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ah, turning off the taps by the roofs temporarily shuts an oil pipeline which runs from russia to poland and into the e. u. unscheduled maintenance. who's taking the reason for the holt, but comes at a time of height and tensions between minsk and barrows. a shop devoid emerge as i were potent tactics with france slamming plans for a massive wall to be built on the border. whitaker, the top line being taken against people crossing from bene roofs, while migrant boats off really crossing the mediterranean band with a us court boys to deliver its verdict in a device of trial of call. which in house accusations, fly of bias and desolation. ah,
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why? from oscar, thanks for joining us tonight or not international. and daniel hawkins, whether you authorize to welcome to the program, the battery has shut down a major oil pipeline which runs from russia to poland and on to other e. u. countries means sites on scheduled maintenance, adding the stoppage would last 3 days. it's led to claims from europe that the move is no coincidence considering the situation that's counting, unfolding on the countries border. my colleague, you know, neil had heard more from ot easy to petrocca. this is actually the number one intrigue, whether there are any links between this closure of the operations in this throws war friendship pipeline. what i want to make clear though is that we're talking about an oil pipeline and also. busy earlier warnings by the by russian president, alexander lucas angle, about the potential shut down of a gas pipeline. well technically there aren't because mens curb is saying
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that's the reason for this is just that something needs to be fixed and this is something that's only gonna laugh for 3 days. more importantly, we're talking about completely different transit routes, completely different pipelines and different kind of commodities being supplied all in the one hand and gas on the other. so on paper it looks like this doesn't have anything to do with politics, but again, we do remember how last week, alexander lucas shan't go. his rhetoric was very aggressive. he pretty much said that if the leaders don't behave themselves, he is ready to cut off gas supplies from the europe, the amal pipeline. and this is something very important because we do remember that we're hot on the heels of an energy crisis in europe. that mostly had to do with gas, skyrocketing and gas prices, as something that we were seeing throughout september and october. and this was
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very serious. and it could be that mister lucas ankle could be sending a signal to europe that i'm ready to pull the strings. maybe do something with his wall pipeline and let the leaders think at what may happen next. so is this a signal or that is this not, not a signal. we don't know, but this could be the way he's thinking at this point. an important point though, we perhaps should touch on the energy, so flies, belarus, transits troops, territory don't belong to minsk has russia responded to developments. well, 1st of all, if we're talking about the dubois pipeline, which is used for all deliveries from the oil fields and central russia to countries such as poland, hungary, the czech republic, germany, the russian side for now is rather call because they're saying that if it's only for 3 days, that is not going to affect the total quantity of supplies in
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a month. so with that there. okay. but actually latimer potent who often supports alexander lucas sango. and we know that borrows from russia are close allies when mister putin heard about this threat from the bell, russian president of a potential closures of the gas pipeline. he was rather critical about it. here's what exactly you said. we'll move to ensure theoretically, alexander lucas, chicago can shut down the gas pipeline as the president of a transit country. he can probably give an order to cut off our supplies to europe . it, although this would be a violation of our transit contract. i hope it doesn't come to this. if it happens, it will cause great damage to the european energy sector in the one contribute to the development of our relations with bella. ru cindy, and mr. potent remarks were rather calm and very diplomatic. i should say this though isn't, does something that we're supposed to expect from europe because they're very
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aggressive when it comes to alexander lucas angle. they're aggressively reacting to anything. he says they are blaming him for waging a hybrid war are against the european union. so just wait till the european leaders say something about this latest decision to temporarily closed rouge bar or friendship. the oil pop on that we've just been talking about for hours has condemned poland sport a crack town, according to violence against people on other countries. territory polish. border guards have fenced off the frontier. foreign water cannon and t. guests to prevent migrants from breaking through. ah,
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italy and france are both crushing poland. severe strategy for dealing with margaret's trying to enter the uva bearers. paris is refusing to fund a new all war sorts to build on the frontier though the european council chief has given up his blessing. it's legally possible based on a truant leader framework therapy level to silence, entrust torture history. but we're not just 40 hamilton. i am in favor over europe, which protects his borders, but not a europe which bristles with the barbed wire or covers itself with more zillow on. this contract, antiquity or what is happening in several places on the borders of the union is disconcerting. the gap between the great principles proclaimed and the neglect of the hunger and cold to which human beings are exposed of borders of the union is surprising cheap. the polish border is one of several easy migration hotspots last weekend alone. more than 600 refugees arrived on italy shores are traveling from
