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to an investigation well, kind of officials does chink. i worked as a source for christopher steel or he was the former british spy, who was paid by the gym cries to examine ties between russia and donald trump. during the 2006 presidential campaign, we're going to continue to follow this story as it develops and i promise you it will develop. meanwhile, back in washington dc. brett president, by actually said his deadline for the vaccine rules to take place at the workplace . now it comes as the vaccine has been approved for children, and now kids between $5.11 are being occupied. the questions do remain regarding chief white house medical advisor, dr. anthony valgy, his approval of funding for so called game of function research. archie correspond, tasha suite has more on the regulations for employers as well as the criticism. some are pointing. dr. valgy,
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a january 4th and deadline for getting vaccinated has been announced by the biden administration. and while this doesn't mean the bank stated will lose their jobs. this new mandate will post restrictions for companies with 100 or more employees for parents all over this country. this is a day relief and celebration president joe biden declares it a great day in the fight against the pen demik. as medical providers began inoculating children ages 5 to 11 with the cobra, 1900 shot across the country. the with has some 28000000 kids in this age group. and as the young are getting vaccinated, biden is pushing for workers with companies up 100 employees or more to get the job by january. 4th, some 84000000 workers will either have to be fully vaccinated or provide a weekly negative test. medical workers are the exception, they will be required to get the vaccine. under the new rules, employees are to receive, paid time off to get the shot. and it's stating that those who are unvaccinated will have to continue to wear masks while on the job. well, much of the country and congress is embracing the vaccine at dr. anthony. so she is
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receiving criticism for a few reasons regarding the vaccine. well, at a senate hearing on capitol hill. thursday, senator susan collins said it was mad for children to be in quarantine after being exposed to the virus. she asked why the test and stay approach wasn't adopted for all schools across the country. but that wasn't all dr. found she was questioned about the factor, clear the and i age did fun gain of function research and woo on despite your protestations ended out all you want. but even the chinese authors of the paper in their paper admit that virus is not found in nature were created. and yes, they gained in infective, 80 sen ran. paul accused us found she of actually changing the definition of gain of function, research, and calls for foul cheat to resign. first of all, gain of function is a very nebulous term. we have spent not us, but outside bodies, a considerable amount of effort to give
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a more precise definition to the type of research that is of concern that might lead to a dangerous situation. we're aware that you deleted gain of function from the and i website. well, i can get back to that a moment. if we have time, you won't know that it's dangerous, and for that lack of judgment, i think it's time that you was on. now, senator paul argues, while the mortality rate of coven 19 is only one percent. at this gain of function we're search can make feature pandemic. even worse, a doctor found he continues to deny all of senator paul's claims reporting for news . these hughes, nauseous sweets, r t. what's brand, former assistant us attorney, david cat, an ad martin, publisher of a problem. eric report dot com and alan yack. former us murray. we've got 3 of you on the stage because we got 3 major important topics we need to cover. and let me just point out, mr. york is the author of c is for corruption, a new book that is just coming out there to help us. we want to talk about values, those, the money we knew, we need new brand, the 3 expert,
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thanks for joining me. great, thank you. oh, okay. so let's start off. i want to start off with you at this mandate. are you surprised to see the president is still moving forward with his mandate date and the penalty? well, no, i'm not surprised because our job, i'm as administration has made it clear they'll double down. i, i think looked at the polling up there now says the country's pretty divided. it's probably about $5050.00. some people want a mandate. some people don't. i don't think it's going to work for bad. and i don't think he has, you know, the stories are coming together, but he doesn't have the confidence of the people and the leadership in his country because of, for example, foul cheese back and forth in the up and down. and there's been too much inconsistency. so i will tell you that the, the announcement that he did had an impact, i was getting texts from folks back in st. louis, where i'm from saying, what am i supposed to do? i mean, this is certainly if you think leadership means making people nervous, he's a leader, but i, i don't think this will be sustained. i think there's parts of it that are both
