as a bit to shift responsibility by critics. after 2 decades of the i see ignoring ddr
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situation and letting down female athletes. we a hair again with a cowardly passing of the back. how can testosterone be on the drug band? last but not an issue. if born male and female thought men get fast sports women, not so instead of a hard line resolution on transit and the competition, the i o. c have handed the baton to individual federations to decide on the fates of female sport. but the new provisions could be considered a longer way to try and for inclusion. after all, if transgender women wish to be included in elite women's sport, all they have to do is ask and it's up to the federations to listen. j o she and you know, other people, a lot of people, they want to be inclusion. they want to have people chasing portion sport, irrespective of a ne, ah, interest, sex are positions that they have bosh. on the other hand,
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they are always aware of the desire of millions of female asked. so other sports where having somebody with a who has previously had male characteristics taking part in can be dangerous. you could have situations where you might have a 120 killer gram rugby player who has previously been playing amends. rugby taking part in women's rugby could be of grave, serious problems, promise safety point of view to opposing clients. love him. her putin as branded as provocative the military actions of the u. s. in the block c, along with the expansion of nato near to russia's borders,
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ask him more in this and speak now to ortiz dmitri polk at dmitri a pretty fiery foreign policy speech by the russian leader today. yes, all this came, this address by present brewton came with it during his meeting with foreign policy officials here in moscow. and during this address, he basically highlighted the economical and political landscape in which russia finds itself to day. and unfortunately, its relations with the west and nato and the u. s. are at an all time low right now . he noted how this didn't used to be the case of the fact that relations between russian, the u. s. were even cooperative at some point. but throughout the last couple of years, a situation has deteriorated. and at this point, a relations between nato and rush have practically been severed. and that just keeps adding on to all the provocations that putin has highlighted that are coming from nato side. how nato has continued to expand towards russia's borders,
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how it continues to develop, deploy air defense systems right on his borders. he noted that a strategic barbara bomber planes have been cited 20 kilometers away from russia's border and summarizing it all put in a said that nato and weston forces have essentially been crossing the red lines that russia has put in place. and basically ignoring russia's interests, take alyssa, or to assure regarding the black sea, the latest absolutely goes beyond certain limits. we've seen strategic boomers fly 20 kilometers from us state border. and these bombers carry very serious weapons, as you would know. yes, we constantly express our concerns about this matter. we talk about red lines, but of course we understand that our partners, the very peculiar and to put it mildly, they have a superficial attitude toward all of our warnings and talks about red lines. however, putin has stated that, of course,
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russia still does want to maintain dialogue with nato and the u as in was better relations. however, at this point, it seems that the other side well is basically tone deaf. of course, guten is also said that the best point it seems that intimidation is the only thing that the nato forces a response to these days. that's the only thing that gets any kind of response from them. because again, ties have been essentially saburd right now. of course i'm putting in also only talk about that. he also mentioned the economic and political landscape that has been shifting in the world today. and that the new center will soon be the asia pacific region where russia may aims to focus all it's so. so resources and business and investments for a brighter and brighter future. and of course if relations with nato don't get in the way of that.


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