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tv   News  RT  November 2, 2021 9:00pm-9:55pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the a sub sub sub reports. it's a series within 5 years covered vaccines testing procedures and says, u. s. officials, you else officials, officials, you haven't, review, refused used to listen to listen consent thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, jo, biden's branding, u. s. branding u. s. branding us at bankruptcy, chris and vickers world to let the world facing with a great rios. h was asia, asia died within global global perception, perceptions of american democracy. can democracy appeal asi,
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hung up hung up. and so you can see it's every type of care for care for the system . we just we discussed the findings with gus that the former you asked us congressman, president, them because it is that right? i just, i will, you'll be budget carbon new by default new, but you know, later legend when i, j 6 id, imagine i imagine i'd like to, i'd like to be too delicate to talk to you when the climate actually went to summer . didn't set the web hotline can set the web, inspect the web, the web said to you whether you, whether you went to visit, to pushes for section 226 decisions we'll say, look at your location, look, just patches. how is there eyebrow, or eyebrow, or eyebrow, and how should i bow? a bow, bitch, bitch plans? my friends hurt mike and hurt mike ends. nations visions, content on thought on top of fuel also fuel fossil fuels, also fuels, also fuel muscle fuel. also fueled, also fueled,
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also fuel fuel fuel testing lab on testing lab on get it back from our studio course in moscow. this is good. this is martina with international good, national, good, national, good. i'm shopping because i'm touching the code on the shopping. good. some shopping to go there and go there and goodnight. goodnight tobey, tobey, tobey with i whistle blowers kind of blow is kind of blowing their serious flaws in . pfizer is lot coming. pfizer is listen. pfizer is la vaccine trials last year. she claims to have dinner. she client to have dinner. she cleared that to have dinner. she class same day she, she clay report an issue. she called her father and she, she quit her food and she, she quit, she cleanings and, and that you and a so thought you entities are refusing to investigating sunday or monday. my colleague collin braden de gus on braden de. yes. on. braden de yas on braden nations with gms correspondent, he got done off. so all these revelations they have a length of they have a length. they have the ability to publish british metal, political job, little evolutionary, published respect, published at spec, published heinz published expense, published, apr not published, some tact to abolish all their tablets or their tablets. the history or well is
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known for public for public publishing. some, some, some unfettered vetted and for the information, and so than and so at until that answer article it buttock tales, article sales article, the article allocation articles of atec and of a ticket of 80 acres. so particular article article will market will market will magic who logical you logic, logic to be part to be used to be with, to be contracted with a company to be called to be than to bobby. and so, so to be, what does this been tar because your foot i am at as to ties to ties to turn into teeth to doug doug of the i tougher and tougher. and tom and tom and tom, it's been backseat from seats from bill. you might and bill you might and bill you mightn't i some items based on weight and so it and do it later in life and all it and bullied and bullied and beaten beef and goes and boost from dish bags and pack . right. and 222 and 3rd, a 3rd, 3rd at fees, fees for clinic, clinical trials friday for the rest of that female female. something something
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might fit a value for you. it's the, the most important face and it so it, so if i isn't it urgent, urgent didn't it, it, it, it, it is trial trial. it hot it hot at 8 number and brought it a number of the number of the number of contractors. and so, these content that attracted, attracted comp, a comp, a comp of the comp of the company were, were company were, were compass ponds, spawn disposal's on small ones all on the, on the, on the, for the trial, the trial, the trial trials try, try, try in try in trial trial, try and find, find out is vaccines, is vaccines van with his van was as vast as his vast is vast, this is valid on this is valid ons has been more than 4030 feet out sub sub subsistence fast. and then number of numbers close, close, closer to, to 40 to 40000 and, and this and, and obviously a failure tougher. on top of that out, i was,
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was responsible to conducting trials aisles or zones and about about 80001000 exit exams as well as our, as our president visit, and as of as or as a, as he has he has, as, as and so, so that was was blah blah, he claims that means that means that he has, he has observe some, some negligible instantly, some, some, well, some violations judging the leave. those trials, for example, would it, would it into the, into the, the aggregations, participants were placed east is whole, we are we after that are that are receiving jacking up. so now, so instead of get, instead of getting an enter and whoops, or in the hole, or in the hallway, all way on to on to, for that. and she's agent declaring to use it has been and has been via of a look of somebody follow up on pain show agents who showed some, some severe symptoms which couldn't be in would you be interpreted. and as well as which side of each of which is which of which of which leave amtrak voucher vaccine, which in which the indigent they're using. the word or the british were medical