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unconstitutional and impractical. and i think you already see that they're already hedging their bets. on testing and waivers and all kinds of things. so look, joe biden is desperate to change the conversation. he hasn't been able to deliver on infrastructure hasn't been able to liver on the bill back brandon. he hasn't been able to deliver on the climate change. he's just trying so hard to change the subject. and the one thing you go back to is hitting on the vaccines. and i think that, you know, again, right now, you should be worried about the fact that parents are appalled, that san francisco is mandating children get the vaccines. it's even past what we expected. so there's a lot of problems in that white house. and this is trying to change the subject, it's not going to work well, it might though, and that's not want to bring in with alga one thing that actually started to change this after the 1st for the election results. so, and i've got to ask you, should this week election results actually give any insight into how the american people feel about vitamins traces, policies, and actions up until now, including like the mandate. so absolutely, americans,
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even with the bias mainstream media, not holding by accountable and see that things are only getting worse, the border remains in complete chaos. although it's not, george was what used to be is more about being the store whole and helping the american people in prices for everything continue. people wanted him because they were tired of the previous guy. and we are very quickly becoming tired of this 12, and 9 months for david. and this is something that you actually specialize a lot of time and your legal practice dealing with labor laws. you foresee this having an effect on the staffing shortage. and what rights do employers versus employees have, if it's a federal mandate that you have to get this vaccine? well, let's not forget that we've had 750000 people die in this country. this is a scourge that threatens democrats, republicans and independents. it threatens older people, but it's also increasingly with the delta barrett threatening younger people. so
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that's a huge problem in the workplace. and so i think that biden's plan to require employers with over 100 employees to either have the vaccinations or the person can test every week and work with a mask on. so everyone has that option. if they have a religious or medical exemption, they can be the person who comes into work with a mass and who submits a test every week that they don't have cove it. and that will also protect the workplace. but we have to get this scourge under control and i think that's what's gonna happen. and if anyone says their rights have been violated, we have the greatest courts in the world. they can go into our independence, federal courts and try to make their case. and that's what, obviously some of the employers and employers associations are going to do, but i think they're going to lose, generally speaking, because we have to fight this. osha has a right to fight this. the cdc has a right to fight this. we have a real public health crisis on our hands, case,
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anyone's missed the last 21 months. but i have to ask you, david in this course, kind of reminds me of the last time that there was this mandate, the health insurance mandate under obamacare or the affordable healthcare act, magically there are a lot of waivers that were issued to a lot of these companies that just happened to have ties to different politicians. in fact, you got a waiver, you got a waiver, you got a waiver who didn't get waiver, were those smaller businesses upgrade? 100 employees, you a lot of employees that still could be considered. we're not talking about mega amazon you're there probably will get some form of it. is there, are you already seeing a possibility that that's going to be a chance that some people are going to get waivers to be exempted from this law? like we've seen in the past. well, let's hope that that doesn't happen. i mean, let's also remember that the trump administration was known for its cronyism was known for like helping people for no other reason than it seemed like that they were trumpeters or they contributed a lot of money. there's no reason to think that bite is going to be that corrupt. so i think people should hold their breath and not jump to that conclusion. smaller businesses under a 100, if they want to contract with a government,
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they have to comply with federal contracting requirements. so yes, that will be a hassle for some of them, but we're trying to get this pandemic under control. for goodness sake, we've had 750000 people die. that is a huge public health crisis. let's not lose sight of that. well, i agree that also our employment numbers are i think, is what we're trying to balance with. anything, you know, i want to move on to the latest round of valgy and said, are paul quite, quite heated today. at this point? do you feel like this is just more drama, as neither side seems to be getting their point made you know, you can teach, deny any wrong doing or miss handling any definitely does that look like he's residing? i don't want to throw that to you. if it's all wrong, but that doesn't mean it's not justified. my concern is beyond personalities involved and even beyond what, what you did or didn't do the fact that was allowed to do it on us government. this is, this was, this was our past working with china were for what, re,
