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tv   News  RT  November 15, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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ah, ah, a huge crowd of migrants move from their camp and bellows to the border. poland, braces for a possible breach with military reinforcements, backed by will to cannon police in the u. k. declare a taxi explosion outside hospital in liverpool, on sunday. a terrorist incident, full man, arrested in connection with the blas which left one person dead to and another injured ah. and he looked on ruddy sweep europe with austria becoming the 1st nation to impose a shut down only for the honor vaccinated. the to, to your decision has split public opinion. it's been getting any money when hundreds of thousands of people are forced to be vaccinated. i don't even know how many people who is their jobs in the artist. i think it's a step in the right direction. in germany,
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we are moving in about the same direction. ah, life from oscar. thanks for joining us on auto international and daniel wilkins wherever you are. the right to welcome to the program. by more than 3000 migrants from the refugee camp and bella roofs have descended on the board with poland, hoping to cross into the you. warsaw sent soldiers on walter got on to reinforce the frontier of correspondent, he goes on off st. this report from the scene. so the migrants here in the camp on the border between belarus and poland, they might be preparing for the most difficult light alight. excuse me, of their lives, because this is what the camp looks like right now, at least in part. i mean, and the, the smoke here makes it so difficult to talk with come here just minutes ago and already my eyes are watery. as people over there you can see are trying to make
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their fires going, but there's a huge problem with that. there's no firewood and those well fires. so what they're trying to do, they're trying to burn grass old grass for grass. so have a look what this isn't, some people having less luck than others like here for example, like have a look. this is what their fire looks like. i mean there's more smoke than actual heat that it produces. many people don't have roofs over their heads, like some people are lucky enough to have tense. others well are not so like again . and if we turn around and our point the camera over there, you can see you can see a massive spotlight on the polar side of the border. they lifted up just recently when the night fell. so the already difficult night is proving to be extra hard and you know, extra tough because you have this adding up to some natural hardships like well for example, you have called i feel so bad because it's too cold for us and we have babies and the babies cry, nickos is too cold. and within the world i, we,
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they never all been the border. we will die when you to the health, and i think we will die. many people here have to sleep on bare concrete because right now we are crossing into a another part of the of this camp and have a look. just have a look over that was the, towards the polish board and towards the polish border dispatch. you might not be able to see clearly or, you know, because of all the smoke and because of the dark. but here are all the people who are trying to have a gover night's sleep to catch some shut eye. but they have no tents. i've his sole source are because the city is extremely caught because as you see, there are so many shows that it's on may vizier. they are sleeping on the ground right now. i don't have anywhere to sleep. i'm standing right now. my, my, my hand is have gone numb because this is extreme, you court. and it is,
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i mean the temperatures to night might roll or you silly when the right they might, they might fall wall, well below 0. and over there, the pictures does not change as well. military police, there's water cannon still on guard. and well, a massive spotlight shining straight in their faces. again, this could prove for all these people, especially for the hundreds of children who will have to, you know, have to sleep and conditions like this. how do you feel? i all hungry all fear is the all family sheldon all seek? yes. why don't you? why don't you return to the to your previous camp where you had you know, hot camp? no good cabinal good. why carmel got but i was no good. okay. he had him barrows no good. and in fact, poland no good either because they don't want to stay there. they want to move on into europe, but so far so far they are preparing to do for the worst. they are preparing that they will not be let in, and that weld the polls will not let her know that nothing will change,
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but there aren't returning their only moving forward. so they are preparing themselves for the night here. but conditions here are times in times worse than how they had it back at the camp at the forest. meanwhile, a correspondent, uncover man from officer channel out he, france had been fined by polish court after being detained earlier in the day, were found guilty of entering a restricted area at the border. prior to the arrest, the reporter said, there have been a tense atmosphere with police general secretary of the federation of journalists recorder gutierrez, believe the arrests were a direct breach of media freedoms. dilner and she just, we are now witnessing a clear violation of european standards of press freedom. this is an act of censorship by the polish government. we've noted several of the cases as well. the journalist trying to do their job and informed the public about what is happening at the border. it's unclear what gives poland the right to censor this, sir, which in fact requires the attention of the media. i encourage journalists to
