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tv   Keiser Report  RT  November 4, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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i to command control the world's monetary system, the economics system, the, you know, geo economics, geo politics, all the system, they control. so as their meaning, i want to point out to, you know, the, the caught me in cub $26.00 is run by the un. the u. n. world food program was also in the news this week was something they tweeted about elan mosque and they said 2 percent of iran masks wealth could solve world hunger, says director of you and food scarcity organization to this again, im dr. eli david tweeted, fact, jack, 2 percent of eon, mox wealth is $6000000000.00. and 2020 the u. n. world food program, raised $8400000000.00. how come it didn't solve world hunger? with 8400000000. yeah, yeah. the last off here, you know, 1st of all, you say this and explain something here. the reason for my printing and lower rates
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for 30 years, was to stimulate, gro, was to increase demand, was to satisfy keynesian doctrine. and we've been saying on this show for more than 10 years, that all the money printing actually stimulates deflation. all the money printing stimulates, economic malaise. all the money printing is why there's so many financial crises. and now the central banks around the world realize that that's true, max of stacy were correct, is undeniable. that the money printing actually cause all these problems with growth gdp. walton income gaps. so they had to come up with a new narrative. and the narrative this year is climate change. climate change is being swapped out for we need growth. and it's being used to justify money printing . and just like printing money doesn't create gross printing money doesn't solve climate change. either of you cannot substitute the price signals and
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workings of free markets where the command control paula bureau of global central bankers who think they know better than the market every single time that's been tried not only of our own species, but over all species over all time when you try to question reality, you always lose reality, always wins in the an so ill on mass bear, 3 percent or 2 percent of us. net worth is roughly equivalent to what they suggest is needed to solve hunger. ok, another rationalization for money printing that is by definition impossible to work through money printing and deal on must made a very cogent remark. he tweeted in response, if w f p world food program can describe on this twitter thread exactly how $6000000000.00 will solve world hunger. i will sell test the slap stock right now
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and do it. so, you know, to me, this is kind of by keith's called their bluff. right. and their bluff is the law of big numbers. we have the love big numbers coming from the top down and we have the law. 7 of small numbers, they kind of trick all these ordinary jo bagget donuts with their free stimulus checks said go into like the robin hood apps and, and trade microshare, right. you could buy a dollars worth of apple stock for example, because the numbers too big, but you can buy $1.00 and pop up their whole system. well here. what, how these agencies kind of, um, get consensus for their continued rule is the law of big numbers is like $6000000000.00 as you know is and we could solve world food hunger and am at the same time, part of the reason why we have food hunger is because of so much money printing driving up the cost of the, you know, food prices. so food prices are going up because of all the money printing,
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just like they did after the 20082000 life financial crisis. food prices went up because of all the money printing and their system that they commanded control the economic collapse, the boom and bust cycle that they keep on pumping and pumping and pumping. now we have a similar thing, thing of a, a collapse and supply because of the same system. these guys say that they are command and control it. right? there's the, the old rule in magic performing and people nowadays, via magician. when i was a teenager, and as a big move high to small move, ah, so be doing something with your hands, leisure, jermaine. if you're moving her hands in a big move in this way, while you are doing or smaller machination, it hides the smaller move. so by saying these big numbers, 6b1x2b, a 100000000000, it's a way to hide what's happening really on the ground. what's happening in those private conversations and those private deals in the, in the back rooms,
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the have these giant meetings with all these heads of state except for china and russia not attending 30 percent of the world's emissions. carbon emissions, right? mostly from china. so they're, they're not attending, but they're having this big like these giant moves. and these big facial expressions, of course, why all as magicians make these grand hand movements and big face gestures. so while they're doing this of like we're gonna cure the problems that we caused for the past 100 years of money printing of industrialization of globalization, all the stuff that we've caused, right? um, some of it good, some of a bad. but here on the other hand, in the small prince, look over at with this financial report or from germany as reporting. good morning from germany where the financial repression intensive eyes. real yields tenure bonds minus inflation plunged to negative 4.61 percent
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are fresh. all time low after inflation jumped to 4.5 percent in october from 4 point one percent in september. real yields now negative for 66 can 2nd of months. another historical record here is like causing climate change with on one hand, causing hyper consumption, causing, pulling more and more of the future into that. now for their own personal, again, that's what's really happening. and you know, it turn off the money spigots from me that was thought do more the meeting, and person in this, in glasgow to determine how to stop, get other people to stop the, the consequences of your own actions. right now i think that's a good point, you know, combining or putting together both what's happening in that cop meeting and scotland for climate change. and what's happening in germany with the largest now negative real yields ever on re, on records because the bond market, which is
