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tv   News  RT  November 4, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, the key research for the infamous steel dossier on trump, russia, ties, has been arrested in america on false testimony, challenges becomes amended prob, into the real reasons behind a major investigation into alleged collusion between the 2. the next president branded that a, which also on the way for you the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. the u. s. investigation concludes that in august, drunk, striking, cobbled that killed 10 afghans, civilians was not cause on misconduct or negligence. businesses across the u. s. braces, the white house announces it will impose mandatory coven vaccines for the private
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sector. as of the new year, we've spoken to an airline pilot, if is that it could lead the massive job losses of the companies and the government is insane. estimated 15 percent of air traffic control in the united states are gonna walk off the job at the end of the month because they're not gonna take this vaccine. ah, oh, hi there. very good evening. great to have your company here on our team who start this out with the developing story coming out of mexico were several armed men of reportedly stored the luxury resort near can coon, that's according to multiple social media reports. witnesses claim that the gum an open fire on the beach with hotel guests and employees, forced to seek cover emergency services have confirmed that they are attending an incident in the puerto morales area to people have reportedly been killed in what
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local authorities a cooling a dispute between rival drug dealers, now hotel guests or staff, i believe have been injured as always, will bring you more information on this story as it comes at a russian born analyst. it was a key research for the infamous steel dossier which contained salacious allegations about donald trump. and his links to moscow has been arrested in the united states . he's been charged with lying and his testimony made to the f. b. i found guilty, he could face up to 25 years in jail. you have done, jenkins has been released on bail while the investigation continues. there, my colleagues, daniel hawkins, told me through the case. well, this is an investigation into an investigation. and then from russia collusion, saw the really shows no son of a biting, even 5 years on this arrest. we were dancing. there was just a new twist in this plot. but let's go back a little wanted to get the context here. those allegations of
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a trump criminal conspiracy to try to steal the presidential elections really persisted and haunted before president throughout his time and office and beyond little low they were debunked. there was allegations by more than one investigation . those rumors not speculation very much continued. they were fueled in part, at least by documents such as a steel garcia, which was a report written by full aubrey spike roof for steel filled with simulations and allegation valve, as we say, a conspiracy between trump and the criminal to win the election. now the document came in full very heavy criticism. a lot of it was the bunked by the muller pro, but indeed a doubt was cost on much of the information within it. a body will to himself. i'm prepared to accept that not everything in the dose here is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them. of course i still referring there, of course, to allegations of a secret meeting between trump's former possible attorney michael cohen with russian officials in prague. again,
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a claim that was debunked by the robot pro by the f b i. but again persisted. now today the saga has turned another page with the rest of the dungeon, cook. another rest is part of this investigation into the well, the proven to donald trump. they deal with mud slinging. i mean, the thing was really dragged through the for several years as you, as you mentioned, and everybody wants to know why that happened if nothing sort of wrong doing occurred. so where are we with this new probe? well, list is probably has begun by donald trump during his time and office special counsel john durham, was appointed to leave this investigation to see if there was any wrong doing any malicious intent and practice in that original probe into those nations of collusion. we do know dancing go is a russian born analysts living and working in the u. s. has been taken into custody by the federal agents. he has been charged with 5 counts of making false statements to investigators regarding his sources of information which were later included in
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that still shape and handed over to the f b i. and it's worth mentioning both the original investigation. and this one has both been labelled with politicized by critics and supporters of donald trump like it's been a highly divisive issue. but why is this significant? because if the dungeon code is found guilty and he has already been charged, this makes him a 3rd person to have criminal action bought against him. as a result of this problem, we've had one cybersecurity law charged again with lying to be as part of this probe, a federal agent last year meeting to offering an email with regard to the prob. so the more on durham digs, the more he finds and certainly for all more arrests and charges, it's anyone's guess as to just how deep this pro could go into that original investigation into trump, russia collusion, legal and media analysts. lionel told us that he has reservations about the legitimacy of the trump russia dossier. they based all of this surveillance on
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lie after lie after lie down was stitched together and put into this thing called ad darcy, for some reason, a pack of lies is elevated. does i mean, is superior status by giving it the audrey fancy, sch, mancy da, ca. and i've been wondering for the longest time, how is this possible? now when you throw when to fact that mr. dan jango is our russian. well that she no more, but the problem with our corrupt left is shadow government media is that they don't want to say, ah ha, there was cur. oh, wait a minute. maybe there was russian collusion, but not with trump. maybe we colluded were there, russia? so you can see right now as we speak, this corporate media. be very careful not to say too too much about this. john durham is a no nonsense prosecutor. most of us forgot about him. well, now he is apparently cranking this out. and let me tell you, i mean,
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it's about time the american military concluded a bought stroke strike carries out in afghanistan in august was not unlawful. and showed no sign of negligence. that despite that strike killing 10 civilians including 7 children and not a single terrorist. the u. s. air force inspector general announced the probes phonics. the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. did find execution errors confirmed by come from a or for combined with confirmation bias and communication. greg, the breakdowns that regrettably lead to a civilian casualties. well, that cobbled drone the sac was one of the final acts of the u. s. war in afghanistan, the pentagon, the 1st claim to taken out an imminent threat and that it didn't appear to involve any civilian casualties.
