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tv   Documentary  RT  November 15, 2021 4:30am-5:00am EST

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media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer. isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, both a
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ah, fisher, or not made. this is a different world officially visited regularly. this morning we're familiar with chapters still to come. is perhaps, is hopes assessment all like 20 fathoms deep, rocky bottom off the coast of maine. ah was a good living to be made in the atlantic ocean, if anybody will go get there's a pack of water around the try a seal island in contention between canada and the united states. want to call the
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main to suddenly become possible for loss or modulation here. this loaded one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention to high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to post countries. border dispute don't go away, it's assessed, or something's going to happen. in some ways, bob's ring is dimensionally complex. in another sense, it is simple and direct. see in the boat remain the ruling force and assault or a man's life and the quest to fish. thing that brings not only the rewards of toil, but a sense of freedom. 6
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ah we just left the board of seal go long graham and an island where iraq now little ship is. we're headed toward the giant sea island to go all out for traps in the great name. brian got all our president graham and perkins association. i started visiting before i got out of high school winette this over with
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with their idea of the vision. i thought eventually when i would feel that if again, role my brigade under drab, every one of them or they raise all this area, water, ears close. and when you come to law and you'll see the gears great up on it, that's the most do produce. bought, that's where the most of the guys are going to go. that's where most of them lay it's got to go. i guess the last for 5 years it's been getting more and more crowded every every year. i think about a 1000000 government ever get control of some of the greys on that they never really had full control of legal aid in dublin. why on is to cause enough conflict issues during the area that i think where they would like to say. yeah, but then i believe the regimen almost like all the people creaking in the grey zone long before it was ever a great. but the canadian government cut back on there for trolls of the law. and
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so the americans were breaking my apologies for interrupting the broadcast here on our t international is 12 36 pm. moscow time, of course we're coming to you live in the russian capital, or we have to, we're into the broadcast because according to our correspondent e carstein off was down on a bell, a russian poland border. according to eager a large group of migrants is now moving towards the border, hoping to breach the fence and potentially get into the e. u. let's our cross live now. to our correspondent e garage, down of who i hope to find on the telephone now are eager. it's rory here at moscow . i understand you can hear me now. can you please fill us in? what is the latest, what you're seeing there? yeah, sure, rory, i'm not sure if it's a photo or if you're getting any pictures, but i will try to do it to be as vivid as i can in my description, just in case it's a phone or because well,
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it will be understandable because the situation here with the, with the, our, with the connection is very, very terrible. so basically behind me, the whole, the entirety over the entirety of the migrant camp has begun its movement along a dirt road towards towards the r, the border control point. so this is the oven, god, and it's quite surprising for me quite surprising for me to see them. people with children. i hear a person here does speaking anybody's willing to talk on camera than i will really appreciated, but so far, no luck. by basically year thousands of migrants. they have packed their things. when we arrive to the camp in the morning, we could see their belongings, all packed, all collected, all put together, some even brought their tents with them, but many chose to abandon the little summer tents that they brought with them. so far there standing basically in between the camp and where the border control point is. this is what they're heading. but the situation may prove to be very,
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it may be very difficult for them to cross because basically we've seen some pictures from the bird, a birds eye view as to what's going on on the polish side of the border. and let me tell you there's a lot of equipment. there's a lot of military hardware, a lot of vehicles because basically the fence. he is that the fence there is kind of weak. so the pulls they have to, they had to defend or they felt like they had to protect their border with other means. so yeah, they deployed a lot of military hardware with them. so right now there's, they're just, they moved about they, they moved for about and i would say 500 meters and they stopped. and now there was something that sounded like a battle cry. there are children actually running right now. and they have resumed their movements. let me just move to the side to let them pass to let some of them pass and hopefully hopefully you're able to see that if not, i will continue my audio my audio description. so they are moving this. i just want to say everyone is an immigrant at some point in, in his life. okay. that was
