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in sports like gymnastics in swimming here, is that documentary, see it on our t ah, through pen moscow time in the headlines today, the rub between belarus. ne, you gets worse with mens now accusing poland or lithuania of using the migrant crisis to get more money from brussels. amid the build up of asylum seekers than on the belly, russian polish border ortiz maria for national speaks with a people smuggler who takes migrants into western europe and gives us an exclusive insight into that shady business. they don't get caught in germany, but they put them down in asylum centers. and after while they get permits because they flow the id cards so they can't be deported. as german authorities don't know where they come from. under the co workers, protested london, after being told to lose their jobs, unless they get the coven job with similar threats being issued in other countries
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to we put that whole big story up for debate for, you know, anti vaccine. you know, we can see the importance of having to vaccine. however, i think you just go into different level, wendy's compulsory express care workers could be immunized. and we have to be careful to not let coven once again mass, a lot of the social issues that are going on. ah! hello, thanks for checking in without international this hour. it's kevin oh and live with . i will use h q this 12th of october and one story dominating. as you heard, the escalating stand off of migrants on the poland. bedrooms border is spilled over into the united nations. now with feller was accusing poland and lithuania of using the crisis to get extra funding from the european union. 6 members of the security council earlier blame the bellow,
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russian president main tama trying to destabilize neighboring countries. that statement found little traction. with the russian side. we the current european union members of the security council condemn the august brady, instrument elevation of human beings. there is a game of shifting belief now by the union. remember about the reasons why these people are really fleeing their countries, which countries destroyed their countries international organization need to be provided with immediate and unhindered access to people there in this, no problem for journalists for jose for go to the places where the migraines placed on the country, there is no access for n g o for journalists for women, 2 years to the areas where the 15000, according to some estimates polish guards. i see jesus very potted history. back in september, poland introduced a state of emergency on its eastern frontier with better rows. and thus we heard
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journalists mendoza effectively banned from the area, making reporting and providing aid there pretty much impossible. instead, 15000 poli, soldiers were deployed at the border to show the migrants could not enter the country. it comes to thousands of asylum seekers come for a fortnight along the better was poland, frontier in the hope of getting entry to the e you. despite, despite the aid provided by better origin, humanitarian organizations and activists, the situation of the border is still dire, migrants including women and children have to endure a freezing temperatures and a lack of basic supplies. we spoke to more of those people at the camp. please please pollen. yell at me. please yell of the pupil please. no indeed. nobody. we haven't heard the husband in song of the song are called very call. please feel of the pupil, paul on we haven't. george, we hasn't anything we haven't met in our country now. if you got it
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in germany or doubt that gartner is so just for better life, even even will. this kind of thing is not as isolated as it may appear to be at their particular place. the bigger picture, the movement of people were seeing at the better ocean polish border is happening elsewhere at a much larger scale to an influx of people fleeing conflicts in the middle east began years ago. and there are now well established routes to get to western europe . and let's take a look at the martin, starting from pakistan and afghanistan. they head through eastern europe, making, there're sad track as to be said before reaching italy in germany for example. in fact, the un says that 75000 migrants have traveled through bosnian hurts, given it since 2018 alone. art is maria financial spoke to one people, smuggler who is offering to take migrants in to northern germany. roger
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walden. although i think these people illegally cross the border because their governments did not allow them to went to europe using legal methods. they tried to flee and get as quickly as possible to european countries like germany, switzerland. some of them were on the run for 3 to 4 years as soon as they cost that border and get into germany, it's a done deal and they are free to travel anywhere within the european union. they don't get caught in germany, but they put them down an asylum centers. and after a while they get permits because they flow their id cards so they can't be deported as german authority. don't know where they come from. basically we were trying to help them find a better life. otherwise they most likely would have been caught, put in some kind of asylum center and then reported back to their home countries. now, as soon as they cross the border and get to germany, they are free. it was scary. the 1st time i did this adrenalin fear police drone arrests, a lot of my friends got caught while transporting them. the migrants were sent back
