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for now we're talking feel good food next is dennis miller's plus one is motivational. take talk shaft. tabitha brown. r t international ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine because it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers plumber the room was one girl before option in law. so it's not a matter of, if it happens, it's a matter of when who i
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hey folks next up on dennis miller plus one, my favorite vacant tablet, the brown will be here. you know? tabitha from tick tock. now i think the 1st time you see are probably over on facebook or she becomes a charming over driver extolling the virtues of a big and sandwich from whole foods. you know, the one great day and tabitha round right up to the sun. dennisville are plus one they folks welcome to dennis miller was one. i'm genuinely happy because she seems like such a want and the welcome author and actress tablet the brown to the show. and donna, to, i think we have to pay a separate after a fee for donna's dental, also. tabitha has 4000000 followers on tick tock, where she creates motivational,
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numerous content, you know, or she's been described by the huffington post as americans mom for her comforting and calming videos. her latest book is feeding the soul because it's my business, which came out on september 28th t. be tabitha brown. how are you, kiddo? you do well, anyhow, you do. beautiful. don't look at all good today. well, thank you. now to say thank you. i only you can hear very because she whispered, such you, she's close. dear course leon initiated in the audience. tabitha's hair is referred to as daughter, which i find uproarious or unless it reveals too much. why did, how did you descend on the name? donna career fair? well, you know, and we started growing back, she grew straight at the top line and i think it had to be related or how
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i rep. i remember in vegas that of my aunts, they introduced me to the, i'm honest to god i could not. 1 focus on what he was saying. i know he was actually been nice to me and data and i was just standing there. smile, or all i could do is look at the and i said this brother is like captured in mid rapture. that's really for the christians, you know, getting the select up. i always saw how they're going to know. don kings, not in the rapture here. just wanna do a blank. yeah. yeah. i mean, they got to be really funny. very funny. all right, tabitha. i find you such a good soul that it makes me more querulous, about vegan food. my son tried it for a year and a god bless him. he gave it a year because he said, i don't want to have that. i'd like to see what it's like. it wasn't for him in the long run, but he did try for you and he said it had many benefits. when i was with him,
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i found it so hard. i remember being in a wrestling tournaments once we're starving and i got a hot dog and i had to walk around the dallas stadium looking for some not to lose june or so. i said we've got a high growth so naturally said he doesn't eat honey because it comes from his. it was so hard. what did any easier after a while? it does get easier we. when is a way of life, right? then you don't over. thank you, just kind of know what to get through it and getting you. why did you go to it in the beginning he he some of it was about wanting to test the hell stuff. some of it was he likes, as a young person, extra experiment, things. some of it was the animal, he's not an animal rights activist. me said god, you see some of those videos and squares. what led you to it in the beginning? well, i really see back in 2016 and i had a terrible headache in the back of my head every day for a year and 7 months. the doctors cannot figure out why in the nat started having
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chronic pain, drama, body, and chronic fatigue. our fall when our walk, i was just in bad shape and i did every test the dr. offer at every drug. they offer me and they just nothing would make me better. and then my daughter came home from school one day she said mom was out of documentary school, i think you should watch it in what the hell. and i watched it. and it was like a light blue moment for me because they started talking about not all food or not all diseases are hereditary families. they eat the same thing causing the same disease. and my mom adapted to one of the rare disease, a less. there's no color in my dad, he just turned 70 the oldest male to ever live in and in people get young age is in my family and they die young ages in my family. and the only common denominator to come up with was how you 8, i would also the only thing i had not try. so i was like, let me do a 30 day begin down to see if i feel in a different in, in the 1st 10 days, the heading i had had every day for
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a year and 7 months disappeared. i got home and i just never look back and i've been feeling better. amazing, ever since it's been over 4 years now. god wants to cry. tears of joy. can you imagine again over a year? because i think at that point it's just god just coming back to square one here. i don't need to be rich. i don't need the front runner. i just want to be out of pain . yeah. that makes me happy to hear the story. yeah, absolutely. so i chose me, i chose myself, i say, you know what, i'm worth 30 days of trying something new. and it helped me and i'd really like to say milan 10 days in a miracle that is right in that you am so great for you. now what did you listen? there's a sing results in 10 days and being able to say ok, i found something here. i've got a told i'm pursuing those. but then there's also your body that literally has to sort of detox or a just from certain things. was there one thing that was really hard, dairy,
