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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 8, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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i mastered her tanzania. what's going on the ground coming up with a shout, the turn of the horn of africa amidst in ethiopia, in state of emergency. we talked a neighbouring airy tray as un ambassador soviet, as for marian, about the biden administration's destabilizing military, economic and propaganda influence on peace. after nature defeat in afghanistan, iraq, libya, and syria. and after that suspicious lebanese port explosion, how long can his will as shaken us rather, wait, as nato israel and saudi arabia attacks, a jewel of the mediterranean, and linchpin of the middle east, we ask lebanon's, former foreign minister, far as boys all is more coming up in today's going underground, but 1st, when he saw the defeat and pull out of u. k, u. s. troops from afghanistan as a precursor to more intervention in africa, right on cue, we now have chaos in the horn of africa. will ethiopia declaring a state of emergency with millions, perhaps facing salvation? this follows not only non nato investment in ethiopia, but peace between ethiopia and nato enemy eritrea. joining me now, is there
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a trans permanent representative to the u. n. and master sophia test for marian? thank you so much, i'm pastor for coming on the program. i don't know whether you see british television, but in nature, nation countries, your country is called a dictatorship, deliberately conscripting people, but continuous human rights abuses. and as you know, as a yoga declares it state of emergency li, a un report said big numbers of violations committed by era tray and government forces. what do you think about our eritrea is being, is being treated here in nature, nation media. as regards the conflict, oh, thank you and i have been to this for the last 20 years. there has never been the main media or any of the allies that have shown the truth about what's going on in every chair on the ground. are you here? yeah, ok, so it comes as no surprise was discontinued the tax on there. yeah. and then every
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cation of allegations, the media takes over and congregates in multiple dimensions. and even here in the un, inundated with reports and i, and i call it me a call chamber, or it's not where it's coming from in the amendment that we need is a year to write about a target. and we always miss miss the target miss the miss that and miss jones and mr. present that you know, there's over news organizations always say that's because they're a tray or if you, if you won't let them in. and you seriously saying that the bible administration would in effect aid what the un itself now says may be a step away. 2000000 people being starving to death. remind us what
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this is, the t p l if we invite it's lee to deborah in the giver. michael, on. you say they are backed by nature nation weaponry to destabilize the own of africa. well, they've done that for the last 27 years. or it comes up as a no surprise to be near about satellites being provided to them and satellites information being provided and mercenary, fighting with them on the ground, it would be not a surprise for me, you know, for the credit place that's still $30000000000.00 from the coffers, i think they can afford mercenaries from all over the world and no doubt they will bring them to their costs and they've been supported by the list. well, let me say getting this medic and political shield and support. we have not heard in the last 11 months, any confirmation of what the lessons, 3 on the ground. why is a level rebel group, terrorist group, for that matter,
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that's registered as a terrorist group allowed to run throughout the country. and this threatened to save lives, the country are destroy infrastructures. this kill people vain and continue with the genocidal started while it was in power. and you know, they committed genocide, bella in oral and then these are documented genocide by the regime. i didn't hear in the car from mito allies today, and i crying about genocide and said right, that didn't happen. there is no gender. well, they just countries that the g b, i left and i all charges of genocide and i have to ask you, wasn't it the nature of countries that supported peace between eritrea and the e. c. o p a nobel prize given to prime minister abbey asked with, i mean did, did, did the piece remind is that piece between the job you in eritrea they still sanctioned your country?
