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accurately gauge the temperament of the people going into a midterm election year. we will break down the races from yesterday and why both parties were dramatically affected by the result. lecture was also the outcome. the entertainment comes from watching how very outlets actually handled the results. and tuesday nights definitely did not disappoint depressive se walberg will join us with the reaction and the struggle of some to maintain their emotions. and that he found a place movement suffered a fatal blow yesterday in minneapolis. as a voters decided to not replace the police department, why the city which burned in the wake of the death of george floyd actually decided to keep their police force. i'm scared out hughes, and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and more. i have news views. huge right here on our america. ah,
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thank you so much for joining us. you know, watching have consequences. but in this case, the result of today's elections could actually be a glimpse of what is in store for next year's mid term elections. now for our international audience, i want to explain why the virginia race was more than just about who resides at the governor's mansion in one state. let's look 1st at the location as virginia is one of the 2 states where those who work in washington d. c. have the choice to live if they do not want to live in the metro area. in fact, with one of the top public school districts in the nation and a relatively simple income tax structure, more people who work in dc actually choose to live in virginia. in fact, 18.5 percent of the workforce in virginia is employed by the federal state or local government quite larger of a percentage than most state. in fact, of all the states. now the rest of the state of virginia is a mix of those who work in higher education, defense contractors, in agriculture,
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as a majority of the state, is still extremely rural. this gives the state of representation of almost all of the various demographics which make up the united states of the state has been increasingly blue in the 2020 election. president biden had a 10 percent lead over president trump. yet yesterday, the suite by the republicans in years of democratic gains in the state. and she has a winning play for the g o. p going into the 2020 to mid terms a play which is not have donald trump at the center. natasha suite joined us with all the results of tuesdays elections as well as the issues which motivated voters to the polls. you know, virginia was the main focus, but there were other major races, including one which took longer to call than just election night right at natasha. yes, scotty, and we'll certainly get to those that we have to start with the governor's race in virginia. you might have heard the state travel slogan in virginia is for lovers,
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but on tuesday, the motto could have been virginia is for voters. it was a tight race, but ultimately voters chose a political outsider who put an emphasis on letting parents have an essay in what goes on and their children's school district. all righty, virginia. we one yes. study victory in blooming virginia republican at glen youngin when the governor's race early wednesday. he's a 1st republican to win statewide office in virginia in a whopping 12 years. 54 year old defeated, democrat terry mcauliffe, that you have been debating heavily for the past few months. many times mcauliffe comparing young kin to former president donald trump young can one despite president biding kamala harrison, even singer for l. williams. campaigning for mccall is it's interesting to me when people choose aside. you know, they forget one thing that they actually really do agree on where virginia can
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campaign on immediately improving schools and lowering taxes. he opposes teaching critical race theory as it's currently designed, and was vocal about being against coven, 19 mask, and vaccine mandates. but the reality is, the challenge of overcoming a culture where the state overwhelm self. empowerment is all too common for too long. we've expect we've been expected to show our dreams to show of our hope, to settle for low expectations. we will not be a common well below expectations will be a job. and, well, bob ha, motors reportedly saw the economy as the top issue followed by the crew members pandemic. according to an associated press survey, some 34 percent of virginia voters ranked the economy as their number one priority . that's compared to 17 percent st cobra 19. and 14 percent same education, it was their focus. virginia also had a lieutenant governor race and the winner,
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when some sears also were publican sheared, how her family is part of the american dream. there are some who wants to divide us, and i say we must now let they're happy. they would like us to believe that we are back in 1963. when my father came, we can live where we want. we can eat where we want. we had a black president elected not once, but twice. and here i am living proof in new york that people have chosen a very different candidate compared to current mirror bill diblasio, former police captain eric adams took the victory tuesday in the race for mare, new york's race merit. those around the country were winning candidates, took a stand on police and crying after years of frame, and holborn is for going ro, june, well headed city. oh, this will become the 2nd block mayor of the nation's largest city. while he has spoken out against some police tactics, he vehemently opposes the progressive stance of defending the police. adam says he
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believes in addressing the root causes of crime, this cabaret was for those who had been betrayed by their government. there's a covenant between government and the people always said, you pay your taxes. we deliver your cash dollars from goods or services with the bell to provide those goods and services. january 1st that stop. yes, minneapolis voters rejected a ballot measure to replace the city's police department with a new department of public safety. oh, the electing comes more than a year after george floyd's death launched a movement to defund or abolish police across the country. badge crime has risen in the past year at the majority of voters decided against the move. and in new jersey, it was a tight race between current governor phil murphy, a democrat, and challenger jackson rally a republican. both came out tuesday,