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journals using our word adverse events, events, events in relation to the symptoms to these will potential side effects to protocol deviations. we're not, we're not blood report or to the quantity quoted according to the locations of axes was we're preparing multiple stored at put at protect from percentage is crucial for $545.00, the vax, lexi city. because as well, it has stored at the very particular temperature with very lowest, very lowest temper. this is something that makes the transportation of this vaccine . particular challenging shall also do as the door was so dull a router or tilted until slow labeled on the border. recently, so he so less emerson's essence, as, as, as the pass to possess it, a presently possessed of enticement. i have it, i have it. i sat, i sat, i sobbed, asagwa, i said that i said to us, to us, to i. so a so less mess mess i'm best of the leslie leslie's sr. who has, who has been trying to trying blue, blue the windowsill entwistle and tribal in cleveland total and pringle. and for
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england, england, england, flight and flight land full in full and freeland fealand, cleveland kill and fell and fell. and for the land for the lunches describe his describe. his discrepancies are these instances under the whistleblower say that she was was was with him or tim or to her to her to target her to, to touch till you tilted to tire, tire tread t t a t at after after to shoot to to shoot to write it right to bring to ting, ting to take these allegations. so when o, according to her, the company are when these allegation is, allegation is, as reserved is fell on death fears as selves within things and things and puts me in positions sheets, resistance, as was as if some sensible, dunstable dams routed. and she put on the ship them to put them together as adam sent them all to them all to tell them all to them. you have dicked from ye to them the to them to come. usps from usps, from agents to functions at frontier got from gov, spend much time for much them, but somebody to somebody from response bought a bon spotlight for given me approval for proof of emergency use was of abuse was
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seen, was seen. and this is, this is what this is the response. she got a response, have the response, the risp we spin out exposed specs and received an ema and received an ema and received an ema from the $58.00. thanking for for her concerns and flow to fun. fang her than for the f d. him of couldn't being for, couldn't the, him, not comment on investigation that might result a few days later, j is x m received is and received is and received is and received is haul from horn f. the whole, the whole spec quarter hold a tall sca horse her horse horrible was told that no for all that no full information could be provide. she had nothing further in relation to her in pool or open book or opened. so where is the federal over? so what all this, what all has the food, what drug a minute, a food, what ration on moodle with it and on moodle with it and on moodle, what nation? well, given what we've just had, it could have been well in world see says an optimistic sized excise end where the
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inverse lindell blown or uni now come immediately or in rather or in that or in the obtained li, obtained getting involved getting in, getting in, in in the very, in the very me say and obvious and obvious that nobody she comes she comes, she cockroach, she kashi kashi, covering, covering cotton packers and, and on and on. but on about an update on that, all they, all, they're all happened in, in subsequent been bus chair, chair. she at which he at which it, it, is it he in pushing and pushing and pushing because that's but it's a full full why the pfizer, his acceding gap, gary approval of the of did you have any updates have so oh, well the only only logical assumption that could be, is that the other day will da, will look into these claim to these fame, to these aim to these address, to these address these them, to these, to these 2, these to these and well make a decision to stick addition, wicked, whether on whether on whether or not they li, what were important port ah, but, but in the service here, the price of vaccine or got at the well it well it, it was, it could it is it will,
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it is it will it record record and if, and if a remote emergency agency, it use it, use it, it if the f to if the up to 88 it and the 5858, it did not did not address. did a, did any of the, did any of the, did the elegant, did the elegant donations? we did have a didn't to did our to apart, did our, to apart, did our to apart, didn't the article in the british of the medical, the medical leave, the, the in the in phase of the info as of the briefing document that submitting document linked, submitting document to an f. d. a advisory committee meeting held on the 10th of december 20 tenths of december 20 tenths of december 2010th of december. the 10th of december to discuss visors application thus fires as applique. emergent sizes. applica youth will sizes applique authorization of code, was ation of its curve. it $900.00 vaccine. the company made no mention of problems at the vent prototype via the vent prototype via the vin pro site. the next day, the f. d. a issued the authorization of the vaccine we have have of course reach
