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tv   Cross Talk  RT  November 8, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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war accommodate since the late seventy's was the chief chinese laborer. this problem success that we have seen in the mind is that the early so the reasons for these are the conference. and just wanted to see how the state is trying to make russia in china. or, i mean, there was a logical charm. i chose question in the, in the 40 and 40 see it, which was headline gentle. how can we do, i, how can we make russia and moral shame? and the story is that it you, that you are actually diverge. and there was 2 reasons. object. 2 reasons for rivalry. when was rivals for very simple reason with you will, you can develop without each other. and there is a threat. i mean,
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the other student, you're on the stage 1st, the liberal media crowd, the problem. you know, if you want to or china with no reason. now, biden is all and sample was china. what degrees you know, even increase in weight and. busy your family don't democracy is the back was down, but it's clearly aimed the giant. and then by the end of the a very surprised the chinese, the russian council. well, they read the reason why the, why the station and they're majority, when they have been blame in russia in china, seems and we don't want to be, we've been the one real real. i mean, you'll,
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the guy will, but that's what milly wants. so by the way, george, we're going to have a lot of fun with the democracy conference coming up. there's a lot of room for mockery there, but we'll save that for another day. george, i mean milly's words are kind of interesting. he's a very silly man. but it looks on the one hand, on the one hand, there's an acknowledgement. finally, he's been russia, china, great powers. it took a long time, but it's there. but then on the other hand, this is the, the, the, the paradigm for the new cold war. and we need a lot of arms for it, you know? so you know, a buckle up and brace for impact. you know, because the arm is producing industry, you're going to be really busy. go ahead. george. yes, no question. because you also said a couple of days earlier off of the aspen conference and then there's a splitting moment. china has now reached the side on the missiles and therefore. busy you know, the united states will have to go into overdrive in order to catch up and overtake
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china because everyone knows what school need moment means. it's a massive investment in military, in sciences research and everything, which is what happened to the, the shock of the soviet though, i mean, clearly, i mean, it is healthy that the united states except that there are other great powers that have their own. busy busy interests that may or may not come into conflict with the interests of the united states. i mean it's, it's always been the us and there's no reason to be particularly horrified by this event. the question is, what does the united states intend to do about this? and, you know, if, when the cost of the words of mil, it suggests that well the united states has to take all these great power rivals because we just can't go on living with the existence of great power. i was. and
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acknowledging the interests of these great and really, really, the issue is also that russia and china are really not rivals at all. i mean, they base figure on the facto allies. i mean, the not military allies, but they are in terms of their foreign policy interest. in foreign policy positions, almost issues in the world, they are in agreement. and then russia and china have been brought to this very close partnership. that's the result of the united states. you just bassoon a kind of mutual hostility to both. both. busy of you threatened by the united states, they have grown increasingly close together. so nice. it's kind of finds it. so someone isolated a web with we're facing this are very substantial long and demon b again, you know that we can bring up a new cold war paradigm. but on china is a, nominally a communist country. it's run by a communist party,
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but it doesn't want to export its ideology unlike during the 1st cold war. russia, well, it's just a conservative country out there interested in its own self interest here. but how, how do account is american exceptionalism play in this? because i'm the one hand, you know, is your just said, you know, there's a finally, a reckoning, a recognition. finally, it took a long time that there are other great powers. ok, but the, there they're not this, these 3 great powers are not the same for the u. s. is very and tend to export its ideology rules based order and all that other nonsense here. and that's what for me, makes it dangerous because the russia, basically, it's a status quo power. this, you know, why don't you let us alone and develop on our own china that is not looking for a quarrel with the united states though you wouldn't believe that from liberal media or on media in the united states. so this american exceptionalism, again, is a, is a break, rational thinking, in my opinion, go ahead. well,
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i make an exception. wait here and the scroll is very negative. i mean, what would you be having tonight? states relations with china. there is, by the way and there is, for example, need to have the last go you why the old fine china is important over an oil longer and you have arrived from my end ribeiro were you while the train you or is there was, you know, it's a, it's a huge mariah your would be the to have a chinese very core file or great choice. well then you're right, right here is i know how they are out there. liberal ideology, you know,