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or you know what, what was hard or nothing was hard when you had to pain alleviate? well, it was not really hard because i was in so much pain when you're desperate to get a better and a good thing wrapping was hard. the cravings. ok, i love sea food. that was my bang any. you know? some people can't cheat? i can't. bradley domestic. ok. i mean, given to me, but in my sleep a bit, that was hard, but then i found, you know, lapse the mushrooms and fell in love with. i'm all right now just rose water thinking about joe's stone craft, that in miami i used to go in there. i've been there in years, but it was the best he'd bring me that. they looked like a cops night stick. they were so big a mini, oh, i don't think i should shut up. i don't want to, i don't want to make you have a craving for right now. it's, it's,
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it's interesting to me that there's so many ways now, and some of them it invert and to get known a, you know, for instance, a stick talk thing. you can do something well natured and it kind of for yourself or your really is circle. and then it gets a bite and then it gets another bite. and then it's like of a tanks off like you can't believe it. i think you had a viral reaction in 2017. can you explain that? what was the content of the video? we were in 2017, it was facebook where i went back. oh you did. i was even sandwich in my car, i was actually driving back. be in and hit steel on my beacon journey and with the whole food because they always got to be, you know, in our own going give me a breakfast and it was a, the make and i had never heard or before. and it tv bacon a t t l a sandwich. i did him a lot, i mean tell me and be an option cuz i just started on videos a couple months before the video and posted it. and i went back to dr. new. but
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because nobody was watching my videos at that time. yes. i mean, i how mean you know, terminal, the cases on that video hit like 50000 views and i thought lord world is watching this, this video and next morning had over a 100 and some that and i told my husband, i said, i think going back let me see, i don't know what it means, you know, in the, in, you know, for a later whole leased out and it was a video we'd love to work with and i became that brain ambassador went on to so many different campaigns. the next couple of years and then i guarantee that it march of last year and it happened all over again. and it went through the roof and crazy when i made and making the amex love me using a couple of days. not amazing tis yet people i make it no matter what is the make an anatomy they like make you make this like look, you could call it nothing to do. absolutely. with great bacon and people would show up. yeah. give me some of the other end of the universe from real bank and
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bank it. yeah. i would certainly do still like to get up on a sunday and have some you eggs with your sim, you bank it or what's your, what's your go to breakfast that you found a vacant alternative? what do you like? i did, i do, i mean, you know, i make your bacon in like a, b, c, but i, and you know, my avocado name, i love, you know, a scramble right. i, b saucier mushrooms and spin in anger and potatoes and some time i didn't sleep. it's ages and make like a day to hast scramble hanging top with avocado, the rock and on top density right there. i had a sweet potato pie for dessert last week and you got to remember the difference between sweet potato hash and sweet potato it. but kids with sweet potatoes, you could please with a lot of things and all of
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a sudden they become your new best. eat, right? any potato, make life feel medicines that are top of your skin. look so radiant on the camera and i'm wondering that must have been one of the 1st things when you start eating healthy. i remember my mom, god rest her soul that she just always take her makeup off at night. and she was proud that she had you know, even at 70 like her skin was youthful and years like, i'm not serious. i mean, i'm just saying your skin look so good. and i'm wondering, give me 5 big things that started happening after a month when you 1st convert over to vegas and i assume your skin gets really good . i know the headache goes away. what are some other things start sailors? you actually lose a lot of people didn't notice dad about mosquito like you're gloaming, you know and listen. you give, we'll regular. ok. you right. talk work. yeah. we're any move a little past the ok. i lost weight in the beginning and he had increased
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energy and asked, let really, really wait. oh god, what a book really. yeah. can you just kicked off 5 boxes if you have that, everything else becomes extraneous in the world except the kids, you know, they, they say you're only as happy as you're unhappy as kids. so that's a big dresser ation. but once you just take the things you are you thing where you're living the best life there at that point. when you have energy, when you sleep the sleep of angels, when your skin gets better, when the attic goes away and you have a regular bar movement, you might as well be a billionaire at that point you wanna do? yeah, we, we in it. yes. all right, we're enjoying our time with tab of the browser. going to take reg, we're going to come back and talk about her growing up and what sort of a i want to talk. i want to find out. she's such a joyous person now. she always had joy in her life for if it came about later in
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life, we'll talk a new the new book, feeding the soul because it's my business. and this is tabitha brown. right after this on dennis miller plus one, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can, but i want to mention is that clear with everything but only eventually there's malware of thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber. they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that the mini cyber in right
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now, i'd be where is it really worried about it? most people would really be you can't put a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive, like a just look at what's beyond the ability to repair and that's what american policy makers will claim. it's a justification for more money printing, because if climate change, if it were possible to fix climate change, it would for inc, the entire global economy down to the point where these bankers would stop getting bailouts and they can't ever stop the bodies. so that's, that's the rhetoric behind that, that's the methodology behind it. that's the psychosis.