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out to isaac, and todd and todd and the post to, to, to find out the opinions of this for the want you want. you want, we want to want the squad play, want play want is want, want, is want be region between into even into the account to be account to be there on the be important. be important. be can be worse, 33, to have 3 back from the back, from the back, from the, from then from them and that one. well, i guess i'm the only and the old job. and i can take that from the stand from the stand, the stand and listen to your doctor before well, you know, putting anything in your body, but we spoke to read it spoke to me, univers, both to receive the micro spoke to violet group, spoke to this doc spoke to simon spoke to clark, spoke to who we spoke to spoke to concern spoke to the other spoke to spoke to you, or spoke to could jeopardize could just in could you faxing biggest problem full
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potential potential. 10 problem with, with this, with this general journal fact, fact, fact we will collect public confidence, public come to the vaccines where really should, should i just to happen my phone, my phone, my phone told twice that when you know, when you know, when you told me state is half mistaken if you recall it, you know, to deal with any that deal with any that bad. so the dad, so the dad, dad, so the just, just, just they should be back up in by many, many of the people around people around people, a rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rocks,
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maxima running around around me and russian america because their because their reputation just an offer go football, football skills skills still is suffering with why with wide negative view to views a view of its democratic product product, as well as well as as its health care system. according to a recent survey baker vacated in 7017 countries. that is due by july, joe biden, driving us tomatti as he of the world. christy some chris and chris christy, christy, christy, christy. chris, chris is chris chris times 3 times. chris requires alert patients as well, but that patient has been forwarded now for them 240 years for the system of government. this is governance government, the government assistant. i spend the government, the government, but it's just me a government. this is the world govern government. this government,
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this just this just this just this just when you talk about talk to the talk to the talk, the survey of the talk with will talk long term talk us come talk about us. come talk about us, come talk me, ron paul, talk all he talk describes you talk describes you talk us democracy, us democracy, reflect less democracy can become less democracy. it's us democracy, the money us democracy, that us democracy really and us to mock large us democracy, us democracy, us democracy. we have now as a corpus, which does it, does a corporations are very, very powerful as the powerful is the powerful is in my city in this is not the people really, really, really the corporation because that, that rather than things. so the corporations run edison, they right they run the milli, run the milli runner, and director and the roster roster. the rug, the rug, the rug roughly right, roughly roll our schools all are now. all are so waller. we're all our long way off from what people think it is democracy. now, we're a long way from, from for freedom, rita, we, we have,
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have now no reflection or reflection or reflection of mach rsi. because if the people what he, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what way, what, what control, what control? well, the model was here and what was terry was report report buttons are very much of involved in this point. describe that if you get $5151.00 at 50 percent voting, then you go to and turn it into a welfare state and then you can turn or then you can to can, you can to can, you can put, stay and stay ration. so the republicans either into one of them or sat southern principal, prince rental, when prince buying imprisoned god rent an imprint with their derenzo, a naturally prince. i trans, i transfer me prints as we currently contain, present team, present, team, graduate, graduate, print all a policy essentially. you see, where shall you see. where shall you procedurally, will see on seeing this lock box, the same box, se business c, c, c, ashby, spinning on all this was an interfering with prior to prior cetera, et cetera. edison or m, as in harry potter leisure. and people who happen to have a dab at bay have a bay, happy to have a cab, air lab or lab like we we have have for,
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for ever ever or so as far as it has made it. however much money that have much worse than ever and ever, and i still have her and i still have it much worse to if we don't release the freedom that the doctors that the doctors that the doctors need both have could have cliff said, cliff posed if if, if still it of stiff virginia read every day, vote forgot, forgot for governor, for that correct good giver gage, how demo read crowd. democrats will democrat dare and now democrat dexter demo does . mitchell, democrat, does mitchell, democrat term elect with 66 axis percent of percent of percent votes and talented and didn't republican candidate glint young kid young in in is in the lease in please it please. if fleas in more lees in more lease in orleans, in our lease a lease lease lease,
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lease lease in intercreditor in honda, mom and caleb, you've been following this out throughout the evening a south throughout the evening. what's leaving us up? up, up, up, up, up, rolled out. so that's 70 thought. these are the thought were percent of sand present. we see this recent resorting. it picture that, that the keep keep kind of the pop hackett can't cant latin ya can ya can, can, can, can, can't, can't, can't, is it, is it handle it hand up? is it hamper, hamper, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, holly katie, katie. katie can, he's got over. and nancy, nancy, i, he 10 percent 10 percent, 10 percentage points, points in the list points in the list points in the little with 4525 percent of the vote counted so far are out of the, of the mac. my chronograph, his opponent is
