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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 12, 2021 4:30am-5:00am EST

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ah, ah ah ah hello in welcome to cross stock, were all things are considered? i'm peter lavelle. how is the economy working for you? we are told this is a time of the great reset and build back better. what does this mean to you? how does the green new deal play into this? it seems the richer only getting richer. but what about the rest of us? ah, i cross stocking the great reset, i'm joined by my guess jeffrey tucker in austin. he is the founder in president of brownstone institute. in bristol, we have shot, he bar,
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she's the deputy leader of the workers party of britain in author of the drive to war against russia and china. and here in moscow were joined by tony you and he is a managing director of conquer risk capital, as well as advisory board member of our c investments are cross cycles in effect. that means you can jump in any time you want. and i always appreciate the 1st thing i want to ask all of you and i want to else. i'll start with jeffrey in austin. what is the state of the economy as the pandemic is fading, of course, in different parts of the world. it's there is different status of for the pandemic, but as we it it, as it ebs here, where we standing or because the prognosis was the economy should roar once it was unlocked from the lock downs. now there's different opinions of where we're going. jeffrey, you 1st. it's not a lock on the lock downs and embers suffering has result broken supply chance old world reports clogged in the rest, empty shelves, shortages high inflation and,
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you know, in aggregate. but if you look at the individual sectors of construction or beef prices, bacon gas, you name it, americans are suffering dreadfully. hundreds of thousands of businesses were destroyed during the pandemic. they're not coming back. and now you've got the vaccine mandates that are been imposed through a regulatory, judicial, a c art. and you've got the by the ministration, ignoring judges that are condemning them. so i'm telling you in my lifetime, i've never seen such a sadness in chaos and brokenness across the board. just a year turn go ahead in bristol. i think it's really important to notice that i'm right at the beginning of the pandemic when the look downs were brought in. there was actually a financial crash, a financial crisis, a crisis in the system that was covered over by the locked down. and when we had a big bailout, it wasn't a coven bailout. it was another big business bailout like we saw in 2008,
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but it was covered over because of course, the anger that would have arisen on the streets if people had realized were bailing out big business again. because as another financial crisis would have been really extreme, and that crisis has not been recovered from it. fundamentally caused by the fact that the mass of the working class have not the money to put the demand into the economy. they can't buy the goods that they themselves have been producing. and that hasn't changed. we've come out of the pandemic and the pandemic will exposed the huge inequality in the system. led to a huge amount of anger amongst people as they saw how an equally they were hit by the pandemic. how unequally, their health care, how unequal are the effects of the disease on people, and how unequal the distribution of work, and who gets paid and who doesn't work. but what's really noticeable now is there's a, you know, inflation is going up. people's weight is are not keeping tabs with that and we have a more pain to come. okay, well i think it's so far very interesting this problem, jeffrey,
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agility or probably is the i'd i a dime i to repose ideologically as possible. and i saw jeffrey nodding his head the entire time. this is interesting, this is why we're doing the program. all right, tony, your turn, what is the state of the academy? go ahead. i think i would also agree with my colleagues here. i think that the economy is supposedly coming back. i would, i'll add something new, perhaps a discussion, which is just that. i think this, this highlights, once again the don't look that bad. generally, it looks like it's like with the economy is returning to its pre coded trend. but the reality on the ground is that people are still looking for work. we have massive underemployment, which masks the unemployment problem. we also have issues where small businesses are struggling more or, or dead, different mentioned, but, and big businesses which i think are the ones that are holding up the g, b, g, b, number. the giant businesses have gained dramatically. and i think that,
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that masts a lot of pain that we're not seeing, we, those, those companies, they, they did math layoffs during 2020. they benefited from different types of tax write offs as well as benefited from being able to withhold investment the they kept the profits and in many cases just paid out dividends. so what we're seeing is kind of an artificial set of macroeconomic numbers that make it appear as though things are doing fine or things are, are on chart to recover when in fact i think we've, we've got to severely damaged economy. okay. well, it's very interesting that we're all pretty much on the same page, at least so far. ok, well the name of this program i've titled it what reset. so now we'll see what the differences are. jeffrey, i mean, we hear build back better the re reset. what does that mean to you? i mean it's, these are bumper stickers. what does it mean to you? yeah, the rubber sticks that anything. what we really need to address is the dramatic and