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o. busy u. s. air force inspector general said his report on the strike will remain classified because it contains details of the military says strike tactics that the a p news agency reported that the pentagon and found no mistakes following an independent review. or if he also recommended the military and previous procedures to ensure civilians are not present and not strive. john, we spoke before me us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. he believes there was no justification for the joint strike in this heavily populated city. there is nothing but negligence here from the beginning when they identified or miss identified the target to the end, when the decision was made to pull the trigger. i can't see a single legitimate reason to go forward. and yet everybody did go forward. and if
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they're not being honest about it and saying that mistakes were made, this is going to happen again. this isn't the 1st time we fired a missile that's killed civilians. it isn't the 2nd time, 3rd time port type. it's the 100 time. and the, the reality is the united states as known for some time now that a procedures it has in place. it carry out counterterrorism strikes in a real world, you know, real time an event or are not sufficient to the task that we kill civilians. and yet we went for it anyways because there was political pressure being placed on the military to be seen as doing something the find, the ministration says that it will impose mandatory vaccines for workers in the private sector as of early next year. emergency measure will apply to all businesses that have more than a 100 employees. big funds will be imposed on firms that don't comply. we spoke with an airline pilot, jason couldn't. she says the vaccine regulations have already been
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a major burden on the ation industry. the effective date is december 8th, that federal contractors need to be fully vaccinated. the crews right now are extremely stressed. you add to that, the forest vaccines that are coming our way in the transportation industry and the potential here of having to violate one's own conscience. in order to get the vaccine or potentially lose your livelihood and lose your career is, is very, very stressful. fact air traffic control in the united states. they are already working by mandate 6 days in a row because of shortages. and now you have estimated 15 percent of air traffic control in the united states are gonna walk off the job at the end of the month because they're not going to take this vaccine. the companies and the government
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isn't saying what the accommodation will be for you if you choose to continue not to get vaccinated. and so a lot of people fear, and i think rightly so, they could end up on the street. well, the u. s. ation sector is already on the pressure last weekend to learn american airlines, that's the country's biggest carrier, canceled walden, 2000 and flights. in the space of just 4 days, 10 percent of his flights was grant airline. blame the setbacks on shortages of staff and adverse weather. meanwhile, more than 40 republican senators said they're trying to nullify president bonds. vaccine mandate plans, i discuss the business is the single biggest, disruptive for the business community. because the vaccination, right, in america, the stool is around 50 percent. currently the population, well behind the w, i chose target of 70 percent. is jason finish again? he thinks his sector, at least is already a safe,
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is it can be the airline ceos and companies themselves have paired up with harvard university, showing that there is a point 003 percent chance of getting any kind of coven transmission on an airplane . you know, we flown through the standard for the last 18 months air crews all over the world have done a fantastic job. navigating this, this pandemic, you know, we've flown p p. we found vaccines. we've been there with the 1st responders in showing up for work. despite the risks you see in the united states, that we're already under a very ste, i would call a severe shortage of qualified individuals to be mechanics. we find a tennis to be pilots, specifically the governor of florida has become the latest u. s. politician to embrace the popular. let's go brandon chant, the code to dig it. president joe button was then taken up by the crowd. when you
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look at the biden, the brand and administration in terms of, oh, let's go to brandon 1st went viral following it, n b. c reporter. apparently mishearing racing fans with chanting. a foul mouth insulted joe biden. they quickly went viral 1st at sporting events than an anti government protest, especially my auntie faxes with politicians now also getting in on the and they want you to help put america back where you found it and leave it the hell alone. let's go. brandon, how you back? good. let's go. brandon. from the record levels of inflation to the crisis said our southern border. americans are fed up with biden's dangerous liberal policies. earlier i spoke to political commentator, naulty contributed nika, house, who claims the popularity of let sco brandon is down to biden's,
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failure to keep his promises while they play civility. civility politics, you have real people who are suffering from real problems. nbc put out a poll that show joe biden has about a 46 percent approval rating, which would be significantly less than what he's had throughout his presidency. once again, a has only been a year or less than a year, really. and so the fact that this chair becomes, is popularized as it has. and the fact that that coincides with his taking a poll numbers, i think it's fair to say that people do really feel like that. i mean, you're you from, from our perspective, there's not a single promise that joe biden has put out there that he is kept. i mean, from whether, whether want talk about before the campaign even finished, or in a week to week basis ever, he throws carrots and never actually does what he says he's going to do. and at that point, a lot of people just feel like, you know, let's go brandon, the mainstream media lease in the a liberal mainstream media's fault. this became a fame. and i felt like
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a very representative emblematic and emblematic of what we saw during the election every time joe biden would do something bad. they would try to whitewash whatever he dade, and pretend like it never happened. in fact, sometimes where it's like it was a good date. k, a get a quick recap on a story from mexico. a several armed men opened far on the beach and what local authorities of called a dispute between rival drug gangs, 2 drug dealers were killed in the incident which took place at a luxury resort near can coon, that's according to local police hotel. guests and employees were forced to st cover when they heard the sound of gunfire. according to multiple reports on social media, the local authorities have said no one of the guests all hotel staff were harmed in the incident. coming up after the break right wing french politicians are looking to capitalize on the surgeon anti bass migrant sentiment to poll shows most people in the country fear a circle, great replacement muslims eventually outnumbering white christians,
