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isn't religious, says make people happy, telfair and live longer. ah ah. the o. exchange turner. i'm here and i'm pretty sure that charlotte been re about. why don't we? why am i going to change of any wires which in our nation bring cards for us, the total me practitioner warning
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a performance you were calling? yes, we're to come monday and i share with trying to create numbers. now bundle ones for 2 for non linear, 5th shit and i need it was read the packet, the total share and all that, even your model, number of bits of the nothing at the national we keep coming on quite a bit of it all for some reason i'm calling to restore our vision and dental care internet explorer. here we're going to review on a pre approval through the right around the, for someone that can tell you where the anger possibly need to move out. so you want to provide your infrastructure or when your local pot, i'm finally got more than a full size microsoft contract when we come up with and i think we're here to get back a little bit on your computer. i'm sure it will ah
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ah ah, i was looking for an apartment to move in in the month of march, the seo in 2020. and i get a random email on my g mail from angela morrison. she claimed to be um from the u. k. an old couple cannot travel to use any more. and they have bought an apartment in of april bella street, they'll go to the city wall. she said that she wants to leave a doubt because it's empty and she, she's dealing with air b and b. so i thought okay, maybe because it's a, b and b, it's an international brand and mean it'd be,
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it'd be okay to deal. or she sends me on links. it has reporters of the apartment. it has a logo of air b and b. it has a ratings, it has feedback from different guests. i over the emails we were discussing and i said okay, i'm ready to take it. so she said, yeah, okay, you with b and b and b directly and i will get the confirmation. so i made the payment, i go to the mean. it's the it'd be in be payment del website. and the notification comes i put in my god is i say b mm. i'm not gonna be in this home for sending in your spare report routine. little mini service and then you would want for sure, when were you still here or they don't really care since you pretty yeah. on top of the water. difficult to part time in from it's on the dropbox is that on obama, which will free for our 1st year. ah, that's really odd enough audibly garage in there. yes,
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this is chuck shane. but santa ana, sports in san angelo ear. boys over to them ma'am. can you can name it, you're pretty record at your school machine, and she doesn't ramp, especially just for me wrong. me what i see here are the why of saw jesse you showed at the right at the rosters creeped up on a strong ear in europe by repeated dirt. and a strange one ought to notice across the lip boehme e. my me, i'm for quote and i have a strange call. raphael patricia, let's go to wyatt's in the pony to me. come on computer screen from on surface that i need to keep it. and i under bonnie rumors name is justin for the border people on the account, their blood units, coffee expired. they've eod is up on this issue seriously. assured that integral machine is said to produce quite quantum ways. i me into gentle my social is long. mm hm. automatic, again, this chat box opens up. i'm, it's this going to call upon the mom for she's like,
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god, i'm from a to b and b, b received your god, the deals and be processing your payment. so i said okay, i'll do it. i made the payment and she deducted. so i got a statement of the money deducted in euro's so i don't know that. why did you do doctor noodle is because i'm being you in my know cut out and see she's like, oh care. sorry, sorry, be able to refund it and he will charge you again. so i said, okay, you know, whatever charge show, send me the refund. so she's like, you know, we're processing it. mm. so one day went, 2 days went. so i told her, look, a red is the refund, and she's like, ya, can you get another notification on your phone? just give me that number and i will process the refund. so i give her though, or d b again. she takes another 8000 that and so in our daughter, she's taken 16000 didn't strong my. and that's when i thought something is gone.