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balance of power that, that the pandemic response exposed. and basically you have a ruling class out there that wants to everybody and zoom and their, their, their managing the political and economic systems according to their own interests and totally comply with complete disregard for the, for the working class and are and, and are your gases correct about the g d p can eat a g d p can drive the g d p, the g d p is not gonna hear you when you're sick. yeah, i mean, now there are fake numbers. you know? and i, i watch the stuff, you know, every day i, man, i am a data. maybe i love going through mission of find out what's, what's actually going on. and you have to look at labor participation for gothic in the us. we were missing 4300000 workers. you know, they're just gone. are mostly a taken from the community of women and minorities during the pandemic lock downs. and, and it's, it's,
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it's been absolutely exploitive. and you talk to my big business. i mean, basically for large zooming, you know, digital companies are buying up manhattan on the cheap, you know, it's, it's, it's an unbelievable scandal and, and something. so there is going to be a great reset of some sort of or, and, and, but i don't know entirely what is going to look like. but, but we have to address this problem of, of the, in balance of power based on the, on the, on the class structure. and by the way, i didn't even know this year, right. i mean, there's a lot of things i believed about world that turn out to be false. and i think that are true that i'm just now learning. but i've been absolutely scandalized at the, at the policies of the last 20 months and such as me, i'm, this is, this is a, a populous movement that's all cross country bromley, the world that you're in a judge, there's gonna be a reset. but it's who is gonna define it and control it,
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and we have the people that benefited the most that are doing it right now. but i don't think the odds are very good for them. okay? because they're, they've only served their own interest here at the exp said every one else. that's why i said in my introduction, what about the rest of us? because a lot of people are being left behind here. there's gonna be a reset. it depends on who's gonna make, make that possible and i'm, i'm not putting my, my odds on the powers that be right now. go ahead in bristol, i mean a that, i mean your last speaker actually gave a really nice description of monopoly capitalism. that's how that system this system works. you know for me these buzzwords and they are, it's a, it's a p r campaign. great reset. build back better green new deal. and these are marketing slogans for what actually to justify another huge deb mood of public money into the hands of monopoly capital. they're claiming to be
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addressing the concerns that of people make it. it's like a recognition of the anger of the masses, right? a recognition of the anger against inequality, inequality between classes, inequality between countries. this sucking up of all of the world's wealth into the hands of a tiny monopolist elite. people are angry about that. and so there's a kind of recognition in the buzzwords that people are angry or they say things like, we were going to build in resilience, we're going to make things more equitable, more sustainable. what they actually want to do is persuade us to let them spend a huge amount again, of public money on popping up big capital. this time they'll call it in the, in the i'm of being green. right? they want to persuade us to throw away things and buy new things, and this is green. they want to persuade us that we should give huge amount, billions in contracts. the companies who claim to be delivering green things for us, you know, climate neutral, carbon neutral addressing climate change,
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whatever they'll, they'll put it under all these banners. but what it means is a whole load, more of public money is going to be going on. so just me. so when you're, when you're up, what you're saying is like the, the new green deal is that all the green goes to a small group of people. is that what you're saying? i'm saying but there we are just nation a justification. yeah, absolutely. petra, i want to get i want to get tony in here. go ahead. jump in, tony. you were you. i won't lose my joke. i hope you liked elaborate. go ahead. yeah. well again, i agree with my colleagues and i was going to, i think my, my, my little separate plug, which is about the green issue that none of us, if you noticed, have been talking about the climate crisis or anything. and i know the guardian and some other newspapers have actually change their wording to make it a climate emergency climate crisis. and instead of simply climate change, like you see in the state and, and yet no one really is talking about that because i,
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i'm not sure that that really affects people when they're trying to put food on the table when they're, they're working when they're getting a job and so you know, i'm not trying to belittle people to care more, more or less about the environment. but if we talk about the great reset, we're talking about the impetus for this and for the world. economic for meeting was, was offensively about climate change. and about this climate emergency. so they are prescribing that post code, but we should somehow be thinking about how we can we can make more equitable outcomes, but also preserve the environment. and i still can't wrap my head around how those 2 things seem to fit together. and i think now that we are at least post 1st wave of cobit or 2nd wave of coven. i think it's even harder to wrap our heads around. i don't, i don't see how the great reset has anything to do with, with global warming. ok, well i'll get it to and i will talk about in the 2nd half of the program. but one of the things that i would propose is that we just delete the word equity forever.
