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hold the investigation found no violation of law including the law of war. a u. s. investigation concludes that an august throne strike in cab bull that killed 10 afghan civilians was not caused by misconduct or negligence. also ahead on the program can yet re launches a decade old probe into the murder of a young woman, allegedly at the hands of a british soldier. we hear from her family about claims of a high level cover up of we only recently learned that the british army were involved because there has been lot of cover ups to me. my wish is that the culprit faces the lot. i feel so sad that this is her in position to help us that took so long on businesses across the u. s. brace for i likely vaccine monday to being pushed by the biden administration. we speak with an ur line. busy pilots who
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fears it could lead to job losses. the government isn't saying what the accommodation will be for you. if you choose to continue not to get vaccinated. a lot of people fear, and i think rightly so that they could end up on the street. ah. wherever you are counting the program from today. welcome to moscow onto our tea international. my name's una neil, our top story. the u. s. military has concluded that a botched drones strike in afghanistan in august was nonce on woeful. that showed no sign of negligence. that's despite the strike killing 10 civilians including 7 children, and not a single terrorist. the u. s. or
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a force inspector general announced the pro findings the investigation that found no violation of law, including the law of war. did find execution errors confirmed by con, from a or a combined with confirmation bias and communication break, the breakdowns that regrettably lead to civilian casualties. what essentially the pentagon is saying that their own investigation has found them not guilty. what they have said is that as we heard execution error as well as communication breakdowns and other big things of what a, what are to blame and all of this so they can get away with without pinning the blame on anyone. in particular, the full report ease is redacted and classified for security reasons. they say, nevertheless, the pentagon says that this would investigation was independence. and that they questioned 29. people who were related to this matter 2922 of them directly related
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in the strewn stripe. and which at the time the pentagon called a righteous strike and we withdrew, which we would later learn. and the weeks following was booth and tragedy and lost flu. busy ah, the pentagon also concluded that all evolved, all the people that questioned and all who are responsible for this, joan tried that they acted in good faith that they legitimately believed that they were preventing an imminent terror attack against the the airport and u. s. troops stationed at cavil international airport. more than that, they say they claim that they track this man for this aid work, who worked for
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a u. s. aid company at that they tracked him for many hours before the and that at that point they legitimately believed he was trafficking exclusives. that is, that is the important thing that they say both triggered the drug truck and allowed this. these messed to happen is this huge, huge casualty 7 kids as well as 3 adults. and what they're arguing is at the time and we were, we were there towards the end of august our team we. so 1st had, there was new plat, it was absolute chaos. every action was, was improvised. every day was a new day without any sort of plan as to how things would be resolved. evacuation was winding down after the terror attack under $26.00 in which more than a dozen us servicemen would kill a $170.00 afghans. there was also fear. there was also tara, both a, both amongst the, the civilian population as well as among u. s. troops and foreign troops stationed at the airport. everyone believed at the time and we were expecting at the time more tara attacks at the airport. babs,
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shootings, perhaps another. another bombing. and obviously that may have contributed to this decision to go ahead with a strong track. there are all sorts of unanswered questions with regards to this report, such as how they didn't see this multitude of children playing around the car. they obviously targeted the vehicle. the bomb was very precise, the miss out. it struck the vehicle and they were all these kids around that they. so there is the opinion that the june operators must have seen the kids and must have decided to go along with this strewn like they must have deemed the thread to, to severe. but we had previously spoken to drew operators former drew operators in the u. s. military, and they had described a gung ho attitude in the service. the sergeant comes down and turns around. mel goes in the military progress. he says, your job is to kill people and break things. so you got all these young enlisted dude and girls. girls and guys who are out of high school,
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grab no experience in anything who are now. basically video game snipers for months of training. may they put in the position to make this decision mental degradation the proper term, every shot that we took, like they're cheering their congratulating each other. they're high fiving each other. people are getting promoted because of this stuff. it's like a withering away of who you are. i was told one day going in that president obama himself would hollis up and give the order himself to me. and i got this euphoric feeling. we had previously heard from the pentagon that no disciplinary action was, was being claimed that this report doesn't include any recommendation for disciplinary action against any individual. those responsible for this, for this disastrous asher. i could, that may be bitter news for relatives in the family of those killed to swallow. but because obviously they had previously said that they would a,
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they would renounce any claim to compensation so long as those responsible were punished. asthma, colorado. nicholas, i will keep demanding that each person who has committed a crime here must be convicted and punished with the due process of law. in some fair, if a person commits a crime and then a different person is brought to court to answer, the criminal must be punished, no scapegoats. if americans committed a crime, they must be brought to justice. in this case, it appears that the pentagon has renaming the crime on the system and though on vague mistakes that nobody can really be held accountable for previously, the u. s. government had said that they would offer compensation to the, to the family and relatives of who's the brewer that would kill. but the report also has recommendations. 3 various recommendations to make sure that incidents like this don't happen again to minimize civilian casualties in the future. but for now it's, it's business as usual, nothing's changed in the way that these room strikes are handled or,
