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tv   News  RT  November 7, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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obama's protect his own existence. his own exist. iraqi prime minister survives a drone bombing on his residence, which the interior ministry describes as a terrorist attack. the reported assassination attempt comes after brutal riots in baghdad over last month's contested election fall infection, race soar to an all time record in germany. anti locked down activists of clash with police said a rally against new government restrictions and candidates, top courts fac, say, comedian, he made a series of controversial jokes about the disabled singer stating that it didn't amount to discrimination. we put the issue up for debate. there must be a stop between hatred and comedy between violence and free speech. no one saying
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there shouldn't be consequences. what the argument is, the consequence should not be. you been by tens of thousands of dollars in not be a last, centrally not allowed to criticize someone. ah hi there, very good evening. appreciate your company here on our t international racks. interior ministry has condemned what it is called a terrorist attack against the prime minister. early on sunday must after alca demis residence in the capital, baghdad was bombed by drones, although the premier remained unharmed. auntie st. paul asleep picks up the story. well, this skate assassination attempt on his life emilio, as of sunday morning or hearing from the iraqi military, is that a number of grows up loaded with explosives struck the residential palace,
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which is inside baghdad, the green zone. and if he stephen security guards were injured in that attack. nicky. following that the prime minister took to his feet in which he urged full a strange and calm. he then appeared on state television in which he reassured that iraqi population. cowardly rockets, android attacks don't build homelands and don't build a future. we work towards building a countries to respect to the states and its institutions and building a better future for all iraqis. we call again for carbon constructive dialogue for iraq and the feature of iraq. as of yet no one has came responsibility for the attempted assassination. we happen with heard from heavily armed leaders who are affiliated with iran, that militias and they have been protesting. the results of the general parliamentary election was held on the 10th of last month in which they had
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a very push showing. this supporters have taken to the states to demonstrate in this past friday. those demonstrations turned violent where the protesters started pelting the police with rocks and stones. and the piece is bonded with tear gas and stun grenade. at least one person was killed in those attacks. ah some of the meat is all the most powerful militia factions had come forward and o'conny blamed the prime minister for tracy handles these classes the representatives and spokesperson for a broad coalition of po. iranian shia parties has suggested that this
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attempted assassination attack is actually a false flag by the prime minister to try and divert attention away from the way his government handled those protests. the prime minister has ordered a probe into the caches, and at the same time, he has also to compensation to the victims. now we have started receiving international reaction to the attempt assassination this morning. we have heard from some kenny, who is the secretary of the red national security council, and he has condemned the attack saying that it can be traced back to foreign interference. he says that foreigners are to be blamed for insecurity discord and instability in the country. that has seen foreign news of support, both terrorist organizations and the occupation of iraq. at the same time the united states has weighed in, they condemned the incident. they also offered assistance in the investigation. the u. s. of course, is busy with doing it for me. what and has the deadline by the end of this year,
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by which to finish doing this, we are following the report to drone attack. this apparent act of terrorism, which were strongly condemn, was directed to the heart of the rock estate. our commitment to our iraqi partners is unshakable, the another se cents with the government and people of iraq. kristen colton that he's come to rep, particularly now amid the u. s military withdrawal, and that is why washington is watching events so carefully. the united states was among the 1st countries to praise the results of last month elections. of course, they will be particularly concerned and how things are developing their professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university by route. thus jamal, what came says that the assassination attempt could have been designed to send a message. this bomb being 1st could be a false flag on behalf of some group to be taken by the prime minister as
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a justification for the correct down on demonstrations. this could also be a message by some groups who lost the parliament that elections to the prime minister, who is open to the supported by the united states who came to power. and so do usually the way it happened. and in these uses of men by the united states, to their troubles in iraq and the united states, to make it like ever leading site for it on the also it's black and ukraine to make you create a bleeding site for russia to be updating side for syria, so this is the global american strategy, and this was why the americans manipulated the elections.
