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ah or headline stories, protests sweep europe, us government clump done yet again in response to rising co big cases. germany expected shortly to issue tough, new rules for its own vaccinated citizens. also this hour the season animal w. a not enough. i saw happened to the board a can't stay very hard. when i saw poland used to your gas against women and children, i thought other european countries would be no different. after days of tensions that poland, belarus border begins to clear off to demoralize migrants choose warm shelter instead of facing tear gas and water counting. iraq is now sending plains for those
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who want to return home. plus i spoke with the device of trial, teenage shooter, kyle, it written how i seized flushes outside a u. s. court. does that judge brown's media coverage of the proceedings? grossly irresponsible? ah . oh. across the globe run the clock. this is our t from the team on myself. you know neil hello and welcome to the program. europe's being battered by yet another crone of iris wave with france registering more than 20000 daily cases for the 1st time since august hungry. the infection rates 5 times higher than at the start of this month on numbers roll. so spiking in austria and
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risk governments are ratcheting up the pressure on people to get their co but shelves. several you nations are introducing partial loc dunn's for the on vaccinated or limiting their access to key services in the czech republic. the measures how sparked public fury with thousands protesting on prague central were the bach is also targeting the screws on the, on jobs, barring them from large events and requiring testing in workplaces. and as we can see, that house and gone down well in the roughest lava and in germany, daily infections have had a record high. berlin is expected at some stage today to impose new restrictions or europe correspondent peter, all of her can take us through what set to change. it looks like we are going to see new measures nall change in germany when it comes to covered restrictions that would allow the 60 states in the individual governance in those states to strengthen, to tighten those restrictions. should they feel that they are necessary?
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what that bare minimum, that national bare minimum could look like is being called the 2 g plus method. now to g was the way in which only the vaccinated. and those that can prove that they've recovered from cove at 19 would have access to certain public spaces to g plus means you wouldn't get into. and things like restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters or cinemas without a both having your vaccine certificate or your proof that you've recovered and a recent negative test. now this has proved pretty popular with the population suggesting 60 percent of those would back such a moose among them seems to be the outgoing chancellor angle of merkel who has highlighted the real risk that germany is facing from this 4th wave of covert lighting. digging vertical planning me log and we can't and m excitation in germany is dramatic. i can't say any other way that the 4th wave is here in our country
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with full force on we urgently need to make progress on vaccinations. and so i would also like to take this opportunity to promote vaccines. it's also not too late at all to decide to get vaccinated for the 1st time. the action certainly needed spurred. it's not just because of the high coven numbers that something needs to be done. the current government has seen to have been inadequate when it comes to its response, particularly to this 4th wave of coven. 19 around 60 percent of those polled by news magazine dash beagle said. current government hadn't been cutting it hadn't been doing enough for what we are facing is a real problem when it comes to those in need of serious healthcare. in germany, there is a shortage of intensive care beds in some regions. meaning that those that are a who are really, really sick with cove at 19, are going to struggle to find the care that they need. and what we are seeing is
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the interim health minister yen spawn, saying that he wants to see booster vaccine jobs given out to all of those over the age of 18. be keeping an eye on what comes out of the bond the stag all day on thursday. or professor of molecular oncology, lawrence young, says they tightening of restrictions is all about trying to ease the burden on health care systems. vaccination doesn't completely stop you spreading the virus. it does stop, you getting sick and it does take pressure off the health care systems. what we're seeing here, essentially, with these searches across europe, is a combination of insufficient vaccine uptake. and the premise sure easing of restriction measures. and this is a sal combination human behavior, and the need to get high levels of immunity in the population to prevent hospitalization. vaccines work in reducing the spread of infection. they're not perfect in doing that, but they do work in dampening down spread. and that's what we're seeing. that's what we're experiencing. because a lot of this is about the fact that we have