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a $200000.00 market. it so could be the biggest market in the world as a global market dominated by sovereign debts, soft dominated by central banks that are all colluding and working together. the message is clear. either you continue to buy these negative yielding bonds and locked in a loss, or we're going to make them even more negative. and you can do that by coercion. you can do that with a go leg established by globalist who are effectively putting people on financial prison or what i call financial apartheid. this is a transgression of human rights. these types of negative yields, or if it's a human rights violation, and the people in germany are rights rejected. anyone who is a fighter for human rights would reject these types of real neg reveals because are completely voluntarily putting, being put into place by a sadists. it's, as we've discussed, it means time has no value. they're taking more and more of destroying time
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destroying the future hopes. and yet they're saying they're meeting in order to make sure the future kids we could survive in the future. and yet their, their own actions as showing that they themselves don't have any, any sort of consideration for the future. um, and also, by the way, you know, like, as we mentioned recently, a joe biden himself is, you know, the leader of the free world. the, the u. s. is the leading and out the power of the un, i would say. and then there are the ones that were like our consumers, even though we've flooded them with free money over the past year, or 2, lots of all these p, p, p sorta programs of free money everywhere. we need saudi arabia to pump more oil for our own economy, so our consumers could consume more and do this. this next tweet here unofficially for the month, the s and p 500 gains 6.9 percent. the dow climbs 5.8 percent. the
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nasdaq adds 7.3 percent, so that's what they want permanent. like parabolic moves up and we need parabolic moves up now and we need negative interest rates because we have so much debt and the debt causes us to have to hyper consume in order to keep current. remember the red queen sent and we have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place . and that in, in terms of the economy, that means consume more and more faster and faster to stay in the same place. right? so to save the ecology to cure climate change, the single greatest action that anyone could take in the world today would be to allow interest rates globally to achieve a normal market driven rate of 5 percent, which were immediately bankrupt. all the bad actors and ali consumer product companies that are flooding the world with stuff that just jamming up landfills, jamming up the ports and,
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and benefiting and in awarding to bad actors. that's the single greatest thing that can be done. the 2nd thing that can be done that is being done is that that $200000000.00 bond market is bleeding into big coin market bitcoin and goes to $1200.00 a $1000000.00 a coin and steals from the bond market. interest rates will go to 567 percent because people are going to be dumping their bonds for bitcoin. and that will save the climate. that's the only hope we have is the species to survive the next 50 years. yeah, the negative rates is causing a mis allocation of capital, which card so for example, so the s and p $500.00 is up 7 percent of s and p $500.00 is 40 trillion dollars at the end of august 31st 2021. the entire market cap is worth $40.00 trillion dollars . so you're up 7 percent and one month that's, that's for trillion dollars right there. that's created and lost more capital for them to consume more like it's just it's, it's
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a loop of bad ideas and bad investment, and it's rewarding. it continues to reward all of those bad ideas and bad companies . the way the system is set up at the moment, right? their supply chains are broken in container ships are backed up at the ports. that's because they printed all this money that stimulated demand for a lot of stuff in china that's being shipped to america that's jammed up with the port. so the supply chain disruption is caused by money printing. that is the root cause of all of this, and the only way to solve it is through raising rates. but since no one's going to do it, then there's big coin that'll bleed money from the bond market enforcer interest rate increase. and if you're not prepared, you're going to be extremely out of luck. well, that's the other thing is that we're supposed to believe that we can rely on these institutions to solve the crisis of the climate. and yet they can't even solve the crisis of getting a face mask manufactured in america, or a plastic toy delivered in time for christmas, from from, you know,
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china. this is all logistics, if basic logistics on i can't do it. the ports and long beach stock, do you know the at a standstill because of logistics because we can't even do that. so how are we supposed to believe? we'll see it when we believe it. you know, you know. * mosque is calling them on their sort of mentality. like, oh it's an easy fix. we just need $6000000000.00, right. ok, show me the money. so here's the money. show me your actions. the same thing we have to do with these people who think they could command to control their way out of the disaster. they cost bomb on board. hey, we're going to take a break. when we come back, what's more coming your way? ah, ah, it's been 30 years as the soviet union collapsed in miss gotta go to chill them on
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to what the union talk. so shown where you also trust someone call them ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a supervisor or somebody. you also get on greens. come on board. the charlotte confusing some of the new lease in west indiana. better one more law. a finish a watch at the past 3 decades. green light for ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. this will be more or less of you to shoot me a little here. what i knew, so now it, i'm not sure but it be about 4 months with no idea what else and what other forces were at play. your producer whom you show in shin mushy in those them, you put on the kid what it i'm going to consume when you did the shows us in was
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a little versions old. nice. take a look at ukraine, 30 years out, the gaining independence, organizing your phone with us. i get unless you mean like it was a, but it will, it could be issue. you must on holding. so problem with
