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the lead the apology toward begin, but for once it is not for the former administration. rather for the head of the current, we are going to give you the details on the vice president trip as well as her entourage. it seems to be getting just as much attention and gun makers continued to relocate their companies all down south. could say maybe the devil goes down to georgia. i was wanting say, remington say they want to move where they feel like they will have more freedom. and protection for manufacturer products. we're going to discuss the issue with our panel and what we spent tens of thousands of dollars all to get pregnant. but then after months of raising your baby, you realize you gave birth to someone else's embryo. we will bring you this real life story and what happens next because it makes the fam in the latest space capsule filled with a diaper wearing astronauts have returned to earth. however, new research shows why a broken toilet is faith might not be their biggest worry. i'm scared to use and
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we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and more news views you right here are t america? ah, okay, well, vice president come on, harris is on a 5 day trip to france. always hopes of a smoothing relations following the president backdoor deal tub australia build a nuclear subs instead of france. the deal across the country close to $90000000.00 as follows, president fighting don't trip last week where he met with mc chrome president crone on the margins of the g 20, which should not actually help the administration's fridge. pho, paul, in fact, it might have even caused more damage with the us president, actually acknowledging he handled the submarine deal in a clumsy way. the vice president is scheduled to have a one on one meeting with fridge. president manuel mac ron on wednesday. however,
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until then, her schedule, so to various meetings and public appearances where she is discussing everything from the migrant crisis in europe to science. not only a sign of the current state of the relationship and our dedication to the future. but it is also an incredible statement about the history of the relationship between france in the united states on many issues, but in particular on scientific research. to discuss the goals of this trip, we bring in robin bureau, retired army ranger, and democratic strategies. and alan, yet for us marine and author, thank you so much for joining me. robert and alan. scott. ok, so i want to start with you robin. is this more about diplomacy or actually raising the vice president profile on the international stage? i would love to say this was about diplomacy and looked, president crone invited her so she couldn't very well say no. but i just raised this question last night on my podcast. we haven't got to find out who is going to
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be running on the democratic ticket in 2024. i believe in my heart. that's what this is about elevating her. because we just had a big election last tuesday a week ago today. and we're heading straight to the mid terms now, which also means 2024 was interesting that you brought that up because, you know, after the 1st few allen on this point, president chrome did invite vice president comma harris over. so what does it say? just to, we're having to go back with this ministration. he's inviting the vice president to cobra talk to him rather than back to the president himself. you know, joe probably really did not impress the crone, although they don't each other for quite some time. so it's a completely, it's a show and i know she's over there with the frenchman, lynn, for what the irony is. she's over there talking about the migrant questions in europe, and she's in charge of she's the orders are in this country and they that they
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continue to portions of or we have no idea who's coming in this country. i think basically her trip or she's going is just do some person shopping. otherwise, earlier job appears that you really have reading the job after when he goes, script gets mad and everyone every fortune the challenge is any bit anything he's doing. besides that, she doesn't really have all, well, i doubt the francis seeing anymore luck getting there packages and we are here in the united states considering i think we're all hiring to supply change issues. but you know, so overseas is this delegation of 22 american lawmakers, which is being led right next speaker, nancy pelosi all the scholars to attend the c o p 26, which by the way it just amazes me that it's still going on. this is last week store and they're still over there. one of those lawmakers is actually alexandria. okay. you cortez, she finds herself in the middle of this fight on social media with her colleague or paul goss are a republican from arizona, arizona who shared a video. a of
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a popular cartoon which was edited to represent goes, are actually attacking c. then lunging at the president, i'm going to throw this actually to you robin. i am no fan animate fan and for a variety of reasons. in this case, it looks like this was done in house by represented closer staff, someone said, could you said, are we talented? do you think this outrage over the video is justified? considering it's really just a replication of what's out there. they just put, represent gomery air, go sir, and other people's faces over a product that was already there. so this always is cringing when i see things like this. i'm also not a big fan of enemy, but i've got 2 kids that are and look, maybe he's trying to appeal to a younger demographic. but personally, i just wish that we would be better than this. and this is trickling down into all of our elections. i just ran i last for mayor of tucker, georgia, and this kind of victory, all these kind of petty juvenile attacks we actually saw on municipal level,