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continue their work, come to the field and publicly denounced a censorship. it's the only weapon at our disposal to precious states that do not fulfill their obligations to protect press freedom. in other headlines, austria's become the 1st country in the world to impose a nation wide, looked out for those under vaccinated against coven. this comes with a spark of infections across europe, accompanied by a wave of social unrest. the austrian shots are announced drastic new measures. that's good, i did. the restrictions will apply to everyone over the age of 12, the unvaccinated will only be allowed to leave their homes in exceptional circumstances and they will no longer be allowed to visit shops that provide non basic items handled. for example, to clothes, sports and furniture stores, cradles could shift. and the reason that austria has gone ahead and said that if you're not vaccinated or can't prove that, you've recovered from covert that you are essentially on lockdown. is that 35
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percent of the population out there, or thereabouts? haven't had a full vaccination dose, they are taking this very seriously. now if you are over the age of 12, if you can't prove that you've had the vaccine, all that you've recovered from covert and you're caught out in about knots. either going to a food shop doing some exercise in your local area or going or going back from receiving medical treatment. then the police could well stop you. you could well receive a huge fine. some of the funds have been talked about as high as 30000 euro. it's highly unlikely. $30000.00 euro fine would be imposed, but it's, it's there as a threat now for the next 10 days. this is going to be the case. at least it will be reviewed after that, but it's caused serious upset and ins outs book over the weekend. there were people angry and out on the streets to tell the government that they're not happy with this. and it's only people are against it, and it's discrimination against the unvaccinated retro to conclude. it will be hard
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to control. so perhaps a full lockdown is simpler. i think it's really important we end upon directional than that. it's been king and i am think i am against mandatory vaccination and to healthy for that. when hundreds of thousands of people are forced to be vaccinated . i don't even know how many people will, is there jobs and the artist? i think it's a step in the right direction in germany, we are moving in about the same direction as well. here in germany, they'll be keeping an eye on how things go with that policy in austria because the silk about trying to introduce it here as well. some german states, it's bavaria, saxony, and the city state of berlin, already introduced similar measures already. they'll be looking on thursday during a meeting of health ministers to decide if they want to try to impose this nationally at the moment, 65 percent of german saying the federal government in berlin isn't doing enough to tackle this 4th wave of coven 19. it's a similar story in the netherlands where restrictions have been put in place on those who haven't been vaccinated and in level and in the city of the hague. well,
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that resulted in violence over the weekend with clashes between police and anti locked down demonstrators resulting in the place ending up using water cannon. ah ah. 2 1 of the reasons that governments are taking the measures that they are taking is vaccine uptake has plateaued across these countries. the problem is, is that those who haven't received the vaccine haven't come forward for the vaccine, do seem highly unlikely to do so. on their own accord. police and major tie have
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declared sundays explosion in the city of liverpool, a terrorist incident. a taxi blew up outside of hospital killing one person believes to be the bama and injuring another for men of so far been arrested. you case terrorism threat level has now reportedly been raised to severe meaning and attack is considered highly likely. our correspondence shot at was darcy in london, has more well police investigation. a taxi exploding just yesterday on sunday morning. have now declared it a terrorist incident. that's off to this taxi went up in flames outside liverpool women's hospital just yesterday in an apparent suicide bomb being detonated. now the passenger inside to allegedly detonated this bomb was declared dead at the scene. while the cap dr. a remarkably managed to escape the call that was up in flames. managing to survive him was only being treated for injuries in hospital and now is recovering at home. now the mayor of liverpool on the prime minister,
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both of praises cop driver for acting in quite a heroic way for diverting. what could have been a much worse situation as the comp drive, a locked the passenger in the back of the tax as he felt he was acting suspiciously . and just shortly later, of course, the call then exploded. while the prime minister has held a cooper, emergency meeting, not meeting with all of the top cabinet to discuss what is now an ongoing investigation. as for the motivations of this particular incident, please say they yet to be understood. though the police say the identity of the man now dead is known, but they're unable to shed that information. now the inquiry lead the police though to go and visit 2 addresses and 4 people with been arrested in connection with this incident under section 4 to one of the terrorism act. they will be interviewed throughout the day to day by counter terrorism, please. but at this point, it's not yet known whether they were known to the counter terrorism police department as to the device. they believe it was
