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tv   News  RT  November 4, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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ah, breaking news on our t. c. a key source for the infamous steel del ca on trump, russia ties has been arrested in the us on false testimony, charges. it comes amid a proven to the real reasons behind a major investigations into alleged collusion between the chief which the ex president branded a, which also li investigation found no violation of law, including the law of war. a u. s. investigation concludes an orchestral strike in capitol, but kill 10 afghan civilians was not caused by misconduct or negligence. businesses across the u. s. braces. the white house and lunch says it will impose mandatory coven vaccines for workers in the private sector at the beginning of the new year.
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we speak with an airline pilot, who figures it could lead to a mass job loss. the government isn't saying what the accommodations will be for you if you choose to continue not to get back to the lot of people fear and i think rightly so. they could end up on the street. ah lie for moscow. this is our t. my name's unit o'neill and 30 minutes of news and use start. we begin with breaking news. a russian bore anomaly to a key source for the infamous steegal dolcy a which contains salacious allegations about donald trump. his links to moscow has been arrested in the u. s. he's being charged with lying in his testimony to the f . b i and will appear in court later today. the live to tell you, hawkins,
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who can tell us more high done. so it seems the saga returns take us through what we're learning about today's developments. yeah, totally new plot twists to the trunk. russia collusion saga an investigation into an investigation with this arrest and charging of ego dunsen go, let's go back a little few steps though to see what exactly has happened here. and those allegations of collusion between trump on the kremlin to when the presidential elections hol, can trump throughout his time in the white house subsequent probes. and investigations, of course, found no evidence to substantiate those claims of collusion between from the criminal. nevertheless, though, allegations and rumors, speculation persisted fueled in part by documents such as the infamous steel dorsey, a report written by 4 british white crews that were steel containing simulations and allegations of a conspiracy between trump and the kremlin,
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the russian government to win the election that report was heavily criticized and indeed debunked with doubts cost on many of its contents by the author himself prepared to accept that not everything in the dosier is 100 percent accurate. i've yet to be convinced that that is one of them referring now of course, to the alleged secret meeting, the 2 former donald trump attorney michael cohen with russian government officials in prague. a claim debunk to later again by the july and by bill mueller probe into the trump conspiracy. now as we say today, this has turned another corner, the new york times with a story that eagle dungeon co, a russian born national, living in the united states. and analysts has been taken into custody today by federal agents and latest news coming in just moments ago, he has been charged with 5 counts of are giving full testimony to federal agency
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will appear in court later to date. now this is of course, part of the john barron probe. what we mentioned earlier, an investigation into an investigation. this probe was ordered by donald trump for special counsel, john durham to look into the original russia probe and see if there was any wrong doing any ill in st. any malicious intent. and this is significant, of course, because this is the 3rd indictment of individuals linked to that pro with the previous one in september being a cybersecurity analyst, the lawyer charged. again with lying to the f. b. i before that and federal agent also charged with altering an email. so really, both the original and trump russia investigation was labeled politicized by trump supporters. this investigation has been labeled politicized by a boy from critics. nevertheless, though this is the 3rd and diamond to come from las prob,
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we'll have to see of course, how those court proceedings go went, how the rest of the john durham prob continues. nevertheless, as we say, another plot who is here in seemingly a never ending saga here, we'll give you more updates, of course, as they come in from the u. s. department of justice. yeah, certainly some interesting elements. there are 2 tons hawkins takes us through the u. s. military has concluded, not a bought drone strike enough. galveston in august was not lawful and showed no sign of negligence. despite the strike killing 10 civilians including 7 children and not a single terrorist. the u. s. or a force inspector general announced the pro findings the investigation did found no violation of law including the law of war. did find execution errors confirmed by confir may or a combined with confirmation bias and communication break, the breakdowns that regrettably lead to civilian casualties. what essentially the
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pentagon is saying that their own investigation has found them not guilty. what they have said is that as we heard execution error as well as communication breakdowns and other big things are, what are, what are to blame and all of this. so they can get away with without pinning the blame on anyone. in particular, the full report is, is redacted and classified for security reasons. they say, nevertheless, the pentagon says that this investigation was independent. and that they questioned 20 non people who are related to this matter. 2922 of them directly related in the strewn stripe. and which at the time the pentagon called a righteous strike and we withdrew, which we would later learn in the weeks following was booth a tragedy and disaster. ah
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. busy the pentagon also concluded that all involved all the people that questioned and all who are responsible for the strong trial that they acted in good faith, that they legitimately believed that they were preventing an imminent terror attack against the the airport and u. s. troops stationed at campbell international airport. more than that, they say they claim that they track this man for this aid work, who worked for a u. s. aid company at that they tracked him for many hours before the and that at that point they legitimately believed he was trafficking exclusives. that is the important thing that they say both triggered the drug truck and allowed this. this miss to happen is this huge, huge casualty 7 kids as well as 3 adults. and what they're arguing is at the time