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which i've never seen before. so i just wish that we could sort of ditch some of the juvenile tactics of politics and talk about things that people really care about. right, and that's the thing. i mean, politics is void, been dirty, that's been throughout the ages. so when, when they get petty, you would think we would actually immature as a country as we continue to add years to our age. but allen on this case, republicans right now we're being just completely knocked across the board based on everything going on the january, 6 other issues talking about the violence that could potentially be on the republican side that they're instigating. does this help the situation right now? why are republicans kind of tone death and not being on their best behavior, considering the narrative that's being created against them. all they're doing is adding logs to fire, or do they even care? why don't i don't think they care because i don't think they see anything changing with the complete layout. those are 1st, you know, if this is the best is media change can come up with or he needs to hire some 12
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year olds to, to up their game. and then to put amc space on the one meg cartoon figure seemed kind of weird to i mean all the animation could have used a giant native blonde a o c i think goes to might have a few issues to deal with. the democrats, not that very, i think we can all agree on that. one is a poor well, and you just went through your own race and you were talking about robert, you know, this idea of a people trying to relate to the base going very, very wrong in this case. are there things that should be stayed away part in this being one of them, or is this at least give them credit for try and at least reach a group that possibly might not even be involved in politics very much. you know, i wish i could say that, but this is gonna fall flat. this is gonna fall on deaf ears. and look, alan, i agree with you. i don't, i don't know who he thinks he's appealing to with this the best. if i could write a perfect cartoon against a o c right now, it would be that she and the squad over against the infrastructure bill, because my, my colleagues on the left are really upset about that right now. if they wanted to
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attack or go there because we're publicans are attacking the 13 g o p law makers who voted for the infrastructure bill attack he o. c and the squad also. and yet, republicans right now are saying they're looking at a think it was kathy griffin. what happened? there are other issues against, you know, all of the snoop dog video that actually for trade shooting, trump and secret service, never visit. and yet there's already democrats calling for secret service and represent goes to resign. last, where do you allen on this case, should what should go sort of action should be ignored? or should he actually address it to the public because he really hasn't yet. why did he put it out there for a reason for whatever he says, however, he addresses it, it's, it's not going to be an apology. it's not going to be, i should have done that. he's going with hate as a strategy and all. and that may work in the short term, but ultimately the american people lose. well, i also found it was funny that twitter decide to keep this video up despite taking everything else done. they said this one needed to stay up. i found it interesting
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because obviously the more people that see it, the more damaging it is robin allen, always great to talk to you. okay, chaos is continuing at the border between poland and bella. bruce, hundreds of migrants are actually putting pressure on the polish border from the bell russian side, and migrate from afghanistan and elsewhere. have been staying in belarus for months now and are ready to enter the you all as refugees. and the staff remains tent with migrant and polish security forces facing one another down long border offensive r t that concertina ross coff has the story. right now we're in belarus, a few meters away from the polish border. we're thousands of migrants from the middle east are stuck trying to cross into the e. u. after failing to breach the border fans yesterday they set up tense and cam choir spending last night out in the woods. now let me just give you a quick look at the scene. this is what's going on here. we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and this is, this is what,
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what they do. and so you can see a family with children, they're trying to warm up from the fire woods and they're actually more people bringing more firewood from this forest out there because it's, it's, it's getting called by the day. and people somehow need to, we're, we're a mob of babies. she's, she's shaking from phrasing. look at this with what it does. is it, is it a trash bag trash bag? yeah. waiters for cold nord go on the miss my food. what's her aunt britt? just bread and water this all? yeah, yes, yes. yes. we just want to go german on nothing for a good or encore, a good life, all the bottles and the and they got family. they got kate, you know, they need walton with doesn't matter. we pay money for whichever you memorize was any one to bring us some law to please. you know that the kids will be suffered too
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much. here you can see that ha, the polish a security forces out in full force there. now i think they're changing as you can see, movement out there. and yet this is the, the barbed wire, and the fans that is dividing the border divine in the territory. but when bowers and of poland now, despite failed attempts to cross the border, the migrants are determined to try again. to day, most of them come from a war, tore nations like iraq and afghanistan. and now they won a new life in europe's wealthiest countries, like germany and france. but to get there, they 1st need to pass through poland. the number of migrants trying to reach to you through the poland bowers border has been on the rise lately by to the situation dramatically escalated yesterday when thousands of refugees formed the column and march towards the polish border. some of them tried to get through the barbed wire