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why did it take so much time for the day trying to has been growing rich in the last 40 years. right? why don't, you know, will be for us there will be 3 be represented by intellectuals and then by allowing them to use them. if you get reached a guess at this point, that stepped american demographic bands that were just arguing what will happen when they, when they get 5000 goals. and one was, it was, it was not, you know, because you have maybe reached which do not accept american values. and you have made, just like to see, you know, and that spoke to the government. so basically, you know, the way i do apologize for that is blaming china. oh,
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ground good became so rich and how come you gently best a girl you're not supposed to do so you are supposed to last for us. so we have this, you know, kind of, you know, you could, you know, make noted your mistakes. if these are pretty bro, i told you, painted or are fancy. i only fancy china. it's all this. i go to school, it's all the house. you know, it's a government in china, it's the green, iraq, it's, you know, also the syria is there us, that's with an m and a no charge. i mean, when you're, if, if anyone uses a nikki haley is a rep for one of the lowest lowest octane thinkers that we've come across in our lifetime and being a foreign policy expert here. i mean, the demons absolutely right here. i mean, it seems to me that i go back to the more kind of nuts and bolts thing i'm in this
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ideology is the service a very specific, narrow interest. i mean, this is a good grift ahead. ok. i mean, i lost it in afghanistan. gotta make it up here someplace. ok, i mean shareholders are asking ok, and of course it plays to the american exceptional as a paradigm. and as you pointed out, you know, the u. s. s a stand up to me through it or to, i mean it's, and you know, it's a wonderful narrative that you can beat the masses. ok, as, as, as you know, with, with these mom bills that biden is as putting through congress, you know, congress who actually passing and it just makes the rich richer. and it's a streaming in the middle class even more. but don't worry, we've got to fight the good fight. i mean, this isn't ridiculous. go ahead, george. yes, yes, this is an excellent point because it is a indian logical fight that the biden administration particular wants to wait. because a trump really was the 1st president who had brought up the issue of trying because
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a sesame when you 1st of all had the whole cold war paradigm. china is great because china is on our side against the soviet union, even though china was then in the midst of this cultural revolution. but they are great and good guys because outside and that went on for a while because it was still a grade below that it was russian. and you can see that manifested in the expansion of nato. and then i think, you know, right, you know, with trauma and weight, china is now a serious economic rival. i mean, you know, it will be the number one economy in the world. but trump made this into a non media logical conflict. i mean, he was taking on everybody who's of economic interest class for those of the united states. when buying is done, he said, going back to the cold war aspect to it, which is china's e d. a logical rival. chinese somehow waging some sort of a flight project. they've got an american idea that waging a flight of
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b. r a. and we're going to go, we're going to go to a short break, but george's right. that's why they got rid of for those reasons. exactly. all right, we're going to go to what you're breaking up about your break. we'll continue our discussion on some real, stay o. as a korean professional sport is much tougher on some than others. with somebody, believe me, i was just a very to, to retrieve really was trying to read the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls in the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is going to start linking all this together and is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics
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swimming here is that documentary. i see it on our t back. kaiser's financial survival guy, housing, bravo. oh, you mean it is a downside, artificial mortgage for don't get carried away. what trying to report a ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions, but with that comes a trade off. every device is a potential entry point for security at any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers. a new one comes option or it's not
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a matter of. if it happens, it's a matter of went to a welcome back to cross stock. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle. this is the home addition to remind you. we're discussing some real news. ah okay, let's go back to budapest, you're as our viewers new learned from last week i asked my guess what they would like to talk about and they send me suggestions and demon george, most of the suggestions and the topic they're at hand right now is george's suggestion, what, how can we correlate together? what, or what does russia gate and january 6 mom narratives have in common georgia because you have such a fascinating thesis. go ahead. well, because what we learned this week through the indictment that was issued against