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a comment from one of the one, the english speaking of immigrants and refugees here. excuse me, says you mind are saying a couple of words like where you from the think iraq, you from iraq. why did you, why did you come here? and there are so many, or is this i can at the point. okay, so what's your plan now? what are you going to do? what are you going engine going to do? now there's a lot of roles out there. i want to go roper. you want what want to go to are open . so what if, what if the polish or military start shooting and only thing we don't know anything . so what you plan to just stay on the board, if you would, you will never give up, will never give up that all. what if they start using force against you? ah, what is humanity can ask, where's humanity? ok, thank you very much for your comment. ok, there was, there was one of the, one of the thousands of refugees who well, who are trying to cross the border as we speak. really, they are moving towards the board, a lot of journalist as well. some people have get up. and if anybody wants them,
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okay, they said they have not had internet would have stopped again, just let me show you something. let me cross to their side over there. you can see the polish b to god as they are following us along the road. so basically on the other side of the fence, they are following. they are watching the movement very, very closely. and it seems that they are ready to do everything in their power to stop, to stop this column, to stop these thousands of people from entering the board. well, we will be, we will be staying. we will be staying in touch with you. okay, the resumed the movement, we are going to cross back to the, to the other side of the ditch here. so far i have to, i have to talk a little bit about how the polish border guard is and how they're treating the situation. basically so far it isn't, they are calm but very tense. they seem to be on the spot. they, well,
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they are following their monitoring the situation very closely. they look ready. let me tell you that this, they look very much ready to support any to fort any attempt at the border. so again, just just to, just to clarify things, we are at the very we are at the very knows where at the nose of the column. so, so there are, there are literally thousands of people by the impact of the amount of people in the camp. it re just up to $4000.00. so, oh, for them basically, not for them to literally, literally we no, no of one person who gave up and headed back to lebanon yesterday. ego had not his royalty motto, or you could, i, i hope you can hear me. it's rory at moscow. hey, i just wanted to keep you on the line. he's got a good feed of you right now, we're seeing the live pictures of the column of people. they're approaching the polish side of the border. i wanted to ask you, because obviously you been there at the base camp now for quite some time you've been speaking to all these migrants there. they've been dealing with freezing
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temperatures. as i understand, the beller russian humanitarian teams have been handing out food, water, blankets, blankets and tents, even helping to cut firewood to keep them warm. but these people, they must be desperate at the moment. e could. i know you've spoken to some of them . some of them seem quite calm, but there are parents there with small children who are braving wickedly cold temperatures. they with very little food and very little clothing. how are these people now at this point? well, rory, basically you, you nailed the situation because indeed the people parents with children, they are the most vulnerable and whoever i talk to, since many of them didn't even have roof over their heads. literally they covered something. they covered their hearts with like pine, ah, pine branches, but this is no, this is no protection from a, from a down pool from a, a heavy snowstorm. so they realize that this cannot go on forever, that they can't, they can't make the camp their home. so they knew they had to move sooner or later
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. so the, if the fact that they're moving right now, it indicates very clearly that they, they chose sooner rather than later. so yeah, i wonder, indeed the freezing temperatures that you mentioned as well, they played a big role, you know, demoralizing the people here, demoralizing, in the sense, you know, drawing them to the brink of, you know, basically, well dawning of them so much it's, it's been so hard for them to survive. basically they decided to move because again, even those who had tense, those were very light summer tents. they were, there may be good for fishing in the summer, but they're no good for, for, for, you know, bracing are the forces of nature here in palo ross and especially keep in mind, most of these people are from them, at least in fact, most are from the iraqi kurdistan and the others are from countries like molly, for example, into african and african nations. so, so they unhooked, they are not used to the freezing temperatures. i mean,
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even 10 above 0 celsius is already very, very cold for them. here it drops below 0 at night, so get they under the bed rush inside of well, from what we've seen, at least they've been trying to do everything in their power to alleviate some of their suffering. but what you can do only so much, really, because well, firewood is all good, but how long is it gonna last? how long? how long are they going to, you know, have to warm their beds with the open fire? so what if would, of temperatures, temperatures here are known to drop to minus 10 minus 20 minus 30 on a on a very cold winter every once in awhile. so, so they knew they didn't have months, they didn't have weeks, they had days until this happens. so, so eager he goes, i mean if i can jump in, i wanted to ask you as quickly eager to do that, if you didn't forgive me for jumping in, but on where what we're watching you now with this column of people that are, that are moving along the belly, russian board. busy are getting closer to the polish side of, of, of the border. we've seen in the past 2448 hours polish soldiers using tear gas and