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as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others with the euro. my year by everybody. so why would somebody believe me, i was just for new or to to, to achieve really was, was paul change? read the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every week. we get calls in the office. i get informed about. one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together. is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming. is that documentary? see it for naughty? ah,
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welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to turn to ben r a. c is the editor of b n. e. dot e u. it's business news from eastern europe, eurasia. the middle east africa always applies to have been on the show ban awhile back. is sim x. last sketchup, all righty. so the natural gas crisis in europe, let's talk about that. everyone has an opinion or an accusation on who's to blame. what's going on? what are your thoughts on this? i, i think it's certain there's, there's been a perfect storm and everybody's been accusing russia carrying the gas in order to use it as a weapon against specifically ukraine. but the, you, in general, however, most of what's happened with spiky prices can be put down to market force. and it's kind of complicated. i mean, it's one packet. in 2000 times there was very warm wind. and at the same time,
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russia. ready was in an argument with you kind of a gas transit and so builds up massive storage and the price is plummets as a result of that. but then the following year in 2021 that was extremely cold and it went on in the spring. and so everybody used up their gas and then suddenly realize they hadn't got enough in storage. so then why, by the time they got to summer, everyone said that they were going to be short of gas this winter. and prices went through the roof. and this was my was because the e has, i'm drops using long term contracts, and when i was 2 years, and so suddenly there was no gas and the prices are, nobody's going long time. so the price is when from last 200000 cubic meter up to 2000 in the space of a few months. now they recently dropped off again because i started delivering again. but to add to this, so you have the alan g because everyone's built
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a whole bunch of terminals around europe. and that was supposed to be the spring supply. so if you are getting enough gas in russia by g, that's coming from top, i mean, math in the states. but the asian markets having an even worse gas prices than europe. and so all of the energy it off asia leaving nothing for europe. so that just added to the final piece, the also is that your own gas production has been a really big field in holland, suzy voice, so empty and so that, you know, it's been closed out. all these things hang together and combines at the same time to cause disgust, which everyone stand on into. so it's just from coming off the gas in order to you have to do. right? yeah, the lot of stuff going on there. you've got the, the inability of the you to lock in long term gas contracts and said they're now
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exposed to the spot market. and just like everything else in the world, we've got a problem with inflation. so all commodities are going up and price more or less. so that's no exception for gas. and now what's interesting banners that were the way i see that there were setting up an interesting i'm duality and interesting. um, approach taken by 2 different countries you've got ah, everybody who's under the fia money standard versus russia. that's under essentially a hard money standard. no rush has been paying down all their debt. they've got a very low debt to g d p. they've been buying a lot of gold, and now you know, they're prepared now for what could be a secular move and inflation and prices are going to go up across the board. but they prepared for this. so why should they be fatal eyes? you know, they're like the, the little piggy that lives on the brick house. the e u is living in the straw house. and america is living in no house at all. they're homeless. so i cannot, i'm saying like they,
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they made the right choice. so they should reap the benefit been yes, it's been extremely conservative. i mean the, the dead soul and dance around 15 percent of g d. p. russia has enough money to external debt and the public and still have $100000000000.00 in cash, which is enough to insure it. and moreover, there's just been making the new budget and as elected to actually increase reserves, they were to kind of see research to cover. and it's, they're afraid. i mean, you have to imagine this question. this country's been through multiple crises since 1991. and i live through a major crisis myself and i give them a lawyer that has given them the sense that they need to 1st to 4 way before 4 months. make sure the country is stable and that they can deal with any of the. ready shocks and each shop that comes does progressively less damage in the central
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bank. it's battle hot and with the currency again, they am trying to stop it, appreciate it. it's got much stronger recently which crisis expert, but most of the experts role materials and those things are not affected so much by the way, should i mean that there will be sold anyway. and another factor going into this gas prices. and i think this is the point that most people have miss, is that, and she has changed the whole gas business into a classic commodity business. because in the old days, you know, you had a pipeline, but there's no market that you have to produce to put gas in that one and, and you have to buy one takes out the other end and there's only one person. so the price is with sakes and tied into these long term contracts, but now will the end, it's a should move this shit. you create the commodity market, and that's one of the gas price that i'm shooting up. and this is simply poor
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planning on the european union soon that supplies on the spot market would be that the angie would be available as a swing commodity or swing surprise to come in when there was a shortage. like there was this, it, and it goes to just to pay it off and that's left now with any supply. and the prices have gone through the roof. and it highlights the rush that being in the to get into renewables. but at the same time, they close down their stations that close down the nuclear power stations, the things they need in order to provide the base loads, you know, when the sun is shining or the wind not blowing and they come across and i guess from is in this sort of a position where it needs to sign new long term contracts because this pipelines and feels it's developing tens of billions of dollars and the has been reluctant. but you should also notice that this crisis is very much in northern european
