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ah, a dares thinks we dare to ask oh, why group monitors the compliance a wall? g 20 members with their commitments. they made up their all last summer. and what we have found is that a year later on the even the wrong country said comply unprecedentedly high level, 80 my percent. and then i'm optimistic that because that great shock of cold it is to always, i think will got high compliance with the wrong commitments. on cobra 2.
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mm hm. the 2nd largest soviet republic for you today declared insulin dependent on that with thousands of ukrainian damn the freight that we have monday celebrated there. you found great. am i going to try and indicated that he will not stop republic wanting to leave the union? the cause americans are so free to dream. we fail as special kinship with those who dream of being free. the tension between russia, ukraine, relates to more than just politics. the soviet union to the most important republic . now all the my most part of the drug. you and i have witnessed one of the greatest dramas of the 20th century, the historic and revolutionary transformation of a totalitarian dictatorship,
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the soviet union, and the liberation of its paypals. ah ah ah.
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01989. ready the leadership of the united states is closely monitoring what's going on in the soviet union. and indeed, something extraordinary is transpiring. the all powerful communist party is rapidly losing control read hammer and sickle flags or fluttering in the wind. new concepts of governance, or gaining strength. in the further one goes from moscow, the stronger these ideas are felt. a man, we met a me wrong probably be a conference meeting country with position i was 300 to get to know how to treat
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remarkable people. and we did to craze. really dependence will lead to great future and how popular at was an ag, alpha, korean? cindy finance among the workers in j. james. yeah. and hi. people of your level were inscrutable at the convent to come across on line in ways of saying that the more political here then that are shown us up raska notes came with a bruin. whoa, whoa! took a linen miss colada graciela gammon thought upon me at nuclear, you know? not centrally pushing mister kayla talk so says show me your switch, us on one color them. but to burn them. de la command louis chris. whoa! ration yeah. miss crowded professional driveway. owed them until at that again was otherwise young cher move for the sick all of their show. barker today. bridge i was i had no curriculum one there could go up
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a will is hm. marcella relatable. a kidney. purple ray is fuel alo, krinski percent. it's a site that's the case photo. the k form case won't show buddhism unit in my which was shows me and they were all. and i want to check an earth witness. first hand these activities of the 1st non communist political movement, the peoples movement of ukraine, a force uniting co supporters of moderate reforms, as well as nationalists. and they are openly discussing ukraine's exit from the u. s. s. are eaten from will a scene in financial park here from my skin, so there were more on my skin satilla while the said with pilla blue at the new day it is a petitioning fill it several icky liquor, coastal can they will produce how was your reaction going nationally from the people move, i said, the queen announced patricia merrill know, sorting and that will know who korean you will put them on
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a competitive green sticker on his website. narrow, narrow his upper level. them here. go to the com, but it can help you to purchase that i can pretty much just got a cigar clarebrook position in baltimore. you lemme employee. it was an anthem or a professional to have a remarkably new takeaway. a couple sure we will contact you bruce. i just some people, jessica smith and zemett period. megabytes cameron's at yahoo! ross from creative nevada of the book coach in the story of cheryl who speaks spanish. okay. him here who was her the one as was up. but a book over for belinda. bitter. lots of them for her new party. yeah. because it postal kosher can kind of speaker and promotional, not the so okay. would be should look. so her jewelry must be the presidential
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election. mikaya move to lose or in the record of joke is a run under jimmy brandon preston. a committee who howard recollection average assured is that his frequently this is kim, the kim, not the chest. you said a quick olives was phyllis, is that the kid that he's that i'm good is no good. she you can push a tentative as much as you national both of your vocal, her shops to look a bizarre was there. you probably know mostly who could use those militia should be a permanent stubborn no student tech olivia playing a small you can so ceo's a bouquet. we're not interested bombing this 1986. see the how the different position executive branch of that new property. at which point you started to realize that new york supervision from the u. s. s. r. i started to take place in people's minds precious because i saw a shanisha delivery in a serious casa,
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i'm sitting on the fabulous and out of the portion bill. so lashley, kimly, virginia with georgia, them will. okay. you said, you know, the sooner shareable than probably feel or to successfully show us. during this period, landed craft chuck rose to the political foreground. he held the important post of chairman of the parliament of the supreme soviet of soviet ukraine. a chauffeur, several subtle was on bushes, full book, a homeless ha name, less than some years civil was unless shilling a silver with a nick, let us assign it on where the oven is running. a little metal with him. it was a national, luscious is. that is, so it was creating a process something as a nuclear asa, a salinas,