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fence using a free treat trunks and spades. others actually caught it with the wire cutters. polish security forces responded with tear gas and a pepper spray even gone. fire was heard at one point. poland has already called a state of emergency and brought around 12000 troops to the border according to the polish officials who said that this is so far, the biggest attempt to andrew poland by force. when we return, the 2nd amendment issued to bear arms is a federal and yet some good manufacturers are looking to individual states, offer protection. we will bring the details after the break with oh, when i was showing the wrong one,
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i just don't know any girls that you have to shape out disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground they would same with every passing day were allowed to openly discuss fewer and fewer topics. the events on capitol hill on january 6 is one of them. what happened that day is a 3rd rail. was it a riot or an insurrection? even asking, this is inflammatory? it should be, ah, well, the panoramic no, certainly no borders and is a teeth and
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you face as a merge, we don't have authority. we don't have a vaccine, the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with the remington fire on is the latest weapons maker to decide to move its headquarters from new york down to georgia. now this is smith and wesson, breaks ground in tennessee following their move from springfield,
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massachusetts. and these are not small moves in the latest. farmington deal is worth around $100000000.85 jobs in georgia, civil rights tourney, and radiates robert kilo and steve gill from fisher. the trader operatives office joins us now to discuss. robert, i brought you on for multiple reasons. georgia, you're representing steve gill, mr. tennessee. i'm sorry you, steve. why are these companies moving to a states like yours? well, you have states like new york and maryland were you seen other companies move out? we had read a move to tennessee a few years ago. kimber is in texas h, in k, as in georgia, taurus is in georgia. medical that makes that magazines moved out of colorado a few years ago to wyoming because the states are imposing restrictions on the very products that these companies make. and when you can't make it, you can't sell it, they have to go somewhere else. i'd say also not as much at georgia as tennessee in texas. we have no state income tax. so when they move a 100 or a 1000 jobs,
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their employees not only have a little bit better standard of living, but they also get a pay raise because of no state income tax. and places like taxes sometimes say, well you give up the ards for new york city, but you definitely get the no tax in tennessee on which one matters to you more. but robert, do you actually as a democrat but you are a gun toting democrat? do you welcome a company like remington to your home state and with their reasoning, saying it will be more of a friendly state for them to manufacture their products in? oh, they're absolutely right. george is the perfect thing for ruin to we are. we have h entails, as mentioned, glock is located in cobb county, remington, its going to be real, i believe in troup, county, troup, county lagrange georgia, which was harris county were i grew up there. we do have a gun culture here. we do have people who appreciate and supported the 2nd amendment. i think many of these companies are also trying to avoid meeting the regulations and demon zation that comes in other states. well, me and my wife have a house in maryland. one of these things there is, it's nearly impossible to get
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a handle on license even to protect your so that would make the very hostile environment for those. so for those employers, we welcome go. people in the cell, i think one of the issues the national democrats, are going to have to understand culturally is how to talk to a gun owners in the south. because the opinions of people in the south were the, were the blue growth is coming from north carolina is becoming blue. virginia for the most part is blue blue for 2 weeks ago, georgia is turning blue. so if you want to continue those games are going to have to balance that anti gun message, you get the more feasible, the southern democrats may agree your most issues will disagree with you on guns. and you have to look at the rise in crime which i think one of the reasons why virginia people are looking at education, but also the rise and crime in that. thank these. that gun issue might actually be a key issue coming up. and then next mid term, obviously the presidential. but here's my question, both of your attorneys, i'm going to ask you 1st prize constitutional attorney had here. why is this becoming a state issue? considering the 2nd amendment is a federal level issue and grand. i can buy
