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he's, he's right here on our to america ah, the downhill senator ron johnson had a round table on vaccine mandate and the injuries which individual se they have suffered as a result of receiving the vaccine. we're just every day americans, we are republicans for democrats. libertarians independence for us. this is not political, we are not opposed to vaccines. we rather we oppose their mandated use. we are citizens who have done our civic duty, but when we experience serious adverse effects were left high and dry by f d acdc, the n a h and medical professionals, we got the was reg, she because i thought it was the project job. i thought it was the right thing to do,
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were unnecessarily traumatized due to our cases being overlooked. miss diagnosed and hid in. we are being believed in our faith and medium. the government is faltering. i deserve to be heard, entreated with compassion. but in that i have been called a liar in a fake, and i have even been told by the doctors that this is all in my head and that there is nothing medically wrong with me. join me now discuss the various testimonies. the next for comments is michael, big be attorney at love and have a tiny o rafferty law firm. thanks for joining me. michael. thanks for having me. okay, so let's just start on and the obvious was ron johnson actually wrong and holding this program in his round table. and do you feel like the public is being given all of the honest facts regarding the vaccines and any negative side effects? yeah, i don't necessarily think it is wrong to have this type of round table. i'm not going to necessarily endorse everything that mr. johnson might think about it or
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all of his positions might be. but this is, this is the information. this is additional discussion about what's happening and there's additional research to support some of these things i think. and i think that's realistic, inappropriate to have a discussion with medical experts who are actually backing things up with research . and that's the important distinction i will make, because you see a lot of claims being made and thrown around by people. mean, if you're on the internet, everybody's an expert in everybody's in a d, me, ologist. but when you actually have science to back things up in medical professionals, we're studying these things. looking at some of the effects of the vaccine, might have the correlations that might actually exist. for instance, there's a recent mayo clinic study that came out looking at some of the side effects of the j and j vaccine. and i think there's important discussions to be had, and there can be real side effects that does not necessarily serve as an indictment of the vaccines as
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a whole. that doesn't have to be anti vaccine to have an open and honest discussion as long as that's what's happening. i think that's actually quite an important thing, because in the public can way people can make an informed decision, having all the facts available. and so discussions that are actually aim towards being factually base, being science base, which can look at some negative adverse aspects and consequences, i think are entirely appropriate, as long as they have actual balance in our ground in facts. you know, michael, i could not agree with you more on that is just about having the conversation and yet we're seeing. so people like i mentioned in my intro, it majors celebrities being actually censored and told they can't actually question . they're not anti backs, they're just questioning the effects of it because they're seeing it within their own eyes, within their own families. do you think this dismissal that we are seeing on the public eye of information, or even talking about it, is what could be leading to even more mis trust in the vaccine? sure, sure. i think i think that there's
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a legitimate aspect of that when you have people who are being told, there's only one way of looking at it. i think it's over simplification. and there might be well intentioned people who are trying to oversimplify it. but i think that is it, it feels to many people like some things being hidden from them because you don't have an open, honest, frank discussion of weighing the factors. and like you said, i don't think this is anti i'm vaccinated. i'm fully vaccinated. so it's not like this idea is, is only coming from something it's entirely fringe. i think this is important to have an open and honest discussion. they can recognize there can be some risk from this and you balance the risk reward. i personally for me, i think the risk of war propositions still makes sense, especially the older you get. i think it makes sense for a lot of people to do and, and is logical. but when you have a suppression of a question, when you have suppression of actual medical research to me, it's no wonder that when you're suppressing that people have more questions and
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start to question the very basis of maybe something that is fine, typically valid. that is, well, did i think it's just a negative thing for health care, more openness, more transparencies better. that's going to generate more trust from the american public. and then of course, american people do remember and because we're familiar here at r t, america with your law firm, i do know that your, your firm does handle cases against johnson johnson. and you do constantly are having to look at some of these companies. and they're actually problems that arise from using their products. so there's doubt from history now coming to this point. but when they said the pharmaceutical companies would not be held liable for their vaccine or any problems that it could cause. do you think that was a smart move if you were going to do the trust factor, did that actually make it enable these companies to have no sort of accountability? sure die. that's exactly what it does. it takes away basically any accountability,
