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tv   Going Underground  RT  November 3, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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ah, headlining this out of the u. s. medicines watchdog publicly backs pfizer, despite a whistleblower report in the british medical journal, alleging serious flaws and accompanies cobit vaccine testing. us democrats suffer a surprising defeat in a pivotal governor's election in virginia. widely considered a major test for biden's presidency, had the legal victory for big pharma, and potentially a disaster for millions, addicted to opioid san, their families. in california court rules, the drug companies did not contribute to the states epidemic of opium abuse, and we speak to one of the victims. here we are years later knowing what we know. and we're still unable to provide these families with, with some kind of justice. it's a travesty. ah
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hello, it's good to have you with us live from moscow. this is art internationals, world news at 10 with me calling bright 1st for you. b u. s. of food and drug administration says it still has full confidence in phases. cobit testing. the regulated statement comes after the british medical journal published a whistleblower report, claiming serious flaws and the company's corona virus. vaccine trials. last year of the research behind the allegations says she was fired the same day that she raised her concerns. and the u. s. authorities refusing to investigate his ortiz, he coached on of so all these revelations, they have been published at the british medical journal, a very respected science paper. not some tabloid, that has a history or well is known for publishing some and vetted information. and so that article it details the allegations of a whistle blow of a woman who used to be part used to be with a contractor with a company called ventana. so what does this vin tarver your firm has anything to do
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with the pfizer and it's vaccine you might ask? so it all goes back to the 3rd phase of clinical trials on the vaccine. some might argue that it's the most important phase. so pfizer, to do the these trials, it hired a number of firms and a number of contractors. and so these contracted companies they were responsible for the, for the trials in total fighters. vaccine was tested on more than 40000 subjects. in fact, the numbers closer to 44000 and this vin tarver firm was responsible to conducting trials on about a 1000 of people. and so this whistleblower, she claims that she has observed some negligence. some are well, some violations during those trials. for example, according to the allegations, participants were placed in a hallway after that receiving the job. so instead of getting proper medical attention, they were somewhere in the hallway on top of that,
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she's accused batavia of a lack of timely follow up on patients who showed some severe symptoms which could be interpreted as well. side effects of the vaccine as they are using the word or the british medical journal is using the word adverse events in relation to the symptoms to these will potential side effects. also, protocol deviations were not being reported. according to the allegations. the vaccines were apparently not stored at proper temperatures, and this is crucial for 5 for the 5 the vaccine. because, well, it has to be stored to very particular temperature, a very low temperature. and this is something that makes the transportation of this vaccine, particularly challenging. also are the whistleblower reported mislabeled laboratory specimens and apparently vent our we had targeted those members of staff who world tried to blow the whistle and tried to bring to light. these are these discrepancies the these instances under. 2 the whistleblower saying that she was
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victim over such targeting that she was fired after she tried to bring to light these allegations. so when, according to her, the company or when these allegations 1st fell on deaf ears or within the company, she assembled them. she put them together and sent them all to the da, the u. s. agency, a governmental body responsible for giving the approval for the emergency use of a vaccine. and this is the response she got herbalist. within hours, jackson received an e mail from the if da, thanking her for her concerns, and notifying her that the f. d. a could not comment on any investigation that might result. a few days later, jackson received a call from an f da inspector to discuss her report, but was told that no further information could be provided. she heard nothing further in relation to her report. well, given what we've just had, it could have been world seen as an optimistic sign for this whistleblower in our company. the or rather the of
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d a getting back to her the very same day. and obviously she comes across as a very concerned person. and on top of that, all of this happened in september last year, which is important because that's before 5, the phases vaccine got the approval of the of da so well. so the only logical assumption that would be is that the of the i will look into these claims address them and well make a decision whether or not they were important. ah, but in december, same year, the price of vaccine god. oh god, the well it, it was recognized, it was recommended for emergency use by the, of the 8 and the of the a did not address any of the allegations have listened to the or to, apart from the article in the british medical journal. in phase as briefing documents submitted to an f d, a advisory committee meeting held on the 10th of december 2020. to discuss pfizer application for emergency youth authorization of its cove at night in vaccine. the company made no mention of problems at the vent,
