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tv   News  RT  November 4, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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me the ah, breaking news here and i see a key source for the infamous field dossier on trump, russia ties has been arrested in the us. the false testimony challenge if it comes to proven to the real reasons behind a major investigation into ledger collusion between the 2. we speak, president brown today which and also to complete the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. the us investigation concludes, and all this drug striking, cobble that killed 10 african civilians was not caused by misconduct or negligence . businesses across the us. braces the white house. it does, it will impose mandatory covey vaccines for the private sector in the new. yes,
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we speak with an airline pilot who says that it could lead to mass job loss. the companies and the government isn't saying estimated 15 percent of air traffic control in the united states are going to walk off the job at the end of the month because they're not going to take this vaccine. ah oh, that very good evening. and thanks for joining me here on our t international. we will start this out soon, breaking news because the russian born analyst, who was a key source for the infamous steel dossier, which contained salacious allegations about donald trumpet links to moscow has been arrested. now this gentleman in america has been charged with lying and his testimony to the f. b. i and he will appear in court a little later on today. daniel hawkins as more in the story and you'll be in the studio done. just take us through the developments from today, please. for an investigation into an investigation really trump,
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russia collusion saga shows no end of a bating with this new plot today, the arrest and charging of eagle dungeon go. and to make some tail of this, we need to go back a few years now would be obviously allegations between russia and donald trump is allegations of collusion, plague before president. throughout his time in office, they were subsequently debunked by more than one investigation, including the famous robot pro, which affected left from in the clear from any sort of conspiracy to steal election with the help of the kremlin. nevertheless, speculation allegations persist in fueled and fought by documents such as the infamous steel last year report released in like 2016 by full of respond christopher steel. which, you know, as you rightly say, contained a lot of insinuations and allegations of conspiracy between the kremlin and donald trump. to steal that election on that report was subsequently largely the bunks. it was put on the heavy criticism and in the dealt with cost over much of its contents
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. while the author himself i'm prepared to accept that not everything in the dosier is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them are still referring, of course, that to allegations of a secret meeting between michael cohen, trump's former possible attorney and russian officials in prague, a meeting which was later prove totally false by the prob, and once again the arrest of dancing, the key contributor, adding a new plot to this tale. yeah, that trump, russia collusion investigation turned out to be. but it was much ado about nothing, which of course begs the question, so what, how did it get so far? why did becomes such a big deal and that's now being probed itself. understandably where we are with that. well. busy as we say, this is a new page in miss collusion book this rest of dancing go as part of a probe the
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a pro boarded by donald trump by john durham. i special counsel to investigate if there was any wrong doing any malicious intent, any ellen tend to not original probes so as of a say, a prob, to look into a probe. the latest news coming in as you go, has been charged with 5 counts of misleading making, federal full statements to investigate as regarding the source of information. he got this information from in the dorsey, which was later, of course, turned over to the f b. i now this is interesting because this is the 3rd indictment that comes around as part of this john durham inquiry significant because in september of cybersecurity law was also charged with belonging to the f b i. a little later, a federal agent was actually charged with offering an email. so this is the 3rd, and i want to come about as a result of this probe this charles, you're dancing go. who's of course russian born but works in the united states lives. united states is interesting because he was a key,
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contribute to one of the key pieces in the puzzle this steel dossier. and if obviously he's proven guilty, this will go even further in mitigating those allegations of russia collusion and into bunking. many of the contents of that steel report, we'll have to see what further information we get from the department of justice. and of course when investigators behind this probe ok for that done. thank you. ok, let's bring can i guess now can speak to private investor and writing charles or tele pops on the big screen. they're very good to speak to. i believe you're in new york, so i appreciate you taking the the time out in the day for you. we spoke about this, this chapter dungeon kerry his role as the da says main research is a role that emerged last year. we knew about this a long time ago. why only now is he being arrested and charged with line?
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well, i think this is a matter that potentially affects the most senior members of the political elite in this country. and indeed in other countries, i think the practice of foreign governments meddling in the u. s. domestic politics and u. s. government actors battling in foreign politics is one that is really going on for decades, and you really have to wind the car back to i think 1096. where were serious credible allegations that asian money was being source by clinton operatives to help finance and real life bill clinton at a time when he was in deep trouble. so this practice of potentially taking for money which is illegal in this country are the through foundations or other ways to get close to a president was tremendous. our to make foreign people and actually domestic people rich is quite old and they couldn't have been centrally involved in allegations of this, primarily through their foundation. so then you go more recently into may of 2016.
