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tv   News  RT  November 18, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EST

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happens, it's a matter of with headlines here. what auntie international protests sweep europe as governments clamped down, yet again in response to aspiring cobit cases. and germany is now expected to issue tough new rules for its unvaccinated citizens. at some point today, also this hour they seizes animals, i be a no promotion, as i saw happen to the board a very hard. when i saw poland uses to your gas against women and children, i thought other european countries would be no different aggressive treatment at the hands of polish border guards have migrants demoralized with many, many of them telling us here what out to you. they just want to go home. plus i went with the divisive trial of teenage shooter coll
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rittenhouse seats class use outside of u. s. cord. as the judge, brown's media coverage of the proceedings. quote, grossly irresponsible. ah . just passing mid day here at moscow and a hefty program for you today. here, we're not you international, i'm rural re sushi. welcome to europe's being battered by yet another covert wave with france registering more than 20000 daily cases for the 1st time since august. in hungary, the infection rate is 5 times higher than at the start of the month. a numbers are also spiking in austria, in response to governments ratcheting up the pressure on people to go out and get that covert injections. several e, you nations are introducing partial locked downs for the unvaccinated or limiting their access to key services. in the check,
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public measures have enormous amounts of public fury, with thousands protesting on the central square in prague. vacuum is also tightening the screws on the and job, borrowing them from large events and requiring testing and workplaces. and as you can see, that hasn't gone down to well, in practice slot, either. well, in germany, daily infections have had a record high, and berlin today is expected to impose new restrictions. as a correspondent, peter oliver. now reports looks like we are going to see new measures and all change in germany when it comes to covered restrictions that would allow the 60 states in the individual governance in those states to strengthen, to tighten bows restrictions, should they feel that they are necessary? what that bare minimum, that national bare minimum could look like is being called the to g plus method. now to g was the way in which only the vaccinated. and those that can prove that they've recovered from coven 19 would have access to certain public spaces to g
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plus means you wouldn't get into air things i, restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters or cinemas without m both having your vaccine certificate or your proof that you've recovered. and a recent negative test. now this has proved pretty popular with the population suggesting 60 percent of those would back such a moose among them seems to be the outgoing chancellor angler merkel who has highlighted the real risk that germany is facing from this 4th wave of covert lighting, digging venting upon me larger than the current and expectation in germany is dramatic. i can't say any other way. the 4th wave is hit in our country with full force on we urgently need to make progress on vaccinations. and so i would also like to take this opportunity to promote vaccines. it's also not too late at all to decide to get vaccinated for the 1st time action certainly needed spud. it's not
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just because of the high coven numbers that something needs to be done. the current government has seemed to have been inadequate when it comes to its response, particularly to this 4th wave of cove at 19 around 60 percent of those polled by news magazine dash beagle said current government hadn't been cutting it hadn't been doing enough. but what we are facing is a real problem when it comes to those in need of serious health care. see germany. there is a shortage of intensive care beds in some regions. meaning that those that are a who are really, really sick with cove at 19, are going to struggle to find the care that they need. and what we are seeing is the interim health minister yen spawn, saying that he wants to see boost of vaccine jobs given out to all of those over the age of 18. be keeping an eye on what comes out of the bone the stag all day on thursday. while doctors in the u. k. r o g, the government to take drastic action over a health care crisis. that's after an
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n h. s report found a growing number of people a dying while waiting for delayed emotions. he care in a high profile example, last month bina patel. the mother of 2 in greater manchester passed away after waiting more than an hour for an ambulance to show up. call records show screaming at 999, dispatcher's pleading for help and saying she was dying. when we spoke to her son ash, k patel, he told us what happened. throw all initial calls. nobody stayed on the line with me. no one said, okay, this is what you need to do to help your mom. no, nothing like this. the only time. you know, they gave me instruction was on the final call when i'm on was passed on the floor and they gave me instructions to give a cpr. and i see all the time the stayed on the phone. all the calls the only time . and that's because she was, you know, she stopped breathing if they told me a half to know the typical wait time is going to be about an hour. at that point i