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or carried out. and perhaps all these recommendations will stay in the future. just that recommendations and staying with the story we spoke to former u. s. marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. he believes there was no justification for the drone strike in the heavily populated city. there is nothing but negligence here from the beginning when they identified or miss identified the target to the end, when the decision was made to pull the trigger. i can't see a single legitimate reason to go forward. and yet everybody did go forward. and if they're not being honest about it and saying that mistakes are made, this is going to happen again. this isn't the 1st time we fired a missile that's killed civilians. it isn't the 2nd time, 3rd time board time. it's the hundreds time. and the, the reality is the united states, as known for some time now the procedures it has in place to carry out counterterrorism strikes in a real world, you know, real time
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a event or are not sufficient to the task that we kill civilians. and yet we went for it anyways because there was political pressure being placed on the military to be seen as doing something kenyon, as reopened a criminal probe into the horrific murder of a woman, allegedly by a british soldier. the single mother was beaten, stubbed and dumped in a septic tank back in 2012. her family believe that the details of the case were all harsh them nigger. i did johnny. we recently learned that he, that the british army vote because there were a lot of cover out today, but we're glad that now think of being brought to like, my we, she's the culprit to face to law because i had to bad burden that wasn't mine because i had my only children to take care of, so i was not employed. it has been a real struggle with the family of agnes. when tara, when jacka, a canyon women,
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allegedly killed by a british soldier, as crying foul as they are yet to receive justice, almost 10 years off to her death. when jackie was a 21 year old sex waka, any money to feed hannibal and baby, and she was reported missing in march of 2012. 2 months later, i thought he was found in a hotel septic tank near to ab british soldiers been stationed till now. no soldier has been question though, has been revealed that a british soldier named only a soldier acts confessed to killing her. what would i feel so sad as those in positions to help us that took so long recently when the me distorted air in the story top and old one see that it's like agnes has just died or it has it been affected? her daughter. but we had to let her know what is going on, i pray that god crossed the british government the wisdom to handle this case. well, when i think of darkness, i remember how happy she was. she loved to saying it. she taught my youngest daughter how to sing. the person who killed agnes should face the lord or because the charge was orphaned,
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has suffered to lot till the bearing in mind she was justified. man sold her very even feeding at the time was difficult. according to the u. k, defense mystery, it will continue offering the support to the canyon investigation. the u. k. stands ready to support all requests says we have done since day one. as with other investigations, we always work in partnership with a kenyan police and subject to international and judicial processes. our help will always be forthcoming. what activists in kenya, according for the extradition of the alleged killer, to be held accountable while the labor party here in the united kingdom say the 9 year ordeal without an investigation even being considered, has denied the family justice that we know minister defense lead investigation of the sold is in bold or no inquiring to why the minister, the funds failed to respond when canyon detectives asked for help. 9 years on justice must now be done for agnes and her family revelation that the tragic death of when jacka continued to become more sinister. it's been reported that a group of 9 british soldiers joked about her death on social media several years
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later. the family now hope this fresh investigation will give them their answers, they so desperately need. altogether i feel a lot of pain when i remember agnes. we brought her up well and just as she was settling down her life was taken away, leaving us defense for her young child. it's my hope that this child will get justice. it's been 10 years, but we hope to finally get justice this case strikes right at the heart of alleged exploitation killings and cover ups in the british army. in fact, the very same defense secretary assisting this probe into one jack, whose death officially closed at stores on investigations and to more than a 1000 allegations of abuse by british soldiers in iraq. so with no prosecutions there, will this mean justice may never be solved for angus. when jerry, when jack, who and her family chateau edward sashay, r t london. okay, let's move to the u. s. now, where the,
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by the administration and seeking emergency vaccine mandates for the private sector, the rules will apply to all businesses with more than 100 workers. we talked to earlier pilot jason cornish, who sees a vaccine regulations. i've already put a major burden on the evaluation industry. the effective date is december 8th, that federal contractors need to be fully vaccinated. the crews right now are extremely stressed. you add to that, the forest vaccines that are coming our way in the transportation industry. and the potential here of having to violate one's own conscience in order to get the vaccine or potentially lose your livelihood and lose your career is, is very, very stressful. in fact, aircraft control in the united states. they are already working by mandate 6 days in a row because of shortages. and now you have estimated 15 percent of air traffic control
