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tv   The Big Picture  RT  November 5, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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a little too much for holding for ah, the american nurse is suspended from work after refusing to take her cobit shot on religious grounds. it comes as the biden administration sets the date for mandatory shots to be extended to workers in the private sector. i. unfortunately, they deemed that my religious beliefs were not sincere. is kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job and i have been a co been nurse for since the beginning germany prepares to tighten restrictions on the unvaccinated, as daily covey cases, sore to an all time high pushing the health care system to its limits. a court sentences, the french presidents, former body guard to 3 years in jail for violence against protesters. and in an
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incident that went viral and turned into a scandal from across thousands of green protesters, led by gretta thornburg march through cop 26 host city of glasgow. denouncing the much trumpeted global climate summit as well as all talk and no wall. they joke along with it when it comes down to the action they have a lot. they've got a lot of this guy with fuels in any of the negotiations aside with companies not even mentioned as your world news headlines for this our stick around for more in just about 60 minutes. ah, this week show christmas came early for cable news talking heads and several recent elections have em buzzing. but 1st, getting around was already getting tricky before the pandemic. how energy prices and technology are changing the daily transportation routine for those still
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willing to commute. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. oh i for decades now, tourists have returned home from dc raving about a 45 year old subway system that still strikes many as futuristic building the washington metro rail system was a big dig that began in 1969 and didn't board its 1st passenger until 1976. it's a great way for visitors to get in and out from reagan, national airport or amtrak and get around sightseeing. and it's our hundreds of thousands of federal employees and the rest of us who work here get to and from each day, and it's the best way to get to and nationals,
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or capitals or wizards game. we're still raving, but raving mad lately, after a recent derailment left nearly $200.00 passengers stranded in an underground tunnel near arlington national cemetery and the national transportation safety board investigation found that the same train had derailed and re railed itself twice in the 90 minutes prior investigators found defects and we'll an actual assemblies. it's an issue. the transit authority has been working on for 4 years with kala saki manufacturer of those 7000 series cars, 784 of which were taken out of service. so the delays here have been hellish. as long as 40 minutes with as little as a quarter of the rail car fleet and service and b. c for washington spoke with metro board chairman paul smith burg. we do understand that this is gonna create questions in people's minds and again,
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that's why we've got to get it right. we're going to be as transparent as possible . a transparency is one thing, but we now know that metro had known for years that there were significant issues with parts of the wheels on its new israel cars. those 7000 series cars, yet a permanent fix was never made. this investigation could turn up issues with these types of rail cars in other transit systems that use similar models, but they're still no time table to get those 7000 series cars back on track. this is not just a washington area or usa. issue ortiz, peter oliver, is in berlin. ah, the coven pandemic is still very much with us here in europe at the last 2 years or so. have had a real impact on how people are thinking about the future of public transportation . so while the pandemic is got people thinking about what can be done of our public transport networks,
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it's not always as easy as all lap in the united kingdom plans to get more people to ride public transport have been hampered by a shortage of drivers for bosses because there's more money on offer to drive heavy goods trucks as the u. k. supply chains, creek post briggs, it public transport worker advocacy groups are saying that there's as many as 4000 vacancies to drive bushes in london. and the system needs to be streamlined cities from bogota to beijing, currently trying to work out how to get more of their citizens on to public transport and for that public transport to be carbon neutral fear in berlin. half the cities trans went out of use when the berlin wall went up in 961 over 30 years . since the wall came down and tramps are again, a huge part of the cities public transport infrastructure, in fact, crossing backwards and forwards here frequently on the invalid and sasa, an area that had been divided by the war. the city is hoping that building an extra
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50 miles of tram lines by 2035 battery powered buses and creating more by claims as well as a new congestion tax. will convince some of the drivers of the 1200000 cars that frequent the german capital daily to use more public transport. but even the biggest advocates of green transport are realistic about this being a long process. one of the big problems for cities trying to win commuters off the car. is that following the pandemic? people are more wary about being around us. therein lies the nope of the problem. we all know that green transportation is a good thing. but convincing people to drastically change the way they move around cities and post code, but how they interact with one another. that is going to be a massive challenge feature all of them for the big picture in berlin. germany.
