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tv   News  RT  November 9, 2021 6:00am-6:30am EST

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who leave the area now or we will, we will both back, several 100 migrants, including children, remain stranded today on the by the russian polish corridors like try to reach you while warsaw accuses minsk of escalating the refugee crisis on purpose me time from to leave k trade blows elsewhere as a record number of illegal migrants may kit, cross the channel to england, where from locals on the french side. palsky, they are under the impression that when they arrive, everything will be easy. in reality, it is not at all like that. the story is about those who helped them cross, because it's not migrant to by the boats. it's always the traffic is and russia, developers come up with a brand new venture to tackle the illegal trade in fake coven vaccine. passports
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will tell you all about it. ah, just to 2 o'clock tuesday afternoon, live from moscow. kevin, over here at our international 0 world views h q. first than that you heard the e. this is just in the last hour or so is partially suspending. a visa facilitation deal with belarus in response to what the blocks calling an ongoing hybrid attack launched by the bellow, russian regime. it says several 100 migrants have gathered at barrows. his border with poland, looking to cross into the e. u. members state go home. i'm not allowed to leave the idea now. well, we will use both for these latest pages in to will be sent from the better wish and polish border with migrants have gathered in the hope of trying to get into the you of course, winter fast approaching to among them children. some of them very young. monday
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crashes broke out with border guards and gunfire was heard when crowds tried to force their way into poland. ah, company thought you were doing. this is norma right now. we're in belarus, a few meters away from the polish border. we're thousands of migrants off from middle east are stuck trying to cross into the e. u. after failing to breach the border fans yesterday. the set of tents and camp fire spanning last night out in the woods. now let me just give you a quick look at the scene. this is what's going on here. i, we were told that at least 2500 people haven't come here and that this is sir,
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this is what, what they do. and so here can see a, a family with, with children. they're trying to warm up from the fire woods. and they're actually more people bringing more firewood from this forest out there because it's, it's, it's getting called by the day. and people somehow need to, we're, we're a mob of babies. she's, she's shaking from phrasing. look at this with what it does, is it, is it a trash bag trash bag? yeah. where's for cold? in order? go under this, the, this, my foot water aren't brit. just bread and water that yes. all yes, yes, yes. yes. we just want to go german on the think for a good org, encore, a good life. all the both those empty and they got family, they got keats, you know, they need walt at with, doesn't matter. we pay money for whichever you my right was any one to bring us some law to please in out that the kids will be suffered too much. here you can see
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that ah, the polish as security forces out in full force. there now are, i think they're changing, as you can see, movement out there. and yeah, this is the, the barbed wire and the fence that is dividing the border divine in the territory, but when bowers and of poland. now, despite failed attempts to cross the border, the migrants are determined to try again. to day. most of them come from a war, tore nations like iraq and afghanistan, and now they won a new life in europe's wealthiest countries, like germany and france. but to get there, they 1st need to pass through poland. the number of migrants trying to reach to you through the poland bowers border has been on the rise. lately, i bought the situation dramatically escalated yesterday when thousands of refugees are formed the column and march towards the polish border. some of them tried to get through the barbed wire fence using
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a free treat trunks and spades. others actually carded with the wire cutters. polish security forces responded with tear gas and a pepper spray even gone. fire was heard at one point. poland has already called a state of emergency and brought around 12000 troops to the border, according to the polish officials who said that this is so far, the biggest attempt to andrew poland by force. no correspondent of the saying that the feud intensified last month when will silva to expel migrants who crossed the border illegally passing a low for them to be pushed back. critic slammed the measure at the time. colea and abuse of you and international law. main time. poland, accusing the beller ocean president of purposefully bringing the migrants to the border. as the e. u says mins, because using the migrants for political reasons, this is a continuation of the desperate attempt by the cash. encouraging to use people as poems to destabilize the european union. and of course,
