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tv   News  RT  November 16, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EST

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ah, breaking news on our t water cannon and tear gas are deployed by poland. does. it continues to resist the attempts by migrants to storm the border from bella roofs in order to reach the e. you'd also ahead fall, nobody likes to pay more. on average. we have the money to do so. as mainstream u. s. media outlets repeatedly claim that americans are better off under joe biden, despite inflation hitting a 31 year record. citizens respond. we have to buy food and do things like different ways. i don't think you save money. i definitely feel ian facia and have more so on food. i think a lot of people are out of work and now they're spending their savings just to stay
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alive. honestly. i'm a regional government in australia is on course to get sweeping new powers in the pandemic. phil, this might last ditch amendments under public. i'd cry. ah oh. or on the clock across the world. this is our t pleasure to have you with us today. i'm, you know, neil, we begin with breaking news, poland house, fire, water, cannon on tier gases. it attempts to whole bank a surge of migrants trying to make it across the border from belarus war sol. say's it's expecting this situation to continue for potentially months into a spokesperson for the polish border guard. a said it's troops will use weapons without hesitation if necessary. let's look at what's been playing out on the
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frontier over the past few hours. ah, i basically what the migrants are doing, they are throwing whatever rubbish they can find as well as logs at the police as well as rocks and they are responding in turn by the use of by the use of pepper spray. we are trying to stay at safe distance. look over there. they are throwing rocks and they're trying to dismantle that part of the barbed wire. now again, you can see them using pepper sprayed military grade stuff. now they have brought a water cannon. i think they,
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they're bringing to water. okay. we have to move out so far. right now it looks like the polls. well, they're doing an amazing job, but well, protecting their borders. they have been saying that they do realize they couldn't . they cannot survive indefinitely in the conditions that are in the conditions that they have been put and that they have found themselves and it is very cold leg . i mean, about a, excuse me, about a half of this migrant camp is basically, is located on a patch of concrete who gets very, very cold. not, this is the sound and you can see more tear gas more tear gas canisters being used against the migrants. he acts as a group, a group of people, still throwing rocks at a military police dispatch, and immediately they get sprayed with water canada gets sprayed with tear gas. i mean, it's difficult to breathe where we are here. i have no idea how they still managed to stay there. imagine the imagine the desire, the motivation, these people have to do something to do to do something like that and even knowing
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that. and so there's another sense that there's another fence that they will have to breach and somehow deal with, you know, very well with equipped, fully equipped, military police, you know, regimen military police units. i canceled fresh water and there are people using it right now to wash their faces from the tear gas. the od backing down rioted here. i wanted like my grants here, the on backing down. and i, we can hear the approach of a military helicopter. it is a polish military helicopter. this has been used a as surveillance on behalf of the polish side. so, you know, getting a birds eye view on the, you know, and the location of all the migrants and also it, it is used as a scare tactics. it looks like part of a fence, part of offense is almost down so. so the polish, the polish border patrol, the polish military police, they have been they have been manning that section of the fence more extensively than others. and there's also another water cannon. now helping out from over there,
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you can see, you know, arching an arc, being a spray of tear gas from a badly check point where the board check point is reinforcements have arrived to help out these, these several squads. the several squads of the polish military police. we are hearing right now more announcements through loudspeakers. it's the same as yesterday. they are saying attention, attention, the police and forms that are that breaking and you know, crumbling any border infrastructure is illegal and that they will be criminally pursued that they will face criminal charges for doing so. if of course they get on the polar side of the border, people are now pelting rocks. i can see that they are not pelting rocks at the, at the security forces, guarding the check point. so now the entirety of this section of the border is a war zone. the polish border force has said guards had been authorized to use
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weapons without hesitation, if necessary. a dramatic upscale in events there about is this spite at footage showing a number of children among the migrants begging for poland to let them in. the width accuses bell ruth of deborah li funnelling migrants from them at least into the area that has a claim. minsk denies both the u. s. and he, you are preparing you sanctions, me not russia has criticized poland for using tear gas and weapons against those people stuck at the border nuclear movie polish actions that absolutely unacceptable. tia gas water cannon shots fired over the heads of migrants towards bella roost. this reflects the desire to hide their actions. they cannot understand that they are violating every conceivable gnome of international humanitarian law.