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that is, when it became evident that donald trump would be the republican nominee. and when peter schweitzer is allegations and others made by me and, and several other people about the seriousness of the quote and foundation to get widespread media attention. my view is that the operative figured out they needed to have a story to, to pump out there in the, in the public domain. in this russian collusion, delusion began to be so precisely at the time in may of 2016 is what i think fusion gps. and then franco eventually got involved spewing this garbage out through the f b i. and through the mainstream media. and it's been used ever since, though it has been debunked to tar, prompt unfairly. and his people with a brush that's just not remotely true. this is a big deal, isn't it? because it's not still don't say have been believed by enough people and it had led
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to enough damage being done to the reputation of donald trump. he could have been removed from office of the back of they said these if these are proven to be lice. the done shanker. busy provided in his testimony to that behind. that should be extremely serious consequences. surely. yes, they should go all the way up. right to brock obama and joe biden himself. i mean, the process by which western or other interests have monetized. privatization, in many countries, your own eastern europe, western europe, this country. the process is one where politically connected people get opportunities to buy assets far under their true value and pocket the difference ultimately in selling out by an i p o to some 3rd party. this is a tactic that has been used around the world is enriched the political lead. it's a tactic that you could argue, bill clinton, hillary clinton are personally profited from many others, not just in this country. and it seems to me that after trump one in november of
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2016, the folks on the inside realized, my goodness, here's a guy who was not part of that process in from the political side. he's not going to have the power to put a lot of us away. we have to kick him out. we have to do our level best to stop him from seeing what we've been doing. this sort of guilty behavior is something that a man like durham to investigate, would have to have a bullet proof set of evidence, which is why he's taking as much time in my view to put this plan together. and i think he's probably got people singing to him and he's probably much further ahead than the market perceives. and i hope he does. there a work you. i mean, it just makes my mind wandered to the often herds. an inside source is here, media outlets often saying ab, somewhat inside the government has told me this and, and it's quite damaging towards somebody else. and we, we take all of these things coming from these sources here. never revealed when we
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take them as gospel often to this show that high level officials can and will lie if it seats them politically. we should be extremely skeptical about believing anybody. certainly they don't put their name forward as to, i mean i think this is a period in eyesight which may be known as a period when, why seem true? and we could go pretty far back to 1989 to sell. and globalism is a good idea for people in the western advanced countries is a horrible idea unregulated globalism. a lot of workers lost their jobs. a lot of crux bill billions were trains of dollars and money. water clinical reputations were ruined. slave markets and ben garza versus a people are selling little children in cobble now as, as one outgrowth of the, the school unregulated globalism. so yeah, i think the mainstream journalist, the corporate on journalists in the west should, should be fired on mass. they promoted this, they still promoted, even to this day,
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this russian cogent garbage. and after all, if you incite violence between russia in the united states, you're not doing many people a service, jeremy, we should naturally be more allied in our interest. we should be more concerned about what's going on with china, sucking our technology and resources around the world. and now getting more militant, that's what should consider you as a neighbor. and we, as there's a very intertwined with the chinese government, instead, we waste a lot of time and air time and legal money and go on this russian collusion. delusion shows hotels, my guess private investor in return chance. thanks so much like you. okay. this into another story. now the us military has concluded a botched drones strike enough canister, carried out in august was not unlawful and showed no sign of negligence on despite the strike killing 10 civilians including 7 children, another single terrorist,
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the us force inspector general announce the probes findings. the investigation did found no violation of law including the law of war. did find execution errors confirmed by confir may or combined with confirmation bias and communication break . the breakdowns that regrettably lead to civilian casualties or the cobbled drive the attack was one of the final acts of the u. s. ward in afghanistan, the pentagon, the 1st kind it had taken out an imminent threats and didn't appear to involve any civilian casualties. oh. busy the u. s. adults inspector general said his report on the strike will remain
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classified, but it contains details about amenities asked right tactics. the associated press news agency report to the pentagon found no mistakes after an independent review with he also recommended the military improve his procedures to instill siblings are not present before launching a strike. john, we spoke to for me, you a sprinkler intelligence of scott ritter, who believes that there was no justification for the dread strike in the heavily populated city. there is nothing but negligence here from the beginning when they identified or miss identified the target to the end, when the decision was made to pull the trigger. i can't see a single legitimate reason to go forward. and yet everybody did go forward. and if they're not being honest about it and say that mistakes are made, this is going to happen again. this isn't the 1st time we fired a missile as killed civilians. it isn't the 2nd time, 3rd time board time. it's the hundreds time. and the, the reality is the united states has no for some time now. that procedures,
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it has in place, a cherry out countertop ism strikes in a real world real time event, are not sufficient to the task that we kill civilians. and yet we went for it anyways because there was political pressure being placed on the military to be seen as doing something in the us. the bod, to ministration says that they will impose mandatory vaccines for work is in the private sector. this will start early next year. the emergency measure will apply to will businesses with more than 100 employees and big funds will be imposed on those funds. he don't comply. we spoke to airline pilots, and jason cornish, who says the vaccine regulations. i've already put a major on the ation industry. the crews right now are extremely stressed. you add to that the force vaccines that are coming our way in the transportation industry and the potential here of having to violate one's own conscience in order
