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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  November 18, 2021 7:30am-8:01am EST

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in both that would happen. i just have nothing more to speak to an ongoing case where the closing arguments were just made that we discussed the situation with the law professor, an author allen there sivitz. he thinks jo biden's interference in the cases he puts it has influenced the media normative or you can't just call somebody white supremacist without any evidence. that is both a matter of opinion, but it's also based on traction. if there's nothing in the background to support that he's a white supremacist. that would be defamation. so i think god, joe biden, the candidate made a serious mistake by intruding into the case and letting his opinion be heard whether a year later, it still has an influence. it's probably an indirect influence on establishing the media narrative, if the sure on the other foot, if this were a black lives matter protester who had shot electrically in self defense, then the hard last and the racial left would be very much in favor of the defending
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the same people who are condemning him would be crazy. so it's all hypocrisy. it's all about partisan choosing sides. it has nothing to do with truth. it has nothing to do with the evidence. it has nothing to do with honesty. it's all ideology and it's all hypocrisy. i think the story of this year is most the vice of court case is in detail next. join scotty now on the news views hughes team for that and moment. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess of the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be in arms. race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with people is no thing. they can't ride on police report. it's in all caps in december 2020, a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. so like if people are organization, if an idea that is a must be opposed to channel out the game while they may come with that. but he says, but they can say what they believe in. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten reuben, this is a chance to see who on t for a really are in order for me to extract my 1st amendment right. and say that my
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life matter, i have to be on to the teeth is that that's all american. we can't trust the police . we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in the fate. albriton half is in the hands of the jury. we're going to bring you the latest as well as how the public outside the court room is reacting. and speaking of public reaction, passionate parents have played a very key role these past few months at school board meeting. but did their display of anger actually warrant them being labeled domestic terrorist officially, or the white house and the department of justice. we will discuss with our panel as well as why it's, it's been a teacher who spoke out against transgender policies is back in the classroom. and president biden had the kids gas and oil companies of anti consumer behavior and gas prices continue to rise despite the cost of unfinished gasoline actually decreasing. but will there be actions to actually back up the president's words?
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or guess what will ask our expert. and we talk often on this show about the problems real americans outside of the major cities are facing and how often they are ignored. well, our very own steve gruber is not ignoring and joins us to talk about his new series, forgotten america. i'm scotty. now hughes, and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories on today. the news news use right here on our t america. ah, it's rid weekend. thanks for joining us. because we're going to start once again in wisconsin, where it is day 2 of the deliberations in the homicide trial of kyle written house . now the jury of 5 men and 7 women will need to answer the question. did his legal team make the case of self defense market? john had he is live in kenosha, wisconsin, with the latest. john, it has been somewhat a bit of info. it looks like there's
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a lot more people today than there was even yesterday. bring us up to speed as to what exactly is going on there outside the courthouse? well, it's definitely heated up in terms of the overall vibe and the overall atmosphere. you know, there was actually just about maybe 10 minutes ago. an altercation on the steps between essentially opposing, protest her. so we've seen that throughout the day. we've seen people in support here in support of coll rittenhouse, not a, not a large, not a majority, but by far a majority though, of people that are opposed to were in house that are calling for a guilty verdict. anyway, bottom line is that you, 2 of the protesters gone into a fight. it turned into a fist fight. one of the demonstrators or one of the people that was involved in the altercation then ran across the street. i'm going to get out of the way just so you can kind of see the scene a little bit is directly in front media then behind that, that's the courthouse. the courthouse steps. anyway, the,
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the scrum was up there. one of the guys ran ran across the street, and a van pulled up, loaded with police, who then jumped out, tackled v, the person involved in the altercation and presumably arrested him. got them in a van, got that vehicle out of here and then pushed the remaining protesters back up before really that situation escalated and became more violent from there because definitely other protesters were starting to get into a pushing match. this is really the most volatile and the most tense that we've seen so far. and now that we've been here yesterday, there was about maybe 23 dozen at the most protesters here. today there's been kind of a smattering throughout the day. but this evening, there certainly a lot more people showing up here. maybe they're getting off work, whatever, and it's definitely becoming more vocal from both sides. so will this continue to increase? will the tension increase? possibly, i hate to speculate about that, but it is day 2 of the deliberations
