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and he taking advantage of the strain security capability of the taliban rule in afghanistan. iraq is isis cradle. nobody wants to see another nation in the region crumble under the weights of a decades long string of 4 choices. make thousands of miles away. if you want to take a deeper dive into any of those stories, this our, our website is a solid starting point. all was fresh content lively discussion to be found there. by for le ah, now it just seemed wrong when, oh please just don't hold me. you will have to fill out the scene because the applicant and engagement equals the trail went so many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground.
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we're allowing ourselves to be more efficient, quicker with our transactions. but with that comes a trade off. every device b as a potential entry point for security at any machine. it's an extension of traditional time. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers, both for the with not a matter of. if it happens, it's a matter of wet lou
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. ah ah
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ah ah, we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions, how we can make mobile payments from our phones. we can tell alexa to open up our garage door, all those things come with it. a lot of efficiency and a lot of benefits, but with that comes a trade off, which is where there's more cyber security risk. an extraordinary amount of paranoia. the truth is that every device is at potential entry point for security a time with
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which i can assure you what you do for you late. yup. so let me farm up. so on your side of shape. reason will you know what i'm writing go obamacare, which though you will, you woke up when you're conducting a silicon that was supposed to what you were seeing people chat with your former manual with dealerships under this are so wonderful chichi of those climate. if she'd also, if you speak with a phone interview with me when you thought it was just send you a
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form in the mail. but social says a statement in the section. this is a pest, but this you can go and there's no, there's someone's in it that goes out. but that more steps, adagio comes petoskey, michigan, and whoop on my teeth. with this boys ended up at the college, a meeting with me. i have to go with i own done the 3 months ago. got the course if you had done was have got to face poison with there are some fundamental rules around password management, making sure that it's complex enough and has the right number, right. the length, the right number of symbols are special upper lower case that type of thing. that's stuff that we're all familiar with. why we want to be careful when we're storing it
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all in one location, is because what we're grant a single points of entry to, to obtain that data. when you share a password, which is very common among users on the same password for 20 different applications . yeah, one, yeah. all of them a call with a question we're calling to put him into the marcia brown, a material it's ear rush hour and i have my name was donna a we'll fuck that on average. and that's for last year, that's still a rush for on the report of the sports on, on using there's some, west virginia left for them. this year was a georgia spike loud here. might be a problem, you know, just way calling the bus monitor to record your service sir. we'll see you wash when you in the bottom. we're proud to with wasn't documented here in the ordinance
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a you and your burglar fusion grow your margaret. i don't think she may come a political type of thing, the other income, but that that sounds somewhat less that's due to puddled out of his mocker. m a check which he just did a reported contact among the chateau monitor different particular well, he's a doctor. we'll check was elizabeth. hello michelle. the session was up last night with the district. you put them. what critical winter he checked on daily. thumbs up pretty quick positioning the payment problem with them schedule cardeana for the show. but other than what she had there with all day that which one was like more like you know, so love in the soft ear on what of what she does with cassandra file. a moment what she does of responding of catherine browser bit with recite almost pushy little committee approached by mine at the premier bitcoin. and so i can be a day. busy with rich to business today, leticia for each grade for quote of
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a component, there was a couple of the shipper doing with samsung when i'm sitting there with them as a dilemma of our current age, people have a false sense of security. while nothing happens, we have this sense of security that we're not going to be touched. it's not going to affect us. but at the end of the day, it is very prevalent and it is out there. you may not be the, the primary focus right now, but as soon as you become a profile target, then you're going to be the one who's gonna be missing some money in your account. and you're gonna be frustrated for leasing questions. you won't get used to. so when years all are moist. so to the summary use of lesson with dozens from meter, these questions, are you deliberately pos, letting me do it as a part of that, as a source of furniture like or still to stand the deal it could, she could, his can machine, pardon me, as that she, i'm your chris, i'm you can just looking they balloon this offset by the last question. what other 3rd? the issue was because frank, yes, w shoshua, catherine demos, 3rd popella school of mushroom soup. washing exemptions, please press 4. if you are not the sheets for immediate gaze,
