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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 17, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm EST

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the show we speak to the president of palau, a cop 26 island nation in danger of paying the ultimate price for inviting the u. s . military to build base is that, that alone, the impact of nato nation, military fossil fuel emissions contributing to the climate emergency. and we talk to the award winning pioneer behind m r n. a vaccines the, the saving millions around the world as the world health organization wants europe . it is yet again, the epicenter, the global corona virus pandemic. all this em all coming up in today's going underground. but 1st, after she jin paying and jo biden's monday night virtual call for the taunt, one nation caught between them as a paradise island in the pacific. existentially threatened by the climate emergency, the president of the republic of browser and alice whipped junior, joins me now from that bank allow, after claiming that wrong decisions at cop 26 in glasgow could equate to bombing the country. mr. president, thanks so much for joining us. from palau, so you might as well bomb us is what you said at gov 26 in glasgow.
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jew believe it's $2.00 centigrade or $1.00 centigrade. what. what is the outcome from gov? 26 according to you. well, at the end, which is it is disappointing that we're still above $1.00. you know, to save the islands to save the culture of, to save the language. we need to be below $1.00. and i say that because we live the reality. we see the tides every day for their rising. they're over, run our docs, they're into our homes. they're into our taurus ones where people grow their food. so we see the threat from the high temperatures destroying our coal reefs at the same time killing our jelly, fish, which are a private attraction for below. and, and we also see the fish are they produced by 2100 on the current track. when
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lose 40 percent of our or fish population. so these are just part of what we are experienced already. and if we're on the current track, the reason i said you might, as obamacare is the continuous torture that we're going to be experiencing from now till then. which also friend our borders and are, are, are easy because then there'll be a debate on, well, no individual boundary needs to move under 50 miles because now those islands don't exist anymore. you know, that's, that's the real reality that we face and, and we want the people of the world to understand that it's real, it's a challenge, and we need to all work together to solve these problems. so i know that from comp, you know, we heard commitments now for funding and we heard some of the things that they're doing, but i still say it's not enough,
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but at least there is some progress. when you go back, what was the reaction from a residence in palau to the fact that the loss and damage moment of the so called gov 26 packed wasn't mentioned. you said 4 trillion was needed. that's a trillion trip. less than traded in foreign exchange. today, what was the reaction there that lawson damage just wasn't in that packed is it's cooled, signed here by boris johnson and others. yes. so you know, the world bank, that's that number we got from the world bank. and the world bank has declared that that's the amount that is needed and you know what, we wanna give our people as hope. and when the world, you know together doesn't get home. and it's about, you know, this country over that country. i don't think that's,
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that's fair and we need to be fair. we need to be responsible to every citizen of the world. and that's really why comp, in the united nations are there is to protect every citizen in the world. not just the large and big countries, but also the small countries of the world. what did the, the biden administration tell you? because it, you know, i mean, arguably, your luckier than the some places, because when typhoon sir, a guy destroyed so much of your island. unusually because you don't normally have to have wounds. the americans gave money to you. a lot of money proportionally, per capita. wow. they gave us some, it was actually, i was not just united states through their usa. i the program. it was also australia, new zealand, our friends from the federated states of micronesia in japan. and taiwan. so was, was a mix of countries. they came out to help and they said, you know, through red cross, blue care kids and all those kinds of things to help people get back on their feet
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. but the reality is, to build new homes are to built homes that are strong enough to withstand the storms. that's where the real challenge lies and, and unfortunately, is the people that are the most vulnerable. the weakest are the ones that sell for the most, you know from this because they, it's hard for them to rebuild. and it's hard for him to build structures that can really withstand the stronger ones that we now are faced with. because missing from call was the emissions fossil fuel emissions that come from the military as you know, the bent, again repeatedly larger, polluted than a 140 countries combined. why have you asked for military for military bases in palau? i already know, you know, a 3rd, maybe the country is u. s. military. why have you asked for more military base is given the fossil fuel emissions. because of the pentagon, hello and source,
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we believe that the presence is deterrence, we believe in peace and security and freedom and democracy. and one of the challenges that we have is, are you, you and people not respecting our, our borders. so having the military presence in follow helps on our protection of our and security of our borders. i think the other advantage that we have with the military is economic benefit, of course, having military transit in and out. i also provide some boost to the economy. we don't have a military base here, per se, but they come here to conduct exercises when the ships visit. of course, people come to shores of that provides economic activity, which is important for our small economy. so it's about diversifying our economy, but you're right there military just like big corporations and, and, and countries like we have to all do our part in reducing our emissions. so i
