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saying, oh, we dare to ask me why edge of state aspire to use luxury cars produced in their home countries? it's an unspoken rule for all official events and everyone's abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol of the nation's prosperity. it's a matter of national prestige. ah, joe biden uses the so called cadillac one limousine, nicknamed the beast. it is an arm and bony and weighs 10 tons bar. as johnson gets driven about in a jakya queen elizabeth rides in a bentley angela marco's car choice is an audi. while a french nita emanuel macaroni uses a converted citron diaz, 7 mm. in russia,
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this cause of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. i took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model mean to horace, russian go mm . heads of states vehicles have always been a matter of the highest national priority. the 1st luxury car used by a russian emperor nicholas the 2nd was the french dylan, a bellville then in leader of the wells planetary, it was partial to english cause. this is the world as one of his favorite ahmed cars was an american package. he rode in it until the late 1940 is when the ussr started producing an equivalent of its own. the it is $11.00. so the next u. s. as
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a leader, khrushchev firmly believed that people loved him, so he didn't use armored vehicles and took a special liking to domestically bail convertibles. however, soviet leaders had to go back to using army cars after a failed attempt on brazen as life in january 1969, the laws zeal to drive the head of state policy from the president of the soviet union. the heil gorbachev to the president of russia barissi, else in the soviet union collapsed and so did the country's economy. it was a heavy blow for all industries. an automobile manufacturing was no exception. so the president of russia, boris yeltsin, chosen mercedes initially vladimir putin use the same until all the necessary pieces of the puzzle came together in russia, funding technology, and what's even more important people who are capable of taking on such an ambitious project. long after the most part of it, sure enough, performing almost as if a rolling,
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his coastal pistol over in that soil soaps of commodity made him more than the performers to football is eligible to play. the so called unified modular platform is a new line of luxury cars, apart from a limo. it also includes a sudan, a minivan, and the convertible. these are configured to meet specific customer requirements, but share the same basic design. so that show us the bomber shinla email timmy ski sauce back up a little bit with y o, clock of chicago. so someone was lashania of them. you specifically saw you source for douglasville, was that on either of my meal doors on the little at their table, william course, there's no particular company i'm not of my mom disposal. maybe lucas glosson with the courtiers project was entrusted to the renown. now me institute, which developed the very 1st soviet automobile. but after perestroika nami simply
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wasn't up to the task of taking on a project of such scope. even though they go there to look how well pleased to see the length of a lu dni full year hopefuls and alphabet gimme a deal. i'm using you mostly will be moving my institute on a chanel no. no really needed to show with sort of from, from push to pull it up with some poorly product. you skip some of the, with other symbols she comes to, she's the ship matches were bona to the break when i shouldn't. and what i mean, the sprague, them stories come on with often explicitly stuff. so yes, could paula connect with washer. it skips usa will minova when i showed it by the rest of it is only similarly in oil with national export. so it's taking longer
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than i wonder if i'm in all is well, institution submits, last. okay. can you teach in a marcella, ga ga. when you milo gags dealer e one the criteria is deal with last night isn't like a cautious so they use of to my be should do much the constant video, grandara women in women, janette justice. we just had some de la fusion. it's marketing. go that on your design, for sure. what i mean, there's really much in groups shelters, talk across the show, produce them. so i missed given him anybody with any schools or then a neutral because i knew what i've done. so should go to court. i don't, which was cable. none of the markings just particular just finished, but what mccoy flu? you thought it was now to new york doing norma market. olga from you know it's i bet you did that with the constructor. i'm design, shampoo void. you, rena. come they know ok. describe your queue. can you nope attribute to learn up. i can publish it, but she thought that we discussed in your opinion rights and she was as up if
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a dog dog. the 1st challenge was to come up with a feature that would not only said the car apart from all the rest like which serve as a clear reference to the country of its origin of lonely millennium. below, a golden lady for a loop of white healey waft might be split it beautifully for my b class. looks crazy. do only service can say use own with a boon for my b as in the more some linen. but if they any and prestige, a new story to go. i see the new yorker lisa germano boy shoot them off the one that also bought. gretchen spoke with mitchell, i said, i will call this constant i'm using genie. and i mean like a formula, show me up luc additional, which i'll take a quick call to call you sort of make up with the medium of almost all the able when you combine latke, when you for platform standnew worthily proportion,
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a pollution from a conflict that i worked with a just a couple of suppose she did not like a social worker, c, v, but i somebody needs to us which is food push, good luck. i feel like they need to acknowledge that obviously process though, if you wish, in case you were able to with a chest enough place, could really beat with fortunate values, a attributed level, and the last market. boy, you gotta clean, we be doing family. we're, i'm with the company to complete list of numbers with the proposed to people in, in the fully with dana. i give you my kids to my media in the plus mckuddle so much from a shop. we're really stoker booker should be a war from. i mean, the cross group production mortgage broker proposed to daniel enough to my letters to moore's law. but we should communion unique to explore the you with the key a machine with the shuttle at the school. so was hoping you got the in the one that