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in the united states are gonna walk off the job at the end of the month because they're not going to take this vaccine. the companies and the government isn't saying what the accommodation will be for you if you choose to continue not to get vaccinated. and so a lot of people fear and i think rightly so that they could end up on the street. last weekend alone, american airlines, the country's biggest carrier council, more than 2000 flights in the space of 4 days, 10 percent of its flights were scrubbed. the airline, blaine, the setbacks on stuff shortages on adverse weather. well over 40 republican senators have said they'll fund nullify president biden's vaccine monday. yesterday they describe a propos measure of the single biggest destructor for the business community. the coven vaccination rate, in the u. s. has told at around 58 percent of the population at well behind the
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world health organizations target of 70 percent. but jason cornish again thinks his sector, at least, is already as safe as it can be. the airline ceos and companies themselves have carried up with harvard university, showing that there is a point 003 percent chance of getting any kind of coven transmission on an airplane . you know, we flown through this pandemic for the last 18 months. air crews all over the world have done a fantastic job. navigating this, this pandemic, you know, we've flown p p. we found vaccines. we've been there with the 1st responders in showing up for work. despite the risks you see in the united states that we are already under a very st, i would call a severe shortage of qualified individuals to be mechanics, to be find
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a tennis to be pilots. specifically after the break right wing french politicians seek to capitalize on a search and anti must migrant sentiment. who shows most people in the country fear a so called great replacement with muslims eventually are numbering white christians. that story coming up for you shortly for ah ah,
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the narrative this year is climate change. climate change is being swapped out for we need growth and it's being used to justify money printing. and just like printing money doesn't create gross printing money doesn't solve climate change either ah ah hello again. race and religion could play a pivotal rule in the french presidential election next year. judging by
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a new nation wide, pull it find the 2 thirds of respondents believe white christians could be under threat from muslim immigration. charlotte dubin skate takes off the story with an election around the corner, hearing france questions about the country's identity, and whether it's losing it all being raised. the campaign is shifted to the fringes of the right even before it's even really begun and fears that france's traditional values are being replaced or rife. one poll showed 27 percent of respondents were certain that christine populations were being threatened by extinction. 34 percent thought that it was probable, the fear is that museum immigration is de posing traditional white communities. while these ideas are certainly being peddled by read, you write politicians, they're not the only ones with even nickel sandra, right?
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joining in you have people of foreign origin who are driving out little by little one in demography. we call the natives. eric seymour, a french pundits and the presidential hopeful, has been far stronger than that. in his latest book, he says, the suburbs of paris are being colonized by muslims, and that the whole of france will soon be overrun. he has also added to warnings from some of frances retired military talk for us that a civil war is brewing. this fear that frances, losing her identity, her traditional values, is one that there is general public concern about it. you know, in my opinion, there are populations from africa who come up because they really wants to be in france and to integrate because because they don't have a choice of a problem or of the religious aspect does not worry me much more to values like freedom and then security oil, but i'm afraid that all values by force will be diluted in time. values are what
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make the foundations of a society. we must not forget the immigration is the number one problem in francis on we deal with it with you. however, while subjects like this me, peak interests for many the issue dominates the upcoming election way. the politicians busily trying to show that they are the one who will uphold friendship values. and that voters may be looking for someone who is a little bit different to deal. i think these types of subjects are being used by politicians to get votes, which are making extremist parties happy day on the right or the language. so yes, it makes it scary. after all, we must not forget that there are just 6 months to go before the election. if i don't do that, here's a new debate. it's come because very close to the election because there has been an enormous amount of immigration. everything that's happened in the middle east will normally keep in france was always have malcolm and country. it was
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constructed by foreigners in a fashion after colonization. he's for them. it shows we as m o, in the end, he has a very intelligent person, very culture. it was as not specials wanted. he's not part of any political party as you. there is a craze for him. almost in 2017. that was a manual microphone. this time around the vote is know a little bit more about what he can or he can't offer. so that new and shiny label has worn off. the polls show that someone like zoom more, could laugh up votes, maybe even enough to be one of the 2 candidates who get into this 2nd round of voting. he's tough talking. his not showing away from subjects that many have found unpalatable in the past is at least for now resonating with the public. and if he ends up going head to head against macklin moore, a man who's been described as the intellectual, donald trump,
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is ready to make some christie unpredictable waves charlotte, even sky r t harris, public shaming of the on vaccinated that. so a student group is describing was a leading european business school called it's fast lane for the inoculated students, who've had the cobra job, can get this yellow watermark on their past to enter any building on tick exams at the vienna university of economics and business. but those who haven't had a shult must wait in line and have their documents, a negative p c r test check. here some reaction we go to the controversial nif. he feels a little bit like ah, they're pushing kerstell to get vaccinated them. i really don't flag is because i even other way i will be definitely the vaccinate authority bus right now. i. i