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they folks welcome back to 10th, but i want to be are so much stick those slide things up. i said, welcome back to the tab at the brown. welcome back to the plus one. my plus one is the delightful tabitha brand and she has $4000000.00 followers on tick tock where she creates motivational humorous content been described by the huffington post as america's mom. for her comforting and calming videos in her latest book feeding the saw because it's my business came out on september 28th break down the book for me. tabs when it is feeding the so because it's my business right during the day and in the i was already in the process right the year before writing a cookbook, because a lot of people knew me from a recipes. and then when the pain didn't hear it in, people really can't go freight in a lot of people were dealing with anxiety and sitting at home was not good for lack
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of people, which is why started. and a lot of inspiration videos is whale. and so at, so my cell at think it's great and we are like to watch me make recipes. the food in his feet in the stomach is great. but i also think that the so needs to be fit in this time. so i redirected that energy into making this book about stories that i feel like it's my own personal pandemic that i've been through rightly, bye and things that i overcame or got through. and i wanted to share this so that people could feel like wait a minute, that has been through something to and she made it through and make it feel like you're not alone. right? so that was my go to share stories to make people feel less alone. you're in a little bit believable, you know, to let them know ok. somebody else can understand which, which you've been through and it's all right. and it's no, i mean sometimes. and that's why i did it,
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i decided to do that before cookbook. and i'm so very grateful that i mean, there's nothing worse, the one you're up against and have all we all been somewhere in our life. when you add in the extra ingredient, the perverse ingredient where you think i must be the only person in this, that's when you really get flattened. i remember that in my i've been the shrinks of my life, where i would open my mouth to shrink. and i'd say tell me if you can believe this and then you tell the shrinks of that a looks up for you goes yeah, i've heard that before from other and you say god actually on it. that's right. it feels good when you're not the only one, you know, you're like, well, you can breathe. hello ben. could you lie? okay. do you use a bath and she's a lab to talk about how to get through this thing. so it's the beauty of those. any sort of 12 step grow that all you have to do is get it out from this side of your skull. out this shoot out here, other humans here it, it,
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defuses it. they share back. it goes in. it's, it is symbol. it's a circle life man, fellow, your fellow human beings who you off times look at. thank god people drive me crazy, but they're the only healing at some point for problems that seem insurmountable. this right. and we all here to heal each other. right. if we share our ally in our stories do not belong to right there. mean for us to share. i believe there in the doing that with tell me about some of the times in your life for you for help. i don't know if they ended up being a headache literally, but they sound like they were had a figuratively that might have transposed into add a literally. but tell me about when you were at your lois, so people maybe who are watching right now. think oh my god, she so she so sweet and so joyful. and she was there to up against the wall at some point. tell me about some downtime is didn't many times is to this stick out one of course. yes. doing the head, a phase of my life being it,
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when you go to the doctor every week and every month and you doing all these tests and nothing comes back and everything in there. and they like this and they can't say anything that causes depression, right? exactly, and i was dealing with a very dark place. why me? why is this happening in also? why do i keep waking up if i'm not going to get the answer is i was at a better place, but i'm so grateful to have come out of it. and i made a promise to my step dad. ever get out of this? i'm always going to choose light. i'm always to slide because the dark open and you can't really see down there. ok. and so in, during that time i learned a lot about myself that i was a stronger than what i thought. because i actually go through, you know, and that's one time and the of the time that i was a dark time for me was my when my mother was see my mother had a lansing i held together take care of her and she passed away. but seen her go
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from this amazing vibrant woman every day to literally fighting to leah was very tough for me. but it also he and taught me a lot about patience and understanding in our lives, in that this line is only temporary, allowing here we must live it to the fullest in now. but i made it through the time . even though if that lack the in the word. yes, but it wasn't, it was most of the beginning in a lot of ways. you know, tabitha, people often ask me what my beliefs are. and i always say, well, i don't know if i'm a born again. christian, but i feel like i have a christian so and people will say. busy well, what does that come from? some people are so skeptical about and that's fine. i, i say, well, i got to believe something and i so missed my mother who passed. i often think i'm going to believe that i what i do for that i might wake up and my beloved mother over that good. yeah, i like to thought of it after life. and even if i'm,
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if people could say all your mats, cartoon stuff, i go, listen, i got to dedicate as much energy to thinking, that'll never happen as i do think it might have. and, you know, you know, look how you love your mom. it's in a way, an odd way in a heartbreaking way too for her to be able to look up and see her 2 daughters there for, i mean, would you, you paid it back think of all that she gave you and she was able, imagined the poor mother to look up and then the kids are out the door you answer the call and thats its own blessing. and we only get one mom ran it. you know, my momma was mad. my best friend is way you know, and i would stop many in everything to be there for her because she would have done that for me. joy that you know, as a jazz a baby. so it's, it's a timed, it was well spin and it changed my life and i hold it dear. you know, in my heart they ever tell me about your, tell me about your children. i am not that familiar with your life. how many do you
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have many kids are one. i have 2 children that have given birth to my son is now in and he got my heart by the in the saying, you know, the boys i, my daughter is 2013. he knows everything right now. you know, facility right now, right. i also have a bonus daughter who's 26. so she's very grown so you know, but i, i love being a mom. it's a, it's a joy that i can explain now. right. and just absolutely love it. i love family. so it was exp, there was explainable, it wouldn't be the magic, could it is. yeah, it is not easy parenting. but boy, you realize yeah, of the mom or a oh, i see this all makes sense. now when you're young and you can afford to be a serial and think over, think things, are they why i'm or her?