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was a head you the machine? yeah. just they all, not mikey up seo is what i was the. yeah. the grandmother on the computer jumping, eat up, rush william budgets of nights and almost my blue cut for most your, for who i need to monitor your own grades. are you sure? on the current level, which really isn't up by a studio for start along. i'm because i live with that. i'm old, get sleeves come, prostate guns with that much will prove. would you wilcox, are you a policy or go it else? any boy nice pizza. any. stay in that you and you can throw vidalia to be of the last. i knew washington, the such last city a place at. and i was because alicia home school was dealing with cognitive ania, emilio comstock that off by her books. ultimately me, other people couple installed linear e for my view, stoles mother, if yeah, which boss would be them there? scuttle bottles. capricious. go after boston was old school of mushroom design. yeah. with using it is construct that i'm abuse, abuse a little little woman, but them. so the polish a fair i miss mentioned that would be the punishment. there isn't an alien you deal
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with her being bullied to the meeting and bullied wisdom. they would think on nearly any deal of you'd bully estoppel slim bully through them. bully it will v it in the strip of monday. no rush of from i believe the go on the city. yours in a while grip go on. the issue was when you a couple of a meacham new latosha mitchum with the 2nd car clinic is done out of the interior of the vehicle is completed. the 3rd is carried out when the vehicle's ready to drive someone with a shock is actually coming up in my, me like that most of my scholarship and i really like to, i'd else in the line. i should say, well, you're good. we've learned enough about the exterior, but once under the hood, why criteria should automobile number one meet, could be discredited, is to can, can sign off to my building, where were you swim? i mean, you know what the command on. so it's a couple of crucial characteristic. somebody up could you stop by, you'd see impediment different beloved, my shoulder boy maliciously must fairway eludes. no, cause i create the flemish holder and others treat him with your confidence. that
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guy is really feeling them. you wanna use the customer for such a short list of oh, so from my media, and i'll publish a complete on the middle that decided to plug in this hold that must area to pull up this hold. it does not need to be much quick. yup. but almost almost 3 months come, i mean, what crooked zyden? you're a little bit more fearless. she's to wish can opinion probably are you most efficient and you will check. i know them, but i'm more than the solution. i mean, authorized like a couple is the what the way, why did you learn that you what it so think the for one that you need to use about don't construct around design. you can use more with when you, he, which now you're going to put us at 3 of them. the put in a, an old one did have thought you can put into the us more, lucia monday. lucia, you know, not predict when you can see here still on for possibly just the awesome connections and wait for them to me. okay. and in an empty list, and this is on a recorded on what you say me enough time. you know, just i lawyer, a,
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mike was his team a company. this was and there's no last percentage or not. i think the front that i want to go awesome on the get out the more. sure. jim, are you so on their health? what is want you to leave a message with the horn to some name other? in other words, the project was already well underway. when the international situation changed abruptly tensions between the west and the east that started in 201470 seemingly strong economic ties between countries. molecule video also been october while when you're doing well. and i'm with addition, shouldn't follow the shiki non payment absorption to play by ear hookups, which in motion for gas shortage if must compete, jensen, what was that? did it be shit way? is that each get a new spiel 20th or a deal at the night? she's in the police because i teach so it is with people for the monday mission to the yes. yeah. i'm looking to sunny when all the dilate, the just the not the, the,
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the, the people us know the utmost some of the me on the, for the t full with normally too long with a lot of them is letisha can deal with or for floor issue a board here which is a, me on this, the notion that block a least eat, i filled out to eat. you can all of you a that a mobile dish with a computer lab wireless. no, i need you to pretty much go in and you're still in your state and i missed that will be with you. deal with the mushroom. know which is mission wants to when you're comfortable with the amount of the
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day. welcome to max hazard, financial survival guy, looking forward to your benefit. yeah, yeah. this is what happens dimensions in britain del, at this app. if you watch kaiser report as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. mission with the euro, mired by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just the needle girl to price upgrade to to, to achieve really was was proud to read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach, arrested, allegedly had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this
