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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 13, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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ah, ah, with what you're saying, the migrant crisis on the eastern border is the result of the blokes military campaigns in the middle east. thousands remains stranded at the poland deliveries frontier who look over it. we must not forget where the micro crisis originated from is better is really the 1st country to deal with these problems. no visa reasons that were created by western countries themselves including european, once you, as the pales caught, once again were jack sto, biden's, national vaccine mandate for companies to get stuff jobs, a service personnel and government workers join the backlash. and we look at how western military's all struggling to fight culture was among their ranks. as the u
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. s. marine corps attempts to hire a diversity equity. i think collusion advise that details on these stories are much more. you can visit our website, r t dot com, and we'll be back with your sunday morning headlines in analysis time with i'm after retention, we're going on the ground coming up with the show. what's really going on in sudan . we ask the countries ambassador to the u. s. appointed by the overthrown administration. if his country is next in the firing line, the president biden's plans for the horn of africa, and we osgood or ours,
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commissioner general, why his agency, which provides age about us to the refugees, is on the brink of collapse at the time when those refugees are more in danger than ever from lebanon to syria, to the world's largest opening prison camp garza, all of them all coming up and today's going underground nation. meteor has been predictably scathing about a change of power in resource rich to dawn. as the i m. f friendly, prime minister, abdullah ham doc was removed from power. joining me now from washington, d. c. is this it on ambassador to the usa that ham doc appointed neural din sadie ambassador, thanks so much for coming on. we'll have to be very big picture by the end of this interview. something i might have come out a cartoon that we didn't know about. just describe what happened. i know lee finance minister who remained jubilee by him said it wasn't a cool but as i understand that the by the administration's jeffrey feltman envoy was in khartoum. and then with it ours, the prime minister was gone. yeah, well, what happened is that if she is ultimate him,
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so say that he has been lied to by law han and i just on our, on the military leader, lieutenant general. i yanna miranda need to read that though. i know linda cool. and i'm actually before going before leaving, he had the impression that everything was okay and that they had agreed to move forward. and i and then new was real. of course completely surprised when this happened. i did not expect it to happen. nicholson. i'm gonna run a shooting that interesting my looking. so feltman biden's man and he thought it's ok for a country to 400 percent inflation, 80 percent to $40000000.00 people living on less than a dollar a day. and 2700000 suffering from acute malnutrition. that's what by the ministrations envoy feltman thinks as oh right. oh fun. well,
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it's not all right. it is not. all right what, what is not life actually story that is that to my the gun. and we knew that the after the, that the legacy that you had it is on my machine is in that sing. sure not to be are right. i always in there 2 or 3 years. actually i am one on those who wrote the actually a book about this and said things. will it start that being all right? ah, 5 years on because they're a little, you're blaming, you're blaming this poverty. and the 2700000 on alba, sheer not on the govern, of course, because you have been there for 6 years. you are there for 50 years and there is nothing to show hurry as well. really. we have to take that into consideration t o, i mean to the global south the changed since alba here has mean your closeness to
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israel. i understand it. your alignment against iran, ah sudan has become more a proxy of washington d. c than ever, hasn't it? before the year before a lieutenant general wareham has intervened. well, i live in c a proxy and we are interested in. i read dressing and correcting our relation with the international community antonucci in, in areas double to meal. is there certain countries that can help us will do so. and my duty ambassador to washington last year she said that we, we have her a really lovely life and the active it already nation. so the u. s. me the, i am, if we the world bank and of course, really the african american bank and another by nation institutions. and without doing this is going to be very difficult or to sudan are to recover its rightful place in the international financial community from which you have been isolated.