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a gun in tennessee, but i could, there's no problem keeping me from bringing it up to new york. i might have to register if i actually live there. but obviously this is not something that you have to register every time you cross over a state line even to visit. so why is this being allowed to be a state issue and not mainly staying on the federal side? well actually when you cross state lines and some of these anti gun states you're carry permit in tennessee or somewhere else isn't valid anymore. and you're breaking the law by having a gun that you're transporting into a state. i think you've got the supreme court getting ready to consider a significant 2nd amendment issue and, and it's going to be key to watch what they do there. i've always thought it odd that you have the heller case a few years ago with the supreme court validate the right to bear arms, the individual right to bear arms and yet done bands in chicago and dc and other cities are in place. and yet, when the supreme court ruled in favor of gay marriage immediately you had counties and states having to go out and marry people that were gay. why the, some supreme court opinions get immediate validity and others like hell or get
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ignored by cities like new york and dc in chicago. and that quite has got property of an answer for that. i won't leave hello, this is all very narrowly tailored girl. it's only endurable, right to bear arg was still allowing there to be local regulatory aspect to it. and of course, the values of each state are going to be different than the states are full to be the laboratories for democracy. scott, please do not take your gun from tennessee to washington. dc. immediately put you in danger because as previously mentioned, i have a concealed carry permit in georgia, that apartment is not valid in maryland. i pulled over in my car with my gun in maryland. i still have to abide by the city of baltimore laws, versity laws, harris county, georgia. so because we have this mismatch of massive walls, i do think there is going to have to be some fair weather regulators to take place because you do not want a house, something which is law of what it would be wednesday or your one road trip away from being a felon. it's thanks. maryland have a tim, tim, low magazine capacity law, where you cannot have
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a magazine that holds over 10 rails things like california. you have to have a non conforming grip or grip on your rifles. you cannot have a barrel. those certain weight, it's also miss myself. you basically have to be a legal scholar to know where you can and can't have guns in this country. i don't think that sustainable long term, well, and that's under the hope educated. got understood it. they architect and you're right robert. i do leave my gun back in tennessee for the reasons that are here in washington dc, but i am an educated gun carrier. that's what i think will hopefully we want most of the public to be. but when in regards to these companies moving, steve, will these state the attorney general's justice department go a step in and offer even more protection if the federal government does come in which the possibility over the next 3 years. and we hear more rumors of gun and ammunition, prohibition and gun was being made. will these states like tennessee, georgia, texas, step in and actually protect some of these gun companies? i think you will see attorney general's in the states, you know, being vigorous and defending the 2nd amendment. i think the other thing to keep in
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mind when you're looking at some of these gun laws at the federal level, some gun manufacturers have looked at moving to places like georgia and tennessee and texas other more gun friendly states. because there are some provisions. the people argue that if a gun is manufactured in tennessee and sold in tennessee and owned in tennessee, that the pads really don't have the capacity to do anything about that. because there is no interstate commerce with them to intervene in interesting lots of different dynamics here. and of course, i'm going to have robert and steve to give us a 360 view of thank you so much. now, to couples in california, i spent months raising and bonding with babies. they believed it belong to them. but as it turns out, they were actually raising each other's children because of a mix up at the fertility clinic. and they now have filed suit, r d, chris funded molly burrows has more on this case. the data and alexander cardinality fell in love with the infant daughter born to them in late 2019. they're older daughter was also thrilled to hold her new baby sister. memories of
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child earth will always be painted by the sick reality that our biological child was given to someone else. the baby that i thought to bring into this world was not like to keep the daughter we base and bonded with was gone. after months, the love and affection there's no way to describe the pain that we've been through the struggle to guide our older daughter. through losing to little sister, she fell in love with conceived in vitro fertilization. the cardinal is trusted, the girl was their biological child. despite the fact, the baby had a darker complexion than they do, then they learned there was a mix up at the l. a base fertility clinic with their embryo. another couple was
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raising their child while they were raising their alexander and i are devastated. we missed an entire year of our daughter's life. i didn't get to experience being pregnant with her or berthing her. we missed her entire newborn period. we never saw our babies entrance into the world or cuddled her and her 1st seconds of life. the cardinal is filed suit against the california center for reproductive health, and the owner for medical malpractice, breach of contract negligence and fraud. they are seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages. the other couple wants to remain anonymous, but the attorney representing all 4 parents, say they are planning to file a similar suit. we thought that we were working with in a very professional industry. we trusted people, we trusted these people. and we never even knew that something like this could happen and wasn't even on our radar. how could this happen?