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a poet, isn't it tearing his or him his or him? his hello was it? hello, 1st allah stairs. alex 1st colors elected le wheeler wheeler, angela angela and evelyn fuller. in zillow suite. roberts, virginia, is it 8? that is liza things. this is light, isn't it? right? mrs. demik with craddick is a case a, is a servers or is it a little servers or is, is looking for is or is, is looking for is or is looking at the risk to not to not tonight, and the, and the company. the next can become the spec, can they can they can, they can get from the 100 on ground in noun did noun, town town, virginia gooders a say say that wandering rings on to the point of the problem. the problem that the, the bank with micro, the pets are facing overall we're all, this is just really a reflection. many are any, are any argue, argue on them. the new administrative station asia joe last night it is the press, the press, pardon, pardon for and, and he's only and he's only and got up and emptied and read and 2 percent approval
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rate at this point. 71 percent of the merit and of america and americans akins in the country are not going can in the right lane can do raglin, kitchen point kitchen point good point can point get point. can you ain't going to get point kilometer kilometer young, exclusively in a cras. is that this point go swing, spare the story of dami democrats think they would have a better chance, better chance that are keeping that are in the white house in 20202020. ordered that they were, they were, they were biden and put some other candidate on 6. so things are not going well. but for joe, by joe, by joe biden, people aiden, look at the aiden, look at the agency and can can, can buy in band and, and they look and they look at this look at this look, am to way look, am to way look, am to way look, ambition, ambition, am now i'm damned in jammed in gambling, blay, ambition, ambition, emily unpunished, up your quote, over mandates that have received a waiver backlash tonight does, does appear to be a good night for the democratic party or for the white house, and we're waiting for or the results don't. can you coming coming in in an,
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in virginia and i think, you know, you'll see across it, as i said, as i said, those raises result is deluka zucker is a man was resigned. this was lift, lift was let's cross results la reserve to residue or to present or to resume list or is listed as auditors, auditors 3rd, 3rd note lazar mueller. yeah, thanks for holding them. thanks for me with thanks for meals here on. thanks from you. thanks from you. thanks. real in real in real interesting, really interesting, real interesting, realistic real you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll, director called how surprised how a surprise, how assuming it's of the republican publican pump. some candidates sort of substantial leads to foster in your estimation it's not the suppressed thing at all because those things i was thinking about evidence testing is mccarthy it'll, it'll call. i think it was in trouble. and for a long time from several boyd and wait and wait and i don't care was coming can was, can,
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was thing really was the hard was hard was thing was some hard on was an educational, whole, whole and rate. and we saw an issue and lose you and was, and, and, and he, and, and ryan and blood and so, and, and, and what was, what was reeling, i mean under the act re and i'm not really surprised me at that, but he's doing police doing police doing fully and that the weekend can, can we can, can, can we give adelaide and we can we can we give me, give me, give me, give me, can i can we can actually we can actually get on that. we give them, you know, if you've been falling twitter or twitter or twitter falling, twiddling the actually a way to put a sickly way locally. critically, critically where you've been, where you've been with a lot of weight, a lot of weight a lot in where to get the vote out on both sides a year ago. biden one region by 10.10.4. now now publicly in the lead leak was such
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a lift, lift little liquid lip, lip, lip, lip, lip. what? how? yo. but i bought, i bought, has bought around pod buck around pod buff bus. your boy bought, i bought i bought is doing a very is doing a job, is doing a voters are and has doing them happy is doing it. is doing of the, the as doing of ascii and be as doing a pull out what is doing a pull out what it's doing to shock to show show gas or showing price or showing price or showing price to show which to sure braces shut that braces shut of issue and shut of issue and to show us our rise it strongly due to inflation. and i'm just, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm the, i'm the, i'm the grandma, i'm on my cost is fall apart as well. oh, no, it's not. it's not very, very, very early america if week and not terribly,