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3000000, i just tell you what brussels is saying. it claims continued sanctions means it's no longer really able to stop people seeking to cross the you border. we discuss the crisis with a number of guests who feel brussels needs to do more to resolve the situation. you know, ill at ease with this thing. you know, they can only impose sanctions, but there isn't much sanction that they can impose on by rosco's the, the comic links are cut or, or there are more many, anyway. oh, politically speaking, they have for bitten on the on the but i was aligned to land or to fly over europe on. there isn't much more they can do the sanctions. it's just the word. it's totally inefficient. it's just words. oh, so in this instance, they are really annoyed by this problem because as you here in germany, they now declare that these people should not come in. it's the exact opposite of
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what mrs. oracle, setting 2015 off the shot from best they can call. they are fleeing the chaos caused by the united states and its european allies. they are trying to escape that chaos by coming to the one corner of stability in the world. the european union, which is greeted with a notarized pants and police and units, it really says something about the state. well, we are to day that we go round the world, creating kill us in havoc. and yet we want to love in 34000 people. men m highway educating thought those architects and so on. we could the european union and the u . k. can absorb those numbers no difficulty in state. we have a, a language being used to describe the weaponized, asian as if they are weapons being used to damage the european union. the way that it talks about is an invasion and so on, so forth. rather than saying these people trying to get a better life, we chaos when danger seeking refuge in the european union
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can know the story we're following to day. a war of words has broken out between russia and the u. s. over military activity in space. it comes after washington accused moscow of putting the international space station in danger, by conducting an anti satellite weapons test. russia claimed the u. s. was being hypocritical, saying it's been far more reckless in space. let's discuss it with our correspondent, donal quarter, who has indeed been following the story. dawn hello, lots of to and fro. going on here. first of all, tell us what the russian defense ministry had to say. while there's been a lot of speculation and there still is really as to what exactly caused this debris generating event. and unsurprisingly, washington was quick to point the finger at russia. actually, the russian defense ministry has since reacted to that pointing to new a plus plans for space operations that the u. s. military had made back in 2020. so for russia, this whole situation seems
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a bit hypocritical. the russian defense ministry considers hypocritical statements by representatives of the state department and the pentagon, who tried to accused the russian federation of creating risks for astronauts of the international space station in ton, the pentagon, both before these official steps and even more so after is actively developing and testing the latest strike combat weapons of various types in orbit without any notification. don't take us through than what led to this war of words or up thing? well, whatever this debris generating event was, it was enough to warrant the crew of the international space station to take safety measures against a possible collision. luckily, nothing was damaged, nobody was hurt. but the u. s. to state the u. s. state department, almost immediately after accused russia of launching a direct ascent missile to destroy a satellite in orbit, which they say caused the danger on the ice. s. washington called it a dangerous and irresponsible behavior. the russian federation recklessly
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conducted a destructive satellite test of a direct ascent, an anti satellite missile against one of its own satellites. rushes dangerous and irresponsible behavior jeopardizes the long term sustainability of our outer space and clearly demonstrates that russia's claims of opposing the weapons and weapons ation of space are disingenuous and hypocritical. will. nato also just recently made its own statement backing up washington's previous claims. but as the russian defense ministry mentioned, the u. s. has its own sort of similar tests in orbit and there just doesn't seem to be any outcry about those. and we still also don't know exactly what actually launched this debris into the path of the i assess. so probably a bit early for finger pointing, i'd say in a few questions. so to be honest and answers to thanks very much. corresponding dollar quarter america's soaring inflation is
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expected to spike out further on the back of a 2 trillion dollar spending plan approved by president biden. prices are rising at their highest rate in 31 years, and it is hitting people hard in their pockets. not everyone's worried though much of the u. s. media thinks everything's under control. a recently deleted tweet from m s. and b. c, even claimed soaring price is not such a bad thing that prompted people to take to social media and offer their response to that suggestion. people not being able to afford groceries is a good sam, boy, and takes all of you. more, more on selling has more money coming out of pocket is a good thing. no reason will ever make a reasonable person to say, inflation is a good thing. amazon dessy believes inflation is a good thing that i will wallace and ghost is disagree. m s n b c followed up with another tweet saying that the deleted one misrepresented the article it was linking
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to. but the idea that soaring call sort an overall good thing under president biden, at least how's gain traction in the media? kellum up and asked new yorkers if they agree, whether it's mel for gasoline, the prices of every day commodities are riser, american families are being squeezed now more than ever. some voices in mainstream media say the solution is pretty simple. stop complaining and deal with it. and the dirty little secret here, willi, well, nobody likes to pay more. on average, we have the money to do. so. household savings had a record high over the pandemic. we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend according to m. s n b c. host stephanie rule, household savings hit a record high. during the pandemic, we didn't have anywhere to go out and spend. we decided to put that theory to the test. people save us have gone up now and i don't think so because things are more expensive and we have to buy food and do things like different ways. i don't think you save money, especially way transportation and everything. i definitely feel ian facia and have