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to get the vaccine will potentially lose your livelihood and lose your career. is, is very, very stressful. in fact, air traffic control in the united states. they're already working by mandate 6 days in a row because of shortages. and now you have estimated 15 percent of air traffic control in the united states. they're gonna walk off the job at the end of the month because they're not going to take this vaccine. the companies and the government isn't saying what the accommodation will be for you if you choose to continue not to get vaccinated. and so a lot of people fear and i think rightly so, they could end up on the street. the usa, vh sector's already under pressure. just last weekend, american airlines, since the country's biggest carrier cancelled more than 2000 flights. and in the space of just 4 days,
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10 percent of flights was scrubbed. they blame the setbacks on staff shortages and adverse weather. meanwhile, more than 40 republican sentences said that they were trying to nullify president buttons, vaccine mandate plans. they describe the measures as the single biggest disruption of the business community. because vaccination rates in america, restored at around 58 percent of the population, well behind the world health organizations target of 70 percent, that's jason cornish, again, thinks his sector, at least, is already as safe as it conveys the airlines ceos and companies themselves have carried up with harvard university showing that there is a point 003 percent chance of getting any kind of cobra transmission on an airplane . you know, we flowing through this pandemic for the last 18 months. air crews all over the world have done a fantastic job. navigating this, this pandemic, you know, we flown p p. we've found vaccines. we've been there with the 1st responders in
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showing up for work. despite the risks you see in the united states. we are already under a very st. i would call a severe shortage of qualified individuals to be mechanics, to be find a tendency to be pilots. specifically, kenya has reopened a criminal probe into the arithmetic murder of a woman, allegedly, by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten, stabbed and dumped in a septic tank in 2012 family. believe the details of the case were hushed up league . you the hello johnny. we recently learned that is the british army vault because there were a lot of cover ups, but we are glad that now things have been brought to light my wishes, the culprit to face the law because i had to bear burden that wasn't mine. i had my own children to take care of, though i was not employed, it has been
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a real struggle with the family of agnes. when darrow, when jacko, a canyon woman allegedly killed by a british soldier, is crying foul as they are yet to receive justice. almost 10 years after her death, when jack, who was a 21 year old sex walker, any money to feed her newborn baby, and she was reported missing in march of 2012. 2 months later, her body was found in a hotel septic tank near to where british soldiers had been stationed till now. no soldier has been question though. it's been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier ex confessed to killing her. what would i feel so sad as those positions to help us that took so long recently when the me distorted error in the story top and old. once it's like agnes has just died. it has it been affected? her daughter, but we had to let her know what is going on. i pray that god crossed the british government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of alkalis, i remember how happy she was and she loved to sing it. she taught my youngest daughter how to sing with the person who killed agnes should face the law because
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the charge was orphaned has suffered a lot. bearing in mind, she was just 5 months old. even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k. defense ministry, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with the kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes. our help will always be forthcoming will activists in kenya, a calling for the extradition of the alleged killer to be held accountable. while the labor party here in the united kingdom say the 9 year still without an investigation even being considered, has denied the family justice. that we know minister defense lead investigation of the sold is in bold or no inquiring to why the minister the phones failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family revelations of the tragic death of when jacka continued to
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become more sinister. it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers joked about her death on social media several years later. the family now hope this fresh investigation will give them the answers they so desperately need her. i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us defense for her young child. it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hope to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe into am jaclyn, his death officially closed at stores on investigations and to more than a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there, will this mean justice may never be served for anger. when jerry, when jack, who and her family chateau edward's dusty r t. london. the bitter dispute has broken out between the round and
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america of the seizure of an oil tanker in the sea of oman last week. washington claims to rank captured that vessel runs as it was repelling a us attempt to seize the boat and is now released video claim to prove just that on the lease correspondence fullest li ripple's. well, what the thing now is a new round of installation between iran and the united states. this particular incident happened towards the end of last month, although only now has when, when used to video. and you can look at that video, what you can see is uranian forces, despite being dwarfed by american vessels, appearing to success, the meet block, the path of american worship as the tank at sales away. now there are multiple shots. in this video, we use the rating, revolutionary gods forces aiming, and training. they went to meet at the you with vessel. now,
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the iranian government has said that the operation was a success. despite the fact that the united states was able to turn. so oil to another tanka as to the whereabouts of that tank. well at the moment that is on kit . earlier we did hear from the pentagon who refute the uranium claims. i've seen the iranian claims, they are absolutely totally false and untrue. there was no such effort by us naval assets to seize anything. so what this refers to is back on the 24th of october, and i would add that iran's actions, the ones that are true of them illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel, constitute a blatant violation of international law. these events are not the 1st time that we see the united states into 15 vessels that are carrying iranian oil. ever since the form, the american president, donald trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal. that will, how was signed, what iran grant has been facing crippling sanctions. and that is part of the
