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are you going the right way, or are you being led to some? well, direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. move, ah
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ah ah ah ah. for empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions,
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we can make mobile payments from our sons. we can tell alexa to open up our garage door, all those things come with it. a lot of efficiency and a lot of benefits. but with that comes a trade off, which is where there's more cyber security risk. an extraordinary amount of paranoia. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for us. a yes, the more chill open the shortness, new york city for you late. yep. so i'd love to hear from us, so on your ops, i didn't save or vision will you know what i'm writing? go obamacare, which though you will, if i stay you woke up she in your contact with silicon was forced to i usually,
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and people will share with i don't. and also your former manual with dealerships under the social world, mental chichi climate. she'd also, with a can come to the last, i'm still looking is national mission infusion is to gather your, to your phone, you be with me when you thought it just send you. busy this but annoyance and the connection that clear with crime that in a minute the water international go to the dean, but also try to get a form in there. but social salesperson has been worked on the 3rd statement with this. you could come in late. no, no someone did it and it was out, but that most people on the account is not secure,
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but be shipping. it will look like, you know, what this point was at the column, a done the 3 bunker scott the question done was it got to face boy's image right? the home or get them with there are some fundamental rules around password management, making sure that it's claxon often has the right number, right. the length, the right number of symbols are special upper lower case that type of thing. that's stuff that we're all familiar with. why we want to be careful when we're storing it all in one location, is because we're, we're doing a single point of entry to obtain that data. when you share a password, which is very common among users on the same password for 20 different applications . yeah, one, yeah. all of them a call with a question we're calling to put him into the washer until
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a ear rush hour and i have no i my name was done with a stereo. we'll fucker on average and that's her last year. that's ms. yetter is here for you to print a report from one of the sports on, on using a similar procurement in your for them. this year was a judge and spike loud here might be a problem. you know, just way calling the bus monitor to record your service. so we'll see you wash when you no problem with the credits here on the hornets. are part of a you and your burglar fusion, grow your mother or she will combine a couple of those type of thing though their income. but that's not something like a smoker. m, i'm not sure which he just did it,
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but it's contract among the church. i'm one or 2 different, but chica will always talk. we'll check was elizabeth as well. michelle, the session was up last night with the district. but then what could we just have checked on daily? thumbs up pretty quick positioning the payment a problem with them. it could be a couple to show. but other than what she had there all day that voice bullshit was liking the soil. love it in the soft ear on one of it also cost center file among those cities. pony of control can be a day. busy with the business today, leticia, this of some great for quote, a couple of the shop and doing some some more incentives don't. it's a dilemma of our current age. people have a false sense of security. while nothing happens, we have this sense of security that we're not going to be touched. it's not going to affect us. but at the end of the day, it is very prevalent and it is out there. you may not be the, the primary focus right now, but as soon as you become a profile target, then you're going to be the one who's going to be missing some money and you're out
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and you're going to be frustrated for leasing questions. you won't get used as a one year solar moisture. so there are some we used to lesson with dozens from me to use, which i'm sorry, joe parelta was letting you know it has no power. and that is also on the show. like for special to start on the deal, it could, she could use your machine, but don't worry us that she, i mean, of course i'm, you can just look in your stay for on this often by in translation without assert the issue was because frank, via shoshua catherine dunn all stood a school of mushroom soup sheet exemptions. please press 4. if this has reached for immediate jay's curse, them to provide with a different reason. the more money you tube they did reschedule. oh, it's a shipment. it's alisha. she received telephone in the bunk, keep so sleepy. what you homeless thought it was a lot on sounds for relations to was the most reported it. think
