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can any politicians playbook and perfect for times of trouble? you know, like when your party was humiliated in the recent elections, you're racing to be crowned the least popular president of history. and now people can't even afford a warm and cozy thanksgiving. and you're not even a year into presidency. saskia taylor, wrap it up this news edition. that's the way things are looking so far. reporting for moscow, kevin. known a great to me today wishing you a lovely day. bye for next programs to. oh, you can stick around the coming up in your part of the world. oh, ah .
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ah, with a no, we're not exchange charter. i'm here with that charlotte binary, a top one we had saw lima, og kennedy. i wish nina, what's your knowledge? shelton said, no, that should bring your cards when for portal me a petition. you're wondering, i'm pretty sure it will show up. we're calling us. we can come on. they're not
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share today. we were trying to get additional numbers now. bundle ones for to use for like a 1000000. yeah. not a shit. and it will read that the computer with the total price with the media and all that. even your mobile number to the gym at that would not sitting at the bottom. national particular. com. yeah, no more on my desk. gretchen felt pretty interested at all for one year to want to be able to make the resume receivable and send out the corner and shipped to our store and were bureau of internet explorer here were just the resume was done on your cell. mr. bentley, i'm not going to work the anger butler need to move out so you want to provide your infrastructure when you're welcome, bye. come find me. couple more sites. microsoft content up when we come up with them. i think we're here to talk or if i can get off your computer, i'm sure they will have an official for
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me the me i was looking for an apartment to move in in the month of march and 2020 and i get a random email on my g mail from angela morrison. she claimed to be from the okay, i'm an old couple who cannot travel to anymore. and they have more apartment in of a popular street, gordon, that's the people in you said that she wants to be down because it's empty and she, she's dealing with b and b. so i thought okay, maybe because it's b and b, it's an international brand name, it'd be,
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it'd be okay to deal. or she sent me. it has reporters of the apartment. it has a logo of air b and b. it has everything that has feedback from different guess i over the emails we were discussing and i said okay, i'm ready to take it. so she said, yeah, okay, you will be in be directly and i will get the confirmation. so i made the payment. i go to the meeting, it's the b and b payment website. and notification comes i put in my god the deals and i say pre, ah, i'm not, but i'm in this home with her son named jenny. kara reported she should have thrown in the shadows the man you would want for sure. with shamira, i'll put it on mary's care. shanteria, what's out of award i did have thought of departed time and thought and in from a tone exact passes to temper on all bon cra ritual to for our 1st ear. ah, that miliano audibly garage on the ship of korean shows the shout. she brought
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samples or sportsmen standing in ear, boys over to the movement which procedure name it is pretty rare. critique scrambling and she doesn't ramp or special shots for me or on here what i hear otherwise, saw jason you showed at the cliff ryan with at the roster script got out of storm either dropped back. i repeated your it's in a strange order. notice across the lip boehme e my, me on for coordinators, 20 school ac raphael, patricia. i couldn't. why it's at the bung to me. come on computer screen, fun of monsters. hip. is there any computer that you're in the ball rolling machine? it's just not the border beep. no, no costa blood units comp expired. they've eod is up on this issue seriously. right? sure. to put it as well. michelle said the brakes quite quantum leaves. i mean there are young. oh my social is long. mm. automatic. again, this fact shocked box opens up and it's this gord calling plot the mom for she's
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like gone. i'm from a to b and b, b received. your god be do and be processing your payment. so i said okay, i'll do it. i made the payment and she deducted. so i got a statement of the money. i deducted in euros. so i don't know either. why did you do doctor noodle is because i'm being you in my note that in c g 's make oh care. sorry, sorry. be able to refund it, i'd be able to charge you again. so i said okay, you know whatever. so send me the refund. so she's like, yeah, we're processing it, me one day went 2 days went. so i don't know where it is that he fund. she's like yeah, can you get another notification on your phone? just give me that number and i will process the refund. so i give her though, or d. b again. she takes another $8000.00 didn't. so now doctor, she's taken 16000 didn't strong my account. and that's when i thought something is
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gone, drawn noon a needed to, but i still could get it all smoke or the premier to come with the pretty slightly of the small got a new ruler with it easily with machine shoot us a few songs that were you to where it was like when we site couple or you were going to push them a size, wishing a great easy might use this new we done the candidates room. i need to get on the side thing.