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not comparably, not adults, and they're, they're, they're a casual diverse, this is, this is just a local local and it's election. but virginia, it is, clothes, clothes, the feet of his power is artist, artist. this is how important important this and this election for both part for both to for both these and you the result to result to result transferred to next for 2 years for 2 years was for the term for, for, for i think i very important done that they'll, they'll be a lot of back and forth. i beta obeyed, obeyed over this issue, but i think it's very important, but i think it's right. i think, but i think it's from that. but i think it's for a referendum against ron jo biden's, jo biden's, joe biden, from it's from us from, from actually doing from middle poorman, formerly show miss your method for motors or mirrors for me as are really, honestly, i'm really, i'm ready with the way direction the country is going to con, contact on that. how that how that how that goes both it would seem to indicate
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that at that depth, depth depth are headed for headed massive mass feet, magwell mammoths from the man out mass in the mammoth terminal. that's never what, how much, much, well, that's, well that's on my politics. kennedy. it's very hard to predict what will happen but, but, but you know, next in november, november 2022 for numbers for the labs, for class, for class, for the signs and have that democrats are falling apart, job, depart, and as an apart and popular harder, harder hard voters, ours and happy happy. they sense that it's by week week and we probably them are really being the be the better to be but be, but you just not just the seems to be us to referendum ref. reference on biden's performed by informants and following up on that just a little bit. but who do you think should take the blake the blake thing,
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if this ends up is and the 5th 8 i mean, democratic party or is it by the person? i both certainly but, but you know, biden was the guy who the, the, the, the democratic big wigs you know, through, through know through, wept in and gave the nomination to. i mean i mean i mean i dont, i mean i dont, i mean i mean baracus bama famous phone phone call i in in spring branch and twin twin h when, when, when, when, when, when it's, when it's convicted. 20 buttons are judging for judging out of the race. and then amy clubs are followed suit on with on with the whole party instantly rapidly, literally right the right, the right, the right. and they can, they can have the repository,
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any party who was by putting a post seen it will have a positive note upon how ridiculous that will out buy bought, buy, bought in his bought in his bought you are, you are, you are, you are, was a completely unimed unimpressive, progressive democrats who voted and ended up on the side was a whole slew of it. but it was include including the investigation of asian, of, or asian, of rac, iraq and afghanistan. i kind of stack and, and now the end is late, late the late, late and late late. these are made much slave slave, slave our homer for demo, for the warmer self. so i, so biden was really a disastrous candidate. but a, but a one overture over company one me on me on coach trump with romp was pers what's
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going on popular popular, popular and, and, and now going out and an odyssey probiotic the belief or par off and his book and his month month is really really true for more than working through the vote and vote and rendering mentoring their for their for right. right. daniel daniel, those are journalists, the 3rd journalist and author and author. thank you for giving, giving because you're because you're on what's, what's her and to be what he and in to be what thing it what, what the what, what, what are composites and polish i'll tell. thank you for now you attends. i am at summit has gotten down to 2000000000 into garland today, and our president is important that he has doors to the rest of the system. the system does crystal crystal commitment to becoming a carbon couldn't economy no later than to me when he said me, excuse me,
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let me in. i mean, i mean, the enemy, port of glory will glory, cost, glory, constable, origin, glory, effort, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, things happening said the task of building coming up and neutral, looking to me. no later than 26862626. russia is also running on unique re re losses of a forest ecosystems, forest ecosystems, forest ecosystem, significant potential for absorbing co dioxide and producing oxygen and producing oxygen and producing oxygen. indeed, our country has about 20 percent of all the world's forest areas. it's forest areas . it's forest ad machine india, which is one of the world's biggest post boosters, has a letter of carbon to card challenge. but the year, but the pretty but the 70 but plenty misery. but these are silly, but the, some of the city but whole body. but the 2 w, but a body, but a mighty but the indian from mr. off in for more money, more in to be to in old,
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down into the open country and country and country indies for their trans physician to clean for their and to clean for their and to clean for the energy for or to suffer the taylor with taylor that taylor would look for exempt. how for the for the plotline with emission goals goals will not be that simple for nations. haven't really dependent on false dependent on false dependent on on fast and on fact on 026 does hair. and aaron, aaron, going to save us from us, do do, do they have a wonderful wanted was what was the south dulls for the feet? teacher? and that's, and that's the big ones. stop, stop, stop deforestation. and switched to renew the renew 0. it's emissions, it's emissions, it's emissions, it's an all hayton. oh. and then check that you nasa teeth enough teeth that makes teeth and they're like a teeth and find the teeth and i live teeth an i live teeth and we have digging.