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trying to force people back. what are your expectations? you, you said the polish military is monitoring you. it's, it's almost walking next to you on the other side of the border, you are being monitored here. what are your expectations for the migrants, these people, they are human beings. when they get to the next part of the board offense, how are the polish soldiers going to react? do you think? well are rory, i am sure that they will try to do everything in their power to stop this column of people from entering the territory. if i could have my cameraman band to the polish soldiers right now, this is how close they are. there's nary of 50 meters between us. maybe even less, i would say, and look at how alert they are. they are running, they're moving there. what? well, there's a quite a bit of commotion. it seems like they are trying to have the situation under control. but the pivotal moment is only about to happen because despite the very
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heavy police police presence and just the presence of the border guard, people here refuse. they refused to stop believing. they refused to give up on their dream to get into europe to get into germany. in fact, as we are walking right next to them right now, these people, they, we've heard them cheering, they had them, you know, a yelling are with excitement because from, because basically there was a rumor going around the camp. the g. many is a bow to let them in, is about to tell poland to prepare humanitarian corridors. and you know, allow them a safe passage. so people are still cheering. do you speak english, my friend or lama now. okay. i was hoping that maybe we could have another, another person comment on that on what their mood is like right now, but well maybe maybe maybe in the future. i mean, look, there are people who can barely walk like look at this, look a excuse, like, look, there are people who have to use sticks after you sticks just for walking. so these,
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these people, they aren't, you know, the, aren't the healthy brutes who can just forced their way into many of them. i children, many of them are kids. so let's see. the 1st group of migrants is moving towards the border. la, just let, let my cameraman is, he's having a bit of a hard time panning the camera, but he's done it now. it's all good. so let's see. this is the 1st encounter. let's pan the camera over that. let's, let's, let's show the border. so this is the 1st encounter of the 1st group of migrants, all refugees, whatever you want to call them, with the polish border guide. and now you can see for yourself the amount of military vehicles best water cannon as well. so and there surely ready to, they're ready to use it as well. these are, and you can see there's a bit of a bottleneck because there's quite a bit of a bottleneck. so there isn't, there isn't. so it will take quite some time for people. it will take quite some
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time for people to move to move in. so you can see people with children. you can see people with families with women, with their wives. and like even ca, it's quite a bit of a bottleneck. but judging by the amount of a, by the amount of military machines over there, poland is not welcoming at all. and the only advantage of crossing here for the, for the refugees i see is the theme fence. the barbed wire fence is not as tool as it is elsewhere, like for example, everybody everywhere else, like over here, it's this stall there, it's about, it's about, well, half the size. so this is what they were hoping for are, but i'm quite sure they weren't ready. or maybe they did not expect this heavy over presence of the, of the, of the polish border control. and this is one of the tactics they're using. some people just sit down, sit down, and the message here is basically,
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we're here to stay like whatever you're going to do with us. we're not going to move the water cannon over. there may seem to disagree at a certain point. so let us just move out of the way a little good, maybe going with trying to understand. since with kat with we're trying to understand what, what is the purpose of these people here who and how congregating in that area. clearly they've come through a doorway in the fence. we saw them poor through. however, however, they're coming into this area looks like almost like a holding point. they're at a check point to get out to get over the border. what. what is that next? hope eager is it germany, they want to get to it at poland. they want to get to where are they trying to go? they do not want to go to poland. let me tell you this. we want to go to germany, but to go to germany. well, they have to cross poland somehow and or you can, well, we is in poland as being very, very unequivocal, very adamant and clear about what they think about, you know, all these people using its territory to cross. and as you can see, they have begun to dismantling the fence here and to get rid of the bottleneck that
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i was talking about. just recently, one of the sections has already gone down the polish. let's see what's going on. on the other side, the polish, the polish and peas, the so far are staying put. maybe we could use a little bit of height and a bit of a vantage point. so this place is going to be packed with people in no time. let me tell you in no time, but the problem is, let me tell you what's going on. on the other side, let me tell what's going on here, excuse me. so if i could just slap this is the, this is the bella russian border. and guess what, there's a barbed wire fence here as well, so they are in a no man's land right now. and the bell russians now that they consider all these people, that guy, that they believe that they have left the territory of bill a roost. well, let me tell you something they might not be very welcoming right now to them as well. so they might just close off, close off the border, close off the bell,