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the west did a wild up beast was made a cane because a well and the power, you've been an air purse and nothing to do in the west of allies with keen because the human people thought and remove the accuracy in 2018. and at that time when prime minister abbey took over here, he accepted the ha boundary commission decision and agreed to implement that decision. and that's how a thank you. because that was our only problem, not. you're not accepting the algae agreement that was fine and binding. and he did, and that's how the sky, the europeans, the americans, you're and none of them have anything to do with it. so don't give them credit for something we did not do. what do you think of jeffrey felt money? you, jeffrey feldman, the u. s. diplomat and what do you think of the by the administration and how different it is because that great hero of the global south microphone peo despised
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all around the global south. it has to be said, let alone by maybe the by the administration did condemn t b. i left with strikes on every tray you make fun of donald trump? is that the problem? no, i don't. i don't think it has anything to do with being a fan dot com or not. the right in the administration is probably responding to be on. so i've gotten that and letters and cries and wines that have been sent to congress. i know how that works when maneuvers and sends out these 10000000 letters to congress crying. you know, we're going to be a nice lady, we're going to, we kill them and the american congressman and i just because i feel like we need to respond to this on sort of letters and 3, that phone calls and faxes and, and i think by then being sold also by people in speech and you know, we don't have friends in their vitamins, ministration. i want to ask
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a guy suffering from a racist incoherent policy for that one of africa. and it's affecting the all region. the whole foreign policy structure for one of africa needs to be revised and it goes beyond personality, then goes beyond individuals within the administration. but whole system needs to sit down and read, recalibrate and think out loud. what it is that they're losing in the horn of africa, which there and this situation you can balance that or maybe not next week. maybe not next week. yeah. but it will settle and they have been people will get what they want, which is total control of their country and the outside of the abilities and stop the killing. and the mean, i might say that's a bit optimistic given the babel mendez straight to so crucial to know the military, but also big corporations. i think maybe most of us to do most of it,
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one point being on a ship going through the straight. who knows? you've seen what nature policy has done to iraq to syria, to libya. why do you believe that to the power of the 2 nations and the media? i lied to the media. can also game launch a humanitarian intervention in the one of africa that, that unseat your president. f work, let alone prime minister abbey. i'm going to leave you number one. it's not something that they haven't tried for years. and i would say the credit goes to the people of america. and the horn of africa was much more conscious about what's going on in their countries that they weren't before. and much more conscious of just and, and foreign policy of many countries and then they were before. and this type of consciousness along with people in the region will not allow this kind of intervention in our region. and i don't think that africa and the african union, nor any of our friends and allies outside of africa,
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are willing to see another african country. the story. eric chinese, you're not the only ones that are suffering from wrong. but we've seen the african vibrational terrorism all to mommy and gimme and all your roles. colleagues, the spring or the cold before. now as the terrorist and rebels that are supposed to be threatening governments suddenly becoming the governments. and i think that does not bode well for us in africa, their credibility, integrity of us and diffusion of being questions today. as an honest broker, i don't know that the us or the even the honest brokers in the yesterday. so a lot of dynamics for a lot of people are spending the pressure. the people are at the point where they can withstand the pressure the unified country. in eric chair,
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they have almost no chance at all convincing what they are doing is for our own good. i think we've learned lesson for 20 years and i think you've been learning that lesson today. well, they've been 5 reputed the western back who sit on monday, chad guinea just just this year. and the face of a trade in say, britain, is that of a refugee across the english channel, fleeing your government, and in love with the liberalism and freedom, the britain gives them. that's what the nation media say or that's the media trail, but nobody talks about the holiday ignoring and you to try and populate every gen, prevent it from being a country where you could live and work and you know, they started with. i can then the crew points and academic papers that said,
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we cannot dream. and erica dreams don't come to america almost. so you know, making you feel like there is no hope in their country. and yes, we have economic migrants like anybody else, but make it look like they're freeing the governmental freeing because it's something they're afraid of a exact reason. and to me those lean you are here in the united states and in the u. k. in their communities, working with brothers and sisters in the community supporting hammons and eric chant supporting their people. so they went, they didn't go too far back in the vote just very briefly because it wasn't reported here much in the nation media. what was the culture massacre in and if you, if you, what's your understanding of what happened in january and any direct evidence of