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i've only got a gun, it's he, matthew, he has a long system seekins from him. some done from the gun. the guns. com can strike on cans. com. const jenkins jenkins in it in one minute instrument ins tonight. but in so many streams can students can say, call, and they clock need, they call them, they call to and they call not they call you today call client. they call carriage . they call you today call you today clock is all around the world. well, i have a request for an order, but before it will frustrate will to read, read, read our vision and duration made the task that south south south owns great owns great owns great owns bones, questionings. this men's go pens, either pens, either pens,
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biggest pins. biggest pins. that's pens. spoke pens, all the pens. is pens, pens, titian's petition, jet tissue, tissue, pish, it's b, bishop, be tissue because she fetched bo jeff up smo. jeff, i've spoke jeff ashton cove. i'm sure to kind of to shop the light when they leave a room, leave it up for other half way round the wild way. same way saying way, not to fossil fuel to force no, to force. not the luck, she was murray did not conte big. not fought big. no big not did not did not did not did not did not. there is co will live what if there isn't any co wooden not live? one pass and one pass and one path in easton, indian and east to set up an east coast up and east and east to form an east to form an east 1000000 and east 1000000 up and east south is on an east to the come on and east 3, come on and east 3. come want an east wood, long island, and east, likely and want an easterly and want an easterly and want an
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e street. because i see how me tv will be rely on the whole nice to keep the roof, re, re, re, re mood on the, on the, on the issue go well beyond india. but into the words, you know, to live, live, live, live industry to industry because it can work on carbons. carlos, because because it's on ah, we don't that, that, that they will not. and they will not. and they will not, i deal with them at all. if they're in little they're in our society, i'm going to lose our society. i'm a lot of plato multiplied inventory, colker caution, whom i call a call, as all a call at all. it causes for the livelihood labels laid remain laden of aiden of a vac flame sometime by. in fact, 10 is hence, hence of developing countries have come to get, have come that tariff have come,
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fight, have come over, come to grow, come goals of come to 0, come to 0 of combinations made up. i've taneesha nations, nations, and ands will mean will mean then this new goals, new goals, new. she's been advanced, runs counter to the parish on strong count agreement, paris on strong count and eras on st. john's county anti excellence drones, county and a guy excellence drawn, scoggins clarence drones, county clack monster on scan, but justice and just ms. jones for jeanette 0 for gyro emissions, for johnsons, for auditions for jack countries. bishop, for july 20th for a j 54. j. 50 for a jack will exacerbate for further the pre existing one in, at incl equities, beautiful developed and to put valid being put on it being put under the pink countries. it's not true. does that develop nitrous and struggles as an entries went, went when she fall into fuel entry and she, it's not to it is that it millions of job it's will be lost. it's all that millions med punished into permittivity permittivity permit. not thought that the name,
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the name these mission, to ask you to ask you to ask why, why we it yet. paying in the greedy, the greedy nautilus ancillary far to la away on to la la la to let the top are not to let i'm percent are lots, a lot of content are lot to lose content. our little m twins aren't aren't to la times more to la times, more energy than the bulky than some 10 percent. and $1.00 in sub saharan africa shrink shrink air the same amount of power generation cowinan city is germany's 83 months, 3 months, 3 and people, the gamers and california, as it consumes as more electrical and triple entity than employ. a nation's issue aren't hearing anything about dish, talking about a cost $20.00 sex decision decision and february, february, february 10th. what what of winter was kata was? cotton was a gout, his gout, his was running, was running low and was going to spread. the script is funny. how no i was shouting
9:35 pm
out about obtaining a tool and energy when they begged for the text for the text, for the ups to be cups to begin packing, but well hear them say they they what they think mountains fossils. fossils fossil fuel project project projects into vets? pink concord, concord concord case wipes, wipes. why is it our weights and won't affect and won't affect it, whether thou, whether bouts or the dogs on a tour, money, or mont assemble, mom and not will money. poor money for months, for money if one wants to pull monitor cool, mom stress will mom stay more mom. model. mom lentil mom home on home on paying had to ease the pay. we want to do more to help countries on the one. the world 1st developing countries crunch, celebrate their clean energy tradition, dition address, pollution, ensure the world we all much all share a cleaners, a cleaner shea for healthier share plan to share. we actually have an obligation to help ship ship makes it a mistake. this is not a dot 8. this is not
9:36 pm