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north africa. and i thought he shot at him as he explained their being treated very differently to those attempting to cross barbados. what a difference a route makes. in the last few days, hundreds of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea flimsy fishing boats found themselves rescued and brought to you repeat land. since the start of this year, more than $50000.00 migrants have used that sea root reach italy that's an 85 percent increase compared to the same period last year and almost 500 percent more compared to 2 years ago. by landing on europe's mediterranean coast, migrants find themselves greeted by agencies there to lend a helping hand fly just under 2000 kilometers to another e u. country. and the reception couldn't be more different around 3000 migrants,
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desperately trying to survive in no man's land. as winter sets in n g o z and agencies can't even get full access. while the past to freedom is blocked by fear cast by water, cannons by barbed wire. in a bid to shore up the eastern european borders. poland is going to construct a war war that would be partly paid for by the european union, and is designed to stop people from crossing into the block where they can then make claims for asylum. but as this war has been given, the green light, the eas top court has just issued this ruling. the courts of justice finds that hungry has failed to fulfill its obligations by allowing an application for international protection to be rejected as inadmissible. on the grounds of the applicant arrived on his territory by a state in which that person was not exposed to persecution or risk of serious harm, or in which a sufficient degree of protection is guaranteed. that judgment laws hungry in the
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court ice has restricted the right of asylum seekers yet doesn't to war financed by the eve do exactly that. the european union is full of contradictions. so massive immigration is right. this is that the good athens brussels has been telling all the member states that they should greet all these are the immigrants coming from the golden rule. they set quotation. they went to some political wars with hungary, with serena with poland because they would refuse a quotas at the region. union wants this message, integration to the know of a sudden in one specific country. it is okay to build a wall that's bullet only because we're speaking about belarus and which is an ally of russia. so this shows this bit double standards that the european union is opposing to shows that the european union couldn't care. that's about immigration and that it's using this tremendous, depending on the situation around a $115000.00 illegal border crossings, have been made this year at the
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e use external board is the majority of still coming from the main routes that have been established. now, over many years, yet while countries like italy and hungry, which have been at the coal face of this problem for so many years now, a lot she left to deal with it on their own. poland enjoyed the immediate backing of brussels, which is rally duran with both moral political and now financial support. and while it's easy to say that this is picking one men mistake against another, this is much, much more than that bases double standards at the highest level, se sum. and that level goes all the way to brussels. charlotte, even sky r t, paris. you asked the jury and the high profile and besetti divisive trial of call, which are now centered its 2nd day of deliberations. last year, the been 17 year old faith re shot to people during
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a protest against police brutality in the eastern state of wisconsin. while the prosecution insists he's guilty of homicide, which now saw gives he crime. he acted in self defense with moral authority, from outside the courts in kenosha, his aunt, he's john haughty, very start right around 9 am local time. here at the cursor county courthouse in kenosha, wisconsin, in the homicide trial in the homicide case of a 2 year old kyle written house, who was 17 at the time when he opened fire, shooting and killing 2 men, and badly wounding a 3rd. during riding a protest here in kenosha in august of 2020 really the crux of the case. what the jury has to weigh is whether or not written house acted in self defense. when he opened fire at these 3 men who his defense team, his lawyer say were attacking rittenhouse man. the prosecution however intense that rittenhouse acted recklessly that he should have never been here in kenosha. at that time, it was already a volatile situation with riots and protesting,
