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tv   News. Views. Hughes  RT  November 16, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EST

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where so much of new york city history is buried is commenced of 0 quality that has existed in the city for centuries. ah, ah, resident abiding in close. and she finally speaking, and with all pretensions between the 2 countries in the of political and economic, arena's president biden's request of the chinese to obey the rules of the road little bay. we will bring you the details of their discussion. and more importantly, what did or did not come out of the conversation and you feel you has come to the defense of the project, maritime founder, falling raised by the f. b i in search of information all pertaining to president biden. to dollars diary. we will tell you why the 2 organizations who often find themselves at odds with each other or finding themselves aligned in former pro adviser to president trump the van and has turned himself in all on congressional
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intent to charges. so does this mean speaker policies investigative panel will be able to force bannon to answer their questions and have access to those records. we're going to discuss with our panel and big changes. can we do a major news network with the goal to become more focused on the news? less on opinion? well, this actually happened. this is another network anchor actually says people get afford higher prices of flu today because of the money they saved during the pandemic. we will give you this very interesting perspective on inflation. i'm sky now use and we're going to give you like the 360 view of these stories a starting off our week on today's news is used right here on our t america. ah, this week is starting off with the latest meeting between the worlds,
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the most powerful economies. us present a joe biden and chinese president changing ping are holding a virtual summit on, on monday. now despite lingering concerns about supply chain disruptions in tariff, taiwan will take precedence when the 2 leaders actually sit down. boom, best closed bench one has a story for us. was gone and you would expect that the virtual summit between us president biden and chinese president, she would really surround a whole host of economic issues, supply chain issues which are very big deal right now. or even going back to some of the terrorists of the trump administration. but the truth is, all of those issues are taking a backseat to the central issue here, which is taiwan. as i've been telling you, trying to has been scaling, not military exercises near taiwan in recent months with over a 100 warplanes flying over ty, when he's airspace in just the past few weeks enough to actually set off, ty, ones, missile defense systems. course the united states has also been sending aircraft carriers, but chinese president gee,
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is expected to use this 1st virtual meeting with us president biden, to warranty united states, to quote step back on the taiwan issue. according to chinese state media editorials printed on monday and editorial in the english language. china daily on monday said this, that it's likely that she would impress upon biking that beijing is resolved to quote, realize national re unification in the foreseeable future. no matter the cost. as well, the by the ministration, they say that their policy towards taiwan and towards china remains exactly the same and hasn't changed at all. but remember those words from president, she no matter the cost, does this mean that china is willing to wage all out war with the united states in order for that re unification with ty want to take place? we don't know. we also don't know how serious the united states is about stepping in an intervening. if all out war is on the table for news use use. i'm in one place and i came them are calling sunday's explosion in liverpool. a terrorist
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incident. now i taxi blew up outside a hospital, killing a person, believe to be the bomber all injuring another. at least 4 people have been arrested . are too shy to edwards da. she has more from london. well, police investigation, a taxi exploding just yesterday on sunday morning. have now declared it a terrorist incident that's off to this taxi went up in flames outside liverpool women's hospital just yesterday in an apparent suicide bomb being detonated. now the passenger inside to allegedly detonated this bomb was declared dead at the scene while the cap dr. a remarkably managed to escape the call that was up in flames. managing to survive him was only being treated for injuries in hospital and now is recovering at home. now the mayor of liverpool on the prime minister, both of praise is cop driver for acting in quite a heroic way for diverting. what could have been a much worse situation as the cap dr. a locked the passenger in the back of the
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tack, says he felt he was acting suspicious suspiciously and just shortly later, of course the call then exploded. now the prime minister holds a cobra meeting. that's an emergency meeting with the cabinet today. quite possibly about the various questions that as of course, this is an ongoing investigation, but it also interestingly, the united kingdom's terror threat level is now at substantial meaning an attack is unlikely that remained at that level since february of 2021. as for the motivations of this particular incident, the police say they yet to be understood. though the police say the identity of the man now dead is known, but they're unable to shed that information. now the inquiry lead the police though to go and visit 2 addresses and full people with been arrested in connection with this incident under section $4.00 to $1.00 of the terrorism act. they will be interviewed throughout the day to day by counter terrorism, please. but at this point, it's not yet no whether they were known to the counter terrorism police department
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. as for the device, they believe it was a home made device and they believe that it was made by the passenger. but the timing of all of this could be raw, the crucial, indeed yesterday mocking, remember, and sunday here in the united kingdom. the incident happened just before 11 o'clock in the morning and thought as exactly the time. 1 where a minute's silence was here just a mile away. that was actually a remembrance sunday service. so please say they can make a connection to this right now, but it's us in the line of inquiry that they are pursuing. why outside a women's hospital dot is yet on known, but the police will competent enough to now declare there's a terrorist incident based on the information they do know. the jury heard closing argument saying the cow written has a murder trial. i remember he's the teen who shot 3 people with an a r 15 killing to drink all of the rest that happened and no show wisconsin last august. parties.