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and they, my friends, went to prison. most of the activities had done during the night. there were wild animals, you wait and hedges or canals until you cross over. that kind of thing. we came across all kinds of migrants from algeria juniors, ear, egypt, i don't know, but there were all kinds which we honestly transported from regina to cause in where as others trick them stolen and left them on the side of the road which we stole the money from them we got no, it was who, when you look at than they look mostly poor and don't look like terrorists. i've become involved in this business over time for many years, having known some people wages here, a lo so it is what it is. so for transporting them, you get paid. well, while simultaneously helping some one, it's $300.00 to $500.00 euros per person. we caught up with maria or a bit earlier to talk more about that interview in the risk that migrants are prepared to take. i remember how surprised i was to 1st hear that max of is not his real name to around any people across the border and that the price is
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between 30500. you were as the person in we felt he didn't tell us the truth, but i just couldn't understand. why would he live at later off camera? he admitted boy, he was during, during the interview, he was trying to deliberately diminish these numbers for security reasons. and but in all other aspects, facts and details he gave us, i can tell you, he was quite honest. my job in the last few years at least was to transport migrants along with my team from bacel, gina where people had previously transferred them across the serbian border through improvised methods. so we picked them up and transport them obviously at night through some wooded areas. sometimes 510, sometimes 20, mostly kick is in and the clergy in a region where other people then transported the mom. the path was through serbia and also through small or big boats where they would sneak in. they also sometimes travel by laurie's. they get under a laurie, it's
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a tough road. they come to turkey and also bulgaria, basically flew the poor country so to speak, like albania, bosnia and then they go to croatia, germany and from there elsewhere from turkey, they get transported to bulgaria, while bulgaria is in the european union. if they get caught there, they get sent back to turkey because there are no asylum laws allowing them to stay there legally. so they come here because it's easy to migrate from here to the european union. you have to understand that whose web covering quite a significant part of the world. and in old trends, countries let's say from pakistan to germany. you have to understand there are people like max that you as a migrant have to go and pay. as we heard the un things, something like 70000 people have gone through that country in order to try to get to western europe. why is that? why is it such a popular route? first, it's the shortest possible way to get to be today. but there is another reason both, and he's also famous for being loyal to these kind of people because of their pat,
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of its past because they still remember how does it feel can be refugee and how does it feel run away from your own model in the war there was over more than 25 years ago, but they still remember it, and i can say the level of society people still sympathized with refugees and migrant. and another reason, the part from the countries passed in the present, the reason the very high level of corruption and very complicated political system and a very high unemployment rate and all day is altogether pushed so many youngsters down the criminal business. while you were filming impulse. and you saw or managed to speak to migrant student. you who sort of going through that trying to get to western europe and heard 1st time their experience most if you had a legal migrant and you want to go to europe, you have basically 2 options to go to people like max. but that's in case you have money. another option is to do it on your own. and i mean, that's risk care, that's more dangerous,
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you can get caught and no one can give you any guarantee that you will ever succeed . but still many people choose this 2nd option because they don't have money. they don't have other choice. we asked max to take us on his normal journey from a to b. just how he usually takes migrants, you know, to the equation border within bosnia and on the way there, while we would just try the, we saw several groups of migrants and we stopped twice. and 1st group was from gonna on the left the country 4 months ago. right before the taliban came to power there and another group was from pakistan and they were like 20 people there. i was, i was like shocked. and we stopped and talked. and 1st i was so surprised that they were not hiding in us and why. and they told us they have the official refugee paper is given to them by the laws and authorities. speaking about how loyal this country is to these people. so if they try to across the board and they get deported, they can only be deported. back to bosnia,
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so they don't have to do this whole journey from scratch from pakistan. are you going, going to tell you the value? no idea how many trying 6 times please just invoice and then you try again. so you have been walking all the time. when did you leave bucket time right. before you left you 2 years ago and you still want to go, i don't know. i don't the one, the one not going you in bosnia filming for new documentary. yeah. tell us more about that. we were filming a documentary about one serbian guy living in serbian part of both now who long time ago wants to become a priest, but became a soldier. and that because the war came to his motherland, and he had to defend his family and his country basically. but after the war was