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st. they were disappointed. they were unable to give their prepared victory speeches. so we're all sorry that to night could not yet be the celebration we wanted to be. but as i said, when every vote is counted and every vote will be counted, we hope to have a celebration. i wanted to come out here tonight because i'd prepared one hello victory speech. ah, i wanted to come out here to night. tell you that we had one. i'm here, but i'm here to tell you that we're winning. we're, we're now that new jersey we're is, is awfully close and continues to flip flops or what have to wait and see who comes out on top. but it's clear, many voters supporting change. those changes include a better economy along with public safety report for new shoes and sweets r t. great job natasha. and you can actually see natasha complete wrap of the races on a portable exclusives which are exclusively on the portable dot tv app available free
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in your android or apple app store. now i discussed the results and what happens next for both parties. so let's bring in talk radio host in civil rights attorney, robert, tell him a leak of dough. conservative commentator, thanks for joining me gentlemen. your smiles on your face. little bit brighter than the other. you know, if you haven't had much quote about the past year, you're going to take this. you would have thought that it was a presidential election for some republicans after the past year. but i have get rid to robert 1st. what happened to me a call? why did you ever reason why i'm a call of law so it's understand one, you're talking about a symbol from the ninety's. you've got a bro back to the clinton years for a party is increasingly minority. the increasingly progress of that is increasingly young. this will just in fairfax is race and he wasn't smeared several years ago that kind of ruined his political career. he will been the nominate nominee. he would have one also we're looking at a referendum on joe biden. let's think about what happened. all the things to
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democrats, randall in 2020, they did none of them. there was no voting rights said there was no for the people . there was no criminal justice reform. they didn't pass the bill bet better plan. so what does that are you pulling behind your, your coat tails for terry, of a call to go grab onto and run on in the and i've heard from so many democratic strategist, they expect that a wave of black voters and young voters, right in the last minute to, to favor, call us and they just didn't exist because they have not put in the groundwork to cultivate. that base was real interesting because i do, i think i think it was inch. and they said that the suburban woman actually came out this time to vote. but i think this was one issue. education. i think we can all agree that was a pre domination, that crossed all demographics. but everybody cares about the education of their kid . and that was something that from the very beginning, young kid had been able to just capitalize on. but you can also was able to motor a people appalled when a race re did this all that for president trump. now there were lots of call present from put out lots of saying, you know, i support him. i form the young can himself never actually invited president trump
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and never did the raleigh with him. do you feel like this was on purpose and it's this is showing have a new strategy that republicans are going to try to use in 2022 and beyond it. i know that it was on purpose. i don't even think it. i know that it was on purpose and it was actually a very good idea. but keep in mind, even though during the primary there was a lot of discussion about who was the most pro trump and duncan didn't actually win that battle trunk did not endorse. and that primary because trump actually endorse pete snyder in the primary. so y'all can, wasn't even his guy from the beginning. but if you consider who young man is, he's a very wealthy man. so he didn't need a lot of the same rate. he had resources that other candidates did not, and so he was able to run the race being glen yankee. and i think it's the actual very good gauge for republicans on how to actually navigate. because he didn't separate himself from trump. he just didn't talk about donald trump and in the, in ultimately people who are more interested in the issues in virginia, which was
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a less than a democrat that this all things are very local. and so i think you can actually ran on that the education issue and it in and working in their favor. but i think republicans should take a lesson from glen young and you don't have to go out being a lincoln project style republican. you can be a gleaming, young, can republican, and still get a moderate and i think this one, a lot of republicans woke up. be melinda, that were most of a label. they needed a title. they've probably been that way for a long time. on that side of it, you're right, all politics a local robert, that is a cliche that we have said. and we haven't seen that actually come to fruition and rated until this time. but do you think that this actually with something all you said it's a rough reading or about joe biden to administration? how do the democrats go waking up from today moving forward? how did this alive to change their mindset? well, i think there's 2 competing narratives are coming out of the the election last night on the one hand is what we're seeing from far right. we media say this is a referendum count how counsel, culture and woke miss people from the democratic party. the numbers don't be that