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could have taken it downstairs into the, into the car to the hospital. but by that time it was too late because you know, they can tell her 3, but could tell me initially, ok, look, the current wait times is an hour. maybe i could have person arranged or the alternative transport to get to the hospital. as k has filed a complaint against the northwest ambulance service, which is carrying out an internal investigation, he think his mother's life could have been saved and further tragedies must be prevented. the situation that she was in, it was a category you know, was a high car recall. and, you know, an ambling should have been had sooner than the time they arrived. potentially, you know, this death could be, could be saved if the ambulance arrived seen a doctor attended as soon as possible. and, you know, my goal now is in memories of mine is to make me aware. and as you know,
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we do have a system failure. you know, the ambulance service or the nature of the whole, you know, he's failing not just me. he's failed. a lot of people load his current news for fans on this, on the ambulance delays. and you know, something needs to be done. a grueling stand off on the polish border has certainly taken its told on thousands of media migrants who are hoping to reach the e. u. a many are being housed in a temporary shelter on the bella russian side and are ready now to return to their homelands. after spending freezing nights out in the open and being pushed back pretty badly by the polish security guards, senior correspondent, murat, gas, d. f, reports from the area. the nice has been somewhat scar and the boy there were sporadic attempt spot by small groups to cross into, into poland. mostly men who were much fitted a that the weather is it isn't doing at the would be migrant. any,
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any favors it is cold. here is windy, the sort of when the blows all the heat out of your body, many people more than a 1000 da. now, in this, in his hand, this formal logistic center, the bell russian authorities have made available for migrants. it's, it's a roof over their heads. it somewhere warm with power, with a place to charge their mobile phones and keep in touch with their relatives. this food also that's being delivered, but many others are still out there in the woods. there are camps across the border, trying to find a way through the poland and eventually into germany, which is the ultimate destination for many of them. but as i say, there was no concentrated effort to get across over the course of the night and the fight. the spirit has got out of many of the migrants here. many of them, of course,
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women children who didn't expect the sort of ferocious response that they saw from poland liberally to meet you. and i don't have any more hope for the european union . we were sleeping in the forest for 10 days and they were children with us. it's very dangerous and none of that new countries are ready to speak about this big problem. and nobody accepts us. sasha, holland is using take us against women and children, and the you keep silence about this. poland is telling the media that we are dangerous. they seize as animals are, we are not animals. oliver, i have failed to reach germany. and i once go home, we've tried to get to europe 3 times and we didn't succeed. i'm upset. i saw happened at the border. i can't stay here. it's very hard. it envelope man, the vassar. i am very tired. i don't want to try again. my family in iraq are saying, please come back. when i saw poland use tear gas against women and children, i thought other european countries would be no different for reference and with
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taking just troop soldiers here into account. the poland has moved stationed at the, at the border at various crossings, 50000 troops, and this is discounted all the of the border patrols of emergency services. the police that have been stationed at the border, or about 2000 migrants here, 15000 polish troops to watch over the ferry migrant boy girl child woman. a man, there are. there are 7 polish soldiers, a deeds, if the punish response has been tremendous. they're trying to keep anyone from crossing into poland. there are, there are people that have been able to cross into poland that have even reached germany. but those are a few and far between. and people here realized that their chances are the chances are the mention. this isn't what they expected from europe. this isn't what they relatives told them, would happen. who people who had a much easier time of getting into germany getting into western europe,
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which is again the, the ultimate destination for, for many migrants. and of course, the, the crux, the crescendo came up when polish security forces at the border began firing water cabins, wood cannons, lace firing, jet streams of water jets of water laced. but some sort of variant of, of tear gas for which many migrants as well as even bell russian security forces at the chic medical attention for, ah, i ah, this diplomatic spat conflict between belarus and various countries of the european
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union also continues with both the changing bobs, blaming each other for this, this crisis europe playing. it is entirely manufactured, beller, are saying that these people came here and they want to cross over into europe. partly because of their fling conditions that european nations helped establishing in their countries b as a rock b it syria, b of genocide. but these telling that people would, at this point, many people here would prefer to return to of canister to syria, to rock rob the brave trying to cross into poland. again, there has been communication between the pell russian authorities and various officials in europe. they're trying to come to a common resolution of this latest crisis, the slaves, latest migrant crisis. and there have been hopeful signs, but for now people remain here on the border. iraq is also sending today