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any ability, if someone is harm. the only option is not even there, sort of a normal vaccine. you have vaccine court for the coven, 19 vaccines. you have that c i c p which is another even more limited program that's been basically described as a black hole that offers nothing to people who are injured by it. i actually argue that that's a negative thing, because if you have openness and you're asking people to have buy in to say we want you, there are benefits to the vaccines. to know that if there is something that happens, if there is a potential risk or something that's linked and actually causes harm for someone, i think that it will be better to have openness about it that those people would be able to be compensated. and i think that's something when you're saying there's nothing you could do about it, no matter what, even if later on, it turns out that they did know something, or there was some sort of a connection that someone harmed in a serious, significant way. the answer right now, as the law stands today, is basically
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a tough walk answer, and you're stuck with it. but i've only got it. i've got a quick minute with you and i want to get to this question is very important. yes, we can't hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable. can't even hold the government accountable for that. we're seeing these mandates that are coming in. and like you mentioned that mayo clinic say that just came out. that said, you are actually 3 times more likely to get a blood clot in your brain from johnson and johnson vaccine is there for these companies that are coming in and mandating vaccines. could the company in the future be held liable if they have forced their, their employees to get the vaccine and they have one of these types of offset based on the way the law is right now. i think the answer that question is extremely unlikely that even a company mandating it and other individual mandating it would be responsible under, under the laws. it stands today. and i think, you know, you do raise those concerns and i think the relative risk you have to go in and look at the mayo clinic study and understand it to understand what is the relative
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risk compared to the risk of what you're preventing, of course. but at the end of the day, when you look at the laws, it stands, i think people are pretty much going to be stuck with it. and i don't think that there's much redress for those people, whether it's from the pharmaceutical companies or people issuing them. the mandates themselves or you're just stuck with it. i'm like you, i'm fully vaccine it, but that doesn't mean that i don't have questions and in that sense, my eye witness views of what does happen to people around me that raises those questions. that for some reason can't get answer and that's what scares me for the future. michael, great to chat with you. thank you for him. now or to me or the other by geo is enforcing a vaccine mandate to city workers. chaos, the routing and the big apple. well, more than normal was started out as a peaceful protest turned into half a dozen firefighters getting suspended without pay for their actions. and this all comes as a thousands of flights are being cancelled throughout the country on the hills of the busiest travel season. our teaching tasha suite has more on the vaccine
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mandates and how some workers are fighting back, feel firefighters in new york, or on and paid leave after driving the truck interstate. senators office protesting the vaccine mandate, and while they're facing backlash, some say they're simply fed up with the draconian measures. i think we are now united with the vaccine mandate enforced by new york city. mirabelle diblasio has now gone into effect, but some aren't just taking the job to keep their jobs. o m also is protest on staten island, new york began peaceful sunday one day before the mandate went into effect. not all protests were as come on friday, 6 new york city firefighters drove their truck into a state senators office, members of latter 113 in the cities, brooklyn burrow, or on duty during the incident. and now the fire commissioner is saying these
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firefighters have blood on their hands, firefighters, police officers and other city workers will be placed on leave without pay until they show proof of vaccination. as the mandate went into effect this week, more than 2000 firefighters have called in sick, and now over 2 dozen new york fire houses have been shut down over the staffing shortages. but the discontentment isn't, is home to the big apple, not all chicago firefighters and paramedics believe they should have to comply with the vaccine mandate. 28 and vaccinated. first responders in the windy city are reportedly on unpaid leave. as some firefighters are being moved into the role of paramedics to help with staffing shortages, the city will face to lawsuits one by a chicago police union and the other from firefighters. with a lot of problems with via phone my daughter who had to walk away from a teaching career who's not going to knock away my grand kids with my check were pre, but i'm not so sure anymore. teachers, nurses,
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an airline crew members are also fighting a mandate. my daughter was at pac thing at midnight and we won, found out that our flight was cancelled. we both got a text on sunday alone. american airlines cancelled more than 1000 flights, while some cited the weather as a reason for delaying. others said, stopping shortages had the biggest impact. this all comes as pilots. unions are awaiting airline management to come to the table with a plan. the taxpayer, all of us are that invested billions of dollars in the airlines to not have this happen over $12000000000.00 and p. s p for american airlines. we're grateful for that. but how dare management not be ready for this recovery? we're ready. our flight attendants are ready and certainly the passengers are. but as some employees from southwestern american called in sick as a result of a vaccine mandate, both airlines have rescinded their demands. they no longer have to get the shot before thanksgiving. this is all unfolding just before the busiest travel season of