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the values that we stand for, and we have repeatedly, firmly rejected attempts to instrumental ice people for political purposes came. i'm and i was, we are dealing with another element of the hybrid will on the polish bella, russian border. as you know, several 100 people are approaching the board. and now, having been taken through the territory about a risk by people associated with the beller russian services. this is an organized auction that we knew about due to information our services received at the bellows denies. it had a hand in direct in the flow of migrants. the country's border guard says, quote, it's the indifference and inhumane attitude of the polish authorities that have pushed the refugees to the desperate actions and quote, i'm present. look, shank previously accused potent lithuania of exporting migrants on to germany and france to for sure, it was in the problem. poland, unless you ania a deliberately accusing, beller us of artificially creating a migration crisis. at the same time,
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special operations are being carried out to create routes for migrant to depart from their places, detention to the territory of germany and france massively. and shamelessly violating human rights. well, that's kind of, he's from germany cross like to write rough as cheer, political, and list and branch chem revealed sense of germany party. thank you for your time today. i just want to say before we talk about the, the background to i want to talk about. so there's literally to the last hours. so as this seems to be ramping up, the ease just suspended. a visa facilitation deal for better russian officials, which is going to go down badly. many, do you expect more measures from the block against better than any reciprocals back? yes, that is at least what the you have now and that will, it will start a new spite of sanctions against bill. i was to answer to that cry this. but the question is, if this is the right way to go forward, because i mean, you have of course its responsibility for the deterioration of the relationship
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with and this is now what we are seeing at the border, one of the consequences of stopping to seek good relationship with a neighboring country off the your block and that you now is paying partly also the price for this unwillingness to keep up a good dialogue, a constructive dialogue with the russian government. and i was far better verses content so far. it said you can stuff your sanctions. it's not, we're not gonna bother too much about it. of course, it must be biting hard. nonetheless. the better ocean governments rejected poems, accusation, it's been directing migrants to that a border. what is your view on this lunchtime? well, that is completely unreasonable to assume that the migrants chest to analyze the situation when in to lie look us ankle announced that he would also step
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back from the agreement to protect the border. busy towards the you from illegal migrants, the migrants of course, saw an opportunity to find a new entry door via a lot of was into the you. so this may well be a dynamic that is not being steered actively by the bill of russian government. but that just unfolded through communication channel between migrants. we're all interconnected. why social media and they know very well what is going on at the different sections of our orders. busy what we just got literally a minute was so left, the better russian president, also same potent lithuania, then wash in the hands of it. they're pushing the illegal migrants further on to your country. german and even further on again to france is allegation true. how's it being viewed in germany? well, that is something that we are already seeing the migrants in the end show up in
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germany because of course, germany is the great magnet for them. we have quite a quite comfortable and social system to provide for the grid. and they. busy know that was the solution to this crisis and said earlier on, i miss moscow today it's getting chilly now the winter is coming. same thing on the border as well. busy the young people there a lot of people in need. what's going to happen? who's going to blink 1st? well, it's, it's very simple. if you want to solve the crisis, you get into negotiations with bella. and of course, poland at the short now needs to be really supported in protecting the border. but the next step should be to set up 8 facilities inside the la was for the migrants who have shown up there and they need
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to be supported. the russian government needs to be supported through return programs for that micro right now we got 10 seconds. literally only poland has decided to send troops to its border with better us. it's not going to make things better or worse. i've got a quick answer. well, that's hard to say because it will increase the pressure, but it's not a solution. ra sociopolitical less than branch chairman it. so the alternative germany party. thank you for your time today. your can me tell us, i was saying i was headlines there, another my goods crisis is brewing between france and the u. k. the spot goes on both playing each other as a record number of illegal new comers crossed the channel to england with a closer look at that, we're going to speak to some people on the french side. think about it. this next though, hundreds of people who converged on new zealand parliament to protest against vaccine mandates and locked protest is carried banners reading no more control and