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bring you that story more racial digest financial survival guide. when customers go buy, you reduce the price. now, well, reduce the lower that's under cutting, but what's good for food market it back to the global economy. ah, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community, are you going the right way?
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or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true was, is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oh, go, come back. kenya has reopened a criminal probe into the horrific manager of a woman, allegedly by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten, stabbed, dumped into a septic tank in 2012. a family believed the details of the case were hushed up. lead you the hello johnny. we recently learned that is the british army vault because there were a lot of cover ups. but we are glad that now think of been brought to light my
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wishes. the culprit to face the law because i had to bear burden that wasn't mine. i had my own children to take care of. though i was not employed, it has been a real struggle. the family of agnes when terror, when jacko. a canyon woman allegedly killed by a british soldier, is crying foul as they are yet to receive justice. almost 10 years after her death . when jack, who was a 21 year old sex walker, any money to feed her newborn baby when she was reported missing in march of 2012, 2 months later her body was found in a hotel septic tank near to where british soldiers had been stationed till now, no soldier has been question though, has been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier acts confessed to killing her. what would i feel so sad as those positions to help us that took so long recently when the me distorted error in the story top and old. once it's like agnes has just died. it has the been affected, her daughter, but we had to let her know what is going on. i pray that god crossed the british
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government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of elkin as i remember how happy she was, she loved to sing it. she taught my youngest daughter how to sing with the person who killed agnes should face the law because the child was orphaned has suffered a lot. bearing in mind, she was just 5 months old. even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k. defense ministry, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with the kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes. our help will always be forthcoming. will activists in kenya, a calling for the extradition of the alleged killer to be held accountable while the labor party here in the united kingdom say the 9 year deal without an investigation even being considered, has denied the family justice. there's been no minister defense lead investigation of the soldiers involved, or no inquiring to why the minister,
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the phones failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family. revelations of the tragic death of when jacka continued to become more sinister, it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers joked about, had death on social media several years later. the family now hope this fresh investigation will give them that answers they so desperately need to her. i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us defense for her young child. it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hope to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe into am jaclyn, his death officially closed at stores on investigations and to more than
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a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there, will this mean justice may never be solved for anger when jerry, when jack, who and her family, chateau edwards dashti, r t, london. the bits of dispute is broken up between iran and america over the seizure of an old tanker. and the sea of amman, thus weak washington claims to run captured the vessel ran, says it was repelling a u. s. attempt to seize the boat and is now released video claiming to prove just that i'm at least correspondent pull a slip reports. well, what the thing now is a new round of installation between iran and the united states. this particular incident happened towards the end of last month, although only now has been used to video. and you can look at that video, what you can see is uranian forces, despite being dwarfed by american vessels, appearing to success the meet block, the path of american worship as the tank at sales away. now there are
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multiple shots. in this video, we use the waiting revolutionary gods forces aiming and training. they went to the usa vessel. now, the iranian government has said that the operation was a success. despite the fact that the united states was able to turn, so oil to another tanka as to the whereabouts of that tank. well at the moment that is unclear. earlier we did hear from the pentagon who refused the uranium claims. i've seen the iranian claims. they are absolutely totally false and untrue. there was no such effort by us naval assets to seize anything. so what this refers to is back on the 24th of october, and i would add that iran's actions, the ones that are true of them illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel, constitute a blatant violation of international law. these events are not the 1st time that we see the united states intercepting vessels that are carrying iranian oil. ever since the form,
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the american president donald time withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal. that will, how was signed, what iran grant has been facing crippling sanctions. and that is part of the constraints that are being put on. he ran to limit its nuclear ambitions. any country that is seen to purchase iranian oil also pays to sanction. the timing of this particular incident is significant to be people of events, 1000, take us to cease to celebrate government, denies demonstrations and celebration. commemorating the 979, he read the american embassy around side mohammed mirandi. a political analyst at the university of to run says the incident demonstrates washington needs to change. its attitude towards around this particular event is, is very significant. and it shows that the iranians are much more powerful today.
