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ah, who you want to be when you grow old hunger and suffering at the border between batteries in poland where thousands of migrants, including children, remained stranded in a bait to enter the european. we tried very hard to get treatment abroad, but we didn't get permission to leave the country. we received an offer for treatment from germany, but we were not allowed to leave curtis down. you sold, your car is invaluable thing. yes. to get it right. no, we don't have anything. moscow. blaine's western countries including poland for the unraveling migrant hail, sat the bell russian border, or warsaw accuses russia of being the mastermind behind the crisis. also this, our prominent lawyer says the recent guantanamo trial of the stain on the moral fiber of america could hopefully set
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a precedent for other victims held in american giles around the world. this is the 1st time that everyone got take here in anywhere. what these horrible things were done to them. now, i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government of the united states to keep secret what happened to be other people and police in portugal, raid homes and allegations, right? homes amid allegations that the countries un troops smuggling diamonds and drugs from the central african republic to europe. ah. either welcome to go mid day here in moscow you watching archie international. now the migrant crisis continues, the poland. valerie sport, there were thousands. people have been camping in harsh conditions for the last 2
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nights, but is the political situation that does heat up the temperature there is only getting colder and among those sacrificing base comforts and a bit defined by the life of our families with children. now they are also enduring shortages of food and water while trying to keep warm in damp sleeping bags. among those we spoke to was a disabled boy. he's hoping to get treatment in europe who you want to be when you grow old. the good day cause i was born with the disease in his legs. we tried very hard to get treatment abroad, but we didn't get the emission to leave the country. we received an offer for treatment from germany, but we were not allowed to leave curtis down. after several years of not being allowed to leave, the doctor told us that his legs had to be amputated. since then he has been using the prosthesis. these are his legs. he's walking with those legs. they're getting
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too small for him. every 6 to 8 months, they get too small because he's growing up money and we don't have the money to change them. life until this town is too hard. he can't go to school play in the playground. all the children insult him because he has a disability. what's your favorite game to play? most? of course, you would like to go and play football outside with these prosthesis legs. he can't . well, according to polish estimates, as many as 4000 people to remain at the border and around 10000 more, i believe to be elsewhere and by the race heading toward the frontier to try and enter the european union. many migrants at the camp to say to that they are now desperately lacking. basic supplies will on tuesday, humanitarian organizations to manage to deliver some supplies, including food, water, warm clothes, and also blanket sand. more aid is expected to arrive later today. meanwhile, poland has employed additional police and troops, as well as military hardware at that border, declaring
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a state of emergency. and this does come off the migrants did try to storm the frontier on monday, cutting through the reason why offense and also using tree trunks to try and flatten it. clashes did break at border guards. he used to gas in the sun. gunfire was also heard. what we asked people, the campaign they did manage to reach that polish border with some of them saying that they got that these is in turkey worry from iraq. how did he end in belarus and the good visa and come to the doris? yeah. but where did you get her? the visa at intercourse in turkey, the 1st you flew to turkey. yes. and that's where you get filarious visa. yes. why do you get bell russian visa in ankara and not in iraq? i dont know if this is your passport. this is bell russian visa. yes. did you pay
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any money for this? a lot of money and for every $1.00 i paid $2600.00 for visa, for every one. me and my mom and my wife and my brother. and we are. we are to will fair so no to know how $1000.00 in full one visa, one visa that is for visa for hotel. unfortunately, our ill that company where you purchased out the tour? is it a turkish company? no, it does her. it our company. how did you find out that there is a way, a lot of what people and come to her and go and when we come, they say no way to go. a lot of people go, my brother go to the germany in this rock. we bought car gall, everything to come here. you sold your cars is and valuable thing. yes. to get my yes it's right now we don't have anything. constantine carrasco. putting the
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questions there in early this morning. i spoke to konstantin about the conditions at the border. we know that several migrants try to reach to bart's wire france last nights. how the details are still sketchy, but according to the belarus is border guard, at least 4 people were injured. in the incident after the polish guards used forrest to fend off the attempt. poland officials have commented on this and we also know that the wounded were treated by the, by the russian side of their not at the camp right now, so hopefully will bring you more details about that soon. now confrontations will polish security forces are not the only issues for these people. you can probably see the smoke trauma, the cam fires behind my back. something that's absolutely vital for surviving in this camp. as temperature is now dropped below 0 degrees celsius at night. and these people have to sleep right on the freezing ground, not just man, but also women and children yesterday by the russian volunteers. and the red cross brought food and drink and water to the camp. this resulted in several,
