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tv   News  RT  November 15, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EST

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oh, business i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm hm. breaking news on our t intentions. all that border as a huge crowd of migrants move from their camp in bella, roost towards the polish frontier amid fears they may attempt to break through. we will be reporting live from the scene seconds from now. meanwhile, a reporter on to 8 camera a month from our sister channel, our t front south been detained by polish police, opened the ballad roost border while covering the migrant crisis. we'll get into that story, and ah, auntie, locked on raleigh, sweep europe with austria becoming the 1st nation to impose a shut down only for the young vaccinated amid
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a coven search. the 2 tiered decision has split. public opinion has been dig into it when hundreds of thousands of people are forced to be vaccinated. i don't even know how many people lose their jobs and be honest, i think it's a step in the right direction. in germany, we are moving in about the same direction. also coming up on a busy news day, the u. s. defends at 2019 or a strike in syria, calling it an act of self defense. 80 people were killed in the attack, mostly women and children. ah, are on the clock across the world. this is the news. our authority pleasure to have your company today. i'm union o'neill. we begin miss our with breaking news from eastern europe. a huge line of people is not stretching from a migrant camp in belarus to the polish border fence. soldiers, water canada,
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helicopters are also seen out the site over the last number of hours. we can ross life, not ortiz eager, chatelle of who has been there 1st following developments. and there has been quite a few. he could give us a sense of the atmosphere there and what is happening from what you know well, the unit, it's been not so long since the migrants moved from their makeshift camp, which is about 800 meters over there. and they have started settling down here. now the conditions here, i wouldn't say that they're much better. in fact, they're worse. they don't have any tents. they have unwrapped their blankets. they are trying to keep their kids warm. in fact, you can see over there, a child is being wrapped into a red blanket. they're trying to stay warm as, as much as they can simply because, well, they don't have any fires here. there's a polish helicopter that has been circling the area ever since the people got here . and we can in fact move in a little bit and show you what it is like now again,
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it is very hard to just move around over there because it is so jam packed, it is a bit of a bottleneck area. and a lot of people still are staying on the grass over there because they can't make their way in. so you can see people, they are wrapping themselves. they're trying to keep warm. and the eyes of these people, they really do speak for themselves. it's a mixture of hope and desperation. i mean that is, i know the one contradicts the other, but this is, this is what people they are on the last. they are on the last 2 edge of their hope . so if you move a little bit further into the cam, because it is, it is the far end of it like we will. hopefully, i'm not sure if i, if my camera was to lift the camera a little bit up and show the polish border police and military police. and now there's 2 water cannon that they brought to potentially disperse the crowd. in fact, the one on the right is moving closer and our,
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they've just brought it here. they are beefing up, they have been beefing up their presence here on, along the entirety of the border since the very day we got here. but today we've witnessed the most significant build up of, of all. now i've talked to a lot of people. all of them are, are desperate to get in. they do not want to stay in belarus. they are saying so far, i asked them what the plan was. they're like, which is so far. we just, we just sit here, we just sit there and we show that we are not going anywhere. now this whole thing is a tune to a meeting that is taking place a few 1000 miles away in brussels. we're in the e. u foreign chiefs and he, you menaces are meeting as far as i know right now and are discussing the situation on the border here and is, are discussing this migrant crisis. so given what's going on here right now, i'm pretty sure that these people's, the officials there will have to face
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a few uncomfortable questions. ah, after after the meeting was because again, as i've talked to people around here, they've been saying that they feel like europe owes them shelter. citing the fact that their countries were destroyed by western lead interventions, again, 1995 percent of people hail migrant or reckon jeez, whatever you want to call them. they come from the kurdistan from the iraqi kurdistan. so, and they have been saying stuff like that. they don't have electricity at their homes, they don't have running water, they, many of them don't have jobs or none, and nobody. so nothing like that. and so this is, this is their, they're saying this is their only shot at better lives. and while europe has been reluctant to take the men, there have been saying that, well, they're making a stand that they are, they will try to make their way through. now the challenges here, the challenge here as i should rather say is that they are in a no man's land. basically over there you have the polish troops. but if we just
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turned around and you know, and i let me just show you, there are below russian robin a, russian, boot gods, who are also staying there. you can see the shields, you can see that they're making a human fence there. he like sorta so they, now they, now that the migrants have moved here, but they are sending a message. well, you're not on our soil anymore. so you're no longer our problem, at least this is how i read this. and so in fact, they have been moving closer to the people because they used to be about 80500 meters away. this is what they're used to stay just just an hour ago. now they have drawn visibly close. and from what i can say they keep approaching. now i, it, it, it is, it is, it is bringing more tension and more volatility to the situation because people here are sandwiched between 2 military's. so i mean, if we have anybody who speaks english here, who would like to make a comment on?