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and we were, we were there towards the end of august our team we. so 1st had, there was no plan, it was absolute chaos. every action was, was improvised. every day was a new day without any sort of plan as to how things would be resolved. evacuation was winding down after the terror attack or $26.00 in which more than a dozen us servicemen would kill $170.00 afghans. there was also fear. there was also tara, both a, both amongst the, the civilian population as well as among u. s. troops and foreign troops stationed at the airport. everyone believed at the time and we were expecting at the top more terror attacks of the airport, vamps shootings, perhaps another, another bombing. and obviously that may have contributed to this decision to go ahead with a strong track. there are all sorts of unanswered questions with regards to this report, such as how they didn't see this multitude of children playing around the car. they obviously targeted the vehicle. the bomb was very precise, the missile,
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it struck the vehicle and they were all these kids around that they. so there is the opinion that the june operators must have seen the kids and must have decided to go along with this true right there must have deemed the thread to, to severe. but we had previously spoken to drew operate as former, drew operators in the u. s. military. and they had described a gung ho attitude in the service. the sergeant comes down and turns around. mel goes in the military pre address. he says, your job is to kill people and break things. so you've got all these young enlisted dude and girls. girls and guys who are out of high school, grab no experience in anything who are now. basically, video game snipers, for months of training, are made. put in the position to make his decision mental degradation with the proper term. every shot that we turn like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high,
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5 each other people are getting promoted because of this stuff. it's like a withering away of who you are. i was told one day going in that president obama himself would hollis up and give the order himself to me. and i got this euphoric feeling we had previously heard from the pentagon, that no disciplinary action was, was being planned that this report doesn't include any recommendation for disciplinary action against any individual. those responsible for this, for this disastrous asher. i could, that may be bitter news for relatives in the family of those killed to swallow. where because obviously they had previously said that they would, are, they would renounce any claim to compensation so long as those responsible were punished. asthma cardona was, i will keep demanding that each person who has committed a crime here must be convicted and punished with the due process of law. it's unfair if a person commits a crime and then a different person is brought to court to answer, the criminal must be punished,
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no scapegoats. if americans committed a crime, they must be brought to justice. in this case, it appears that the pentagon has renaming the crime on the system and though on vague mistakes that nobody can really be held accountable for previously, the u. s. government had said that they would offer compensation to the, to the family and relatives of who's the brewer that would kill. but the report also has recommendations. 3 various recommendations to make sure that incidents like this don't happen again to minimize civilian casualties in the future. but for now it's, it's business as usual, nothing's changed in the way that these room strikes are handled or, or carried out, and perhaps all these recommendations will stay in the future. just that recommendations. you just continuum. morales story there. we spoke to former you aspirin, core intelligence officer, scott ritter. he believed there was no justification for the drone strike in the heavily populated city. here is nothing but negligence here from the beginning when
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they identified or miss identified the target to the in when the decision was made to pull the trigger. i can't see a single legitimate reason to go forward. and yet everybody did go forward. and if they're not being honest about it and saying that mistakes are made, this is going to happen again. this isn't the 1st time we fired a missile as killed civilians. it isn't the 2nd time, 3rd time for time in the hundreds time. and the, the reality is the united states as known for some time now that the procedures it has in place to carry out counterterrorism strikes in a real world, you know, real time an event or are not sufficient to the task that we kill civilians. and yet, we went forward in ways of because there was political pressure being placed on the military to be seen as doing something here, let's say turn attention to the u. s. law where the biden administration sees it
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will impose mandatory vaccines for workers in the private sector starting early next year. the emergency measure will apply to all businesses with more than 100 employees. and big fines will be imposed on firms who don't comply. we talked to earlier pilot jason finish, who sees vaccine regulations, how already put a major burden on the vacation industry. the effective date is december 8th, that federal contractors need to be fully vaccinated. the crews right now are extremely stressed. you add to that the forest vaccines that are coming our way in the transportation industry and the potential here of having to violate one's own conscience in order to get the vaccine or potentially lose your livelihood and lose your career. is, is very, very stressful. in fact, air traffic control in the united states. they are already working by mandate 6
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days in a row because of shortages. and now you have estimated 15 percent of air traffic control in the united states. they're gonna walk off the job at the end of that month because they're not going to take this vaccine. the companies and the government isn't saying what the accommodation will be for you if you choose to continue not to get vaccinated. and so a lot of people fear and i think rightly so, they could end up on the street. when i lie to the usa, vh and sectors already under pressure. last weekend alone, american airlines, the country's biggest career council, more than 2000 flights in the space of 4 days, 10 percent of its lights were scrapped the or line blame the setbacks and stuff. shortage is an adverse weather month over 40 republican senators have said that they'll try and nullify president biden's vaccine monday plans. they have described
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the measures at the single biggest destructor for the business community. the cobit vaccination rate in the u. s. has stall really at around 58 percent of the population? well, behind the world health organizations target of 70 percent. but jason could nish again thinks his sector at least is already as safe as it can be. the airline ceos and companies themselves have paired up with harvard university, showing that there is a point 003 percent chance of getting any kind of coven transmission on an airplane . you know, we've flown through this pandemic for the last 18 months. air crews all over the world have done a fantastic job. navigating this, this pandemic, you know, we've flown p p. we've found vaccines. we've been there with the 1st responders in showing up for work. despite the risks you see in the united states that we're already under a very st, i would call
