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just like printing money doesn't create gross printing money doesn't solve climate change. and either way, edge of state, aspire to use luxury cars produce in their home countries. it's an unspoken rule for all official events. and everyone's abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol of the nation's prosperity. it's a matter of national prestige. ah, joe biden uses the so called cadillac one limousine, nicknamed the beast. it is an arm and bony and weighs 10 tons bar, as johnson gets driven about in a jakya queen elizabeth rides in a bentley angela mercosur car choice is an audi, while a french anita emanuel macaroni uses a converted sich and d as 7 ah,
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in russia this cause of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago. i took 5 years to close the gap on the world car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model. meet morris russian gold. mm. as of states, vehicles have always been a matter of the highest national priority. the 1st luxury car used by a russian emperor nicholas the 2nd was the french dylan, a bellville lenin leader of the wells planetarium was partial to english cause. this is the world's only snowmobile based on a rolls royce. and it handled the challenging off road conditions very well. stolen was afraid of possible assassination attempts. one of his favorite army cars was an
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american package. he rode in it until the late 1940 is when the ussr started producing an equivalent of its own, the army is 115. the next u. s. s. alida khrushchev firmly believed that people loved him. so he didn't use armored vehicles and took a special liking to domestically bail convertibles. however, soviet leaders had to go back to using army cars after a failed attempt on brazen as life in january 1969. the laws, zeal to drive the head of state policy from the president of the soviet union heil gorbachev. to the president of russia. barissi, else in the soviet union collapsed and so did the country's economy. it was a heavy blow for all industries. an automobile manufacturing was no exception. so the president of russia barracks yelton chose a mercedes. initially, vladimir putin use the same until all the necessary pieces of the puzzle came together in russia, funding technology,
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and what's even more important people who are capable of taking on such an ambitious project. well, most sure enough of them won't minister almost as if a rolling is close to a pistol with latoya, soap, some of the money made in your performance just looks like is eligible for the so called unified modular plan form is a new line of luxury cars. apart from a limo, it also includes a sudan, a minivan, and the convertible. these are configured to meet specific customer requirements, but share the same basic design. a vegetable lot of a mushroom up emailed to me to key source back up a little bit. really, player, clock a, chicago, some one was lashania of them. you specifically saw you source for douglasville, was that on i have up of to my real dongle to at our table, william course, there's no particular company i'm i told my mom disposal of my be lucas glosson after me. good. a someone
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with the quality project was entrusted to the renown. now me institute, which developed the very 1st soviet automobile. but after perestroika nami simply wasn't up to the task of taking on a project of such scope. even though they go to the book, how well pleased to see the length of a lu dni full year hopefuls and also that gimme deal i'm using you mostly. you be more my institute on a chanel? no. no, really, really the show with the steps from, from push to pull it to pull up the little boy with some poorly productive delivery. so it could be just ashley's choice training. wasn't there both? she never comes a sheet to ship that shelf were bona to have a break. when actually, i'm very me in the sprague them story to come on with the scale is they do often
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explicitly stuff. so school with wash, alice escapes usaa will minova when i try to buy it. the rest of it is only similarly in oil with national export. so like you normally come on, the wall as we're institution, submits a critique and marcella, ga. gov or when you milo gags dealer e one the criteria is deal with was last night isn't like a cautious so they use of to my be should do much the constant lock the video of grand dash i women enough women, jeanette just it's better with some de la fusion, this marketing guy that on your design kind of after school or what i mean, but there isn't much english. she also stock class the she'll produce them cybersecurity menu. okay. i want to continue schooling, then a new truck because i knew what i've done. so she cuz i bought the coil i learned which was stable, not him there, marking just particular to finish. but what i heard it flew. you thought it was nice to new york to you? northerner market. all you from edwards?
