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ah ah, the week's top stories and artsy, food and medical supplies are running low for thousands of migrants. camped on the bella roost, pullin are trying to get into the you 8 groups of coal, this situation desperate. our correspondent reports from the city of this girl, a branch. now she is bleeding and she needs help. but the problem is that there are no medic around there are no doctor is around really nobody knows. well, how to deal with russia? essays and migrant chaos on poland. border is done to western interventions in the middle east. moscow has also denied you claims knob. it's masterminding crisis, austria, a non says a national lockdown starting monday, but only for those who haven't received the cobit proxy. we debate this are etc,
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and restrictions and all on merging around the we're we're not anti vaccine. i would see the importance of having the back date, however, i think you just go into a different level when it compulsory express care workers to be immunized. so we have to be careful to not let co bid once again mass a lot of the social issues that are going on ah, bringing you the top stories from the past 7 days on right up to the moment developments as well. welcome to the weekly r t. i mean in we started with the migrant crisis unfolding on the e use eastern frontier. a polish soldier has died on the beller roost border after his weapon accidentally discharged during at 10, stunned off thousands of asylum seekers. mostly from the middle east are attempting
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to get into the european union. during the week, they clashed with polish authorities tear gas was deployed on gum. shouts, heard, crowds tried to break through the border fits. ah . while poland e no threatened to shut on real trouble with ballard risk, which is not in the you 100 pressure from brussels, turkey, iraq. they are also trying to start the migrant flow, intimates by bonding direct flights, therefor, syrian yamini and iraqi citizens. let's in fact recall then how the crisis started . ah, with
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will not keep any micros. they did not come to us. they are head into enlightened warm and cozy europe. it was them who destroyed these countries. ah, with
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mala mala, with updated. take home and go back to your home. believe with the spike, the aid provided by beller, russian humanitarian groups. this situation is still dire, migrants including women and children, are injuring freezing temperatures, and the lack of basic supplies. our teeth konstantin roche cough travel to the border camp. one of the 3rd thing that he noticed when he entered the camp is just
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the smoke fix smoke from the campfires. and when you spend just a couple of hours in this thick smoke, you feel dizzy and your eye sore, but these people have to take it in 247 non stop. they be she, she's shaking from phrasing. look at this with what this is in trash bag bag. yeah. where for cool, you know, go under this, the, to stay warm. these migrants need lots of firewood. but even company trained to laws is a problem. if you don't have the skills or proper tools, having something as simple as an ax almost becomes a matter of survival here. where did you get the ax? this is us. this will the soldiers gave you. they just gave you does give you for
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help. go for hill and it's an all hands on deck approach. even children are being sent out into the forest to collect dry sticks and branches for bonfires. wow, good job. but wandering around in the woods can be dangerous. these girls just come back from the forest with blood all over her face. evidently this girl at the family with a branch. now she's bleeding in. she needs help. but the problem is that there are no medics around, there are no doctors around and i really, nobody knows. well how to deal with this. proper medical health is in high demand, as people suffer from the cold and lack of food in the morning. we came across a boy who was barely responding and it worried mother thought her son was not going to make it. later the day was stopped by again to check on the family. the boy had improved but still feeling sick. according to his friend who speaks english, yet everybody is determined to stay. but you guys, you have no food,
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it's really cold and you still think it's okay. it is worth it to get his house here instead of stayed at home at sources. why? sources, have you ever been to her right now? no. that's why you do now about there. but it's hard to stay resilient when your stomachs empty this my food, water aunt birth. just bread and water that yes. all yes, yes, yes, yes. all the both those empty and they got family, they got kids, you know, they need water, which doesn't matter. we pay money for whichever you mom. riley was any one to bring us some more to please. you know that the kids will be suffered too much. lacking proper food. this man takes vitamin. see. he says it helps him to keep some energy by and make up for his poor. died of canned food. so we have 3 cans of 2 or 3 men. and that's one can,
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is day one can for 3 men. so we eat one can for 3 men and a little little bit bread with the free food handed out by bad russian volunteers. and the red cross is live saving. but despite all the problems these migrants act is if they're here to state, some of them have hits shelter out of the wind at night. others dismantle parts of the metal fence right in front of the polish armed forces, wire and iron pillars. from the border wall are now used to make bigger and more solid shelters. so what started as a camp now might very well develop into a small village. and the population of the village is growing by the day as new migrants arrived. now there are $3000.00 of them at the border with poland. where did you come from? me to stand them for the little camp from comes on.
