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the ah, the the, the o. exchange turner. i'm hearing, i'm sorry for sure. that charlotte been re weighed last year. machines are going to why was, what should our nation bring the car when for the total me practitioner warning a performance you were calling? yes, we're to come under and i share with trying to create numbers. now bundle ones for to for millennia. 5th was a shit and i knew it was in the queue. wrote packet,
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the total share and all that, even your model, number of bits of the goodness, lenient national. we keep coming on quite a bit of research to offer. so you're going to receive a call in to our store number off your internet to explore. here we're going to review my pre approval through mister. right, the only other way around different from i can tell you to where the anger possibly need not to keep you from fedex to want to provide your infrastructure or when your local pot. i'm finally got more than a call when a site's microsoft contract. when we come up with them, i think we're here to get back a little bit on your computer. it would have been officially for me. i
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ah, i was looking for an apartment to move in in the month of march, the seo in 2020 and i get a random email on my g mail for all angela morrison. she claimed to be from the yuki, i'm an old couple cannot travel to hughie anymore, and they have bought an apartment in of april willis street. they'll go to the city wall. she said that she wants to leave a doubt because it's empty and she, she's dealing with air b and b. so i thought okay, maybe because it's a b and b, it's an international brand and mean it would be, it would be okay to deal. so she sends me on links, it has a photos of the apartment, it has the logo of air b and b. it has a ratings of ties,
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feedback from different guests. i over the emails we were discussing and i said, okay, i'm ready to take it. so she said, yeah, okay, you with b and b and b directly and i will get the confirmation. so i made the payment. i go to the mean. it's the, it'd be in be payment del website. i got the notification comes i put in my god is i say b mm hm. no, but i'm leaving this home with her son in your spare reported routine should have thrown many shadow, some manual warmth. we're sure he's still here, or if you don't really care, since you're pretty, i don't want to talk of a war that difficult to part time and thought in from it's on the dropbox is on the obama, which will free for our 1st year. ah, that's really odd enough audibly garage on the ship of korean shows the shower scene. sample astonishing any year boys over to them. mm hm. can you tell me if anyone has credits?
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i just need to ramp, especially just for me or on here what i see are the why of saw just you sure. if it was a right at the rosters, creeped up on a storm in europe back our could deserts him. a strange ordinary across the lip. boehme e. my me, i'm for quote, and i have a strange call. raphael patricia, let's go to why it's a deposit to become a couple of shoes on surface that i need to keep it. and i under bonkers loan, which is different from the mortgage people on the acosta blood unit. scott expired . they eod is up on this issue. is to receive a sure to put it into the machine. the 2nd part is quite quantum ways. i mentioned char gentle. my social is one mm. automatic. again, this fact shocked. box opens up. and it's this going to call upon the mom. so she is like, god, i'm from a to b and b, b received, your god, the deals and be processing your payment. so i said, okay,
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i'll do it. i made the payment and she deducted. so i got a statement of the money deducted in euros. so i don't know that why did you do doctor noodle is because i'm being you in my no, cuz i don't see she's like, oh okay, sorry, sorry, be able to refund it and we will charge you again. so i said okay, you know, whatever charge show, send me the refund. so she's like, you know, we're processing it. mm. so one day went 2 days went. so i told her, look, a red is the refund, and she's like, ya, can you get another notification on your phone? just give me that number and i will process the refund. so i give her though, or d b again. she takes another 8000 that and so in our daughter, she's taken 16000 barons from my account. and that's when i thought something is gone drawers. mm.