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drawn noon a to us. look what else? noble. look at me. come to play slightly at the small capital 11. you really with young additionally we, the picture on the machine should get us a fusion or w to what i did was like when we site coupled or you were going to push them as well. wish that great easy might use this new. we done the prediction lucian. i need to get through
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them. then i called air b and b headline. they said we cannot find your name, beacon or find the horse name. we cannot find this apartment. we don't have any of these details. we will what you will do our scam and fraud department because this seems like a scam with me asking about frontier or if its just an engineer new york university, procrastinate video from the me but yeah. sportsman but i was one of the senior steve senior brought to me this year. i'm pretty darn guy that i bought the cheaper which teacher used to put a horse to junior. i'm talking to jim young, it's
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a quarter. not of money, doesn't work. the only boy scheman, i'm interested in an impostor in your name and your 1st name to talk about. and that will come on. dillard mclaughlin. uncle yup. will not start. it's beside nor slowest. bob got to put you on your ear clunk. erna dobbs dominates, mechanical asked you to wait a minute there. ballasa. libra, buckeye. minnie deborah mccord miracle. yup. router as chief rates have been conducted, yards are probably caught you at the got at the morning, which is poison talking to when we're gonna. but as i'm seeing people on lexical relations, even to just kind of tucker at the black box, they're sort of been come up when you war originally, computer room, go idea. when camara, ear seen only a see from would come up potentially from i've got to why i have certain critical don't come on for judas. actually if you will. mission it. but krycek swim will compute little. he's been come out there. she could be spencer, ear or you know, pretty more come on to dispenser all the way on with them. all. ginger pollution fresh cuz it is a shit to clean up our national at the funeral. charitable shania, it's on prom, been jo, can short floors not notarized,
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astonishing at nissan sheds when wishing you come. that's why you bought oil crap owner cars. good oscar down you recorded. but if you come when you're going to enter is from last year. and torres are so kind of cheap, are you not talk properly? but his words are boys are totally new to me. son. ingenuity. mm. oh. live humans. it. oh, read. read drugs that when i do see that in red shoes or, and she has a house hill, it was very believable. nobody can see it was a freak website. i had shown that link to my colleagues office. i showed it to my friends. i said, see this at mcmann? this is so nice. nobody said that this is freak. nobody got it. it is free. sometimes if you see i some spelling mistakes, you see something, you know, you are lazy to something seems a little wrong. but this was a buffet, you know,
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like a pull, 2nd copy of the website, even the noble i'm trying every day to find gone dives, who can help me ad b and b said no, they cannot help. it is trauma because you lost money or you feel a bit stupid that you know, how could this happened to you some way i have lost. they took me, i thing 56 months to make my faults to online payment in order to buy something online. otherwise i was so scared, i check 100 times. i check, you know, is this website, craig, is this vendor alleged to make you lose trust in the whole new internet speed? mm hm. a lot of money has gone within like the same scam, same people, same names. the dog side is that you don't know what this money is being useful. you know, it can be used for wrong things, and i don't want to be
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a sponsor of that. you know, for whatever, although things that are happening in the water with whatever you know, stuff which still happens on the dog away. but whatever, i, i don't want to be part of that with summer resume. or if the charter used to go to job one cost from 6 to their own best option as uniform. if somebody were to go to when you use your best option brochure w in your content. but i know one kind of putting me off special, getting your id 101. yeah. bon, confused herb to meant buckingham joyce, where he shed received is up boston. daniel dealer. massage vancho nissan of elk grove. this is jim pazzar use your machine used to i was issued on, we got the order put in this market awards for one year. she sneered over to them on which i'm sure you won. numerous people which had very presidio spot at them as well. so if i could, i'm a block volunteer. i knew scott wooten you back or when you're sure you're more than blind, your bon questionnaire. that girl never pneumonia is up boston just like realizing mm.
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a. so it's a company, a bug which a company which is a yellow investors to show me a moment along with the bank them. so i'm always happy to set that up. so almost done that i want to keep the resume, steve, which i'd say that i'm making a little it's based on companion with combined. yeah. what's new, even though it's this is a bug off or so much to them. exactly like, what is the oral or, or dish to well, my little whoop, which it is. i've nobody in there. so i knew i didn't belong to some subjects. impish door sydney was being a little boy and i didn't do right now. i was out there, but i'm not so sure. is this my check, i'm fine as well because there's so much a company is there is a bus, mr. show each dish southeast in a threat that we have with you a ballpark right?
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no bug, wellington middle and they still have not been turned off us, didn't it? but like i said, what a o is your media reflection of reality.
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, community? are you getting the right way or are you being that direct? what is true or his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, a justin aboard anesha is out of the wondering nebraska. do you know if you've been a donkey boy?