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there are over 20 years. have you spoken to jeffrey feldman? we spoke about him on this program because he's alleged to be interfering, of course, in the, in the conflict in ethiopia where the united states has been accused of for supporting the t p l f. and have you spoken to jeffrey feldman since the change of power and cartoon? well i, i can see that i did, of course, and he has been on the media and he spoke on, you know, openly about the situation in should on. and he's recently of course, involved in situation issue here because he has been called by the children and to shabamo some of his will to issue. do you think her, he discussed the plan by the russian federation to put a naval base in sudan with the prime minister ham dog before he was overthrown? i don't think so. you don't have to draw because obviously presumably,
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the biden administration is against he, a russian naval base being put there on the red sea. well done some this and freezing knowing, denying the kind of, well situation that's in developing along there, etc. and i and the, and the, and globally, i mean very quick that china's ambassador margin min met with allah marhem, after the change of change of power in got to can you not see that as the emerging economies, as it were, or certainly the global economic superpower by p p p at china. seems to be treating a lieutenant general elbow. honda decision with respect. well yeah, well i, it is for them to the sides were now do i respect or not? but there were none the only ones to to, to meet with the alan graham. now,
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many other people including some western ambassador sir met with him. but feldman hasn't threatened another rob libby, a style intervention because of what is going on in khartoum. i mean, we got to say that this in the context of washington wanting coups in venezuela series, european eritrea, iran, china, and russia, maybe somehow against what they call a qu in your country. where loud is this guy as to what you said aloud schools last? not my, i mean my intention to going to that kind of detail, but i, we wouldn't of course, welcome any kind of intervention minutes ain't and mentioning shouldn't whatever happens the people are capable with kicking carol messages. do you think that there will be other countries who will be able to replace the 700000000 dollars aid package from the biden administration, which i understand has been stop when i think that's
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a question to ask to the local voters, what are their plans to replace whatever assistance is coming from the international community. i mean, they oh and you know, when, when you, when it was a prime minister ham dog, $6400000000.00 are owed by sued on to china. yes, that's being discussed of course. and we are on the pass, so finding on solutions to that and he did not get that response of the legacy of the former. you that over and miss you. so arguably, when the i m f tells the sudanese government whatever government it is, what to do as regards privatization as regards a liberalizing of the economy. the argument cartoon should listen more to be jing than it does to the i m f in washington. when i think we are going, you know, we need a, you know, the short tin needs and the area needs to
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address the issue that we have with the international finance and by nation institutions. i'm them in one here is i am if i'm china, so he's new little guy. me not so good that. and we are discussing it. nicholas, it counts in order to reach this and get our mockery economy in order to be able to get it on the he did a big name that we have and it's only norman, so it's a talk to and i knew about that. that does not mean that we should not talk to china. china is a, is an important ally to so done. i only said to me, if we had billed or anything to continue on the civilian side, it would have really wanting you to engage in china. and i like to be in a conference and say, you just have no idea why general one would have lost patience with what the by administration, envoy had to say to him. no idea at all. well actually it was,
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and that's one of the yes, on incident little had a plan that he started to put in place for weeks ago. actually located on east answered on last part of it there, sitting in front of me on this last part of it, mobilizing some of the, you know, signatories or the you about getting into a spot to me. and it wasn't a clear that she was preparing. i keeping cool and even we were aware of that. but why do you think, why do you think the finance minister of the government you supported and were appointed by deborah? abraham doesn't call it a coup. i, you know, it is a google, she seems not interested to buy. okay. unity more than anything else. i think he thinks that this interest that's going to be able to get a niga shared with the cake. she was either mediately. well,
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obviously we like him, him on the programming daily. probably deny. deny that. do you think though that under general board hand, some of the foreign policies that are used will change? i mean, will you continue to recognize israel is a big friend when you continue to support us foreign policy in the region? i don't know she lives, gee, latsnitch, jenny a lot because the, the geo politics. you know, i sit in obligations. i'm stating facts on the ground that need to be a nice. i'm opening up to his writings. of course, this is continually no doubt about that. and building relation, the se, continue also, but does not exclude entry, shall open up to other schools. and just finally,
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you personally have you heard anything from general bore hand about whether you're going to remain the ambassador in d. c, or will be and you have massive no, actually i. e m, and he in general, were home as a commander in chief of the armed forces or sudan fan 17. and if you're much ash, commander on the, on policy, the sudan. and i happened to be one of them that of course, inside the vehicle. and i use him as being the head of this, she letting me an estimation of sudan. i and the, and the legitimate government since they didn't know government anyway, i decided to remain in place. well, many of the people have remained in the government. do you consider the sovereignty council announced by general hon to be a legitimate no, not at all. it doesn't get him to call this up appointed by an illegitimate body.