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john heidi has been following and has the ladies. this is a case in which a 17 year old teenager killed 2 unarmed men and severely wounded, a 3rd person with an a r 15 that did not belong them. and with that closing arguments began monday in the trial of 18 year old kyle written house. he's charged with the murder of 36 year old joseph rosen bomb and 26 year old anthony hoover. both of whom written how shot during unrest in kenosha, wisconsin back in august 2020. a 3rd man was wounded when rittenhouse opened fire with his a ar 15 style 70 automatic rifle saying he was acting in self defense after being attacked. rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, went to canada, armed with his rifle, saying he was there to help protect property after riders except fires and ransacked several businesses. during several nights of rest, the cases made national and international headlines and divided many americans over the issue of whether rittenhouse was taking her ro expand against lawlessness or
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acting as a vigilantes whose actions as prosecutor thomas being or argued. we're reckless and intent on harm. the trial has been dramatic at times with rittenhouse breaking down and crying on the stand during his testimony and several firey exchanges between the judge and being right. before closing argument began, monday, judge brew schrader launched into a long at a times extremely confusing explanation of the remaining charges. after dismissing a 6 count on a technicality, the defense has asked for a mis trial, accusing prosecutors of misconduct and acting in bad faith. and as the defense began, its closing arguments late monday, saying that written house was indeed defending himself and not out looking for trouble. the city of canal remains on edge wisconsin. governor tony evers has activated 500 national guard troops to remain on standby with law enforcement officers in the event of any violence or unrest following a verdict. for news these hears john honey. after the break, a new thinker tried to be an economist and her grasp of the issue,
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not only was wrong, but actually insulting steve miles berg joins us with the story. with my mass kaiser or more of my guy to financial survival. this is a hedge fund, it's a device used by professional scale. you eggs to earn money. that's right. these headphones are completely non accountable and we're just adding more and more to them. totally destabilize that global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform wildcat record we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device b as a potential entry point for security attack any machine. and because
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it's an extension of traditional time, the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers, both to partner with them. there's one called option in the offering. it's not a matter of, if it happens it's a matter of when is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted. you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking the guess on the world politics. sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then the president job for advisor and long time ally speed has surrendered himself to federal authorities on content charges after he defied a subpoena issued by the january 6th commission. now he appeared in court earlier on monday and the judge determined bannon would not report to jail but instead turned his passport and check in with the court weekly. his arraignment will be on thursday,
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am at the grave. the prosecutor against s t ban is the same prosecutor who was successful in convicting represent jessie jackson, junior, all for legal campaigns, spending, which resulted in a 30 month in prison and delivered a guilty verdict against baseball pitcher roger clement for making false statements . but is this going to be as open and shut of a case considering the large ro, politics is having to play in the case and has been unfilled. courtroom will actually be more fair to him than a congressional hearing. this is the american civil liberties union is actually defending project very project barrett us under james. oh, key chain. oh, key should not have been subjected by the f b i to an invasive seizure and search the organizations are not the most friendly to each other in the past. but following the f b, i search of multiple locations tied to o'keefe with hopes of finding information connected to the diary of ashley bided. who is the president's daughter brian house of the staff attorney for the c o. u has issued a statement saying,