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repatriation flight to return. some of its citizens voiced their intent to return home to endless pursuit of trying to cross into poland and germany, and who would prefer to return home. it remains a difficult affair because they will have to register every one and try to figure out how many people it is that, that want to return. but ultimately, for many migrants here, a step in the right direction. and with roots from bella ross into poland, largely sealed off migrants to try their luck further north at the lithuanian frontier and the bell russian border service has released this video and luxury showing and lithuanian police with dogs forcing migrants to turn back on tuesday night. we cannot, however, verify whether the video is authentic lithuania, which is in the you has given a different version of events. it's saying bella, russian gods, pushed the migrants over to the lithuanian side and prevented them from returning to bella ruth, after they were denied entry over for bella. ruth,
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set out that make shift board a shoulder for migrants. many of them spend weeks out in the freezing cold with little or no food, and what agencies have been calling us humanitarian disaster will r t followed those hiring developments from day one. and you can watch those reports over on the r t show that to be found on youtube. while it's almost sunset, the camp. my clothes reek of burnt wood from campfires. my eyes are sore because of the smoke and i just don't know, i feel dizzy, but this is nothing compared to what these people have been through. spend the last 3 days. but these migrate some of these refugees, and i guess we've spent a lot of death diving, desperate mothers. so far. this is the largest migrant crisis and
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europe, eastern frontier right now, quarter past the hour here in moscow, the french government has launched a 14000000 euro program to tackle a refill surgeon, child prostitution. officially, $400.00 cases were registered last year, or the government says the true figure is up to $25.00 times higher. reporting from paris charlotte events came an alarming situation upsets 10000 youngsters. i thought to be selling their bodies for money here in france, the majority of girls aged $15.00 to $17.00, but there are those that a young go to the general inspector routes noted early prostitution, attitudes reported in schools as early as the 5th grade, meaning 12 and 13 year olds, the entry into prostitution as an increasingly young age is also apparent from
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several testimonies. oh, what the past 5 is the number of children identified as being involved in prostitution has exploded. by as much as 70 percent. the pandemic is being blamed for making the problem worse. i know her extra, the sure or the for the sexual exploitation of women and of children in particular has increased massively with called it in the lockdown. largely because more people found themselves at home. and that's the computer porn sites didn't help. they made a lot of content free at this time, which encouraged young under age, people to prostitute themselves and one of the nato. and what is driving young people into prostitution? the journey key, hugo, of those who get into it itself on the young person running away finding themselves homeless. they searched the internet and find some one for office of them somewhere to stay for free. at 1st, the work within the prosecution that work can be behind the scenes, but soon enough they find themselves pushed into prostitution itself,
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posted to show social networks like tick, tock, snap chat, and instagram are being used to find victim. so what all these internet joins doing to root out these abuses, well they have signed a global call to better protect children on line acknowledging that threat, such as prostitution and human trafficking have been amplified by technology. however, they have also been urged to do more. dick token, our social media companies must be accountable for their environments. they create, especially when they're insufficient policies and practices, leave soon, much room for exploitation abuse hum. to long for sex workers is being filled by profits pims can earn up to 1500 years a day, a little of that will end up in the pockets of the children who are actually doing this work. some see, this still is being away to easy money. schwartz should keep booted happen so
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quickly that young people often find themselves in prostitution before they know it . what drives them as fast money? that doesn't mean it's easy money though, the power to make money quickly gives way to realization that the cash doesn't necessarily benefit them. and they end up in this work, all of a sudden without being given much of a chance to process it. the problem has become so widespread that the french government is now stepping in to try and fight under age prostitution. it's set aside 40000000 euros to try and increase awareness to try and identify more young people caught up in prostitution and also for more effective prosecution of those who pimp and abuse youngsters. but for many, this intervention however successful it may be, will be too late for the children who have found themselves prostituted already.