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i bet you do that with that. the constructor i'm design. yeah, i'm new shampoo hugo. boy. you rena. come they do ok. describe you can, can, you know, put the beach and i'm up, i can probably troubleshoot the images convenient, right? so normally show up crucial with nozzle if a dog dog. the 1st challenge was to come up with a feature that would not only said the car apart from all the rest, like would serve as a clear reference to the country of its origin. as not only millennium beloved golden ladies will cut a data, eva coca cola a new move with white, healy waft, might be split if it be a way of for my be class. looks like you only have you can say use own book the union to be able to ski with a boon for my be in the more somebody lean them off the union prestige a week ago i see the new york alyssa jim on the boy shoot them off the one that also bought got you about this new modem that mitchell? i said i was constant, but i'm using it. i mean like a form. you know,
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i show me up luc additional votes, which i'll take a quick call to call you. so i'll make up with you more, almost all 3 of when you combine latke, when you're a platform, new quantity proportion solution, you end up publishing with some stuff that i worked with before. i did scribble of your poll sheet if not like a social worker, cv 80 but each year and you've seen the, which is through a sheila. but they need to acknowledge that obviously process though, if you wish increase, you are able to with a chest enough place had really beat with fortunate values, a attributed level, and the last market. boy, you gotta clean you. we be doing family theater. we're, i'm what the company took up with it, the proposed to hopefully you spin the pull, you would have done that idea of what you might give to my media in the plasma carlos from shuttle. we're really stoker workers should be off them. i mean the crust,
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that's the mortgage. okay. almost done. you know enough money. pulls letters to moore's law. bullshit, manually jacob to explore the you think he emotional that are you looking to ship? what is force was hoping you got the new one that was a hide you the machine. you just, they are not. mikey of seo is what i was by anybody on the computer jumping, eat up, rush william budgets of nights and almost my blue cut for most your portfolio. mostly, all grades are still you shoot them a cut on bush novel, which really isn't up like studio for a long. i'm because i live with that. i'm on get sleeves come. prostate judgment that much will prove what wilcox are you a policy go? what else? when you blow her nice pizza a nice day, mean like you and you can throw vidalia to be of the last i knew washington the such last a place that and i was because alicia from school we deal with a below comstock that off. but books ultimately me other people couple installed linny e from abuse 12 months now which boss with their scuttle bottles to push will go
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after boston was whole school of mushroom design. yeah. with using it is comes to look that i me abuse, abuse a little little bit about them. so the polish a fair formation actually good fun, national good. he's on a linear new deal with her being bullied to the meeting and bullied wisdom. this deal with abuse bully establishment. bully through them. boy will read in yesterday's mother. isn't a lot of for my bill at the go on the city yours now while grip go on the issue of buying a couple of a niche immune latosha mitchum with the 2nd car clinic is done out of the interior of the vehicle is completed. the 3rd is carried out when the vehicle is ready to drive. if someone will take a shot, cuz our truck, i'm gonna put my me like that most of my scholarship and i didn't quite l chin bushel anyway, i should say, well, you're good. we've learned enough about the exterior, but go on under the hood. what criteria should automobile number one meet? what could be discredited is to can sign off to migrate and where were you swim? i mean, you know what the command on. so it's a cut that look gross eucharistic i have to stop by. you'd see the middle of
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different blood, my shoulder boy maliciously must go away. it was no cause i. okay. the flemish holder. i'm not gonna treat you michelle. confident of that guy actually eating them, you wasn't accustomed to protect your children. it's your choice of oh, so from a media published, so just for those that were complete on the middle, that is our diplomas hold that much. thirtyish diploma holder does not notice. did you not quit? yup, but almost almost 3 months come. i mean, we're cook zyden, you're up us a little by the more fearless she's to wish can opinion. probably i you must fusion and you will show on the most that done the solution. i'm to put our name is oscar . it's like a couple is the what the way, why did you learn up with that? it's so think under it on that. yeah, he paid, they use about to construct around design your own, you smug. look when you hear, which now you're going to put us up there yesterday for them to put in a an old one did have time for completing him to pursue the clear to the us more lucia monday. lucia. yeah,
