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remain the ruling force in assault or a man's life and the question to fish thing that brings not only the rewards of toil but a sense of freedom. 6 ah
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with we just left the board of seal go on, graham and an island. we're here right now. little ship is. we're headed towards the giant sea island to go all out for drafts in the great name brian got all, i'm president, graham and perkins association. i started visiting before i got it. i hello
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nannette, this ever a good out this is my 50. their idea of of the vision. and i was bill that if again roll my, vacate under drab, every one of them early raise all this area water here is closed and when you come to law and you'll see the gears great up on it, that's the most lucrative spot. that's where the most of the guys are going to go. that's where most of them lay it's got to go. i guess the last 4 or 5 years it's been getting more and more crowded every every, every year. i think it out of the radian government ever get control of some of the greys on that they never really had full control of the whole thing with my on this to cause enough hardware issue during the vegetable area that
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i think where they would like to see have, or they like to see the regimen almost like all the people creaking in the grey zone long before it was ever a great. but the canadian government cut back on there for trolls of the line. so the americans were freaking undisputed. the water is actually one of my old vol . they claim that it was over the line over the us today. the line that is out on the radio died, which was not. so i came out and divided them and all of them that they didn't get back on a, on the bottom. they gave it back. i guess they didn't want to walk home after 4 years of or you know about it, one of the americans that if you want, i mean economic benefit out of that. in the summer dawn when you're not vision, you better come visit with the guy from the government. again, it just goes white with a pin. buddy was white with a pin and with him to we were
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a line on our job the united states. i can on the on, you know, i think i'll go with that in that line. my own isn't really all american, not all only so much you can load more. you feel like it depends on the available depends on the property 20 years ago. there would have been hardly any boats from either side. over time, the abundance of lobster has increased and made it more lucrative, and people have figured out we want to get it cracked and those love for we got a fish, it was a dime later. we're not bagging man or canadian waters. we're going to fish it here on this granite ledge above this sheltered co begins his day one day in the
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life of one man mm. the sea with its islands place of business for a whole breed of men who don't mind. wet feet, canada m u. s. share a 5525 mile long border. and this is the last piece of land that are still contesting after more than 200 years of border making. so much i a seal island north rock. actually, depending on whether they're american or canadian, that determines whether the water is around them, car, american, or canadian. so this gray zone, it contains a fairly rich harvest of lobsters. but it shall job for the lazy or the fearful. at the right moment, the man eases his motor rolls, his wheel pulls his lunch with his gaff. he brings war the board.
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the anders at the snatch blocks takes a couple of turns around the wench head and the hoist to take over the work. the trap breaks water and his hold on deck bushel basket makes a satisfactory ketchel on the lobster boat. this is one of those days you get ahead . this is where the border now and that is the agreed upon border between graham and an island and the coast to maine. and the reason there's this david here is that if my child feel island, which is here, is canadian, the canadian say this is the border that would exist. united states actually basis, it's claim on a channel that can call the northwest channel that runs along the ocean. floor here . that creates this greys all. it's all based on whether we try a seal island is american or canadian, when revolutionary war was over,
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the peace treaty was signed in paris. so the treaty said that all islands within 20 leagues of the coast of the newly independent 13 colonies would be america, except any island that had ever been part of nova scotia. the official u. s. position is that the child cl allen, is not now and never has been part of nova scotia. this is the beginning of the conflict alongside the long legged walk or wish to come to rest for the 1st time since daybreak. and loads his catch and ways it in a way chip into the market for most of recorded history, those waters were basically just exploited by me. fishermen in 2002, the canadians changed their fishing seasons to allow canadian lobster men, fish in the grades all during the summer. a real pensions began then because
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there's so many more people fishing in those waters. my concern is there's no country in the world that's more important to the united states and canada and to allow an issue like this to sit there with the potential of causing an ugly dispute . it could be magnified to the point where there could be cost. that would be significant to both countries. mm hm. mm hm.