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experts be that bay will be marked for life. charlotte, even ski r t. paris, who are approaching the half way point of the program here one r t international still to calm as fish to flying outside the courtroom and a trial of teenage shooter. kyle: a written house in a case is exposed a racially charged rift in us politics of that story and many more. we are back in just a moment. i know when i was shown seemed wrong when old rules just don't hold any world. yes, to shape out the same becomes the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look so common ground. prices for gas is gonna be up dramatically by the time the elections because a vine has an adjust the true cause of this calamity. and that is the excess of money printing and they, they're scheduled now to double the money supply. the empty money supply again, all the next 12 months. they've doubled it over the previous 12 months. they're going to double it again. so gas is going $89.00 a gallon. ah ah, good to be to join us today for this program. the temp has a flaring in the trial of teenage shoot a kyle written house with a mass brule outside the courtroom and wisconsin. on wednesday. it has ultimately
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exposed a chasm in us politics and media with issues of police policing and racism right at the forefront. haughty america correspondent, john hud reports from right outside the court. oh yeah. i agree with. it's definitely heated up in terms of your overall vibe in the overall atmosphere. and you know, there was actually just about maybe 10 minutes ago. an altercation on the steps between essentially opposing protesters to other protesters gone into a fight. it turned into a fist fight. one of the demonstrators, or one of the people that was involved in the education, then ran across the street. i'm going to get out of the way just so you can kind of see the scene a little bit directly in front media. then behind that,
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that's the courthouse. the courthouse steps. anyway, this, the scrum was up there. one of the guys ran ran across the street, and a van pulled up, loaded with police, who then jumped out, tack old v. the person involved in the altercation, and presumably arrested him. got them in a van. got that vehicle out of here and then pushed the remaining protectors back up before really that situation escalated and became more violent from there because definitely other protesters were starting to get into a pushing match. this is really the most volatile and the most tense that we've seen so far now that we've been here a little bit earlier today. the jury ask another question to the judge about seeing some of the video evidence the jury one to review some of the video evidence again . and also the defense team filed another motion for a mistrial, contending and it has to do with drone video containing that they did not receive the same resolution and quality
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a video that the prosecution received. so they have push. this has happened even during the, the overall trial that the defense was pushing for him. his trial you know, adding to the overall drama of the situation. and then of course, during the testimony car rittenhouse is emoji testimony, then a back and forth between thomas being or the chief prosecutor in the case and the judge brew schrader. and i hate to say it's become really kind of a circus carnival. ask atmosphere earlier today. people showing up in costumes, people, you know, just odd the coops and the crazy look you lose showing up here. you know, the question then becomes what happens here in the city when a verdict is handed down. if that does indeed happen, the governor of wisconsin has activated early on stand by $500.00 national guard troops to be at the ready to help local law enforcement. if things get out of control, once again, the hearing now definitely get more vocal. definitely getting more volatile from see were done. last year coll rittenhouse who was 17 at the time, killed 2 people during a black lives matter rally in kenosha. and several media. commentators have
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presented race as central to the trial, even though the men shot by rittenhouse during the unrest. well white and then he wanted to, he wanted to do it because he was school, a black kid that killed 2 people and injured another person. how would america feel about that? i think it would be a completely different feeling if you want to know why critical race theory exists . the actual law school theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in america often still have racially discriminatory outcomes. they look no further than the trial of cal rittenhouse. this is white privilege on steroids. as far as politics are concerned, what i'm focused on as a trial lawyer observing this is what the potential political orientation of each of the jurors is going to be. meanwhile, coll written out as mother has accused president by nope, defaming her son, this in response to a tweet from last year containing his image in which the then presidential nominees