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a severe shortage of qualified individuals to be mechanics, to be find a tennis to be pilots. specifically, moving the program on the kenya has reopened a criminal probe into they horrific murder of a woman allegedly, by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten, stopped and dumped in a septic tank back in 2012. her family leave, the details of the case were all hushed up league. you had a johnny recently learned that is the british army vault because there were a lot of cover ups today. but we are glad that now think of being brought to light my wishes. the culprit to face the law because i had to be a burden that wasn't mine because i had my only children to take care of. though i was not employed, it has been a real struggle with the family of agnes when terror, when jacko. a canyon woman allegedly killed by a british soldier, is crying foul as they are yet to receive justice. almost 10 years after her death
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. when jack, who was a 21 year old sex walker, any money to feed her newborn baby, and she was reported missing in march of 2012. 2 months later, her body was found in a hotel septic tank near to where british soldiers had been stationed till now. no soldier has been question though. it's been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier acts confessed to killing her. what would i feel so sad as those and positions to help us that took so long? recently, when the media started, erin, the story told me and old would see that he is like agnes has just died. it has the been affected, her daughter, but we had to let her know what is going on. i pray that god crossed the british government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of agnes, i remember how happy she was. she loved to seen it. she taught my youngest daughter how to sing. what are the person who killed agnes should face the law? or because the child was orphaned, has suffered a lot of bearing in mind. she was just 5 months old, her very even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k. defense
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ministry, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with the kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes. our help will always be forthcoming when activists and kenya calling for the extradition of the alleged killer to be held accountable. while the labor party here in the united kingdom say the 9 year deal without an investigation even being considered, has denied the family justice. there's been no minister defense lead investigation of the sold is in bold or no inquire into why the minister defense failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family. revelation that the tragic death of when jacka continued to become more sinister, it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers jumped about had death on social media several years later. the family now hope this fresh investigation will give them the answers they
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so desperately need to talk to her. i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well, and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us to fend for her young child. it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hoped to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe into one jacket, his death officially closed at stores on investigations and to more than a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there, will this mean justice may never be served for angus when jerry, when jack, who and her family. chateau edwards dashti, arte, london a bitter dispute silence broken up between a run and the u. s. over the seizure of an oil tanker in the sea of
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a mountain last week, washington claims to run captured the vessel, but are unsafe. it was repelling a u. s. attempt to seize the boat and has la release video claiming to prove just that or middle east correspondent policy lawyer reports. well, what i see now is a new round of installation between iran and the united states. this particular incident happened towards the end of last month, although now has, when, when used to video. and you can look at that video, what you can see is uranian forces despite being dwarfed by american vessels appearing to success the meet block, the path of american worship. as the tank at sales away. now there are multiple shots. in this video we use the rating and revolutionary gods forces aiming and training. they went to the u. s. vessel. now, the iranian government had said that the operation was a success. despite the fact that the united states was able to turn,
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so oil to another tank as to the whereabouts of that tank. well at the moment that is on kit. earlier we did hear from the pentagon who refused the uranium came. i've seen the iranian claims, they are absolutely totally false and untrue. there was no such effort by us naval assets to seize anything with this refers to is back on the 24th of october and i would add that iran's actions, the ones that are true of them illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel, constitute a blatant violation of international law, these events are not the 1st time that we see the united states intercepting vessels that are carrying iranian oil. ever since the former american president, donald trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal that will, how was signed with iran grant has been facing crippling sanctions. and that is part of the constraints that are being put on
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a rand. 2 limits is nikia ambitions. any country that is seen to purchase iranian oil also pays to sanction. the timing of this particular incident is significant to be people of events. 1000, take us to cease to celebrate government, denies demonstrations and celebration. camino 18. 1979. the way the american will side mohammed were on the political humblest that the university of to run told me the incident demonstrates that washington needs that change it's out a true towards around this particular event is very significant. and it shows that the iranians are much more powerful today they are in a very, they're in a commanding position to defend their sovereignty and their interests. and the very fact that the united states had to back down is reflective of something much bigger . i think it's, it has to do with us internal divisions if the united states chooses to change its
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behavior towards iran and relations will improve. but if the united states wants to intimidate iran and try to get more confessions from iran beyond that deal that was already struck in 2015, they're not going to get anything. and they will have more problems in future with iran, public shaming of the unvaccinated. that's how a student group is describing with a leading european business school coles. it's fast lane for the inoculated. ringback students who have hub the cobra job can get this yellow watermark on their past to enter any building on tick exams at the vienna university of economics and business. but those who haven't shown must wait in line and have their documents, a negative p, c r test. check your some reaction. we go to the controversy with he feels a little bit like ah, they're pushing does tool tool get vaccinated them?
