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tv   News  RT  November 6, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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ah, the french catholic church admits it best institutional responsibility for decades of child sex abuse by clergyman and abuse. victim tells auntie justice needs to be served. now it is necessary for the pope himself to recognize the institution responsibility of the church to recognize all its crimes. and all your fantasies i as committed what is happening in the mediterranean is a real genocide that weighs on the conscience of european states and the european union. an italian american to see you putting lives epis. failure to stem the emb looks of migrants across the mediterranean and also to come for you. this is really hard to breathe. i guess this was real war might look like my grenades, nuclear submarines in a voyage on russia's most modern war ship. our correspondent travel said the
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countries far east to witness wargames at close quarters. ah, i there are great have you with as this is our t international. french catholic bishops have acknowledged that the church bears an institutional responsibility for decades of child sex abuse. the pledge to go beyond individual blame was made at an annual bishops conference, which this year is largely devoted to addressing those crimes. these p to fall acts were made possible by the general context, operations, mentalities m practices within the church. the now lies the responsibility of gt to provide. justice and reparation. the bishops conference runs until monday involving 120 top clerics from across france. so far they've set up
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a commission on tackling child abuse and made recommendations on financial compensation for victims. the country's top bishop also recently you turned on a claim that the church was bound by a power of secrecy when it came to abuse revelations and covered in the act of confession. the bishop's meeting was prompted by landmark inquiry. it revealed the $3000.00 pe, the files that operated within the french catholic church since the 1950s. well than 300000 children were abused. most of the victims boys aged between just 10 and 13. some of them shared the harrowing stories. ah ah ah,
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issues is i'm often asked why children don't talk about what happened often this happens because the aggressor has a strategy. this is important to understand. i suffered from what is called ano recess, i wet the bed, my great uncle knew that. and when i went to bed, he asked me to go to him. he told me that he wanted to explain to me how my body works. he moved very quickly from the field of anatomy to the field of sexuality and sex education penetrating me and molesting me blue . i experienced this when i was 11 years old. i was with a group of scouts one day during a meeting that priest asked me to stay. when we were alone, he relaxed me and then his actions went beyond what was usual. he took me by my leg, kissed me, said that i was his favorites. and that this would be our secret,
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he kissed me on one cheek and about to kiss me on the other cheek kissed me on the lips. this is the sexual harassment. mm. it wasn't until i was 19 that i was able to realize what had happened to me because this is an unheard of level of violence. and because it is simply unbearable and impossible for a child to understand. when i was 19, i told my parents what had happened to me like many victims of violence. i spoke about it spontaneously. we watched a report on tv. it was a documentary about pedophile priests. my mom's 1st reaction was the words we were to see. she found out that there were other victims. some of her cousins also went through what they even then called sex education. they still called it what their aggressor called in my story is nothing new. on the one hand, it is terrible. on the other hand, it is commonplace, it took me awhile to realize that i was
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a vixen. i thought the priest loved me. it never occurred to me that this was a bad thing. the trauma that i have left is not as serious as those who were rapes when penetration occurs. a man who is raped is no longer a man. he is half a man in the public consciousness, a raped man becomes a homosexual. he loses his masculinity for a child who realizes this, it becomes traumatic to grow up with this thought. well, as for the head of the catholic church, he has previously expressed his sorrow of failings in protecting minus pope frances, also called by the training and a common systematic strategy for those working with children and teenagers. one of the victims we spoke to william says the pontiff must accept the church, his responsibility, the child abuse cases. the news i saw sir in france is not the only country affected by this problem. it has affected all democratic countries because there is a church in all countries of the world. now it is necessary for the pope himself to recognise the institutional responsibility of the church to recognize all its
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crimes and all the offences that it is committed over minus over adults, over people in a vulnerable position. it needs to recognize the systemic nature of these crimes and their horrific scale. this is the most serious crime of the 21st century and italian mer is lashed out of the european union, blaming it for a quote, genocide of refugees in the mediterranean. earlier this week will 900 africa migrants were rescued in italy waters than now being housed on the islands of lam, producer, and sicily. a number of the boats carrying the migrants 1st passed through motors, designated search and rescue zone that the moultrie saw, thirties ignored their distress. goals outraging the italians. mary palermo for one lashed out at both brussels and regional neighbors for failing to help italy deal with the crisis from new york to start getting the what is happening in the mediterranean is a real genocide that weighs on the conscience of european states and the european union, so nobody is helping italy or why isn't malta helping someone should tell malta