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a couple points to get into and i'm to step back into the shot a couple of development. so a little bit earlier today, the jury ask another question to the judge about. 9 seeing some of the video evidence the jury wanted to review some of the video evidence evidence, again, it's unclear which exactly the video evidence, but there was some discussion debate about the procedure involved. how the jury should do that, should they do it in the jury room behind closed doors. so they were basically going through that. and also the defense team filed another motion for a mistrial, contending and it has to do with drone video containing that they did not receive the same resolution and quality a video that the prosecution received. so they have push. this has happened even during the, the overall trial that the defense was pushing for a mistrial. adding to the overall drama of the situation. and then of course, during testimony ca, rittenhouse, his emotional testimony in the back and forth between thomas being or the chief
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prosecutor in the case and the judge, bruce schrader who also today by the way, kind of another, another part of this making headlines, you know, talking about this, this video, he then went into a long tent tangent about the media coverage, upset about the media coverage. so it's really just added to the overall atmosphere . and i hate to say it's become really kind of a circus carnival. ask atmosphere earlier today. people showing up in costumes, people, you know, just odd the coops and the crazy look you lose showing up here. and for the most part, really the crowd, you know, the biggest part of the crowd has been the media. but now, as i said, it's starting to get a little more vocal protesters demonstrators starting to get a little larger as we wait for a verdict when or if that's handed down. again, if i, if i had a crystal ball, i would look into in a whether that was going to happen today. but there's, there's bank more questions from the jury as we await this. and as we do certainly, you know, the question then becomes what happens here in the city when a verdict is handed down. if that does indeed happen. and as i had said earlier,
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and as i told you last night, the governor of wisconsin has activated a release on stand by 500 national guard troops to be at the ready to help local law enforcement if things get out of control once again, as we saw back in august of 222020. when this happened, when kyle rittenhouse, than 17 years old, open fire, killing 2 people, wendy, and other. and as he mentioned, scotty, really, the crux of his case of the jury has to decide, is, did he act reasonably, was itself defense? or as the prosecution say, was he acting recklessly as a vigilante? did you have any business being here with a gun at that time adding to the volatility of the situation back in 2001. and so again, the hearing now definitely get more vocal. definitely getting more volatile and she worked it out for you. i find it very curious though, that you have, it's actually in read both sides at some point, ask for miss trial. a prosecution as now you have the defense. is there looking to be change? the judge says, no, i'm not going to have
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a mystery. i'm going to leave it to you guys, if you call it that way, i think we've had a trial. we deserve a decision. what happens if at the end of august they come back and say, you know, if there's been a mistrust, does that mean that he just walks very well? depends if it's, if it's a miss miss trial and i'm not, i'm not a lawyer so. so i would really hate to speculate about the legalities, but my understanding of it is if it's a declared a mistrial with prejudice, then yes, possibly he worked. there will not be another trial, he will be able to walk free but, but, but again, that's all that good. that's among many the many questions in this case and it's been very confusing. it's been very convoluted a time. certainly when the judge was given the jury instructions, you know, he went through all these different points as if it wasn't competing enough adding to that confusion. right? so i look, there's a lot of good points, a lot of good questions here. but when it comes down to it, it really the jury is deliberating that that fundamental question did rittenhouse
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act and self defense wasn't reasonable for him to open fire, killing to wounding another well a die. i felt like there's a lot of drama, both inside the court room as well as outside as well. all of them just looking for attention and an answer. and john, we are grateful that you're out there for us. thanks for joining us. ever kenosha to loudon county where the school board is agreed to reverse the suspension of a teacher who was vocal against the transgender policy. and the teacher did 2 in response and the settlement the board agreed to a permanent injunction against search retaliation against tanner cross. meaning he's back in the classroom. meanwhile, in new hampshire, a student filed a suit against his school district, saying the suspension that he's, that furred actually violated his constitutional right, to free speech. and the new hampshire bill of rights. that it says he was expressing his religious beliefs. when he said there are only 2 genders and his punishment from the school suspension was unfair. or these are just a few of the issues which actually motivated parents to pay more attention this