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a very, very infectious virus, that spreads from person to person very easily. that we're in a situation where a lot of europe is starting to experience cold weather, driving people inside into poorly ventilated spaces where the virus spread. so simple measures on top of vaccination, a very effective and moving on despite the british government making repeated claims that it would get a grip on illegal immigration this year. how seen record numbers of migrants arrive on new case oil. more than 23000 house scrambled, assured after making the pearl is english channel crossing, and the authorities have only now admitted 5 of them have been sent back to the continent. mapping some difficulties around securing returns, not least as a consequence of cutting. the thought is an important context and i feel pre assess the tire done on this time last year. that return agreements were on number one
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priority. it's from you and the french national interest to agree such returns interest that gives me significant cause for optimism. instead, the opposite has happened. is that correct? yeah, ambition remains to secure successful returns, arrangements with our european friends and neighbors and potentially with the european union. but this also doesn't just relate to the you. well, you had just that britain has got to do better. that is the admission for all ministers have in the united kingdom. it's simply no good, really a blaming these so called difficulties or even the cove at 90 in pandemic. the cause, the numbers are really escalating out of control. it comes as the numbers of people trying to reach the united kingdom via the english channel has now tripled in a year from 8 and a half 1000 to move and 23000 in the last week alone. a on 3 different occasions over a 1000 people reach the united kingdom via this route. now ministers are following
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. indeed the home secretary pre patel's lead of using a slogans in rhetoric like making the channel absolutely on viable, but it seems to be just the slogan. it's now 3 years ago, pretty battelle 1st to use that phrase. and this situation, year on year, is only a getting was well as per usual, as a tit for tat between the united kingdom and the french old forties. not only does each sigh as the others problem, but the united kingdom says the french authorities are simply not keeping to their word of this joint patrol mission. while the french authorities say that the u. k. was in no position at to point the finger of blame will pre to battle met with her french counterparts. and the stalemate position continues u. k. home secretary and french interior minister agreed to accelerate the delivery of the commitments made in the joint agreement of july 2021. to live on the joined determination to prevent 100 percent of cross science and make this deadly route on viable for the record. the 100 percent figure was not agrees between the home
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secretary and french, interior minister gerald german and, and should not be presented as an agreed commitment. it is not and it is not part of the joint statement. oh, father diplomatic roots haven't really worked either. the united kingdom is trying to replace the dublin agreement with other re settlements schemes. however, france, belgium gemini, and sweden have all rejected these attempts. but one is certainly needed, as i say, these numbers are now as soaring out of control. and we have to look at the context of all of this. even ministers in that meeting admitted the very fact that when the full of cowboy happened, that's when we saw the influx of asylum seekers particularly from afghanistan on the nip by region with these people ending up here in the channel. plus, of course there wasn't just the crisis of people coming at the united kingdom by this route. but what happens once that here as well, we know it can take up to years for asylum seekers at to be processed. and now the u. k. is even considering offshore a processing of these applications,
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particularly in albania. that's a i did that's been floating around for some time now, however, i'll pena simply rejecting these claims. so it seems rhetoric and these don't you deals there simply isn't an answer to dealing with this crisis. nothing really seems to be working on campaign is how long said, the united kingdom needs safe and legal passages of for asylum seekers to reach the united kingdom. because of course make no mistake. the english channel is one of the wealth, busiest of shipping lanes. when people say it is life threatening, it's absolutely no. a exaggeration, of course, in recent weeks we've seen at least 2 people losing their life when trying to cross this perilous journey with many more fit to be lost at sea as well. so the time really is now to get a grip of this situation and tempers are flooring in the trial of teenage shooter. kyle, written us with a mass brewer law inside the courtroom in wisconsin. on wednesday,
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it's exposed the chasm in us politics and media with issues of policing and racism again up the forefront of a culture bottle ortiz, john had a reports from outside the court. oh yeah. i know a definitely heated up in terms of the overall vibe in the overall atmosphere. you know, there was actually just about maybe 10 minutes ago. an altercation on the steps between essentially opposing protesters to other protesters gone into a fight. it turned into a fist fight, one of the demonstrators or one of the people that was involved in the altercation then ran across the street. i'm going to get out of the way just so you can try to see the scene a little bit directly in front is media then behind that, that's the courthouse. the courthouse steps. anyway, this,