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the me. oh, the more to you to, to look it all snowball to come with a pretty slightly small capital over religion. you will create them for a young the way that the machine should get a computer. you shouldn't need to luck with fight color. even push and i'd like us, i wish they knew we were trying to get me then i called air b and b headlines. they said we cannot find the name, you can find the horse name, we cannot find this apartment. we don't have any of these details. we will put you
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to our scam and fraud department because this seems like a scam. ah, you are talking to the point where we can read your stand engineer. you don't really care for us. and if you're from the me but yeah, but i was wondering if you've seen a broken. i mean, if you're, i'm putting out that i'm bought at which each because the product company, the horse junior young, there are no money. what the pony boy came in, but i'm just gonna park in your name, your 1st name, and then come on the clock clinically at little. it's beside north storage,
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last company on your ear. the young 100 offs dominates mechanical asked you to wait a minute there. ballasa libra, buckeye, minnie deborah mccord merkel. yup. router as chief rates have been conducted, yards are probably caught you at the got the morning, which is poison talking to when we're gonna. but as i'm seeing people on lexical relations, each i guess kind of thought for the black box, they're sort of been come up when you walk originally, computer room, go idea when camara, year see genuinely or see from with come arthur. it's andrew ashley from i've got to my i have forgotten your critical don't come on for sure. is it actually if you will, mission it but good check. swim will compute little he's been come out there. she could be just friends. her ear that, you know, pretty more come on to dispenser all the way on with them. all. ginger pollution fresh cuz it is a shit. the clamp financials are at the funeral or charitable china. it's on the problem. been open choice was not notarized astonishing at nissan. sheds when wishing you come. that's why you bought william frederick i was gonna ask about you, quarterback, if you come when you're going to enter is from last year dollars or so kind of
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cheap. are you not talk about it? but his words, my boys are to the military sanity. mm huh . they have humans it. oh, read. read drugs. that when i to see that any ratio or, and she has a house here, it was very believable. nobody can see it was a freak website. i had shown that link to my colleagues, i go 1st, i showed it to my friends. i said see this apartment, this is so nice. nobody said that this is fake. nobody got it. it is free. sometimes if you see i some spelling mistakes, you see something, you know, you do a laser to something seems overdrawn, but this was, well, you know, like a perfect copy of the website. even the logo. ah, i'm trying every day to find gone dives, who can help me ad b and b said no, we can head it is trauma because you lost money or you feel
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a bit stupid that you know, how could this happened to you some way i have lost it took me i thing 56 months to make my faults to online freeman to not to buy something online. otherwise i was so scared. i check 100 times. i check, you know, is this website, craig, is this vendor alleged to made you lose trust in the whole new internet speed. mm. a lot of money has gone within like the same scam, same people, same names. the dog side is that you don't know what this money is being useful. you know, it can be used for wrong things and i don't want to be a sponsor of that, you know, for whatever. although things that are happening in the water with whatever you know, stuff which still happens on the dog away. but whatever i,
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i don't want to be part of that with summer resume. or if the charter used to go to that one cause from sick that it only just touch the sooner part version. but we're here to when you use your best option, brush her w in your content, but i don't want her to put in. we are getting your it would either one year one confused herb to ment, bucklin, missouri where she had received is up boston daniel the dealer massage. vancho nissan of elk grove. this is jennifer towards easter machine used gerald visioneer program. we got the order put in this market awards for one year. she sneered over to them on which i'm sure you won. we seem to for which address for city of spot lifecycle. i'm a mac volunteer. are you scott? we're moving you back or when you shan't even blind. your bunker, jeanette. the girl never pneumonia is up, boss is just like realizing me just a social on that. so at spectrum, i wish that company to show it muta, i suppose we have to not, but which a company, which is
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a yellow cur investors have. so i'm here, i'm all good, was, i didn't see hill sandwiches, so suddenly bang them. so i'm always stuck now there is 100. so almost got them talk about the kid. there was a mistake, which i'd say at the ending of the with live nation companion. my were on the precious become pena. what's star nitika? you mean him or is this is so i got that so a bug off or so much did on that committee for biking it but it's better this door of no develop or addition to what my what over which ideas of chava or so. and i didn't, milan was himself there, it's empty shoe store, assiduous. been with my little boy, and i didn't otherwise known as that i is from the, from not be at the thought resist. now my shake, i'm finance just because i wish the dishwasher complainant is there is a bus. mr. georgia, is this se an address that we have with your ballpark right now, but volunteered in mid on thursday. the last are not dish, nor of us, didn't it up a little didn't answer what that ah well and i
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make no certainly no borders. i'm just like please and you farish. as a merge we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine, whole world leaves to take action and be ready with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together with oh, there's a patch of water around the try,
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a seal island in contention between canada and the united states, where the government may suddenly become optimal for lobster in our populations. years exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters. at the same time jousting for position and attention are high, violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to quote countries. border disputes don't go away. they just ask her. something's going to happen. join me every posted on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then i'm
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just telling me that i need shipped out of the morning and i've got, you know, 15 restaurants today, but don't you worry not boys call delta? my name's adam with er mitchell and there's no way to communicate them directly. what are your secret reminder for them? can people remember the plane you apply really a poor dawson of new york? i thought i would not be not to perform a share artist but not from foods. when you, on the point you can put me on the, on potentially make your one more on the greatest on. i've been good enough to, i've been on the back with your 4th door putting your internet to she room there.