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we've been in the business for a little more than 10 years. there has been a huge increase in the landings. not too long ago. it was $20000000.00 pounds, 305060 1000000 pounds, and then it got to be maybe a $100000000.00 pounds. when i got to that point, people really started to take notice. lately i spent about a 130000000 pounds. so it's been a huge increase in supply it could be because waters continue to warm in the state of me and it's pushing back to catch north in the catch seems to be going down more to mid coast and beyond, which is what we called down east main and which is often called way down east is called the greys all right. along with canada, there's definitely more landings in that area than the word tenure. well there's,
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there's no question about it. but i think that people, for the majority of people feel that we're at our peak and landings right now. i think that's on the front of everybody's minds at this point. the issue is mc res. own can impact the market for main lobby for because that's really main product in it. and once it goes to canada, it comes back as product to canada. then people don't associate it with main. the main brand is really what main sells, and it's not just the launch. the industry is the tourism industry. and if we lose market share, because of that, that can really hurt the industry with
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ah, new york, it's really what america is about when our mayor took aveson, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities,
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the haves and i have not and those who have not are usually the ones who weren't being buried on hard i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island. city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potters field that there was a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this act as burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried. where so much of new york city history is buried is documents of the inequality that is exist in the city for centuries. ah no, when i would show the wrong one, i just don't know if you have to fill out the theme because the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so
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many find themselves wilson born, we choose to look for common ground. the me ah sure is incredibly important here on the coast made. it was worth more than $500000000.00 just to the boat last year. it's not just the captain. also, the crew are doing the wrong. it becomes a huge, huge driver of the economy on the coast for trap builders, for boat builders, for all the infrastructure, and that goes into distributing lobster, one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. interestingly, it's not actually the price that has changed that much, but the volume has changed
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a huge amount to the early 1900 ninety's. they were only landing about 20000000 pounds in 2016. we landed a 131000000 pounds. but even with all of that year to year change, the landings haven't been uniform across the state. ah, water temperature, dr. biological processes for lobster and as water warm. it is possible that those biological processes could breakdown over the last 10 to 15 years gulf, a man is one faster than 99 percent of the global ocean area in if you look south of the gulf main places like rhode island and southern massachusetts, the lobster of fishery there is basically collapse beginning around that timeframe . lobster catches in the state of main, started to increase at an exponential rate even when the water transfers morning. it's still cooler than the areas that they were leaving. we can see that species are steadily starting to move towards the pause. there are other changes that
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are going on in the ecosystem. one of the really big ones has been the decline of the ground fish like how to, where a big creditors on tiny officers. that's opened up a lot of habitat for lobster to move into the lapse. your population has taken advantage of those environmental conditions and how to what we're seeing is that the lobsters becoming a bigger fishery right along the border between the us and canada. and it's not a good scenario. they are competing for the same resources and yet they're living by different rules. large lobsters are able to be caught by canadians, but not by americans. and they are fishing with different types of gear. sometimes heavier gear seasons are different and that's creating more controversy, especially now that it's an increase in it so lucrative right now. it's a worry about what's going to happen to those with
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you before the end of hydro, like how you plastic like nobody good here. all this stuff made it capable of starting to be very cool. yeah. any time i wanted, i think the moment he did it, the old days used to board the boat, but it's illegal now. because of the like 13 or 14 bounder i would say in georgia main gate. that's part of layer management strategy. let our guys making congest. mary lynn, a very simple a hotspot with
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can i know my class line over there in the when you asked walters undisputed, there's a big boat with a big gun on it. but if you didn't stop, they tell you they're going to fire in the hall. and if you don't stop, they'll shoot you bobby engine. oh, but that's a general black u. s. coast guard the times in different directions a different time. and it's hard to tell where other people are on the, on the blue, on down below, as i know, canadian just by the way that might be an american down below was there to was a lot of little bumps like right now with i'd like somebody come along and they get
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all kinds of room, but your actual throw a lot different than where you're blender and you make a mistake and get on top. somebody else and cut off their welcome to people to bad conflict. sometimes you lose all part of it. we might have some fun on this one border with my brother's lobster fish. my nephews allowed to fish, my grandchildren, lobster, fish in the blood. this community main source of revenue is our fisherman. they keep street lights going keep. i can rotate. they keep going. if they were to
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lose that area, there would be a huge impact on the downtown for 1984, there was no canadian in this area, there was no grady. so peachy a by they bring more and more fishermen over. we're talking to the country. so it's a lot harder to resolve different people get angry and it's getting more dangerous every day. every lobster that's caught by a canadian is one last, not caught by an american dollars, not in the local economy, which we need drastically me. we don't have any territory, i can't go any further. we can't go any further to the southern because if you get into box or jones port territory lose. so what fish we have is crowded into the area already as it is this territory. well, the canadians have got a 110 square miles, right. so that's pretty big job. that's what the biggest fear is not having
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a place to fish this community to be on the staff or if you took that body why i use, i think it's time something needs to be done. mr. so we could have stop this before he started. if we had any political help, ah, our government does not come back us up as much as we need more back in from our government. if i go over a lot of the canadian side of the you are on the line, they take me by boat, my gear, my crew put us in jail. ah. but they come with it for miles with a cutlass shaw and fish. so are you going to do bringing back somebody going to be filled with it on this on that side. it's just a matter of time with me.