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we don't know why we've done anything in china. the country just tested new hypersonic missiles, the most recently rushing towards taiwan and the complete improvement of hong kong . that's the question before what can start you doing because he should have never had the silly to do anything with china. it's not mine, it's the u. k. working together. well, and that's, that's, i think that oversight, the bureaucratic aware that they like to we, i want to ask you and you know, the thing is that was sent around possibly getting the support he needs in this area from his fellow republicans, considering how passionate he is you're not really hearing people having that same passion when addressing both on the senate and the house side. why not? well, i think look in the senate, you know, they are still in the minority and narrowly. and so, you know, i'm actually impressed. the grandpa is able to finish all the time to be able to do this and those committees. so, but i look, i think the republicans, a lot of them in power don't know what to do either. i don't think they have
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a sense, at least in the congress now in places like florida, you're seeing some kind of steps, you know, go governor to sanders and others. let me pause. mean, it makes me insane. i'm in the sense that someone is going to lecture us on the fact that it's a crisis. we all know that hundreds of thousands of people have died. we also know that we follow the governments, both the republicans and the democrats down the past 15 days. the platinum occur mass here mass. there we've been lied to by valgy and by trumps people who would like to buy binds people. the notion that corruption starts with biting. look at his son who sell an artwork for half a $1000000.00. this is outrageous. both parties are corrupt when it comes to the conduct of this government, but the american people are sick of our lives, being dictated by people that lie to us. so tell me what the truth is. maybe i'll fight through it, but you know what? don't tell me, i have to get a vaccine for my 5 year old kid when i don't know what that will do to my kid and i had my kid 9 year old get today. she got better in 2 days. so this will and my wife
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who's vaccinated got a breakthrough thing, so we're living with coven for a while. but we should be done live in with a condescending, sneering government bureaucrats like bout g and biden. and anybody else telling us what to do? we got to have a why the economy in a future, and we can't be governed by these bureaucrats who say, don't worry, trust us, it will be fine. we'll eventually get through it and the voters, by the way, our 2nd. and that's you. obviously i think live in virginia because i think that's the passion that we heard there and gave it. i want to get to you because it gave me this idea about truth and i agree, we all just want the truth. we had an issue come up yesterday with president abide and in regards to being question about the possibility of families receiving more than a minute to a $1000000.00 for being separate at the border under president trump administration . president biting yesterday had this to say. there were reports for servicing that your administration planning to pay. illegal immigrants were separated from
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their families at the porter up to $450000.00, possibly a $1000000.00 per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegal? if you guys keep sending that garbage out. yeah. but it's not true. so a garbage report. yeah. okay, so he said that the a feel you immediately came back. the executive director issued a response saying president by to may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own justice department. we respectfully remind president biting that he call these actions criminal and innovate within president trump and campaign on remedying and rectifying the lawlessness of the trump administration. so how me out here, david, what is the truth? well, i think we should start out by believing what president biden said, which is that it's a garbage report. it sounds like it was leaked by somebody who would like that case to settle at $450000.00 per emigrant or a $1000000.00 per family. but that's not what it's going to settle out. it looks
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like what's going to happen is it's going to settle either for a much lower amount or they're going to leave it to the courts. i think for something that's such a political hot potato is this. i think it might be very wise, and i think this is what president biden saying to let the courts decide it's a pending lawsuit. it may not be susceptible to being a class action in many respects. these people may have very different kinds of claims and not of similar class claims. and let each person who says they've been damaged, tried to show, or each family that says it's been damaged when it cross the border and had the family separated. let them show the violation of law to a judge and let them show if they can do that, what their damages are and let go from there. so i think that people shouldn't jump to conclusions. i, you know, we all do want the truth on all of these issues. that's why i like so much being on your show, we try to get to the to don't we and david and that's why i like having like says that 360 view and you're right. it should go suggested there are publicans though, actually just introduced a bill to block this reported plan. so like i said,