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i'm sick and tired of hearing it. ok, it just it just it just a cover. i mean it doesn't mean anything. ok it's, it's a cover you for people to do what they're told to do or i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the great reset. stay with the ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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ah, ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think okay, but i'm going to lunch, there's a clear with crime that and i thought of going to change anything but only eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber. they use the think biology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now,
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i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people with equally b, u, calling from a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side. oh when i was showing wrong, when i just don't hold any world yet to feed out disdain because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with
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oh, there is a patch of water around which i see a highlander in contention between canada and the united states. northern gulf, a maintenance suddenly become optimal for lobster of our population. here is exploded, one of the most valuable fisheries that's ever existed. suddenly you had me and canadian fishermen in these waters at the same time jousting for position and attention to high violence is bound to happen. this is the last land border dispute between canada and the united states. it could be magnified to the point where there could be costs that would be significant to post countries. border dispute don't go away. they suspect her. something's going to happen. welcome back. across stock were all things are considered on peter level to remind
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you we're discussing the great reset. ah okay, it's got back to jeffrey and another one of my pet peeves. and all of this here is that the same people, they created the mask of 2008, mismanage the lock downs, bailed out big business again, monopolies as jobs. he's pointed out, and now they have a bumper sticker to say, give us another shot to do it. i mean, why in the world would anyone believe in that? i think fewer and few people actually do okay. they had, we, we have were ruled by incompetent greedy people with a very short sighted with a lot of a short sightedness. the horizon is right, it there know is the rest of us have to live differently, go head jeffrey. the ruling class definitely played their hand during the lock downs exposing to the world. you know, what's really going on the new york times every they would say, if there's
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a lot of cases in your neighborhood, needs to stay home and have her food delivered. that's very interesting statement. they didn't say there's a lot of cases in your neighborhood go deliver food. right? so, right, because because the paper is designed for a particular class interest, that's it. you know that the people can don't have to engage in the physical world . don't have to actually like work with anthem encounter the physical world rather just on a living there, the zoom life. and they wanted to reconstruct the whole world operation of the global economy for their own benefit. and that is so incredibly obvious right now. and the loss of trust and i could very concerned about this. i don't think xfinity, i wanna submit the loss of trust and ill leafs in expertise in the law of the courts are big business, you know, is immense in each other. and we have a huge amount of rebuilding to take place and not gonna be guided by the people who created others, wreckage in which we're with are under which we're living right now. so i don't you
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know, and i fret meant loss of trust and politics. you know, which has just become a joke, you know, in the u. s. and, and around the world. so we have an enormous job to do in the coming years to rediscover basic principles of civilized, living and, and a fair market functioning and normal freedoms. we've taken for granted for literally hundreds of years. well, can i write it out, jeffrey? i hope you're not holding your breath. i really hope you're not holding your breath . you know, after every great crisis and civilization, so war broadwater, something dramatic or happens. i agree. i agree with that. i don't know. i don't know it is it worries me because it can. i think it could go either way. it is i think so that's why i keep saying there's going to be a reset. it is that what they're expecting?