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then i called air b and b headline. they said we cannot find your name, beacon or find the horse name. he cannot find this apartment. we don't have any of these details. we will what you will do our scam and fraud department, because this seems like a scam. mm . who's ah, yes, good. cra, a doctor, tedious, they're not ported over to the conditions, or if it's your standing engineer york to eat or what is hurt us in that video can be me. but here, sponsor, but i want to cindy. steve seamless brought your name is sharon burton regards that are both are cheaper. which teacher just to process the horses to junior i'm going to do a young. it's a quickbook. no armano. iraq. what the only boy scheman practitioner in an am
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parked in your name and your solution. i started out on able to come on dillard mclaughlin, uncle. yup. little nasty. it's beside nor storage. bob got to put you on your ear leon credit off stuff on it. look on s t 3, it's um underneath their ballasa, libra, buckeye, minnie deborah mccord miracle without buddha stupid, which had been called dallied yards or probably caught you at the got the money which is poison talking to way more got money. but as i'm seeing people on lexical information, e g, yes, ma'am tucker at the black box, there should've been come up. when you walk, i wish the computer room go idea. when camara, you see genuinely, i see from camara, potentially from i've got a my, a trivia near critical. ben come on. she said that she if has room wish nick, but good check swim will compute little he's been come out, the chief, i'm could be dispenser. ear that you, nobody will come on to dispenser all the way on with them all genia for mission because it is a sure to clean up our national debt of getaway. charitable shania. it's, i'm proud of the neocon and shore floors not notarized. bestbuy fish,
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not nissan. sheds when wishing you come. that's why you bought oil crap older cars . good oscar down you recorded because when you come, when you going to enter is from last year and torres are so kind of cheap. are you not talk properly? but his words are, boys are to li, neither the resign ingenuity. mm. oh. they have humans, you know, read, read drugs. that when i to see that in a read, she's ordered and she has a house here. very believable. nobody can say it was a fate website. i had shown that link to my colleagues, i go when i showed it to my friends, i said see, this apartment was so nice. nobody said that this is free. nobody got it, it is speak sometimes. if you see some spelling mistakes, if you see something, you know, you are laser to something seems in a good wrong. but this was you know, like a perfect copy of the website,
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even the noble i'm trying every day to find gone dives, who can help me at b and b said no, they cannot help. it is trauma because you lost money or you feel a bit stupid that you know, how could this happened to you somewhere? i have lost. it took me, i thing 56 months to make my father online payment, you know, to buy something online. otherwise i was so scared. i check 100 times. i check, you know, is this website greg, is this render alleged to make you lose trust in the whole internet? speed mm. a lot of money has gone within like the same scam, same people, same names. the dog side is that you don't know what this money is being useful. you know, it can be used for wrong things and i don't want to be a sponsor of that,
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you know, for whatever other things that are happening in the water with whatever you know, stuff which still happens on the dark away. but whatever i, i don't want to be part of that in the summer resume, or if the charger used to go to job one cost from sick for their own best option as uniform. if somebody were to go to when you use your best option of extra number, linear comes in, but i don't want to put enough space in your area. what are your one? yeah, one could you start to remember is yours where you ended up using yellow one new commer. this is temperature. there must change additional program with authority. but in this market words, when you need a moment option, you want with the mr. brewer, she's very piteous life for grandma ballinger, and he's got to know that when you're you're welcome, glen jablonka jeanette. a girl never knew mine. yeah. that back to for me. i
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just it's awesome. so let's take some companies to show me that they can up about which a company, which is a yeah, look, invested us if so, i mean mobiles so on which some of the plot moments mr. have this almost come back about the kid. there was a mistake which had said that anything could leave the companion my companion was even, or is this just like that bug of or so much did that can it's like it's door of value or addition. sure. well, my little group, which is i've shopped in there, so it's like i'm, i didn't really know him. so it's in the store said he was seen with my little boy, and i didn't wake up by the name that peter social is this michelle, i'm fine with the national much company is there was a bus. mr. georgia is this southeast and the 3 through which will program but wow.