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that it's part of the european union monster is acting in a selfish and irresponsible way, like all other european states on may. the 9th on europe day, i wrote a letter to the president of the european commission on the land and then to the president of the european parliament solely asking for the establishment of a european life, saving social service away to prevent thousands of people from dying at sea, but long to get the number of undocumented migrants arriving in italy searched by more than a 150 percent since last year. and 460 percent. it's 2019. the are being councils promised. border nations additional support, but the mayor of lamb producer says the ease lack of action is causing needless deaths. that is to prevent loss of life and to reduce pressure and european borders . mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation of countries of origin and transit will be intensified with international agreements and not respected huron is doing nothing. it has no strategy to solve this problem. and europe,
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we only talk about refugees. there is no strategy. only economic migrants who come to italy. the problem of migrants is, according to the search and rescue plan, regulations, concerns old states and not just italy. europe must enforce this regulation. make other states help migrants as well. italy certainly cannot declare war on malta. if the u. n. has austell states to speak up and sold the problem through international agreements. and if, until now, the problem has never been addressed by anyone. it means there is no political will to try to solve the problem of migrants. we've repeatedly said that the problem is not being addressed by anyone. and if it is not addressed, that will be more deaths, more landings, and no end to ngo's helping migrants, etc. this is the problem. there is no solution because no one wants to find it. nothing will ever change as long as things remain like this. a
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slogan that was meant to promote respect for muslim women has sparked outrage among french politicians. they slogan, goes freedom, is in a job. i was adopted by the council of europe as a raleigh cry for his anti discrimination campaign, but the organization eventually pulled that campaign due to the overwhelmingly negative response. it promotes the wearing of the veil is a part of someone's identity delta from noting the he job as soon as you get out. feel as if the values that france defense i do too. because if it's when women take their, they'll off that they become free. no, the other way around. remembering that women are free to wear the he job is one thing to say that freedom is in the he job is another, it's promoting it. is this the role of the council of europe? well, that phrase freedom is in his job, was thought of doing an online workshop. the council of europe says it reflects what was said by some participants. a full version goes. beauty is in diversity as freedom is in job and said to face discussion across europe with opponents saying
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that the government is an emblem of oppression. issue is particularly a hot topic came from since it was the 1st european country to introduce a band on full face islamic vowels in public. and although wearing the job aids, legal is not allowed in certain public places, including schools and government offices in 2018, the united nations human rights committee said the french rule violates freedom of religion. when we discussed the story with colonel shambly, an attorney in paris, an independent journalists, lucretia a they can make it very bad. the concept of the campaign is wrong because the freedom is to take it away. they jock, in awful, a woman mostly women are allowed in, in the opening public places in europe to wear the heads car, fine, but to promote it. this is completely crazy. we might disagree, but they have the right to weigh with it. and the french generation difference and
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geographical difference, anglo saxon and french people are lacking. people don't accept the young people, young woman, here in france, even the young french woman accept. they say if they want to wear this discard, let them work. you know, this was a bad campaign, and the war culture from the west is terrible and from the gain of places, and it's making inroads in europe. and this will lead to be problems with what you want to work. let's say that in france, just put it in perspective. in france, we have a lot that has been voted in 19 o 5, which is the freedom of calls which gives you which separates the states from the religion. so every woman has the right to word their stuff. this is really a big problem, is that the islamists use it to hold press women in the areas of france with this and they go any more. and women, we're in just to have peace. i'm a what you say,
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but when you talk to muslim women here in france on, in other countries, you have some women that say that i want to learn that it's my freedom. and i feel ok worrying that as to women in iran. and if you prefer sunni country, as the women in saudi arabia going to what they think of the heat shops when the police follows them to see if they are made up. and if they wear it shot well, all in black, that is diversity. not at all. people are dead filling the crowd. search the music festival in texas must warn you. may find these pictures, disturbing. dozens more people were injured. the crowd rushed towards the stage. many of them lost consciousness in collapse the cold mass panic around 50000 fans in the venue on fridays opening nights of this music festival is now been cancelled . of course, earlier in the day before the tragedy struck people with films storming the event
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security perimeter knocking down metal detected elsewhere, a tragedy in west africa, or at least 94 people being killed. dozens injured in a fuel truck explosion in sierra leone state vehicle collided with another laurie in the capital free town going to the mass. some of the victims have been trying to collect fuel from the ruptured tanker just prior to the bloss. meanwhile, in the united kingdom, the cale bonzai and i said the anti establishment 1000000 mass. mount a dozen people were arrested. a police officers were injured. rally was led by the hacker group, anonymous, france, and fireworks. we set off with offices, repeated the clashing with the prejudices. the march yourself has been held each year since 2012 on guy, false knife and sees protest is rallying against government corruption, wealth and equality of last year. corona vice restriction,