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out when young kim got about 500000 and fewer votes and donald trump got a 2020. the problem is terrible. call got about a 1000000 fewer votes than joe biden did in 2020. so it's not so much that people are fleeing to the republican party, is the simple fact that the democratic party base is not being motivated because they've got to be see joe biden, a seat here. mccaul, of the, the old guard fighting for the things they believed in a 2020. and because of that, they were going to have to work on jimmy canup with the prime minister. joe mansion dictate us policy any longer into your base to stand with you? well, i'm like on that point though, do you think you mentioned some of the things that the democrats had not been able to push? do you think we're going to see a push out for this past the voting rights build now, which was something that was huge. i think the last year it didn't get done. you think years you're fresh, push for the democrats to do it and will they be successful? i think the progressive when they've always been there. but when you look at what's happening on the hill, and i think that's part of that, that poor messaging of democrats, because they've been led to lead us to believe that if you elect us in will
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a be able to do the x number of things. but on the issue of voting rights on the issue, a police reform that is a congressional issue, and i'll give joe biden lay up and not blame him for not getting these things through. because the president of the united states does not pass things into law. it's actually congress, but what democrats should be doing is putting pressure on members of congress showing up at congress to ensure that they do the things that they said that they were going to do. robert, well, normally i would agree with you on that. but remember, joe biden ran on the platform more of, i've been in washington 50 years. i'm a legislative manager and i know how to bring everyone together from strom thurmond through comalla harris. i've worked all across my night. you know how to be said. i know how to move big piece of legislation has not shown that so far. he, in the problem, the biggest problem is he's the men see out they're fighting is one thing to fight and lose is another thing to just show be recover weekends. so you know, wave of the cameras and disappear enough, a problem and people are going to look at his recent appearances across the phone as our presentation at the g 20. obviously, the c o. p 26 wasn't probably to said,
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did not make america probably stand out too much. that being said, are we going to see more cause we saw them getting people already paying waiters, how long joe was going to be able to keep his seat. is this going to put more pressure on her, especially as democrats think, hey, he might not be the ship is going to sell us to keep our, our hold on 2022 out. those of they are not able to move a big piece of legislation by thanksgiving. them. yes, those calls are going to start increasing. the reason being, but the congressional democrats and the senate democrats, people, ralphio warnock, was in a tight racer in georgia. they are going to want my beard. i'm have to be able to take something back to their voters. you can't take up, dana, stand back. you can't take the economy back. you can't take inflation back to your boat isn't what they get real. involved with joe by to can move some big pieces of legislation. you are going to see people fling the of the sinking ship and breaking off into basic uh, progressive caucus and then the traditional caucus will call for change to the top . is this gonna cause a new splendor? you still are going to have those extremely loyal trump, and is this going to cause
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a splinter between the republican party even more so now you are going to have this people going let to be more moderate. not only was his moderate, let's just not be offensive. and that was about we're about to see with the republican party and is that, can you be successful strategy? yes, and i think young can prove that is going to be a successful strategy because you talked about in the earlier block as far as what jennifer, what virginia itself represented demographically. so i think that the republicans are now than to feel comfortable saying that we don't have to go out and wrap ourselves in a trump flag. but we also don't have to take the lincoln project approach in attacking donald trump. it every chance that we can get we can support him on things distance ourselves when im, when it's necessary. but still when our races, democrats, of course, are going to continue to try to wrap everyone around trump. but i think that the glen youngin raised really, isabel, whether from 2020 to and whether joe biden is there or not republicans or poise to get the additional 6 congressional fees. we need to take back the house and i'm pretty sure that we probably have a very good job of taking the fin it. once again,
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i'm found to be a very interesting here. one like a reminds me, a little bit of 2015, but actually it's a little bit more exciting. i believe there's a lot more futility within the voter base right now. thank you for joining me on this. thank you. read ok. so the media is supposed to be non partisan, especially in regards to elections. and yet sometimes it's just really hard for those on tv to hide their emotions of critical race theory, which is it was a phony issue. it certainly isn't for jenny, organism isn't taught. but people believe what they want to believe, you know, we're still in the trump era, right? you don't have to have the facts back you up if people want to believe what you say, they will believe that the tribal research isn't taught. it means something different to voters, they think it is. so republicans are fixing it. young kids get a band. it was education, right. which is code for white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. but independence broke 9 points in favor of, of young to him. and that was,
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that proved to be devastating when joe biden was elected. he promised things would be normal again. and we'd go back to that and that's not what's happened. but maybe they are too liberal. maybe some of the messages slow down, slow down. we don't want to do it all at once. when his lunch is over, in virginia, we will know have we seen the emergence of the delta variant of trump? ism delta variant or trump is am. i mean, steve malls, bird host of eat, the pres are here on a re hard to america. i knew i had to bring you in that last comment right there when you take a virus that has caused so much problems and you equivalent it to a group of voters. how does that help this situation? thank you so much for joining us on the day after the election. your thoughts on watching the media last night and how they handled the results coming in?