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a users will show kind of landed craft chuck was born january 10th, 1934. he graduated from the university of chief, with a degree and political economy from 1964 to 999 declined the career ladder from that of an ordinary worker to the head of the ideological department. but the central committee of the communist party of ukraine from 1990, he was a member of the central committee of the communist party of the soviet union, eventually achieved the position of chairman of the supreme soviet of ukrainian ssr . in 1990 activists from the people's movement visited the usa and met with representatives of the u. s. administration. including pentagon chief dick cheney people's movement leaflets began appearing in ukraine, stating that the republic was providing food for all of russia. in this discussion from the u. s. s r would transform ukraine into a country as prosperous as france ah,
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in the context of the ussr longstanding economic crisis, such claims had a significant effect on society. the peoples movement of ukraine was rapidly moving in a more nationalistic direction. it entered parliament as a force in opposition to the communist party. in his charter, one of the goals was the withdrawal of ukraine from the u. s. s. r. they were spreading leaflets. the saying that your queen was going to become the 2nd france, my lawyer, and i say i knew what the telescope give it that they should. she knew it suddenly when the steptoe a good a noise which us maybe 2000000000 still it will it she stuff went up again. ye scam like hello say you could to a boy love sousa like de leon? yeah. okay. in the what serious go sales? ah yes, good out propaganda to some guy named me for my loan. so n, as in effect, putting a swish thought lost on religion also get on rebel grains come a little more mission confusion. i must say actin less nucleation with an
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idea better longer that sure to let us in july 1990 ukraine following russia adopted the declaration of state sovereignty. march 17th, 1991. there's a referendum and ukraine on the future of the soviet union. it includes 2 questions . one, do you consider the preservation of the union of soviet socialist republics as a renewed federation of equal sovereign republics, in which the rights and freedoms of an individual of any ethnic city will be fully guaranteed necessary to? do you agree that ukraine should remain a part of a union of soviet sovereign states on the basis of the declaration of state sovereignty of ukraine? despite a strong campaign to succeed by the peoples movement, 80 percent of ukrainians voted for the preservation of the u. s. s r a slope, it predicted for certain or so, but on the complex that by you. but it shows on association kessler always felt
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that sometimes i missed them prior to the solution or can't i just knew sampling that's a little here. human able what it was in the other lawyer they, she was, wasn't below a 100 of them on the same, on the budget. i sort of looked off the look of a bunch of money for some designers that some of them had a question. how did you vote in their sand and lab 1990 about the preservation of the ussr. he also whistles at the shows, but oh, in early august of 1991, u. s. president, george h. w. bush visited the ussr after meetings with gorbachev in moscow. he travelled to q where he delivered a speech in front of the deputies of the supreme soviet. oh, the
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when americans talk of freedom, we refer to people's ability to live without fear of government intrusion ah, without fear of harassment by their fellow citizens without restricting other street. yes, freedom is not the same as independence or mm. americans will not support those mo, seek independence in order to replace a far off tyranny with a local despotism. they will not aid those who promote a suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred. and may i simply say, may god bless the people of ukraine. thank you very, very much. i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such orders
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at conflict with the 1st law of the nation. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to place trust rather than fear and very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. mission with my by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just a little girl. the price of paid to, to, to achieve really was, was fall to read on the paper this morning. usa swimming coach,
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arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone's gonna start linking all this together. there's going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? see it on our t with michael, are you who measure? but it was like what i supervision sort of japan here. there is a list, a gun, you know, there's more than most to go up is there is a, you know, there's a, there's a folder that went on. there's
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a setting it up he was supposed to do. it must shaw from president bush from us because oh sure, move him up those times to sort of go creating if it was a pleasure to go for cool, cannot hear reservation to pick a new sort of this to can not do this with condenser. i'm supposed to have her in put scholarship with her mother, a reminder to say who the president bush was not being entirely sincere. immediately after the outbreak of the cold war, the united states actively supported ukrainian nationalist organizations. the united states gave refuge to ukrainian nationalists who had committed war crimes during the 2nd world war. in 1959, u. s. president dwight eisenhower signed the captive nations act $8690.00,
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which declared that the independence of oppressed peoples is in the vital interest of the united states. and ukraine stands out as one of the main victims are 198081000th anniversary of the baptism of roost is solemnly observed in the u. s. s . r. as part of his new political thinking, mikhail gorbachev invites us president ronald reagan to moscow for the occasion. ah, regan rejected this offer. his reason for refusal was his objection to the u. s. s . r's policy towards the greek catholic uni, a church, and the orthodox auto selfless churches. ah, there was no doubt that such a step did not go unnoticed in ukraine.