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fall to the action to their local school boards. and at times, even those parents became unruly when they felt like their voices were being ignored. but were there actions enough to justify giving the same official label by the u. s. government as a white supremacist in islamic fundamentalist? well, house republicans want to know, and they want to know how that demand was made and how involved the d o. j and the national school board association were involved with each other and the crafting of this letter that was sent to the white house to discuss. very robert, kill us civil rights attorney and radio. ed martin publish a pro america report dot com. thanks for joining me, robert and ed. okay, so i'm gonna start with you on this one, you know, leisure with this latest the f, b i is denying, they're actually liking information on the most outspoken parents and not investigating them read f b. i says they were doing it. so why are parents right now? well, look at this point, i think most americans would say it's a trust, i'd say verify and trust. i don't think anybody trust the f b i after the record,
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they've had in the last few years. so that's number one. number 2, we have conflicting moments. merrick garland has said one thing done. another he said there was no targeting. then there's proof, at least in time there's targeting. what's outrageous right now is it's the same people that were in charge in the obama era. susan rice, the obama white house that was targeting people, tea party groups through the i r s. now we have the d o, j targeting parents, and here's the message. i want to tell the democrats what we, the people are feeling is that you are using policies to make our kids hate their parents and hate america. and we're all sick of it. and so you're seeing a backlash that's going to come and i don't know what the republicans in the house will have any success of finding out what's going on. but it's clear, mayor garland changed the policies in order to target parents. the only question is why and when? well, and i think that was one thing that has been made of parents not just for public are democrat parents that were upset with different agencies that were going out of
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school board. and i found it, bring it to you, our because now we're seeing that there was actually a whistleblowers disclosed document showing that the f b, i was involved. they were using counter terrorism tools to investigate parents, a hash tag, either the f b. i denied it. they did start this threat tag e d u officials, and that'd be used on instances which should be investigated. do you believe that action was warranted against parents who are really just frustrated at their voices about their community? schools are not being hard. i like the way you characterized that their voices were not being heard by community schools. as of that, they were, they're saying, well, we need more, more distance learning opportunities for students. we want to make sure we're closing the neutral divide. we want to have up to date, textbook for, for young people to make sure they can compete with china and other 1st world nations. when it comes to the kids that are thought, well, they're up there protesting. they're old, they're out there running around. same they're against c, r t was, doesn't exist. they said they're just transgender students being able to exist on earth. you know, god forbid there's a transgender student, my school there doing, how my kid having to read beloved. oh no, you have to read
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a book about something other than us, horrible with it and get rid of this. and we cannot pretend we do, don't we live in a world where it wasn't at the beginning of this year. on january 5th, the crazy insurrection has tried to overthrow the government and a lynch, the vice president. though you want to keep tabs on people who seem to be along the st. you to local lines the full to distort the capital. i've been as low want them to counterterrorism as the united states government. and also will then be per view of the things we should be doing door mentally, to assure that we do have a safe and orderly environment for schools and that we are not focusing more or domestic. terrorism attends our capital safe and orderly school is valid. and looking for our get in line march in line at as i imagine how you view it, what these were trying to prevent. where did, where do you say, look, i mean this is, this is actually this. i can't be more embarrassed for robert. this is insanity. i mean, look back when the civil rights era, when they were going on the f b, i was listening in the martin luther king and rosa parks and everybody else. these weren't these parents warren doing anything other than saying we're worried about
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transgender bathrooms. we are worried away if you say there's no c r t robert. then let's look at the curriculum together. and let's discover whether the c, r, t notions, the ideas are in this education because i know what you'll say, you're saying c r t is higher education. what merit? what the american people are saying is when we look at the curriculum, you're teaching stuff that teaches the kids to hate their parents and hate america . and but more importantly, these are peaceful people don't lie about january 6th, by the way, your d o. j did not indict anyone for insurrection, but don't target. it's like saying rosa parks should be put in with the white hamper because she's because she's class and the fact that as a parents have every right to raise their voice in a school board meeting and not be targeted by the f b i, you can laugh robert, but you're laughing, oil tokenism, that is bad for you and me as american citizens, and that's what it comes down to. what are right here and i get that. we don't wanna compare people to people, but what are the rights that americans have right now going forward out of this?