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a home made device and they believe that it was made by the passenger. but the timing of all of this could be raw. the crucial, indeed, yesterday mocking remembrance sunday here in the united kingdom. the incident happened just before 11 o'clock in the morning and that is exactly the time. 1 where a minute's silence a hair and just a mile away, that was actually a remembrance sunday service. so please say they cannot make a connection to this right now, but it's certainly a line of inquiry that they are pursuing. why outside the women's hospital, not as yet unknown, but the peaceful, competent enough to now declare this a terrorist incident based on the information they do know. the u. s. has defended as legitimate and struck in syria in 2019 was killed schools of pico. the incident was exposed by the media leading to claim that when it's we had trying to cover it up, a 2 people were killed mostly women and children. likely,
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a majority of those cues were also competence at the time of the strike. these 2 strikes were legitimate, self defense strikes, no disciplinary actions were warranted. this is at a time and isis was on its last legs as a coherent calif, when they were fully in their last towns that they controlled. and what happened and boggles was the united states air force command based in catalog. they had seen a group of isis, mostly women and children of ices. refugees huddled together near a river back and they were just watching them from a, from a drone. and what they saw next was a surprise even to them. and that was one of at 15 fighter jet, flew by and dropped a 500 pound bomb into the sc huddle of people. there was shock initially among the offices, the mit reports, the one of the bro to in a secure chat, who dropped that. another person responded, we just dropped a bomb on. 1 50 women,
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as the survivors stumbled out of the, the blast airy after the 1st bomb and trying to make sense of what just happened. more bombs, pommel, the area until no one was left alive. allegedly, this was all ordered by a secretive task force task force. 9 the new york times identify the mass of with lives on the ground. united states troops on the ground who can circumvent the the ordinary chain of command, and ordered the strong truck that the officers that saw all of this happened. they immediately or flagged the incident as a potential walk, rob, and try to get it investigated. unfortunately, that is where it all ended. seni ranking u. s. military officials intentionally and systematically circumvented the deliberate strike process. clearly seeking to cover up the incidents at really every turn. the neocons report since 2019 the in the pentagon has impeded any potential review of this of this incident. so for example, the death toll was,
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was downplayed any reports what but delayed, they were watered down. they were, they were sense at this task, force it the ease, very secret of the new york times reports. and it has a lot of power on the ground. so they ordered this air strike circumventing the u. s. air force command. and qatar that was in charge over the whole mission and syria ariel mission at they ordered this air strike. and then it was them who was sent to investigate this matter on the ground to see that survey the sea. and when they arrived, they reported that the mission was a success. there was no war crime, and that the majority of those killed were enemy fighters and only a very few civilians. now the pentagon has acknowledging 80 people dead, but their argument is that they were potential enemy committed. so out of out of the 80 people, 16 they say were fighters and the rest, the women and the kids. they could have been fighters because isis and known as
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isis, women and kids are known to pick up godson and during the fight drug. it's not the 1st time the u. s. tans accused of mistakingly killing civilians in such a way. there isn't. it isn't as there's a history of, of such incidents in recent decades. technology has reached a level where they are, these are the rise nautilus like the the precise s, right. and there are drones, there are aircraft to cooper equipped with cameras. almost always they can see what it is that they're going to strike, and still they decide to proceed with a shred with these strikes. as we saw recently, of course, in, in afghanistan towards the end of august, we were there when the united states carried out its. it's last june psych of the afghan war at killing 7 kids and 3 adults kareka gothic of us. we can't go to our house because we are scared like the u. s. as a superpower. they should have observed that the children were playing around the targeted car. they say they can detect even a needle. now,