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no, no, well anyway, i tried so, but so far, right now, the migrant camp over there, it is empty, but it wasn't like that. it was like that yesterday and just to give you an idea as to why people figured they had to move, why they could no longer stay there. while spoiler alert, it was due to some very harsh weather conditions and weather actually getting worse, getting colder, getting wet and his my report it's a place stuck in limbo, the migrant camp on the border of bella ross. the literally a few meters away already is poland, is the e u. the dream of every single person has come here, but well, the line of military police and a very impressive barbed wire fence, they send a very unequivocal message. the situation here is an absolute stalemate. as weather keeps getting worse, the air here is wet with drizzled. even overcoats eventually end up soaked. thousands of people around us lie on bare ground as the witness slowly but surely
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turns it into mud. well, some people they try to prepare for the posh conditions, every one is facing here right now. they route tense like these which to protect them from the forces of nature. but these up summer tents. they aren't good enough for freezing temperatures, and most here, they don't even have that. they have to live in makeshift huts like these made of pine branches or like these. yes people here are resting right now and the weather is going to get even worse. it's going to start to snow. it will be very muddy. so it's unclear as to how long this will they will be able to survive out here in the cold cigarettes are the main currency here. whoever has a pack is a rich man. whoever has a carting is in the one percent, many refused to talk to us unless bribed, but some offer hospitality for free. we say sorry to all european union, yet we want to save the kids life to go now. we are here is there is no protection
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. if the rent straight down comes to us, nothing to establish no, nothing to stop the rain. they said kids slip in on the wood. he said it was sitting next to the via and he was fill of sleep. ah, well right now the main challenge of course is to stay warm so you can see the amount of commotion, anything that can be shopped into firewood is causing people. here are borderline scuffling for it. but they know that if anybody doesn't want to play by the rules, doesn't want to play fair. if any fight was to break out, the bell, russian border patrol will be very quick to intervene. our caravans of humanitarian trucks, to deliver supplies to the camp every day. in total, more than 18 tons of 8 have been provided by the been a russian government. on top of that, the local branch of the red cross and unions have also been size of li chipping in
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. i don't know how long this situation will last, but no matter how long people end up staying here. even if there are only a few of them, we will provide them with the essentials for life. we set up tense, large heated tense where people can eat, especially women, and children, and pregnant women. we are certain, all the women and children have been fed. additionally, we've provided grocery sets for the families and bottled water was brought in daily . we've also brought warm clothes and blankets plus personal hygiene products like nappies and powdered milk for the children. all this is making my grants life easier for sure, but it fails to solve the weather issue. yet whoever i talk to, no one considers turning around and heading back home an option. yes ma'am. there's never made that come in iraq. my husband couldn't get a job and we had no income. now we have to wait, but we don't know how long for i worry not for myself, but for my children. if it gets too cold, we'll need to make
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a decision. but i draw the die here than go back to rock. how many days will have to pass for people to well say we've had enough, we're going in. if to be honest, maybe one day to day 3 days at you know, i got a gun exactly dime it because after night snow, people will go to morrow handed to any bison. if we know we lose in our life, we will go, doesn't matter lead. they jealous it out, that's the end of it. you know, if we die in call, oh we die. sure, again was a different. there's still a lot of hope here. the germany will agree to take these people in and that poland will provide safe passage. but as politicians becker on time is against them, i'm again donna reporting from the brother ros border archie. and shortly before we got news of the renewed, pushed towards the border by my grants, a journalist, and cameraman from her sister chal. arty,
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france were arrested by polish authorities. they were covering the surge in the area. the chorus followed, managed to make a phone call. just before he was to take a great tune upon ended up with the police, the writing up a report on us that behavior is very tense. we tried to get to the polish border when we were about a 100 meters. from that, the police told us not to film to hand over our cameras and get in that car. so for the moment it doesn't look like we're being arrested, but we have to give an explanation to the polish police. the situation is extremely tense. there are military police very blocks all along the border and constant checks. but the last message from the correspondence, small saying he and his cameraman were being placed in handcuffs and polish authority, say they were arrested for being in a restricted area. poland has bombed the media from working near its frontier with fellow roost in september, leading to an effective news black eyed. as a result, most of the reporting is coming from the baller russian side. well on that's on the