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standing from the police, shooting of a black man, a black resonant here of can osha that rittenhouse was here with a rifle. he added to the overall volatility and ultimately 2 people lost their lives and a 3rd was maimed for light. so the jury is weighing 5 felony counts against rittenhouse and $23.00 homicide reckless homicide towns and also to reckless endangerment and possession of a dangerous weapon. so basically these counts would be murder charges, and other states. and if convicted, he states is anywhere from 25 years to life in prison. now this is a case that's really divided many americans, those who are in support. i've read how saying that he was a hero, that he was here defending the community where his father lived with house lands south about 70 miles south in the state of illinois. they came here during the protest, who says to defend some of the businesses that are being ransacked that were being loaded some burned down by the rioters and protesters,
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and also also to offer medical aid to some of the people. here, prosecutors content, however, and those who are against him, that he should have never been here, that he was acting recklessly that he was acting as a visual anti. so this case is really divided many americans, both for and again, written house and here at the court house today outside as we've seen throughout the proceedings, there's basically i'll step out of the way real quick so you can get a better luck and we're not blocked by a car, but there's basically people are smattering protesters anywhere from 2 to 3. does an mostly against written how saying that he should be found guilty. others that like i said, are in support of kyle written house. we haven't seen any, any serious escalation of violence. there's been some arguments, but when there is police react pretty quick, they step in pretty quickly. honestly, there's really more media at this point than there are any demonstrators or protesters, but back said as i step back into the shop, there is concerned at it for when a verse of verdict is handed down by the jury. that could stem more unrest in the
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city. so in order prepared for that or basically a stop, any violence. the governor of wisconsin, tony evers, has paul to duty. $500.00 national guard troops to remain on scanned by to be activated in the event that unrest or violence arrived here in the city. but for now, the city of can osha and wisconsin remains calm as we await a verdict. in this case, the shooting of caller to the house or the shooting called witnesses on trial full took place during the black lives matter. unrest in the us. now some media commentators around him race is central to the cage. despite the fact, the men shot more, which now were also what and he wanted to, he wanted to do it because he was cool. a black kid that killed 2 people and injured another person. how would america feel about that? i think it would be a completely different feeling if you want to know why critical race there exists. the actual loss will theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in
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america often still have racially discriminatory outcomes. they look no further than the trial of col. rittenhouse, this is white privilege on steroids. as far as politics are concerned, what i'm focused on as a trial lawyer observing this is what the potential political orientation of each of the jurors is going to be. or meanwhile rittenhouse, his mother was accused joe biden of defaming her son that's in response to a tweet from last year containing his image in which the event presidential nominee condemned white supremacists issue was raised that a recent white house briefing. why did president i'm suggest that kyle written house on trial in kenosha is a white supremacist. so peter, at what i am not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial. we're waiting a verdict beyond that, i'm not going to speak to any individuals or this case. the president has spoken to it already and his mom now coverage. now his mom came out saying that the president,
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being her son claims, she claims that when the president suggested her son wife premises, he was doing that to when both that would happen. i just have nothing more to speak to an ongoing case where the closing arguments were just made that we'll discuss the situation with alan, the shabbots, some artist, professor of laura at harvard law school. he says that broadens interference in the case has influence the media narrative. you can't just call somebody white supremacist without any evidence. that is both a matter of opinion, but it's also based on facts. and if there's nothing in his background to support that he's a white supremacist, that would be defamation. so i think god joe biden, the candidate made a serious mistake by intruding into the case and letting his opinion be heard. whether year later, it still has an influence, it's probably an indirect influence on establishing the media narrative. if the sure on the other foot, if this were
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a black lives matter protester who had shot electrically in self defense, then the hard left and the racial left would be very much in favor of the defending. but here the hard left is very much against the defendant. it's a difficult case because there are really 2 trials. the prosecutor put rittenhouse on trial for being there for having a gun for coming to arrive. the defense defended him only against the charge of shooting and the defense warrants the case to focus on 3 to 4 minutes. the prosecution was the case can focus on more hours and even a whole day. and the judge hasn't really told the jury how to decide that case. so whichever way the verdict comes out, there will be disagreement, and there may be protests mangan, teresa soaring along the us ford of mexico. the numbers shut up by one from 30 percent in the 12 months to october. the influx of newcomers has overwhelmed us.
