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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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to look for common ground ah, with an antique guns deployed by poland as it continues to resist attendance by migraines, to stone, the border from belive bruce in order to reach the e. u. the russian defense ministry slammed the us as hypocritical off the washington criticize moscow. for testing a weapon in space, when it's done exactly the same well, nobody likes to pay more. on average, we have the money to do so. as mainstream u. s. media outlets repeatedly claim that americans are better off on the joe biden, despite inflation hitting a 31 year record. citizens with phone we have this vi food and do things like
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different ways. i don't think you're saving money. i definitely feel the invasion more so on food. i think a lot of people are out of work that are spending their savings just to stay alive . and the regional government in australia is on course to get sweeping new powers in a pandemic bill, despite last ditch amendments and a public outcry. ah, very well welcome you, watching auntie international with me nikia are not top story. poland his find more to kind of and tear gas is it attempts to hold back a search of migrants trying to make it across the border from deliveries. well, so says he's expecting the situation to continue for potentially months as look at what's been playing out on the frontier over the past few hours. ah.
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with basically what the migrants are doing. they are throwing whatever rubbish they can find as well as logs at the police look over there, they are throwing rocks and they're trying to dismantle that part of the barbed wire. again, you can see them using purpose grades, military grade. so okay, we have to move out when he back up and go back to safety. so we will keep the broadcast. we'll keep showing in. maybe we'll move behind the 1st fence that they have, that they have already dismantled and you can see people quickly to retreat from over there. now they have brought a water cannon. i think they're bringing to water can. okay,
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we have to move out. this is the sound and you can see more tear gas more tear gas canisters being used against the migrants here. and now we can hear the approach of a military helicopter. it is a polish military helicopter. this has been used a as surveillance on behalf of the polish side. so you know, getting a birds eye view on the, you know, on the location of all the migrants and also it, it is used as a scare tactic. it looks like part of a fence, part of offense is almost down so. so the polish, the polish border patrol, the polish military police, they have been they have been manning that section of the fence more extensively than others. and there's also another water cannon. now helping out from over there, you can see, you know, arching a spray of tear gas from a boarded check point and we are right now as close as we can get to the border checkpoint where the majority of the action is going on. right now. you can see a group of most active people pelting, pelting the,
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pelting them with the military police, the polish military police, with rocks. now, this koya it's, it's quite interesting. where are they getting the rocks from now? because for example, if you look over there, there's a group of my grants, they are getting the rocks and providing their compatriots and providing other riots, migrants riding migrants with ammunition. this is what they're doing and we've just been purpose sprayed. i'm afraid this is what happens when this is what happens when you, when you hook this close to the action. it is, it is getting in the eyes that is getting everywhere to spy videos like this. and you and spokes person was unable to confirm whether water cannon had been used at the border. he stressed out that no force it should be used against to mike links. meanwhile, russia has criticized poland for its violent actions. punish actions that absolutely unacceptable. tear gas water. cannon shots, fired over the heads of migrants towards belarus. this reflects
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a desire to hide their actions. they cannot understand that they are violating every conceivable norm of international humanitarian law. hello, recently, a warranty that sanctions mancy was little inclined to stop people trying to cross the border. not in tulsa, he represents germany's left party in hamburg. parliament say is blaming minsk for the crisis that isn't going to solve it. first, we have to say that in poland to cause this abusing and contradicting international law, there's no law conventions to protect refugees, sentences and the effect the route. you want to have a solution, you have to think about and you have to stop the aggression against the software and the to your people in the middle east and in north africa. and with that and give those people the possibility to have countries which stabilize step by step, those refugees crisis now to sanction bend on the incentive ruled of late that
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knock away. of course, it will be good to have negotiations in between the european union and bella was the book before the euro. pm union accepts the silver and the to your countries doesn't matter. it spells venezuela, they always counting the election results. this is not a way all we can establish international relations which are fruitful. so that has to be changed. as nigel zanan, bella russo migraines have been relocated to shelter nearly frontier 3 purpose warehouse is currently housing around a 1000 people, including women and children. autism, english donna reports from the c. so following today's failed attempt to storm the polish gordon, dozens of migrants have expressed their desire to well go home. so all of them have now been taken here. this is normally 8 logistics center on the border with all