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thanks peter, with so many now in permanent work at home mode and as the supply chain has made cars scares for those who want them. and with many young americans and urban dwellers, now non car owners, how will we get from here to there? let's ask hillary ford, which president of straw mark business development consultants in washington. mallory, welcome back. pleasure to be here. always recently, hillary was here with us talking about these rental scooters that were dodging on sidewalks and many cities and how her daughter, experienced rider is on the men from painful injuries. as the result, we think of lacks maintenance before you ran to a scooter. look for that episode where you'll find all our shows on demand at youtube dot com slash the big picture r t. and picture here. pre pandemic, thus unmasked, and of course, wearing his helmet. our t producer, brian son who makes the most of his track to work. hillary employees have never
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loved their commute at the company's your work with how much does that influence the decision to make work at home permanent. and our company is offering new travel compensation or other incentives to lower workers back to the workspace we're right on. they need to lower them back because of course we all had the great resignation . but luring them back is proving to be very multi dimensional. there's major reasons why people are going back to work, lack of child care, and people have actually change their values. they've actually changed and realize that their, their families are a great value to them. and also, of course, there's lots of fears about coven as your previous segment mentioned in terms of the mass transit. also works out, always inflexible. and there are long commutes, and many companies have found that they're really to lower wages. so how do you counteract those by attracting people back? what should you do? you have to counterbalance those reasons why people are resigning and that way you can know them back. so now what are the exact things companies doing?
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the commute one is an interesting one. many companies are just only having their employees come in, say, 3 days a week because the majority of employees still want to work from home. so they're not having it as a totally mandated return to the office. many companies are also statistically, this is why food delivery companies are going through the roof. they're actually lowering employees back with delicious lunches being delivered. so that lower the cost of the employees instead of having the, the rubbish in the junk food that used to be in the cafeteria. the luring them back with high end goal may foods from food restaurants. and that's helping the restaurant industry, which is a very positive outcome, i think, to see also companies are more looking into child care and a big trend shoes. trend is actually for communities to be luring those employees to come and live. they're not even companies, they're paying $10000.00 bonus, $10000.00 bonuses for employees to move to the peak, or of all places. a lot of united airlines work as a move to the peak and because they getting those bonuses wow,
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i love the gourmet lunch at work, and i know the boss is watching various studies you and i have reported on for the last year, plus demonstrate that their remote workers productivity has actually improved some of the research you and i have seen say as much as by 13 percent. what are the downsides of working at home? well, you know, rigor right. there are downsides. the way we know there are downsides before the pandemic. 20 percent of americans are working at home during the pandemic. 71 percent of employees were actually working at home. and also the pandemic. 54 percent want to work from home. so 46 percent of americans don't want to work a whole and that's for the reasons you just mentioned. you asked about the reasons or the following. there's a lot of isolation out there. the american side, korea, psychiatric association has reported in an upswing dramatically in the number of people seeking therapy. the isolated is a huge issue. and then self monitoring where and self regulation where people are
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not able to do as much because they feel like they're being and that's another reason. so, vale, the surveillance we talked about this before, companies are imposing surveillance tactics and tools on their employees when they're at home. and people really don't like that. and i think the isolation is also leading into a lot, a lot of loneliness and people who are missing the camaraderie of their employees, the camaraderie, back at the office. so i think those companies that want people back now combining both your questions, they need to load them back with great opportunities for collaboration that is fun and with high end opportunities at the office that they would not have at home is as serious as this worldwide pandemic is we only have a certain attention span and what you're saying about isolation, i thought of cnbc had the ceo of carnival. excuse me. norwegian cruise lines on says the bookings are through the roof and he said he detects that it's bucket list stuff after what he calls war like isolated. so the you mentioned the great
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resignation that help wanted sign as everywhere and we're hearing life reassessment that many are going through crystal ball at for us. where does all this go? okay, well you're right about the great resignation. 17.9000000 americans have resigned. are you ready just from january to may of this year? that's a huge that no wonder it's called the great resignation. so crystal bullying it. i think it's that company's a waking up because it's a supply demand issue. when you don't have the supply of these low wage workers, you're going to raise the rate wages. i think it's going to result in improved workplace environments for all the reasons i just mentioned. you have to lower employees back with more. so i think crystal balling at, we're going to see back up better work places. we're going to see better wages. and people will come out of this better in the long run because of what we gone for. but always remember all the fine stocks up and those companies want us to work
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remote forever. facebook, amazon, netflix, they all want and google, they all want us to work from home forever. so you've got the pressure of the big tech companies doing brilliantly with us staying on all of them up over is c e o says that i don't know, not know about a man now exceeds supply in terms of the employee because of employee assign, there's wariness, or by the masculine, the packet, the techie of the technology that we have. i should have had technology and everything that you can do it, how those stocks are through the roof, and they want us to home forever. very good hillary ford, which straw mark business development consultants. thank you. as always for stepping into the big picture plaza, coming up was that virginia election as important as cable news talking heads and radio talkers. thank. and how does what voters told us this past week? plato, those watching around the world. this is the big picture on our t america. ah,
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ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, a ah.