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curse them to put the do i go to the pen reason, the more money you to do? they did reschedule my dishwasher. ah, this is ship listen, solicit, you shall receive telephone and i'm elected miss called one kid, so sleepy. what you owe restorative, let bottoms for relations to move, to worship, to preach it through. you'd be surprised nowadays, the amount information that exists about individuals on their phones, through their emails, through their corporate systems is generated at a scale that was like, no other before from location data on your phone to all your personal information that you have. whether it's your banking information at whether it's your at personal location and information about where you live,
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where your kids go to school. all of that information is available and it's on your either social media pages or on your phone, visit. the big an impact and risk on individuals from a database leak is identity theft. if someone has your name, your address, your date of birth, your email address, potentially also the password that you use to access that specific website. they have digital footprints, they have your digital footprints, and they also have your physical footprint cuz they know a lot more about you at based on luckily, they can use that information to provide ortiz start to create an identity theft type of exercise. they can maybe go to a bank pretending to be you take loans in your name, take credit in your name when they access your email through fishing attacks. they can then reuse your identity within the organization to reach out to other systems within the organization that might store either personal information of customers
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or maybe some secret intellectual property that only your organization hass. for example, the design for the next car. if you're a car manufacturer or the design for the next i phone, if you're apple or some other organization that's creating innovative products, those exist assistance. and hackers and attackers are always trying to gain the upper hand and, but if advantage by reaching those systems and maybe selling it or providing it to competitors. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker site, a lot more progress actually on the hacking side, using ai and using other advanced technologies that there has been on the defensive side. the defenders have always been one step behind the attackers and some of those at technology developments because there's more collaboration and more sharing of information in the hacking and ecosystem. if you like.
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ah, do you need to be aware that it could happen to you? it could happen to you and for us from a cybersecurity industry, we say it's not a matter of if it happens, it's a matter of when, if you start changing your culture to become more aware of that, then you'll start applying some security into your day to day, for example, you have stronger passwords, you will do to factor authentication when you try to access some of those websites . you might not leave your laptop on and unlocked when you're in a coffee shop. if you go to the toilet or you go to order something, all of those things you need to start putting into your life as part of that secure lifestyle with
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your shift. give it a personal reciprocal for shorter to show us my little more special story. it in for america, or where to where you are. by now can you, can i me just go on then. you see if any authors are missing, dots from them sent him class with our special ed of dog, secular pistol, prince john, them. i'm sailing the number for which is shannon with straw. i get out of the korea. charlie are quite scar authority, but i wanted to talk with you during a recruiting shorter than what could i knew showing of empirical shapes that new doc roll machine. can you do to with would you much go over? some of them? i thought was pretty, you know, in their group park, don't appreciate it. i lost my program and i was bitchy nickel to renew my exit button. you can, i mean you go to renew my, it's a room junior group. you're off here with some of them are sitting up pushing the property. when i parker heights you come pioneer storing him on with doesn't use nice little dora. i'm pretty well bonnie ah, i wish you to work with sure. you're not feeling good. doctors were so slowly the
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order, give it a pre supanik go funny me, it was more of missed faster than my chair resolution come on. i mean is all, it's a little grip year priority to talk to shikeria, cham and g r dom i can commit the woman that i did, not the probably better with such an effect, but he bethel as adults, not michel mccarty, equation group of shock. i'm using my 2nd be shamika nash, and yet the cool with way in the view of them. i'm still with us. i don't know, but i mean i can get any better get those he might let about the him game. and yet the co sponsors school to bunker is i'm like here with the easiest, and i got an uncle that he met that a quote with news isn't jim stein you at the cover, but have pitched in system e should i? it means that with, with cushions with almost me as an amp switch line you deal with, i had such thought i was going to be out of the door, lead placement, but i mean you, that the kia sublet about it is up so hot, osha, fresh, oklahoma my god,