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has no right to repeal the constitutional document. you have no right to appoint ministers, have no right to appoint members only for in council or least, of course, will be put into question by the people or should i say thank you. now for the break. as the u. k. cut support for the un agency which age palestinian refugees while continuing to support bombing and sanctions on the places those refugees live . we oscar, i was commissioner general in the countries that create the refugees, should pay more to support them all as of all coming up about to have going on the ground. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack mitigation, i think a leading but only eventually
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there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber plans right now, i'd be ready to really worried about it. most people would really be you can put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive slayton. i look forward to talking to you all that take should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except when such order that conflict with the 1st law of the patient. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point, obviously is to create trust rather than fear
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a with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with obama protective own existence with with welcome back from and arguably us intensified economic, an energy crisis in lebanon to abutment of gods, or the killed hundreds to a continuing corrode of our it's fun, demik. this here has been one of the hardest in almost a century for palestinian refugees. so why then is the un agency that supports them facing collapse? i'm joined now from amman and jordan by the commissioner general of that agency in ra phillipe lorine commission. general, thanks so much for coming on. i mean, how is it possible that the you and really even works agency may be facing collapse
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that's unfortunately not a new. i mean, the agency has been into a come into crisis now for almost a decade. since 2014, our income have not increased. but as you say, we are in a region with crisis does tend to richard. you need to have also significantly increase the unexpected agency like on the want to deliver on the needs expectation, which is not the case anymore. ok, you know, to be in to come across is a region. there is a lot of despair distress, but also under because basically more easily than of the brightest in rich jesus. i'm the more want it into a financial crisis to move the partisan refugees. she'll abandoned by the international community. and this crisis is really on setting. it's on setting for
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the for g is on testing for the staffer, but also for the host country. wonder if yes or not on the one will be able to continue to deliver critical services to the funniest in refugees. yeah, i think many people think of and rolla because of the everything pictures coming from garza in may, but of course your roommate is a refugee is millions of them across the middle east, syria and lebanon. and so for jordan, we are speaking to be from joe biden, just gave you a $235000000.00 in aid from next april. i know that the u. s. is just sold 735 millions in weapons to israel. but what's happening? i mean, shouldn't that have saved you after the trump decision to defend you? number one didn't see a lot over the last few years. so from the financial crisis center and had to put in place to number of also recommended measure. and if you go beyond that to today,
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it will definitely impact that not only the quality of our services, but also the scope of all services. now the u. s. 3 engagement has been very, very important. and we have a saluted the return of the u. s. at unfortunately, it has been offset by decreases by decrease funding from a number of tradition dorna, but also from lack of strong engagement. here in the reason, i mean, can you see why barra johnson here in britain which slashed the ground by 50 percent for 42 and a half 1000000 pounds or 20800000 pounds? i mean, obviously with issued weapons sales this coming to $400000000.00. israel. what would you say to mars johnson? well, that the decision to last and to decrease the over the budget from 0172015 percent of the g d p. has barrick the consequences, it has
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a human consequences, but it has also an impact on keeping and maintaining the stability here in the region. i'm a just to remind our viewers, say in garza, i mean they're just the other day. there's a 13 year old killed in the occupied territories. what does in row actually do? because obviously the red cross streisand does what it, why tries to aid agencies our indigenous ones from his bola, from my mouth, from the p a. they try and do it. what does an ro actually do in gaza say? but let us examine it, which is our major operation right now. we have nearly $300000.00 girls and boy in our schools, in garza, we have a nearly 70 percent of the population. we rely on our primary health services, but also on our associates. if can into a program,
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we are providing food to 70 percent of the population into a strip. so we are a lifeline. and it top of that we have the 2nd biggest employer in the guys us cheaper. so a, so your appealing to donors like britain, germany, the united states, the u. sweden. i mean, these are countries that are selling weapons to israel, that they used to bomb. sometimes in rolla facilities, you're appealing to those countries to give you money. meanwhile, those countries sell weapons the blow up, garza, can you don't see some circularity here. i am a feeling to the members are to translate the strong political support and mandate being given to on the war and to mit materialize into matching
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resources. this is what i am doing. basically there is an expectation from the international community that in the absence of a last thing. but if you could solution that the agency on wall provides a human development activities and services. it was a by this thing, refugees. ok. i'm not showing that onto the circularity question, because it is strange. explain why and you know, israel and i think some american officials have complained of and rela, facilities being used by terrorists to say, as they call them. just remind us what happened in in may when, when you k. u. s. german funded israeli aerial bombardment of gaza attacked attack the strip $256.00, including $66.00 children killed to remind us what happened in may. as you mentioned, there have been 66 and killed in together. and among them you had also
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a number of keys where attending the what school. now during this conflict, our schools are, i've also been safe haven for about $70000.00 a scene and we were seeking refuel in our schools. so may, has been a human tragedy. it has been to force conflict in 14 jasa, you highlighted some of the absurdity. i went there just a day after the conflict, and basically people were completely traumatized that they were already talking about a possible read upset. and basically we are in a situation which i would define as a chronic of a next a conflict. and we have to break the observed circle.