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extended picture. i'm delighted to welcome on to the program geopolitical unlisted, reiner roth, 1st for his take, welcome to you. run a. why do you think the area just on that last point we're going through is closed off by the polish authorities? it is there something they don't want to show our to the media? what's the fear here? it's obvious that the, the polish bill, russian border at this section is a very sensitive area of course, for polish affairs. and therefore it may be true that it is restricted area for press where press and freedom doesn't really exist or it could be understandable for me because of the media images that are broadcasted to the world. of course, also a yeah. that can damage the polish image in the world,
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the polish government, and has to defend this outer border. this is part of the shank area saying an agreement that the out of order shall be protected by the correspondent government and poland is doing its job there. but the media images, as i said before, it can harm the polish image in the world. but there's a humane thing. aspect to this isn't there. you've got sizes of people putting their lives at risk, trying to risk getting through the border and people want to know what is happening them and that's the media is job. of course it's the media shop. i mean, and it's the government's job to protect this border. it's the conflicting situation. and i think we need, of course, transparency at the border. that's a very important task of the media which also our teeth. fulfilling their their
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where so things are key front correspondence, detaining, arrested for doing such report. hodge. well, i hope and i assume that the situation will be resolved soon because of cause it's very sensitive to detain, private correspondents by government forces. but i think it's also a war of images that is going on at this border. and there are different groups trying to make pressure through media images. so it's something that has to be dealt with very, very reluctantly. i think it's also to political conflict going on there. there are force. it's also trying to show that, look, shank oh, it's an irresponsible yeah. ruler of woods. and in this geopolitical setting about the western forces,
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including the you all have an interest in weakening internationally look, i think, oh, and all the russia in this east west conflict, which is also sharpening at the moment, intensifying in ukraine. you have to be very, very conscious of the difficulties of the dangers also in flight. and yeah, just as you're talking runner, we're looking at the footage of quite extraordinary, really imagery from today of those migrants making their way from the camp right up the board. her thousands of people, dramatic dramatic footage from the bella, russian side of the border. is there a danger this escalate towards violence? do you think? yes, of course. i mean, we have seen some sort of violence or already on behalf of the migrant who try to tear down and break through the border. and this is totally illegal. and the question of course, is the underlying question we had do all these migrant come from?
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what it really look, i think, or was it also supported by turkey or russia that the influx of migrant into belie was, was increased. or was it simply a process driven by the micro themselves through social media contact that they launched something like a migration high through this supposedly open border section. what we did here from our correspondent just around 10 minutes ago speaking to some iraqi kurds in the crowd who were seeing there were essentially promised by, by other forces. imagine that would be either us or european army saying that they deserve to, to, to go to the west because they help us and there are. so this is the situation they believe they're owed this, so they're making their way into europe. yeah, exactly. the 3rd and yeah, it could be also the most prominent factor that there are forces behind who yeah,
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could be addressed as n g o's, or as philanthropists with international relations and relationships and the possibility also to steer such migrant flows. of course, what we can assume is that there was a migrant on not the most vulnerable record cheese in their countries of origin. but they needed to have the funding for human from burglars to get to the bill of russian border. and so we have to address this aspect not only in the humanitarian perspective, but we have to see it geopolitical. very complex, a situation where different players seem to seek their stakes. always an interesting take when you're in the program. thanks for your time. ryan, ryan, a rough us geopolitical analysts live and rti. thank you. okay, we will keep you rolling in 1900 seconds from now. stay close.