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over, more than 25 years ago, he was still looking for it somehow. and this is how he ended up working for companies like black water. and this is how he started to leveling to places like iraq, afghanistan, g, booty, israel on, can all, all the countries, many of them in africa, with so called private security missions. so it's very emotional, very actually said documentary about this person he, he explained to us that he was pushed 1st to doing that to be a soldier. but after that, he got kind of like wor, addiction, so it's a lot of money, but he, him, but the raw, at least 2 bigger messages that i want to send. first is that wars are so bad, but the situation in postwar zones and post conflict countries is sometimes even more dramatic and that should be addressed. and another message was, is especially important for me as a piece advocate is that there are so many wars and conflicts in more than world
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that people like our main character whose name is to sion will hardly be left jobless anytime soon. and that is very sad, sad stories. these people have got them. okay, well we got ahead this coming up after the break as inflation hits us 30 year high in the us. we look a was big gun. the rate of in somebody else to worry about was the plan to deal with it will talk about it by me. i joined me every 1st day on the alex summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then me
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i this finance also i was i did a we all the money laundering. first name is it is, can i see the 3 different? oh yeah, this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america or something overseas. in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in the regular piper saying with hey, i'm ready to do some serious money laundering. okay, let's see how we did. wow. we've got a nice luxury was for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry and how about ha ha luxury automobile again for mag? you know, it, money laundering is highly regal. copier watch? ah, ah,
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again, hundreds of people demonstrated in london after the deadline expired for care home staff to get fully inoculated against corona virus. with the ultimatum now enforced, those not vaccinated than will lose their jobs. he comes off for a separate decision to make vaccines obligatory for health care workers and social care is in england. the sectors face losing thousands of employees if they are not fully inoculated against covered by april next year, unless the medical exempt for it. so as we said, the deadline, though now for care, homework is, is past. some of them shared their concerns with us making the car was forcing it's like vaccine. it's just, it's just a step to fun. what, what's the next thing that we have to do should come down to choices. and it's never happened before. happen before where people have been told to take, take anything, so they're going to be really soft and lots of people are going to suffer the consequences if everybody leaving. so if you look at this try in the hospital,
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you're not going to be cared for. and then you've got the cleaners with it, it's not going to be clean and kind of hard to work before they're not going to get fed because of all the work is in the kitchen. and then we'll say to just going to florida part of the home, the whole things and they'd, high numbers of new code cases mandatory. no collation is becoming more prevalent around the globe with world health organization assisting. the vaccination is a key part is stopping the pandemic singapore, for instance. and i'm snowden sony measures coming in around the world. so you're saying that covert patients refusing the shot will have to pay their medical bills . then there's germany in australia that we reported on earlier in the program with regents. they are limiting indoor restaurants, bars and clubs to those who are not related or recent recovered from the disease in greece. visitors to restaurant state services and banks must present vaccination certificates or negative test results. here in russia in st. petersburg,
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city imposing mandatory vaccinations for senior citizens. now we discuss the impacts of all these measures that are coming in slowly, but surely with a panel of guests will be a better way to convince people to nobody protect themselves, but also protect others. we emphasize the law on anti jean and infection control measures and being sensible. no, so i am safe distance in so i just feel that the whole force compulsory and takes it to another level. it just takes away the choice. and i think that's the people are in the con county or the restrictions largely based on trying to prevent transmission or just trying to get the numbers up to make sure more people are vaccinated. as they say circulating society. no, we want to get the numbers off because if you get the numbers up a number of positive benefits, a crew one, the person is protected from severe illness and dine. that's one second, they're most unlikely to end up in hospital. and then the 3rd,