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and then move on to the northeastern or of us, didn't it up and moved like nasa what the, the we can now look into people's minds read the question then is what kind of consequence we, we can take from this. i think you take the example flying, it would prevent us from like we wouldn't be able to lie anymore if everything becomes transparent, but what we're thinking or empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stand. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can,
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but i wanted to play with on that. and so what i'm going to change anything but only eventually there's malware die thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the take biology as an extension of traditional time. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening in the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people would equally be you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defense. it's like a water around the try, a seal island that's in contention between canada and the united states, where their government has suddenly become optimal for lobster. our populations here exploded one of the most valuable fisheries that ever existed. suddenly you
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had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and tensions or high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the part because that would be significant to host countries. border disputes don't go away. they just test or something's going to happen. i me in the morning i got, you know, 15 restaurants today. but don't you worry not boys. couple ottomans, you want to put you on the
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board. what do i want? i can find your secret. reminds them from people on the plane you apply really poor. can you look at what i would not be not performing artist previously? not cash flows. when you can put me on the, on potentially make your one wishes to more on the greatest on government even. you know, i've been on my back with your daughter on the phone or if you're putting your internet to she on the wrong. but you weren't you trying to figure out what's going on and just put me in the bargain. resume is pretty ready to do it because i'm more on me minute when you're talking with mark mark, i trust you not. i'm not going to my for president or not and you got to and i was really come off here how i do you need?
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yeah, i pick, i'm going to, it's not a name and probably the processor and i put me on hold on the internet when there's, you know, they can restore them. luxury. can you please call me a battle still miserable by getting it a little more specific to the boise it has happened before that it is carson you on a smartphone joseph that he has the correct monkey. but i'm was, if you moment me up like each study would soon be see if one is one with me, of could beat one wants to whisper. the lamp is not on yet doth book 0. so i tell was e c h had or should i like a say, you know, spoken by me mike. dicky scuffles are you at the moment with you 3 o'clock jar because sheena at the restore them on, regretted it that edward did get the quote by molly group. it awful is nationwide. warm ste. yeah. it's a new to particular ancient bridge alarm over australia on the lack of the my be
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with which is cesar. i get him and his allies postal bush that mushy east excursion alter said. no goc, but great children, that musical know to sit on borrow a gene given premier to splunk husky stuck on the alba is true. jim dorothy shook them. mankowski 3 young list on papa day at my computer on like you to with see why she g 's dish to avoid cynical. com site. you come out on the line. bodka. got up ashley, down late. i could go to the hiker. if not so rattled, i'll know what a g when you processed and them up money shoe, it garage in aging yeast or zurich, saw or wish clara, and logan. i drove down the nobody is, nobody else shook. amandola took a toyota store if seekins over at craig with lessons nearby, proposing marks on the middle of march 3rd shirt. for if i just drove graham,
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i just ended up going on with, from a sort of a wonderful home western she kristof misty's preschool and you know for the hebrew mirror, but i'm a star physician dear flush me, i fly. meteor was out of the quarters. good. morning marcella, dr. morrison, i remembered him in this new mark murat between his 2 mushroom. are you bitter media to fornia fung in on monday starts young you spoke and could you make article anthony option? shes matter minded bunk, was wanted to be up any muscle now got up to loops to shut them his neck when. but even though caught up with them, broke spotted, cathartic march to bohemians like reach the women, mental village, or that the stones could keep the dominate book. they had been caught up on the net . yes, it was that i'm watching the process now and i just need to dominate the shadow. it's motion. yeah. which thought the shuttle bus yesterday? i could watch it last. but if i'm not selling the monkey of a spoils music, no,
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i'm going to which anthem application sort of part of, they open his name, but that we technical, some white silhouette. the 1000000 yet by up to must have done nicholas mic arctic yog natania gyla. we have valesh dot net but had used by kill with capital. i'm just going to cross. ah, i mean, if it were your winners, give her a walk down to the years that are more threatening, gotten dr. pritchett's of believe it or subordinate market. it's a pretty horn to suggest to know that on them we'll dos to point reviewers. manon re exploiter for the test is to put in more than he supported the regulatory virginia. thank you. not serious luck across from that. on the will dos report. it isn't compatible, belts, moon, precisely with, with, with them exist in absolute new what? so blah, her, if the video you close, she it, unless boy girl is of still exist was they have a good mushroom is was complete yet on wasn't just for was any process. so playground, when the premier on up was multiple equal util should in your vote browser in the
