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shouldn't have reality a in a world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, there's a patch of water around me. try a seal island that's in contention. between canada and the united states, northern gulf and made it suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations years exploded. one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly
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you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting 4 positions and tensions or high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the part where there could be costs that would be significant to po countries. border dispute don't go away, they just fester. something's going to happen with
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the oh, i'm not sure i'm hearing. i'm sorry for sharing that charlotte been re about, why don't we get here listening to why with which in our nation bring the cards for us. the total me practitioner wondering, performance shared we're we're, we're come monday or not share with trying to create a number for you for the non linear 5th of the ship. and i need to route the packet, the total price for it. and i can share and all that even the model number of the gym at the goodness, ending at the national p. keep coming on quite upgrades that are 4 percent off. for some reason, my only concern at the start, i get off the internet to explore here, which is to review on a pre approval through the weekend. right. the only difference is not going to work
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or possibly need to move out. so i can get a preference finish to watch on your table when you're welcome bye. i'm finally got more that up on it. so its microsoft control. when we call us to share with them, i think with your device can you can you on your computer? i'm sure it was the fishing for me mm. i was looking for an apartment to move in in the month of march and 2020 and i get a random email on my g mail from angela morrison. she claimed to be from the old couple who can travel to any more and they have bought in apartment
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a in of a popular street tell go to the city wall. she said that she wants to leave a doubt because it's empty and on she she is dealing with air b and b. so i thought ok, maybe because it's air b and b, it's an international brand and mean it would be, it would be okay to deal or she sends me on links. it has a quarters of the apartment. it has the logo of air b and b. it has a ratings, it has feedback from different guess i over the emails we were discussing and i said, okay, i'm ready to take it. so she said, yeah, okay, you with b and b and b did a key and i will get the confirmation. so i made the payment, i go to the mean. it's the, it'd be in b payment del website. i got the notification comes, i put in my god details. i say b. mm hm. no,
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but i'm leaving this home with her son in your spare board routine. sort of throwing in the shadow. some anyone wants more? sure. with senior. i'm pretty rudy scare since you're pretty are and what's out the water difficult part time and thought in from it's on the dropbox is to compare on obama as well, which will free for our 1st year. ah, that's really odd enough. audibly encouraging the ship of clear. she's the shop. she brought samples or sporting astonishing any year boys over to them ma'am. a pretty respiratory scale machine. and she asked me to ramp, especially just for me wrong. you know what i she or the wife saw jess, you should have to clear arraignment at the rosters. creeped up on a storm. you're in europe by repeated dirt and a strange order. notice across the lip. boehme e. my, me, i'm for cordon. i have a financial profit. yeah. for john, let's go to my. it's in the pony to me. come on, computer screen, fun of monsters here. just i need you to know you're in the ball. rolling listening
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is just not for the border to people on the acosta blood units, comp expired, and they eod is up on this issue. receive a sure to put it into the wall machine, said the police court. quantum leaves them into gentle, especially with automatic. again, this fact shocked box opens up and it's this going to call upon the mom. so she is like, i'm from a to b and b, b received your god details and via processing your payment. so i said, okay, i'll do it. i made the payment and she deducted. so i got a statement of the money deducted in euro's so i don't know that. why did you do doctor noodle is because i'm being you in my local currency. she's like, oh okay, sorry, sorry, be able to refund it. and he will charge you again. so i said, okay, you know, whatever charge show, send me the refund. so she's like, you know,
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we're processing it. mm hm. so one day went 2 days rent. so i told her, look already the refund. and she's like, ya, can you get another notification on your phone? just give me that number and i will process the refund. so i give her though, or d. b again. she takes another $8000.00 didn't. so now doctor, she's taken 16000 didn't strong my account. and that's when i thought something is gone drawers. mm. ah ah, a miss in march to to sure you get to us look what else noble. look at me, come with
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a slightly of the small capital login. you will get with it easily with machine chaquita soda. you shouldn't, that would need to. what i did was like when we site coupled or you were going to push, and actually i'd like the size of what we should that great easy might use this new . we done the pictures lucian on me. how to get on the side thing. then i call it air b and b headed blind. they said we cannot find your name, beacon or find the horse name. we cannot find this apartment. we don't have any of these details. we will what you will do our scam and fraud department, because this seems like a scam with
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me after i taught continues. there are some very if, if you're starting engineer york university, procrastinate video from vimeo, but yeah, sports or, but i was one of the soonest you've seen brought that. i mean, just to run, put it on guards that are bought or cheaper. which teacher just to put on the horse to junior a young, there are no monitoring doesn't work or when you're boy scheman teacher and i'm putting your name and your question i have about of an come on yellow mclaughlin. uncle. yeah. pool now starts beside north stores. i've got to put you on your ear, leon turned it off, so i'm gonna have to look on the phone as to the weights. i'm wondering if they're ballasa libra, buckeye. many. deborah mccord merkel it up puter as cheaper to pinpoint dahlia doors are probably caught. you at the thought of the morning, which is poison talking to when we got none of them seemed to transact circle, intimate each i guess not tucker, at the black box. there should have been come up. when you walk away from the computer room. go idea one. com, martha?