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what is this past year taught us about what we as individuals have and what the government right has. and where does that lie? when did that start to get blurred? robert? oh, it's interesting because i'm down here in brunswick, georgia. the trial for the murder is of a mod aubrey. i'm travelling with reverend jesse jackson, who's in the hotel room across the hall from me here at martin. compare people who are stormy, the capital and storm school board meetings to rows of hearts in the civil rights movement and beyond laughable. because these people are not dealing with the actual issues of education, we are dealing with these far right wing conspiracy theory from q a non and for chance and all these, all these other outlier. and instead of actually trying to improve education for, for data, because we do lag behind and stem education and science into mere and technology mathematics. all the things that are actually important to succeeding in the 21st century. instead of doing that, they are running all down these rabbit holes, trying to find conspiracy from the deal j and pizza gate. i think g of k is whether be back in dallas coming back from the debt or something along those lines. there's
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people have become laughable, and this is why you have to monitor them because let me start by laughing and then they are re the of the capital that we have to make sure that we are ensuring liberty. we are super insuring freedom. what does the saint dr. kevin, the rest of us who grew up believing pizza gate, keeping us safe from both people. but and see here's the thing robert. i and i've taken issue this because i don't believe in generalization. i would never generalize. you know, i'd never generalize ed and putting those people in there and i could tell you a lot of the parents that were in there were fighting. i agree. i think every parent wants their kid to focus on math and science. what they don't want is the social inundation of what one person who at this point might be along or lines actually being put on their kids and without them knowing. and that's the one thing that i guide you gotta be across the board equal here. and i appreciate both of your conversation on this, but i don't like putting all those parents are there cuz they weren't all there. for one reason, there was multiple reasons that their eyes had been awoken to what was going on in our education system this year. because they actually had to teach their kids. and i appreciate both your conversations. i appreciate both of you and thank you for
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this conversation. after the break, the forgotten manage, usually a phrase only remember during an election year and their problems are usually only used is talking voice by a politician on the campaign trail. but our own steve gruber is determined to bring light to the reality which plagues those in middle america. and why it seems even simpler solutions are never even given a chance. when we return ah no one else seemed wrong when i just don't know any new world is yet to see out disdain becomes the advocate.
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. for okay, well it seems like these days americans can't get along on a lot of things. but one thing every american can university complain about is a cost of gas because no $1.00 is exempt. and the national average for down is $3.41. but many states, it's even higher with california, breaking their own record and an average of $4.68 per gallon with even more states, closer to $5.00. but why a gas price is continuously climbing when the price of i'm finished gasoline is actually declining. that's exactly what president biden wants to know and issued a letter calling in the federal trade commission to pro the energy companies. and
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if they are showing some sort of anti consumer behavior to discuss or bring in a tide by the horowitz, founder and ceo of above a training, thank you so much for joining me on this. scott. it's great to be back with you again and let's go, okay, well, help me out on this is very simple answer to president biden's question. yeah, he has no clue what he's doing. that's a simple answer. i mean, when you shut down all the fracking and shell producing in united states and you go from a net exporter to an end puerto, you are no longer reliant on what we call w t i o oil, which is there. all that has been plummeting. recently, we are dependent on brent, which comes out of saudi arabia, and of course they are not lowering their prices. they are not pumping more. and in turn, you then shut down much of your supply chains, and you can't get the gas to liberate it, costs more money. so even if the gas is falling, the delivery to the points of destination are paying much more to get it there. so
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the prices are not really falling, it's an imaginary thing that president biden has created to try to favor to garner a favor which is wrong. the best thing to do is to have not turned everything off at one time and gradually worked to a green environment which we can't get to even if we were there now. okay, but you're a smart man. i like think i was 5 percent. there's lots of smart people in the world. that sounds pretty simple to do. so why would you basically do what has happened over the past year with the policies the government has put in place and not think you are going to have the outcome that you're getting right now? is it bitin? is it that people advising him or to just to complete clueless miss across the board? i would go with a clueless across the board. i think, you know, we have a lot of changes coming here and, you know, taking away many of our freedoms from public speech to anything. and that relates back to oil. you know, you create this need. and of course we've got massive inflation. and why will,
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because the cost of energy goes into every product that you use, including the bottle water that is good for you. it still takes oil to make that bottle and we are not prepared to shut down all of the exporting and all the fracking that we do. because we do not have a solution to bring to market yet that could actually make the environment green. add to that china and india which are 30 versus 36 percent of the world are never going to stop using call. let me say it again. they are never gonna stop using call . so what good is the 4 percent size united? so it's going to do by shutting down and destroying the american citizens. at what cost do we want green energy? any yet? they say it's under green energy, but like i said, we've seen time and time again. that's usually just an umbrella. p r statement. they can make knowing that it's not going to work. what right now can the government do, if anything, to actually reduce the price of them are in the past, they've reduced a tax, they states have gone,
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reduce their tax. is there anything they can do or we can continue to see this escalation? why big we're going to see probably some stabilization right now because brent crude has fallen a little bit along with wi. but really, they need to allow the for actors and the shale producers to go back into business . because 1st of all, we could actually satisfy and probably pay this massive debt. they'd built with this ridiculous stimulus, because the u. k. and germany are starving for natural gas and kind of being held up by russia. we could actually be the supplier of liquid natural gas as well, and actually finance out much of our debt. and so the lip service we get from an administration across the board that has no idea of what it takes to run this thing . and by shutting down the pipeline you have, do you have to do things in stages like in any other business. the united states, as a country is no different as a business. it must be handled where we can handle it and take it. and until we do
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that, you're going to have riots. and you're going to have mass chaos, which is really meant, i think this to the divide and conquer the citizen. and then you have come back to me because we are doing politicians and say that ignorance or is it being done on purpose bubba? that's a question we can answer later. thanks for joining me. you've got a gas prices might not be as concerning to individuals who live in major cities and can use public transportation or even a walk everywhere they need for those actually depend on their automobile in order to go anywhere outside of their home. the price of the pump is become a major focus of the household budget. can't guess what we don't talk about gas prices and the effect until they get high and worth the headline? like so many other issues americans deal with daily which aren't address because the problem and the people aren't usually seem deemed important unless it's an election year. they are important and hence why i'm very excited about our next guess, steve river in the project. he has been working on called the forgotten america.