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august 19th, 1991. the artist drew and moscow. i guess whether the 0 edition gorbachev was removed from power. most of the regional leaders in ukraine supported the initiators of the cue. the state committee on the state emergency landed craft took, took a wait and see attitude without issuing any strong statements. 2 days later, the crew attempt failed ah, friendships and pushed the declaration of state independence in the supreme soviet . the idea of ms. elizabeth her and at the blob of nasa should be missed her though my 2nd husband on the commercial. what he in trema that the a good without them a believe to come, the fellow trust us, my mother simone and fantastic damage. oh, but oh, which is super goes to fix. one of them are sure. yeah. another trust some story yoda beef is the portal and this is the 3rd declaration of independence of ukraine
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in its history. the 1st happened in 1918 when 2 ukrainian states were formed in what is now present day ukraine. ukrainian soviet socialist republic with its center in cartesian, in the ukrainian peoples republic center and cave, which was quickly replaced by the dictatorship of head men score pod ski and which was restored by directorate member simone. at lira. from the very beginning, we see 2 trends emerging a, a course towards an alliance with the west, in this case with germany and poland, that of the ukrainian peoples republic score pods, d directory, and b, that of a federation with russia. the ukranian s s r. as a result of the civil war and complete this interest in ukraine on the part of the west, the ukrainian peoples republic lost. it ceased to exist. although members of it remained as a government in exile. second declaration of independence took place and leave
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in june 1941 your slouch stetsco, a leader of the pro hitler organization of ukrainian nationalists proclaimed a ukrainian state and allied it with nazi germany. so just familiar keep were yes, no no supplies who go try so great entrepreneurs, illusionist. but as person i've said is slug with lia modesto but hey, it's in ah, so the colors are such as the if come push it is the following. resolutions push my resume over pro used additionally up on the board, get difficult, but also them isn't with for just a couple of you must be a little she had to pursue is appeal to chicago. children to put, you know,
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with the slowest in some a little bit, put a lemon here, a put a bundle, resolve shadows. but there was a thick step across him. the week of the month, just about 3 years in the book written about the trusted with them sort of dissent from the course tradition of the comment book. literally please or sure, no news ocean goes to an end with what nuclear they just include him, put him with us for a moment. yeah, no, absolutely not. a must have kimberly as well. so you a vicious post will go up a certain way to quote, democratization will spend more and most chioma will bring the vehicle. or is it
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somewhat road to political, the said bureau just on what school was to. oh yeah, that's pretty, you know, will report that there was his mealy a key ritual is he'll put it that way. is september 1991 crabtree traveled to the united states seeking support for ukrainian independence in ukraine. a campaign for an actual secession from the ussr began to unfold a mid or rapidly interior rating economic situation. sentiment was that the republic was able to fully provide for itself, and the soviet union was simply a heavy burden on ukraine. when the idea of separation from the ussr start to develop, among the people's movements are stronger. it's, we're writing in people's margin with a society of quality inn and the music and political song for
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a few of them for a small village is the silica photo. very little along those lines. you lisa, for a way to sort of go say, let those for moment, children. usa. on november 28th 1991, president bush announced that the united states would recognize ukraine's independence if approved by a referendum held on the issue div. december 1st 1991. the declaration of independence was approved by an all ukrainian referendum by a majority vote. mm. $9.00 to $9.00 to $1.00. the parliament adopted into corporation. i'm independent. so a queen, a niece was against the will of people. you are a doctor of los how do you interpret this decision?