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your c genuinely r. c from with com martha potentially from. i've got a wire from york near crystal blue. come on for she does it actually, if you will, mission it but good check swim will compute little he's been come, margaret, she dispenser ear that you know pretty more come on to dispenser all the way on with them. all. ginger full mission bush, cuz it is a shit. the cli info, or national director, general church virginia. it's on the problem. been you have any choice laws? no, no, da, da, stock ashna nissan sheds. when wishing you come. that's why you barajas crept on her car's good oscar down quarterback to see you come when you go ready to answer is from last year dollars or so. got a cheap. are you not thought capone but his words are boys are to the near the resign ingenuity. mm. oh, there humans it. oh, read. read drug that when i do see that any red shoes or, and she has a house here, it was very believable. nobody can see it was
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a freak website. i had shown that link to my colleagues. i don't think i showed it to my friends. i said, see this at mcmann, this is so naive. nobody said that this is fake. nobody got it. it is free. sometimes if you see i some spelling mistakes, you see something, you know, you are lazy to something seems in a good role. but this was, well, you know, like a perfect copy of the website. even the logo. ah, i'm trying every day to find gone die. who can help me ad b and b said no, we cannot help. it is trauma because you lost money or you feel a bit stupid that you know, how could this happened to you some way i have lost it took me, i think, 56 months still make my funds to online payment in order to buy something online. otherwise, i was so scared, i check 100 times. i check you know, is this website, craig, is this render alleged to make you lose trust in the hulu, internet speed?
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mm hm. a lot of money has gone within like the same scans, same people, same names. the dog side is that you don't know what this money is being useful. you know, it can be used for wrong things and i don't want to be a sponsor of that, you know, for whatever. although things that are happening in the water with whatever you know, stuff which still happens on the dark away. but whatever i, i don't want to be part of that with some my resume or if a charter used to go to job one cost from 6 to their own best option a sooner 5 years from edward here to when you use your best option, brush her w in your content, but i know bon kinda putting me out of speech getting it would either one. yeah. one confused. if you remember i could hear me 0 is where you should receive this up . awesome it. yeah. and you could 0. well now sancho nissan of elk grove,
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this is jim pazzar used your machine used charles missionary program. we got the order put in this market awards for one year. she sneered over to them on which i'm sure you won numerous people, which is very for city of spot at the and the lives of 100. i'm a mug volunteer. are you scott? we're going to need like a one year from here. e. but i'm blind. your bunker generic girl never pneumonia is up boston, just write your leisure in. mm hm. just to solutions on that. so at spectrum i, the company says so a mirror as far as african up on bonds, which a company which is a yellow investor. as of showing me, i'm all good was i did shields along with some of the bank them. so i'm on with the stuff that has happened. so almost got that that are about to keep the resume steve, which i'd say at the ending of the with live nation companion. my old address is the company was star nitika, even though it's this is so i got that so a bug off or so much to them that can go biking it by. it's at this door of no
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develop or addition to what my little group, which ideas of nobody in restoring it. i didn't malone with him so that it's him dish or assiduous view. my, my little boy and i to not the right now that i is from the, from our feet. so she says that, marcia, come finance good. just because i wish the little bush company is there is a bus. mr. georgia e is dis, southeastern at $330.00, which will proclaim a bug, wellington mid on thursday, the aust, i'm not the strand or of us didn't it? epa build right now, nasa let that. ah o is the economy working for you? we are told this is the time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this?