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sorts out the good to work for that kind of stuff. now it has been re purpose been re facilitated by the russian authorities into this temporary shell. so place for the people for the most vulnerable a warehouse is located 500 meters from the border. it was decided to quickly clear some space there so that people going to have to sleep rough for a 2nd night. in the space of 2 hours. goods were moved to one end of the warehouse, this liberated about 40 percent of the space. additionally, medical teams are on their way to the site. they would check temperatures and move those with a high temperature to a separate area. the main goal of this place is to have women and children in the 1st place. i lived somewhere in humane conditions because right now, you know this roof that the roof over there has it's already massive improvement compared to how they had to live out there in the camps. they have,
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they have blankets, look at this, they have blankets, they will have home europe, people who come here, they give out. they give out, you know, you know, food drinks and so on. they will have all the food which is especially important, i think for the 1st time i can, i can see what all these people are wearing underneath their overcoat because normally they would put as much clothes as they can out there in the wilderness and what will happen to them next is essentially the veteran authorities. they will go on and establish the identities of every single person here. because right now, many of them not even have their ideas, you know, to have their passports on them. and so they will try and identify every single one of them figure out how the money situation is individually and whether or not they can, for example, of food to take it back home. if they do, they will be able to leave home. this is their desire, this is why did come here,
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and if they don't, well i guess they will have to figure out something else by they, i mean the other option authorities and see how they will be able to will to port them. essentially just get back home and get back to the countries where they came from, like raw syria, amalia, so on the west accused isabella bruce deliberately, funneling migrants from the middle east into the area. i claim minsk denies both the u. s. and e. you are preparing new sanctions. another country, the stealing with a new influx of migrants is iran. people have been fleeing back from neighboring afghanistan since the taliban took control of the country. but international aid organizations have actually cut refugee h 2 to ron something the un has condemned non profit organization. the norwegian refugee council says 4 to 5000 people have been crossing from afghanistan into iran daily. since the taliban take over, it states that amounts to 300000 refugees on top of the large number of displaced
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people that were already in the country. the grape recently visited migrant camps that to monitor the conditions people are living in layla. how was among the delegation? she says it runs in urgent need of international aid. i was there, we spoke to several families who have been on the ground for a very long time in iran. and they all say that every family member, they speak with back in afghanistan and cobble and elsewhere in the country. all tell them the same thing that they're on the way to the border. they're trying to find a way out there trying to get into iran because it's become absolutely hopeless to live in afghanistan and much due to the economic collapse in the country. and those families be spoke to say that, you know, they have so little already to share among so many. and they worry that unless the international community 1000 give more support to neighboring countries of, of gas than they will simply not be enough to just port everyone with their basic needs. this is in a context where iran itself has economic challenges as
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a result of sanctions and, and coven, 19 general there has not been adequate attention to the situation in the neighboring countries of us. gone is that it is always the neighboring countries that shoulder, that may responsibility when there's a massive rangy flow. it's remarkable that iran is able to absorb 40025000 refugees coming from has gone on every day. and yet, europe is not able to deal with the 4000 or a few 1000 refugees at the polish border. but it's also equally unfortunate and outrageous that the beller is, authorities are using refugees as a tactic to win an international geopolitical game. a war words has broken out between russia and the u. s. i have a military activity in obits. it comes off to washington accused moscow putting the international space station in danger, by conducting an antique satellite weapons test. russia responded by stating the u . s. was being hypocritical, adding washington has been fomo right. class in space. nasa administrator built
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nelson tweeted saying he had expressed his concerns to the head of russia's space agency roles caused mouth about the threat posed to those on board the i assess most cost most head. dmitri, what goes in earlier said both agencies were working closely to ensure the safety of that cruise. my colleague in o'neill discussed the situation with ortiz don quota. there's been a lot of speculation and there still is really as to what exactly caused this debris generating event. and unsurprisingly, washington was quick to point the finger at russia. actually, the russian defense ministry has since reacted to that pointing to new a plus plans for space operations that the u. s. military had made back in 2020. so for russia, this whole situation seems a bit hypocritical. the russian defense ministry considers hypocritical statements by representatives of the state department and the pentagon, who tried to accuse the russian federation of creating risks for astronauts of the international space station in ton, the pentagon,