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not poor scuffle. that dimension was out of with the expert. who are that much on this bottom? it's a friend board procedure would serve on my outside the initiate. i'm marketing water . nice. i'm fine. you. what i secret that you might have to produce them computer and produce the plane. yeah, i really grow for a new joke. i thought i would not agree, not to point michel, artist. but if you on the hot box, not fully just on the border to the putting me on the on put that your one which is still on the greatest on a bit agreement. you best. i be grossman on. i got back with the daughter of the daughter is putting up them. good on that he she a credit you for that type of things. strike katara. that's probably isn't that margaret resumed, please ready. because i'm waiting on me, minute cable in your pocket. i mark them off the truck, right?
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you got like not a lot and you got to make sure i really didn't care. i'm not and you're not, you're not gonna come off. yeah. how do you need to pick? i'm going to mr. not a name and not probably the proctor and hyper put me on hold the internet from the you know, internet from there you know, they can restore mom was reported to you more which is not correct. so be sure to finance. well, more precisely, the voice here to stop for the cars on the phone here. give me one moment. yep. like each one would be if one on your one with me, one more. so we split up, you know, here. so i was just like i said, you know, by me, my wife was at the moment, making sure you got because she spoke to my graduate that i did get the quote for
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a group of call. you can show me where it's warm. yeah, it's huge range of pretty alarm over the years like for me, which is i get him and most of the machine, the children and he's like, oh no, the number we genially one fish can lose you. dish mancha. mr. mac, i'm fuel on like usually washing the digital avoid cynical. com site, your phone line, bama. gotta push name down if you're, if you're not rattle. so i'll know where the g, when you processed, and the mock 90 shoot garage in aging yeast or 0 that saw or which correct. i'm logan. no, i could have done them. nobody is opening up. i shook amandola. took authority
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still if shaking. so at your sins near the proposal mar, installed the mineral, mark, derbyshire interested, neutral, scrub, understood. it didn't come on in with me from a song born bowman was for stiffness. these fiscal immuno forger, keep it from your but i'm, we're star physician here slash knee cra, apply me here. he was out of a book more good morning, muslim rebecca moore's mom remembered even this new might not be tedious to mushroom the are you better media to fornia are falling in on monday starts daniel spoke and could just make out the attendance option. shes smiling the bunk as well as to be up and you must look up the loops to show them that went. but even though caught up with them broke spirit, cathartic moscow bohemians, i creech, the women, mental de leads that the stones could keep the dominate book. they had been caught
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up on the match it. yes, it was that i'm watching the browsers know my best. it's done, let them shadow it, push him there, which thought the still but those yesterday i can all watch it lost better or not so much of a sports news. you know, when which anthem anthem getting started, i open his name, but though it's ethnical, some white silhouette, the 1000000. yep. bye up to must have done that could. is mccarthy yag natania gyla? we have been valesh told me, but i do it by kill with capital misqueso with me, except when the winners gonna walk down to the yard. i'm more south runing gotten caught up with good sheets of believe it or subordinate. i bought it at the pretty horn since it is to know that on the mal dos, proport reviewers, manriques boy, the for the test is to propose morgan is korda regarding his junior thank you, not serious luck across and i don't them or dos provide it isn't compatible welts move slowly with exertion. you can absolutely do what sup, law her at the regional sheets. and i spoke l, his appeal exertion was to have
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a good lash chemicals company. me check on, morrison, jewels for was any process. so can i get on when the payment on up was meant of official equity shit in your vote browser in the pinellas ill text of this that i forgot what it was scheduled to come clean buncombe with but i you choose my permission to quote that because it was a debate this to you so it keeps on permit. i'm just called the strength. this medulla should sit with silicone, as long as the stacy is polish programming for religion. channels are my number, but i spoke with miss hawkins bought a leash dish that i'm approved to joke us down playground with the station crossed frequency of shots of sample. that's just him because i just looked at a sort of one, but it's about me. it's for cut out at the video show which address will be will that so huddle should be a lot. i got a complete, a lovely of them was my sure booked and colored wood and bulging. a border issue. then you're not such numbers, shoot matters to pin the pin or or use nagondo. you're on the group years and as a cheaper if that. yeah, thank you. oh fraud. how come gra,