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pinellas ill text to this, but i think that's what it was scheduled for. i'm clean buncombe with but how you choose my permission to quote that contributed to bulletins that i need. so for kids from a permit, them just, it's called the street this boom initiative. silver coloma society is polish, but i run the course religion channels or might not. i'm good bob who at me it's not get his body. alisha. dish them, but it will cost them playground. rust, bleakness. what's up simple, this is jim because i just want it to put me in for more control at the woodrow, which i thought it was for should be a little or a complete love. it is. and why she walked in covered with a bulge feeding ah, get on board or issue with the machine if you are not figured yeah. are you the guy want your number to be near that ship? you think? yeah, thank you for dorm and dallas easier board vision. i'm gonna renew that for him, but he's not feeling i probably i hear that i can't not
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a new router fortunate. we've got the way my number again, that's owned by peter horner for monday, which need to be degree chair. i'm not sure how i should get an idea of how i should come right out of the not true if there was a desire to show for my new year when we caught 3 or done the record video before the pages a little down moment. we're going to when you, when you're fortunate manager, when you know that she's been shot of a lot of years finishing and he was more not by promotional ginger or from the one point about it at a time, somebody nicer that a group off you got to when you might have probably enough, i can come if you're not communicating, you've got to be up in integration is not blowing your gun, the hoover margaret because you're going to be ready to comment on
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most of them. and jane expect them to wish they would know which one much the we're just out of the pretty new one in some part of school shot them all. why did to up the most goodness on the miss marshall about this trust succession in chester. the question on our, if you don't put them on the site to do what you said about the category, could you can on some support in a day to still boy, when you didn't get to the receptionist was in the process. all the rules and sounds and if so, so we'll do the search. what's the producer restored?
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convinced me to call my hands. treasure. almost in interest was in a rush, trusted congeal its brothers thought up. all my name is katrina calling for the school was trying to go down in the fall of south will change most of america. some gender reasoning was charged indians rental because they're still principal i deal which should change to vision and interest almost double my answers and what you. ringback to finance, to bad who's in the present? it's a good argument to be just about trying to ship something up as normal. they use mostly changing kind of pushing that you know, it's almost new just seem to be just like i'm looking for this particular mind. you
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have to few now would you would get from the beautiful it wouldn't. gotcha. so i'm sure i'm learning to me the more suspense because ah, more than i'm why now? i'm not so much right to keep it around here. a boys, a shock are on a back up with top of the annual that on those have thrown in the grade is i was going opinion asenia more of a divorce rather than you have said july. it is that if you proposal, i a see
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a cut back to cheat as a media by trauma calisha and putting me on a portable bond graph. so to provide some clinical piece, a couple with reason to come to publish it almost a little. i was more of a new with easier to work. it was created, a clinician brings a more spurious to cut off with, i guess if you were to take a real life example in the past, you'd rather bank, you have to go there. physically steal some stuff, walk away. that's why you got
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e l, a bag, a gash. that's the difference between 50 year though, banks, ice and a 5 year ago or 4 year ago. you produce greek engine. you're wanting numbers, get out and is a pricing. yeah. i mean, you're wanting a position was, i will check. come on. i need a shave russia, india. ah.
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ah. as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. mission with maya by everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. the price to, to, to achieve really was, was follow to read the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together. is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary?
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see it on our t ah, repair moscow time in the headlines today, the rab between paris ne, you gets worse with men's now accusing poland lithia of using the migrant crisis to get more money from brussels. amid the build up of asylum seekers than on the bell, russian polish border ortiz, maria for national speaks, where they people smuggler who takes migrants into western europe and gives us an exclusive insight into that shady business. and they don't get caught in germany, but they put them down in asylum centers. and after a while to get permits because they flow their id cards so they can't be deported as german authority. don't know where they come from under the co workers, protested london after being told the lose their jobs. and.


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