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tv   News  RT  November 10, 2021 9:00am-9:30am EST

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ah, who you want to be when you grow old hunger and suffering. the border between feller or some pole and her father is alive pictures now for video agency roughly that is the scene there. right now we're thousands of migrants including children, remain stranded in a bit to enter the e u, a group of nobel prize winners to now the development is demanding human rights organizations now or lead immediate access to the area. from the e u side, we're going to talk about all that coming up, plus to a display of arrogance and impunity, rushes foreign minister blasting today, the ease approach to the unfolding migrant crisis. and his mother news, world renowned lawyer says a recent guantanamo trial. a stain on the moral fiber of america could hopefully
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set a precedent for other victims of abuse at the hands of usa. this is the 1st time that everyone got to tear in anywhere. what these horrible things were down to them. now i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government of the united states to keep secret what happened to be other people. ah, i just am 5 pm wednesday afternoon here in moscow will welcome to the program is kevin over here at ortiz, will the center with our latest for you this our 1st than the migrant crisis is stopping the stories again today continues at the poland, better of border with thousands of people been camping in house conditions. you just saw those live pictures we showed you from the said. but as the political situation continues to heat up, the weather there is only getting colder colder,
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colder winter approaches, and among those sacral facing bags. it comforts the bid to find the fed, a lifer, families and children along with those a young guys were talking about as well. for me, the majority of people there m as a say this a live pictures from the border. you can see a probably more clearly the may will look at the it's, it's a grim. okay. it's not raining at the moment because damp and cold and miserable that looks people desperately trying to make it but a make shift. shelter, shopping don't freeze there. they're not going to be particularly dry to said like, you know, it's like when it got wet logs trying to make a fire and especially at night to keep that fire burning there. haven't sir, keep warm a damp sleeping bugs to die conditions. at least 8 individuals have reportedly been a found dead in recent months. we're not quite sure why, but look at the conditions there. you can see for yourself are roughly cameraman spawning around. we want to show as many of these as we can as seats. not bad weather at the moment, but clear skies minutes only to get colder. we spoke to people in the camp,
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among them was a disabled boy who's hoping to go to the e. u. for better treatment will i say, but a treatment. check it out now who you want to be when you grow old doctor, holiday, google cancer, that he was born with a disease in his legs. we tried very hard to get treatment abroad, but we didn't get the nation to leave the country. we received an offer for treatment from germany, but we were not allowed to leave kurdistan after several years of not being allowed to leave. the doctors told us that his legs had to be amputated. since then he has been using the prosthesis. these are his legs. he's walking with those legs. they're getting to small for him. every 6 to 8 months, they get to small because he's growing up man, and we don't have the money to change them. life and kurdistan is still hard. he can't go to school or playing the playground. other children insult him because he has a disability. what's your favorite game to play? love?
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of course you would like to go and play football outside. but with these prosthesis legs, he can't just one little snapshot of life. my people are effective as if he hasn't had enough to go through already. well meantime, poland deployed additional troops and police than as well as military hardware to the board in declaring a state of emergency that comes off to migrant start a storm the frontier on monday cutting through razor was so much over there in tampa, done with trunks of from trees as they went along, clashes broke out with border gods who used t a guests. the sound of gunfire was also heard. now, according to polish estimates, as many as 4000 people remain at the board of, but they're also thinking, as well as many as 10000 bull could be elsewhere in bedroom trying to get to that frontier in some form of safety to make a new life in the e u. many refugee to the counselor at the moment, say that desperately lacking basic supplies on tuesday evening to reported humanitarian organizations did manage to deliver some aid, including food, water, warm clothes, and blankets and mores already arrived to day. konstantin rose. coff isn't the same
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. this is his latest report. hundreds of migrants have gathered to get free food delivered by val, russian volunteers and the local red cross. this is much needed help for these refugees. a stuck here at the polar show valerie border. now we can see that kids, they are served a 1st to get milk and some cookies. this is much needed help for these. a poor her migrant says they're running extremely low on supplies. you know, for the past few days, these people have been on a poor diet, made up of junk food or potatoes, cooked on camp fires. but even these can stocks are almost gone. now. cold is another problem for these migrants, most of which came from the middle east temperatures now drop below 0 degrees celsius at night. and these people have to sleep right on the freezing ground, not just man, but also women and children campfires. let's say have a look at the scene here, and you can see lot of campfires, they are now never stopped burning because david cam crucial for these people's