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border control, controversially, the children of apprehended migrants are separated from their parents and placed in special detention facilities as seen here. a critics of brandon them biden cages, and they were hastily to base it in the u. s. senate on tuesday, senator ted cruz winning homeland security psychiatry over the democrats handling of the situation. how many children have been in the biden cages and calendar year 20? $21.00 a senator. i respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages. by the way, here's a photograph of the biden cages that as the senator, and that is precisely why articulated childrens lately on floors crashed in a part of each other. when i took this photograph, the coven rate rate of cobit positivity was over 10 percent. has joe biden been down to see this facility of yes or no, the president has not been down to okay. no. has comma la harris been down to see
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the biden cage. is this facility? yes or no. the vice president was at the border. has she been down to see this facility? i know she went to el paso, has she seen the biden cages? they are not cage's. well, that's cross live to day perkins, where you host on a political analyst. thanks for joining us. so good to having the program today. thank you. to angela strong words from ted cruz. they're going on the, on the attack there in that session, do you think his question, his accusation was adequately rebuffed. unexplained. no, you call them strong words. what they are as accurate and precise and cutting precisely because the secretary had such a difficulty responding to them. he seemed to think it was his job to be a political screen to question and used the terminology that cruise was offering. but part of that cliff, which i don't think you showed cruise, stipulated ok, you disagree. you don't want them called biden cages. how many children and my
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orders said i have no answer to that question. we don't know how many women have been brought across the border that were sexually repeatedly abused and sold into sexual slavery and have disappeared. how many children have been sold into pedophile rings and disappeared? how many children have had the virus? how many adults have the virus? are you testing anyone? all these questions have answers that are numbers, not just the yes or no answers that you played. that cruise was seeking, but they have answers that are numbers and my august did not have the answers. and it tells me that the department of, i'm sorry, whatever it is, may august runs. it's hard to tell at this point, it tells me they don't keep those statistics because they don't want the public no get out into the public. he's covering and screaming to present one sided argument that this is the humanitarian thing to do. and in so doing it cracks me up because
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he refers to his difficulty with the term biden cages, while they were happy to call them trump cages when trump was present. but the photographs the left provided in critiquing from were photographs from 2014 when they were the obama cages with joseph biden, also had some level of control over his vice president. so we seem to be going round and round in this argument about the board of critics and perhaps say that not all of us changed. and with these administrations, has it given as you say, the photos of from 2014 and from cages. now the blind cases and what's your view and how these children are being treated. it has that treatment improved a lot was over the last 4 to 6 years. of course, it's a terrible thing to subject the child to a 1000 mile journey in the hands of criminal cartels. and that's exactly who is bringing these people to the border and helping them across it. and along the way, subject to abuses of which we can only imagine with horror. but the ultimate story
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is, under trump, a wall was built and officers were deployed and the border crossing ceased. the people stopped coming because they heard the unfriendly voice from the top to the idea that they could come to america with no problem as illegal immigrants. trump wanted illegal immigration and an end to illegal immigration, and he got it. so biden is essentially going back to the obama disorder, only on an even larger scale trying to get as many illegal immigrants here as possible. and trying to dissolve the u. s. southern border so that we're more like the away station than a sovereign country. how do you think widens election rhetoric? confess, with his actions in office. i mean, do you think he's concerned about what's happening at the border at the very least, it said at negative p off and why ministration isn't certainly. i think you must understand what most people understand when they hear him speak, that he is considerably less than the man he was just
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a few short years ago. it's my opinion that joe biden is not at all worried about what is happening at the border that he is confident in his own mind. that the people who work with them and for him are handling that smartly and with goals in mind. and they will achieve their goals, and i don't think joe biden, thanks much about the border at all. republicans, of course, are threatening to withhold support from the spending fell and over an act of border funding. and in the long run he thinks, going to win, they said this tug of war because this crisis certainly needs a solution, doesn't it? regardless of all the parties, i'm here it does. it is not the humanitarian thing to do to condemn these many thousands of poor people to give the cartels their last pay. so to get them here and then abandon them to all sorts of other forms of crime and abuse, which as i mentioned are not kept track of statistically. so we have no idea how horrible it is for these people that may be humanitarian to give them