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well, you know, it was fun for me because i like watching them self destructing and almost cry. of course, you know they, they've cried before when donald. 4 trump was elected, they were tears literal tears. i think they, you know, some of them at it, right. i think the woman who we saw the glory of borgia, who we saw say a, maybe they're too liberal. maybe they gotta slow down. i think that's the message. then you had those who insist that it's the critical race theory. it's a lie, it's racist acclaim. that is, it doesn't exist. and you know, they're, they're feeding on the, on the people's fears on the view today sunday, hosted and the others were saying that it's, it's, they blamed white women afraid of history. you know what it was commonplace for the media and still is for them to blame white men for different things to say white men with such disdain and discuss that why women are included in that too. especially now in virginia. so it's open season on basically white people there to
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blame for all the ills in the world. and specifically, according to many of the media last side of the hills in virginia, the ill being a suite by republicans. and yet i think this is ironic part of this that they're bringing race and is in fact, this would be the last thing i would be introducing if i was a democrat last night introducing races, considering that the state elected the 1st african american and african american female into the position of lieutenant governor as well as there is a big night for hispanics with the new attorney general and virginia all replacing a governor that was found to be in black face that there was never any punishment for. so the fact that we're bringing race into this, i think it's not a smart move from the democrats, because guess what? they are not meeting up with the what the actual public knows. and yet time and time again, steve election i, they don't hide their emotions. i am shocked. are you not that networks don't say hey, cut it out. stop with this emotional side of it. you're showing your bias. it's really hard for you the next day to come out and look like you're
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a non partisan reporter when the night before. you were crying, or you were a celebrating the results of who got elected by the way, black face, that story never happened. that was never mentioned once during the whole entire campaign. the media didn't say that mccaul should denounce the black face of his, of the current governor. never, ever, ever, ever did they bring it up? but anyway, know, i think that the cable networks welcome it. they encourage it. they want it, you know, whether it's m as in b, c, or c, n n. and although, you know, again, to an extent fox is there, a fox does have real liberals both on the pay roll and as you know, as contributors and weighing in is guess where is see and and, and m as in dc, you'll never find a true conservative as a guest, so no, i don't think the people who run these networks are afraid because that's what they do every day when they show themselves as bias. talk show hosts even though they
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pretend to be and call themselves journalists. and so there were equal ab to point out fox was the last networked, actually declare york in the republican winner last i and they got a lot of pushback from that today. steve, always great talk to you and i know that you can continue to follow this media outcry on. yeah, show this weekend. thank you. got it. now minneapolis voters decided to not replace their police department. we'll discuss what this means for that. he found a place movement right after the break. ah, it's been 30 years as the soviet union and misconduct chill them on to what the fuck so, so shown where you swore trust on want all of them. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of
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a super awesome. but would you also get on google greens? come on board. surely, she was a better one. more law, a for apple watch at the past 3 decades. green light for ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. this will be more or less a little what i knew to know if that order. i'm not sure but it be about 4 months later windows and what other forces were at play. the producer room shows inch in russia in those in you put in the kid what it a little bit when you did the shows up in them was a version jordan east. take a look at you claim 30 years out the gaining independence. a phone with us in yet, but unity retorted live,
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but a will. it could be issue national stuff. ah we're empowering ourselves to be more efficient or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from our stands. the truth is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack. i think you can,
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but i don't want to mention there's a clear with the thing, but only eventually there's a man where of thousands, maybe sometimes millions each day. they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional artificial intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber implants right now, i'd be where it really worried about it. most people would equally be you calling for a chip in my brain. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies to there has been on the defensive side a tuesday to resolve also showed an overwhelming rejection by the people for a measure to replace the police department where they department of public safety,