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chanted freedom. earlier in october, the government announced plans to expand the vaccine mandate. work is in certain categories, the new zealand will need them to get fully vaccinated against the corona virus or the risk losing their jobs. it's a big deal sofa. 2 thirds of the population there generally have been inoculated. there's been a steady rise in new cases. and new zealand since mid august, when the delta vary grip the country, they followed a year and a half of stable and pretty low figures was leading the way for a while. but the countries got to open up some time. the country's biggest city oakland has been locked down for the last 3 months again. meantime, over in the us, the white house is telling american business is not to wait to vaccinate employees making no reference to a recent federal court ruling them which temporarily blocked the government's job requirement for businesses. we think we people shall not weigh. it's that we say do not wait to take actions that will keep your workplace safe and we're trying to get
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past is pandemic. and we know the way to do that is to get people vaccinated. so people should that we, we should continue to go move forward and make sure that they're getting their, their, their workplace vaccinated by to ministrations, push for mandatory kobe vaccinations as expose a sharp divide in the us and lead to mass protests in some states because of it looking at one now, the contested mandate would apply to businesses with at least a 100 employees that a federal court called it unconstitutional unlawful. an unwise vaccines were already obligatory for public officials. it comes at a time of high infection rates, averaging around $73000.00 per day in the united states. we spoke this then with a just in roberts young, eas, hose to podcast, politics, politics, politics. he believes president biden's backtracked on his policies to many times already. you know, under his administration, the cdc said that anybody who's vaccinated shouldn't wear a mask, and then they did the hokey pokey and said no, no, you do up to where
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a mass they have said that boosters were not necessarily going to be thing and mandates not going necessarily going to be a thing and now we have both boosters and mandate. so if he goes back on this, it will, i think, arose some of the confidence that biden came in with, remember, he was partly elected because he was the adult in the room. he was somebody for whom was a political veteran that would not see a new problem and therefore would be able to handle it better than the bull in the china shop that donald trump was. if he doesn't show com, even handed leadership on this, and i don't think he particularly has on this or many other things. then he's going to continue to see his approval rating a road like it is right now when it's under water by nearly 10 points. so still plenty disagreement over enforcements of mandatory coven shots. a reminder will health organisation, stresses of vaccinations and natural immunity are the only route out of the pandemic. for soul, this is our center national. thank you. the thing with us,
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let me tell you about the tommy who i'm to look at it today. go out, do something exactly 15 minutes past the coming up. russian developers come up with a brand new invention to block the illegal trade in fake coven vaccination policies . where on it, when i choose join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics, small business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me . oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer?
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high selection for community. are you going the right way? or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, who join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, ah, again, thanks for checking in today's his outs international with me, kevin owen. so as mentioned into the break, there are for surgeon corona virus cases. many russians need to use vaccine passports at the moment to get entry to some public places. however, that's also seen an increase in the number of fake passes being sold on the black
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market. that could so be a thing of the past, because if new technology, if a trend can reports on it, this is a q r code that i got from russian authorities to prove that i've got anti bodies from a vaccine. i can use it to go to a theater, for example, but for now someone can steal it from me and use it instead of me soon though, that won't be possible because of an invention by one russian startup, which have come up with q r codes that cannot be copied whatsoever. at 1st glance, the cure codes that's donna's love invented. don't look too different from the classic ones we've known for a while already. but if you take a closer look, you'll see that they include a sophisticated additional element in the middle, a rectangle with a smaller and less traceable pattern of shapes. that's what makes a difference was thought. so are you saying that your q r codes cannot be copied in any way at all? yes, there is no way. it's absolutely impossible to prove it. we can go over the printer,
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make copies of all codes, and i'll show you how it works. then we can also take a picture of the q all codes on the phone until it's read them, and the copies can be read, you'll see for yourself. what putting it plus your quote here is one of al q all codes. we can read it using our phone camera, living room, we take it, read what is encoded inside and get the result. if you now, let's try to print a copy, click, where do we pull up your code here? let's go from now. let's try to read it again with all mobile up. you got my medium and as you can see, the system can't read it anymore. the same thing happened when we took a picture of stun his loves code with a smartphone. the system wouldn't react to the one of the photo, even though it was a high quality one. only the original cure image triggered the act. if i don't know