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but you want to start at the current price category. i definitely don't have to have that bargaining agreements down pretty ready to do it because i'm more defined on me, minute when your pockets digital. i mark them off the truck because i feel like not i'm not really getting out there and not, not to and i got it done. me come off. yeah, yeah, i pick, i'm not a name and probably the process and i put me on hold the internet internet from there. you know they can restore them. luxury returning your call. i don't want to be sure but yes ma'am. well, more precisely, the voice here to perform here is because you, but i'm with you. moment me up, let each one on your one with me one more. so we put if those
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books yet. so i tell was you sit out or say, like i said, you're not spoken by me. mike. dicky spotsylvania at the morning with you. 3 o'clock jar because sheena at the restore to mom, regretted it. that would change the quote. by monday group dental school is nationwide. warmth yeah, it's a new job records, either ancient bridge alarm ah, over australia. i nearly was knock on some of my be with which in jesup, i get him and his wife most obviously mushroom, the yeast excursion alter, said wilcox, but great children, that musical notice that on borrow a gene given premier to splunk husky shall come out of both east lou june dorothy shook them mankowski 3. yup. best on papa day at my computer on like you to with cielo, she gees digital avoided seneca. com site. you can order online bodka professionally
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and download if i could go to the hiker if not. so i thought, i'll know what a g when you processed and the more money. sure. with grades in aging yeast or 0 that saw or wish cassandra and logan. no, i could have done them. nobody is. nobody else shook. amandola took authority store if 2nd sold white with their sins near the proposal marked on the middle of march 3rd shirt. for if i just a neutral scrap, i just ended up going on with that. i mean from a song born bowman west, she did kristof misty's preschool and you know, for did he bureau moore? but i'm, we're starfish dear slash me cry. i fly meteor. it was out of a book more but more no muscle relaxer more than i remembered. even this new might not be tedious to mushroom a r d bermuda to fornia a fung, and i'm on his thoughts yang, you spoke,
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and could you make article anthony's option? shall mine the bunk? glad to be open, you must look up the loops to shut them's neck when. but a man no. capitol thumb broke spotted, moisture, bohemians, like reach the women, mental village or that the stones could keep the dominate book. they had been caught up on the net. yes, it is that i'm watching the process known. i resonate to dominate the shadow. it's bush up there, which thought the shuttle bus yesterday. i can watch it lost, but it's not so much of a spoiled museum. now i'm going which international getting started? i open his name, but the way technical some way to sit up with them, and yet, by up to must have it done. they couldn't make arctic yog natania gyla. we have bullish talk nick ideas by kill with capital i missed cross. oh, i mean the me, if, if we're the winners gonna walk down to the yahoo that i'm more south runing gotten dr. pritchett's of be with that are really rochester, were me, and i'm working at the present to suggest to me that on the windows to plant
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reviewers, manriques boy, the for the just it is to put, i am more than he supported the regulatory virginia. thank you. not sir. splunk across from the normal doors provide distance compatible, belts, moon bristling with little musicians in absolute you. what sublime her if the videos are close sheets, unless boy girl is of still exist, was live a cabin mushroom is was completely cheered on, wasn't just for was any process. so can i get on when the payment on up was not official equity should in your vote browser in the brain melt extra vista? i think that's what it was scheduled her. i'm clean buncombe with bright. each is my permission to quote that because it was a debate and stuff. and so for keith, i'm a permit, i'm just it's called a straight this boom initiative with silicone was low. my prosperity is polish, but i run the quote, religion channels or might not. i'm good bob who at may not get his body alisha dish, but i'm critically joke. a sampling grammar, the session roster metal cleats. if sure, what's of simple. there's just him because i just resorted one, but it to put me in for cut on it to void. your show which address? where was it? was it, sir? how should bill order? complete as love didn't cuckoo is why she can color with anabolic leading.