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both before these official steps and even more so after is actively developing and testing the latest strike combat weapons of various types in orbit without any notification. don't take us through than what led to this war of words or up doing well whatever this debris generating event was, it was enough to warrant the crew of the international space station to take safety measures against a possible collision. luckily, nothing was damaged, nobody was hurt. but the u. s. to state the u. s. state department almost immediately after accused russia of launching a direct ascent missile to destroy a satellite in orbit, which they say caused the danger on the i assessed washington called it a dangerous and irresponsible behavior. the russian federation recklessly conducted a destructive satellite test of a direct ascent, an anti satellite missile against one of its own satellites. rushes dangerous and irresponsible behavior jeopardizes the long term sustainability of our outer space
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. and clearly demonstrates that russia's claims of opposing the weapons and weapon ization of space are disingenuous and hypocritical. nato made its own statement backing up some of the earlier accusations made by washington. but as the russian defense ministry said, the u. s. has its own types of similar tests in orbit, and there's no outcry about those. and we also still don't know what exactly launched this debris into the path of the i assess so hardly a time for finger pointing american story. inflation is expected to spike further on the back of a 2 trillion dollars spending plan approved by president biden. prices arising at the highest rating 31 years and it's hitting people hot in that pockets. not everyone is worried that much of the u. s. media, i think it's, everything's under control. i recently deleted tweet from m s. nbc. even claim soaring price is on all such a bad thing that prompted people to take to social media and offer their response to that suggestion. people not been able to afford groceries is a good saying,
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well antics. all of you more more on selling us more money coming out of our pocket is a good thing. no reason will ever make a reasonable person say inflation is a good thing. amazon dessy believes inflation is a good thing that i will wallace and curses disagree. when i'm with embassy followed up with another tweet saying that deleted one miss represented the article it was linking to. but the idea that sore and costs are an overall good thing under president python, at least has gained traction in the media. caleb more pin asked new yorkers if they agree, whether it's mel for gasoline, the prices of every day commodities are rising. american families are being squeezed now more than ever. some voices in mainstream media say the solution is pretty simple. stop complaining and deal with it. and the dirty little secret here, willi, well, nobody likes to pay more. on average, we have the money to do sol,
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household savings had a record high over the pandemic. we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend according to m. s. n, b c house, stephanie rule, household savings hit a record high during the pandemic. we didn't have anywhere to go out and spend, we decided to put that theory to the test. people save us have gone of no, no, i don't think so because things are more expensive and we have to buy food and do things like different ways. i don't think you save money, especially way transportation and everything. i definitely feel ian facia and have more so on food. you notice the difference like in proteins and just in general, softly wording. i don't know too much mater growth, financial god. but extern says the economy is a little bit we're in some areas. i think a lot of people are out of work and others spending their savings just to stay alive, honestly. yeah. what about all the v lost her job? a lot of those people are definitely spending their savings, myself included. what rules theory ignores, is that sense? the pandemic? many americans have lost their jobs or seen a significant decrease in their income's. the federal reserve is warning that
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inflation won't be stopping any time soon. and that we should be expecting rising prices for at least the next few months. food banks across the country have never been busier. hit with demand from desperate americans who are hit by the double whammy of rising prices. amid a supply chain crisis. i would say that in our county specifically, we've seen a dramatic increase in food insecurity. we've had to make a lot of really tough choices. and so one of the things that we're always trying to reiterates is that we're still in the midst of a disaster. meanwhile, the specter of rising taxes hangs over many americans biden promises that he will only raise taxes on the altar. while however, the tax policy center says that many middle class households could be effective, republican, say that biden's build back better plan for increasing spending will make things worse, joe biden, and comma harris and the rest of the administration. they don't care, they want you not to be able to fulfill up gas in your car. they want your