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and wow, as the recovery mean, i mean, behead of any, i know you're going off to the european union in a, in a week or so as time as i say, joe biden, 735000000 dollars in weapons sales to israel bars johnson selling off a 1000000000 to, to israel, i was the recovery be in before, perhaps the next conflagration. wow. i'll see you on fortunately much more modest. we had the indeed an appeal we have received. about 15000000 don't are to initiate some of the recovery and many the wedding and the shelter of the most, the most major center of the medicine. refugees. and we have started this kind of rehabilitation a just after the war, just what we also did because a trauma has been very, very, very deep among a petition on don't forget,
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december petition, i will so gone through a teen monster of the covey. and then you have this war we have wrote very quickly and that was very proud of the children back to school in order to to to do re fixed out you know to do the heating of toma and to prepare them for the new school year. no problem about getting textbooks across the israeli checkpoint, aside from the building materials to actually build the classrooms. no schools are really to be used. some say that it in rolla was prevented from working as they would wish to because of financial constraints. other people fill the gap. why do you think it is that indigenous groups, whether it me democratically elected officials or as well or p f l p. what, why can't they do their own schools from their own fund is
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a weakness of the, of the pedestal refugees. and basically at the time of the creation, it was expected that we deliver services in the absence of recorded because solution, if on the world would be today the content. in the absence of such a solution, it could be immediately be interpreted or being a total abandonment of the international community is applied to the refugees. and you're right. by the way, if tomorrow we are not in a situation to provide our services. and if it collapses, it will definitely trigger a crisis. and after the crisis, some might be tempted out of that to feel of the gap a gap. but it's certainly not the same that you to me and the same type of
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monday. the one being given a lot obviously has. well, i would differ when it comes to refugee camps and chevron should deal and so on, in lebanon, where they already do give aid. arguably, what about russia and china? do you think that rush, i know russia has given money? china is given money to you. very small compared to the money from the usa. do you think they just think, given that most of the arms come from nato countries and should be funded materially mostly from those countries, sending the weapons to israel. i don't know what to do. so we usually have a very strong support when resolution being up to the in support of the agency and mandate. but it is true that there is some room for improvement when it comes to translated because people to the resources we are receiving support from countries like china and russia still very,
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very modest. and corona virus, obviously the parent corona virus, per capita case number's and death numbers perhaps are less than here in london. how is corona virus affecting the refugees in the camps right across the middle east? yeah, i would say a similar to the population in the respective countries. so one over the last 18 months has been part of a national response campaign, both for the prevention, but also for the commission, a campaign. and just finally the embargo on lebanon. how does that affecting and rob is work as we approach when to i mean, we are in, i'm very concerned about the situation in a political, financial and economic collapse. it's further exacerbating the situation in the car
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. i went a few months ago to visit and anyway, i'm not and but you know, anger is boiling. there is a lot of frustration. people are really desperate. there is a lot of nasa and we should never forget how wine the situation is extremely difficult for the entire population. never known. it is a even more difficult to put it in riches has been over the last few decades, also discriminated when it comes to accessing livelihood in the country. just briefly, you know, do you expect the united states and britain to allow fuel this winter to come from iran to lebanon, to syria, with their refugees? i have no idea. i guess it would be as good as yours commission general. thank you. thank you very much. that's for the show. we'll be back on monday to talk satcher marks and osu with one of the greatest chroniclers
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of the working class experience. oscar nominated, armed or winning director mike lee until then even just my social media and let us know if countries around the world should stop homing israel with weapons that kill bellas canadians. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk as a career professional sport is much tougher on some than others with 0 human meyer by everybody. so why would somebody believe me?
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i was just a little girl a very to.


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