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russian side of the border. and people will have no other option, no other choice. but to well, but to stay here or forced their way in or well in any other way either over there or over here. her. 2 2 let us just move out of the way a little bit, maybe get a bit of a bit of a high, a ground to get a better vantage point because it is getting, it is becoming, it is very, very packed. it is very packed with people. you probably can't see much of it yet. it is very packed. so excuse me. um yeah. just let me put my ear piece back in. so it is, it is packed and let me just, or maybe my cameraman could just who just pound and, you know, lift the camera over there and show how many people there is left and it is quite oppressive, isn't it? so there's barely, i don't think there's even a half of people who've decided, well decided to come over here so, so we so, so far the situation is rather. 2 it is tense, but there we don't see,
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we don't see much movement. so but again, the situation in the camp has been, has been getting, has been getting very, very tense given, given that given the fact that, well, our people were freezing are they were not used to it. they did not want to stay in belarus as well because it wasn't bad. it wasn't their, their final destination. so it was only a temporary stop. and so it seems, it seems like they've run out of the are beginning to run out. oh, these people. let's keep showing, let's keep showing what's happening over there because this is, this is what's, what's interesting. and i wonder who makes the 1st move. will it be the polish, the polish a military police or well, you know, the refugees, all the people who have come, who have come to have come here with your eco. it's clearly a very tense time where you are right now. i hope you can still hear me. it's rory here in moscow. but you look at this or what? yes, i did hammer man, when your camera man lifted the camera, it looked like a,
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a deluge of thousands of people pouring in to where you are right now. this is a very confined area. you also got to worry about that. the, the danger aspects here you've got how many hundreds of people pouring into a confined space. if any type of stampede, what a start of offense goes down and people what a stampede it could be, or it could be a terrible humanitarian catastrophe. right there. it's about plus one degrees centigrade, where you are now cloudy skies, like snow, could be on the way and i'm glad eager you're able to report because earlier in the day from our sister channel, artie frogs, a camera man and a reporter were detained and i'm prevented from broadcasting, so we're glad to get life pictures from you right now, and we're seeing some people behind you hugging each other and, and showing i guess a sense of celebration. they've made it now to a very key point along the border there. but as more people poor in eager, it's going to create more trouble for the security forces. is that right? well, you're absolutely right. and yes indeed, our ot,
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francis to channels crew was detained by the polish authorities. but they were trying to work on the other side of the board, and in fact, not even here, but it looked like a few dozen about maybe a 100 kilometers away from us. so it didn't happen exactly here, but the thing is our poland declared the entirety of its border. they declared an emergency situation on the entirety of the over the border. so there justification for the, for the what for the detention is that it was illegal to operate that. now we will have to check on that because this is, this is the, the point of view of the polish side. what we know from our crew. basically they try to do well, the same thing i'm doing here to grew up to go live and to report, but from the other side of the border, immediately the, our polish police came over and told them to stop. so they called, they call the newsroom and they did what i was doing at the beginning of this uh, this live broadcast. they were doing it over the phone. they were commenting on the situation over the phone. and as they wrapped up, they sent a text message to the newsroom and it can to and it consisted of only one word. it
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was handcuffs. that's how we knew that they got detained. so maybe we will try to move from or from here soon to maybe get a bit of a vantage point. although people, they seem to be to begin to see the, they've started to sit down and just to stay put again, this is, this is their message. this is the point they're making. we've come this far and we refuse to, you know, to make a single step back. so this is what they're doing. indeed, temperatures. temperatures aren't exactly some alike. in fact, it is the, it's closer to our 202, maybe plus one above celsius. so people decided to make a move, a lot of journalists working in the crowd and a lot of jobs, but so far it seems, it seems, it seems that basically people here they have run out of space, or this is a and they aren't, they know that people here are their own about 90 percent of people here they're ethnically iraqi kurds. so, so they aren't really the, they do not want it,
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their own to be to be stopped up to death, especially given how many children there is here. i mean, there's about our 500 children. i don't think this takes into account teenagers every single time, like whenever with, whenever we come to the camp early in the morning. the every morning would begin with the sound of children, coughing. children school lunches give it a listen with ah, it seems eager it seems across these are clearly quite happy. they made it to this point. this checkpoint area along the border, eager were still monitoring he with light pitchers here. amazing light shots. you're sending us here on archie international. how do you, how do you feel that even as a correspondent, surrounded by all these people in this situation with an enormous military presence, it's almost like it's a tinderbox. there one match. and the whole thing could go crazy. how do you feel that it did to the feel safe where you are?