a dot 8. that's a shirt uncle to read. and committee include include, include the, include goldie, and christopher v, inconsistent and christian england, england, christian all is going to autumn down to, to me know, to bowl tubal. but do the, on the test and spread the brit seen the need. those need need, need the planet realize what that payoff friendly slogans actually means. i mean from the, from the millions of familiar, whole 1000000 are way, way, way. and even if they did they, they, they do, they do in different, differently. me completely, completely go to actually spectrum me. me, me, me, me, me, me. a lot of me, a lot of gently, a lot of emily, lot of energy or what g g, the property,
9:37 pm
or what? what's the ritual ritual cartridge? it's not. what should that be from cold? and i don't think i'm really trying to make 2015 bad economy yet. so i bought, i bought a lot of the living going and i don't you know, becoming that you made me, you might,
9:38 pm
you might read countries countries when it has in and in the event and to all georgia track of georgia could chose those of either this with, with on the vendor, the lining the earning didn't seem to be going to be going to be going because you'd be ready, be ready by the end of the the beach or ewa beach. you'd be pretty primitive. the primitive johnson echoed that that, that central weren't, weren't bringing of a do, do, do they didn't do a dinner while american, erica joker joking, but by admitted was running that despite his, in, in, in until a gentle, he totally totally told, commonly taught, fully taught fully tor, the little little little little little told due to car to car, to, to over, to over to, to act or to talk to, to increase to increase towards production, production it, it, it the surplus surface surfaces just like a nightly. but the truth of the matter is you've had a well known one. no, no,
9:39 pm
no known that the ident, we're going to be able, i'm label and moved to renewable energy overnight and not and not have. and from this been from this moment on not used oil or not, you are his gas or no use hydrogen is just not, not, not national it hypocrites, a couple of cocos of coat of cooney, of any of those who have the 2 of them. so give them give and give them the of the division of jen, jen to have a net, the net, the net arrow of arab policy policy to receive any but seen say the in say the way, the way that he needs needs of the, the philosophy, the faucet needs of fuel into so few st. sophie is just a few paula. so physicians, also you're not being also unit in also few of the puzzle fuel. also few, sophia, sophia, sophie, sophia, sophia, sophia, also fuel fuel. so far as the negotiates goes, redrum may magnet in glass. i've seen glasgow, they will come with a cute, with a cute, with a k that suggests something some, some sort say some, some, some has been, it's something that some eve, some, some, some, some,
9:40 pm
but my biggest, biggest at it that they were when they math me math may math from the pariser cooled, as most people have wanted. and it, and it think this will be a time when politicians have failed to achieve so achieved. so it's big goals. the group prep, the prep, getting britton's, written the written run, hospitals run untrusted runs is caught running on the government run to deliver, mate run hey, it's mandatory runway coven routine, poly routine, poly run not seen poly. run them for heller staff until next year. the head of an h s provider says that will says that will help the medical service help them get through help them with the difficult would help them inter period help them other what help the most he slot help them as. busy the you'd, what help them as the you, what help them to risks and exit a rivers of an vaccine resonated workers k risk and
9:41 pm
a deepening k riffraff shorted k rish toward it k rish toward it k risk. we've got a very, very, very difficult winter coming up to cut and we know that we know that we know it into a chess is going to be a full, a stressful, a church full, a check civil to make me a check to make nature nature said ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! read his past period. his pat, if hillary of his is very of his perry large, his part numbers of blodgett his packs and it's large in his path, it's large it his patio with large. his patio was large, his part of the winter period of the winter. not also the winter book constitute the winter to risk the period of the winter patient safety for the winter. and they have the winter and they have the winter quality of care quality, quality quality. while this comes, as you can have a parent, a parent to raise fears of x rays, fears of x rays, fears resident advices, face to face the. the ambulance service with one local department last week even
9:42 pm
pleaded and pleading leading twice twice before, before calling. recalling as there are simply or simply normally normally enough people to cover what, what flow to cover the, whatever the, what has on the wall. so put troops on the troops and by troops help troops to help troops to help troops. and they just come in h and h o and h and h and h and h, and h and h went an agent and nature and nature, and a, and a, and a, and a see them and a driving and a deal inches and h assistance and assistance and aging with feelings and other providing other hospitals and support as well. meanwhile, the british health secretary has stressed, had a safe and effective and effect happen, and effect has up in occupation. elation urging anyway. she's eligible to get their booster job there before wintered out there. one dot, one dot. one doctor told us though the vein issue is just one an h. s. staffing there the week least weakness means that one is not the make the make me not, not,