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definitely agree with you that we need to encourage the military to take, do it's part and finding ways that their planes can be, go to 0 carbon and their ships and, and their, all their operations are move in that direction. because you are you from a military family or your father and us army medical born in maryland, who is the enemy? you said protecting the board is from which country. i mean, if you're going to say china a half your g d p comes from tourism. obviously, and that's a lot of chinese dr. well, with that illegal fishing goes from china from vietnam, from the philippines. and that those are the ones that are frequent and even indonesia. so but surely, nuclear submarines, nuclear submarines and i'm going to protect you from fishing vessels. i mean, this is serious military over there. you have. they were training their 200 people . first type of 40 is more us strike forces. they're the 7th fleet. well, there and right, well, yeah, there,
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there is no question that if you see the activity on the western side of the philippines and activity in the south china sea and, you know, i think the protection of borders and say, you know, these are the rule of the law and rule of the center laws of the see that we should follow. we also have concerns because we've seen activities a vessels surveying and naming ridges in our area. there are from chinese and that is, that is a concern to us in our security and our, our easy and our claims to our extended continental shelf and so forth. so, you know, you're correct we, we expect all countries, the world respect boundaries and, and respect the rights of nations and protection of their there where they're there borders and having a partner that respects, that is important. i mean,
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you have it in time history, mr. president, in your country of environmentalism being the 1st country in the world to have a nuclear free constitution. is that torn up now? is joe biden, sending nuclear submarines to your boards right now? well, yeah, you have a good point there. you know, hello. it was hard for hello to accept the compact. we voters ford 7 times and we were because one of the major provisions was we did not want to nuclear into below, you know, we, we suffered in world war 2. and we did, we were concerned about the military presence and f that would become a situation that we would have to repeat again. and i know those words definitely concerns for the people, but ultimately they can, you know, we basically were forced, we had no choice into accepting the deal that was put on the table. and i think that's ok. you know, for economic reasons, this is where
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a plow is today. and i think it's important is when we're partners, we've got to develop a country not only for secure security wise, but economically to make it stable, diversify its economy. to look for ways that i can develop and be strong. and i think that's one of the areas that the partnership with united states has been lacking and needs needs to improve because you're correct. we have the vessels, we have the planes coming in. but the economic side is where we really need improve and their responsibility when it comes to global issues, whether it's climate change and the impacts that those have. so be it, as you say, it is better off than many islands in that region. you know, we spoke to the president of bolivia who passed through london from cope, who was talking about the importance of the sea of 26. and he actually told us about an assassination attempt by rules is related to washington. your, his, your country's history has a history of
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a reputed assassinations linked to the united states. if you were to, if you were to ally with china simultaneously with die one, somehow, would you be afraid of your life? you know, we're a super peaceful country. we want to be friends with everyone, but we also believe that no one should tell us that we cannot be somebody's friends . and i think that's where the, where people ask us, why aren't you in line with china and we are, our response is always been. it's really up to the chinese to accept this is there for his taiwan that they want us to relinquish our relationship with them. you know, that's what we believe that all people's, all nation should be part of the world and they should be accepted. and we should work toward peace and freedom and, and security is an important part of making sure that there is peace in the world. and that's why we have these partnerships and these alliances. and we want to
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continue to promote that. but we haven't know who killed the 1st president to pull out or maybe the 2nd as well. oh, well, there was an investigation and there were there were people prosecuted and went to jail for the assassination. so we, we know who committed the crime was, was it was internal, i mean, it was a lauins that did it, and they were prosecutor now who was behind them, who i'm the buck stops with them. on the 2nd president, we understand that it was a, was, there was no further investigation. i think there was rule that a time that it was unfortunately taken his own life. but there's also rumors that possibly that really wasn't the case. but the investigations ended with that at the time, and i don't go any further investigation. of course there's rumors that maybe there was more involved, but we don't. we don't have any evidence in any further investigation because
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unfortunately the investigators at the time was the f. b, i right, so that's, that's what we have as our basis for the conclusions that allow came up with. well, we hope to interview you in palau next year, vo mess emotions going on. i your international or i look. thank you so much mr. president. thank you. after the break, and we ask the award winning biochemist who pioneered m r and a vaccines how discovery has save millions of lives as the 4th wave of corona virus . it's your, of all of them all coming up about 2 of going underground with more empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device as
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a potential entry point for security at any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers with. mm hm. there's one called option, or it's not a matter of. if it happens, it's a matter of went through all this is driven by drainage shaped banks concur some of those with there's things we dare to ask in