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survival, of course, cold and food deprivation is an extremely dangerous mix. recently we came across a boy who was barely responsive, his mother told us he couldn't get absence this morning and refused to eat. she is worried sick that her son my die at this camp. and i, you know, the problem is that there are no medics on site. unfortunately, these refugees are at the end of their robes. they don't want to stain bowers but all and doesn't let them into the european union, refusing to consider their asylum applications. at some point, almost everyone at the scamp lined up along b barbed wire fence over there, and people chanted open the border in a desperate attempt to bring attention to their plight. and i didn't take any immediate effect though, has the polish security forces stood still and just idly looked at these people through the layers of barbed wire are corresponding at the scene they will. wallet
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humanitarian assistance is being handed out. a group of nobel prize winners has appealed to you institutions not to take action to an open letter published choose day. they said that europe has no right to take their eyes off the tragedy to mounting. the polish authorities allowed journalists and human rights organizations and to the bold, rare it from the east side, t shutter davinsky with more on that part of the story developing today. as this humanitarian crisis plays out as desperate people wait to try and enter into the e u. they are being treated like they are political ping pong that has been humanitarian assistance able to get through. but it's not very much. and that's why these poor noble prize winners have written this open, let it now demanding that humanitarian organizations have regular access. to help out the polish government impose the state of emergency on the buddhist trip. but when perlin and baller bruce on the basis of which to refuse the excess of sick and
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dying in the border area to doctors and paramedics, and prevented the media from accessing the tragedy that was going on, there were call on the aid organizations that can provide medical and legal assistance to be allowed to enter the border area. poland has been securing its board or for some time has been putting up barbed wire fences. it's been installing more surveillance cameras to see what's going on and it sent more than 10000 troops . and police officers to try and shore it's frontiers. and now it appears that the e u, which at the moment, is currently finding poland, 1000000 euros every day for its refusal to back down on the it's you dish reforms and is withholding billions of euros in coverage recovery funds appears that it's ready to open me write a new blank check for poland in a bid to shore that barrier that infrastructure on the border there to security.
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easton, frontiers just a month ago that you said that was out of the question. now it seems that that is very much back on the table in the mean time. the other thing that's being discussed is, sanctions, more sanctions are due to be announced next week. that's what we're hearing from diplomatic sources, not just against bella roost, but also we understand that this could be extended to russian and turkish airline carriers that operate from middle eastern countries and fly in to minsk. this situation really seems like it's rapidly deteriorating. well, let's get a view from germany. we'll talk to martin dulls a member of the hamburg parliament from germany, the last party they should time today, watching with this, ma'am. sure. as we are here, the grim seems coming through from the board and those people trapped there by that, bob, why mean some that you are paying cancels calling on the block to slap will sanctions
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or men's go over? is that the way forward? is that the best thing to do at the moment? you think? no, i don't think so in the 1st way. it's people monetary and 8. we have been seeing that people who need medical aid to people need to have a safe place in winter. and we have to look at the reason why other people fleeing from the middle east, because the nato countries are destroying serial d. b. i wrecked and tens of years and now we have a refugee crisis. so we have to see this goes up and we have to work on mentions and other conventions and international law which say that everyone needs help because to lead this country as to some of the u. p. and union has to cling to this international conventions and has to cling to the own says determine regulations which you mean as well. that 1st push back are against international
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law. and 2nd, everyone has to get so the sanctions are not the way of anything. no, they have to eat dialogue in western europe. it's enough for god given to with these full refugees. some of them have come from trying to find a better life in the where they've come from in the 1st place. yes. if you see, you have to look at the reason the people lead from syria, they play they, they flee from, from iraq. and then they come to maybe one european country and one your p and country of course can take all their actually. but there, there is a system of bring the refugee to other countries, but the 1st way will be to avoid war and to stop the walls, which doesn't show just of these people, not the know meant the 2nd will be to find a solution. now bring this people into safe homes that they can stay the winter