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oh ah. ah . mm. so rather than by dreamer shaped bankers are those with
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dares sinks. we dare to ask 020 minutes past the hour, your welcome back. austria has become the 1st country to impose a nation wide locked on for those unvaccinated against covet 90. it comes with a spike of infections across europe, accompanied by a wave of social unrest. the austrian chancellor launched the drastic measures this boudoir to the restrictions will apply to every one over the age of 12. the unvaccinated will only be allowed to leave their homes in exceptional stances,
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is that they will no longer be allowed to visit shops that provide non basic items handled, for example, to clothes, sports and furniture stores, cradles can shift. and the reason that austria is gone ahead and said that if you're not vaccinated or can't prove that, you've recovered from covert that you are essentially on locked down. is that 35 percent of the population out there, or thereabouts? haven't had a full vaccination dose, they are taking this very seriously. now if you are over the age of 12, if you can't prove that you've had the vaccine, all that you've recovered from covert and you're caught out in about knots. either going to a food shop doing some exercise in your local area or going or coming back from receiving medical treatment. then the police could well stop you. you could well receive a huge find some of the fines of a talked about as high as 30000 euros, highly unlikely. $30000.00 euro fine would be imposed, but it's, it's there as
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a threats. now for the next 10 days, this is going to be the case, at least it will be reviewed after that. but it's caused serious upset and insults book over the weekend. there were people angry and out on the streets to tell the government that they're not happy with this and did some people are against it, and it's discrimination against the unvaccinated retro to control. it will be hard to control. so perhaps as a whole, walked down a simpler thing that i think is really important. we end upon dimensional, been that he's been king and am i am against mandatory vaccination and to healthy for that when hundreds of thousands of people are forced to be vaccinated. i don't even know how many people who is their jobs as me, with the artist. i think it's a step in the right direction. in germany, we are moving in about the same direction as well. here in germany, they'll be keeping an eye on how things go with that policy in austria because the silk about trying to introduce it here as well. some german state stats bavaria, saxony, and the city state of berlin of already introduced similar measures already. they'll be looking on thursday during
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a meeting of health ministers to the if they want to try and impose this nationally at the moment, 65 percent of german saying the federal government in berlin isn't doing enough to tackle this 4th wave of coven 19. it's a similar story in the netherlands where restrictions have been put in place on those who haven't been vaccinated and in level and in the city of the hague. well, that resulted in violence over the weekend with clashes between place and anti lockdown demonstrators, resulting in the place ending up using water cannon. one
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of the reasons that governments are taking the measures that they are taking is vaccine uptake has plateaued across these countries. the problem is, is that those who haven't received the vaccine haven't come forward for the vaccine, do seem highly unlikely to do so. on their own accord of bob javan. a medical professor in van is of the he that the 2 tier lockton in austria is justified. obviously this is a very unique event, but you have to understand one thing. we had luck bounced before we have luck gowns for the entire population. we are identifying the unvaccinated asset risk groups. so yes, why should we lock down the back? sedated people who are not at risk ending up in the intensive care unit. and therefore we have to find a solution and a solution. the 1st step solution is obviously to make a lockdown for the on vaccine. and obviously those who are non vaccinated feel that their human rights have been abused. the human rights have been challenged or even
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taken away from because they've got to be treated differently. i don't think this is discrimination. this is just trying to treat the disease for courtesy. some people need to understand that you cannot just act as if you're alone in the world . we're living in societies. we have a serious problem. if our intensive care units are horrible, people are gonna die home in on the streets and that is unacceptable. so we have to put, let's say that the urge, the urgent gear of the break to, to, to make people understand that another headline story to bring you to day the u. s . has defended a nurse strike in syria that killed 80 people back in 2019 calling it an act of self defense. the incident was only confirmed this week and the military has been accused of trying to cover it up. now this video was filmed by a syrian cameraman on his leave to show the aftermath of the strike near the iraqi border. the area was the last,