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i really don't like this because i even other way i will be definitely the vaccinate authority. but right now i, i don't like these fresh. i don't like everything because now easier to get back to school. you know, the elaborate the bar in also i think that made it no debate. we would this is the student id, yellow sticker, and with it you can get faster through university controls. we have 2.5, g control measures here. but in reality, there is not much difference. it just helps you get him faster. but the fast lane was brought in to speed up entry after the austrian capital introduced stricter pandemic rules to enter public places. people in vienna must show either proof of inoculation recovery from corona virus or a negative p c r test. but the head of a student group say the university's creating an unacceptable walk of shame for the
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infection. absolutes. it is absolutely discriminatory and humane and a very clear move towards a 2 class society. we could assign the fact that people are excluded from society simply because they exercise their free choice not to be vaccinated. a step further is the labeling of people who have made a free decision not to be vaccinated. it doesn't matter whether this is done with ribbons as we have seen in the past. or we've wristbands which is currently being done in germany and in some cases already in austria or with vaccination stickers, as, as currently the case at the university of economics and business administration. we can only condemn it and call it a hostile and in human policy. when people are marked based on their health condition or their vaccination status, those who have decided not to be vaccinated will not be persuaded by an increase in pressure, but through education and vaccinated people should be treated at universities just like they were treated before. the pandemic access to higher education should be open and free without any restrictions. well,
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here's what the university told us since more than 90 percent of students have had the shot. the move is going to benefit the majority. also saying it was wrong to call the new system labeling. the president of the austrian medical chamber meanwhile says it's about providing an efficient and safe environment for them. think it makes life easier for the students. in also more than 80 percent of the university students have been vaccinated and they can enter the leg just faster if they have this because you only have to check their identity. one has to ensure a safe environment in the lecture halls. and in order to do so, it is necessary to either vaccinate or test the students are free in austria, so they don't have to pay for this, but they wouldn't have to pay for the vaccination. so i would recommend to be
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vaccinated. that's the safest way out to meet the extra holes. love is where we leave the news roundup for now more great programs get going and moments that neil's here at the top with all the updates affecting your world today. goodbye to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be in arms. race is on a very dramatic development, the only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk as a korea professional sport is much tougher on some than others. a euro might by everybody here. so why would somebody believe me?
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i was just a little girl to price upgrade to, to, to achieve really was, was quality read on the paper this morning, usa swimming coach, arrested leslie had sex with a 12 year old girl. this happens almost every way we get calls at the office. i get informed about one of my greatest fears is someone is gonna start linking all this together is going to be a 60 minute documentary about youth coaches in sports like gymnastics swimming here, is that documentary? see it on r t y. heads of state. aspire to use luxury cars produce in their home countries. it's an unspoken rule for all official events. and everyone's abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol of the nation's prosperity. it's
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a matter of national prestige. ah, joe biden uses the so called cadillac one limousine, nicknamed the beast. it is an arm and bony and weighs 10 tons bars. johnson gets driven about in a jakya queen elizabeth rides in a bentley angela marco's car choice is an audi, while eventually the emmanuel macaroni uses a converted sich. and d as 7 ah, in russia, this cost of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. i took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model . meet horace, russian gold. mm. heads of states vehicles have always
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been a matter of the highest national priority. the 1st luxury car used by a russian emperor nicholas the 2nd was the french dylan, a bellville lenin leader of the wells planetarium was partial to english cause. this is the world's only snowmobile based on a rolls royce. and it handled the challenging off road conditions. very well. starlen was afraid of possible assassination attempts. one of his favorite ahmed cars was an american packet. he wrote it until the late 1940 is when the ussr started producing an equivalent of its own. the army says 115, the next u. s. s. alida khrushchev firmly believed that people loved him, so he didn't use armored vehicles and took a special liking to domestically bail convertibles. however, soviet leaders had to go back to using alma cause after a failed attempt on branching as.


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