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that's her not perfect. when you can see that you're still on for possibly this, but it also conditional way for them to milk in an empty list, and that is on the got a hold of them when you say me enough time, you know law just i don't know a mike was his team, a company offices, and there's no last percentage or not. if there's in the front that i won't go awesome on the get out the more. sure. jim, are you so on their house? but i want you to leave a message with the horn to some name other. in other words, the project was already well underway. when the international situation changed abruptly tensions between the west and the east that started in 20147 seemingly strong economic ties between countries. while the less have been october 1 year and you don't really know, and i'm with addition shouldn't follow. so it was the shiki non payment absorption to play by ear hookups, which in by show the full regression with master compute jensen almost at the end of each. it weighs that each year at least
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a technology a deal with people for monday. the reason for the other 50 i'm looking to send you normally get dilate the chapel and not to the the print a people. no, no, no, no, some a t full with normally too long with a lot of them use this with a board here, which in kosher boswell, please with me on this notion that block. so i'm glad it's at least 2 e i feel out to eat. you can all of you a chair a marble dish with the criteria we see a complete list. know i need a new state and i missed that will be with lucas with
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national, which is mission loss to with them out of the day. oh adult is always build on the structure that was created 1st in childhood. so without understanding childhood relationships, it becomes very hard to understand adult relationships. and that's why it's incredibly important to be able to have a basic understanding of what motivates you as an emotional, being it's being 30 years since the soviet union
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collapsed. um, misconduct. go to chill them on to what the talk so, so shown where you swore trust on one coil or thumb. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a supervisor or somebody would you also be at, on global greens. come on board, the sharing confusion semester yet and less new lease in west new year. better one more law, a surface petition developing and finished with water. the past 3 decades green line for ukraine. eye witnesses were cool. the events, there should be more or less to do to shoot in a deficiency of chipotle. you what i knew about it, i'm not sure, but about 4 months with no idea what those and what other forces were at play. your producer whom you shows in ship, mushy, in those in you put in the kid what it i'm going to consume when you did the shows
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us in was a little versions. only take a look at ukraine. 30 years out. the gaining independence organism here for you, but i was from last year unless you mean like it was late, but a will. it could be issue. you much will just a moment still problem with ah, today you can simply go and reinvent the automobile. the only way to break any new ground in the car industry is to build on existing global expertise. hey, i just got out of both are both only sure. do you not speak english in your? see the special with with godaddy and you said time is this tradition. capital boy,
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just need your vehicle. do you just one of those you were it's up on no, with the of norway. now will you? protective? yes ma'am. we will speak generally what the news to so let me see a company like that. i'm more of a claims talk to the raw, let the conditions or if i need to put it on for a national interest, goes on, then se is a william in the vehicle, features a hybrid engine for using 600 horsepower. it hits 100 kilometers. now in 6 seconds, hold on for what it's going to be. another thing to go on there. so home we'll have to go to gaza with also me on the pool should told the worst. what did you, what we propose to washing? will that be up and i've done it when you t o c, d, nobody, if i'm with also, if you chose towards all also she prize after one beautiful, almost a year with
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that they could be bunch of stories wash just to so for so you receive all the afternoon. so you feel for how to use the yes then go for the biggest issue nice as have with the vehicle is want to russian about it. porsha participated in developing the engine and some of his parents are imported from abroad. lanyard thing on the on the reader are complete to issue doesn't i mean it's a real if it's been that you thought it all through. christina stover from austin. my real young lease co scored co digitally was word frankly. this person, especially to which human dumpster i changed my phone number, he took on greece, could be some countries dish, and we had him too much, hon. and you book a host. could we somebody woochie east big lou newsline. i got the cut order here. me, it was most is got $30.00 to $30.00 or a ship, nor would a book. another call is optimal,