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that they can find a new prospect. and so we have one short term. the people have to be helped new medical aid, middle term. they have to have some place to stay, doesn't matter where, but there is enough space and enough. well, in the european union as well for this. some people can only a will has to be stopped. well, we could only hope that happen soon, but the sanctions, if they are imposed more sanctions, i'll miss min scott was minutes going to react to thing. yes, i think sanctions will cause the reaction that's like a reservation sock who you know, you start to dialogue and ask to be acceptance for government. doesn't matter if you like it or not, you have to talk to people you want to be in contact with. if you just deal with sanctions and with aggressive dialogue, there will be no solutions. and of course,
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been, conduct won't take all those drift refugees on their own as well. so there has to be has to be an international solution. and this international solution will not happen through sanctions at all. the will happen if the politicians are those who are responsible to gather and find a solution which can be can be carried out by all. yeah, whether that's likely those is a big question, isn't there? there are also reports these planning to sanction russian, turkish, and the 3rd country airlines that operate from the middle east to men's. is that a proportionate response? is it helpful? given the diet you monetary needs at the moment at the border? no, it doesn't lead to anything, but an escalation of conflicts, you know, there is a bad quality policy towards turkey given you
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a lot of money to keep back refugees. now there is the bad politics on the border of poland. there is the best politics on the ball of croatia, recreation show, soldiers and police pushing back people by violence like one months ago and that still didn't stop. no. this politics have to stop this particular sanction and politic, nope. throwing the name on others for the situation which is called caused by natal states by the german government, by the us government, by the british and the french government, by destroying this areas. you can't afterwards throw the blades and false politics . going in your own direction by sanctions, you have to get into dialogue and change like you turn in a different direction. otherwise the situation to come again and again. monte dells,
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remember that both polymers, jeremy left probably thank you for your thoughts on this real sad story. building so these revealing a sense of superiority that is approach to the migrant crisis on the polish better ocean borders, says russians foreign minister, 2nd love role making that accusation as a met with this better russian counterpart here in moscow to come when you overshoot of the polish unless lenient, didn't come to us asking for help. they enjoy their own sense of independence. making loud claims and blaming belarus and russia. they didn't ask anybody for help . this is a display of their arrogance and impunity. good to belittle the foreign minister as representing allies, men's skin moscow have spoken out against how the european union member states have been treating bowers in the wake of the border crisis that is refusing to deal with the bell. russian government directly to at least try and work out solutions for what's happening at the border. we also heard from the top diplomats that all the
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proposals that were coming from minsk for a talks have been completely ignored by european countries. instead, according to the allies, minsk continues to receive threats of further isolation and more punishment in the form of sanctions. now i asked the, the foreign ministers what they make, of the way some senior polish officials and commentators began drawing parallels between what's happening at the border right now with the beginning of world war 2 . that was back in 1939. some of the darkest days in polish history, and this was the response by sir elaborate virginia strictly in political discussions, the west is increasingly reverting to historical examples in parallels. but they always cherry pick the information if poland says the situation resembles 1939, then why did they not remember?
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1938 when czechoslovakia was torn apart. for example, such perilous are absolutely inappropriate william and reflect and inadequacy. and the logic of the people saying venice, it only means that the so called young europeans continue to pull europe towards escalating confrontations with both belarus and russia. i hold that responsible europeans do not allow themselves to be drawn into this dangerous spiral. the message from some of the most senior year p and union officials has been the same since the very outbreak of the crisis. that is, that that means is trying to wage hybrid war against the blog. but what i heard from the bel rushing top double mad was that he's actually amazed how he's never seen the same kind of attitude towards the european union's neighbors in the mediterranean or in the balkans. given the scale of the influx of refugees that the block has seen for years from the south and from the southeast. here is what else?