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you'd be surprised nowadays, the amount of information that exists about individuals on their phones, through their emails, through their corporate systems is generated at a scale that was like, no other before, from location data on your phone to all your personal information. you have whether it's your banking information at whether it's your at personal location and information about where you live, where your kids go to school. all of that information is available and it's on your either social media pages or on your phone, visit. the big an impact and risk on individuals from a database leak is identity theft. if someone has your name, your address, your date of birth, your email address potentially also the password that you use to access that
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specific website. they have digital footprints, they have your digital footprints, and they also have your physical footprint, as they know a lot more about you. at basal nothing, they can use that information to add, provide ortiz start to create an identity theft type of exercise. they can maybe go to a bank pretending to be you take loans in your name, take credit in your name when they access your email through fishing attacks. they can then reuse your identity within the organization to reach out to other systems within the organization that might store either personal information of customers or maybe some secret intellectual property that only your organization hass. for example, the design for the next car. if you're a car manufacturer or the design for the next i phone, if you're apple or some other organisation that's creating innovative products, those exist them systems. and hackers and attackers are always trying to gain the
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upper hand and competitive advantage by reaching those systems and maybe selling it or providing it to competitors. right. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side, a lot more progress actually on the hacking side, using ai and using other advanced technologies that there has been on the defensive side. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers and some of those at tech g developments because there's more collaboration and more sharing of information in the hacking and ecosystem. if you like. ah, do you need to be aware that it could happen to you? it could happen to you and for us from a cyber security industry, we say it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of when, if you start changing your culture to become more aware of that, then you'll start applying some security into your day to day, for example, you have stronger passports, you will do to factor authentication when you try to access some of those website.
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you might not leave your laptop on an unlocked when you're in a coffee shop. if you go to the toilet or you go to order something, all of those things you need to start putting into your life as part of that secure lifestyle with a shift given crystal, mr. production shorter to show us my little more special story reacher into america . utilize generous or are worth what you are finding out from you. can i me scrambling? there's there, if any authors written notice from them sent him cause it almost lost their secret of thought sent over to pistol, chris, john, them, i'm certain enough for which in your shoes with a straw cried kit other parkway. charlie are quite scar authority,
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but i'm worried about our course and started here. she's the rooster of the childhood. you'd only a recruitment shorter than what could i knew showing of empirical shapes at near thought. ro machine can you do to with we do much core. some of them are taught us, but you know, they're groupon still to picture predominant program. and i was returning a call to renew my a to put in the canadian door to renew my. it's a room junior group off get, some of them are sitting about the ocean of properties. when i own a car crow for her to come pioneer any more like a doctor's personal slowly the order. give it a pre student go for me. it was more of a sham come on, i mean is always a little grip. you're providing to talk to your security insurance. got to read. if i didn't commit a battle as adults. not michel mccarty,
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equation group as a shock. i'm using my 2nd shamika gun ash and yet i cool with no problem there. i can go etiquette jose, mine's a lot about the m d. and yet the cool response we still to bank you somewhere like here with the easiest thing. and i got a quote with a bill of car. is this the jim stein you at the cover, but i pitched in system e should i? it means lan with latasha, but how much to me is now to wish you deal. wish it. i had a store, i want to buy a brand new to like hear something about it is so hot or shoppers. oklahoma i got tv there. she has nice hear. good afternoon. my sound menu. so doesn't go to rock of just a medium or some. yeah. do you have neck with a stroke or if this is the vision? i thought it what it says shop us up a whole. yes, it's not caught on mission. i have a question. great. it was i calling on behalf of comply with are going should with news. and the chanel was me, is the easiest option to puddle in washing machine of national puddle in a puddle. i'm at a polka so saying in the part that somebody fun with close to when you leave it on