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major nations actually aiding the t. b, i left in terms of armament was sent. you have 900 trunks of the w sub just disappeared. where have you been carrying song or saw that i should just say, jeffrey feldman, the us diplomat said it was due to some very complicated issues there. the theft of the a drugs even the un is not denying that they were eaten by this phillips. i'm not sure why cell is trying to cover up for the night on the truck. so that's supposed to both people like to say, i sorry, that meeting are in desperate need and disappear and you see something new left in . it's from please across our region then all the way down to almost stressful. are they helping them? indirectly, maybe they are. you know, i don't know, but they told them to do what is if you cannot deny that they're helping them in some way, how many does the die actually make
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a statement and write the article in for, for the this is a un official, we complain one who wants to live here? he's retired now. look up from or shot. we complained about his facebook page is twitter account. he's writing about trying to tell them, you know, out of being some of the fair, but they give them moral support. so they give them political support, so they give them full medic. yes they did. yes they did. and that's not something that's anybody's mind. and nobody getting punished for that either master. thank you. always the pleasure after the break. the reverberations from that port explosion continue. we go to the paris of the middle east to speak to lebanon's, former foreign minister, far as boys as iran and his will break. the ne donation imposed economic siege. all
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this all coming up a pot to, i'm going underground. as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others with the euro. my by everybody. so why would somebody believe me? i was just a little girl. the price of paid to, to, to achieve really was, was a read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together. is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary? see it on r t o driven by
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a dreamer shaped bass. concur. some of those with there's sinks, we dare to ask in awe. welcome back. what happens in lebanon affects them, at least, and what happens in the middle east affects the whole world. you only have to look at the on tara, while nature nation circled mainstream media attack, lebanon, an age, a government, sanction its politicians. it seems even nobody's ministers cannot call out you k armed saudi arabia fritz warren yemen. joining me from bay rouge's presidential candidate former levity is foreign minister. far as boys fires. thanks so much for
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coming on the show. i'm not sure whether you watch nature nation, mainstream media here. they say, it's a failed state. the whole thing in lebanon, it's a, it's a disaster, or whatever happens to the information minister george, good, i can lebanon, not even criticize the saudi actions in the world's worst humanitarian crisis. yemen, a lebanon, lebanese politicians not allowed to say anything. they want to say. i think shows that the crisis is bigger is deeper than the problem of what go to the i said i didn't say i think the. ready real problem a bad during many, many years ago, the weight zeroed and the power of his will law became more and more strong 11 and is now nearly controlling the whole state. they are controlling nearly everything. they are filtering the gun,
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but they are controlling the polymer. they are controlling the economy that controlling the security. they are controlling even the justice. and i think that this is the main problem. this problem are pushed, so the review and the old account is in other countries and also europe and united states and others to consider to fit that live alone is becoming their enemy. because because of the power of as below. ok, so here, z. so these are since a long time, very sensitive to everything. what, which is happening 11. and so 34 months ago, a form that a foreign minister at that jam. ok. and said that they're out of bed wins or
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something like that. yes, there they go to die. that them, they are attacked by many, many newspapers, and it is creating a very, very sensitive question. when's once so this is a very old friend to live and it was a protector of lebanon, and a was giving lebanon a lot of help. ok, in, i sent me away from this though. i mean, is it, is it saudi arabia, or is it that the hand of the united states also that's behind, or was the saudi arabia, very much allied, saudi arabia's i like to israel now, the biggest recipient of usa. it's ever to see the war. lebanon became one of the, of the tables of the war between,
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is there an america gun counter is europe, and from the other side. and so lebanon, import, his bela imported. the problem of iran was jim, in the interior, garages of, you know, you know, that is when i, i think lots of bad citizens, lebanon would say, they wouldn't be lebanon without his willa, obviously, because, as you remember, the war, presumably, it's not, it's not really true 1st of all, yes, hes will law in the year 2000 ok resisted against israel. what is there was occupying of an east editor. and everybody at this time was supported as below. but now that 1st of all, it is no more occupying lebanese territory. second of all, has been law, is intervening in the internal policy. you know, it's very dangerous. lebanon is constitute by many communities,
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and can only be 2 in very, very, very jeweler balance in a junior balance. so any community who took more advantage that she had provoked panic in the other community communities sector, any community who is bringing an external support, the other communities are bringing with them also support the external support. so it's a very complicated situation, so it's always a good by virtue of the constitution. of course it's, it's always complicated by, i mean, i have to, i mean, just most recently on the screens all across nato countries were blaming those blame for his bona for the killing of civilians. a judge as a philanthropist. i mean, what, what, what is it?