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how could they not see the children? my nephew facade was sitting in the car. if they should have been watching more carefully, they are a superpower, that they promised to punish the people who carried out the attack. have any other incidents are there that we don't know about that have been kept on the rap for the be what the down by, by the pentagon, all other nations that the data is for i see here in iraq and in syria in afghanistan, a but there is there has be the history of these as there has been in mosul where we were also a national, i could kill $200.00 civilians huddling in a basement the, the, the as shrug or hospital conducted by the united states in afghanistan on clinics in syria, in iraq, and the thing is that they keep happening. it is almost as if lessons just aren't being learned. david swanson, from the world beyond mall group believes the lack of accountability from the u. s . media needs a strong, international response. i in the heck,
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should it be legal or moral to blow up? 80 people if you label them non civilians. why in the heck, can you scream, imminent danger or self defense in somebody else's country, thousands of miles away, self defense, and make it ok that this is, this is absolute madness. where are the prosecutions? where are the human rights groups? where is that u. s. congress, where was the senate armed services committee that did nothing. imagine if, if china had done anything of russia or iran had done anything, north korea had remotely done anything like this. where is the sort of pressure you would be seen if this were a nation being targeted by the united states rather than being the united states? a trial is underway in the us of a young man and faithfully short to people and injured another during black lives matter of roach us in wisconsin. last year in the latest development, the judge has ruled kyle written house was legally carrying along borrow rifle on
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that fateful night. however, his murder trial continues, and it's the case which has divided the country or called with enough travel to kenosha in august last year when he was 17, he says he went there to protect local businesses from the rights following the death of a blackman to run a conflicts with police, similar confrontation, hope and fire. he claims in self defense. 2 people died and another was wounded. it's a case that is encapsulated to one of america's most, the rooted issues. as ortiz, saskia china explains patriot or terrorist hero or cold blooded killer. that's no consensus in america. in fact, kyle written houses become the face of the united states divided look up kyle written house and throw away the key. he was trying to get away from them. i guess looks like. and he fell and then they very violently attacked him. this is a city president of the united states of america is supposed to be protecting his country. but instead he's rooting for chaos and violence when joe biden called cal
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rittenhouse, a white supremacist last year. it really was just the go to move of the democrats. they do this all the time. the ongoing trial of the teenager who shot dead 2 people during the canal b l m protest has ripped wide open deep rooted rifts. it's gone, way beyond black device is right. it's revoke the 2nd amendment buses don't come from my guns. it's defun, the police passes back the blue. it's the tolerant vases, the micah crowd. never mind that those rittenhouse killed wipes during the keels. rittenhouse who is white shot and killed his attackers. joseph rosenbaum, and us and huber, who are both also white. britain house also shot and wounded gauge, gross crates who is armed and also what, who still a rating racist blight. the judge, it took just one bad joke about asian food and one ring tone. and if the court makes or finding that the actions that
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were done in bad faith, it's helen that the judge was probably k, k, k. i mean, who else would said, god bless the usa as thou ringtone. only fanatics who attend trunk probably is right. in fact, it's obvious what's going on here. the good old american justice system and white races, church presiding over murder trial by a white racist this church searching to miss trial this case and save the pull. why? killer? from justice? the written house judges ring tone is literally trumps, rally theme song, draw your own conclusions. so a year ago, tens of millions believed the elections were rigged. and now tens of millions think that's no real justice to cornerstones of new greatest democracy in the world undermined and under 12 months. and if he thought that the mainstream media would stick to reporting the facts, well, think again, the jury might still be out,
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but the verdicts already in take the law suit. why the tweet by cbs news which claim that written house admitted to mud which he hasn't or take the thin and chief legal unless professional opinion. i mean, the stupidity of this is like, what could possibly go wrong? well, a lot went wrong. the good news for kyle written house is that he's not on trial for being an idiot. meanwhile, on the right, images of written house flashing a white power symbol are being swept under the carpet because everyone seeing what they want to see. and as for biden, the president who promised to heal, well, he got written houses, photo and put in a little trainer about white supremacy. how's that for leadership in times of trouble? when i saw that, i was shocked. i was angry, president biden. doesn't know my son whatsoever, and he's not to white supremacist. he is not a racist, and biden did that for the votes. and that was so angry at him and what he did to