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electricity bill to be higher. they want your heating bill to be higher. of course it doesn't impact them. according to a recent poll, 70 percent of americans are dismayed by the current economic situation, while 50 percent blame biden for soaring inflation. not surprisingly, biden's, popularity has taken a knock. now 51 percent of voters say they favor the g o. p. giving republicans the highest lead facing the mid term in decades. biden promised to rescue the country from a crisis that he blamed on donald trump. however, over the past few months, things don't really seem to have improved with the country financially squeezed. this could mean a big turnaround when it comes to the mid terms. caleb martin, r t new york. well, this comes at a time of plummeting trust in the mainstream media with us tv networks, seeing that rating slumped dramatically since last year. because our story coming up after this show, great. ah
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ah, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high solution for community. are you going the right way, or are you being that with what is true was, is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend, ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess. will
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the world politics sport business? i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah ah, welcome back. oh, forties in the australian states of victoria are expected to get sweeping new powers under a fiercely contested pandemic bill. despite last minute changes and public fury cluster for on monday night, thousands of protest is camped outside the state parliament in parliament in melbourne, venting miranda over the draft legislation in response. the government watered it down, essentially in a bid to get the bill through the upper house,
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the key concessions are that finds the kobe jewel. breakers have been lowered. the threshold for declaring a pandemic has been raised, and the right to protest is protected. that, oh, follows weeks of public unrest. the victoria premier has defended the bill saying it's about quote, key thing, people's safe and that it includes safeguards to prevent abuse of power. meanwhile, a top health official in another australian state. queensland has issued a warning to people who refused covered shots. he said vaccine hesitant citizens could effectively be banished from society. the miserable without being to excited. it's going to be very hard to maintain your employment if you're not vaccinated. you won't be able to go anyway for any of the time. and australia has an 83 percent cov vaccination rates. walls in queensland is also high at 70 percent. but despite reaching international herd, immunity targets australia seeking to ratchet up the pressure on the unvaccinated.
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earlier we asked professor of epidemiology, katherine bennett, who's in the victoria state capital of mount melbourne. if the new bill there is the right response to the disease. part of the reason they argued that i'm having a pandemic bill was going to be important, was that it would allow some of the decision making processes to become more transparent actually. but there was concern that when it came back that they didn't actually have some of the oversight automatically written in that would ensure that this was going to happen in that way. so it's really important the changes we've seen in the last 24 hours. i think a key changes to help achieve what they plan to achieve, but without risking giving so much authority to someone who, who also is the person who calls whether or not they need to consult with paypal. and what we're saying is they trying to make the point that you need to get vaccinated, said just drawing a very hard line and trying to encourage people to vaccinate. but i think this,
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the recent, the epidemiological argument to support keeping unvaccinated paper locked out for the long term. it just doesn't make sense because the risk differential is, is, is very small. if you have such a small proportion of the adult population who are unvaccinated, the pentagon is at war with o'clock, miss national guard, i have a compulsory vaccines. it's threatening disciplinary action if guardsman skip that japs out there commander openly flouted the order. it is a lawful order for national guardsmen to receive the coven vaccine. it is a lawful order refusing to do that's absent of an approved exemption, puts them in the same potential as active duty members who refused the vaccine. in mid september, us defense secretary lloyd austin, announced all uniformed personnel would have to get vaccinated. however, the newly appointed command of oklahoma national guard said he turned
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a blind eye to noncompliance among his troops. i hear by order that no oklahoma guardsmen be required to take the cobra 1900 vaccine notwithstanding any other federal requirement. additionally, no negative administration or legal action will be taken against guardsmen who refused the vaccine. libertarian vice presidential candidate for 2020 spike cohen safety measures only exacerbate the rift between state and federal government. i think we're seeing the beginnings of an increasing standoff between the biden administration and state governments. whether you're talking about the governments themselves or the state national guards, or even some of the city governments, not just on this, but on quite a few things. we're seeing an increasing fighting between different levels of government, between the, by the ministration largely on political lines, between republicans and democrats, but also on disagreements over how to move forward. when it comes to coven, it's likely to spread to other states, especially now with the us,