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together. is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming, is that documentary? i see it on our tea today. you can simply go and reinvent the automobile. the only way to break any new ground in the car industry is to build on existing global expertise, which is a couple other both are both only sure. do not speak english and you will see the special with promotions deal with those with you agents. so damn you goddamn you me said time is this, did it got to be a boy just need your vehicle. do you just one little the word support? no. with the more weight you can now log protected. yes ma'am we will. it's pretty funeral in one of your students, louise, a company like that more than of citizen. so what was lame, so go to the role, tell me that the conditions are it's are you can just put it on for national in
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your schools and then. so there's 2, so 3 of william and even though i was the vehicle features the hybrid engine producing $600.00 horsepower, it hits 100 kilometers. now in 6 seconds, non profit is going to be another need to go up there. so form was lucia was originally to go to gaza. we've also mm. the pool should told the worst sort of issue what we propose to wash and all that pretty up now governor, when you g. o. maria, i'm was also just like, oh so it's she price after $1.00 beautiful dollars a year with her teacher knows that they could be bunch of stores wash shoes to software. so you receive all sorts of you feel for how to use them. use them global. so the biggest issue nay, says have with the vehicle is want to russian about it. for sure. participated in
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developing the engine and some of his pants are imported from abroad. moscow land, you have to have this done the reader a complete to issue doesn't, i mean it's a real interest ability to thought it all through especially store wash. i'm after my really angry score score of guitar leave his word. so underneath this person, especially to which human dumpster, who i touched of mush in the below, you put companies could be some countries dish. and we had you much, hon. and you book a host. could we summer, mutually east of england, those legs got they got daughter hear me. it was most is got $30.00 to $30.00 or a ship nor would a book. another call is optimal. wouldn't have to do cheer and use more. that's a good a 40. i'm curse. it introduced me, i should assume with novel you. yeah, was currently some 50 russian enterprises work on the orest line of vehicles in locations from moscow to cross. may i ask, who is it the last adjustment of anything for latino resort?
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boy. so i will let you look up the road. i seen you from new york, little skype portion that is off cuz i work because i live near or scratches too. it does up on the machine. but the owner and you know, i have a question on let me, i will this fierce competition in this field. so every mishap is put under a magnifying glass in 2011. when barack obama limo is leaving the american embassy in dublin, it's undercarriage hit a ramp. oh, secret service agency immediately brought a van to the scene, blocking the view for the crowd of onlookers where she is of my me on the national from web build up with a call when you put in 2017 donald trump, cadillac didn't fit through the gates of the royal palace in brussels. the doors on the vehicles body what to think because of all its protective upgrades,
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trump had to walk up late in violation of security protocols. in 2020 pm, boris johnson was in a crash when a protest of blocked the part of his jag and escorting security vehicle slammed into the rear motor vehicle. was it crim with electronics that helped driver's react at any has it on the road? every small detail is accounted full, of course. so if i was close to the color, so when you press one to leave. conversely, if it was, our mission is up to pushing comfortable, but it isn't going to provide these up. boston still need to do so. now i will not only british as relations tim, when we're showing you to bring the tool bonnie manual augustus team and then we'll have appeared in the christmas tool for a new owner. tom can put up a prescription for a full year with
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jessie's gonna, that'll work out lisa, i should teach social criteria because a lot of people to for you is what she's gonna this been for that over fully. wanna proceed with the boy you through with the source of the board here with before a vehicle can hit the road. it has to pass a series of tests under realistic conditions. and that's what the nami testing center is for or supporting office, cuz i don't know how to work to my daughter, sophia scott: a communion christina sticker appeared in position. i see when they build up off the stables or feel that you could you call you a song that you're sure she will have to pay when you talk to me. but she does up off the strip down installation. could it stays for any reason. just a front on the lightest well enough to why they left each consolidation when
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a plumbing system. so my thought i'm water both of those. oh, i'm across this. so i'm going to put any new polk in his office too. when we weren't sure of build some of course just to let me just to clean up there with this picture of him because he certificates released because me and it wasn't optim spanish. it was just collect bush long with a full range to waft why? meaning it's under forced to want on mario forissi, mom called him, but i wasn't sure whether, if not to keep on your racial or curriculum. that'll look ideally story about why my bill is nicole. see the complex people, boys and this was almost that our stability loss of money almost is it was, it was a good option to reach the world. but if i, if wars and of course we'll put it around and i didn't to, i mean,
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what you don't want to kill, i'm your performer, some of those, cuz something's got in your pocket due to its alma, the russian president's limousine is twice as heavy as the superior model, it weighs in at 6.5 times joe worked my move to the field with all those go what we'll still go for. the last 4 is on a fin. when automobile number one was finished and everyone agreed, it was the kind of car the head of state should use. yet another brainstorming session was held, and michelle has always him been with us when you're the person you just said you mr. carson. the kid basically under what the nozzle i knew, but on the screws, aka grid was when your moods were chasing, the phone is a car. petey, tim? confident with another one. yeah, norma. trouble. i chilled k. she'll associate brenda recham with a brand visual with mute, cable seed talk. normally they're fixing to was i knew capital so we still should