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your there's your teeth, preach in the town close on a true believers, usually highly committed to this well few songs and i recall scientific fundamentalists, i'm not very interested in the evidence about psychic phenomena or about the values spiritual practices because it gives you and stairwell to you. the evidence is very strong, spiritual practices and religious practices make people happier, healthier and live longer. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race who is on of very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very
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difficult time. time to sit down and talk with a essentially there's a malware attack, thousands made sometimes millions each day the spend down and gave again another push for cyber criminals to adapt to the situation. they start targeting the sim cards and the telecom industry. why? because they want to achieve or work out what we call sim swapping. so they will try to get a clone of your sim card to clone your mobile number and then use that on a different phone. ready and then convince the bank or convince whoever is attached to that mobile number and transferring money and conducting
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a lot of scam bikes and major organized crime, they adapted to the situation they use cyber. they used the technology, it's an extension of traditional crime. but we can't ignore how it's evolved over the and in order to discuss how it's evolved, lead to discuss how us as people using digital technologies that everybody is online. we are all sharing information to social media through messaging apps. do all sorts of bad at devices as well because everyone is digitized, everyone is moving to online banking out online, retail and so on. there's a smartphone, there's a smart tv smart cars, smart homes, you can't live without your smartphone. you can't live without technology and internet with it. so even sometimes you would see some impact, the privacy impact secured the impact from certain tools and technology that they
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use. but people eventually use them because they can't live without them with islam. the old old lot. yep. put you up on the boys near the way possible. look on back muzzle, so silent you'd you with a bucket seats? well, you got a little fish for them on being off. i'll speed on my system while dr for out. and so sleep is walk for probably in a guy that which is and they said, so i'm good, i'm me see a problem. hello, miss boss. i saw a guy that was sent mr. danny bristol. so the what the one b,
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there's no more. no boss will should more than one to deal with docile bark while i'm warm up on me needs of those voice more more, more lucy, below the world's voice for supporters or to seek knowledge of beautiful city. miss the following up order react, that'll document was watching all my watch was scholarship. i didn't want to just go to watch that video to notes. nickel national. i knew the author, i think a little off that is off. so mused yes. good company me. oh morley and my media, somebody me on the more you mushroom book mission that can still know i stuff, i mean, what christian log in throwing up on the sports web. sharesa walk, literacy more helpful. wal mart in connected systems and connected cars, connected buses,
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even the connected trains and metros, they can be hacked. some of those cases have happened to us cities. so we had a san francisco not too long ago, get hit hard by a ransomware, where their entire public transportation system was completely useless. they could not to recover from it. a lot of people trying to use the metro trying to use the trains, but they couldn't buy a ticket. those situations happen. they happened in and different types of cities. they haven't happened in dubai, thankfully yet. but it's definitely something that we see a lot of to be honest, i've always been impressed by what tesla was doing, not just from a car perspective, but how they were picking up on the data. so they now they have so much data and intelligence about autonomous driving. and i think for me, it's part of being in this new world, you know, being into an early adopter of electric vehicles. i wanted to
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try it. i want to experience with, ah, a humanoid robots are i right, boss, generate that full size even though i grade was we make ones that look like robot, say, plastic mental. but we also make arrange that are human. okay? so the lifeline silicon skin and they look but they want to move like a human. do you see drone behind you?