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which would have been overseen by the city council. now the possible possible of actually dismounting, the police department was on response to the death of george floyd in the summer of 2021. however, the question failed by 57 percent to 44 percent to discuss if this is the end of the d from the place movement and bringing former police officer dominic either dominic, thank you so much for joining me. thanks for having me. okay, so what is the effect of it? yesterday's referendum failure on the issue? i didn't think was going to go anywhere in the 1st place. and we have to start really looking at what the says. one of my favorite sayings is. it's hard to be focused when you're confused and this whole issue with police reform. it's hot potato, right? you look at it, use emotionalism. no blame the police for everything. i honestly think of people, we were teaching our kids everything in school except for hot obey police. i'd obey the law and i will be the constitution. and when you have an issue that is that is
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this black and white between the police and the public. this is something that's never going to go away and it's always going to be a leveraging tool, that activists and the public use. and i really want to see activists start going after the real issue in what these communities are having as their government, their mayor's office, they are on the judges. they elect the judicial system. the prosecutors, everything, the police, the cops on the street there the ponds that is always going to be the easiest one to blame for this. and we have to start branching out more to the root cause, the problem and not just as the symptom. but also when the problem is that you saw this rising crime, especially over the last 9 months, especially in minneapolis. i mean, there was a wave of these car hijackings that happened this past week that they just got the ring that was doing it. so do you think actually the rise in crime also might be calling for this idea to disband the place that also might be making it weaker as well. you, we've asked our cops to be everything from, you know, over here already garza right. and just chance this is i really want people start
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looking at how this tactic is use. we were line last year to what happened with george floyd, everyone. everyone on the planet was on george floyd's side, where we saw was abhorrence, law enforcement. it required a massive investigation. you went to last august, the did your children trial. and what do we start to do? we started to all the sudden criticize and critique and attack the character of george floyd, the nation. the people are so easily swayed on a motion. that's why it doesn't matter. you take what happened during that time, george floyd, you're going to have people hating the cops, cops are going to say, we can't do anything, right? maybe they're going to start turning a blind eye to things. it's not black and white. it is a culmination of a relationship and what happens or relationships, you know, 2 parties don't come together and try to solve problems. you're going to get bigger problems. it's just like silence in a marriage. you don't know your part know things are going to go worse. and that unfortunate what's gonna happen because police don't wanna go don't wanna work. you know, they found minneapolis. it's been down by a 160 members of their place for us since 2018 real quick. last few seconds of the
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show. how is this going to have an effect? do you think this might actually cause more department to be able to once again retain and recruit new members? no, you're going to yes, man cops. you're gonna get company people and, and america's going to be in for a wake up call when it comes down to defending your constitutional rights. i think it's going to be a real horrible future. dominic, i don't like that bleak, i like to end on a positive note, but the positive note is we have you to continue to guide us along. there's a very, very interesting world we're living in. thanks for joining me. dominic that's offered a show. it goes by so quickly, especially we're trying to get over an election hang over the meantime. i want to continue this conversation to follow me on twitter at study and youth, the hash tag team and v 8. thank you so much for watching and we will each other say ah,
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one which love as adults is always built on a structure that was created 1st and childhood. so without understanding your childhood relationships, it becomes very hard to understand your adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional b a when else showed seemed wrong when all 3. just don't a whole new world just to shape out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. with
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ah, frickin use aaron r t, a key source for the infamous steel dossier on trump. russia ties has been arrested in america on false testimony, charges committed, proven to the real reasons behind a major investigation into alleged collusion between the 2, which the former president branded a, which also to come for you. the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. and american investigation concludes an august drones striking cobble that killed 10 afghan civilians. it was not cold by misconduct or negligence. businesses across the u. s. braces. the white house announces it will impose mandatory cove, it vaccines for the private sector that's in the new year. we've spoken.


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