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ah, well, it is very tense here indeed. and of course the polls during the past few days. they have not been one thing they haven't been doing. they haven't been withdrawing their troops. if only thief, if anything, they would beefing up their military presence here. and well it, it tells you can clearly tell this is what they're, this is what they have done. so it is tense, but i'd say it's history in the making. i mean, this is, this is a new, a very fresh point of entry for the migrant. there's a bit of a commotion going on to towards the back side of the crowd there. and keep in mind how there are apparently, there are leaders, there are like been, oh people who are leading people behind them like that, that red thing. i can't do that rad, you know, fanny pack move anything on, on a pole. and so people are like their surely to bed l a bit like when tories groups, when they, whenever they assemble and a tour guide is leading them so that nobody gets lost. it's
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a little bit like that. it resembles it resembles it resembles that. so more people are pouring in, you can see the hopeful looks in their eyes of women and this, this lady speaking english. so can you tell us how do you feel right now? i don't know. i don't know any ideologies. are you afraid? are you afraid of what i'm afraid my child flight. so afraid. so would you think will happen next. what is, what is your plan? what will you do? i don't know. this is what, what, what will you do if they start using force against you? what? what if they start to use force against you if they start shooting or using water cannon. yeah, i'm sorry. okay, sorry. so you can see people are afraid. she, she is. she's afraid she's with a child. i can see if she's with her husband or if she decided to make the move make, make a move alone. but this is this, it's not really important because i'm sure that every how compatriots they are ready to give her whatever support they have. but i mean, these people,
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they aren't armed, this is one of the most important things to understand about it. they, they do not carry arms at lee. well maybe maybe southern have concealed them. but this be, we've seen no indication of that. so people are afraid, but just think about it for a 2nd. what it think, what it says about the lives that the lead at home, that they are ready to risk the lives of their children. i mean, look how small some of these children get lake out, maybe age 23, they don't, they don't understand what's going on. so they, they pin all hopes. they've been all hopes on their parents to, you know, to lead them to safety, to lead them to a better life in germany. look, this is, this is an infant, and this is not an isolated case. again, as i was, as i was saying, every morning would begin with a sound of children, cries, taught, la cries, baby cries, children, coughing, our elders, you know, elderly people and just grown ups coughing as well. because again,
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they are not used to these called weather's. they how many of them have no idea how to prepare how to dress for a weather, even as cold as you know, 0 degrees celsius. so many of them are maybe you've noticed they are dressed in very light overcoats and, and they aren't much about, you know, freezing temperatures. the can't do much about freezing temperatures. yesterday. air was filled with drizzle. so, and this is the sort of drizzle he simply can't get away from so, so i think will get soaked eventually this the, you know, these, that i clearly it's a really difficult time. i to the overcoat side whether 10 people are hungry, mothers are worried about their young children who are cold and, and i'm probably stream the angry as well. the ot see international is there on location. i've seen some of the russian press agencies there as well, but i'm not seeing any western press. i hope i'm wrong. have you seen any other journalists from the western press.


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