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what my form was, go, do i understand correctly, that your cure code can be used by the manufacturers on items that they don't want to be counter? feed it so that another yes not right. much situation where you are ordering a product on the internet, on some online store, but you get a part of the cost, a lot of money. now, without any q r code to transfer, this is eliminated because the manufacturer applies our q r code the production site and uses ordinary people, can scan it to make sure that this product comes come off a legitimate assembly line. it wasn't replaced anyway. here's a simple example, a girl buys cosmetics from a favorite brand, but she is not sure that these are original products. and if she uses it, she can have a reaction to it. but it's an original product and she can check it to make sure. afterwards, she can apply on her body or face and not worry about it. the quote was before, so how long did it take you to develop the secure code which border it took us more
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than 6 months to create the initial prototype and it took another 3 months to go into must production. and how did you come up with the idea? you won't believe it, but in fact, when we think about something a lot sooner or later it comes to mind. it just came to me in a dream. no one in this world has thought of it yet. we monitor the market on a weekly basis, and there is nothing like this except us. of course, if you were looking for ways to cheat with to our codes this invention would probably disappoint you. but when someone tries to fool you or your children with fakes that you paid money for, that really isn't something that's going to make you happy. this new invention, the brand new. all my take, your codes will really make life of those who want to cash in on fakes much more difficult. there's been a record number of asylum seekers attempting to cross the channel to england and small boats still. but while paris and london put the blame on each other for
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what's happening, the problem remains unsolved. show the dependency reports on the latest from the french port of kelly. a cross hair is what many dream of the white cliffs of dover and a new life goes. we have a problem in our county organ deserved a fair every damned if you would as merry yesterday. yeah. more density. people of what we were dead. that is a problem we knew to join our situation because now we are you, we're, we're, we're, we're, we're area and we need to know how we gun gen our low. we knew dead v, a ruler, god, people in doral it what, where he from farms was. and it's that knew that his anger, the mer of cali, she blames a fresh influx of migrants here on the u. k. government saying the see the country as an el dorado. we know that
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a migrant who arrives in england is taken care of their house to the heaven income for them. england remains an el dorado, but the british government does not have the courage to review its legislation in the field. her view is shared by a many people here and how much a boss, i think there's a desire to go to england because it's easier to get a job there is here, like migrants can't walk at all. and i think some migrants also already have family in the u. k. and it makes them believe it's a kind of el dorado. and because life is better in england than in france, at least for them in england, they are looked after. they get a house and a regular income dropped altogether. they are under the impression that when they arrive, everything will be easy. in reality, it is not at all like that. glad tensions between the u. k. and france have been rising of late with to speak over several issues, including this one over my grants. the u. k. government has promised more money to pay for checks. a france holds up. it's end of the bargain. ensuring that my grants
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don't succeed in crossing into british waters both choose the other side of failing . in the meantime, the number of successful crossings has hit record highs and what the dangers of crossing the english channel. all too apparent for locals, hair, the only people profiting all the people smugglers cali. residents want the u. k. government to do more use of, if you could, you know, how many have died, how many people have left on very fragile boats, especially the story is about those who helped them cross here because it's not migrants who by the boat said, it's always the traffickers home they put them in the boats, and after that they said the only figure it out played by their burglar keats necessary that the british government closes its borders. and boys johnson hasn't done anything to improve the situation for me, excuse the expression, but he is a clown. he care. but there's, i'm a good as a french person from kelly. i would prefer that those migrants go to england