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obvious site. the next day the fda issued the authorization of the vaccine. well, i guess the only, the only logical outtake from the story would be listened to your doctor before. well, you know, putting anything in your body. well, we have contacted pfizer, inventor via for comments on the claims as well as further questions for the us food and drug administration as well. we'll let you know if they respond. micro biologist, dr. simon clock. so we did speak to him, he's concerned that the whistleblowers claims could damage public confidence in vaccines. biggest problem, full potential problem with, with this article in the bridge medical journal, it would affect or could affect public confidence in the vaccines when really should a mistake to happen. but it's important to, to, to acknowledge that when you know, mistaken happened, you recall, take new, acknowledge it, and deal with it. this could happen with any that said, no, just actually people should remember that many,
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many millions of people around the world have this vaccine. and it's effective alex names us democrats have suffered a pivotal defeats in the state of virginia. i'm losing a governess election that the 1st time into terms. it's widely said is a blow to joe biden out of damning judgment on his presidency thus far. corresponding caleb and explains, democrats are quite shaken up by the earthquake results of the race for governor in the state of virginia glen, yanking the republican candidate one. now this is a state where joe biden defeated donald trump and a solid 10 points back in 2020. but now that state seems to be shifting into the republican camp. land junkin was victorious, the democrat was defeated. quite a shake up in the state of virginia. here's some of what we heard. that is a 5 alarm fire. somebody and i opened mccollugh scans was air was recall of put it this way to me about an hour ago is
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a blood beth. this is your life vote right now. where are there counties where it because if it's under performing, nor them by more than, oh, my god. now some democrats think that this could be related to the falling poll numbers of joe biden. joe biden is not doing well, a number of americans disapprove of him, his approval rating. is it around 42 percent? and many look at the situation in virginia as one opportunity where voters stepped up and tried to register their discontent with how biden has led the country. clearly the presidents drop in favorability made it very difficult for the democratic nominee to stay above water. now $7.10 americans say that they don't like the direction in which biden is leading the united states and a poll conducted among democrats and independents who are democrat leaning. this poll came out and said that 40 percent of them think that their own party might do better to not nominate joe biden for reelection in 2024,
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but instead to pick another candidate. now this defeat for terry mcculla fe mainstream democrat located in the state of virginia, a long time figure in virginia. politics has been quite a blow. you'll recall that in the lead up to the vote that happened tuesday. both the president and vice president traveled to virginia and emphasized how in, in this election was virginian will in large part determine what happens is when a 20 to 2024 in o seems like this was an opportunity for voters to register their discontent. there's a lot of rising frustration with the biden administration over the unpopular cold that vaccine mandates over stagnation and inflation in the economy. and over the issue of the afghan pull out, which was very chaotic and in the lead up to the vote. national democratic party figures like president joe biden and vice president com layer. i went to virginia
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to emphasize the importance of this election. they presented voters in virginia with their agenda, and it appears a lot of them did not like what they heard. lost out, i talked to republican richard black, who's a former member of the virginia state senate. he says, the democrats defeated an ominous sign for them with elections coming up in other key states. we sort of are let miss towers for the nation of what, what you can expect. ironically, people always look at virginia to see what is likely to happen in the future. but in new jersey, which people don't even pay attention to the republican is neck and neck. up there, and that's such a heavily blue area that nobody even normally, thanks about it. so it just shows a tremendous weakness in the democratic side. and what has happened here. loudon county is where i live and where i've represented there has been an uprising of the people against policies,
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and this was not something dictated by the young can campaign or by the republican party. but it's just individual parents. much of it is focused on the issue of schools. some of it is on the backseat mandates. some of it is on the shut down of businesses. but the key to the most burning issue is critical race theory. the fact that it's in a single year, we went from a 10 point advantage for my to a to point loss. for my call. you know, you're looking at 12 point shift in one state that's blue leading. and if you translate that to other states across the nation, it is really forecast a wipe out for democrat congressmen running in next year's election