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the bell russian top level mad said about that problem, or the problem is not beller roost, but the european union. what exactly is their strategy? it is to punish a rebellious country that has taken a different point of view and has taken in their opinion, some unacceptable steps. it is an absolutely intolerable approach. sure, there must be dialogue, but they have driven themselves so far into a corner that they cannot get out of it. and then it happened that they did not even recognize the legitimacy of the bell russian government. so now they do not know how to get out of this situation. this is clearly nothing but a complete diplomatic deadlock and the situation on the border isn't likely to improve any time soon. but at least mens has been reassured once again during wednesdays meeting that it's got the backing of its eastern ally or me. tom moscow says the western countries, including polio, only got the selves to blame for the spiraling crisis and emphasized their rolling
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conflicts in the middle east. where many of these migrants have come from the 1st place. as the plain game unravels between european states and belarus with poland now dragging even russia into the dispute. political scientists, linda will ham arossi told us the use hypocritical and its approach to the crisis. they use policy is double standard, is because we ask ourselves the question, where do the roots lie of this latest crisis? the answer is wars, sanctions and arms explored that the you always present themselves itself is a liberal union that respects human rights. but what we observe now has already happened in the you external borders where people eat at health, food supplies, water and medical assistance, but people and, and their dignity came 2nd and the rule of the problem. it's definitely not bell rings. this issue began when european union and the united states and nato
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supported wars in syria, iraq and many other countries. castiano smother news today the u. k said little falls, whole frontline, national health service staff to either get fully vaccinated against cove it or lose their jobs. but according to government estimates more than a 120000, the health and social co workers good than quit because of the amount of tree jobs showed it was dusty reports on it. obviously that's hugely concerning the sector that full ready, so short staffed an impact assessment already coming through warning that this will of course lead to a reduction in the services and lead to delays in the services as well as i to target. the health secretary insist weighing up the pros and cons. the pros of keeping people say, actually tip the balance. they carry a unique responsibility. they have this responsibility because they are in close contact with some of the most vulnerable people in our society, particularly an issue of being undisturbed when the increase of demands are
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happening in health services like one directly behind me. and if you put that all into the context, all the pressures of the pandemic many and h. f professionals are really disappointed with the government. they feel demoralized and they don't want to be pressured into if they feel po was threatened and ultimately forced into this policy. now trade union speaking on behalf of many of the an h s professional, say this move using the law will actually do more harm than good. the government hasn't listened to what many people told them during that consultation. which is that potentially the fact that they're reaching press sledgehammer on this using the law. well, even the chief executive of nature provider says that the government actually needs to try and win the argument through the powers of persuasion, not just using and imposing as the law to do so. and in any case, is there really a need for this? and the 1st place, considering already 90 percent of any just up already double fascinated versus only
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pulls around 50000 unvaccinated people when they come fully vaccinated. and is that really enough to push through a policy like this? then if we take that example of those in social care now the deadline for all of those members, a staff. 7 in social care to be double vaccinated, it actually later this week on thursday and still that policy with an out of months ago. a we've actually seen a gradual increase of people becoming vaccinated, but a huge amount of people have again, entirely left the sector. so it seems like there is a bit of logic for the government trying to protect those most vulnerable. of course that is fair enough, but what we do know here is there isn't really a public opinion. there isn't really much of an appetite to make the vaccinations compulsory, whatever the profession is. so it is a very risky move. indeed, we are likely to see a mass exodus of any just stop professionals from a house service already on it me. the government said it wasn't the key people say,
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but. 2 i want to create, it may end up doing the opposite. yeah, well, some officials of raise concerns have are looming, drop in the workforce. meantime, the ceo of in a choice england's front self and hot water for allegedly misleading the public. 14 times the number of people in the hospital with it than we saw this time last year . and we've also had a record number of 800 says, well those figures are from august the most recent day to published by the chest. but according to other government data for november cove, it patients my numbers are actually lower than during the same time last year and that stood apart. his ations pritchard was misleading the public. if any chance seo, amanda prichard is so far out on her own data, she is either utterly incompetent or deliberately trying to mislead and scare the population. either way, shocking and unacceptable. not surprisingly, n h. s is in a mess and needs reform to day and a test chief executive,