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the scrum was up there. one of the guys ran ran across the street, and a van pulled up, loaded with police, who then jumped out, tack old v. the person involved in the altercation, and presumably arrested him. got them in a van. got that vehicle out of here and then pushed the remaining protesters back up before really that situation escalated and became more violent from there because definitely other protesters were starting to get into a pushing match. this is really the most volatile and the most tense that we've seen so far now that we've been here a little bit earlier today. the jury asked another question to the judge about seeing some of the video evidence the jury wanted to review some of the video evidence again. and also the defense team filed another motion for a mistrial. contending and it has to do with drone video intending that they did not receive the same resolution and quality a video that the prosecution received. so they had push, you know,
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this has happened even during the, the overall trial that the defense was pushing for ms. trial adding to the overall drama of the situation. and then of course, during the testimony co written houses, emoji well testimony, then a back and forth between thomas being or the chief prosecutor in the case. and the judge broo schrader. and i hate to say it's become really kind of a circus carnival. ask atmosphere earlier today. people showing up in costumes, people, you know, just odd the coops and the crazy look you lose showing up here. you know, the question then becomes what happens here in the city when a verdict is handed down. if that does indeed happen, the governor of wisconsin has activated early on sale by 500 national guard troops to be at the ready to help local law enforcement. if things get out of control, once again, the hero now definitely get more vogel. definitely getting more volatile from c work of john honey. last year, kyle rittenhouse, who is 17 at the time fatally, shall 2 people during a black lives matter rally in kenosha with child erupted into
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a riot. several media commentators have presented race now central to the trial, even though the men shot by written hush during the unrest where light a man he wanted, he wanted to do it because he was school or the black kid did that, kill 2 people and injured another person, how would america feel about that? i think it would be a completely different feeling if you want to know why critical race theory exists . the actual loss will theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in america often still have racially discriminatory outcomes. they look no further than the trial of col. rittenhouse, this is white privilege on steroids. as far as politics are concerned, what i'm focused on as a trial lawyer observing this is what the potential political orientation of each of the jurors is going to be in all col. rittenhouse, his mother has accused president biden of defaming her some doubts in response to a tweet from last year containing his image in which the then presidential nominee
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condemned white supremacist. the issue was raised that a recent white house briefing. why did president find suggest that kyle rittenhouse, on trial in kenosha, busy ways? so peter, at what i am not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial. we're waiting a verdicts beyond that, i'm not going to speak to any individuals or this case. the president has spoken to it already and his mom now coverage. now his mom came out saying that the president vein, her son claims that she claims that when the president suggested herself weiss the premises, he was doing that to when both that would happen. i just have nothing more to speak to an ongoing case where the closing arguments were just may go ahead. but we discussed the situation with law professor an author, allan durst, of its, he thinks jo biden's interference in the case has influenced the media normative. you can't just call somebody a white supremacist without any evidence. that is both a matter of opinion,
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but it's also based on traction. if there's nothing in the background to support that he's a white supremacist. that would be defamation. so i think god, joe biden, the candidate made a serious mistake by intruding into the case and letting his opinion be heard whether a year later, it still has an influence. it's probably an indirect influence on establishing the media narrative. if the sure on the other foot, if this were black lives matter protester who had shot electrically in self defense, then the hard last and the racial left would be very much in favor of the defending the same people or condemning him would be praising. so it's all hypocrisy, it's all about partisan choosing sides. it has nothing to do with truth. it has nothing to do with the evidence. it has nothing to do with honesty. it's all ideology. and it's all hypocrisy. the 1st,
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the plane ticking migrants by come to our rec, from belarus, has now taken off. according to an iraqi diplomat, more than 400 people have officially registered to fly home voluntarily. just the background to their said comes after crowds of people spent several freezing night sites in the open on the beller roost, pullin boarder hoping to get into the you later. belarus authorities provided temporary accommodation in a warehouse on hunted. i'd much needed supplies and we can cross live now to our senior correspond murat gosti of for more who is on the ground there. murat, so the 1st of a number of planes now heading to iraq, taking some of the migrants. michael well, yes, these jet was announced just yesterday planned for it. things have been expedited, obviously. moving along very quickly. there has been an abrupt de escalation here.