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thousands of protesters gathered in the german city of leipzig on saturday to oppose the government. latest, coven restrictions scuffles broken. the police moved in to disperse the crowd. several people were injured or at least 20 protest is arrested to record infection numbers, only being seen in germany. and it's now in the top 5 countries for daily cases. the latest wave is thinking a total on the hospitals. the number of patients in intensive care has surged by a quarter in recent days on dr. nuremberg says the health care system being pushed to the brink. first, the situation is very tense. all the beds are full. we're still trying to take care of the urgent cases as best we can on the one hand retreat, many koby patients. but we also have to provide the rest of the medical care that is normally done. hospitals are each of the limits, especially the larger hospitals that care for the most severe patients, both with and without cove, it for medical stuff,
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we are now in the 4th wave and it is a huge burden. right now. several german regions are preparing hard hitting new measures. correspondent liter oliver explains scolded fig is a german eating not make for good reading as the theatre. 4th wave is very low to whistles. if we do not act this 4th wave will again bring a great deal of suffering. many people will fall seriously ill and die, and the health services will be under extreme pressure again. around 67 percent of the german population is fully vaccinated, but the numbers coming forward has plateaued in recent months. fronting politicians to fear that a new type of pandemic could be upon us. we are currently experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated, which is massive. there would be few karone of ours patients on intensive care units. if more people would let themselves be vaccinated. the big worry now is that
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those people who haven't gone for a vaccination have no intention of doing so. and that may well lead to more restrictions on what people who haven't been jobs can do. if the pandemic situation in hospitals worsens than further restrictions for unvaccinated people are possible . some of germany, 16 states aunt waiting for a federal decision to be made and have already put in place new measures in the very a must squaring will be mandated in schools. in the state of hassan, there's going to be a new testing system put in place for those going to visit hospitals, old care homes, and in the state of bottom voting book, where you're going to need to show a p, c r test if your and vaccinated and wants to go to a bar, a restaurant, or theater. german business leaders want the government to give them the rights to impose the so called 3 g system. that means that anybody who is and vaccinated recovered or tested could be bod,
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from employment. some of germany's biggest companies of already brought in controversial canteen segregation, employees who being double jobs, can sit together and eats as normal. those who have nots or choose not to reveal their vaccine status, must remain in a cordoned off area where masks have to be worn when not eating. chemical giant via told r t. they may even take this further. depending on specific facility needs, a separate 2 g area is also created which offers immunized to employees a space with less distance to each other on a voluntary basis. this will be planned in close corporation with work representatives and site management in the uncontrolled areas of the can seen the distance root of to meters from each other continues to exist and individual sitting is offered. all the big names in the german business world say they're reviewing the situation. goods some company say this just isn't the way forward. in
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the contains as of today now distinction is made between unvaccinated and vaccinated or recovered and blaze. currently we're not consider in separate contin areas. we treat everyone equally with germany posting record daily cove, in case numbers, politicians, business leaders, and health care professionals all agree that something has to be done and are bracing for things to potentially get worse over the coming winter months. peter, all of her arti berlin judges in canada have ruled that a comedian. he joked about a disabled teenage singer did not breach the youngster's right to dignity comic mike ward hailed the decision by the supreme court as part of a growing backlash against council culture. i'm like o j i one. this is a verse, i'm so happy. i think this is a good sign for comedy. i think this means the pendulum is about to swing
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the other way. comedians are going to be able to keep on doing jokes. i would want to tell him about how i fell when i 1st heard that they yelled as if 13 years old to chance. think about gang because our 40 year old men say so that you should gang singer, jeremy gabriel, who's now 24, was born with a congenital disorder that causes sco abnormalities. he found fame in 2006 and even performed for po benedict some years later. mike ward began mentioning gabriel's disability in his performances and defended his act by saying that people shouldn't be afraid to joke about any subject. it was family father, human rights complaints, but candidates, high school said the singer was targeting not because of his disability, but because of his fame wildest award received support from the comedy world. others still believe such jokes must face consequences. we had a lively conversation about it here, a marty with a panel of guests. you know, i,
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i agree with the court's conclusion. i mean that they acknowledge said that this was a nasty thing that was said. but you know, it doesn't go as far as to, you know, have a legal financial consequences for this person. when mister word comes to your town, you have the option to not buy a ticket. you can ignore his podcast. you have the right to do all those things, but should he be prosecuted in a court of law that takes it a bridge way too far. in my opinion, we have to sink about. he was a child, he was 13 years old. and i truly believe we should safeguard our children more because especially in this case he was not only a child, but he was and he still is disable. so you know, the must be a stall between hatred and comedy between violence, you know, and free speech. god to charge in and find a guy tens of thousands of dollars for
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a joke, comedy and joking. and freedom of speech is a human right. when did this change? this is nuts to me. and you know, i have to disagree with the, the woman who spoke before, but this, he was not making fun of his disability. he was primarily making fun of people who thought the kid was so weak that you couldn't comment and make fun of his singing is still alive. he the only thing that from what is it looks a little different and he, you know, he has to wear a hearing aid. we shouldn't be treating people like so differently. i mean, have some respect for the guy. he's not some weakling that you need to defend like this. first of all, he was violence. verbal violence towards a child that was 13 years old and disabled child. i don't care if he wasn't addressing his disability. he was suicidal after that. and you can be free to say whatever you want and be buying renting every way you want in the, you know,