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amanda pritchett talked complete and utter nonsense about cove. it figures either she deliberately lied or she has no idea what's going on in hospitals. it is reprehensible that someone in such a powerful position should get it so wrong. they like to suit the fact that she was warning people. there was a building problem for the n h. s. a was lost in this debate and excitement about the numbers which were frankly, just the mistake. there are certain people who will exploit what are mistakes for their own ends to generate bad publicity, full treatment for cave it. and for vaccines making mistakes means that false numbers get out into the public domain and they will be, or can be seized the bomb by people with ulterior motives, to generate bad publicity. create doubt in pete was mine when really all it is is just a mistake. after hiring revelation to torture,
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the guantanamo bay detention facility we've heard from the internationally recognized lawyer nancy hollander. she described the importance of a recent trial. and so a former cia detainee get the 1st public test i mean of abuse at the hands of american agents. all the hopes the case dubbed as a stay in the moral fiber of america was set a precedent for other victims. held it, american secret jails around the world. now see holland, there's a high powered american criminal defense lawyer. that's no threat presenting to guantanamo bay detainees, as well as whistle blow. chelsea manning as well charged in the us of course with a leak of classified data and who's released. she won. nancy was also portrayed by actress jodie foster and the film mauritania, but to get mo detainee health without being charged. in a recent interview with the r t 's going undergrad, she expanded on the case then of muggy khan, a former prisoner of the ca, claims to have been brutally treated. this is the 1st time that everyone got to
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hear in anywhere what these horrible things that were done to them. go back and look at 16th century england and you'll know what happened to him basically just horrific. and that's what happened to the others in the black sites also. i mean, so nothing has happened. i mean, this is just in the past few days, nothing has happened. that senate ripple with use the cia illegal torture in 2014. and he says, when he says clearly, the more he cooperated, the more he was tortured. that's what he says. yes, the whole thing is, so is so too horrible. the senate report makes public some of what happened to our clients, but not everything. and now more is coming out and now i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government of the united states to keep secret what happened to the other people, the $911.00 people and my client. and of course,
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there are $26.00 men in guantanamo who've never been charged with any crime who have not a pleaded guilty. they're just there as if some kind of permanent detention which is totally anathema to the united states based on what his plea was. and what he was charged with their obligation was to sentence him to at least 25 years 25 to i don't remember the top end 40. they sentenced him to 26 years. but then at the request of his defense counsel, ah, who asked that they asked for clemency. they did. and 7 of the 8 wrote a hand written magnificent letter saying this was a stain on america. um he came, they didn't quite say he was tortured,
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but they said his what high his treatment came close to the torture in other countries that we don't permit. ah, this is horrible and he should have clemency. ah, is quite an astounding letter. also he has a he is plea deal is secret. so we don't really know what it is and but he could be released soon. ah, or talking a guy on the ground. that's all next show up for a quick break that wrap. so what we're talking about so far, my name is kevin allen from me and the rest of the team have a good rest of the day with they would same with every passing day, were allowed to openly discuss fewer and fewer topics. events on capitol hill on january 6 is one of them. what happened that day is a 3rd rail. was it
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a riot or an insurrection? even asking, this is inflammatory? it shouldn't be. with time african return senior, what you're going underground coming up with a show as u. k armed israeli forces continue to kill those protesting against the legal settlements. we ask a palestinian activist, allegedly hacked by israeli, and the so group,
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spyware. what options are left to palestinians when even peaceful resistance is met with repression and view a discretion advised after a ledger. torture is described cia black sites in court for the 1st time. we ask the guantanamo loyal play by oscar winning. jodie foster about us torture and whether the biden administration uses today. all the similar going up in today's going underground refers to the revelation to the israeli anna. so group who spyware is notorious for allegedly being used by the saudis to spy on murdered journalist jamarcus, showed his family also supplied spyware, used on palestinian activists. one of the groups allegedly spied on as the bison center for research and development is leader who, by allah, beauty joins me now from ramallah in palestine. thank you so much. who, by for coming on, i know jeff bezos of amazon, now there was a report said to you and rapid as about his phone, being hijacked by this israeli spyware. amnesty international tells us you've been .


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