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this lament state stronghold at the time. according to us central command, 16 of those killed in the bombing we're militants for we're civilians. washington has not clarified who the other 60 people were. although it's acknowledged that they were most likely civilians. mainly women are t stole quarter looks at why it took so long for the tragedy to be acknowledged. u . s. military command was silent about it for years, an air strike that took the lives of about 80 people, mostly women and children in the last days of the syrian civil war. and it's only thanks to a new york times investigation that the u. s. military finally, fast up, the exact mixture of armed and unarmed personnel could not be conclusively determined. likely, a majority of those cute were also competence at the time of the strike. these 2 strikes were legitimate, self defense strikes. no disciplinary actions were warranted. ah, we investigated ourselves and decided there will not be any punishments. how
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surprising for washington, though it's a lot like groundhog day. the most recent re run was back in august when a drawn strike and couple killed 10 civilians including 7 children. the pentagon initially said it didn't do anything wrong after an internal investigation at backtracked a bit, but still said that the soldiers involved were acting in good faith. they all had a genuine belief based on the information they had in the interpretations that that was a threat to you. us forces an imminent threat to us forces. that's a mistake. it's a regrettable mistake. it's an honest mistake. i understand the consequences, an honest mistake. i'm sure that will make the relatives of the victims feel a lot better. mike, i'm yeah, get, i know they say i says k lived in this house in this house with these children, members of isis k, a stupid thought without any proof, without any investigation that they attacked and killed our children and we will never forgive them. unfortunately, the list of collateral damage inflicted by us forces doesn't stop there. mm.
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mm. i after so many accidents, you'd think some international body might try to investigate at least one of them. but when the prime suspect seems to be itching to impose sanctions on its detractors, is anyone surprised anymore at the apparent lack of accountability in instances like this, you never got any accountability anywhere. no one's gonna take the take to heat. unless it's someone at the very lowest levels, who's gonna challenge that? who's gonna defy that? there's no higher authority to say no, wait a minute. this is crazy. nothing's going to be done. it would be another case of a justice not been rendered. and,
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and life goes on and then everyone will forget about it except the immediate families, people didn't know where, who ordered the strike. and there's, it allegedly was done by a unit that isn't accountable to anybody. what kind of unit is that? the whole effort is to try and down play these kinds of atrocities and it, because the united states, the course is that killing for democracy at all at all times. so they think that they have this license to kill benefit. that's the unfortunate thing. crew members on the international space station are on high alert because of incoming high velocity space debris. clusters of fragments from destroyed satellites hurtled past the i s s 3 times this morning. well, it's feared more could be possible to earlier russian crime control ordered cousin reynolds to shelter inside their soyuz capsule. it's the 2nd time this month the i
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assess has how to deal with orbital junk. on wednesday the i assess on to on and river to dodge a piece off a chinese, whether something destroyed 14 years ago. we spoke to russian cosmo mikhail quin jenko about how dangerous a collision with spectrum could be the contact. yes. oswegan is just me. she's cursor of the main danger is the speed at which objects move in space. it all depends on the size of even if an object to smallest. if a ping pong full hits the spacecraft will be a huge hold, which really to d, pressurization and oxygen. lucy, bye. this is why they usually try to warn us 36 hours beforehand to avoid the danger zone buzzing. this time though, it was all discovered too late, which is why the only option for the crew is to move from the international space station to the space ships on the probability of a fragment hitting the spacecraft is not as high as with the whole station.


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