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my son, he defamed him. so patriot or fall, right? poster boy, killer or mater, whatever the jury decides, one thing is for shore. at a time when americans have never been so polarized, co written house has brought them together, only for them to realize just how far apart they really are. authorities in the canadian province of alberta, grappling with a p, r disaster over decays long as occasion guidelines. the recommendations advised students to study nazi germany, economic achievements, as part of a diversity program of the documents was on earth by the media. the local education minister minister denied any knowledge of it. this was the 1st time that i or anyone in my office had seen this document, and i immediately instructed my department to remove it from all alberta education publications. how is it remotely possible that neither you nor your staff have laid
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eyes on this material till now? the sad part of the stories that 30 several years of government has gone by in alberta and not one education minister picked up on this disturbing document. and what kind of mind thinks there is a good side to the nazis. did you say this curriculum? well sure than as his killed 6000000 jews, but they were good for the german economy. this province is an embarrassment. boy albert, her education document was issued back in 1984 with the side or guidelines for recognizing diversity and promoting respect. it was a rise several times including last year. the paper suggested that teachers include both the positive and negative behaviors of various groups. for example, when studying nazi war, chrome students were told to look at the pre war success of the parties, economic policies. the references were removed off the prussia from jewess groups, including the simon wins told center which was search of the holocaust. we spoke to a member of that organization. i'm happy to say that the education minister
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adriano la grange, has cancelled it has as, as illuminated that back. because i think we all understand that this is absolutely crazy. there is a tendency today to i would say to over exaggerate this issue was giving equal time to different sides. i mean, in some issues there's no 2 sides. let's, let's be honest. there is nothing to talk about when it comes to the nazis except the crimes, except the incredible damage and ruin and murder that they brought to the world. and it's their fault. in 3rd, rice was the most genocidal regime, the worst regime in human history. so, i mean, you want to talk about how the autobahn was an improvement over the previous highway, when tens of millions of innocent people were murdered by this, by this regime. a back started when she continues to examine
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a decades long fishing dispute between the us and canada for you as it's going on the ground will back in half an hour with the latest jonas again. ah, well driven by dreamer shaped plans for some of those with who dares sinks. we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking together in the world of politics, sport, business,
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i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. oh when i went to the wrong one, i just don't know. i mean you, you have to shape out. this thing becomes the after kid and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. oh is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community?
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are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true war? his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh my 2 sons, i know my oldest one. he definitely was a bit louder than run this, wrap up the blue light to see him go to college and take a trade so he can add something to fall back on because of the way this is looking . i just don't know what is going to be different future down the road. it's getting to a point now where it's becoming way more dangerous because the canadian government will come out here. the administrator will grab a hold,
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the balloons dot yank and on the road. yank and on your stop, i lost hundreds of traps of the ones we'll call them up and it's kind of, you know, the hands are tied well, you know, it's a, it's a, you know, you got to be careful what we say. it'd be capital. what you do know you don't, you know, this is america. that's american grounds. another story that happened one of my friends, they will, holland, inside the line, ways, and income. the depot boldness be involved, come pulled up beside him and all the guns out and said, you know, don't move, you're under arrest. efficient canadian waters is one option. canadian, one of these 2 guys. yes, manda was, they had them guns out. craftsman wasn't bad with awful. yeah, in the grey zone where it's very congested, it's much more challenging. it's a lot more time consuming, very much, you know, lot slower by time you have to tow your own line and make sure you don't get on top of the next person to try your best to get on the radio that there is more via more
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and more canadians come over and disagree zone is obviously the more trap to put it into a small area like we have the more tangles the more chances for somebody to go to them since 2007 and i got a call on the radio. one of the canadians, especially beside me and said that in another canadian santa rosa, together be entangled is not good. it's very, very dangerous. that's one of the conflicts that you have when you have 2 different, you know, salad history, especially with each other. they don't finish the same way, you know, fish the same direction. you know, that kind of stuff going to happen. and when i got them slide sides i, gramma draws out holding it up. when my mom came up with heavy.


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