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a welcome back. your job is back at the epicenter of the grown of our spend demick, according to the world health organization, with cases in germany said to be rising alarmingly as it's health minutes to calls it. the pandemic of the unvaccinated will. joining me never minds. his professor, captain carrico, the internationally renowned and award winning senior, vice pres, and by when tech, who help piney, a research behind the m. r. in a technology used in the coven, 1000 vaccines that have saved millions of lives. can i just say, kate, that thanks so much for what you've done to help save millions of be bland. maybe the going under granting that makes this program. just take us back to the rejections and why you think corporations, corporation funded universities? thought it was too far fetched that you could take clips of dna and vaccinate them, and humans, inflammation from, from these bits of messenger
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r n a vaccine. yes, thank you. me here much. so i wasn't ever wanted to get even of any vaccine. i was wanting to give her a message that i need for therapy to treat to stroke on different kinds of diseases . and one with my colleague who do i want to be realized and not in a i am making this tube. and then we tested out he was in from our 30 adversaries and we tried to develop not even when jenny nanine from pretty on any end of but we didn't know that he could be such a could be made a projection is the you know, the application i submitted for my grand, you know, actually in the, it's not the university is paying somebody in the united states and my boss would have to apply for funding a grant and a grant to senior center. so i tried to for 2 years, every month i submitted
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a grant, i didn't get any. and later i submitted more much because i was not on beach that i was emerging from my position, but i stayed on and i keep doing. and i was working at there in 24 years and always and on and did not matter that somebody else paid my center or somebody else could get grand. or i wrote a grant and somebody i submitted and i was supported. so it was it, we saw the problem, your supply, and they had organizational elements in organizing all these ideas, all of experimentation. i mean, is it true that used hungarian pickle jars at one point? actually each and my husband the door? so some, some tools and equipment, then he helped me and you know, fixing because people usually when they had something broken, they left out in the hallway for trash and i picked up, you know, the comb and my husband. and i could use it. i mean, he had to go back to hungary, at one point you became quite ill. i mean, why do you think the ground?
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so people giving up the grants thought it was far fetched, where they convinced that the rejection would continue? because so many experiments didn't work. she leaves actually more paper, isn't about me. why and the system to try to understand that in mind somewhat, some ideas are fresh. that's why you don't get the funding and get it as may be those who are making decision. those who, what are the at the grant, and then they are more likely to find something closer to what day i to week and not something which is got away from those things because they have like 12 grand to make a decision and they can con, maybe one and then easier to say, you know, no to 1st thing is to read then to say yes to something similar, what a i for me. and that's what, maybe one least of most of the work we did, dna and bio directors and those are more stable,
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more real name was an aide and i was you know, less, less for name was me and a short period of time. of course, right now we are in a church a the, the are in a, is just a clip of that huge dna chain discovered, of course, here, but you said you were thinking of it as our applications with people with stroke or cancer and so on. someone from outside this whole academic scholarly research might say, how is it that the advances that you did in m, r n, a. advances in the delivery systems of the vaccination, and all these things came into place just month before the coven vaccine started. i'm not about to say, it was a big conspiracy, but does it even surprise you that all these different elements of scholarly work over decades? and then there were very quick advances in the month before the coven virus was 1st
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detected in china or in it. so they were just assume that it could happen so quickly because actually 2018 already for the same formulation. emma emma, an english language, and it was already just an, actually a puerto one type of a true in here in germany. so those were, it was just a read animal studies monkey studies showing that this is a very effective vaccine to have this i read article and he was published in a lot of the least could prove that. and i just, for, it was for the providers in for her why was many, many events in all these books away. so it was just those people who are not on our field and not following this. we're thinking that it just happened. everything right there. and i'm back in 2018. we were any, were we pfizer?
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a vaccine, but it was sort influence on. do you understand the nature of breakthrough infections or is it to do with the mother in a or is it to do with the delivery mechanism? the, the lip, it, as you might have to say, what that is, is, do we understand yet why break through infections happening? incredibly, red hot inflammation. the side effects is nothing to do with the m r n. a technology is to do with the delivery to do it, to the virus and then it, when you hear it start to proliferate in your nasal cavity and well area. and if you don't have enough for anybody in your blood, you don't have anybody in that area. so there's a virus can pretty funny. most of the virus is homemade when we are infected in friends, it's not just getting into our long it's purse gets in there. every day in the native cavity and that device there and then goes in health or not. but if you
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don't have the new blood, the antibody, because you want to be would have vaccinated 6 or 6 lot earlier. what happened is anybody level goes down, but you have memory says so that when you, with the infected, that you get a little b c, because you don't have any, anybody now in your nasal cavity and you in here. but then you might want to start with kicking, and then you will get there. anybody will get to the satellite. immunity is just say, will cut off a little bit. it is the will be a city. so this breakthrough happened because it is, it is respiratory these. gosh, the body just is a little factory, isn't it? i don't know whether you heard about this. think all new or a 10 approach him protein, which they're saying is the they've identified, which is a bit like it is to me. can things just re plug it into your technology?