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whoa, which love as adults is always built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding the child relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional, being virginia has roared and democrats are reeling, republic, england, youngins, gubernatorial. when is nothing less than stunning is a political novice and not, but trump surrogate this mo, other election. how far reaching implications? and it could signal the end of the biting presidency. oh
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i after the days of post mortem, what are we to surmise from recent elections that have become such cable news fodder? let's ask on the left john alley and then on the right molig duel gentlemen, welcome. thanks for having. a an issue to each other because on all the times i've seen you both interviewed. nobody has ever done that cable news holler. and so it's good to have you. virginia is off year elections. have tended to award the governor's mansion to the candidate of the party, not in the white house. a previous governor, democrat, terry mcauliffe running for another term in a state where governors cannot serve consecutive terms, sought to tag winter glen young, can as a trump tribe over. and while mccaul, if welcome, barack obama and joe biden de rallies young can camp trump out of state and at arms length. molly, talking heads live to project this year's virginia vote. the 2022. and gresham will
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elections, which also tend to favor the party, not in the white house. have we just seen such a preview? yeah, absolutely. and i think y'all can race and i, you know, and i sent this yesterday when i was on here, is that it's very important what you can did because what democrats this strategy was, is to really repeat 2020 in that they were really attacked. donald trump, they would attach all candidates to donald trump, but a young man running this race. he didn't actually distance himself from donald trump. he just didn't talk about donald trump. and i think that that's very important because he was able to really centered the rates around local issues, issues that were really germane to virginia and not national life, the race. and i think it's a lesson for democrats and that they should be careful when they tried to national 5, what i really local races. but i do think that it's a very good barometer for what the republicans will ultimately do in the fall.
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because obviously i do believe in the fall of 2020 the report by 2022, that republicans definitely will regain the 5 or 6 seats that we need to take back at least the house, if not definitive, felt i think you're right about this. trump factor, what the fox news narrative calls critical race theory seems to have tip that virginia vote. although a candidate yankee was at a loss to say where in the commonwealth this is being taught in schools. he clearly capitalized on the call of awkward statement that quote, i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach, john the 2 part question for you. are southern book burners alive and well, or is this simply a demonstration that nothing trumps of parents concern? and we should expect that concerned amp of vaccine controversy. now the youngsters are eligible for the job. well, i think you're right on both accounts,
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holland. i think we 1st need to understand why the democrats lost the election, and clearly we all know americans have a very short memory. so the democrats obviously forgot how to cheat. they forgot how to stuff the ballot boxes. they forgot how to jury read. shakespeare went down and talked to chavez, even though he's dead isn't crying. so he talked to go, taught him again how to fix the machines. they ignored all of that and then the dead people. i mean, we can't forget the people, they would normally go into a cemetery that we take all the names down in the front row in the 2nd row, and they will go all the way to the back because they're thinking is those people in the back row have every bit as much right to vote as the people in the front row . so we don't know how to i has anyone. hello. i'm waiting for the republicans to say there was fraud in the election because we know that as soon as mccaul, if one were going to hear that in all seriousness, i think got up. now i don't think i know our side got our message. we always got a message, but they didn't run on the marriage of what they would do when they govern
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republicans, don't they resort as they always do to social issues. abortion critical race theory is a big one right now, very popular. the schools obviously mccall went off the rails when he made a remark that you alluded to. it's just ridiculous. so as a result of that, you know, i and melissa said it's going after trump. well, don't forget, gavin newsome made his campaign all about trump going up against, sorry, elder at work, but that is in deep blue california where you have a rabbit deliberate crowd. it doesn't work so well when you have a purple state or lightly red or lightly blue, you need to be able to address the issues. the cable news people are saying, well, you know what it is. now. democrats have to be more conservative. they have to go more to the liberal. no, they don't. if you look at the popularity of the bill back america bill and you hit all the touchstones. they're all over 50 percent, summer as high as 70 percent, with the american public of all of the ingredients and components of that and what people want. sure. so you just need to develop the same thing as far as my lakers
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talking about 2020 to 10 months away. that's. that's a lifetime in politics lately knows what can happen. yeah. yeah, that's a look at virginia wasn't the only story either in that york mayoral race. eric adams trounce curtis lee, would it become only the city 2nd black mayor. alvin brag? may be the 1st a black, manhattan da in boston, michel wu became the 1st woman and person of color elected mayor cincinnati elected its 1st asian american mayor, pittsburgh years in kansas city voters selected their 1st black mayors and dearborn michigan, where there has always been a sizable arab population elected its 1st arab american mayor. so monique, with americans electing people who look like america, is this grievance fuel virginia vote maybe an anomaly? well, i am yes and no. keep in mind also in virginia,
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we have the not just the lieutenant governor who's the 1st african american woman elected statewide in virginia. but i think the attorney general now is the 1st cuban american attorney general. and this is on the republican side. i think this is actually very good, whether it's a democrat or republican, we need a broader representation of america's at all levels of government, all levels of business. so i think it's actually a good thing. the issue would critical race. yes. we know critical race itself is not being taught in any of these k through 12 schools. but i do imagine that not just around issues as far as you know, anti race is training or what republicans call critical race theory. but what i think parents are gonna take a very pro active role in what we're seeing around the country. so i think in that regard it won't be limited to just virginia because really all over the country is parents are going to be taking a very more pro active role in their child's education. so i do think that that will continue in addition to the usual cultural battles,