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it seems the richer only getting richer. but what about the rest of us? as a career professional sport is much tougher on some than others mission with the euro, mired by everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl to price to to, to achieve really was, was fall, change a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together. and it's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? i see it on our tea. ah,
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with i just said, i need shipped out of the in the morning i've got 15 restaurants, but don't worry, not boys, couple dealt ones on them. if you want to know what to do, i want to combine your secretary william. i have to put them computer in place to play. i play a role, poor dawson of new york. i thought i would not be not to perform a share artist, but not a customer on the point. you can put me on the, on potentially that you want to more and greatest on a group even, you know,
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i've been talking with your daughter on the phone or if you put on that to she on her own that you want to strike that, that price definitely isn't that margaret really miss? please read you get into it because i'm waiting on me minute cable in your pocket. i mark them off the truck that i got like not a lot of my football. pretty junior care. i'm not gonna come off. yeah. how do i pick? i'm going to miss not, not even, not probably the proctor and i know putting me on hold don't go, you know, internet, you know, they can restore mom luxury in the morning, which is pretty quick. so be sure, financing a little more precisely the boys here to suffer for carson on
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a phone call from here. give me one moment. yep. like each one would be if one use one with me one more. so we split yes. those books 0. so i tell was you sit out or say, like i said, you know, by me, my picking spotsylvania at the moment with you 3 o'clock jar because sheena, a restore to mom, regretted at their board junior. the court by minor group bureau, of course, is national mars warm ste. yeah. it's a new to president ancient bridge alarm ah, over after the year, i mean literally was like of the my meeting with which is just up. i get him and his wife most obviously mushroom, the yeast discussion alter said no goc, but grad short a man musical. notice that on borrow a gene, give them a notice mankowski stock on that are both at east region authority issued from mankowski 3 yup. vista and papa de,
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at my computer on like you to with sir while she di, digital avoidance, jenika. com site. you can order online, bodka, god officially down. they think about it at the hiker nor seattle. so i'll know what a g when you post it, it's not that much money shoot, cried in aging yeast wizard that soft or wish, cassandra, i'm logan. no, i could have done them. nobody is. nobody else shook. amandola took her to restore the 2nd. so at white with their sins nearby proposal, march all the middle of my 3rd shirt for interested, neutral, scrub understood. it didn't come. i was hoping to resume with my name from a song born bowman was chris, the priest is fiscal and you know for did he bedroom, you're with ameristar, physician dear slash knee cra, apply meter, it was out of a book more. good morning, muslim rebecca moore's not remembered. even this new laura speaking to mushroom the
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are you better media to fornia fung in on monday starts with any sports and could just mechanical in finance option. shes mine in the bunk let. to be open. you must to look up the loops to show them that when women look at them broke spirit, cathartic moscow bohemians like reach the women, mental village, and that the stillness could keep the dominate book. they had been cut from the match it. yes, it was that i'm watching the process now and i resonate to dominate them the shadow, its motion there, which thought the still but those yesterday. i can all watch it last. but if i'm not so much of a spoiled music, now i'm home. when which internet i'm getting started, i open his name, but though we technical some white silhouette, the 1000000 yet by up to must have done, they could use mccarthy. yog natania gyla, we have valesh told me, but i do it by kill with capital. i'm you school? ah! i'm from the me! if and when he winners gonna walk down to the yahoo!