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more so on food. you noticed a difference like in proteins and just in general, stephanie worrying. i don't know too much. not a great financial guy, but the extern says the economy is a little bit worried. so me, us, i think a lot of people are out of work or spending their savings just to stay alive honestly. yeah. what about all the people lost their job? a lot of those people are definitely spending their savings, myself included. what rules theory ignores, is that sense the pandemic? many americans have lost their jobs or seen a significant decrease in their incomes. the federal reserve is warning that inflation won't be stopping any time soon and that we should be expecting rising prices for at least the next few months. food banks across the country have never been busier. hit with demand from desperate americans who are hit by the double whammy of rising prices amid a supply chain crisis. i would say that in our county specifically, we've seen a drum, massive increase in food insecurity. we've had to make a lot of really tough choices. and so one of the things that we're always trying to
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reiterates is that we're still in the midst of a disaster. meanwhile, the specter of rising taxes hangs over many americans biden promises that he will only raise taxes on the altar wealthy. however, the tax policy center says that many middle class households could be affected. republicans say that biden's build back better plan for increasing spending will make things worse, joe biden, and comma harris and the rest of the administration. they don't care, they want you not to be able to fulfill up gas in your car. they want your electricity bill to be higher. they want your heating bill to be higher. of course it doesn't impact them. according to a recent poll, 70 percent of americans are dismayed by the current economic situation, while 50 percent blame biden for soaring inflation. not surprisingly, biden's, popularity has taken a knock. now 51 percent of voters say they favor the g o. p. giving republicans the highest lead facing the mid term in decades. biden promised to rescue the country
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from a crisis that he blamed on donald trump. however, over the past few months, things don't really seem to have improved with the country financially squeezed. this could mean a big turn around when it comes to the mid terms. caleb martin, r t new york tv and radio host of most burg believes the networks despite the evidence, will remain excessively loyal to president biden and thought issue and others to stephanie rule on emma nbc, one of their anchors. she was talking about how guess what to say, inflation stuff. it's not as it's really not that bad people could afford it. the dirty little secret is people could afford it, they're saving more, they're working more wages are up. well, you know what, this is as out of touch as couldn't b. b people cannot afford it. what people she could afford it, her circle could afford the people she knows could afford it. but of course,
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even to bind administration or admitting that it's a problem even come ela harris was able to understand that it's a problem for her to be so. so in another galaxy and out of touch and say, the dirty little secret is inflations, okay? cuz we could afford it now. no, she, i, i never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. every anchor, who considers themselves a journalist and almost every news person. they all have opinions. they all give opinions. they all come from the lap they and that's not journalism. that's talk, show, host and all this comes out a time, a plummeting crust in the mainstream media with us tv network, seeing their rating slumped dramatically since last year. we've got that story for you shortly. ah,
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be an arms race, movies on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk blue blue b o a a
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ah ah, hello again. authorities in the australian state of victoria are expected to get sweeping the new powers under a fiercely contested pandemic bill despite the last minute changes and public fury . oh, on monday night thousands of protesters camped outside the state parliament in melbourne, venting their anger over the draft legislation in response. the government watered it down essentially in a bit to get the bill through the opera house. the key concessions are that fines for code rule breakers have been lowered. the threshold for declaring upon demick
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has been raised on the right to protest is protected that all follows weeks of public on rest. the victoria premier has defended the bill, seeing it's about quote, keeping people safe on that it include safeguards to prevent abuse of power. meanwhile, a top health official in another australian state. queensland was issued a warning to people who refused co by chance. he said, vaccine hesitant citizens could effectively be banished from society. oh, the cries, not get back to that lawful the miserable without being faxed that it is going to be very hard to maintain your employment. if you're not vaccinated, you won't be able to go anyway. 3 and a time it last trillions and 83 percent co vaccination re to al queensland has also hired 70 percent. but despite reaching international herd immunity targets estrella is seeking to ratchet up the pressure on the on vaccinated. earlier we asked professor of epidemiology, katherine bennett, who's in the victoria state capital of melbourne. if the new bill there is the