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i know the peanut allergies. i know that obviously, malaria, it's going to be much more complicated. kills 400000 people. you have a malaria is obviously going to be more complicated because of the life cycle of piracy. but can you not just do the peanut allergy one tomorrow? does who we are talking go next to nation. everyone. oh, immune system to respond to some again, there any meet and, and you know, kids are allergic. what auto immune disease we want, our immune system is not to the p act. so these are all different things and, and you can approach her for it, which one of these asia dudley's vaccination to an application, meaning that you will class peanut to and the other day because those are protein based actually 8 years ago was already we heard presentation from our messenger a meeting that people tried to use a repeatedly inject to the patient. and now that one
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have that component to me it would have a component clarity, tony canary, and that is also we're in this year. we present it already. we diluted gus reynolds is a very serious outing and easy presenting the and teaching repeatedly to the body. but now it's not excavating like in the case of mattie. but say, good evening, we do a man that believe want estimate anything. it says just connect to larry clay and then in animosities already we could see that it is ation and the treatment of human disease was accomplish, it seems and such an early stage i was in the cancer one being so, so important. i mean, i have to ask you obviously about the fact that all those corporations are funded, those educational establishments rejecting you in the 990 s. it turns out now that the pfizer by own tech, i think, combined $86000000000.00 in revenues. thanks to this. what do you think about the
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intellectual property debate? amnesty international saying that out of $5760000.00 doses of vaccine, only point 3 percent gone to low income countries. do you favor as joe biden did at the beginning, i think the relaxation of intellectual property rights that your work. i can be out there for free and i always wanted to have everybody, you know, i was turkey when i think it was never in my mind to get to race, you know, and nobody should be a scientist in mind to get a channel. the scientist is dedicating that like i want all of those people who, who, whatever, and the day on to get the same quality. so that the late i would make and you get them to the recipe and they start to do. and on the 15th print quality control and everything, it goes, what happened is i understand that you cannot just keep the rest at me and do what you want. they had to be a trained and they had to,
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if you want to set up to promotion, it has to be sustainable. not that they do. and then when that week is over, the largest vaccine factories are in the developing world, which has the least amount of exit like we have here in britain with vaccination produce in india. yes. but those a virus which is something there for decades and decades. so they get, they were free to call that procedure. and when you have to have the formulation of the particle that is ever seen, done the family, you need the people to be educated. i'm sure it sounds something happened like that, that not only the information we reach people so quickly, you know the tests. for example, the essay i remember on h, i v that do, we didn't, we couldn't even identify the device is there because there was no essay to that. that actually happened how quickly everybody could see that. ok,
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it wasn't even somebody infected and, and, but to me it came very quickly but to not everywhere. but i have to value the best of my knowledge, a 144 countries to was a vaccine. and the price was the cop and, and providing. but most people who could educate those in a lot of facilities that how to do this, those are 247 they are working to make seen and they don't have a time to do that. but you know, i think that and what is intentionally is, is the best and i don't see that that it's pushing down the money. i don't see this way. i can jazz over the show will be back on saturday. the a to the day since you k prime minister bars. johnson's closest said, dawning cummings, left downing street to the height of the grove. i was bound demik. after being accused of violating lockdown rules. he helped implemented till then he got to iowa
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social media. let us know if you think big farmers costing lives by intellectual property rights. new york is really what america is about. when our mayor took our place, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to
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maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that exists in the city. for centuries. i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point, obviously is too great trust, rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. somebody with a robot most protective own existence with
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ah, turning off the taps by the roost. some brody shots, an oil pipeline which runs from russia to poland and into the e. u. unscheduled maintenance, who's taken reason for the hold, but comes at a time of height and tensions between minsk and bellows. a shop divide emerge as our poems, tactics with frauds slamming plans for a massive wall to be built on the border. we look at the top line being taken against people crossing from bene roofs, while migrant books off really crossing them. what it's iranian fan with a us court boys to deliver its verdict in a device in trial of called which in house accusations, fly of bias and desolation. ah
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