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wouldn't have to pitcher and use more. took that to go to 40. hm. course. if internationally i should go swim with what you've told you. there was currently some 50 russian enterprises work on the orest line of vehicles in locations from moscow to cross. may i ask jose gammas adjustment louisiana for latina proposals? boy, so i would let you look up the road. i seen you from yourself a little scared, of course i resolved because i was because i knew you evening or scratches thought that was up on the emotion, but not on you know, what actual or in the courtroom will not. i will. there's fierce competition in this field. so every mishap is put under a magnifying glass. in 2011. when barack obama limo was leading the american embassy in dublin, it's undercarriage hit, a ramp. secret service agents immediately brought a van to the scene, blocking the view for the crowd of onlookers where she is of my month. e 0 slash
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was my build up with a call when you put it in 2017 donald trump, cadillac didn't fence through the gates of the royal palace in brussels. the doors on the vehicles body what to think because of all its protective upgrades. trump had to walk a blatant violation of security protocols in 2020 pm, boris johnson was in a crash when a protest of blocked the part of his jag and escorting security vehicle slammed into the rear. a motor vehicle was it crim, with electronics, that how drivers react at any hazard on the road. every small detail is accounted for that, of course, for i was close to him, the color of my been ready to leave with pushing uncomfortable, a will not. i will not only with
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the christopher enough, i see what i'm going to do on a prescription. that okay, because it wasn't working with chesapeake, that'll work. least i should teach social great here with people to for you this morning. she's gonna just put that over fully. we wanna proceed with the sources of order before a vehicle can hit the road. it has to pass a series of tests under realistic conditions. and that's what the me testing center is for or supporting office cuz i don't know how to work a lot of stuff. you have to put a communion, christina, sticker to period in position,
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or see when they build up off the steps or feel free to call you call you a bill for a song though you should see when i sit here, when you pull up to my boss unit is off office to be done with the agent. could you state the for any reason, jessica or vivian front on the lightest well enough to why the leverage comes was an issue with for my daughter more to both of those are why i'm across 5th. i'm going to put a mutual napoleon in his office to we weren't sure abuse . and let's go to let me close. so just a clue there with this picture that is him because he certificates released cuz me and your portal dot com is put on it was escalate bush, long rosemary beach williams, son and a full range to waffle. i'm in florida. won't on my heels think someone called him, but i wasn't sure whether, if not to keep on your racial blah, blah, conventional level. look,
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i didn't the story about why my bill is nicole through the complex people was this was following the postal patrone for yourself. money almost is it was, it was a good option. i wish the world pretty, but i use it like, well, we'll put it around. i didn't kill anya, but what sydney don't want to secure a forbush indelible postscript compass got in is multiple times. due to its alma, the russian presidency limousine is twice as heavy as the superior model. it weighs in at $6.00 tons. just go in for that'll go to work to my move to the field with all those go what we'll still go for. it was donald from armeno, a fin. when automobile number one was finished and everyone agreed, it was the kind of car the head of state should use. yet another brainstorming session was held. and michelle has always been with us when you're the person just send them to mr. carson, the kid. basically i'm telling you what the nozzle i know,
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but them screws up a good one was were chasing, the phone is a car. petey, tim could pin with pneumonia. norma, trouble at ciocca. she'll associate brenda, latch him with a brand visual with mute, cable seed dog and only the 6th was our new capital. so we still, she'd be a little bit slower. powered him. so that's a solar cup host with a matching your ashika grove shipping. it doesn't matter, we will probably in virginia and what's teach the who's a cock show, which is loyal, fabulous, to stay on the home that are storm loss is nuclear, italy. well, it is to, you know, what i mean, each number is a mobile friendly or somebody to doing a lot of motor from a boy. and one of them will, that to, from on the report is up, guys. she even the book just a constructor issue. it was, i mean you had the list, i was more look at them that you all are missing. i mean,