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quite chaotic scene says, ah, the provision were distributed among the migrants. but that just goes to highlight how desperate these people are and that there is lack of essential things here like hot meal and water. you know, i was in between doing live reports for the news when one man walked up to me and back for my open bottle of water for his daughter. one of the biggest impressions that we've taken so far is how naive the refugees are. most of them under our, our under impression that europe's wealthiest countries, like germany, would love to welcome them, but simply, don't know what's going. i was going on down here at the border, but they believe once everyone finds out those countries will somehow force colin to let everybody in. there are rumors among the migrants that germany has already some house and cars to pick them up from the border. of course is highly unlikely that the polish government will all the sudden softening stands towards how these migrants, in fact, at stake. and really hard line approach. declare in a state of emergency and deploying regular army units,
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along with security forces to the frontier. not with an ongoing then migrant crisis on the bell. russian polish buddha of warf woods between means and the european union is in full swing. both sides accusing each other a feeling. the situation will really presume in a sense, you impose sanctions against me, against bell russians. you went for a hybrid war against bell roots, look at the media, economics and politics. and now they have got hold of security. it's a hybrid war and you want me to protect you from migrants, among other things where we are facing a brutal hybrid attach on our you borders, belarus. he switched an agent murderous distress in a cynical and shook into way. meanwhile, moscow says that western countries, including poland, have only themselves to blame for the spiraling crisis and emphasize their rolling conflicts in the middle east. that is,
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the brain gain unravels between european states and belarus with poland. now even dragging russia into the dispute, he goes, he gone off, has more on that. the refugee crisis has now been tormenting the e u for over half a decade. and finally, the evil engineer behind it has been unmasked and its well dar, russia, russia has its own far reaching goals. undoubtedly this is d stabilization of the situation in the u. an attempt to permanently destabilized central and eastern europe. undoubtedly these of russia strategic goals. it wants to have an instrument of influence and blackmail over europe on the free world, acting with someone else's hands. officials in warsaw stopped just short of elaborating exactly what role moscow is playing and the calamity on the poland and bella. ros border states that are, you know, both not russia. they also choose to amid historical details of how polaroid helped
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turn iraq from which many of the migrants are fleeing now into the mess. it now is now polish politicians. here kids look a shank and means of making problems for iraqi migrants should recall how iraq was destroyed with the most active participation of boyish cell. yeah, some of the thousands of migrants on the border may very well. remember the sounds of polish boots marching past their homes, a memory hardly nostalgic for those who are now freezing on the board in makeshift tents and scraping for food. but also is steering the conversation in a different direction. sanctions. we will stand for the strengthening of sanctions and the next european council meeting. we will propose not only strengthening sanctions in the current situation that is expanded. the number of people who do not have the right to enter the u. and we will also propose far reaching economic sanctions. well, this is a statement somewhat expected from poland. it's a nation, consistently deaf to migrants please. this time though,
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it's message is being echoed much louder by both the us and the european commission . as long as the resume and belarus refuses to spect, international obligations and commitments undermines the peace and security of europe and continues to repress and abuse. people seeking nothing more than to live in freedom. we will continue to pressure lucas sankoh and will not lessen our calls for accountability. dello is my stop put in people's lives at risk. i call for approval of extended sanctions, possible sanctions, and 3rd country airlines involved. we also want to prevent the humanitarian crisis and ensure safe returns. it's a message which is in stark contrast to previous statements, even those by the same person to those who cannot go back or stay home, we have to offer alternatives. this means 1st that we must offer legal and safe fruits globally organized by us to those who need our protection. the commission
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stands ready to look into the necessary budget means to support e member states who will step up and help her settle. refugees, europe and greece. a work in hand in hand for the people on the greek islands. we signed an agreement today for a new center unless it was by september 2021. we will bring decent conditions to migrants and refugees, and support local communities when migrant storm the borders of the you through greece, italy, spain, turkey. it's so good and every member state has to chin and help out proportionately, but when they choose an ally of russia for well the same purposes, then unleash the sanctions. the use policy is double standard because if we ask ourselves the question, where do the roots lie? of miss latest crisis. the answer is wars and sanctions and arms explore that. the you always present themselves itself is a liberal union that respects human rights. but what we observe now has
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already happened in the you external borders where people eat at health, food supplies, water and medical assistance, but people and, and their dignity came 2nd. and the rule of the problem is definitely not belgians . this issue began when european union and the united states and nato supported wars in syria, iraq, and one so many other countries. when just over a year ago, poland took a hard line anti migrant stance. it seemed there was no mending of this ideological chasm between warsaw and brussels. well turns out nothings easier. when you find a common enemy fell off the harrowing revelations of torture him the guantanamo bay detention facility. we have heard from the international, recognised lawyer, nancy hollander. she described the importance of a recent trial which saw