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it's going to go through the just just decision. now the legislative black branch about lots of issues. great conversation gentlemen will have you all for your background to continue. okay, so when we return, when the justice system isn't working, should there be grace for those who decide to take the law in their own hands, especially if it's involving their own loved ones. we will bring you the terrifying story of one father who decided the fate of the man who sold his daughter into sex trafficking after the break the ah, russia, this class of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. even though say more than a sort of can you sell it to propose a bunch of really good just important factors. it took 5 years to close the gap on
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the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. skip. so we'll on, over to for tools q, deal with my food ocean from a small school, new from ford motor company america. could i get the customer with us or the narrative this year is climate change. climate change is being swapped out for we need growth and it's being used to justify money, great thing. and just like printing money doesn't create gross printing. money doesn't solve climate change and either love adult is always built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding of
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childhood relationship, it becomes very hard to understand your adult relationship. and that's why it's incredibly important and to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional be. and i get this washington state. a father is being charged with 1st degree murder for allegedly kidnapping and killing his daughter's boyfriend. after he sold his daughter into sex trafficking, the victim in 1900 on andrew sorenson disappeared over a year ago. and it remains were recently found in the abandon cards. ok. the dad, 6 year old john i meant is now being held a hero by some on social media to for more insight into this case, we turn out legal journalists, my birth trivia, the american lawyer. molly, thank you so much. i know you've stayed on the story for last couple days, and i appreciate you staying with this to hard one because nobody ever wants to
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take it in their own hands. and this exception in this situation is there an exception. we'll get to the legal side of it. i asked you 1st, how was the legend sex trafficker killed? it was brill police say that thornton was beaten by either men, 1st with a cinder block and then he was stabbed to death. and his body was found in the back of a car. basically, zip tied together. his mouth had been duct tape in the tap and about a year ago police did the dad believe that he profited the tune of $1000.00 for selling his then mine or daughter into sex trafficking. he and his fiance, and i'm talking about when i say he, i mean the dad john eyes in men. he in the day at the time rescued the girl. and then a short time after that, maybe a few weeks or months realized for aaron sorenson was going to be in police. say he track him down, confronted him with what he had done, kidnapped him and then beat him and stabbed him to that. ok, so not surprisingly, i mean seems to be getting actually a lot of public support for this. i think mine every angry father does this
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indicate it will be tough for prosecutors to get a conviction or can even be mars guilty, but actually has sentence be a little bit more light handed than normal? absolutely, i think at this point there's a lot that can happen with the case even though he's facing 1st degree murder charges that's based on what basically police say the evidence shows, prosecutors can take the case and say, can i get a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt is that morally justifiable to get a conviction? in this case, they can choose to go for a lower charge. they can choose to pursue no charges at all. so fill up the discretion of the prosecutor at this case and certainly it's no surprise the prosecutors can make a lot of decisions based on public opinion as well as political pressure. and this is one of those cases that like you said, i mean even on my own facebook page, when i posted about the story with comment for comment for comment of blame the dad vigilante justice, we need more fathers like that. but again, please have a confirmed whether that actually did tell the daughter into trafficking. if he
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wasn't guilty of what the father believed was that the point is the father did believe it. apparently he did rescue his daughter from a sex trafficking ring and then went after. and so, even if the prosecution decides to pursue a case with jury convict, they might not even come back though. it'll be interesting to see what charges prosecutors decide to pursue if they do pursue a trial. jury can always nullify a verdict. they might think, okay, yeah, this meets the letter of the law. but morally, we don't. so this is worth a conviction and they may find him not guilty. so i'm guessing that prosecutors are going to go for something where they can actually get a conviction or, or at least the favor of the public if you will. well, and i think this all comes out of the fathers, frustration is obviously shows that he felt like this. this guy was never going to get justice for what he did to his daughter. so we had to take her own hand that speak volumes about the justice system, the frustration that so many have as you see, these offenders released a little technicalities. but that's how you have we have you, molly, that continues to come to follow the stories when other people just ignore me.