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constraints that are being put on. he ran to limit is nikia ambitions. any country that is seen to purchase iranian oil also faces sanction. the timing of this particular incident is significant to be people of events, 1000, take us to cease to celebrate government, denies demonstrations and celebration. commemorating the 1979, he read. the american embassy around the side rounded mirandi. political analyst at the university of 2 runs as the incident demonstrates, washington needs to change its entity towards around this particular event is very significant, and it shows that the iranians are much more powerful today. they are in a very, they're in a commanding position to defend their sovereignty and their interests. and the very fact that the united states had to back down is reflective of something much bigger
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. i think it's, it has to do with us internal divisions. if the united states chooses to change his behavior towards iran and relations will improve. but if the united states wants to intimidate iran and try to get more concessions from iraq beyond that deal that was over, you struck in 2015. they're not going to get anything and they will have more problems in future with iran. race and religion could play a pivotal role in the french presidential election next year. judging by new nationwide to poll, it found 2 thirds of respondents believe white christians are under threat from muslim immigration. sharla davinsky has the story with an election around the corner, hearing france questions about the country's identity, and whether it's losing it all being raised. the campaign is shifted to the fringes of the right even before it's even really begun and fears that frogs is traditional
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values are being replaced or rife. one poll showed at 27 percent of respondents were certain that christine populations were being threatened by extinction. 34 percent thought that it was probable, the fear is that muslim immigration is de, posing traditional white communities. while these ideas are certainly being peddled by read, you write politicians, they're not the only ones with even nickel saying, right? joining in you have people of foreign origin who are driving out little by little. what in demography we call the natives. eric seymour, a french pundits and the presidential hopeful, has been far stronger than that. in his latest book, he says, the suburbs of paris are being colonized by muslims, and that the whole of france will soon be overrun. he has also added to warnings
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from some of frances retired military talk bras that a civil war is brewing. this fear that frances, using her identity, her traditional values, is one that there is general public concern about. if you don't, in my opinion, there are populations from africa who come up because they really want to be in france and to integrate the come because they don't have a choice to say i had a problem or of the religious aspect does not worry me much it's more the values like freedom and insecurity oil, but i'm afraid that all values by false will be diluted in time. values are what make the foundations of a society. we must not forget that immigration is the number one problem and francis on. we deal with it or with you. however, while subjects like this me peak interests for many the issue dominates the upcoming election. we the politicians busily trying to show that they are the one who will uphold friendship values. and that voters may be looking for someone who
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is a little bit different to deal. i think these types of subjects are being used by politicians to get votes, which are making extremist parties, happy. e bay on the right or the language. so yes, it makes it scary. after all, we must not forget that there are just 6 months to go before the election. if i don't do that, well, here's a new debate. it's come because very close to the election. so because there has been an enormous amount of immigration, everything that's happened in the middle east will normally keep in france was always have malcolm and country. it was constructed by foreigners in the fashion after condensation keys for them, it shows we have them all in the end. he has a very intelligent person, very culture. this was as bucks for fuels wanted. he's not part of any political party history. there was a craze. for him, almost in 2017, that was a manual microphone. this time around the vote is know a little bit more about what he can or he can't offer. so that new and shiny label
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has wall off. the polls show that someone like zoom more, could lap up votes, maybe even enough to be one of the 2 candidates who get into this 2nd round of voting. his tough talking, his not showing away from subjects that many have found unpalatable in the past, is at least for now resonating with the public. and if he ends up going head to head against macklin, the more a man who's been described as the intellectual, donald trump, is ready to make some pretty unpredictable waves. charlotte's even sky r t. paris again wraps it up now, but you for well just for 30 minutes an hour, turn with our latest headline story. see that ah
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back either financial saliva. no, they say my that the girl i wanted to do think central park support. dying of god. mm. call them right now and so stop the madness. go to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk with when does the governor's race that mean more than just the governor's right? well, when it 2021 and both parties are trying to accurately gauge the temperament of the
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people going into a mid term election year. we will break down the races from yesterday and why both parties were dramatically affected by the results. i'll let you results or the outcome the entertainment comes from watching out. various media outlets actually handle the results and tuesday night definitely did not disappoint either presses as steep malls. berg will join us with the reaction and the struggle of some to maintain their emotions. and that he found a place to move it suffered a fatal blow yesterday in minneapolis, as a voters decided to not replace the police department why the city which i burned in the wake of the death of george floyd actually decided to keep their plates for i'm scared of hughes, and we're going to give you the 360 view of these stories and more. i think news views huge right here on our t america. ah .


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