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i'm more south runing gotten dr. pritchett's of believe it or subordinate, i'm working at the president's as it is to know that on the more dos plan reviewers, manriques boy, the for the chest is talk about i am more than the sports that we're glad part of his union. thank you. not serious luck across from that on the more doors provide. it isn't compatible, welts, moon bristling with with, with them existing in absolute new. what sublime her at the video would you close sheets and i spoke l is appeal. exemption was live. look, i've been mushrooms was completely chair on more than just for was any potential, but i don't when the payment on up was meant about according to the should in you work browser in the pinellas ill text of is that i forgot what it was scheduled. conklin bunker, would you choose my permission to quote that because what a wizard debate mr. and you've so for keith, i'm a permit, i'm just it's called a straight this woman she said with silver coals loma, but a society is polish programming for religion channels or might no longer british pop who may suck in his bought a leash dish that i'm approved will cost them playground with the station cross the model frequency if shar, what's of simple their system because additional quarterly. so just wanted to put
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me it's for market or at the video show which address will it will that, sir? how should bill or i get a complete love i didn't cook was why she looked and colored wood and bulging. get more, show that the farmers schuman stripping you are not fair. good. yeah. are you like i want your number to be near the shipper? if i can thank you for that, i'm gonna do when i'm bored. i'm in the restroom, but you're actually going to be wrong. but i'm not feeling a problem now. yeah, i thought i can not of any router flores we've got, i'm doing that. you know, i'm right. sure. again, you're not fit on that, but i'm trying to hold your reminder to which need to be degree chairs. i'm not sure how i should get an idea of how much we're going to run through. if it works out for my new year, when we caught 3 done the record video because a pitcher is
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a little down at the moment when you, when you're fortunate manager, when you're there, she's been in the shop. one of the mirrors finishing and he was more on by promoting the ginger from the one point at a time that a group unable to get off the phone or when you might still not enough, i can come if you're not communicating, you've gotta be up in integration, it's not blowing your gun the hoover monday because you're going to be ready to come. i was going to school in jamie teaching to wish to consign with and all that much where you really want to do some part of school shorter more. why do you want the group missile
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interest about us this trusts succession in chester and the question on our, if you don't put them on the site to do what you said about the problem could if i can throw in a day to store boy, when you do up to the receptionist was that all the rules and sounds and if so, structure to the sexual abuse restore. it's meant to call my hands treasure, which i'm interested in. a rush, trusted in jewel. it's brothers thought meetings with christian calling for schools was supposed to go down and eat or all of south of blue chains. my oldest son's resume was
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charged immune was a little more jewish mention to me to go into the sole source of my answers. i want you. ringback to finance the total 2 bedrooms in the present. it's a good argument to be just put about your dishes or something up as normal. they use marshal changing kind of pushing the doors and it just seemed considered like a business period. i might go to the few. now, did you would you would get from the beautiful, very picky. it wasn't just learning to me the more suspense because ah more than i'm why now? i'm not gonna come right to keep it around here. a
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boys, a shock are on a great topic, daniel, that on those i throw in that grade is i was in your opinion, i'm not sure if there was any more of a divorce or a proposal. i thought a kid from now i am a, a c, a got i to cheat is a am by trauma, calisha. pretty me on your kind of like a whole will bomb crack. so to provide some clinical beach is to go to the whole with a come to publish it almost double, but i was more of
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a you with easy to work your prescription junior, a clinician rings a junior high from work produced to could i hope to see with yes, if you were to take a real life example in the past, you'd rather bank, you have to go there, physically steal some stuff, walk away, that's all you got. a gosh, that's the difference between 50 year though, banks, ice and a 5 year ago or 4 year ago. you produce greek engine. you're wanting. now, what is the pricing? yeah, i mean you're wanting to put in a position. i will check amanda. i need
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a shave russia, india, ah, ah, with we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions.
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we can make mobile payments from our phones. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. if it isn't your company, and there's a clear with everything but only eventually there's malware of that thousands made sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber. they use the technology as an extension of traditional by artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people with equally b, you can put a chip in my right. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive slayton with
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a ah, you k confirms its deployed troops to poland border with bellow roofs for potential assistance to warsaw to strengthen the frontier of thousands of migrants from maine . kept out and die conditions there, hoping to enter the e. u. amid the build up of asylum seekers on the valid roof powder border, i'll t speaks for the people smuggler to who takes migrants into western europe and gives us an exclusive insight into the shady business. they don't get caught germany put, they put them down and asylum centers. and after a while they get permits because they flow the id cards so they can't be defaulted . as german authorities don't know where they come from. and rising cobit cases in austria sees nationwide restrictions re imposed but only for the unmet.


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