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tuesday she has nights here. good afternoon is my sound monument. so doesn't good office just to meet with florida. if this is the vision, i thought what it says i should for support. yes, it's the thought on this and i have a question about us comply record again should with privilege to mission out for me is the easiest, a national model and then you've got a pedal. i'm a broker. so saying in the part that somebody fun with close to where you like, and i dream shaped printers and those in there's things we dared to ask in
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with a essentially there's a malware attack thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day the spend down and gave again another push for cyber criminals to adapt to the situation. they start targeting the sim cards and the telecom industry. why? because they want to achieve or work out what we call sim swapping. so they will try to get a clone of your sim card. ready to clone your mobile number and then use that on a different phone. ready and then convince the bank or convince whoever is attached to that mobile number and transferring money and conducting a lot of scam and major organized crime. they adapted to the situation they use
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cyber. they use the technology as an extension of traditional we can't ignore how it's evolved over the and in order to discuss how it's evolved, let's discuss how us as people using digital technologies have evolved as well. everybody is on life. we are all sharing information through social media through messaging apps do all sorts of bad at devices as well. because everyone is digitized, everyone is moving to online banking out online, retail and so on. there's a smartphone, there's a smartie, these smart cars, smart homes, you can't live without your smartphone. you can play without technology and internet. no, they don't. even sometimes you would see some impact. the privacy impact secured the impact from certain tools and technology that they use. but people eventually use them because they can't live without them,
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with islam. it's old, old la, you know, put them up on the idea of the way. like going back wasn't so silent you'd, you was, i mean, look, he put him on a far corner bugger, seats, or yoga vulnerable for soil on being with all speed. all nice is tim. well, dr. for our sleep is woke up for probably in a god what color which is and they said so confused with problem willow is a process. so again, that was my city. i knew precisely what i mean. there's dr. morner boss will should more than one to deal with docile barble and warm up on me needs of those forest law. more of more, lucy, build the world boys,
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more supporters or to see knowledge of british vicinity. miss the following up order react, that all boxes always watching over my wish was for us to put them with a video to nelson nickel national. i knew the author i forgot about that is also mused yes. good company. beautiful lamore leon, media. somebody, me on the juice. lucas? long emotionally book mission control. no. i see off on me what crucial look city and building up on the sportage with. she had risen with children to more la mars. mm mm. connected systems and connected cars, connected buses, even the connected trains and metros, they can be hacked. some of those cases have happened to us cities. so we had
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a san francisco not too long ago, get hit hard by a ransomware, where their entire public transportation system was completely useless. they could not to recover from it. a lot of people trying to use the metro trying to use the train, but they couldn't buy a ticket. those situations happen. they happened in and different types of cities. they haven't happened in dubai, thankfully yet. but it's definitely something that we see a lot of to be honest, i've always been impressed by what tesla was doing, not just from a car perspective, but how they were picking up on the data. so they now they have so much data and intelligence about autonomous driving. and i think for me, it's part of being in this new world, you know, being into an early adopter of electric vehicles. i wanted to try it. i want to experience with
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ah, with online sales humanoid robots are i right, boss, generate that full size even though a gray was we make ones that look like robots, a plastic metal. we also make arrange that humans. okay. so we lifeline silicon skin and they know but able to move like the human. do you see drone behind you? yes. this drone in the future will be used using artificial intelligence. it is
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a taxi service that i think streaming useful thing. don't you think my friends out of it was out that my in threats of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence has not many main threat? this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. a robot may not india, a human being through inaction allow a human being to come to hom, a robot must obey orders getting to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the bus no. is listening to lift the couch and i'd also like jack a photo boys throw me up more. look at him. yeah. it's a couple a blog with something that wasn't law just previously sticky instrument. could you please? yes, ma'am. to capitol as well, that's similar to what you call us so much. but on the more somebody is more of the law under schwartzenegger micron. yeah. that was put on the i'm wonderful when you to wash technical support this the show many people are awesome. yeah. yes. a homeschool i am, it's a all with a future. my chicka law suits you at that it would do it. it comes to me. it says