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unless there was good reason to believe the project veritax employees were directly tied to the fact that the diary should not have been search. the house went on to urge the court to actually appoint a special master to make sure only materials which pertain to the diary were reviewed by the f. b. i. with all of the other materials eliminated to discuss both situation. let's bring carrie and berg attorney farmer in new york city council candidate and ed martin publish a pro american report dot com. thanks for joining kerry and ed could to be with you . okay, we'll start with you add on this one because this is dealing with band and cuz i your band and i know this is going to happen. did he do this because he felt more security and in fairness in a courtroom being questioned than in front of the congressional panel? well, i'm not sure that you can stay with the man as you know, having observed him up close for years. he does have a way of playing to the larger crowd and i think he doesn't mind the attention. but
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look i, i think this is a good old fashion which on, i mean the setup here is that steve band is targeted for not answering questions. again eric holder was held in contempt of congress, john brennan admitted he lied to the u. s. senate, and we're going to drug drug abandoned out here. what, what is really, what should be disturbing to people as they watch the russia, russia, russia hoax fall apart? and they realize that not only was the steel dossier ally but so was, was so were the lies regularly told by the media. the media is assigned a narrative to what steve band is being charged with the narrative. there was insurrection on january 6th. that's fallen apart. there's no one being charged with insurrection. there's no one being charged with any of that stuff. and yet we still have someone in the, in the image is you're showing right now on the screen, holding up in the back, you know, qu, plotter, whatever it is. it's total nonsense, but pelosi and shifts, and cnn assigned this view. and now we have the courts involved that i know what
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you mean by a court being more fair in a way. but i, i, it's a federal court. you're talking about real serious stuff right now. and i think america, this is an extension of the qu, that hillary and the steel dossier, and then shift and the policy tried to do. and in fact, they succeeded in a way people should be more worried about that than they are worried about whether, you know, a band is going to get a fair treatment. the country is on edge because of what they're doing to us. well, and is that might be a part of the whole process on both sides. kelly, i know i do want to focus on this idea of fairness because i think there's a bigger picture this when we look at these congressional hearings, you know, i remember the past few weeks, we've gone through some really interesting points. i look at what happened when cor lou and oscar showed up and they actually said inferred to help picks it miss lewin asking for into a rumor that was spreading. i look into what we've even seen just sent around father talk about dr. file g and the accusations of interchange that they've had ios and what to look back to. the last one that we saw. there's just been so many
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examples of unprofessionalism. i do believe that's kind of like this big circus that's been happening out of the grass. they talked about mer, girl and targeting parents kind of looks like something they'll come out of a communist country. it's not been the kind of conversations that you and i would have. so are these hearings becoming more like circuses, political circuses, and you blame somebody whether on the right or left for not wanting to be a clown in the middle of the act? well, i definitely can see how are probably can believe, for instance, that he can get a fair treatment in before. obviously the court has to be objected. they're dealing with the letter of the lawyer dealing with what actually happened and they're gonna apply it. so i can see how that can actually be beneficial. however, what i, what i find interesting is that he is up for potentially 3 days in jail. i year 100000 dollar fine. so if that high year consequences, anything goes wrong or so for him,