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we just don't try to collect to support your friends. so they're not going to stay . they'll stay with us. all of us stay together to learn. what will i will do for you? just waiting for one message, board of angela mitigate. because and yet i'm a good leave basically these, these people need him nice. the weather. very cool. i want a lead that it's of money and you lead out of germany hippo, thank you very much. hearing stories from their friends and relatives who made it to europe. these people believe that countries like germany and france would love to welcome them and give them money and support. and with this in mind, they're ready to stay and struggle at the polish border. konstantin ross called
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home the surge of middle east migrants trying to enter. poland sparked a war of words this week between brussels and minutes, with european governments threatening to impose deeper sanctions on belarus. will really presume innocence, you impose sanctions against me, against bell russian, that you went for a hybrid war against bell rooms. look at the media, economics and politics. and now that get hold of security, it's a hybrid war. and you want me to protect you from migrants, among other things. at that point we are facing a brutal hybrid attach on our you board us belarus. he switched renee's and matrons distress in a cynical and shirking to way or some western powers this week. drag russia into the migrant dispute saying it is masterminding the situation on the belarus, poland border and russia's president has once again refuted that claim saying it's
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merely a way of avoiding responsibility. the accusations being made against russia regarding the situation on the poland, blueish border, or on the conscience of those making them. it's a desire to shift blame to others in europe. they themselves created the conditions for hundreds of thousands of people to go there. and now they are looking for culprits to absolve themselves. responsibility, take care of your internal problems. don't shift your issues on to others. ortiz eager to dallas has more now on the western response to the prices on poland border . and why russia is being caught up into this boot. the refugee crisis has now been tormenting the e u for over half a decade. and finally, the evil engineer behind it has been unmasked and its well dar, russia. russia has its own far reaching goals. undoubtedly, this is d stabilization of the situation in the u. an attempt to permanently
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destabilized central and eastern europe. undoubtedly these of russia strategic goals. it wants to have an instrument of influence and blackmail over europe on the free world, acting with someone else's hands. officials in warsaw stopped just short of elaborating exactly what role moscow is playing and the calamity on the poland and bella. ros border states that are, you know, both not russia. they also choose to amid historical details of how polaroid helped turn iraq from which many of the migrants are fleeing now into the mess. it now is now polish politicians. here kids look a shank and means of making problems for iraqi migrants should recall how iraq was destroyed with the most active participation of boyish cell. yeah, some of the thousands of migrants on the border may very well. remember the sounds of polish boots marching past their homes, a memory hardly nostalgic for those who are now freezing on the board in makeshift tents and scraping for food. but warsaw is steering the conversation in
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a different direction. sanctions. we will stand for the strengthening of sanctions and the next european council meeting. we will propose not only strengthening sanctions in the current situation that is expanding the number of people who do not have the right to enter the u. and we will also propose far reaching economic sanctions. well, this is a statement somewhat expected from poland. it's a nation, consistently deaf to migrants please. this time though, it's message is being echoed much louder by both the us and the european commission . as long as the regime and belarus refuses to spect, international obligations and commitments undermines the peace and security of europe and continues to repress and abuse. people seeking nothing more than to live in freedom. we will continue to pressure lucas ranko and will not lessen our calls for accountability. delaware, my stop was in people's lives at risk. i call for approval of extended sanctions,
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possible sanctions, and 3rd country airlines involved. we also want to prevent the humanitarian crisis and ensure safe returns. it's a message which is in stark contrast to previous statements, even those by the same person to those who cannot go back or stay home, we have to offer alternatives. this means 1st that we must offer legal and safe fruits globally organized by us to those who need our protection. the commission stands ready to look into the necessary budget means to support a member states who will step up and help her settle refugees. europe in greece, a work in hand in hand for the people on the greek islands. we signed an agreement today for a new sense unless it was by september 2021. will bring decent conditions to migrants in refugees and support local communities when migrant storm the borders of the you through greece, italy, spain, turkey. it's so good,
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and every member state has to chin and help out proportionately. but when they choose an ally of russia full well, the same purposes, then unleash the sanctions. the use policy is double standard because if we ask ourselves the question, where do the roots lie of miss latest crisis? the answer is worse. sanctions and arms explored the you always present themselves itself as a liberal union that respects human rights. but what we observe now has already happened in the you external borders where people eat health, food supplies, water, and medical assistance. but people and, and their dignity came 2nd and the rule of the problem is definitely not belgians. this issue began when european union and the united states and nato supported wars in syria, iraq, one so many other countries. when just over a year ago,