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a former c. detainees give the 1st public testimony of abuse at the hands of american agents. all the hopes the case stubbed as a stain on the moral fiber of america, will set a precedent for other victims. held in american secret, giles around the world and see hollander as a high powered american criminal defense lawyer best known for representing to guantanamo bay detainees as well as whistle blower. chelsea manning charged in the us with the leak of classified data and whose relief she won. nancy was betrayed by actress jodie foster too, in the movie, the more retaining in about to get the tiny held without being charged will in a recent interview without he's going underground, she expanded on the case of magic con, her former prisoner of the c. i a, he claims to have been brutally treated. first have a detainee is, as testified on, on torture, you have the quote, a stain on the moral fiber of america. what kind of torture and tortures would
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knowing use of the supreme court and in the abs away the case of course was using the senate committees investigation. what did it constitute? well that that was the other significant may be more significant. part in this case is that his testimony was public, and the generally nobody's been allowed to say what happened to them. in the black silence. um they're, they're what they say what my client has said to me. i brought him a mouse re, is classified. they've never been allowed to explain what their feelings are. this is the 1st time that everyone got to hear, ah, in anywhere what these horrible things that were done. did them go back and look at the 16th century england and you'll know what happened to him. basically just horrific and that's what happened to the others in the black sites also. i mean,
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so nothing has happened. i mean, this is just in the past few days. nothing has happened. that senate rapport with use the cia of illegal georgia in 2014. and he says, when he says clearly, the more he cooperated, the more he was tortured. that's when he says yes, the whole thing is so is so horrible. the senate report makes public some of what happened to our clients, but not everything. and now more is coming out and now i believe it will be more and more difficult for the government, the united states to keep secret what happened to the other people, the 911 people and my client. and of course, there are 26 men in guantanamo who never been charged with any crime who had not pleaded guilty. they're just there as a some kind of permanent detention which is totally anathema to the united states.
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what are the recent hearing at the guantanamo bay? naval base can gave a detailed account of abuse while he was in us prisons in pakistan, afghanistan and an unnamed 3rd country. he claims he was subjected see mistreatment and physical torture on a daily basis. miss alleged me deprived of sleep and offered food to that contained pieces of metal and also stone. earlier magic can plead guilty to links with al qaeda. and as since cooperated with the us authorities is a small part of his testimony. the u. s. gods dragged me so that my face would hit each step of a short staircase. i was brought to a room, still hooded, an american guard put his foot on my neck, and i started to choke for air. a doctor was present and said, listen, i'm a doctor, can you breathe? i choked out the wood. no. and he had the guard remove his put was 7 members if the
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trial jury actually us for clemency. the magic. com, they even off to finding him guilty. nancy hollander again, does believe that the move may signal a reversal in his case he cooperated. he made a plea deal, but that was quite a few years ago. and then it took a long time for him to be sentenced. and he was sentenced by 8 members of the military military officers in marines, air force, navy officers. and he the, based on what his plea was. and what he was charged with their obligation was to sentence him to at least 25 years 25 to i don't remember the top and 40. they sentenced him to 26 years. but then at the request of his defense counsel, ah,
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who asked that they asked for clemency. they did. and 7 of the 8 wrote a hand written magnificent letter. saying this was a stain on america. he came, they didn't quite say he was tortured, but they said he, what high his treatment came close to the torture and other countries that we don't permit. ah, this is horrible and he should have clemency. ah, is quite an astounding letter also, he has a he is plea deal is secret. so we don't really know what it is and, but he could be released soon for nancy hollander also represented another one time and id say you can reach down to our t as part of unheard voices project. mom at a old slow hey, he was never charged with any crime. spent 14 years behind bars and gave us his
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story. he can read it out. he don't so to come here, this we hear from france is most controversial journalist and presidential hopeful exam. more about his election campaign, us to come to the stories just off with her. all those driven by dreamers shaped by 10 percent of those with there's things we dare to ask
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a whole well, it shows the wrong one. i just don't move any rules. the easiest to shape out disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah. so again, you with archie now police in portugal have raided nearly a 100 homes across the country as part of an investigation into smuggling fortunes from this central african republic. portuguese soldiers serving as un peacekeepers
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are suspected of trafficking, diamonds, gold, and drugs back into europe at his murdered gas, the f. as more story, the central african republic is the 2nd poorest country on earth, a cold unify as misery, poverty, violence, and sexual abuse. and those sent to help to alleviate the misery and up bathing in it. what is at issue at the moment is the possibility that some of the soldiers who took part in the national, detached falls in the ca are we used as couriers and the trafficking of diamonds, gold and narcotics to sum up since at least 2019 portuguese troops have been allegedly smuggling, diamonds, gold, and even drugs out of c a r, and into europe. they would use military aircraft to they checks and they would then load the presumably millions in elicit cash. these they would do by night,