9:43 pm
not, not, not, not necessarily with complete lives of accepts of acceptable it continue the continue look, i'm supposed to look at the religion of religion contribute to look at the signal concrete, the constraints that comes on to the cancelling the complaint on. so the consequences of that and personal household so. so how we should allow angel had to digital have to have the flexibility related to. ready axis and thighs that rise down. tricky one is, is because because because, because i won't have any talent. maxine gum, disease, personal working in your community just may mindy's an exhausting use. you get up early in the morning and you stay late. you stay in lexington to leave it and to negative. you're not quite sure it until when your insure it. we can control it and manage the sure. bitten to work a little bit and continued. beaten, continued a bit and be safe. he's beast ceased. ccc bumps in, i'm fine,
9:44 pm
he sees middle of the middle of the day. you play, you play your music soft. your he said, your, he said yo, yo, yo, he said fatigue is difficult to make decisions. and in the worry the, by the afternoon pike, michigan pike package will not get high quality care. we simply don't have found the word for any tools, any, any, any virus, a safe service. and we have had a huge number of people in each other, especially especially of this, especially in the last year. how for, how to, how about legal. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. dna purchased a purchase, a puzzle, 100 percentage lighting. la la la risk 5 really health care. where is chris found? chris found chris foundation has shown almost 71st shown on percent has shown all of n h as shown all to have have considered just as shown on leaving with a just shown on the path h as shown on the path h as shown as 12 months last 12 months,
9:45 pm
almost 12 months in 3 of 12 months worth 12 markers have 12 months. there's 12 months strong. there's 12, monica who, there's 12 my will. there's 12 my will. there's 12 month. it's the next year. dr. egg, it again says the and a just dr. egg. it again says the need just dr. egg again says the it's the govern . doctor again again says the at front to dr. egg it again says the table dr. egg again says the table dr. egg, it again says the real action real as never before real for both real, real, real, real real. please give me give, give me. thanks. thanks. doing and doing and doing and to help the launch asked yes . i believe go go think i think the energy but blow, but it we take you want to know where we could come plan plane team too much. no problem probably get begin to get all that is absolutely kat to kathy kathy kathy wrong wrong. the n h n i, yes, it is crazy going thing,
9:46 pm
errands. we are all broken with allied and we need the government needs to be all over the last name, a decent dates and dates and, and, and a stay. stay and enhancement enhancement to enhance this because this does it still to actually invest in thinking when you're not sure if the money is going to come follow, follow, follow in the area. you can only can only be by short pack it can she can, she can go to if you're not, you know, you're not sure when he's been when he's spoken to come in information commissioner miss. so come in the review for me. this is, this is becoming a in america, very common knowledge that companies like purdue pharma, sat around the board room table and made a decision to target blue collar areas in america, areas like southern ohio,
9:47 pm
eastern kentucky, west virginia, because they knew that their new powerful prescription opioid would flourish, their case marks of the 1st trial when for a drug company in more than $3300.00, that lawsuits filed over a crisis which has claimed half a 1000000 lives in the us. in 20 years. previous administration, declared a nation wide emergency after figures showed the number of opioid overdose. death had risen 6 times among americans since the end of the 20th century. now in 2020 alone more than 9000000 people were victims of opioids misuse, including teenagers, and adults. 97 percent of which were prescribed medicine, mostly pain relievers. jacob bradshaw is just one person who became addicted to a p. o it's. he says the court ruling leaves the vulnerable with no justice. i can remember being 1718 years old and having a very minor injury and you know,
9:48 pm
being prescribed 40 milligrams of oxy cotton for injuries like that there's, i don't think there is a government or, or a doctor or any medical professional who would call that reasonable we've got millions of people whose lives have been affected by this. here we are years later knowing what we know. and we're still unable in the courts to provide these families with, with some kind of justice for loved ones that they've lost or loved ones that are still struggling. it's, it's, it's a travesty. that's your newson, this, our, i will be back in 31 and a half minutes with another full and 1st looks here with us or to me. the oh, is your media
9:49 pm
a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation or community, are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct. what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. and buy
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a drink shaped bankers are those with there's sinks, we dare to ask ah, with hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle at the moment russia and the north atlantic military alliance have no official
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