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don't like these fresh i don't like everything now easier to get back to you know, the elaborate the bars, you know. so i think that made me do it now. it is the student id, yellow sticker, and with it you can get faster through university controls. we have 2.5, g control measures here, but in reality there is not much difference. it just helps you get in faster. well, the fast lane, we know was brought in to speed up entry after the austrian capital introduce stricter pandemic rules to enter public places. people in vienna must show either proof of inoculation recovery from crone of viruses or a negative p c r test. but the head of a student group sees the university's creating an unacceptable walk of shame for the unvaccinated absolutes. it is absolutely discriminatory and humane and a very clear move towards a 2 class society. we could assign the fact that people are excluded from society
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simply because they exercise their free choice not to be vaccinated. a step further is the labeling of people who have made a free decision not to be vaccinated. it doesn't matter whether this is done with ribbons as we have seen in the past. or we've wristbands which is currently being done in germany and in some cases already in austria. oh, the vaccination stickers, as is currently the case at the university of economics and business administration, we can only condemn it and call it a hostile and in human policy. when people are marked based on their health condition or their vaccination status, those who have decided not to be vaccinated will not be persuaded by an increase in pressure, but through education and vaccinated people should be treated at universities just like they were treated before. the pandemic access to higher education should be open and free without any restrictions. right. let me just bring to what the university told earth. they said that since more than 90 percent of students have had the shot, the move will benefit the majority. it also said it was wrong to call the new
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system labeling. the president of the austrian medical chamber meanwhile says it's a by providing an efficient and safe environment for study. think it makes life easier for the students in those are more than 80 percent of the university students have been vaccinated and they can then select just faster. if they have this that goes, you only have to check their identity. one has to ensure a safe environment in the lecture halls, and in order to do so, it is necessary to vaccinate or test the students. this is a free in austria, so they don't have to pay for this, but they wouldn't have to pay for the vaccination, but so i will recommend to be vaccinated. that's the safest way out to meet the extra holes. now around 25 minutes ago,
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an intrepid group of volunteers were locked inside an experimental capture here in moscow for not a day or 2, but 8 full months. it's to simulate a comprehensive space mission to and on the moon ortiz. dmitri polk went along to check out the atmosphere before they took the plunger. what does it take, sir? go to the man, and what effect would have on a team of international researchers? well, project serious a joint effort by rush, and he was, has been set up to determine exactly that by simulating a mand expedition to the surface of the moon and back we are here in moscow. and this is the chamber where 6 astronauts will spend 240 days in complete isolation from the world in a structure made to assimilate in actual interplanetary spaceship. so let's see what it looks like inside. mm
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so the whole purpose of the project conducted by nasa's human research program and rushes institute for biomedical problems is to analyze the psychological and physiological effects that a crew might experience on an expedition to the moon. the experience will last $240.00 days and will be as close to reality as possible. limited resources, a fixed oxygen supply, as well as a time delay in communications, which can only be conducted through audio messages and emails. the ship has living quarters with individual rooms for each of the sex volunteers or research area, a virtual reality room designed to simulate the lunar surface and even an on board gym or piece it is. it makes the people from different countries have been brought
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together for the training. these been interesting to see everyone build up teams, spirits and relationships. there have been some mighty difficulties including with language, but now everything is working well. it's physically demanding and you need lots of motivation to when you see the results, it's encouraging. it's not really possible pat to everything, but if you're interested in motivated, you can last 8 months for this experiment. a see here, this is a to submit it for us to walk in on the moon, or can we show it to my side this up to you with one week before the own with these experiments actually with us in the future of human space flight machines in order to pay a lot of weight to them, one will be on to them also
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a blast. however, the cruel od only be living on the space ship. they will also be descending to the surface of the moon, which is the purpose of this room, which has been equipped with the, our gear and a surface that imitates the lunar surface immersed in a virtual environment. the participants will be practicing how to move around in space suits, repair rovers, and collect samples among other tasks and excited to see really the limits of even my personal limits and also team dynamic limits. sort of the problems that we're going to do to, to entertain counter and social interactions and, you know, how are we going to overcome different problems that they might put towards us. really important to understand, you know, how humans will interact in these long duration includes isolated environments. it's important to see how international, different different international groups and backgrounds and cultures interact. once the experiment begins, this door will be sealed,
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shut with 6 crew members behind it. and the next time it will open up will be in exactly 240 days. and by then, the crew hopefully will have successfully carried out their mission and merged healthy and with a well deserved sense of accomplishment. but more importantly, provided scientists with all the data necessary to bring it a future where man expeditions to lunar space station and moon walks will be a thing of the ordinary. and will we still be wearing masks by the time the right nose, das thursday, news for no scottie annella's back with news views. hughes next ah moon love.


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