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yes. this drone in the future will be used using artificial intelligence. it is a taxi service that to think streaming useful thing. don't you think my friends out of it? what out that way and threats of what would be so intelligent, artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. a robot may not injure a human being through inaction. allow a human being to come to hom, a robot must obey orders getting to it by human beings, except where such order would conflict with listening to lift the couch. and i'd also like jack, a photo avoidance from yep. want to put him yeah. a couple a blog with something that was a law just be really sticky instrument. could you please? yes, ma'am. to cut that up as well as similar to what you call us semester. and then we'll watch a movie more of the law and order schwartzenegger micron. yeah, that was put on that one more look was when you to rush, i mean we'll switch this to show me, but if you put off some yet, yes,
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a 0 my come score. i am, it's are all but the thought i have a future. my chicka thought it would do it, it comes to me, it says that, you know, we're far more, he's much double holiest and with no chilly america photo call. switching with at reach out to me. chem, put more stones deal and there's natal. i'm a cookie committee. alex is some would actually come to boys options. question a people love, right. want to say they love to sit in the tasks are able to do is to convey messages to talk to you. and the best for them to talk to a person is another person. so instead of just walking in to maybe a reception or, or an apple web, if there's a humanoid figure or humanoid presence that, then you're going to think i could talk to that one, use a switcher fietta where the excuse me to live now,
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which is the might so there was a christian yeah. if that over down this on the which which outside bills which she took on some small group of suicide. 50 the dish to it when you much more the baby law. and what do you know about hackers? are you speaking about ethical hackers or unethical? because i had to go with markers unethical. hackers are indeed a threat. any machine can be hacked. a bulk of construction listed on the will not come for 2 adults was requested i knew will not cities kicker go to putting on that the world is becoming more digital bit people aren't going to become completely recursive and only stay in and i really use digital liked and even over the past, say, 10 years you can see how people have changed this through something simple like small and back. 10 years ago, maybe 15 years ago. if you told your salary or anyone that you have a device that can track you out and see where you've gone,
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see if you've been waiting and see what you thought, everyone would go. we can't do that. that's, you know, that's completely against everyone, liberty. we can't do that, but now everyone's got a device in that book. it does exactly that, and people have accepted it because our lives are inherently carry with them. the more we allow our lives to be taken over. if you can use that term with digital aspects, with io t, the more open we are to security threats. so it's a bit of a trade off, but it is, i think one that's worth while we continue to battle cyber security as best we can . and it's one of those things that i think that trade off pays for itself over and over again. we can't deny that the digital transformation is happening and it's a good thing for humanity. we just have to be careful what technology will come out
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. we will then one of the things that's happening in the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be way to really worried about it. most people would equally be you can put a chip in my right. bob, this is where i'm saying actually that will be accepted in the future. or maybe we will have implants in the brain that will directly today. yeah, i was like, well, to the bush and you can done royce or some more sort of a more an expert in the machine on a booth at the deal. but also we need to deal on that. you would to do what id supported. i mean was the one i knew what a lot machine used to print a machine you agree with you guys or to i? yes, those are some are machine and one was a brand new to like no bonus, telegraph minish, but that wasn't an issue. that's the problem with my treatment. it's a problem with that, which i could go to go daddy legally
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in the future like criminals, can use artificial intelligence, machine learning, why actually find vulnerabilities in other other bits is not where all the networks the information could definitely be active. if you, if the recall or abilities in the software in the same way that right now, your computer to be hijacked on your search engine to be re directed to a different website, which will give greg with that he's gonna be hard and connected. cars can be hard and all the different devices now that are connected to the internet can be hack. lou . we have many substance and digital electronics linked to
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each other, to protect the people should mm. we are using it always to analyze if there's any major exit or anything to reach that people and keep them seem to see a bit like mm hm. degraded to generally a very often foundation for security and happiness and like at the same 9. mm hm.
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as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. mission with my by everybody here. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. the price of a to, to, to achieve really was, was proud to wash a red as a paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming is that documentary, i see it on our tea back guys, financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price,
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didn't help. well, reduce a lower that's under cutting, but what's good for food market? it's not good for the global economy. a water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states. northern gulf, a main has suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations years exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and tension or high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the part where there could be costs that would be significant to post countries. border dispute don't go away . they discussed some things going to happen
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for a week's top stories here. one haughty, international food and medical supplies are running low for thousands of migrants. count on the bellow roofs, poland border trying to get into the you. with aid groups, quoting the situation, quote, desperate a la correspondent was out the scene. evidently this girl, i understand with the branch, now she's bleeding and she needs help. but the problem is that there are no medics around. there are no doctors around and i am really, nobody knows what, how to deal with this. russia says to migrant, chaos on poland border is down to western interventions in the middle east and denies e. u claims that it must of binding the crisis. the dutch government spock's fury with his new coven restrictions, as nations cracked down on the unvaccinated hero.


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