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they're in a very, they're in a commanding position to defend their sovereignty in their interests. and the very fact that the united states had to back down is reflective of something much bigger . i think it's, it has to do with us internal divisions if the united states chooses to change its behavior towards iran and relations will improve. but if the united states wants to intimidate iran and try to get more concessions from iraq beyond that deal that was already struck in 2015, they're not going to get anything. and they will have more problems in future with iran. race and religion could play pivotal role in the french presidential election next year. judging by new nationwide, paul found 2 thirds of respondents believe white christians are under threat from muslim immigration on a dubious. he has a story with an election around the corner, hearing france questions about the country's identity,
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and whether it's losing it all being raised. the campaign is shifted to the fringes of the right even before it's even really begun and fears that francis traditional values are being replaced or rife. one poll showed 27 percent of respondents were certain that christine populations were being threatened by extinction. 34 percent thought that it was probable, the fear is that museum immigration is de posing traditional white communities. while these ideas are certainly being peddled by read, you write politicians, they are not the only ones with the medical center, right? joining in you have people of foreign origin who are driving out little by little what in demography we call the natives. eric seymour, a french pundits and the presidential hopeful, has been far stronger than that. in his latest book, he says,
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the suburbs of paris are being colonized by muslims, and that the whole of france will soon be overrun. he has also added to warnings from some of frances retired military talk bras that a civil war is brewing. this fear that frances, losing her identity, her traditional values, is one that there is general public concern about it. she is not, in my opinion, there are populations from africa who come up because they really wants to be in france and to integrate because because they don't have a choice of problem or of the religious aspect does not worry me much. it's more the values like freedom and then security oil, but i'm afraid that all values by force will be diluted in time. values are what make the foundations of a society. we must not forget the immigration is the number one problem in francis, on. we deal with it all with you. however,
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while subjects like this me peak interest for many the issue dominates the upcoming election. we the politicians busily trying to show that they are the one who will uphold friendship values. and that voters may be looking for someone who is a little bit different to deal. i think these types of subjects are being used by politicians to get votes, which are making extremist parties happy, the day on the right or the language. so yes, it makes it scary. after all, we must not forget that there are just 6 months to go before the election. if i don't do that, here's a new debate. it's come because very close to the election because there has been an enormous amount of immigration. everything that's happened in the middle east normally can. france was always about him and country. it was constructed by foreigners in a fashion optical immunization. he's for them, it shows we have them all in the end. he is a very intelligent person, very culture that shows as not specials wanted. he's not part of any political party history. there is a craze for him. almost in 2017. that was
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a manual microphone. this time around the vote is know a little bit more about what he can or he can't offer. so that new and shiny label has worn off. the poll show that someone like zoom more could laugh, but votes maybe even enough to be one of the 2 candidates who get into this 2nd round of voting. his tough talking, his not showing away from subjects that many have found unpalatable in the past, is at least for now we'll resonating with the public. and if he ends up going head to head against macro on the more a man who's been described as the intellectual, donald trump is ready to make some pretty unpredictable waves. charlotte, even ski r t. thank you very much, charlotte, and thanks to you guys that i'm for. thank you this evening. appreciate you.
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company updates coming for 30 minutes and don't forget lots more stories on a website. you can find out more about them by adding to all t dot com. ah ah
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welcome to a kaiser report. i am max kaiser, you know on musk does say some interesting things from time to time. stacy? right, well as me know, eli mosque is the richest man on the world at least this week. and also this week, the masters of the universe of this world are meeting up in scotland to determine how to control command and control the earth climate. these are the same people who by a large, also try to command to control the world's monetary system. the economic system, the, you know, geo economics, geo politics, all the system, they control. so as their meeting, i want to point out to, you know, the cop meeting cop 26 is run by the u. n. u n. world food program was also in the news this week was something they tweeted about elan mosque and they said 2 percent of even mosques, wealth could solve world hunger,


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