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while in the middle east, hundreds of people had gathered in baghdad to denounce lessons. iraqi election is being written, some ranches that were hurling ross once the anger comes from supporters of the around bug alpha saw solution present in parliament has been cut by almost $200.00 ha. okay, let's discuss the story in a bit more depth. now i'm joined by the rusty who's the president of the house of iraqi expertise foundation. welcome to the post election and rest that was seeing. i mean, it is clearly visible and seems to be escalating. why do you think things seem to be turning violent to this point? well, it's, it's, it show the rejection of the losers on the elections, to the results of the elections. and we have 2 main parts and the comp mock to the southern and the others. the i'll go to now, yesterday night, what they did is that they made a huge demonstrations to what the rooms on top to, to make talks on the police and so on and ended with,
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with what's happened 2 or 4 dead and about 100 injured in a way or another, that means that we are going forward for more clashes, more attacks and more negotiation because on that's on the inside the house or the inside the parties. yet it's always a struggle then end up would open up negotiations. it seems like a very common occurrence now the, the leasing side in an election claim that it was rig. so they go to the street schools and rest. they just bought the loses so they, they have a legitimate complaints here to claim that this was rick. yeah. it's, it's right, it's like that politics in iraq more and more become and you are going to in violence, in a way, in another. what's happened after the results of the elections is that one parties
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inside the she can actually get the majority about $73.00 seats, which is the 1st the 1st step to getting a majority government, which, which i'm talking about is this address in a way. and it reflects a bad impression on the losers who are approach anyone. so in that way, all those things, all what's happening now is getting more and more increasing, especially it will end up maybe in the majority. if we're talking about majority govern and it will end up to vanish, or let's say disarm the, the militia, or what we call it, the. how should the pm pm for pm forces, which is also, it would reflect on the pro iranian militia inside iraq. but at the end, it looks like they're going to end up with a compromise. it looks, it looks like and then we will have some sort of compromise government with
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a prime minister, more or less independent that it does not have. he does not have any block behind it behind him, which means that also we will have a weak government. maybe it will end up with about one only one year or 2 years maximum. that means stability in iraq will be not end up with the the, the rockies want. and then all those things inside the umbrella, the iraqi politics. it looks like it will not end up with the ability just i said it will not end up with the stability. it will not end up with a strong government. and finally, often again with elections. we hear these days lose is claiming that was outside interference. and that's why they lost any suggestion of outside interference here . well, iraq, it's always after 2003 interference. it's always presented in the iraqi politics.
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we have iran, turkey, the gulf, the rubs and so on. and of course, the united states in a way another rocky politics always have interference. but at this time this is the 1st time is that this interference become more or less abandoned. and it looks like the results of the elections will push forward to have some sort of independence inside the iraqi parliament. we have now about 20 per cent independent m. p 's the the, the major blocks actually lost a lot seats in this election. so it's the new era and the in the system in the, in the new system or new political system after 2003 may be the next elections, we will have more and more independent m p. 's presented inside the parliament. so it looks like that it will ship again, the iraqi politics in
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a way that the interference will be less and more and more. in our key key forces iraqi political forces will be presented while some people say that the rank is just now politically approx, it's a proxy war. this is a battle ground between the u. s. and iran politically. and that's why such a mess. what would you say to the well, it's always likes up since i think the 2011 after the withdrawal of the, of the american forces and the main action that become dramatic in the iraqi politics is the demonstrations that happened on october 2019 it was a way to divert the political process in iraq because it will, it end up with what we happen now with the results of this election, 1st low turnout, which means that the rockies desperate from this political process dot build up by
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the america. the 2nd is that inside the camp, there are a real struggle, real conflict between all the blocks, especially the 2 arms, the sub list and the others, the protein. yes. and the 3rd thing, which is also just, i said, also very important is that now there are independent m b the presented inside the iraqi parliament, which show you that how much it is important. always focus on the iraqi politics and see the results and don't ever, never depend on the results because it will be changed frequently. which means that if we of the sub this now talking about a majority, government in 10 days may be the talk will be different. it will end up with compromise. it will end up with a compromise government. it will end up to reshape the iraqi politics in a way another that all those pro iranian and tyranny and
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a presented inside one tent. thanks so much for your time. i guess i can address the iraqi political analissa. thank you. thousands of environmental processes of descended on glass goes host city. of course of the cop $26.00 climate summit led by celebrity to be corrected timber, they're not happy about what they think is a mere talking shop taking place. since the thousands of sisters turned most into the just 30 accusing world lead to failing to clean up the mess they call merging to take drastic action to this to now it's the policies agreed upon and cop 26 has been self serving and insufficient to prevent temperature rise. meanwhile, the anti poverty organization ox pharmacy shouldn't report. the decreases billionaires of driving climate change. the date is based on predictions of behavior up to 2030 expect to the carbon footprint of the which is one percent, will be 30 times above what is needed to keep the air from warming more than the