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in your job, i'm an interpreter. if tomorrow i treat my disable, you know, employee like that, i would go to court to because that consequences for every one of us to what we do in our life. okay, it's not on the speech is an action, no one saying there should be consequences. but the argument is, the consequence should not be you being by tens of thousands of dollars and not be essentially not allowed to criticize someone. well, i just want to say this in response to that, a lot of comedians and i would like to think i'm one of them. it is possible for us to have 2 thoughts in our head at the same time. thought number one, that's a joke that a lot of us would never make. i personally would never make a joke like that that's me. but another thought that i am also able to have in my head at the same time is i can see the dangerous slippery slope of having legal consequences for someone who chooses to make such a joke. even if i find it an incredibly poor taste. and you know,
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free speech is just a virtue that i think it's very important. and without it, i certainly wouldn't have a job still ahead of the claims of a high level cover up kenya reopens a decade. oh probe into the merger of a young mother, allegedly at the hands of a british soldier that's coming up shortly. ah ah, ah ah, ah.
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her driven by a dreamer shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, we'll come back. kenya has reopened a criminal probe into the horrific manager of a woman, allegedly, by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten,
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stamped and dumped in a septic tank in 2012. her family believes that the details of the case were hushed up. league. you the hello johnny. we recently learned that is the british army involved because there were a lot of cover alps. but we are glad that now think of being brought to light my wishes, the culprit to face the law because i had to bear burden that wasn't mine. i had my own children to take care of. though i was not employed, it has been a real struggle with the family of agnes. when darrow, when jacko, a canyon woman allegedly killed by a british soldier, is crying foul as they are yet to receive justice. almost 10 years after her death . when jack, who was a 21 year old sex worker, any money to feed her newborn baby when she was reported missing in march of 2012, 2 months later her body was found in a hotel septic tank near to where british soldiers had been stationed though it's been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier acts confessed to killing her. what would i feel so sad as those in
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positions to help us that took so long recently when the me death darted erin the story, top and old. once it's like agnes has just died, it has the been affected, her daughter, but we had to let her know what is going on. i pray that god crossed the british government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of balconies, i remember how happy she was. she loved to sing it. she taught my youngest daughter, how to sing with the person who killed agnes should face the law. because the charge was orphaned has suffered a lot. bearing in mind, she was just 5 months old, her very even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k. defense ministry, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with the kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes or help will always be forthcoming. well, activists in kenya, a calling for the extradition of the alleged killer to be held accountable. while
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the labor party here in the united kingdom say, the 9 year old deal without an investigation even being can sit, has denied the family justice. there's been no minister defense lead investigation of the sold is in bold or no inquiring toward the minister, the phones failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family. revelations of the tragic death of when jacka continued to become more sinister, it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers joked about, had death on social media several years later. the family now hope this fresh investigation will give them the answers they so desperately need her. i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us defense for her young child. it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hope to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged
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exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe and to am jaclyn, his death officially closed at stores on investigations into more than a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there, will this mean justice may never be solved for anger when jerry, when jack, who and her family, chateau edwards dashti, r t. london. the recent weeks nato's been boosting its presence in the black and baltic seas. and now the u. s. navy is advertising exactly what it's been up to sailing alongside nato allies to ensure security and stability in the black sea is a great way to spend a saturday. it's been a pleasure sailing with you turkey. since november 4th, russian naval forces began monitoring the flank ship of the u. s. navy, after it entered the black sea on route. the american vessel stopped in
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a stan bull before lay to being joined by another us ship in while us congressmen, recently called on president biden, to deploy a greater military presence in the area to protect to crime. the russian defense minister claimed the us naval presence was another name to attempt to test russia's military readiness or simply to know said the countries keeping a watchful eye on maneuvers. are you willing to witnessing the appearance of nato, a line ships with guided missile weapons and the waters of the baltic and black seas? and as you know, a u. s. ship has entered the black sea. we can look at it through binoculars or the sides of the appropriate defense systems. international affairs comment is a jonas steel, joins me on the line now. very good abt jonathan. go the u. s. navy, that making a very public and a very sort of light spirit as well, advertising their activities in the black field and twitter of all places. what the
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purpose of that communication is. well, it's a sort of provocation valley way of talking. it's new, russian navy, and russia itself. it's quite necessary to have these maneuvers in the black sea the stage burst of them like this. it is silly and we see the rushes may be responding with its own kind of maneuvers and exercises defending against imaginary enemies. does it escalate things, even if it's only on a hypothetical basis? but i, russia had to respond in some way. i spurs into it to be treated as a lighthouse response or a quite serious response todd to nerve. but it's definitely a response regarding initiative russians, and we saw one of these us war ships making port in, in turkey. where does that, but turkey in this obviously that they have a relationship with russia as well. but the nato allies with the u. s. is it put them in an awkward spot or not?