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gordon jenko, who was the source for the crystal steel dossier which was at the hollow . the russian gate folks was there from start to finish. every item in russia gate was invented by american operatives, fossil clinton, campaign operatives, democratic party operatives. and then of course, the contributions of various people in the f, b i. the cia, gave it credibility and gave it oxygen launched a massive investigation. that was that the special counsel and what happened was the complete d, legitimize ation of the presidential election of 2016. and so it was now was presented in the media over and over again. several years truck became president through the assistance of the russians, the kremlin,
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gave up in post trump on the united states. we now know there was no russian input whatsoever in washington, and that was 0. it was all american. but it was a hopes that you know of this political purpose, which was basically to get a trumpet ministration. never really recovered from the blows. busy busy of russia gate constantly struggling to impeachment of special counsel investigation as on the january. the 6th thing is also host. i mean, we know really the outlines of what happened was mostly peaceful protest, or it was something went wrong. it became a riot, wasn't a particularly serious ryan all it was restored within a few hours. nonetheless, the media in alliance with democratic party and again in alliance with the f. b. i was characters within the, by the ministration of with this up into some terrific assault on the american
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democracy. was a game of dealer jim. i think the opposition, which is from when it's the same characters the think i think the both is one was you know, an outside adversary meddling inside american politics. that narrative. and now we have the same characters that are targeting, well, essentially half the population by them. exactly. you know, the media. it's the same thing, but it's a, it's really the same paradigm. it just has, what is the domestic features to it? ok, d ma your thoughts here because this is, this is the same a leach trying to pull. busy a pull off a narrative that is completely contrived and it has been service of power. ok, what is a it's a way to annihilate, not to, to question, but to a nicely your political adversary had or europe. so i would use the,
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what year? i mean, what was the purpose of this whole rush gate, you know, what was the outcome? was contra counter and they are going to which the, i guess the russian eat basically long only reach people would rush up. i'm also, they're all going to be wherever, in a way, and be targeted by casa the same story with in a way to get women. so it's a way for genie date, russia shows and russian ever watched this movie science that i use the same story with john on a seemingly s that actual but these were all when they asked i absolutely fine you know where so see dear the language use was so or style that in
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fact i think the in can people, i mean, don't given dr. old enough as the, as the problem is that all these stories are based on a lie. i mean the find out read just ego, megan bro, the lines that we're going to do a lot, the more you know, and if you believe the weight roddicks, if right now, just a few days ago, there was, there is a dodge for rules that for you own us where you know, on us there were no extra the guys were present yet. well, the whole russia gaping this done to you best of the story about drug and the russian ross did use i agency, you're an angel him in a morsel office, you know,
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the american media urinate or go up there for several years. and the language that they use was so rude, so force, and it was based on the lives of just one indian angel, either a baby than jenko is a product, probably a pretty creepy character. i don't know him personally, but i mean he, he did what he was asked to do. he was asked to do up oh research and you know, to get your paycheck. you got to push the envelope there, you know, and come on maybe a little bit more, a little bit more spicy. ok, it doesn't get him, i'll get him on it. i will just stay with. busy hans, monkey very well, he said, here's what we're linked to the advisor each. the story dungeon feeds the story cuz you steal things in the story because you still have it to the media and then we have 3 years old wise. that is wonderful. okay,
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but let me go back to george harmon, the, the, the interesting thing for me is that i'm going to wait with you. and i talked to the gaggle about the virginia election, but you know, the default position for the liberal media is january 6th. i think the border, january, 6th, vaccines january 36. okay. this is exactly what russia gave was. it was a default position. ok. and they can so at any opposition is deem insurrection as here. this is where do it. i mean, not only is a very destructive, but they don't allow any other and they don't allow any interrogatories. because if you disagree, well, of course in your racist ok, this is, this is a closed loop narrative. just like rush gate go ahead. yes. yes, no question. and purpose of rushing it was boys delegitimize and ultimately destroy the trump residents, and in many ways it succeeded. but that's what january the 6th of january, the 6th is the, the go to possession of the democrats,