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condemned white supremacists. the issue was raised at a recent white house briefing. why did president find suggest that kyle, written house on trial in kenosha is a white supremacist? so peter, at what i am not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial. we're waiting a verdict beyond that, i'm not going to speak to any individuals or this case. the president has spoken to it already, and his mom now cow rittenhouse. his mom came out saying that the president veined her son, and it claims that she claims that when the president suggested her son, his wife premises, he was doing that too. when both that would happen, i just have nothing more to speak to an ongoing case where the closing arguments were just made. go ahead. well i, we spoke with we discussed situation, i should say with a law professor allan doesher. whats he thinks joe biden's interference and the case has influence the media narrative? you can't just call somebody a white supremacist without any evidence. that is both a matter of opinion,
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but it's also based on traction. if there's nothing in his background to support that he's a white supremacist, that would be defamation. so i think joe biden, the candidate, made a serious mistake by intruding into the case and letting his opinion be heard whether a year later, it still has an influence. it's probably an indirect influence on establishing the media narrative. if the shoe are on the other foot, if this were a black lives matter protester who had shot electrically in self defense, then the hard lashed and the racial left would be very much in favor of the defending the same people or condemning him would be praising so it's all to poxy, it's all about partisan choosing sides. it has nothing to do with truth. it has nothing to do with the evidence. it has nothing to do with honesty. it's all ideology, and it's all hypocrisy. ultima shocking numbers for you because there's been no let
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up in migrant arrests along the u. s. border with mexico, with a 160000 detained. last month alone. the influx of new commerce has overwhelmed us. border control controversially, the children of apprehended migrants are separated from their parents and placed in special detention facilities. critics have grounded them biden cages, and they were hastily the faith in the us senate on tuesday. with senator ted cruz grilling the homeland security secretary over the democrats handling of the crisis . how many children had been in the biden cages and calendar year 20? $21.00. a senator. i respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages. by the way, here's a photograph of the biden cages that as the senator that is precisely why articulated childrens sleeping on floors crashed in upon each other. when i
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took this photograph, the cove at a rate rate of cobit positivity was over 10 percent. has joe biden been down to see this facility of yes or no, the president has not been down to okay. no. has comma la harris been down to see the biden cage. is this facility? yes or no. the vice president was at the border. has she been down to see this facility? i know she went to el paso as she seen the biden cages. they are not cages. and what are these walls, senator? that has has comma la harris seen them? yes or no. she has not been dead. has any democratic senator on this committee been down to see the biden cages 22. 0 i, i believe democrats have been down to see this facility. yes or not on a facility, whether they are members of this committee. i do not know well our radio host and political analyst that they perkins things the mexican border just isn't jo biden's priority at the moment. of course, it's a terrible thing to subject the child to
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a 1000 mile journey in the hands of criminals heart tells. and that's exactly who is bringing these people to the border and helping them across it. and along the way, subject to abuses of which we can only imagine with horror, how many women have been brought across the border that were sexually repeatedly abused and sold into sexual slavery and have disappeared. how many children have been sold into pedophile rings and disappeared? how many children have had the virus? how many adults have the virus? are you testing anyone? all these questions have answers that are numbers, not just the yes or no answers that tells me they don't keep those statistics because they don't want the public knowing what those numbers are. my opinion that joe biden is not at all worried about what is happening at the border that he is confident in his own mind. that the people who work with them and for him are handling that smartly and with goals in mind. and they will achieve their goals, and i don't think joe biden,
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thanks much about the border at all. i. they wrapped up the program here on how to international right now. what exactly? 12 30 pm on thursday here in the russian capital. great to have you with us for this program and play to mo, story still to come. when we return. hope to see you soon. mm. ah. ah. both join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics. sport. business i'm show business, i'll see you then. mm ah.


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