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the year. no sun firefighters say that they've already had cove it, and shouldn't have to get the shot if they already had the antibodies. and some even argue that it's not a vaccine that it's more of a gene therapy since people who are getting it are still getting infected with coded. but mirabelle de blasio says that he's still standing. his ground reporting for news is hughes and harsh. a sweet r t s guys to bring an economy to professor richard. well, thanks for joining me. richard is good to talk to you about this. and this isn't as much about the vaccine. it's more about corporations right now. and truth and honesty in how they are being with the public in this petition, in this particular subject, you think corporations are being honest with the public about why their business or standard of care is being disrupted. no, the simple honest answer is they're not being honest. they're telling us stories, american airlines, it was all the weather, a mayor diblasio, it's some kind of principle as if he knows exactly what vaccines do and don't do. i
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think what you're seeing here is an effort by corporations to recover the profits they didn't make during the pandemic. like the airlines they wanna recoup some of those. they want to make up for it, and they're not therefore spending the money to plan on people coming back. they don't want to spend the money doing for their workers, what really they ought to have done anyway. and they're not gonna tell us any of that. corporations never do. they pay a lot of money to pay off firms to blame everybody else, even the weather in order to get away from their own profit driven determination to do what it takes to make their profits, even if it does come from the public. and it hurts the workers and then all of this stuff about vaccine is a nice other story to kind of bring in as if we're struggling over that. the vast majority of public employees. busy airline employees have been vaccinated for
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a long time. there are some who object they have. they should have their time in court, but no one should be full. corporations didn't want to spend the money to plan for what happens after that pandemic. and now we're all paying the cost of their unwillingness to really do what they should have done. ok, well i understand my corporation and i say by the way, we just want to make more money. that's why we're being cheap and dealing with you, i get that would be a really interesting p r move to make. but the truth is, if they really want to stand behind their decisions, like, you know, whether it be a mandate for a vaccine or mandate for using sick days, etc. just be honest, say listen, here's my problem with this is that you know what we believe that all of our employees should be back said if they're going to interact with you and just be honest, i don't blame it on things like the weather or anything else how do you think that actually will affect the trust moving forward? i mean, mccarty has
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a distrust with in the press and distress to the government now or in distress corporations even more. busy on future issues, it seems their understanding of your point that it might be in the short run, the clever thing to blame somebody else in the long run. there's lack of trust. this refusal to see any honesty in these corporations is gonna come back and hurt those cooperation. still, it's already doing that. you know, the history of the pharmaceuticals in this country is mother happy picture. that's why a lot of people are suspicious about the vaccine. their refusal to be honest, as you put it in the past, is now coming back on them and the us. but i think we live in the system where the corporations look at the almighty dollar and the profit. that's what judges them. that's how they judge themselves, and so they put it 1st and we now have to live with the consequences. and that's
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a serious problem in a society that has the problems we do, and you add in their supply chain issues, unloading issues. the other sort of regulations being put on by the government and you literally have the perfect storm that it's not just going to take a few days, few months, or even possibly a few years to try to get it back somewhere and to a place of normalcy. whatever that might be, always good to talk with the richard. thank you. now when we return, why one decision by a state legislature has the teachers association absolutely furious. we will have a panel discussion about the effective candidate for school board having to put in our id or an i by their name on the ballot. on your return. the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in
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their own interests. what you see in this, these techniques is the state devising methods to essentially destroy the personality of an individual by scientific means. this is how one doctor's theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, the ca, disseminated within the u. s. intelligence community and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today. it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. long miss global. other literature was the one to walk upon the nuclear, you know, took so shown where you also trust them. one pool or thumb ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super bowl. i'm doing awesome. good. would you also get on the greens come