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the migrants have been moved back away from the polish or from the polish, put on the bell russian such so even those who, who wanted to remain who wanted to take their chances and try to run the border even they have been moved further back here towards this logistics center, which has been handed over for the needs of the migrants, more than a 1000 people are now housed here. they are receiving a tech for a medical attention, for example, which a number of them have needed, especially after the, the incident where puller secure because the sprayed them with, with water cannons laced with a tear gas like substance. so they're receiving medical attention as hot food here, there's electricity, there's, there's warmth that the weather recently hasn't been. cons to any one. it is been wetted, has been frightfully cold, very windy and it's going to get worse. it's go to snow. so even those hardy
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migrants who want to take their chances and the border they're, they're, they're being forced to think twice before doing so. but again, that iraq has said to jet ease, one thing, but there are many nationalities here. there are afghans. there are syrians, thera iraq, is obviously, but there are also even people from to bed that have been spotted here all coming here to belarus, trying to get across into europe, most of them into germany getting across poland into germany. i over over the last several days, many people behind me have changed their minds. the what they imagine the strip would be like is very different from what what it was like. which is when they faced her flashbanc grenade, said tear gas water jet, fly by polish security forces. and many of them are now saying that they would rather return to where they came from. robin running the border
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liberal. we little meet you and i don't have any more hope for the european union. we were sleeping in the forest for 10 days and they were children with us. it's very dangerous. and none of the you countries are ready to speak about this big problem and nobody accepts us in holland is using tear gas against women and children. and the you keep silence about this. only poland is telling the media that we are dangerous. they seize as animals are, we are not animals. oliver. i have failed to reach germany. and i want to go home. we've tried to get europe 3 times and we didn't succeed. i'm upset. i saw happened at the border. i can't stay here. it's very hard. it envelope man, the vasa, i am very tired. i don't want to try again. my family in iraq, her saying please come back when i saw poland hughes tear gas against women and children. i thought other european countries would be no different men. oh good tim . there has been many questions asked of poland response to these migrants
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attempting to cross the border. women, children, among them, the violent often response that there are very few people who have made it across the boarded among those even feel it's gone to the individuals have made it all the way to germany. they're being caught across poland, driven back to the board with barrows, and forced back across the border. so again, many of become disenchanted with what they imagined europe would be like. and what they have found reality to be like again, we expect many more repatriation floods from iraq from her, from other countries perhaps. but the, the situation is that there has been a d escalation on the political level lives also being contact between belarus and . 3 the european union president lucas, chicago, his administration just could just coming out saying there, i know about 7000 migrants currently and bellows, about 2000 of them here at near the border with the new the checkpoint,
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the border with the, with poland, and many of them are going to be driven back to minutes for the capitol and they're going to seek those flights, carrying them out of the country. ra, thanks very much on the ground there on the polish belarus, boric in the us. a sense of what's happening right now. our senior correspondent murat cast if on with roots from belarus into poland, largely sealed off migrants are trying their luck further north, we believe at the lithuanian frontier the bell russian border service has released this on verified video, allegedly showing lithuanian police with dogs forcing migrants to turn back on tuesday night. lithuania, which is in the e. u, has offered a different version of events. it saying beller russian guards pushed 13 migrants over to the left you an inside and prevented them from returning to resulted. they were denied and free will. before a bell roost sets off the makeshift border shelter from migrants,
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many of them spent week saw it in the freezing, cold, with little or no food. now situation 8 agencies called a humanitarian disaster. artie has been following those harling developments from day one. the most significant reports can all be funded in one place, the r t show channel on youtube. and it's almost sunset i had to camp and my clothes reek of burnt wood from cam fires. my eyes are sore because of the smoke and i just, i don't know, i feel dizzy, but this is nothing compared to what these people i have been through spent last 3 days with these migrants for these refugees. and i guess we've set it all blood death. starving it desperate mothers. oscar so far, this is the largest migrant crisis and europe's eastern frontier