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and another barometer of feeling. a survey shows that americans trust in media outlets has steadily decline since joe biden took office. in january, almost a quarter of those surveyed said they had no trust in traditional over stablished, news outlets at all when it comes to accurate and fair reports. with another 30 percent saying that trust was at a very low level of since the start of the vice presidency, the level of media trust has suffered a 16 percent flight journalist and author chris hedges told us the issue was fueled by polarization in american society. people do trust their favored a partisan media outlet. the problem is they don't trust any other. the fact is, the country now is completely divided into antagonistic or opposing demographics and media. commercial model of all, all media outlets at this point is to cater to that particular demographic. now that's how they make their money. they slice that demographic, they feed that demographic. what it wants to hear,
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whether it's true or not. so you're feeding that demographic. what it wants to hear, while at the same time, demonizing, the other demographic and all media, major media outlets are guilty of if you've seen a huge drop in terms of viewership at outlets like cnn or m. s m b c. because they demonized trump, and they could day after day terrify their viewers with whatever the latest trump full par was, or, and at the whole election of biden was really anybody but trump, the media landscape itself as undergoing a kind of see change in all of this pulling reflects those divisions and the stoking of the antagonism between the demographics that are catered to by the major media outlets residence in the u. s. city of minneapolis a voted against a bid to get rid of the local police and replace them with supposedly more benign public safety officials. the proposal came up after the murder of george floyd last
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year and cited nationwide protests and demands to defund the police. ah ah a recent polls still show that people have an unfavorable view of the police in their city right now. however, many more people would not like the number of officers to be produced and that's a position that's especially strong in the black community. at the refusal to vote against local police may be linked to the city serge in violent crime and office of
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staffing shortages. the roof already been far more homicide in 10 months this year than in the whole of 2019 of the head of an hyphenated america. their conservative nonprofit group says society must change, not the police the whole idea of the, for the police is absolutely ridiculous. and you know, it's ridiculous because the left overall started getting a lot of pushback on it. and now they're kind of backing away from much even going so far as to say that, oh, i never said the from the police, even though they're on camera, on the record. there's plenty of video evidence with them saying the from the police. once again speaking from from a black perspective, right? unfortunately, there's too much crime in the communities that far to new black people live in. and there's a heavy reliance. the innocent people who live in those communities have a heavy reliance on the police. now please go too far sometimes, of course,
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that's one of the problems with having a bigger state. as the state grows, the individual shrinks. individual liberties get trumps to pop. the funding to police is not the answer. getting rid of the local police department is not the answer. the only way that actually helps is if you have a more, more moral and just society victory for drug companies. a california judges for all the full manufacturers can't be held responsible for the states opioid crisis. saying there's no evidence that the rights and prescriptions was down to misleading marketing. and it's thought that the ruling could set a precedent for similar cases. in other states. we call the faults of jake bradshaw who became addicted to the pills that he was prescribed. it sets a very dangerous precedent, and more importantly it's, it's sad. this is, this is becoming a in america, very common knowledge that companies like purdue pharma, sat around a board room table and made a decision to target a blue collar areas in america. areas like southern ohio, eastern kentucky,
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west virginia, because they knew that their new powerful prescription opioid it would flourish. there was the 1st time a drug companies, one and over 3000 lawsuits that have been filed. the opioid addiction crisis has claimed half a 1000000 lives in the united states, and 20 is the previous administration declared a nationwide emergency after 6 fold increase in fatal overdoses. on 2020 alone bull that 9000000 people were victims of opioid misuse, including teenagers, an adult, the majority of which were prescribed medicine, mostly pain relievers. are tracked. bradshaw says that the court ruling leaves the vulnerable with no justice. i can remember being 1718 years old and having a very minor injury and you know, being prescribed 40 milligrams of oxy gotten for injuries like that there's and i don't think there is a government or a doctor or any medical professional who would call that reasonable we've got
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millions of people whose lives have been affected by this. here we are years later knowing what we know. and we're still unable in courts to provide these families with, with some kind of justice for loved ones that they've lost or loved ones that are still struggling. it's a, it's, it's, it's a travesty. promises to protect the earth forests. ambitious goals of net 0 by 2050 and giving cash to south africa to help it ended reliance on coal. the humans climate summit in scotland this week updates pledge to save the planet with britain's prime minister taking the lead. although that said the u. k. doesn't currently appear to be holding back on it's fossil fuel projects. a recent report revealed that around 40 plans are seeking approval in the u. k. in the next 4 years . and if they're approved, it would nearly triple the countries yearly greenhouse gas emissions. meanwhile, there's an ongoing dispute over a proposed new coal mine in northwest england. and what barbara johnson doesn't