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a little more, surely confusing. some of the i can less lucian with better lung or law, or else what is a is there is full. so for you, the various users that responded to scribble free and finish with what the past 3 decades been likely. ukraine. eye witnesses, recall the events. this will be more or less of judiciary within the deficiency of chipotle. what our new admit order, i'm not sure what are your thoughts for them with, with no idea what else and what other forces were at play. you have to do so to whom you show c inch in machine, those them you are in the kid what it would occur when you this roosevelt moser. the version is only slower. take a look at ukraine 30 years after gaining independence organ for the year. but i did, i'm assuming we're going to get it on it was little live, but it will,
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it could be on hold. and i honestly lawmakers called a special session addressing covered 19, now amongst the multiple bills which were past one that made school board races partisan with candidates having to declare either republican, democrat or even a dependent on the election ballot. but what does parson politics have to do with your child's education? what help us the 360 of you we bring in ladon jones from georgia state lawmaker and laurie credenza, more founder and president, proclaiming justice to the nation. thank you so much for joining me. women, mothers, people who absolutely, i know love your children, love your community. and that's why i thought we had this topic. i wanted to have the 2 of you on for this specifically because i know how much you guys are engaged in your children's education. and laura, you can t to be even after years,
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have graduated on thursday. laurie, this is your say, your home state. so why does school board races even needed to be declare a political race? and why is this happening to feel like at this time? well, i think it was a brilliant move by the state legislature because this battle with the school boards has been going on for over a decade. we brought a textbook to the school board asking them to remove the book because it was anti semitic. it was anti american, anti judeo christian. it had content that parents and citizens did not approve of. we went before the board, the school board asked for them to remove the book. and unfortunately, they didn't think the book was worth removing. so there are time and time again, we hear of stories across this country and of course, as i said this has been going on for decade. but parents now are finally seeing because of coasted because parents have their kids have come home. they've had to
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home school, they looked at the, the content that their children are being taught. they're being told they have to sign waivers. they can't sit in their child's virtual classroom. and we wonder why . and of course, what's happened is the school board members have made this issue or these races political. they are not concerned about making sure that our children can read, can write, can add and subtract. no, they're pushing their cultural agenda against the wishes of the parents and the parents who said enough is enough. these are my kids. we saw what mccall it did last week when he made his comment, that parents shouldn't be involved in their children's education. the lead on out of regular in on this and i followed you during covered with your children and you were literally could have to pay, gotten rid of the law degree to think of a full blown teacher. you were incredible. i gotta give you some major kudos on how you had your kids discipline. i set up my own basically
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a lot based off of what you did that being so did anything surprise you have already mentioned parents all of a sudden and you are probably hands on like, you know beforehand. but did anything surprise you about what your children were learning? and now you hear that this parson issue is happening? do you think that's a good thing or do you think it actually could create more issues? you know, i didn't find anything surprising throughout history. i have been aware to watch certain topics that are top to my children, georgia history, some of the american history things i always disagree with and always providing my children with other points of view. but this happened during the legislative session, a special session that is supposed to be and that quote, the 19 is highly disappointing. we don't need parson shit in our school. and this is an attempt to try to protect a losing a republican party. they need to know who the republicans are, particularly when we start talking about re districting. they can make sure that they keep control and power. just as a guest has mentioned is
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a way to say we want you to believe the way we believe and how will control the school. and it's kind of sad that they are playing with our children's lives using politics. okay, so laura, i want to get your response to that and like i said, ga, tennessee not much different, politically, they kind of have some of the same kind of balances. but to that point though, you know, age, there wasn't much of a change that was going on until now. is this just a way of controlling the parents feel like that? you know, we need to put the political party that we've elected, also matching and our school board. no, absolutely not. the parents were outraged about what was happening and parents were repeatedly going before the school board asking them to correct the issues. and they finally got set up, we need to see where these people stand politically because if the school board members, when they run for office, if they've got a cultural agenda that they're pushing, then you know what we want to know about it. and i don't care if they're a republican or democrat, or an independent if they have values that are not espoused, tennessee, there's