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supposed tipping point of $1.00 degrees depletion they cause will be greater than half of the world's poorest, combined the comp and targets seen as a way of curbing so labeled climate. all again, we're set by the pirates agreement of 2015 international treaty sets of 2 degree rise as an absolute limit. $1.00 degrees or less is the target has evoked from scotland says the globe's richest, putting the world on course for disaster with their current lifestyle. were talking to the richest people, just one or say many or what relates to those in your luxury travel? even speech travel will highlight space, travel to the bullet gesture, to say it's the luxury lifestyle, the richest one percent, the richest, 10 percent continue to try to play the price that those lifestyle already teach him
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. the world creation where we'd be dangerous climate change, give them more property, more hunger, more suffering last week to stream the luxury lifestyle and most then it will continue to strike that leading to the climate crisis. we would like to see government, for example, tracking light. we know on helping to try to explain the process, but we also want to keep government read that needed to drive wage going to action by taxing with the most with the i think some well okay, let's dive deeper into the work is the rushes naval machinery now the invitation of the military, our correspondent, had the chance to sail on a nuclear arms submarine and on a battleship in far east waters. it was an action packed even explosive journey. constantino scuffed and survived to tell the tale. all right, and we've reached russia's most eastern frontier thick and chuckled peninsula. what
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to lay over. it took us 14 hours to fly here from moscow on they saw military an $128.00. can probably see giant mountains in the distance, which is one of the trademarks of this region famous for his active volcanoes. earthquakes and ra wilderness over which we can explore here is not nature, but russia's military might. in the pacific, the contract, the peninsula is part of russia's far east, a vast and largely unexplored region which stretches from alaskan the north to the japanese islands in the south. from the military standpoint, this lands important for maintaining russia's food, hold in the pacific and increasingly vallejo part of the world, which has become an arena of a fear standoff between china and the u. s. right now, we're about to visit the home of russia's deadliest subs in the pacific. also, the close us russian naval base. d. b,
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united states has nuclear capable vessels. we've got rare access to one of the most secret and well guarded. no true facilities in the country in case of a full scale nuclear war with the u. s. which of course, no one was this would be one of russia's most important defences. ah, was a funny feeling because we're actually standing on top of a vessel that has actual nuclear warheads. and by the way, at least one of the submarines is always on a salad patrol mission. some were in deep waters off the pacific ocean. and if russia comes out or nuclear attack, these subs can emerge safe off the coast of california and strike back with all its nuclear fire power, the military call it strategic deterrence for from can chat, got with lou to saline brushes, biggest island in the pacific,
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near japan here in the military simulated how they would fight off a naval invasion video with while, as you can see, the iran has been launching. that means the via war exercises on sahalina islands have been officially kicked off with the self propelled artillery goes in. first, it can fire at a distance long enough to sink enemy worships as they tried to approach the shore. then tanks roll in to finish the job. the military college firewall set of explosives that go off at the same time to amplify the damage. as a rule were games are scripted and you know what comes next, but no one from the press saw this coming. mm. oh wow. there is a large plume of smoke come in our way. yeah,
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i can see anything we've lost. oh, it was really hard to breathe. i guess this was real war. might look like the military sent him a huge smokescreen to practice how they would conceal their movements. but because of the wind, it's not just the tanks and artillery they were engulfed by the fumes blackwood, even though right. are you hanging in there? most of the journalists who got caught in the smoke, started coughing and ran out. but look at this army officer, he stayed right in the thick of it the whole time as if nothing happened to check on this and that amount of okay, can you breathe? it's all good. he offered a 3rd part of these large scale drill. so we come on board, a latest russian warship right now we're heading to see we're, we're gonna spend the conducting a target practice drills. this is one of the most modern russian prevents put into
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service just a year ago. everything's brand new on the ship from artillery guns and rocket systems to italian coffee machines and freshly painted fire axes. themes . as a recon helicopter returns the drills, kick off, see this pyramid shaped object. it's a mockup, see mine that the crews going to throw overboard, sail away, and then try to hate from a distance. wow. so one of the, one of the ship's main guns and look, look, it's actually fired as a mine, ah, worth it. so one of the ship's main got e k 630, and it's actually designed to, i hate about want to target like regular ships, but right now, as far as a dummy,
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as a training, see mine the next target, which is a mockup warship requires a larger gun. wow. wow. well, there was a, there was the ship's main gun and i actually ever got to what i wanted to say, but when you're standing here, i'm on board with the enormous fire power. that's incredible. most not all target practice our commission. so the ship's crew needs to be, especially during such intense training. so now we get to check out the ships cafeteria and see what a russian sailors, diet looks like. again, we've got to check out the officers canteen, which you can tell by the nice decorations on the walls. massive paintings depicting russia see victories yet the meal we had was no different from sailor's vegetable salad action. meet soup and meat balls over rice and
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that tasted much better with us, maybe hungry, watching all that. i'm going to get something to wait on the back with more saving oftener. ah, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to great trust rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence real summoning with.


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