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poland took a hard line anti migrant stance. it seemed there was no mending of this ideological chasm between warsaw and brussels. well turns out nothings easier when you find a common enemy, a pretty startling debt toll in this next story, a ferocious clash between rival gangs in ecuador is the biggest prison has killed at least 68 inmates according to police. and this city reportedly shows the inside of the facility inmates from one wing apparently crawled through a hole to a tuck, rival gang members. hundreds of officers and soldiers were deployed to regain control of the prison. but on guns and explosives and knives, up the scene of the fighting. more than a 100 people were killed there in september. in ecuador, it's worse than ever outbreak of prison violence. we'll have this hour as
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russia considers restrictions for the on vaccinated with a possible system of q. our codes coming in, we made developers finding ways of intercepting fake cope. it says that stories coming up with oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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ah ah ah, you're back with the archie protestors have blushed with police in the netherlands after the prime minister declared a new round of colbert lockdown measures. the
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arrests were made when fireworks were set off, and stones thrown at officers who responded with water come and the government's decision comes those new covert cases jump to an all time high earlier this week, despite the country having a 72 percent vaccination rate, the new round of measures include curfews and public places and early closing for another essential businesses. australia is about to introduce even tougher restrictions to research in covered numbers there. the chancellor has just approved a new nationwide locked on, which will only apply to the on vaccinated. alexander schellenberg earlier explain them is i don't see why 2 thirds should lose their freedom, because one 3rd is dithering. for me it's clear that there should be no log down for the vaccinated out of solidarity for the on vaccinated. a tough new rules were
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initially planned for just 2 regions, but are now being expanded to the whole country. that means people who haven't received coverage shops more than a 3rd of the population will only be allowed to leave their homes for essential reasons, such as buying groceries. seeing a doctor or going to work. and it is all part of a worldwide pattern in singapore, kobe patients who decline the job, will have to pay their own medical bills. regions in germany are allowing restaurants, bars and clubs to serve only those who are inoculated or have recently recovered from cove. it in greece, visitors to restaurant state services, and banks must present vaccination certificates or negative test results. while here in russia saint petersburg is imposing mandatory vaccinations for senior citizens. my colleague collin bray discussed the policies with a panel of guests earlier would be a better way to convince people to another to protect themselves, but also protect others. we emphasize the law on handwriting and infection control
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measures and being sensible. no, so i am safe distance and so i just feel that the whole force compulsory and takes it to another level. it just takes away the choice. and i think that the people are in the can county or the restriction is largely based on trying to prevent transmission or just trying to get the numbers up to make sure more people are vaccinated, as they say, circulate in society. no, we want to get the numbers off because if you get the numbers up a number of positive benefits, a crew one, the person is protected from severe illness and dine. that's one second. they're most unlikely to end up in the hospital. and then the 3rd, a immunized person is infectious for a short period of time. what we're seeing is a lot of confusion in maybe even some moral panic and hysteria that's coming from
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a lot of these bubbles and communities that are sharing concerns about the fears of not being vaccinated or the fears are being vaccinated. i'm way still vulnerable in, in our places what like, you know, i'm patients have visitors come in, you know, there's lots of people coming in to the hospitals and i think is quite unfair to just talk in those those health care work because you know and force it in, i think a lot of it, when we not mean i went out and see vaccine, you know, we can see the importance of having to vaccine. however, i think you're just going to a different level. when is compulsory insensitive places? sometimes one ruble, patients severely, clinically wonderful, etc. we've got to ask that you are safe to manage them. and therefore, if you are operating in that area, you've got to be immunized. certainly, i don't know how many my students are vaccinated or not at universities in the u. k . really like sharing that information. it's going to create a scenario where these passports and these documents really have us looking one way
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or another at somebody and the social ramifications of this, including the immense inequalities that could come from the treatment of each other . because of these laws and whether people conform or not, i have been talking to a lot of health care workers who have been hesitant about vaccines. a lot of them from menacing homes. and i gave them of my time effort and energy, showing them how the vaccine works, what it does, what it doesn't do, how to protect them, and in the end, most of them went on to get immunized. so we need to do our homework of inform, advised educate as well. but when connie we, we saw so some of the anger from u. k. care home workers about being told by politicians to get a vaccination. but that will be people who remember back to last spring, and that was fatality numbers in u. k. k. homes who are going to be thinking, if i'm putting my relative in these care homes, i want people to be vaccinated,