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thanks for joining us. all right, there are the latest popular tv series called squid games available on netflix. and i want to spoil the theme for you, but let's just say it involves games. where if you, when you suffer a very tortuous and gruesome violent death and the show has lots of losers. so show has caused some to remake parts of the game, both out the final consequence. one of those roommates has landed several children, the hospital that's freedom escaped journalist bench, wanna discuss because i always discuss things like this and pop culture with him in moultrie pop culture. you're right to go to guy. amongst other things. you know, someone would have told me that a korean horror series would be a number one on netflix. i'd laugh most people probably haven't strain a full foreign film. but what is the story with this and what is the danger? so it's kind of interesting because by the way, i and full disclosure here, i have watched all of a great game i watched and always within 1 may hold a single saturday. yeah, it's pretty glory. but yeah, the story with the kids,
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it's kind of interesting. so there's a particular challenge where kids have to use honeycomb, they create this little honeycomb kind of desert and use a needle to got car, how to shape and it will apparently kids are burning themselves while trying to create the recipe to create the honeycomb in the 1st place that yes, they use the sugar and it uses baking soda and you boil them together and the sugar gets really hot. and so kids are getting scalded. doing that. this happened like 3 or 4 times. to be honest with you, you know, when you hear kids in the hospital trying to recreate the game, i'm thinking they're playing red like greenlighted each other. but it wasn't anything here that serious it was, you know, it can be serious to, to get a scalding burn. but it's more of the error of them trying to create something, not actually trying to do the games themselves. but once again, i think this is what makes the bigger picture. once again, you have social media comes in and they tell the kids how to do it. they tell them how to bake it, and that's what's causing these kids did not realize that there's actually a lot more into the just melting butter. and that kind of concoction can actually be very dangerous on a stove. i was thinking of the responsibility. do you think when these type of
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movies come out that they think about, hey, could this actually be something that could cause down the road people to recreate and get hurt? yeah, i don't think they think a lot about that. i mean, i know there are some actual youtube right now who are recreating, if you know who mr beast is, he's apparently recreating the sets of squid game to actually create his own squid gains in real life. i don't think they're gonna kill anyone. i'm pretty sure they're not, it's on youtube. you can't do anything on youtube, doesn't mean that they're not made on there and you're not right now. then let's go to point out that go figure. you can talk about certain things, but you can recreate games. what's interesting about this though, is it does go back to this idea, you know, when you're creating a social media environment that is being targeted at kids. and i'm not sure that, you know, you can blame square game for this, but it is a social. ringback media issue that kids see a challenge, so it's called the squid game challenge. and so they're going to create stuff that quite frankly, they're not capable of creating, they're not actually able to do this safely. and so kids get hurt doing it. and i
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do think that's one of the problems is as we've talked about before, parents don't let your kids just run amok on social media. you need to know what they're looking at and what they're doing and found out about the things that are being drawn to, whether it's a square gain challenge or anything else you've got to be involved in that you can't just let your kid and, and hope that tick tock is going to babysit them for you. it's not. and sometimes they're actually the worst baby, and i think that's why it's important whether we're talking about this or the momo challenge or the hanging challenge that came. that's why it's important that people who are watching the show know it's out there, then go do your own research, follow what your case. it's not just an innocent netflix series when they're trying to recreate them and people are getting hurt from it. that's why i think is important to have you on. i'm still gonna, i'm still kind of shocked. you know who that you to guy is, but you're cool like that been. i am cool like that this all the way i like. that's what your kids tell me. thanks for joining me. and that's all the time we have a show. i promise conversations that will continue. follow me on twitter. i've got an he's, he's the hash tag team and the, and for the show more always on the portable got to be app for android device.
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thanks for watching. ah, ah. ah, virginia has roared and democrats are really republic, england, youngins, gubernatorial. when is nothing less than stunning? he is a political novice and not but trump, sara, get this. no other election will how far reaching implications and it could signal
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the end of the biden presidency. we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our starns this years is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can, but i went initially with anything but all it eventually there's malware on thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the think apology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that is happening as a mini cyber implants right now, i'd be aware that really worried about it. most people would equally b, a chip in my brain. so there has been
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a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. there has been on the defensive side with for is your media reflection of reality
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? hi, election, whole community. i you going the right way? where are you being led? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. mom miss called a little chill on to what the nuclear, you know, talk, so shown where you also trust someone call them ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super awesome. would you also get on the ball games?
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come on the shoulder and she was a better one more law totally different. the last one is a is, there is a surface, but it is a, you know, watch the past 3 decades been likely ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. this would be more or less to do to shoot me a little what i knew about it. i'm not sure. but i did that for months with no idea what else? what other forces were at play? you have to do so to me. show engine mushy. in those them you put on the kid what it a little bit when you did the shows us in the virtual world. nice. take a look at ukraine, 30 years out the gaining independence with unless you mean like it was way but a will. it could be issue,
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you must on hold for ah, a key researcher for the infamous steel dosier on trump selected ties to russia has been arrested in the us on false testimony charges. it comes into probe into the real reasons behind a major investigation concerning supposed collusion between the 2. something the ex president branded a, which also ahead the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. a u. s. investigation concludes that in august, drones strike and couple that killed 10 afghan civilians including 7 children, was not caused by misconduct or negligence. and the white house announces it will impose mandatory cobra. vaccinations for the private sector in the new year. was
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year old news headlines for this our state.


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