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and not to similar situation unfolding in north america. there is no laptop in migrants arrest along the u. s. border with mexico, with a 160000 detained. last month alone, the influx of newcomers has overwhelmed us. border control, controversially, they children of apprehended migrants are separated from their parents and placed in special detention facilities. critics of branded them biden cages. that issue was heatedly debated in the u. s. senate on tuesday. with senator ted cruz grilling the homeland security secretary over the democrats handling of the crisis. how many children have been in the biden cages and calendar year 20? $21.00. a senator, i respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages. oh, by the way, here's a photograph of the biden cages that as a center,
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that is precisely why articulated children sleeping on floors crashed in upon each other. when i took this photograph, the coven, right rate of cobra positivity was over 10 percent. has joe biden been down to see this facility of yes or no. the president has not been down to. okay. no. has carmella harris been down? see the biden cages. this facility, yes or no, the vice president was at the border. has she been down to see this facility? i know she went to el paso as she seen the biden cages. they are not cages. and what are these walls, senator? that has carmella harris seen them? yes or no. she has not been dead. has any democratic senator on this committee been down to see the biden cages 22. 0 i, i believe democrats have been down to see this facility. yes or not on a facility, whether they are members of this committee. i do not know. but radio host and political analyst day perkins, believe the mexican border isn't on jo biden's priority list that the moment on the
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chose. of course, it's a terrible thing to subject the child to a 1000 mile journey in the hands of criminals cartels. and that's exactly who is bringing these people to the border and helping them across it. and along the way, subject to abuses of which we can only imagine with horror, how many women have been brought across the border that were sexually repeatedly abused and sold into sexual slavery and have disappeared. how many children have been sold into pedophile rings and disappeared? how many children have had the virus? how many adults have the virus? are you testing anyone? all these questions have answers that are numbers, not just the yes or no answers. they tells me they don't keep those statistics because they don't want the public knowing what those numbers are. my opinion that joe biden is not at all worried about what is happening at the border that he is confident in his own mind. that the people who work with them and for him are handling that smartly and with goals in mind,
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and they will achieve their goals. and i don't think joe biden, thanks much about the border at all. liverpool and england football legend, john barnes is the star guest next on the alex summon, shelf couch the chat, and it is a lively lawn ahead in lawrence ah, what happened? i make no city, no born is a piece of advice as a marriage. we don't have a therapy, we don't of the, maxine, the whole world needs to be ready. people are just, you know, come with them, we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each away. we also know that
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this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is granted, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. oh when i was showing wrong, when i was just a to see how this thing becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. oh,
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i use well kinda said alex savage. sure. for a special program featuring, perhaps the most naturally gifted footballer ever to dornen england, jersey. and certainly the score of the most memorable england busy headlines had been dominated by racism. incorrect. i sort of signed in black clears to meet the full force of over racism in fitful and the 198900 ninety's. he's published a new book, which contains some surprising and challenging do us how racism operate in wider society player is john binds, the big isn't titled the uncomfortable truth about racism. today, he is in conversation with alex, but 1st your tweets emails and messages in response to i show last week on the
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continuing call with crisis. 50 unwise and says and my humble opinion, i don't think any of the deval government seems to be listening to the experts anymore. this must be because they obviously know better. know, alan says, excellent shoe as usual. you think that governance would listen to unfolded the advice of these learned men? it's not rocket science after all, but common sense, thanks to me that it's more about course in the greater good. keep up the good and valuable work. stevie mac says, thanks, alex, bit information on where we are with corporate. i hope the government so do you get to keith of the expert advice so far it's been a total shot. have it's been handled. unbelievable. shocking on this. great. i'm finally kind of nice. some says, my elderly father was really poorly a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find a bed for him in the hospital a difficult time. wishing a cognitive john binds became an inc.


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