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support it, he insists that it's not his job to get involved locals. there though, say they desperately need it. the mind should go ahead. it will be mined in the safest, cleanest grayness where it can possibly be done. plans being explored for the 1st coal mine to be opened in the u. k. in 30 years here in the coastal town of white haven in northwest england. just a 140 miles north from here, the cop 26 summit in claws goes in full swing the u. k. of course, hosting that summit, the critic say it sends out the completely wrong message for the hosts to be giving the green light to this coal mine. while at the same time preaching the green message to the rest of the world, the u. k. government has decided not to intervene with the tans of opening and brand new english coal mine. this really shows the true meaning of so called net 0 . 2050 this leg insufficient targets long into the future, basically mean nothing today but contrary to what some expect, given fears are the potential air pollution. the locals are quite happy to have it
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. many of them think it could spark a much needed economic revival to step forward, really for technology and everything else. the same, a security issue, mining, nadia, and i know for many, many years now it's all gone. returning jobs in the area is notice in line until it's here, the prototypes that are coming in as well to assist and also educate to the kids in a very deprived area of the okay. and that's what's needed to drive the future to drive education and support the kids. a local campaign is in support of the mind, say that coaching coal, which is used to manufacture steel rather than generate energy, is being unfairly maligned by green activists. this is just another piece of the puzzle. got is green, greenly we, we are an environmental area. we understand what the problems are when there's no denial. if there's an issue that is a problem, we've got nuclear, we've got winds, they, we've got a hydro that will be coming to some point in the future. and thankfully,
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if we get this my going as a will be say him a coca cola from over there to the transport it from america. which is couldn't we? what was it on to think that john cutty seldom is that we shouldn't open a mind when wet by in all the coal of it is a bit hypocritical west cumbria mining. the company in charge argues that the project will be the world's 1st net 0 mythological coal mine in the world. ministers of argued in favor of the project from an economic perspective, as well as an environmental one to a very small as i am, stand quite specialist ah, form of coal that's being that would be produced there. and we'll have a negligible impact ons of the global coal usage. we need to transition our existing oil and gas sector to a d carbon ice platform. what others want to see is a complete eclipse and shutting down of oil and gas with 250000 jobs vanishing overnight. the u. k. government,
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on the pressure from climate groups intervened and ordered an inquiry by a planning inspector local may, refutes any objections. however, saying coaching call from the mind would drive forward green energy project. he also insists that the projects will revise the local economy off the curve. it ma'am, i think you've got to look at the united kingdom as a whole and we're responsible for just all the one percent of the entire world, carbon emissions on this. mine will be responsible for north point one percent of that one percent the mine will have a huge positive economic impact on the, on the area, etc. i chuckle meant investment issues. private money coming in. are you talking 160000000 pound intention? what's a relatively small community and i'll create 500 direct jobs that are with the spin off of 1500 supply chain jobs. that will transform people's lives in this area, b, enquire results, the jew at the end of the year. well, after the climate debate has moved elsewhere, bars,
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johnson said at cop $26.00 that he didn't support the opening of the mind. but that he would leave it to the planning, come cease to decide. an indication perhaps of his own desire to not get dragged into a row with a local community desperate for their area. once again to see economy regeneration, isa ali or t in white haven, cumbria. or we talked to an environmental journalist about whether the british government is sticking to its pledge to drop fossil fuel. so not u. k. presidency of copies seriously undermined by the government's own actions in the united kingdom. government has agreed that it will not fund new fossil fuels by itself. however, the united kingdom's financial industry and the financial industry globally, will i be able to continue to invest in fossil fuels, investments by the united kingdom in global fossil fuels, amounts to 15 percent of global investments. and that's where the united kingdom record is really terrible. in that it's
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a center for global finance for fossil fuels. so this is a disaster for our credibility of the presidency. our b of the co op and on the other side of europe, energy is also dominating concerns with growing fears of a cold winter ahead in spain. officials. they're a warning that a pipeline cut off has left the country with little more than a month left of natural gas reserves. recently, algeria shut off gas applies to spain through a pipeline crossing morocco, a 25 year transit deal with suspended without renewal over a diplomatic space between the 2 north african countries. and although algerian authorities have promised to provide more gas to spain, european politicians of already slammed the cut off, calling it blackmail and manipulation for political purposes. meanwhile, spain's gas operator is trying to calm public panic. the spanish gas system has higher levels of contract natural gas capacity than in previous winter's, and is in a better situation than that of other neighboring countries. with the current situation, there is no indication of a lack of gas supply in the coming months. but there's little optimism among