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when i bought it in a cheap i that the even the dish is i bet you that the one and yes, the good nation. you of it and stuff. this more just for my bill, for the in the, with the broadcasting live from must go from the kremlin and all eyes are now on what's happening in the city center at the very heart of the russian capital. in just a few minutes. mr. vladimir putin will be sworn in as president of russia, little of the denali in a national. so the meet, i'm liam on the you was wanted to move with no problems with emerson, there's number with us basically it would even go out say sure. let me see if dr. michelle daniels was correct. yes, of course. mostly stay at the small talk. unlimited text was want to talk about
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even with the oldest book, a shoe serious in they'll give a thrush and that, you know, there's not by you. can we somebody rush from zone? yeah, we really are. i'm kim with that, i'll start seeing the garage see spicy love the when you can your slope with almost or do you will be leave the machine with bullies to bomb the facial room in the late in the water bill. if it is a one year, i mean you still scuttle, i think by now, even the uninitiated will realize that the president has gotten to one unusual car . so from this day on may, the 7th 2018 cisco rushes head of state will be using a domestically manufactured modica eco can a bicycle wound electron up with. we're watching the only thing i'm in austin, arizona. go to the nuance, kirk time we sold our little dark one. do you can yes or so at the news to she was was fiercely door to wilma children's will cars or
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the last the summer or nick edwards. we're still door with your stuff or jewish. you will crack at the over. did you need you need to do and you will see shows you the full shells are gone, which is to walk up was far from one you boys office, tommy swimming a double up a stunning so that she was deal took my door. i know what the busiest cadets will get away because i'll probably kill flip it separately. it's small. yeah. how's that look? it's ocean. oh, is there a little more than i see this door without support used to do it the way i see live . hope what i what they to slam unless deal it's a mental porcelain, a partially be small voice in this mother. it was more than a full just to which play. it's awesome. women, y'all, is that machine? yeah. nasha for them on may. the 31st 2021 mass production of oris
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vehicles began in toronto. stands la bogus special economic zone sheets, or intra city me with apple. i'm really in a number. and that was nice. yeah. yeah. asian, i thank you much in the in sam's room. yeah, and i could have the ability to just doing the cache just doing the machine. se 3 shifts unit i on the 1st car, the road on the assembly line was a luxury sedan the or a center in the future. this factory will also produce as you these, but you see cdm a suit to solve with over the phone. so you need to see a motion for the most discretionary name of someone at this, the museum, the questioning of some of you. so if there's any food or fish flown, isn't that you're out of sucrose player at the finance revealing the storm? one more. hm. so the, what do i gotta do?
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was thinking over, get fish after my me. good. but i was in the difficult, like open the competence level just by net blood here with order it was able to produce them. remember missing with those me where the pretty much the was the deal is not sure if the proof we already started off is exclusively presidential vehicle for the head of states use. but now it's being use more and more for private trips with douglas shameful showing where she was supposed to get a topic that bullshit yet, but you managed to study. so my reasonable for that keep the pneumonia close this from unless you will, that the relationship or the other ship like was more now was it was like examples possibly, barlow to me. so i'm really,
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it's funny but i'm here. he look here. you sure the souls a platform or joy keith break of the media motor window where she knew. mm ah. oh, when i would so seemed wrong when i just don't hold any new world. yes. to say proud disdain because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground. with
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the investigation that found no violation of law including the law of war. a u. s. investigation concludes that an oldest drones dry can cobble that killed 10 afghan civilians was not caused by misconduct or negligence. tenure relaunch is a decade old, proven to the motor of a young woman, allegedly at the hands of a british soldier in the program. we hear from our family about claims of a high level cover up we only recently learned that the british army were involved because there has been a lot of cover ups. my wish is that the culprit faces the law. i feel so sad that it's those who are in position to help us that took so long businesses across the u . s. embrace for a likely vaccine mandate being pushed to by the biden administration. we speak with
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