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get more through the farmers schuman stripping the payment, or not figured yeah. are you the guy want your number to be near the ship? you think? yeah, thank you for that. i'm gonna do when i'm going to be julia or someone in the restroom, or you're actually going to be on not a problem now. i thought i can not a new router. fortunate rename it. got w, william, i'm not sure how to get that fixed on spy. i'm trying to hold your reminder to wish me to be degree child. i'm not sure how i should get an idea of how much we're gonna run through. if we're not sure from my new year, probably cut through through done the vehicle video because the page is a little down on top of my front door. when you, when you're fortunate manager,
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when you're she's been in the shop. one of the mirrors explanation and you want more to buy it from ordering the ginger or from the one point about it at a time, somebody that can that group neighbor off the owner. and you might have to probably come if you're not communicating, you've gotta be you've got any, christine is not rolling your gun. the cooper monday because you're going to be ready to come. i was going to school in jamie state teaching to wish that they would know which one much them we're just really wanting to get some fun of school shot them all. why do $200.00 and you've got the on the new tricks about us. that's just succession in trust. and the question on our,
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if you don't put them on the site to do what you said about the problem, you do could you can also throw in a book to store boy where you did up to the source of the young press, all the rules and that sounds and if so, structure to the structure what you'll see restoring. it's meant to call my hands treasure almost you can reach to junior restaurants. we can deal it's started, but all of them in english golf christian calling for the schools just started going north down in the fall of south america. some jenny reasoning was charged indians to look after all my dealings
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mention to me to go into the stall of my answers. i want you to finance the total 2 bedrooms in the system and it's going to be just about your dishes or something up as normal. these motion changing kind of push to get or it's almost new just on the same principle just like i'm looking for this particular mind. you have to few now would you would get from the beautiful, very picky, but it wasn't any. gotcha. so i'm sure i'm learning to me the more suspense because ah, more than and i'm why now, i know i'm not sure how much switch right to keep it around a boys
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a shock are on a back up with top of the annual that on those have thrown in the grade is i was in your opinion, i'm not sure if it was really a more of a, a proposal. i thought a kid from now i am a, a c, a got back to cheat is a am by trauma calisha. you're putting me on, you're kind of like a pull will bond graph. so to provide some clinical ph. denise to go to the whole with reason to come to publish it almost double. but i was more of a you with
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a spray genius. i had some work produced to cut off with, guess if you were to take a real life example in the past, you'd rather bank, you have to go there, physically steal some stuff, walk away. that's why you got a gosh. that's the difference between 50 year though, banks, ice and a 5 year ago or 4 year ago. you produce greek engine. you're wanting. um, what is the price? yeah. i mean you're wanting a position was i will check, come on and i need a strive rush in. yeah. ah
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ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our sons. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can,
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but i don't want to mention, there's a clear with everything but only eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be aware that really worried about it most people with equally b, a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive slayton. i look at what's beyond the ability to repair and that's what american policy makers are playing with the justification for more money printing. because if climate change, if it were possible to fix climate change, it would shrink the entire global economy down to the point where the bankers would
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stop getting bailouts and they can't ever stop the bothers me. so that's, that's the rhetoric behind that, that's the methodology behind it. that's the psychosis bumped in as a korea professionals bolt is much tougher on some than others with my, by everybody here. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl to to, to achieve english was a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested legibly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's gonna start linking all this together. and it's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics
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swimming here, is that documentary? i see it on our tea. ah, the headlines this saturday morning, moscow calls right constructive approach from the ye ye to end the di, humanitarian situation. that the, published by the reese border with sizes of migrant sis, stranded humanitarian group, say that conditions are desperate as the weather gets more difficult, those people stranded in this space for an even longer period of time. their ability to cope with those conditions and maybe have enough food and water and an access to, to a systems and it's only going to get more difficult. oh, so this sal us perrins right, raged off through it was revealed to school kept secret files online because they opposed the wearing of masks and the teaching of critical rights theory. and we look at had west the mid threes are struggling to fight coach valez among their
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ranks since the us marine cool.


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