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a immunized person is infectious for a short period of time, we're seeing is a lot of confusion in maybe even some moral panic and hysteria. that's coming from a lot of these bubbles and communities that are sharing concerns about the fears of not being vaccinated or the fears are being vaccinated, way still vulnerable in, in our places. what like, you know, patients have visitors come in, you know, there's lots of people coming in to the hospitals and i think is quite unfair to just talk in those those health care work because you know and force it in. i think a lot of it, when not when i went to and see vaccine, you know, we can see the importance of having to vaccine. however, i think you're just going to different level when is compulsory insensitive places? sometimes one ruble, patients severely, clinically wonderful, etc. we've got to ask that you are safe to manage them and therefore if you are
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working in that area, you've got to be immunized. certainly, i don't know how many my students are vaccinated or not at universities in the u. k . really like sharing that information. it's going to create a scenario where these passports in these documents really have us looking one way or another at somebody and the social ramifications of this, including the immense inequalities that could come from the treatment of each other . because of these laws and whether people conform or not, i have been talking to a lot of health care workers who have been hesitant about vaccines. a lot of them from menacing homes. and i gave them of my time effort and energy, showing them how the vaccine works, what it does, what it doesn't do, how to protect them, and in the end, most of them went on to get immunized. so we need to do our homework of inform, advise, educate as well, my county, we were so, so some of the younger from
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u. k. care home workers about being told by politicians to get a vaccination. but that will be people who remember back to last spring, and that was fatality numbers in u. k. k. homes who are going to be thinking, if i'm putting my relative in these care homes, i want people to be vaccinated, they're going to be where it may be. find that behavior selfish? yes, i expect co workers to be immunized because unfortunately, this corona virus can be infectious and could kill the elderly people without your knowing on the day you were infectious, we have to be careful to not let cove it. once again, massed a lot of the social issues that are going on in society that have been a long time affecting people, causing deaths, causing long time ambulance weights. there are lots of issues that are underlying this to just like co overtake here with the government instead of mandatory a covey vaccinations. what would you do to convince people to get a job? it's not so much about convincing people and people it be mandatory. i think it's
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more about giving people the choice and given them all the information that they require and letting them have the choice. your moral a picture and joe, we were talking about it just now. the covert situation is taking a grim turn is infection rates continue to break national records. the country reporting his highest daily number of new corona virus cases. since the pandemic began, hospitals were increasingly under pressure and authorities. according for urgent action. peter, all over europe correspond that brought me up to speed on that just last hour. grim grim figures have been coming out of germany over the last 48 hours. really, they've been pretty grim things for the last few weeks. mark is zada, the leader of the state of bavaria. he's been expressing serious concern about the number of hospital admissions that we've had across germany, saying that the health care system is really creaking to its breaking point. practiced. the fact is that the hospitals are full, they are at their limits,
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both in terms of the workload and the emotional situation. that is why it's important that we act. now. we've also heard from yen spahn, the german health minister, interim health minister. we still don't have a new government tia exactly yet. but again, spawn has said the free coven tests will be reintroduced. now they, we've done away with a little while ago. and once they were gotten rid of, we saw numbers start to go up because it had been very easy for german to get a test. if you thought you may have any particular issues, there was water, almost every corner you go in, you get it done. it was done in around 1015 minutes, they were then taken away. you can still get tests done, but you have to pay for them. and we've seen numbers rise again. this isn't just a german issue though. we're also seeing situations in austria and the netherlands as well, severely restricting the freedoms of those who cannot prove if they've been vaccinated, or in some cases that they've recovered from coven 19. now in germany,
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the vaccination rate is around 67 percent that's lower considerably than the 75 percent. that health experts said countries need to or populations need to meet in order for the vaccination to be as successful as it can be. often the lager, even if the situation is different, because so many are vaccinated, it is still not good, especially because not enough citizens have taken advantage of the availability of the vaccine. and that's why we have to continue to be careful. while we're being told here in germany to avoid large events and limit contact, certainly all situations that would be not advised if you listen to what the robert cock institutes a thought to say about limiting the amount of contact and limiting the possibility of catching cove. it is case numbers rise here in germany significantly final, sorry for this position, southern can bring any more cheer, either talk in inflation next in the u. s. is accelerated, accelerated to its eyes level over 30 years. supply chain bottlenecks covered