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that, you know, we're far more, he's much double holiest and with a sustainable, with the war storms dealing with all of them. okay, keeping materiality, some would actually come to port auctions. question with home each night. the group of people who love, right, want to say they love talking to them, the tasks are able to do is to convey messages to talk to you and the best for them to talk to a person is another person. so instead of just walking in to maybe a reception or, or an app or wherever, if there's a humanoid figure or humanoid presence that, then you're going to think i could talk to them with a switch, a fietta, where the excuse me to live now, which is the my soaps, there was a crew chain. yeah. if that over down this on the wichita,
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wichita said bill who cheated on some small with them, a suicide 50 to dish, to eat you much more the preview. and what they know about hackers are you speaking about ethical hackers on ethical? because i had to go parkers unethical. hackers are indeed a threat. any machine ending act, but it's a bulk of construction listed on the will not come for the adults was requested i knew will not cities kicker go to pretty nice that the world is becoming more digital bit people aren't going to become completely recursive and only stay in and i only use digital items, even i would say 10 years you can see how people have changed through something simple like small that you look 10 years ago. maybe 15 years ago. if you towels, your salad or anyone that you have a device that can track you out and see where you've gone. see you've been waiting and see what you thought. everyone would go. we can't do that. that's, you know,
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that's completely against everyone's liberties because it up now everyone's okay. this is exactly that. people have accepted in case our lives are inherently carry with them the more we allow our lives to be taken over. if you can use that term with digital aspects, with io t, the more open we are to security threats. so it's a bit of a trade off, but it is, i think one that's worth while we continue to battle cyber security as best we can . and it's one of those things that i think that trade off pays for itself over and over again. we can't deny that the digital transformation is happening and it's a good thing for humanity. we just have to be careful what technology will come out with one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber implants. right now,
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i'd be where you're really worried about it. most people would equally be you can put a chip in my right bob, this is where i'm saying actually that will be accepted in the future. or maybe we will have in the rain that will directly today. yeah, i was like, well, the bush nicole, daniel roy system will sort of a motion on a booth at the deal, but also we need a deal on i'm not sure what to do with the one. i knew what a lot ma, sheila used to print to knowing the students there were going to school. well, what mission your community guys are to i? yes. those are some of my shoes. one was a pretty good and you know like no fullness tell drop minish. i bet that wasn't an issue. that the problem with machine. it's a problem with which i could go to go get it in the future like criminals can use a machine learning why actually find vulnerabilities need other,
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other bits to software. all the networks, the information could definitely be active with if there i think he's in the software in the same way. right now, your views out to be hijacked on your search engine to be re directed to a different website, which will give you incorrect information. ah, cities can be hard and connected. cars can be had all the different devices now that are connected to the internet can be ha, ah, we have many against substances and digital electron linked to each other to protect the people should mm. we are using the only do
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analyze if there's any major exit or anything with me would like to upgrade that to generally a very often foundation for security and happiness and like at the same. mm hm for a
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well, it's official. the u. s. military has declared the great 3 powers competition featuring the u. s. russia and china. oh, does neo liberal ideology play intimate? what does russia game and jenny way, 6, i'm and gone with
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ah, with gun fires heard flushes erupt and tear. gas is deployed. as a crisis deepens on the border between poland and beller. bruce, as a large crowd of migrants stormed the frontier into polish territory. also had on the program today, a french police officer survives a stabbing thanks to his bullet proof vests in an incident, thus reportedly being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. also ahead a black scene division spark protests in the u. s. after a court temporarily blocks that biden administration's blood to impose compulsory cobit jo.


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