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be a little bit slower. holden, gonzalez, he goes with the up as much senior ashika grove shipping the mirror with will probably in virginia and that would teach the who is a cock. sure. which is his lawyer. i mean to stay on the formula or storm loss is nuclear. italy, well, it is to, you know, what i mean? each number is a mobile friendly or somebody to deal with water motor from sure. if a boy in the world, none of them will that to from on the report is up, guys, chicago, even the blue book just of console. her issue was, i mean you had the list, i was more look at them that you are lou. mr. i bought it in the provide a cheaper that the even the dishes. i bet you that the one. yes. the good nish renew it. and that this more the, for my bill for the, in the, with my broadcasting live from must go from the kremlin and all eyes on now on
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what's happening in the city center at the very heart of the russian capital. in just a few minutes. mr. vladimir putin will be sworn in as president of russia, a national so the can meet. but i'm liam on man was modest to most with no buttons from another movie, but the little girl is madison alaska stores or with emerson, there's number with us. but if we did the dean good, i'd say sure, let me see if stuff commercial, then you look at crockett, of course. well now he stay after school to communicate with him to talk about even with your just because you see us in there. just a question that you will than others not by you can with somebody's mushrooms and we read in crampton with all stats in the garage, see spicy love the when you can, your slant, but the more still she lose you will be the laser machines with bullies to bomb the
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physician, women the only in the garage bill up, it is a one year. i mean, you still scuttle and i think by now, even the uninitiated will realize that the president has got into one unusual cause . so from this day on may, the 7th 2018 russia's head of state will be using a domestically manufactured modica coconut bicycle. wanted to let you up when you were watching the only thing i'm in austin, arizona. go to the nuance, kirk i'm. we're looking for a little dark on, do you guys are still at the used to she was was fiercely door at the wilma shoulders. what it all cars or the last the summer one with edwards. we're still for little bit of the, with these dealing stuff would use your crack at the with you was he shows you the full show on which was to walk up
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a fall from one bus boy office tommy swimming a double up a stunning so that she was just my mean door. i know what the business cadets will get away because i'll probably keep flip it separately. it's small. yeah. how's that product? it's ocean with a little more seamless law without support. lewis or my c hope. what i, what they dislike, unless deal it's an uncle porcelain a partially piece my voice and his mother. it was more than a school just to which play it. so some women, you always said machine. yeah. not sure if up on may, the 31st 2021 mass production of, or as vehicles began in, toronto stands a lava special economic zone sheets. insta, city me with ours. we see a lot of number and that was nice. yeah. yeah. asian.
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thank you. my shouldn't be a student here, marcella. se we shifts him that home sunday. ah, the 1st car that rode off the assembly line was a luxury sedan the or a senate in the future. this factory will also produce as you these. but you see, see the image super so wish to ship resource for hulu. so she may interfere motion with suspicion or any more someone at this museum, the cursing or some of you. so if there's any food or fish flown, isn't that you're out? or super clear, if the finance revealing the storm still more from so the what i was thinking of good fish after money. good harassment. because like open the competence of them was managed by net blood, which in order to produce them for segment with us,
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we will it pretty much it was that you know sure of the problem with the already started off isn't exclusively presidential vehicle for the head of states use, but now it's being used more and more for private trips with duckworth shameful showing where she was supposed to. he did. yeah. i know. i kinda like that. bush. hm. yeah. but you marsh discoloration magazines, new board for that. keep it. but the few movie at the lowest with that that they shouldn't have all the other ship. it was more now with possibly, barlow tunis, mealy is barney and barney, in the locker. you sure this holes in the platform was really like keith break of immediate motor window where she knew. mm. mm
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lou. or empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think, okay, but i went to the chairs clear with everything, but only eventually there's malware that thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the many cyber implants right now, i'd be aware that really worried about it. most people would really be you can put
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a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk with ah, directly prime minister survives
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a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior ministry describes as a terrorist attack. the report of the assassination attempt comes after brutal riots in baghdad over the last 2 months, contest reelection. also in the week's top stories, a whistleblower report in the british medical journal points to serious flaws and the testing advisors cove with vaccine. although so far us authorities have been reluctant to investigate them. and canada's top court facts, comedian, who made a series of controversial jokes about a disabled singer stating that it didn't amount to discrimination. we put the issue up for debate, probably the must be a stop between hatred.


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