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a law that requires all textbooks and instructional materials to be accurate and via and reflect the values of the community. well, i can assure you, the content being peddled to our children, at least the williamson county. i'm not in her county in georgia, but in williamson county and across the state of tennessee. now we've got pornography, we've got if hyphen that content, even in our elementary school library. and when parents bring these issues to the school board members, you think they get the time of day? absolutely not. and our kids still can't read. they, they still can't write, they still can't add and subtract it is her with it. and yeah, you know what, we need to start holding these elected officials accountable. but that's my question to you on this kind of work i did see could happen is it, can you become more base community base which we all like me, base education, but there are still lose that overall team agenda. where do you think the role of public schools are today freshly moving forward should be more community based to
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be a reflection of what that community believes in. or should there be more of a general agenda that the students learn from the curriculum is built out of i definitely think schools need to be update, right. we don't live or necessarily work directly in our communities anymore, right? we're far more mobile. many of us are working from home, so we do need to why they should only have to go to the school that is in your community, but maybe in your county or for the areas it will help us to get update. but that makes the political issue that much worse, because you shouldn't have to pay taxes when the school that your children go to, you should have a state and to get to make that decision. so while we do need to modernize using the control of the state legislature, the control local issue, ironic that some of the issues that they're trying to rock on are the federal mandates. that's why in america we believe in local control. and so it to avoid the federal government overreach. the state in tennessee is overeating on the local politics. and this is really sad. doesn't help us come to the type of conclusions
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we need light coming up with common sense ways and our children to different. well don lori to mom that i appreciate so much and respect all that you're doing for children by my children are being raised with yours. thank you so much for joining us. that's all for day show. and meantime, follow me on twitter at friday and he's, he's a hash tag team and d h, they've shown more down on the portal that via for your apple android device. let's continue the conversation and like always thank you for watching. ah, it will show this to us of car was discontinued more than 20 years ago, given the state more than a sort of can you sell it to proposal this year dealing with just important doctors. it took 5 years to close again, up on the will car industry from the drawing board to the 1st finished model
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description. so we'll go over the key of dealing with the food workman from a small, from home for the commercial, didn't get the customer with us. or we're empowering ourselves to be more issues or quicker with our transactions. we can make mobile payments from are on the truth, is that every device is a potential entry point for security attack, i think okay, but i wanted to mention lee with you on that and i thought i didn't change anything but only eventually there's malware on thousands maybe sometimes millions each day they use the cyber, they use the technology as an extension of traditional crime. artificial
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intelligence has not many main threat. this is due to the 3 laws of robotics. one of the things that's happening at the mini cyber implants. right now i'd be where they're really worried about it. most people would equally be you calling for the my right. so there has been a lot of progress from the hacker side using ai and using other advanced technologies. because there has been on the defensive site with a it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed, long miss global other literature was the one to what the fuck so. so show me where you swore trust on $1.00 from ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super bow. i'm doing awesome. good. would you also get on the ball greens?
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come on board. surely confusing some of the i can last new lucian west, nor did better one more law or else what is a is a social for the view. this is or surface, but it is scheduled for the should with water the past 3 decades when likely ukraine, eye witnesses recall the events. this will be more or less to do to ship with what i knew about it. i'm not sure, but it be about 4 months with no idea what else and what other forces were at play, your producer to whom you show in ship machine, those in you put in the kid a water motor car when you the shows up in the most of the versions, only slower. take a look at ukraine. 30 years out, the gaining independence, or go to your phone with us for dinner unless you mean? yeah. i get it live, but a will ethridge. it lets you could you shoot opium?
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lush will still holding? no problem. ah, it was a blower report series flaws in pfizer is called the vaccine testing procedures and says, u s. officials refused to listen jo biden's branding u. s. and democracy the envy of the world. but the world increasingly disagreeing as a poll shows a sharp dive in global percept perceptions of american democracy along with its health care system. we president putin pledges that russia will be carbon neutral, no later than 2016, and a message to delegates at the u. n's climate summit in scarlet as the west butcher's for action at comp 26. we look at how there and duration plans might hurt nations.


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