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i'm assuming he believes that he can't. if i believe i love it, i might take my chances for as well, instead of in the year and i think they're all the documents from coming out. so that is probably the angle that he is operating from the rational, you know, hearing they're just trying to get information and back there. and i think they're going to see why they hold. well, it will be interesting to see how they progress for like i said, you just watch your popcorn. sometimes it is from both republicans and the democrats. this is a chance for them to get to actually ask questions. a lot of look like mean are things i see other political pundits on both sides, i'll say. but you know, we'll see when campaign commercials come around. how many of those questions actually appear in their clips? i do in this james keith situation with both of you and i want to look at the fact the o, c l u has cited so keith kelly, kerry, and do you think this is more about protecting a p r move concerned the damage has already been done,
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the rage have already happened. do you think this is the a show you say? and look, we're by pars, and we're actually side with, keep on this could be a more power. i do believe it's a huge issue for us in our i think anybody who truly want any side of the band be problematic. you do not want to create a i rates home in the day. and then on top of it, they are taking out information from herself, from how, okay, that's very problematic. given the whole fact that he actually turned over the information the authority and didn't run the story. so at this point, we're not that a year ago. so right now it seems very odd to me and it seems politically motivated . it seems like a and i,
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b l u did the right thing, legally smart a. well, and that's an interesting one because you're right in here to put these 2 together and add you're familiar with both, you know, james or keith is probably actually loving this attention. i think what the f b i realize is they at least boosted his donation. emails gave him some content for the next 6 months to a year. but you know, when you're looking at his carry and pointed out this happened a year ago. so for them to re now, do you feel like this is really more of a fishing expedition on project veritas? to see what they have in the works, considering their past undercover investigations or is, is more of an intimidation stop what you're doing? or we're going to keep it up. well, i mean, you chew are so smart and you're so kind and you're so lovely. but look, or this is gustavo stuff. i mean, this is jo biden's daughter. her diary i did a bite and said it wasn't real or they wouldn't confirm it. a year ago, we also had joe joe biden son's laptop and all that establishment people including
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clapper. and brandon came out and said it's russian dis, information that was a lie. the media covered that is a lie last year. now we have the f b i covering up 100 by, by nationally, biden's a diary at this point. we have the f, b i and media carrying water for the biden family. and it looks like either a crime syndicate or just a very ugly family. but at this point, why is the presidents daughters diary being protected by an f b i read? it doesn't make, it's not. it's not just interesting. wow, it's, this is the end of the republic. if the f b, i is weaponized against an entity like a bird tossed project birds us and it's not the seal you had to come out. the. she'll had no credibility if they didn't at least say, hey, we don't like this. i mean, this is everybody who cares about freedom. should wonder how it is and not wonder should be up in arms that the f b i is being used by the white house to get back a diary. now i want to see the diary. what is in the diary if it has
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a nuclear co and then we're on to something. if it doesn't, then we got to get to the bottom of why the government's being used against the people. and we're all sitting around saying all is not interesting. let's do a press release. now let's indict some people in the f b i. if this is what they're doing. well, i'm just interested in a diary. i mean, it's like any typical woman about her there last night they went on or the recipe that they bird, i mean, maybe there's something, i don't know that nuclear code maybe a good like spaghetti sauce. maybe i don't know carrie and thank you so much for joining us. now. a major shake up could actually be coming to a well no news network. but is it because of a merger, the multiple months of pretty low ratings to the skies, to bring in media or the has to eat the press here on our t america, steve was for it. yes, i am going to call you the media kind of sore. i love when i can come with tired of i thought of it this morning and i was like, that's his new name, the comedian connoisseur. help me out, steve, who i did. i did. okay. good, who are we talking about and why is the shake up even being rumored?