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you just the one of the, as you know, and you know, you and i've known each other for a while here. and, you know, i, everyone knows my politics. everyone knows your politics are, but you know, the thing that's missing in this conversation, this propaganda message. we get on both sides of the atlantic is you know, the issue of class is almost never mentioned and that is intentional. go ahead in bristol. thanks peter. you know, well, your last guess was talking to, i just wrote down the word class in big letters. i folks are out there. you know, you were saying there's no push back, you know, and you're right, there is no push. these people can get away with it endlessly. because the ruling class for the last 40 years has been waging war on the working class. and they've been winning. and particularly in the us and britain where the, the ruling class in periods have been particularly strong. and on the offensive though, they've been, the working class has been in a period of war, aykl, defeat and retreat. and i think we're coming to the bottom of that now things are starting to turn around again. and you know, the crisis and the situation at workers find themselves in is changing that. but
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for their to be pushed back, i'm gonna say something which isn't going to be popular with the rest of, of your a panel, i'm sure. but the working class needs to be organized, we knew were ended working class organization. the loss of trust, i think is a good thing. we shouldn't trust in people who are our enemies. the fact is, there are 2 great classes in society and their interests are diametrically opposed . you know, what happens to profits when wages go up, profits go down. what happens when profits go up? we've seen a wages go down. so we have to understand that that is the way that the capitalist system works, but it doesn't and cannot deliver for the mass of the people, we have to regain our concept of class. if we're going to push back even a little bit, we're have to do it by force of numbers. there is no other way for these people who have currently all of the power and no pushback. there's no other way to,
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to stop them from just carrying on, looting our treasuries and destroying our planet. yes. and destroying the future of all of us or, you know tony, the, you know, i, i like ecology. i say plant trees, you know, don't let her. i'm, i'm a big green guy in kind of been maybe like a 19 seventies fashion. okay. like her stay. yeah. that, that's my kind of our new green deal. but what bothers me again, this bumper sticker is that this is a continuation of dealing with the 2008 financial meltdown which the ruling class got concierge service. then we go into the pen demik, we go into an economic crisis. again, we see the same kind of bail out here, and now i see the green new deal. and again, i am not against the ecology, but what they do, they're getting us attuned to a crisis environment. everything is a crisis. that's why you have no rights, that's why you can't do anything. all you have to do is obey because it's a crisis, everything's a crisis. and this is what they're trying to paralyze us and accepting less what we
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don't deserve less. go ahead tony. you know, i would also, i would agree with that better. and i would also say that what i don't see is, again, this connection between these green investments and helping the people that need help most natural, you know, the guys that are manufacturing solar panels or coming up with these latest screen technologies are probably not your poorest people on the street and they're probably also not hiring a lot of the unskilled labor. and if you go globally, you're not hiring people that are in that are below the poverty line in the manufacturer, in the development, in the process of providing those green technologies. i'm not, i'm not aware of tesla hiring large amounts of, of low wage workers and some of those wages because they've made record profits despite having a product that struggles. and so, so i, what i don't really see is how this green connects with, with that assistance. what i would say i would want to comment on job the statement . i agreed to a certain extent, that labor workers,
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they need to be perhaps more aware. i don't know about organized, but i, i come from a small to still town in ohio and i, i saw that still town destroyed by organized labor. but again, it's, it's about leadership. so the same problem that we're, we're all agreeing in agreement with, which is having people at the top who want to call the shots. and really they shouldn't be the ones calling the shot. they shouldn't be there controlling everyone else. that's the same problem that happened with organized labor in my own town. if you get people that are the blind, the lead, the blind and both fall in a ditch so. so i think, you know, i believe that it's, it's very important for us to recognise and for the world to recognize that a lot of these talk about the great reset is really, in my opinion, a way of kind of trying to take to extreme sides of the argument take those people that what a complete lazy for economy, those people who would like maybe a marxist sorta or socialist type of economy and try to, to divert their attention by talking about something that really is to daugherty