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every failure of the administration. well, let's talk about january the 2nd and, you know, we know the outcome of this. i mean, eventually that january, the 6th committee will issue report, it will undoubtedly say trump a version an insurrection. and then the overthrow of the legitimate government of the united states. he must be impeached with a view to ensure that he never again post office in the united states. that's the go. and this is, this will happen. i mean, i, i still think there will be an impeachment of trump before on the mid terms. you know, and this is the way you operate with hopes, and that's why it's important, it's the same characters are involved in both biden low c obama and they're all in on it because they never really paid a price for russia. they're able to just simply continue as before,
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without any challenge. i have to say george, but i mean, over throwing a democratic a little around the world, right? don't do it. no, no, no. but the interesting thing is now that we're on it. so there's this whole regime change paradigm that they, they can jam is incorrect, united states, the same player to bring the regime change playbook. what this ukraine is, the most outstanding one in recent memory here. but they're, they're applying a lot of the same strategies just focusing on maggie people and people that are in talk trumps or but i mean, it's really quite remarkable. it's an a template that apparently can be imported. go ahead. well, i mean, we have so many here, party stories on the situation or to the why the biggest media as they do for for the
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posing bar and then the right to read them. the best way to do. ready the same thing they just did and then it was 9 years, 5 years or basically the same thing, right? you know, by the same story with, you know, you bring a peaceful road to get a police lane. hundreds of them, they are you, you know, they could be any way they should be. all said, all their heroes. and basically, what all does is do they, and the ottoman and saw them did the different ways for
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obvious reasons. you know, because they were in the congress by these people as of the, as far as i understand that there august, my number out there were hold for the road. but somehow, in your brain, if you're roy and the premium and these people, i'm glad you're bringing up the, the, the, the utter contradictions. here, george ashley babbitt. i mean, if you want liberal media, she's demonize as a terror, an armed woman, a veteran, f, someone like a 100 pounds and 5 foot 3. she's being demonized as a terrorist, it could potentially go knows like a terminator taken out, the floor of congress. mean, this is absurd, and then the officer that murdered her and i think the word murdered her is,
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is turned into a hero. last 30 seconds got to you. and this is exactly parallel between january the 6th rush against the real clear criminals of russia. gates, seal co, me, mccade, all the people who gave oxygen and you knew that this was a hoax. i've gone, i'm punish, and here actually bad. it was mother cold, love an old woman. and the guy who did it a policeman who shopping that close range without any warning, he sales a year or so that's the thing. you know, the real criminals are the true crimes that were committed. well, they've done, i'm honest. i where everyone else has a sock, when russia good leon, roger. so what then do anything well, have a reputation in the same people that are doing it here. all right, that's all the time we want to thank my guest here in moscow. we're watching this here are next time, remember? ah,
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ah, with ah ah, mm hm.
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we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our starns. this truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack, i think okay, but on the way dimensionally with on that and i thought i didn't change anything but oily. eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people, when equally b, you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive lighten.
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oh, is your media reflection of reality? ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? i elation. community i you going the right way? where are you being left somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess on the world of politics, sport, business,
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i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah, and i make no, no borders, to tease. and you fresh as a marriage, we don't have a charity. we don't to look back. see, the whole world needs to take action to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with
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ah, home, gone far is heard clenches erupt and tear. gas is employed as a crisis deepens on the border between poland and deliveries as a large crowd of migrants, storm the frontier into polish territory. will bring you a report from the same way. we are now at the fairies in the board. you can see huge camp for refugees. we want to get to europe from beverage on the rights. ben russian chorus intent on the left, the polish board about dwight and the polish military french police officers survives stabbing. thank says.


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