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but now we realized that the fertility industry is a mess. the unusual circumstances have also bonded the card knowledge and the other couple. they now look at each other as family from here on out. they were just as much in love with, with our, our biological daughter as we were with there's 4 r t i, molly barrows. as a ground, becky development continue in the world. as faith rights researchers actually found the amount of time one spent in space actually impact their brain health or to correspond natasha suite has more of the new study linking long space trips to similar effects of brain damage. commercial space travel is getting closer to taking off more and more not astronauts are making their way to space and will short trip to space may not pose any side effects according to a new study, longer term could cause brain damage. similar to a concussion. scientists have long studied the effects of the body in orbit,
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but what about the brain? little has been examined until recently, and researchers found that long space trips could cause brain damage. according to a new study published in jama neurology scientists found elevated levels of proteins in the blood that reveal indications of brain damage. a city follows 5 russian cosmonaut who went into space for 5 and a half months aboard the international space station. cerebral spinal fluid is the most accurate way to measure one's brain health, but obtaining it is invasive. blood is reportedly the next best thing. and so scientists took blood from all men 20 days before their mission one day after then one week after their trip. and again, 20 to 25 days. returning home scientists found 2 proteins to be elevated one day and one week following their months in space. a 3rd protein was not significantly elevated. but to final proteins are measured by a ratio between the to the ratio did in fact drop, which is assuming people suffering from
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a neuro degenerate of condition. researchers from the study said the effects of spending several months and space are similar to what the brain goes through when getting a concussion, or more studies need to be conducted. researchers behind the studies believe the brain injury is caused to the long duration exposure to micro gravity. his stroke separation main shoot, deploy away for confirmation of for healthy man's. for astronauts. return to earth on monday at 10 33 pm eastern time, writing home with space xt and a 200 day space station mission that began last spring. last down confirmed their capsule parachuted into the gulf of mexico off the coast of pensacola, florida. in darkness recovery boats quickly moved in with spotlights ready to reg, the space craft up out of the open sea bringing his where i'm a, an employee as part of the recovery team will physically climb on top of dragon and attach hardware necessary to hoist drag it up and out of the water,
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please for astronauts referred to as crew. 2 astronauts spent almost 6 months in space. they completed several space walks work to help upgrade the space station while also installing 2 new solar arrays. well, a successful mission when they were heading back to earth and none of the astronauts were able to use the toilet on the dragon as a result of the league. and it's something that space x has a sense redesign, reporting for news news. hughes and harsh sweets r t. that's a big problem, but we fix problems on today show. so thank you for joining us. in the meantime, let's continue this conversation finance but are asked that he had used the hash tag team and vh. thanks for watching. ah lou ah, as a career professional sport is much tougher on some than others. she was a hero,
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human admired by everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl to price to to, to achieve really was, was paul change. i read on the paper this morning, usa swimming a rest, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming is that documentary? c, a r t o is your media a reflection of reality
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics. spoke business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah
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who you want to beat when you grow old with hunger and suffering at the border between beller some poland where thousands of migrants including children who remained stranded in a bit to enter the european pmi. we tried very hard to get treatment abroad, but we didn't get permission to leave the country. we received an offer for treatment from germany, but we were not allowed to leave clergy sound. you sold your cars is valuable. yes . you get to right now, we don't have anything while mosque i, blaze western countries including poland to be unraveling migrant, k or some of the bell russian border while warsaw rickies of russia being the mastermind behind the crisis. also this hour, the 1st testimony of a glance animated.


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