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a chance to come here. but it is evil to put them through the tortures and abuses that they suffer in order to make it here. and i think the will know who wins the tug of war when we see the results of the 2020 to mid term elections. and speaking of results and from small in the end was not completed. and do you think if that wall had been built a whole border has trump had plans and without an easy situation? i do believe walls work and prevent unwanted crossing of lines. if that was not true, there wouldn't be a wall around nancy pelosi is mentioned in san francisco. all right, we'll leave that dave perkins, radio st and political analysts. thanks for your time at that. i and our teens, and i thank you, daniel parents being treated like terrorists. that's the fear being raised by u. s. republicans on news that the f. b, i in cooperation with county terrace specialists, is apparently trucking threats. director teachers
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a kaleb wolfen has this report. it appears the f b, i has allegedly activated criminal and counterterrorism divisions in response to threats against school board members. we have an e mail that was provided to republican lawmakers from an f b i leaker i and this email that was leaked i, it seems to reference us attorney general merrick garland activating counter terrorism measures. this is what was in the email. the counter terrorism and criminal divisions, created a threat tag, ado officials to track instances of related threats. we ask that your offices apply the threat tag to investigations and assessments of threats, specifically directed against the school board administrators. board members, teachers and stuff. many republicans fear that this could be used to target parents who are concerned and going to school board meetings concerned about the curriculum their children are being taught. now this
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e mail that was leaked is dated october 20th, which is the day before the u. s. attorney general testified before congress that he had done no such thing. the justice department of supports and defense, the 1st amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish. i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children. nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. now, in his testimony, attorney general merit garland defended the memo. he said that he had received from the national school board association, a call concerning the safety of school board members in response to some of the threat saw that were leveled against school boards around the country by parents. and in response to that, this memo was created that was necessary to step in and protect the safety of school board members. however, we have many republicans,
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we're stepping up and questioning the priorities of the f, b i and asking if they should really be treating parents who complain about school curriculum and other issues like potential terrorists in an agree just abuse of power with the potential to unfairly track americans activities present biden's, department of justice is using f, b, i criminal and counter terrorism resources to target parents. when multiple us gymnast were sexually assaulted by the team doctor the f. b. i ignored them. when too many concerned parents spoke hard at school board meetings, the f b, i launched its entire con to terrorist division against them, record spike in murder, overdose deaths and illegal immigration. the biden administration does nothing but parents protesting at school board meetings. mary gall incense in the f, b i's counter terrorism division. the api i has denied that it is targeting parents . however, many look at this situation where across the country we have many parents going to
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school board meetings and raising concerns about issues regarding whether it's, you know, coven restrictions, or a critical race theory, or some of the books that are available in the school. we have parents stepping up and raising these concerns and many see this move by the f b i. if they indeed did raise counterterrorism and activate counter terrorism mechanisms. they see this is a very unnecessary escalation that could essentially intimidate other parents from stepping up with their concerns about reaction from april chapman, political activist, time other for receive a credible threat where parents are saying we're going to cause bodily harm to the school board or to dis, administrator, if you don't stop then, then there are a local officials that can investigate that. but i don't believe this. what's happening here. what we have here is an administration that wants to overstep their boundaries and they want to instill fear and intimidation. and perez, and i mean,
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i want point, parents could send their children so their local school and the children would come home educated in the basics that some of you see today the past couple of years. we have seen a deterioration in what our children are learning. our children are coming out less educated, but they're coming out more indoctrinated. politics has in infused itself into local school curriculums in such a way that children actually come out with world views that are not useful or helpful for them in the future. but rather they're coming out with world views where they can be easily control and manipulate it and, and, and they can adopt and it will be that they are, they're all priced and that they are victims. and therefore something needs to be done. well, there's the headlines for this our session for crosstalk and just a few moments time and out with the latest on a 2nd. mm hm
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