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with the federal courts holding up one of the vaccine mandates and many state governments already suing the by the ministration that we're seeing in some police departments as many as 40 percent of police and other 1st responders are refusing to take the vaccine. i suspect the numbers are lower among the troops, but it's probably not that much lower. and these are the kinds of things you know, that the, by the ministration needs to think about when they're deciding to try to shove the vaccines down the throats of people who don't want them. americans trust in the mass media has slums to his lowest level since 2016 is taking a toll on mainstream tv networks with cnn. seeing its primetime viewing numbers plummets by almost 50 percent over the past year. what is tony? armstrong picks up the story. trust they say it takes years earn and only seconds to break and for ever to repair for us mainstream media. those seconds have turned
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into months of nose diving, viewing figures amid a crisis of confidence on saturday, eights hop. see an ann report to ridicule reports of supply chain disruptions by taking a pop at average joe, the supply chain. she exclaims, looking for milk for 2 year old look at this amazing overflowing abundance. he responds such contempt from us media for the current difficulties faced by so many has led to widespread condemnation with many americans bemoaning and out of touch media that is alienating its own audience. i don't see a thing, therefore this thing must not exist. this person calls himself a journalist, can't wait to hear a 3rd person commentary on gas prices. everything's fine in my bubble of reality. his milk is 300 percent the price it was 2 years ago, but wages have only gone to 3 percent. and inflation is outpacing growth. abundance doesn't help or so please rename your show to literally anything that doesn't have
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the word reliable in it. it's false advertising. so the chasm in communication between the public and the press is widening major channels like m s, n, b, c, and c, n n. have seen their respective prime time spot nosedive by just under half of this whole tool viewership. but it's not just the democrat liberal media that's losing touch with its base. fox news viewership is down a 3rd from the same period just a year earlier. now back then, the media consistently found ratings. thanks largely to donald trump, but in a biden era that's all changed. not so long ago, buzzfeed learned the hard way about dwindling audiences when the company laid off a 3rd of its staff. but not only both feed old u. s. traditional media have faced the year on year decline. just let the 10s of thousands of media jobs being white out, the media. so to announce the highest job cuts on record in 2020 this industry, which includes television and movie production, news and advertising,
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and as $30711.00 cuts. this is 201 percent higher than the 10201 cuts announcing the sector in 2019. and well traditional media continues to report an agenda rather than covering issues at the heart of society that trust. whereas ever thinner and ratings plunge ever further, perhaps by raining in their reporting by is just a little mainstream. media won't just be doing their view as a favor, but also themselves as well. we sense he journalists chadwick more. he thinks there's a growing rift between what americans want to see on that t v. screens. and once that being shown, i don't think that this trust can be gained. i think that so many people feel so burned in the seed and misled by media. how do you forgive that when you see just how corrupt they are and how much they think their heels in and continue to dig their heels in to their biases and their spin and their hatred of conservative republicans of average americans. it just,
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these are problems that don't interest them. they're interested in climate change. they're interested in race conspiracy theories. and they can help themselves report on that. i think that's also responsible for the, the tank ratings and the ever increasing divide between the people who deliver the news and that we really hope consume it. and the average people who. ready are just tuning out and they're not interested in what these people at the say they don't speak to them and f b i rayed on the investigative journalist group project very tass, has been slammed my right scrapes. the case relates to the alleged theft of a diary belonging to president jo biden's daughter ashley project veritax has engaged a disgraceful deceptions and reasonable observers might not consider their activities to be journalism atoll, unless the government had good reason to believe that project veritas employees were directly involved in the criminal theft, the diary should not have subjected them to invasive searches and seizures. contact
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veritas, as it was given the diary by 2 individuals, it never published it and handed it to the t police. during the rate the f, b i. c. the phone a found a james i key. they confiscated my phone, they rated my apartment on my phone where many my reporters notes. a lot of my sources on related to this story and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization. well the f b, i would only say its agents had performed law enforcement activity. the homes of 2 of our keeps associates will also searched pulitzer winning journalist chris hedges believes it's all part of the biden administration's bid to pressure the opposition part of a broader pattern by the lion administration to really run roughshod over legal norms against anybody. they consider to be part of the opera.


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