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they're going to be where it may be. find that behavior selfish? yes, i expect care workers to be immunized because unfortunately, this corona virus can be infectious and could kill the elderly people without your knowing on the day you were infectious, we have to be careful to not let co bid once again mass a lot of the social issues that are going on in society that have been a long time affecting people, causing deaths, causing long time ambulance weights. there are lots of issues that are underlying this, that we just like co overtake few with the government instead of mandatory a covey vaccinations. what would you do to convince people to get a job is not so much about convincing people being and people it be mandatory. i think it's more about giving people the choice and given them all the information that they require and letting them have the choice or russia is considering whether to rule out a q r code system,
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limiting access to public places on transport for the vaccine. hesitant. the government has presented the proposal to parliament g to a deadly cobit wave, but there are fears, over fraught with fake passes being sold on the black market, reporting now on how that's being tackled. and even franco. this is a q r code that i got from russian authorities to prove that i've got anti bodies from a vaccine. i can use it to go to a feeder for example, but for now someone can steal it from me and use it instead of me. soon though, that won't be possible because of an invention by one russian startup, which have come up with q r codes that cannot be copied whatsoever. at 1st glance, the cure codes that stanislaus invented. don't look too different from the classic ones we've known for a while already. but if you take a closer look, you'll see that they include a sophisticated additional element in the middle, a rectangle with a smaller and less traceable pattern of shapes. that's what makes
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a difference with books. so are you saying that york york holds cannot be copied in any way at all? yes, there is no way. it's sort of absolutely impossible to prove it. we can go over to the printer, make copies of all codes, and i'll show you how it works. then we can also take a picture of the q all codes on the phone until it's read them, and the copies can be read. you'll see for yourself with putting it last year to quote here is one of our q all codes. we can read it using our phone comer, mavita, we take it, read what is encoded inside and get the result. you did you now let's try to print a copy, click, where do we pull up your code here? bit of a program. let's try to read it again. was all mobile i currently am. and as you can see, the system can't read it anymore. we have the same thing happened when we took
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a picture of stanislaus code with a smartphone. the system wouldn't react to the one of the photo, even though it was a high quality one. only the original cure image triggered the act. i don't know what my form was go, what do i understand correctly, that your cure code can be used by the need factors on items that they don't want to be counterfeited? yes, that's right. maintenance actuation where you were ordering a product and the incident on some online store. but you get a part of the cost, a lot of money. now, without any q r code, the chance of this is eliminated because the manufacturer applies our q r code production site and uses ordinary people can scan it to make sure that this product comes come off a legitimate assembly line. it wasn't replaced anyway. here's a simple example ago, buys cosmetics from a favorite brand, though she is not sure that these are original products. and then she uses that. she could have
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a reaction to its original product and she can check it to make sure afterwards she can apply on her body or face and not worry about it. the quote was for how long did it take you to develop this, your code, which border it took us more than 6 months to create the initial prototype and it took another 3 months to go into must production. and how did you come up with the idea? you won't believe it. in fact, when we think about something a lot sooner or later it comes to mind, it just came to mandatory, needed to no one in this world has thought of it yet. we monitor the market on a weekly basis and there is nothing like this. and of course, if you were looking for ways to cheat with to our codes, this invention would probably disappoint you. but when someone tries to fool you or your children with fakes that you paid money for, that really isn't something that's going to make you happy. this new invention, the brand new almighty q r code will really make life of those who want to caching on fakes much more
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difficult and tranquil like tough but important watch next, focusing on those tasks which shipping young athletes can develop into something more sinister or short talk end game breaking. the silence begins in moments. ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off every device b as a potential entry point for security at any machine can be it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been and one step behind the attackers both for the william was one comes option in laws or if it's not a matter of if it's happens, it's a matter of went to
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lawyer. john little is well acquainted with the federation. his history has made it his mission to fight for justice for the victims of sexual abuse and sport. he has worked on countless cases in sports, such as gymnastics, diving, fencing and field hockey. but there have been more lawsuits against usa swimming than against any other federation. well, these are, these are the stuff in swimming. this stuff is pretty all. this is 8292. which guys i cannot keep track of all the swimmers that have called me over the years. there's too many john has all kinds of documents in his files such as this confession from 986 signed by a code.


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