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doormen of nevada vizier board. i wish them other results him for his glasses or a bedroom ramp, not sitting up properly, aren't i care? if not, i can not even use outside floors, may re rename it, but got out of the way. my thank you. now by shouting is out sick on spot. i'd rather them drunk, be to horror munger to respond as well. machine to be degree child, so not, not sure how i should get as much as i did. sure. how are you from my shorter than your answer? if the edwards designer should provide you in a year, only costs for its are done the ah vocal paw video between a pitcher is a little down on your tick those any more top loma. we're not gonna when you weren't nuclear floors, mysterious album aneesha williams. yes. but it's easy to get him shots, a water, the floors not. here's a rundown perishing. and he was more by promoting the ginger or from the one point at a time that a group unable to get off the phone or when you might come,
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if you're not communicating, you've got to be you. christine is not flowing, you're done. the hoover monday you're going to be ready to come. i was going to school in jane. it's teaching tuition at the start concerning what would know which one of those much were really wanting to get some fun of school shorter more. why do you feel you've got the group missile about trust in trust? the question on our she don't put him on the side to bill. so you said about the authority problem could you can also send
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it to still a boy. when you do up to the receptionist was that the young press on the rules and sounds and if so, if so what was the sexual abuse? it's meant to call my hands treasure, which was in a rush, trusted congeal. it's started with all of them in english to be gone for the school was just started going down in all of south chains. not only for some reason and were stuff which are stimulus to look at the principal mall. i do, it's which engineer to go into the sole source of all my answers. i want you. ringback to finance the total tibetan resume was just a pretty, it's a good argument to be just put about your dishes or something up as normal. these.
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marsha changing kind of pushing you towards the new just on the same principle just like i'm looking for this period. i want you to go to the few. now, did you would you would get from the beautiful, very picky. but it wasn't just learning to me the more suspense because ah more than and why now and not so much. so it's right to keep it around a boys a shock are on a back up with top of the annual that on those i thrown in the grade is i was in your opinion,
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if i'm not sure i'm more of a divorce for a proposal. i thought, louise, your present from now i am. uh huh. which is that to see a got i to cheat is a mean. yeah. my trauma calisha pretty me on your kind of like a pull will bond graph. so to provide some clinical peach. denise, to go to the whole with a shot that almost double, but i was more of a you with easier to work. it was creature she knew a was raging. yeah. i had some work produced to cut off with, i guess if you were to take
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a real life example in the past, you'd rather bank, you have to go there. physically steal some stuff, walk away. that's why you got a gosh. that's the difference between 50 year though, banks, ice and a 5 year ago or 4 year ago. you produce greek engine. you're wanting. now what is the pricing? yeah. i mean you're wanting a position. i will check amanda. i need a shadrucks again. yeah. ah
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ah. ah, new york, it's really what america is about when our mayor took our vase, he was elected because of his campaign on our city, being a tale of 2 cities, the haves and i have not. and those who have not are usually the ones who wind up being buried on hard. i. the city is always wanted to forget about hold island.
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city is wanted to forget about the people who are buried there. it's wanted to forget about the fact that there is a potters field, that there is a place where difficult stories are hidden. the fact that we're using inmates to maintain this active burial site, where 1000000 souls are buried, where so much of new york city history is buried, is documents of the inequality that exists in the city for centuries. ah, just look at what's beyond the ability to repair and that's what american policy makers were playing with the justification for more money printing. because if climate change, if it were possible to fix climate change, it would frank the entire global economy down to the point where the bankers would stop getting bailouts and they can't ever stop the bothers me. so that's, that's the rhetoric behind that. that's the methodology behind it. that's the psychosis.
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as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others with the euro. human maya by everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. the price of to, to, to achieve really was, was approaching a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here is that documentary. i see it on our t ah
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ha, says the migrant crisis on the e use. easton border is the result of the blocks military campaigns in the middle east. thousands remained stranded at the poland by the ruse frontier in we must not forget where the micro crisis originated from is better is really the 1st country to deal with these problems. no piece of reasons that were created by western countries themselves, including european ones. the us appeals court once again rejects jo biden's national vaccine mandate for companies to get staff jabbed. the service personnel and government work has joined the backlash and we look at how western military as struggling to fight culture voice among their ranks as the us marine corps attempt to hire a diversity equity and inclusion advisor. ah .


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