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and really something where they, they believe they're in the position to lead and tell everyone, you know, how should we share everything? i think that that's an interesting description, but the end, the way you look at the that would be extreme sir. but it seems to me that that's what the p. r campaign to maintain neoliberalism. busy you know, you'd be afraid of those guys, the greater those guys, let's keep on the course that works for a smaller and smaller group of people. jeffrey, what give me about give us some hope. jeffery. where what, where do we go? well, if i play in my lifetime i've, i've, i've, i've experienced most cities, probably artificial divisions, been the right and the left. and, you know, these ideological categories we throw around the term socialism kept me out so on such. but what we're dealing with right now is something that's fundamentally unconscionable. like when you watch the hunger games, you know what's going on is wrong, right? so, and it's supposed to be fiction. but this seems like the world that are creating,
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ever more segregated, you know, ever more with, with the, with the top, i call it then i call it the new surf in. that's what i call it, keep go and yeah. so yeah, so in other words, i think what, what we need is a, just an, a generalized emancipation as movement. you know, and i, i think that that is growing, you know, at the browser and to which i only started a few months ago. i've gotten like 3000000 visitors to, to our, to our webpage, just looking for an alternative point of view. and i'm, i'm deal with read an influx of submissions from, from, from dissident intellectuals, basically all over the world who are just, just fed up with what we've seen over the last 20 months. that includes like scientists. so i think, you know, what's been happening, the last name of the tiny elite has been presuming the right to rule over everybody else as if it's their destiny by virtue of their wealth or i don't know what it is, a but, but that system is unconscionable and, and it will not last,
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the good thing is i think people are aware of it. now, as i said earlier, i think that overplayed their hand and, and now we see the, the wreckage all around us. and you know, you have to go far in this country, decided to go down to a local, local up a market, you know, a family on business or just any merchant who's trying to get through it gets arrive in our times. you're going to get an earful. i got it. i got it. let me let me give me give chelsea the last word here about about 40 seconds shall go. i had me a prognosis. what needs to be done? 40 seconds solve the world's problems. you know, the only hope for the future, peter is planning is a plan socialist economy. we have everything that we need. we have the technology, we have the ability, we can feed people, we can close them, we can house them, we can educate them, we can take care of their health and their education and give them a decent culture and a decent life. if we get rid of the profit motive and plan what we produce to meet
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the needs of the people. well, i think, you know, they were ending on a note where we could have have, and a whole series of programs here. this is what i thought was going to happen, which is fine because i like debate and i love difference on this program here ident, you think the other guys would disagree with you? and that's why i'm going to invite all 3 of you back to continue the conversation. and i mean that, okay, but all as all the time we have right now. many thanks to my guests in austin, bristle and here in moscow when thanks. so our viewers for watching us e r t. so you next time and remember cross stock with ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess with the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm.
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oh the wrong one, i just don't know. i mean, you well, you have to shape out this thing becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient for quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security it any machine can be here. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers to partner with them as well because option in the offering.
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it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of when who as a career professionals bolt is much tougher on some than others. with the euro, he was marked by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl to price to, to, to achieve really was, was fun to watch. a read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's going to start linking all this together. and it's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches. in sports like gymnastics in swimming, is that documentary? i see it on our tea.
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ah, are i between bellow recently you gets worse. have minsk now accusing poland and lithuania, have using the migrant crisis to get more money from brussels, while amid the builder of asylum seekers on the belly, russian polish, border artesian rif and national speech with a human trafficker, he takes migrants into western europe and gives an exclusive insight into the shady business they don't get caught in germany, but they put them down in asylum centers. and after a while they get permits because they flow their id cards so they can't be deported . there's german authority, the don't know where they come from. and hundreds of care home workers protest in london after being told they will lose their jobs unless they get decoded. jap, similar threats being issued in other countries to be put the story up for debate.


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