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steve, thanks for joining me on this. thanks for doing this. this is something very, very important. i don't have much time because i want people to say, but i have to ask you one very important question. okay. what happens if middle america ceases to exist? well that's what's happening in the middle classes evaporating. right now. you've got people that don't have the job. fact is they don't exist anymore. we went from a manufacturing country to a service country. it's very common goes as a result, the factories are closing here by general motors, factors, so forth. but there used to be supplier factories in all of the small towns across america hooked up with the railroads and the trucking industry and small, medium factories supply. those countries, it's how we competed and beat the world in world war 2. if that happened again today, i gotta be honest with scobee. everybody i spoke to. so we couldn't answer the ballot that came today. we could not deal with the challenge of a world war because our manufacturing base is gone. furthermore,
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our farming is disappearing every day. $10000.00 american farms go out of business every year. people don't know where their food comes from. they don't know where anything comes from. and we don't build anything anymore, not the way we use to. and i think what scares the place that the government has congress, they literally become the enslavement of these farms that are able to stand. this is the majority of them have so much government subsidy. and that's just, almost dam is going out of business because it's a fake reality. it's a fake that they can actually survive. so with your documentary, you talk to different people. is there at least hope or they've given up at this point? you know, people believe in this country, i was very encouraged, i was a month in the end of the whole ball state university here for one of the episodes upcoming. these young people, they believe in this country. they believe in hard work and doing what it takes to move the needle for themselves. sadly, some folks that are older though, have seen the factors close. they've seen their towns like anderson indiana basically turned into a ghost about a once was you hear about police like flint, michigan, but it's not the only one small towns and medium towns, the factories
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a close lead people in dire straits, frankly. okay. and so are these people deciding to stay and try to help rejuvenate their towns or they move into the cities? and that was the one thing about the krona virus. they said that could be positive, it would get people back out into the country, get people out of the cities, could that actually help? but if they have nowhere to work, once they go there, are we just going to see a redundancy of the problem. one of the phenomenons i've noticed around the countries, those movie to the country, those who have a disposable income to give to do so. i mean, place like montana, the real estate market. absolutely, i'm tired. you can't afford to go there, most people. so they're being pushed back toward the city where does ago, it's a vicious cycle right now and the middle class and paying off the high price, whether it's gas prices like you talked about, or the cost of a thanksgiving dinner, be more expensive that has been in our lifetime ever, this is all the result of the changing economy america, and i think the government has a they have to answer for it honestly because they haven't on the part the north
7:59 am
american free trade agreement began this actually, but ross per a warned us about he was right, and do they answer for it every year or the, or just on election day? that is like sometimes i have the wrong answer. sorry america. make sure join me looking forward to watching this. thank you. and you can see forgotten america coming soon to r t. america. that's offered a show goes quick, lots to cover, but in the meantime, we're going to continue this conversation study and use on twitter. use the hash tag team and vh will get all the information for the new show when it comes out. but you can also check out for will to be app for your apple or android device. like, always thanks for watching. ah ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon show. when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me .
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ah. her headline stories, protests, sweep your opposed government's clump done yet again in response to rising cobra cases. germany expected shortly to issue tough new rules for its own vaccinated citizens. also this hour they seizes unimaginably or not. and i was, i saw happen to the board, a can't stay very hard. when i saw poland use tear gas against women and children. i thought other european countries would be no different after days of tensions that poland. belarus border begins to clear off to demoralize migrants choose warm shelter instead of facing tear gas and water counting. iraq is now sending.


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