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crisis. do you know the people who are suffering in germany power, where it's all the southern european states like a hungry, they will happily sign these long term deals. and so they have this cheap gas guarantee to come. right? yeah, they are not a liquid natural gas. alan j a change change the market as you, as you point out the u. s. as a major producer of natural gas, and as you point out, they're selling to asia, asia pays more than i assigned to europe. so once again, how, why blame russia? you asked and could have easily fill it in. i mean, it's a market out there, it's a free market and whoever pays the mouse is going to get the gas. so again, it just seems like a dam square. we're trying to characterize this as the geopolitical game. so it's just this just, it's just the market working magic, the math point i guess from it's being accused coming of supplies of under
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supplying europe. but just from had in months, in the end of $99.00, it signed a new transit deal with the crime. and it's scrupulously being meeting order obligations. and there's this assumption that the summaries gas from should be nice to europe and supply extra gas on top of its contracted obligations, which actually has been doing it's increased by 15 percent. but just for money supplies, 30 percent of europe's gas, you know, 70 percent come from the other supplies no way. and the energy and the american specifically, if they wanted to be nice to their allies in europe, who, having this crisis should divert some of the energy to european market. but they're not doing that because you know, their market place that going where the prices are highest and you know, we're problems because, you know, we need to make a profit. and so 70 percent of the gas we supply from other people simply not coming. no one's been nice to them and gas problem is in the position where it
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could make more money. it is so more. but another aspect of this crisis is that russia is suffering from exactly the same supply crunch as europe in so much. is it also because of the weather, like i explained, is also rushing a before the winter because the, i'm not sure it gets really cold in the winter and it needs enough gas to heat the population. and that price is in the tanks, only came to and today today was the day that got from announced that they filled the tanks. and so now that have a little bit more capacity diverts europe, and the price is instantly fell from 2002. i think that a 100000 today, which is the market mechanism. so if you look at it, you could, i mean, yes, there is some politics going on here. guess from is not being totally helpful, but at the same time, it's very focused on the need to sign these contracts. it's long term contract. and the analogy i was give is that if you have
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a contract with your mobile data provider and you run a mobile data, you know, 2 days before the end of the month. and it's your mom's best that you want to ring, you know, good like this waiting on mobile data, right? it's give you an extra couple of gigabytes in order for you to be able to do that. they're just going to assist you sign a new contract at a higher price and lock you in for 2 years. and that's the market we took, the russians have to do that. and that's what it nice question. so not to oversimplify things, but nor string to the pipeline from russia to europe, bypasses ukraine, essentially. so avoid that geopolitical land, mine, but a is it on, as i've turned it on, or is it still not being turned on and wouldn't more of the solution to this being to simply turn it on ben. i mean, if they turned it on, then this gas prices, and it's filled with technical gas and it could literally be turned if the order was given today would literally turn on tomorrow. but again, the no strange thing,
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it's become highly politicized. and again, everybody focused on the fact that it bypass you crying, but you have to understand the structure of the russian gas business. more in more detail in so much of these pipelines connect to specific fields. and the pipeline that runs through ukraine is connected to the oldest and almost depleted fields and western siberia, the m p t. fields. and those ones are already working actual capacity. and the no stream to pipeline connects to the new fields and the article that those you can take easily gas from you. i'm out and send it across to the central route that goes to your current. because there are many into connectors and connect. it's been fully used in order to supply the domestic times, like i said, that the russia have to prepare for that went to so it's actually not so straightforward and those types and that western siberian field that said you try
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to be the commission so that this actually saw over the the be over a barrel. all right, let's, let's take this to segment 2, but thanks to bring on this portion of cost report pen. all right, that's going to do for this additional cost report was may max and state there it want to thank or guess been hours of be any that you until next time. ah, ah, the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interests. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to essentially destroy personnel to that individual. by scientific means. this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed
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a danger to the state. that was the foundation of the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and out of the victim say they still live with the consequences . today i don't. it was built on a structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding the child relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional, being with
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ah, key research for the infamous steel dossier on trump, russia ties as being arrested in america. wrong pulse testimony geologist comes in mid to probe into the real reasons behind the major investigation into alleged collusion between the 2. the ex presidents, branding it, which also on the way for you the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war, u. s. investigation concludes in august, drones striking, cobble that killed 10 african civilians was not caused by misconduct or negligence and businesses across america. braces, the white house announces it will impose mandatory covey vaccines for the private sector. as of the new year, we've spoken to an airline pilot if it could lead to massey job.


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