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the so social battles that republicans and democrats typically fight about around the election season. i'm going to add to your a 2020 to prediction. i think the congress is going to look more and more diverse, more like america. and i swear there's focus groups and consultants busy right now . working parenting into commercials, you're going to see for a lot of candidates. john being the big picture. we always look for the white angle shot here. how do these election results in your view, make the usa look to others looking in around the world confused? i think people look and say, what the hell is going on with the united states? they did that when donald trump got elected, they took a deep breath and sighed when abide and got elected. and now we're seeing a couple of other events happening. one to me that really stuck out is murphy in new jersey. he was a very popular governor,
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had very high numbers of approval ratings, as opposed to most politicians. and he squeaked out a one point victory. but there was a guide that ran against the sitting majority leader of the new jersey senate. and he won. he's a truck driver and he won with $2300.00. i sped half of that on my student council, actually on the 12th grade. you know, i can't believe that the guy did that and one and a people are scratching ahead. but that i think, is the message. there is something radically wrong with the democratic party at this point in time. they better get their act together, better figure out what it is. they better fix it or 2022 is going to be a bloodbath. i agree with molly that they're going to win the the house, the jury rigged. all of the redistricting. that's going to do it in itself. so what can i tell you? yeah, the punch line on the truck driver in new jersey was that he spent half of his campaign money at duncan donna, i see another commercial in the works with attention span and now reduced to
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an oxymoron. great, big stories like covert and supply chain or years long issues that we frankly get bored with to the extent that there is interest if fleeting, to a pop up items like alec baldwin, shooting accident or brittany spears conservancy. 30 seconds each not $31.00. molig then john, what else should americans be paying attention to what stories are going under reported? and so i think the biggest thing that americans should be paying attention in really is what happening, what's happening in congress and not play so much focus on joe biden. joe biden himself as president of the united states is very limited in what he's able to do. but the things that americans are concerned about. we really should look at members of congress on both sides, the public inside and the democratic side to push them to do the things that we want them to do. thank you for saying that about joe biden. they're trying to pin
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gas prices on him, and anybody who's not snooze through economics, one or one knows that he hasn't got a switch on his desk. john, what do you think? what are the under reported stories we should be paying more attention to? well, 1st of all, at the switch on his task, he does not order him a diet coke. last guy. but mike's right, but there's one thing that people are touching on the media and that is covered coven coat. i know that's 3 things, but it's still the same thing. if you ask people, how many people have cobra in this country, are they going to say 46000000 people? it's on its way to 50000000 by the end of the year. that's 50000000 people in a nation, a 330000000 and how many people have died? 3 quarters of a 1000000 people of our brothers and sisters, a fellow americans have died of cove. it. they're not covering that every american should say, wow, those are big numbers. i have to take care of myself and my family and pay attention to this, but they're not right now. germany is in tough shape. watch what happens next kind
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of moves. east or west, i am legitimately out of time. so this is going to be one word answers more leak then john, will trump run in 2024. please say no. yes. got it. well, if that was a 3 word answer, i'll give it to you. thank you both john elliot, molly cob dual. when you for watching the big picture, we're going to be back same time next week. if you're watching real time. and if you don't, you can set your d v r for direct tv 3 to one on the dish dish where channel 280 or a live feed on you tube dot com is you tube dot com slash r t. america. and for years, my humble work is archived, and youtube dot com slash the big picture r t. and i am merely one player and a vast cast on the free port bull tv app you will find in the app store or on google play. or you can hit portable dot tv on any connected device and watch us
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live or on demand. i am holland cooked in washington and at holland cook on twitter, where the deal stands. if you follow me, i'll follow you. question more. ah, a for years we were told that way to stimulate the economy was to print money. and then when it became obvious that printing money was actually causing economic couple decline and bank failure. they had to come up with a narrative and that was the green narrative, the narrative, the cop annual gathering narrative. and as you're pointing out, or you're just switching chairs on the titanic,
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you're just going from one particular way to destroy the global economy using fee money to a different way to destroy the global economy using the money o russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago, even though stayed hold with just important practice. it took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model scripture. so we'll go over the excellent tools. can you deal with my food motion? it's much more food we'll shoot for shift from with
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or come through. so speaker visionaries may sophie shepherd, not of so from an early age we strive to understand the world around us. but maybe we should do more to understand ourselves. well today i'm asking lives big questions about love and happiness to philosopher and founder of this school of life. i love them, but don't alonda, but are welcome to the share. it's great to have you with us. so we got our big questions to you, you dedicated a lot of them to studying and telling people about the emotional intelligence. and here's the thing this to work to.


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