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when i started down here, you know, this was a one man patrol and now you've got 4 guys plus myself down here and me. we enforce all laws of the state of maine and our main focus is commercial fishery. you know, before, you know, we may go to the grey zone, much more. and now they went down there to hyde area, the patrol good to so open to get. there was a fishing here fishman astronomical in the last few years, and people know the enemy statistics when they do, they're going fishing. we had it again crowded by the caney, pushing them further in setting off them on purpose. we've had a couple of complaints when they think they get home my community. i know they would like us to enforce a law and fish. we have no jurisdiction door,
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no longer on. i mean it's just that it's going to drive them out. there's more comment. i mean, now we have back few years ago, and it was like 9 to 12 boast down the cane and vessels fishing graham, and now you get a boat from graham and capital bella, and always go fish. i've heard of rocking 45 boats and me a lot of the fishermen max know they got a lot of investment and they're not getting a lot of things getting campus via and i think that's where you're coming from dodge me. ready ok
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ah every cause of the grades only because once the battle started over, it is kind of became a bit gray as to who actually on that i was actually the 1st impression the fish in the garage. when the good lord put the lob fusion the water, he didn't say leisure for main leisure for graham and angel kitchen. if you can get along main lobster, fishermen fishing, they're, they're bothering our catch fish get down and get some of them before they do
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a great job. he's really, you know, contributed to the economy on graham and, and then we're contributing more to the provincial and federal coffers in any community. our shy because of the lobster industry. so nobody fished it from canada for years and years and years because it was more lucrative to fish sovereign canadian waters. but we're getting no economic benefit to canada over that fetch water that we consider to be or so he treated a summer fishery. they went from one year, we read that maybe that you've had the band and other years we thought up to 130000 big difference and hopefully it hopefully stays that way for a while. but most of the attention has been a boat is very high dollar value and everybody wants it. they don't get to go to get it. they want us to resolve bust just the average dispute president where it's you're taking our launchers and you know, the other guys, i know you're taking our lunch afternoon fishermen's association
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right now we're in the neighborhood of 20250 members. both captains and crew and that probably one of her highest points right now. it was really of more of a sovereignty issue. when we went down there is it's way for the government of canada for the people of candidates continued. claim that piece of bottom that both the u. s. thank you over the claim and it's a way for us to drive an economic benefit from that bottom that we weren't able to before. over the last i'd say 5 to 7 years are landings have almost doubled. so it's created a really a year round economy here on the island like a domino effect because, you know, at the fishery does good than the small businesses do. well, it's fishing ended, the fishermen go on unemployment because there was nothing to do and now people are working year round to folks are getting larger engines. there's how she's being sold and bought. at 90 percent of people are driving the vehicles. you know, the economy is great, but more lucrative. it's become the more money people are making. the more nasty
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people have become your horror stories about having one of your trials towed into a ball or something. you go hook onto it for hours trying to get contracts out there. this big file around, keep yourself clear. the other guy, basically, that's the name of the game. and it's always a bit contentious to go there. i try hard not to be worse and i have to be, but there comes a point when you get pushed so far where you just have to say ok, that's enough. we're going to stay here because if i ask you to move somewhere and it's gonna cost you a few $100.00, he might go. yeah, well that's not that big a deal. it's gonna cost you $100000.00 going anywhere. and that's what's happened. there's no warm and fuzzy down there. i mean, i've got some respect for some other fishermen. i think some of them do for us. and you know, if somebody was thinking i'm going to go along so i can help seems i was a canadian boat. but if they're not coming to my house routine, coffee, you know,
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and i'm not invited to, there's ah, with this was a bargain that was may 2025 years ago under a clinton, as a matter of fact, in a broad china, into the world trade organization. the w t o, this was a quid pro well, that we're going to essentially give america a huge break on the flat screen tv. but within 2045 years, we're going to bankrupt the country and that's what's happening now. oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers, those with
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theirs sinks, we dare to ask a, a is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community are you going the right way? or are you being led to somewhere? direct what is true, what is great. in the world corrupted,
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you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. for empowering ourselves to be more efficient for quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers to partner with them was level consumption in the office. it's not a matter of. if that happens, it's a matter of went with
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oh, breaking news on our t a water cannon until dallas are deployed by poland. does. it continues to resist the temp symbolic migraines to storm the border from beller roofs in order to reach the e. u. for coming up in the program, the russian defense ministry slumped. the u. s. has hypocritical after washington criticized moscow for testing a weapon in space. when it's done exactly the same ball so ahead nobody likes to pay more. on average we have the money to do salt as mainstream u. s. media.


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