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by day their buell smiles. dancing and parading has the un lavish them with medals. i salute visible unless visible sacrifice. the ich mumbled, contingent has made in the course of your good. that ceremony was held after the un had been notified what some of those shiny soldiers had been up to. then again, the united nations hasn't been at its best in the central african republic far from it, rape for starters. hardly a year goes by without another scandal involving un peacekeepers and a multitude of rape victims, including under age girls in a country where armed groups routinely prey and civilians. peacekeepers should be protectors, not predators. peacekeepers to rape, exploit or kill should not simply be sent home with no commitment to justice. the
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problem is, if you start prosecuting un troops, you'd have to stop jailing bureaucrats as well. because while the grunts frolicking misbehave on the ground, the paper pushes up top, pull off the most extraordinary nonsense, like leasing land for a military base from a company which profited off of blood diamonds. the un has paid more than half a $1000000.00 to the company on its own sanctions, lists for allegedly fuel and the conflict and central african republic through the sale of blood diamonds. so now that it's all out there, what do they do? they blame russians. we're calling the central african republic government and all relationships with private military and security personnel, particularly the wagner group. no joke, a group of us experts who, by the way, don't speak for the un,
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want the central african republic to kick out russian instructors. united states has gone further blaming private military contractors. russians for all sorts of very ironic ills. brushing messenger is engaging human rights abuses of surveillance, extract steep costs in payments and mineral concessions and deprive local citizens of critical any debts. resources. a comment that has aged very badly given recent revelations, namely and alleged fondness for smuggling, diamonds, gold and drugs among portuguese troops, making the millions while half the population starves, but their grievances that russian p. m. c's, bother and harass un peacekeepers. preventing them from doing what they want, which in my book is probably a good thing. now that we've learned what it is that you had troops get up to what
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we see now in the central african republic with these serious, incredible allegations with regard to portuguese troops, is that is a continuation of a past that many of us thought had disappear after portugal was forcibly ousted from africa a some decades ago. but alas, the exploitation continues, obviously, is discrediting to the peacekeeping mission. it's clear that there is a certain dysfunction with regard to night nations. and you see the evidence, i'm afraid to say in the central african republic, the security council needs to be on top of this. and certainly there needs to be serious reform of these missions. because increasingly, they seem to be doing as much damage as they are doing good. and that's not the way the united nations was supposed to work. that went to france,
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his most controversial journalist, eric simila hayes, hot on the heels of president among the macro and the lights. his writings ahead of the presidential elections in the country next year. we suppose have also put them all a right wing journalist, the head of the conservative rival, marina, the pen. he held ultra conservative views on national identity and has been criticized for remarks against minorities. is a staunch believe it's a in the great replacement theory which claims that white europeans will soon be replaced by non white immigrants. and we spoke with mrs. moore to discuss his political views and also plans in the run up to the election to safeway. i thought it was our school, we need to know what we want to except the situation by saying, frances elanda, vast expanses, and everyone comes here with their own culture, as well as with their roots origins. very quickly, it's going to be an enlarged copy of lebanon. we can see where that leads. it's
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going to be lebanon, rudy. this is our future if we do nothing, but let us not forget that we're not talking about different civilization. whereas in our case, a new civilization has emerged on us soil. it's a confrontation between 2 civilizations. i do not want to fight with the rule of laws state. i want to fight that the judges that have taken the rule of law state hostage to impose their own ideological view. manual microns civil society is not my civil society. on explain why manual is this sociological questioning. emmanuel microns sociology is this psychology of big cities, metropolitan societies, bourgeois, bohemian societies. people who think globalization is a blessing, who love immigration in general, of course, because there are always nuances details. but this sociology of the manual makram is this is what he does. but this is not my sociology. look at the polls. it's always very interesting to analyze my sociology is that it's either the popular or
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the better off classes that unite love for france, patriotism, french traditions, morals, lifestyle, history and so on. and upper level was a attic, similar who may run in next year's french presidential election. and speaking to our sister channel that archie france and that brings up to date as having uses. looking this wednesday more from us 30 ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon should now be speaking to guess in the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. a
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with i'm african retention your what you're going underground coming up the show as you k armed israeli forces continue to kill those protesting against the legal settlements. we ask a palestinian activist, allegedly hacked by israeli, and the so group, spyware. what options are left to palestinians when even peaceful resistance is met with repression and view a discretion advised after a ledger, torture is described see a black sites in court for the 1st time. we ask the guantanamo lawyer played by oscar winning. jodie foster.


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