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well, you're going to feed this kid. i gotta take care of this kid. i got a guy this kid, you know, i get it and it's, it's both the heaviest response go to the most joy you ever received. and it happens just like that. yes, i can not agree. move any is instant, instant law. and what was the 20 year old girl? the one who have to do the vega. lifestyle than the she practices? yes, she's the do. ah, she went but she went a year after me. so when i have a reason the, the 30 day, big challenge, we need it as a family has been born and my son. and on day 29, i told my husband i said, you know what, i feel so it, i don't think i'm going to go back. i think this is going to be my life. you know, my husband, i've been with my husband 23 years. he's a made this great for you, but to mom and he's t ok. always, you know, be with them because sometimes you gotta be willing to go on a journey alone that may just save your lack of our is the investment idea in be
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and they all on their own time decided to take the be in jeremy. so a year later my daughter became big in the, in 2 years later, my husband will be in for 2 years for my son who is now he is not begun because i want him to make his own. yeah. so he yeah, he has a lot of me because mommy cooks there, but he knows if he's at a friends or he's out or is that school if he wants to have chicken or real cheese on his pizza, he can do that. but at home, he's all the plans in bed. he's improved in everything. i say people tripping about their kids in between 0 and 10 like setting habits and i think yeah, there are some things i respect for straight, you know, of respect for powers of authority. who deserve it. you know what, i mean, the things you got in still other than that, you're missing the point. if you're coming in before 10 years old, say that again, you know, you never have a slim. jim never said, you know, right. yeah, to let him live and explode. because the thing is,
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if you force something on someone, they don't stick to it, but if they come into it on their own, then they're more inclined to speak to that i want him to his own choice is the same way that the it's like piano lessons for every van cliburn or every michael fineberg ago became a piano genius. there's 10 kids or so i used to get called in once a week to sit there for an hour in front of the ban piano. i'll never play that, but you have to park. so delicately are there, it can work against them as much as it can work for them. well listen, i'm telling you you are a delight as somebody was born and raised in eden. it's nice to see who somebody who's found their latter day, even through a lifestyle that befits them. and i can't think of a more charming emissary for the big lifestyle than you. you're an absolute delight . i look at your be a typic smile and i see a happy woman and i thank god i,
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i can see why she has 4000000 followers. and i can see why they're so a bulio, a euro, you're a good woman. tabitha. i'm happy to meet you. i am so grateful to be it. thank you so much. i appreciate you. all right back. mm. all right, that tab is there any time you meant you put me in a good mood and i was a little cranky today dahl so you're welcome back. any time tabitha brown, her latest book feeding the soul because it's my business comes. it came out on september 28th nice christmas gift. thank you, tabitha. i'm going to go out and have some tow food right now just to so take care. yeah. hey, mike. hey, so we ended on on the note that i always and on. yes, go ahead. well listen again. thank you so much. they are going on back to our business. have a most amazing day. but even if you can have a good one any don't today go mess. not nobody got it at all. if dawn is having
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a good day, don't bring hard up, but alright, tv. what's that, what's i got to down there a tab at the broad dennisville flush one ah, ah, ah, oh, is the economy working for you? we were told this is the time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this? it seems the richer only getting richer. but what about the rest of us? ah ah, ah ah
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. for is your media a reflection of reality? ah ah, in the world transformed ah, what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? so direct. what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows or empowering ourselves to be more efficient for quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security attack. any machine, depending on it's an extension of traditional to find the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers permit. when one comes option in the offering, it's not a matter of if it happens it's a matter of went to a
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u. k confirms it's a deployed troops to poland border with bell roof for the 1st potential assistance to warsaw to strengthen the frontier. that's as thousands of migrants remain camped out in dire condition. they're hoping to enter the e amid the build up of asylum, she goes on the borders of poland. border are t speaks with people smuggler who takes migrants into western europe and gives us an exclusive insight into the shady business. they don't get caught in germany, put they put them down and silent and after a while to get a permit because they soda id cards that he can't be to pull to his german authorities don't know where they come from. and rising covered cases in austria see nationwide restrictions reimpose, but only for the unmet.


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