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restrictions and increasing energy prices are all out again to the mixed household costs ahead of the winter. so joe biden is already ordered the energy prices reduced in america and has blamed rising prices on opec for not producing enough oil. but he's in a quandary in the same breath. he also wants to shut down oil pipelines in his country over environmental concerns covering it today. sounds good taylor the holiday season is upon us. but if americans were hoping for abundance giving c store a christmas tree, lincoln with presents no luck. a supply chain crisis is this, his grin bringing mat shortages, delivery delays on record breaking inflation. inflation hurts americans pocket books and reversing this trend is a top priority for me. the largest share of the increase in prices, and this report is due to rising energy costs. so the president would be tang king
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ratings and angry voters has conveniently found the guilty party energy. and it's true that prices have thought, in fact, a 3rd of american pop to skip a cut back on necessities like food medicine to pay that energy bills in recent months. you'd think that wouldn't you, but it wouldn't be the best time to even talk about shopping yet to nata pipeline. as we enter the winter months and temperatures drop across the midwest, the termination of the michigan o pipeline we lumped outwardly further exacerbate shortages and price increases. in home heating fuels, that's time when americans are already facing rapidly rising energy prices steep home heating cos, global supply shortages and skyrocketing gas prices. tuffy latest and a long line of not in fans of biden's energy policy. no pipelines and no drilling permits revoked and leases suspended. the white house has gone green,
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even if that means cutting off thousands of jobs and even your citizens to shiver. but instead of taking ownership for that part of town, the full out now the president i'm his people are pointing a finger elsewhere. oil is a global market. it is controlled by a card town. and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. never mind that america has enough supply in its own backyard to turn out some barrels and bring down those prices bite and just won't turn on the taps. but opec should buy does not to blame for cold winter opec, his biden's not responsible view, struggling to pay the bills opec as just as well. he explained it to us, otherwise it'll so quite complicated, isn't it? like the supply chain? oh, well, i'd explain it to you, but you just wouldn't understand. you hear a lot about the supply change in the news, but frankly, not a lot of people are clear. have a clear understanding whether they have a ph to here. they didn't go to school about how
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a supply chain works. the problem is we did not have fuel in american papers only with smart know what's going on. and they know he's doing very, very bad job. do take at job id and cali, american people do that or that there is no supply crisis. there's no border crisis. i do, i take offense that, that because we see it. we live here in texas, the space and then till to the american intelligence and his press secretary, according to them, there is no crisis. but if there is a crisis, just because we ordered too much on line, would tell him to stop being political start thinking about americans and the good for america. i don't see how more in, if you could get, i think that's just
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a typical political. i get out of a problem, the blame game, a classic and any politicians playbook and perfect for times of trouble. you know, like when your party was humiliated in the recent elections, you're racing to be crowned the least popular president and history. and now people can't even afford a woman posey thanksgiving and you're not even a year into presidency. already home heating, oil is up 59 percent and home gas seating is up 28 percent and it's going to get worse as the winter comes here. so some are projecting some economists that heating cost for homes will increase 100 percent by the winter. that's a big problem. much going to cause, you know, a big political backlash for biden. and i don't see what else, what much he can really do about it. you know, he's talking about maybe opening to petroleum reserves. but that's not going to
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have much effect because the problem is american energy companies, oil and gas companies are exporting a lot of this commodity. and that's giving them, you know, convenience shortages here to us that allows them no boost their prices in the us. so can he stop them from exporting? i doubt that if he opens the petroleum reserve, you know they'll just use that. an export even more, will let you know how those are twists and turns workouts along the way. but that's what we're talking about so far. reporting from moscow, kevin, out in the say with me here today wishing you a great rest of this friday. thanks for checking info, hoping stick around. take cuz we're going to a state side studios after the break for the dentist millis show. ah, by the panoramic no, certainly no borders applied to nationalities and
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you farish. as a merge we don't have a charity. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judgment. 2 common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together. oh, when i wasn't sure. think wrong when i just don't hold any
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world. yes to shape out.


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