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basically remembered nature and just their question of them leading nature of the stage that they're trying to sort of diversify by taking surface to missional miss from russia, which is i am good natured because they said you could prejudice the security of major weapons to russians. can to close the basically turkey as part of new to the main. so i think you said, you know, you consider this to be provocative. the, these maneuvers nato sells itself as being a peaceful alliance. is thought of a, it's not a bit of a false advertising on the pump. well, not only is it, it is arm of the 2 general germanic wishes. united states around the world. i mean, they've been carrying out annual maneuvers in the black sea since 1997. actually in the days when relations between american, russia were pretty good under the us in the presidency. but they've,
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they've extended these never maneuvers to something called sea breeze. it's an annual exercise in the ones that took place. the summer in june concerned 32 different countries. some of them were with no connection to the mediterranean, or the black sea, like brazil, like senegal, like pakistan, like south korea. what are they doing in the black sea? under nater command? it's just a way of nature trying to show was united states was trying to show that it is the hedge, a monic superpower in every field in space and landed sea and in air. i mean it's, it's nothing new to see both sides or nato and russia going through these, you know, maneuvers and hypothetical combat situations. should we just relax about this and say, this is par for the course. is the danger things could escalate even if just accidentally? well, is always a risk when wargames can go wrong, but you know, as a says,
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an annual thing showing the near term flag showing us flag or russia is it sometimes responds and sometimes doesn't to it. so it could be seen as not very serious thing, but as your point out there could be accidents and there could be misunderstandings, and miscommunications and hot war could potentially develop out of it. where would you say it's just kind of part of the course? is the temperature similar to how it's been for quite a while? or are things actually heating up slightly? no, i don't think the things are heating up to, to, to, to, to slightly more of an escalation than previously. but as i said that these, i don't maneuvers every year in the back seat. but, you know, i mean, it's completely artificial because if there were to be tensions in ukraine, milan tension, he needs to ukraine. the idea that russian navy is going to do something you're going to ukraine is nonsense in any way. your credit is not part of nate. there's no obligation for us to come in and i think it's just needing the ukrainians up to
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god and talk to think that nature dearest, reliable and look what happens. and i've kind of done just now. us will decide on a turn to the merits, whether to take action to defend ukraine, not because you get to chris, it's not actually not a natural. there's no obligation on the us to do inserts falsely leading ukraine up the garden path. i think, why would natal want to test relations with russia be perceived as, as provoking, which is if clearly russia takes it well, you have to ask. ministration was injured when they came in, they seemed to say they wanted a better relationship with russia and they had a summit meeting in geneva which went reasonably well. and they agreed to collaborate on things like climate change, like kind of st. on like a rod like accounting terrorism and so on. so it's, it's, it's pointless rent interest in bad relations when was good to be improving them
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from the doesn't jump, administration respect and appreciative analysis. thanks so much jonathan. jonathan, still international affairs commentator, my guess and always respect and appreciate your company. thanks for tuning into our international updates coming your way in just over 30 minutes. ah ah.
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ah, in russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even lost a sort of can you sell it to proposal that dealing with just important factors. it took 5 years to close the gap on the will car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. skip so well over a couple of my food ocean from a small school. well, we'll shoot for almost a couple of correct. yep. the 1st month with oh, is your media reflection of reality in
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the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you getting the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? want to stay in the world corrupted, you need to descend, who join us in the depths or remain in the shallows? thought she ah! below 2 mirrors, the lensky born on january 21st 978 comedian producer and screenwriter supporter bureau. my dog. he support.


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