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i mean, truly that lebanon has to make a decision whether to turn east or turn west. tension is so strong. the tension is so high that any, any, any incident, any day, gun provoke, or an eternal. so you have it, people that they look and i lost them. how can they be in total war if as you have good people who lost it has been a good minute. she's money, 90 percent of the value of his money. you have a people who have no more to buy these prosperous people have no more to buy food or the hoard banking system for doubt. ok. there are there with pressures american pressures and these are even pressures. it's just that out which has been debt about the i ok when you make a war, you have to take for saturday, the officer, it's results. so now there is
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a super high security is super his theory and any incident, an incident which can happen anywhere. even if 2 people are fueling fuel invent cards and they are fighting, you can have a civil war. ok, the shares will come with this one because to come with the other system is will come with. so that's the problem of living. yes, to the owner and class. hang on a minute, isn't there a class conflict here too? i mean, it's christian and has been a charities that are keeping the food going ahead of christmas right now. we see on we see on media here, the slightly better of middle class is of a root demonstrating. but in terms of class conflict, are they not united? the poorest citizens of level as prices rocket 11 communitarian instinct covered it area as big is the strongest. ok,
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so it's stronger than any other consideration. any other consideration? so people who have maybe the same policy, the same objectives, got b, 5, think against each other because of going to tell you problem. and this is the problem . so the weight of his block is now panicking. everybody. ok, but a weight of has been lock lever to a war. where's the whole to crashes with the whole counties where you have thousands, hundreds of thousands of it, but he's working there when you have thousands of companies, when his company is working there and where you are. ok. so everybody is feeling that the policy has blocked, carry out of the problem. maybe it's true or a 100 percent or not. it's another question, but there is a large part of troops. well,
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obviously they are sanctioned. their politicians are sanctioned here in the, in the european union as regards as, as regards a provocation from as well as side as well. i would say you nature country, this sanctioning us are elected politicians that killing our soldiers in syria fighting factor u. s. u k. back terrorists and syria. how much provocation do you think shaking estrella can handle here is this goes on. many say that to his mother has enough to take over a lebanon tomorrow. within 24 hours is willing to take over the country but chooses not to. i don't think historically, nobody succeeded in to alone to the culture. ok, if you take the history of lebanon, every thought he supported by any international power provoked the
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support of the mushroom power to other communities and just story ended or sold by 0. yeah. and the 00. ok. i, so i think that, yeah, 1st war lebanon would not be to say, if his block is controlled left, you're gonna, you're gonna think about it, liberty. you can think about free culture. you can see, same as well as all that and cheapness. ralph has been on this channel saying he would recommend complete freedom even even for atheists, as, as you know. but what about the sanctions one another? i don't see you and have a copy of it on you. so if the copy of it on your is it is a copy of it is a good copy. ok, let's go and have the same as you know, as will deny that. but what about these sanctions that are being applied on getting
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not only resorted sorta, sorta, sorta has, will not, is not denying his belie, it's fame by the voice of his secretary jeremy has one mazama. we are the sons of how me and i, i mean i is our commander. how is our military commander is our, her father club is our achieve. and we are linked to we latham fuck, he meets the dog, 3 of the of the, the baby i, i smoke, i will stop kelly kelly is a believer and we invite some of them as well as to come on. they never come on the show for some reason, but check this rela, denied that lebanon will be turned into anything like that. finally, i got to ask you, because there are sanctions that are preventing energy resources coming through to lebanon. what role do you think this new world order people often say about china?
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the bricks bank via the shang. i cooperation, organization, russia? what role should they be playing? now? in the economic crisis that is horace and the middle class is of lebanon today. you know, that the countries doesn't want to make a war against iran because such or is very audi, say, is very high bras for them. and so what they are doing is pushing, trying to push the button to make sure this is exactly what shot level is became the arena of this. fought ok, well for isn't attacking has been law in the south. is really cost trick for america, back in iran, in the gulf is very costly. and so let's go to bush.
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so sanctions, so i think this is the main problem that all these people who are escaping got it going from patients here on our side. they're both story of, of the bisco from fish, which webinar is kind of do which webinar. so it's internal. communicating system cannot do ok for the foreign minister. thank you. that's it for the show will be back on wednesday to yes, the day of the u. s. u k. back to in lithium, supervisor, bolivia. you can see our interview with the new president and bolivia on a youtube channel until then keep in touch with social media and let us know if you think any country should be imposing blockades during the current of our spend on it. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is
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a potential entry point for security attack. if it actually, i think you can, but i don't want to mention lee with change because of the thing, but only essentially there's a man where of that thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber. they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial intelligence has not many main threat . this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the minute is cyber importance right now, i'd be where it really worried about it. most people would equally be you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side i'm
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in a 3rd class. she's wrapped and tear gas is deployed as a crisis deepens on the border between poland. umbrella, bruce, this is a large crowd of migrants. holmes. the frontier into polish territory will show you a report from the same family behind me. you can see the crossing where the official entry point the cause and vehicles is located, is the border service. we can see them conducting searches, and there are the refugees. they've already crossed the trace control strip. french police officers survives a stabbing thanks to his bullet proof vest an incident that reportedly being investigated as a possible at.


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