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oh, hang out. and that's our la quinta. com. i just got a letter from sales at the them. what i what they shane? yeah. yeah. i do. what angela? news, tuition, walk out of money with oh no, no problem. nicholas nicholas guy was more like a. i was kind of just like, you know, a little bit almost disconcerting. you know, a prowler this table and get you familiar with on that very soon day december 1st landed crop choke was elected the 1st president of ukraine. hm.
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mm hm. on december 8th, 1991 in bella, jessica pushed tra and bella bruce, the heads of 3 soviet republics, russia. ukraine, and bella roost signed an agreement revoking the previous signatures of the 3 states on the formation of the u. s. s. are thus, the soviet union ceased to exist. upon gaining its independence, ukraine was potentially in a better position than all the other republics of the soviet union. it was the largest country in europe, with an industrial potential 2nd only to france and germany. ocean quantica, where will gina, they calling this morning with the moon was still stored securely with tom will
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assist brown as some here his niece was acquitted. were flo, if you're calling me sch, can use a film which took them mystical service, hebrew seekers, or from the alluding yet you bring them all extra that i think them will maker if you will. you almost feel we got that taken with table for a sam comes up on the 5th of law muggle, which room to put a says come see you is that the bella? i of course, but them. so a lotus public up us literacy. not you will korean your praise. we're dealing with with a different language and i could look to say no, but i made a suddenly co, connecticut, the state. and these are what me to use a mash, please of a detailed, most on my mission able if teachers could, i kept them as a way my set them up a me. so since i worked on one of, of key the constructors cobra areas of, ideally in some way,
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which we haven't made it, those that we have some, a lot, no notion of them. but you know, of any minute thought moisture chest a label carrying me mila. the coins lopez was no exceed club a deal if. so he missed those little games with me. now. yes, you can use him something about with just after school. so you play at a spot for that school a. so use a video, let's show liquid dog susan, that she can a chest to put a mission that way. notional, but then fall. ok. this portion, as soon as lucille published in there will assist him for when the, or did a lot of them. and he little sounds, it goes to blow, it sounds that there's not a lot of corruption or symbol or letters we do from the law a since. so for the seriousness at this point, to scribble a fair oh, it does show
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a new from really helpful to, to put it stuff ship a soap snow is a kind of like a slave getting his release his gem line. yes, leslie's his camel. will it be a full music block? so a center only me, me? yes. my mil to mil. hey, come on the case. let's play. so the enola will contain script of each is play. which leon that you've seen? does? miley does still paid his lawyer did. so much it had to hit it will carry in the war, duca. william must be up on your cut. tell me official julia that melissa can't know, but it'll northshore musk last name and yet of what they had done, it was each come quick thought. so look, what is, will it slocum livable?
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oh, why group ha, monitors the compliance of a wall. g 20 members with their commitments they made up their last summer. and what we have found is that a year later on may even the wrong summer countryside comply. unprecedentedly high level, 85 percent and i'm optimistic that because that great shaw cove is to always, i think will get high compliance with the wrong commitments on cobit 2 mm.
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with ah, a headline stories, the iraqi prime minister survivors. i'd room bombing on his residents, which the interior ministry described as a terrorist attack. the reported assassination attempt comes after brutal rights in baghdad over last month contested election. while infection rates sword to an all time record in germany, anti lock done activist flush with fully south a rally against tough news. government restrictions candidates top court products that comedian who made a series of controversial jokes about a disabled singer stating that they didn't amount to discrimination. we pulled the issue up for debate. it must be a stop.


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