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spanish traders, a portfolio manager, felix moreno. think spain risks a potential gas deficit. spain scott supply is not in immediate danger, but it does leave, is in a very vulnerable situation. there's a certainty of process going up and there is a danger of lack of supply. the situation with the boots is unreliable at the moment, as you know, contain a boats, and all boats are being stopped the ship to be stuck in many ports. so this has the potential to provoke, a lack of supply in the winter and winter's very close demand is going to go up to build. people need to heat their homes. they're not going to heated with solar yet and have good gas connections with the rest of europe. most of our gas comes from from the south. and it does leave using a very vulnerable situation. some good news for fans of the global t. v head succession shouting the devious family, food and a back, stabbing media in a stay. it's getting
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a full season on the back of its 7 emmy awards and also a golden globe. the scottish act of brian cox who placed the roofless patriarch and he goes head to head with fellow scott unexamined on he showed to morrow, telling us how his characters, persona was suddenly forced to change the start of the series. i was born in quebec canada and i played with kind of american kit in actually i played most of the cities. and then they decided an episode 9 after i'd go episode 9. peter friedman who was who had placed friday, who i keep firing and be hiring shed. he's just done a, an a d r session or a d. i was when you do when you. ready course st. words on this on the screen, you know that they want to put in. so they changed my birthplace. she said, oh bryan, they changed her booklets. and i should really, you said yes, yes, you are not born in quebec anymore. and he said, i said so, where am i born? and he said, oh, i don't know if i can remember that he took his device, julie said, oh you are. yes. somewhere tom done these scotland luhan. well,
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that's where i'm from. and he said, oh yeah, well apparently you are from there dandies look dandy scotland and i said i went up to jesse, i'm so not sure what's going on. i mean, for 9 episodes i've been playing this character. and now you told me i'm from my home town. he said, oh yeah, we thought to be a little surprised. i said it's a hell of a bloody surprise when i know it was, i've been playing, it's always it or it's okay. it's okay. you, you left doesn't be when you were very young. you came to canada, you went back, but you can't. you can't get in from the associated press. news agency concerning that drone stripe from the u. s. in cobble earlier this year, which left 10 civilians dead including 7 children, he was supposed to target ice, his k, but it wiped out most of a family instead. well, the a pentagon probe into that has found no misconduct or negligence in that drone strike. you remember it was targeting, i says k,
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and it was in retaliation for the deadly strike on cobble airport. during that chaotic pullout of us forces from afghanistan, that drone strike in retaliation killed civilians instead of terrorists. but the pentagon, according to the associated press news agency, has found no misconduct or negligence in that drone strike. no doubt, they'll be more reaction in the coming hours. that's it for the news from moscow for now i'm calling bry, i'll be back here in half an hour to update you again open to join me with ah, i mean,
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ah, [000:00:00;00] with i'm african retents in the head of mass protests. we're going on the ground is 30000 descent, the drug gets capital of europe, scotland dissolved the climate emergency in what is accused of being the most privileged climate summit in history coming up in the show. we confront allegations of hypocrisy with one of the boards. johnson's talk climate advisors, as the u. k. government, which just slashed taxes on domestic air travel ways up 40 new fossil fuel projects, one lecturing the world. that loon with a minting nuclear submarine deals with australia, may do the world in more ways than one hand after allegations by u. k. foreign off his lawyer, that boris johnson jokes about the world's worst humanitarian crisis. we
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investigate yemen and other british weapons markets contributing to global death, destruction, and climate change. all of all coming up in today's going underground refers to our continuing coverage. you call 26. the you and climate change summit in glasgow just by joey speeches. you gave my minister birth johnston is that a rocky start to the summit, being questioned on his commitment to the environment in the face. when you, coal mine in cumbria budget, cut taxes on flying descent within his own body regarding pumping raw sewage and rivers. in a nuclear sabrin deal with australia that arguably left the country off the hook when it comes in at 0. so what does the man advising bore as strong as government? think of all the alleged advocacy for dba is the chairman of the u. k. 's independent committee on climate change. he was conservative body chairman on the margaret thatcher and the longest ever serving you k secretary state for the environment, joins me now from the summit in scotland in glasgow. i don't know, it's noisy there, whether it's crazy there or even then tell us about the summit because everyone


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