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well, the ratings for c and n i have been in the toilet as we have previously discuss, they've lost over 70 percent of their audience from the beginning of the year. and that is huge whether or not you take into account that there, there went from donald trump to joe biden, and it was the presidential election aftermath. and now it's not, it's 70 percent is, is that up to tell you how big that is? so what cnn has become under jeff soaker, who again may or may not stay at the helm after the merger is legally completed. it's become a talk show a radio talk show on tv. i mean, every anchor who considers themselves a journalist and almost every news person, but they all have opinions, they all give opinions, they all come from the left. they, and that's not journalism, that's talk show hosts and what cnn now says, what the new people taking over saying is,
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we want to be go back to as if they ever war. and maybe in the beginning they were under ted turner. they want to go back to being just a news network straight down the middle. well, good luck. because i can't really think of anyone who would remain on that network that they currently have on the air in any capacity. if you're going to become all of a sudden a straight news network, they'll have to find all new people. well, but i have to wonder who this is, the bigger question. i think that a lot of people are looking at the media world right now. i'm thinking, you know, i remember a headline news that was kind of what they did. they liked that originally doing those, just the points of it. but do you think in this stage it's unreal, especially we have all social media competing to think you could have a news network, broadcast news network with no opinion. and it actually be popular that people actually watch it. yeah, you know, there's one guy who has a new show, dan abrams on a, on another network. and i see the ads all the time because he also runs the media and i see his ads on there and he says,
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no bias. i'll give you my opinion and you'll know where i stand. well, that as bias, i'm not saying this to knocked in april, but that's what it is. i mean, you'll know where i stand. well, by saying, you know where, where i stand, everybody has bias. i don't know how you go back to straight news, but i do know you don't have to cook don't riots. i do know, you don't have to make everything racial and start talking about white people as if they're, you know, you did that. just disparaging them all the time. i do know that you don't have to have an opinion on every new story. and i do know that you could employ as many conservative talking heads as you do liberal talking heads to make it fair. all of these things cnn doesn't do. so there is a way to equalize it, but you'll never be straight down the middle because everybody has an opinion. and that's why we go to this business is because we have opinions. we just wanna make sure that we have the actual facts in the news to back them up. that's why i like this network. we have every viewpoint and hopefully you get
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a little bit of both make your own mind real quick. before i let you go, i want to talk about a viewpoint that came across this weekend made a little unpopular with multiple crowds, and it was involving economics and inflation who we talking about. and what did she say? stephanie rule on emma's nbc a, one of their anchors a sheet she she went on and other show and she was talking about how guess what misinformation stuff. it's not is it's really not that bad. people could afford it . the dirty. 2 little secret is people could afford it, they're saving more, they're working more wages are up. well, you know what, this is as out of touch as couldn't be. people cannot afford it. what people she could afford. it har circle could afford the people she knows, could afford it. but of course, even the bind administration, johnny come lately are admitting that it's a problem even come ela harris in france was able to understand that it's
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a problem for her to be so. so in another galaxy and out of touch and say, the dirty little secret is inflations. okay, cuz we can't afford it now. no, she said, i never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. and today on her show back on emerson, b. c. she had on a bio economic advisor and she kind of went after him on inflation. i think trying to walk back the dab it she did well and i know spend, but this is more in that gives you a little nauseated. this is more like whiplash because it's one of those are going at it. but at that time, like a lot of times right now, you know, do you feel like she literally, legitimately did not understand what inflation was since, why she's trying to have it? or this is another really advanced chance of trying to cover for administration, especially that network as we're talking about bias across the board, that network tries to continue be a cheerleader for well, m s, i should also point that emerson, b. c, put out a tweak which when they took flak for it and they did, they remove and she,
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i think picked up by that they were the ones who also said that inflation is not so bad. they had a bunch of milk and more milk yet. you know, everybody's mocking this family that came out that had like 10 kids and said it was hard for them to get mill. and the liberal media has chosen to make fun of them and pick up on that it said b. c. did that. i think she was following up on what her network did. well, i thank you for following up that. thanks steve. tom guys, bye quick. that's offered a shout in the meantime for me on for at scottie and huge, huge hash tag team in b. thanks for watching the is it a to see out the scene because the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah. join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics, small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah,
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new york, it's really what america is about. ah, when our mayor took our vase, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the halves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potter's field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that has existed in the city for centuries. ah,
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a breaking news on archie water counted on tear gas are deployed by poland as it continues to resist the dams by migrants to storm. the border from bella. rue said order to reach the e. u. so i had the russian defense ministry slums, the u. s. as hypocritical after washington criticize moscow for testing a weapon in space, when it's down exactly the same, probably only likes to pay more. on average, we have the money to do sort of mainstream u. s. media outlets repeatedly claim.


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