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right response to the pandemic. part of the reason they argued that i'm having a pandemic bill was going to be important, was that it would allow some of the decision making processes to become more transparent actually. but there was concern that when it came back that it didn't actually have some of the oversight automatically written in that would ensure that this was going to happen in that way. so it's really important. the changes were saying in the last 24 hours, i think a key changes to help achieve what they plan to achieve, but without risking giving so much authority to someone who, who also is the person who calls whether or not they need to consult with people so what ways saying is they trying to make the point that you need to get vaccinated? said just drawing a very hard line and trying to encourage people to vaccinate. but i think as they recent, the epidemiological argument to support keeping unvaccinated, people locked out for the long term. it just doesn't make sense because the risk
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differential is, is, is very small. if you have such a small proportion of the adult population who are on vaccination americans trust and the most media has slumped to its lowest level since 2016, it's taking a toll on mainstream tv networks with cnn. seeing its primetime viewer numbers plummets almost by half. over the past year, ortiz down the armstrong picks up the story. trust. they say it takes years and only seconds to break and for ever to repair for us mainstream media. those seconds have turned into months of nose, diving, viewing figures amid a crisis of confidence on saturday, a top c n. n report to ridicule reports of supply chain disruptions by taking a pop at average joe the supply chain, she exclaims, looking for milk for 2 year old look at this amazing overflowing abundance. he
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responds such contempt from u. s. media for the current difficulties faced by so many has led to wide spread condemnation. with many americans bemoaning and out of touch media that is alienating its own audience. i don't see a thing, therefore this thing must not exist. this person calls himself a journalist. can't wait to hear a 3rd person commentary on gas prices. everything is fine in my bubble of reality. if milk is 300 percent the price, it was 2 years ago, but wages have only gone to 3 percent, and inflation is outpacing growth. abundance doesn't help or so please rename your show to literally anything that doesn't have the word reliable in it. it's false advertising. so the chasm in communication between the public and the press is widening major channels like m s, n, b, c, and c, n n. have seen their respective prime time spot nosedive by just under half of this whole tool viewership. but it's not just the democrat liberal media that's losing
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touch with its base. fox news viewership is down a 3rd from the same period just a year earlier. now back then, the media consistently found ratings. thanks largely to donald trump, but in a biden era that's all changed. not so long ago, buzzfeed learned the hard way about dwindling audiences when the company laid off a 3rd of its staff. but not only both feed old u. s. traditional media have faced the year on year decline. just let the 10s of thousands of media jobs being white out. the media. so to announce the highest job cuts on record in 2020 this industry, which includes television and movie production, news and advertising, and as $30711.00 cuts. this is 201 percent higher than the 10201 cuts announcing the sector in 2019. and while traditional media continues to report on an agenda, rather than covering issues at the heart of society, that trust whereas ever thinner and ratings plunge ever further,
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perhaps by raining in their reporting by is just a little mainstream. media won't just be doing their view as a favor, but also themselves as well. just briefly thing with this story, we spoke to journalists chadwick, murray. he thinks there's a growing risk between what americans want to see on their tv screens and what they're actually being shot. i don't think that this trust can be gained. i think that so many people feel so burned and deceived, misled by media. how do you forgive that when you see just how they are and how much they think he'll continue to dig their heels in to their bias and their spin and their hatred of conservative republicans of average american. it just be the problem that don't interest them. they're interested in climate change, they're interested in race conspiracy theories, and they get up and report on that. i think that's also responsible for the, the tainted ratings in the, in the ever increasing divide between the people who deliver the news and the
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people they hope consume it. and the average people who. ready are just tuning out and they're not interested in what these people have to say. they don't speak to them. a conflict over disputed waters is out, has lasted 2 and a half centuries. the so named gray zone between the us and canada is still very much contested next or short dock lobster. war as the tale of the tape ah are empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security attack. any machine can be, it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. with them,
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there's one called option in the offering. it's not a matter of, if it happens it's a matter of went oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? which direction what is true? what is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah
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ah. oh oh. oh, oh. oh, fisher or not made. this is a different world. the fisherman visited regularly this morning world. familiar with chapters still to come. his traps, hopes, assessment, all lie 20 fathoms deep on rocky bottom of the coast of maine. a
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good living to be made in the atlantic ocean. anybody will go get there's a pack of water around the try a seal island in contention between canada and the united states. you know, where the government may suddenly become optimal for lots for our population. here is exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention are high, violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to close countries. border disputes don't go away, they discuss some things going to happen. in some ways, bob training is immensely complex. in another sense, it is simple and direct. see in the boat remain the ruling force in assault or
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a man's life and the question to fish thing that brings not only the rewards of toil but a sense of freedom. ah . 6 ah ah.


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