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because we don't want them here for keep there must pay the money. they promised, and they must change the laws to make it less easy for migrants in england for migrants like ma ha, made staying in france, just isn't an option. if it generally goes good, any the school, any leg is the leg. norma dues. delia, but never knew exactly what the language because i didn't go on see different, different and that. and while many people we have spoken to in cali say that they just simply can't take any more. they may have to. as the french government opens a new migrant shelter in the town that marries warning that this signals another. a jungle disaster. it is out of the question that this shouts is, should go ahead. it's total madness. the opening of the shelter will become a rallying post and you come and you jungle. at 1st there will be $300.00 migrants
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. then 600, then 1500 and so on. the u. k is in the process of creating a new law that it believes will deal with the situation. it passed, it would mean illegally entering u. k could. and someone in prison up to a full years, the offense would also be something that would be noted on any asylum application, but that still possibly a long way off until then this slid. the oversea is all for many that stands in the way of all of their dreams coming. true. charlotte, even ski. r t. calley. but such a dangerous crossing to we spoke to steve wolf about it. he's the director of the center for migration on economic prosperity. he says that human trafficking is become a big issue for the u. k. these days. well, there is a growing problem in the united kingdom of an underground market for jobs,
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which is creating a black economy that is growing ever more so illegal migrants who are basically economic migrants of paying millions of pounds each year to people traffickers to avoid the legal routes and, and, and avoid any lawful way of living in the united kingdom. very few people, traffickers have been caught, even fewer have been prosecuted and imprisoned. and as a consequence of that, part of the growing black economy in the united kingdom is basically what's called debt financing, and a legal migrant will pay a people trafficker a sum of money and if he can't afford it, the people trafficker will lend him the money and when he gets to the united kingdom, that person has to pay the people traffic back at really high rates of interest. so the people traffickers, have them almost like slaves. you him for you rushes, defense ministers,
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okay. show goes express, concerned to military high command apparently, but the u. s. conducting unscheduled maneuvers, ne rushes borders were a galaxy of acetic response on this one. today what we got more up will russia, as you said, ease, voice in growing concern about what is happening unfolding and the black sea, i mean judge for yourself, for now on 2 weeks, you assess porter, which is a guided missile destroy off the united states. navy has been sailing about the black sea with its armament of capacity of a 100 guided missiles of various types than you had a u. s. as tanka u. s. as john dental ad supply and oil tanker come into the black seater, make sure that the other vessels i able to operate for an extended period of time. and this is all happening right on russia's dos. you had that joined by u. s. as mount whitney, which is a command ship of a strike force,
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the united states sick fleet flagship. so, in essence, the united states is saying that this is all part of a training exercise with its partners in the black sea region. russia says that what is happening is d, stabilizing the security of the whole region. us is creating a multinational grouping of armed forces within the immediate vicinity of the russian border. more than that, there have been fly bus. there have been a b one, b strategic bombers of the united states, which are capable of carrying at nuclear missiles and the russian. a diminished re of defense says that they have been practicing bombing runs as close as a 100 kilometers away from the russian russian border. and they say there's evident that they are studying the battle, ground them at the united states, ukraine, georgia, romania, bulgaria, and turkey. drawing the exercise in the event that there's an escalation in ukraine
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in the event the key of decides to invade her. and when it's civil war in an aggressive manner, which might lead to a regional escalation or i'd thank septic they keep crossing for us. there were more i've been talking with some uses coming in to tele bird. not a lot of it, but let me tell you what we know seems are a mantra reportedly armed with a knife is attacked passes by the norwegian, capital oslo authorities saying there was more than one victim over that? no information on the condition of any the moment a police report that a patrol car driven into a building to stop the perpetrator and then trying to attack offices in the vehicle as well. the man was shot and died of his injuries later in hospital. so it looks like the situation is under control. police have so far ruled at a terror related motive. we'll get some more details on that. maybe in the next hour and from furnace she with more. but as it stands at the moment, that's the way things are look and check it out in a calm run of our socials for so much more to day reporting from moscow. it's kevin,
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out in the team saying thank you for watching and stand by to news views. hughes in your part of the world after this quick break. ah, no one else shows the wrong one. i just don't know any world is yet to shape out. disdain becomes the advocate an engagement. it was the trail when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah .


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