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tv   Boom Bust  RT  November 2, 2021 8:30pm-9:28pm EDT

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a show him sit in shown in law, she's shown him some new new product here. here. what are to what is, what is a, what kind of, what is it? what is, what is, what is, what is, what are the, what is, what is to what is like, what is it, what are you looking for? what was the, what are the, what are the, what is of us will only take a look at ukraine. 30 years out, the gaining the gaining the independence dog with unless you mean with a, with a, with a, with us, with either or i guy you find it. i told her i live on
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a money or may or may or may that's right, right. these headphones are completely under economic outcome. okay. and we're just adding, adding more, more to more now more, more, more totally, the more stable. i think global me native from a few native from dr. south deck deck deck or deck watch guys with with,
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ah, this is been by when visiting you can't afford can't miss. i'm rachel, blah, blah, blah, that i bridge a bore and wanted coming up and take it to ease ease donation to energy shortage. as opec was a member of home sort of read, read output will take a look at the state of the state level at the 30 days to fix. and if, if they dropped 20 feet compress under in glass. good god, it, when they do it, where the window is, where the window is, where the window powerful lead theories are discussing measures to combat climate decade straight ahead. great. go ahead. great. we provide a full scope. we provide commitment prevents to flight greenhouse of what the mission, the then if i find ministration is calling for urgent. regulate unstable coin has their value as their value has their value. headboard 500 percent fine in the last
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year. fire. well, this guy we have out of pack here, divide a full is 54545, right? in, right, 3 lead the program would have a belated global end of energy crisis. crisis cried us chart says that it has inc, daily production of call after performance credits and rates are reticent in global supply chains. the national developmental developmental and reform commission, which shuts. and it's your view poly for the world's big world coal importer and not a nice week that production, which is more than $1000000.00 tons by the middle of october, october, october, cared to be can end of september care. because in a get an increase of stockpiles cold future will futures traded on on chinese just exchange changes which are down your listing. there's 50 per site per cent, containing st. extreme highs on the 19th. a with alley to lead day
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with blankly rude. sling around, lead $85.00 leaders. please bear please. fleet. after relief release that writer is survey pointed to the survey pack plus survey research falling survey short of agreed production increase. option green crease option and good production was bided. $100.00 invited $900.00 value to i was in better aero person in charge. over and over in october you are well below the 200 are well below 4000 barrels. well below per day increase. well below our tell met level level well below had come to level had come to well belinda, it was the voluntary our was outages, baterri our result and limited our result capacity results. on monday the producers office weighed on the weight odl i weighed. i'm put, you know, let's go ahead and take a look at the, the state of the global energy to david matt, and he's the ceo of macro mckelvey, the finding that was not it's a group always have yawned, but not david beyond, but not david beyond,
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but not i start with the cold situation in both doesn't increase put channel on better or on better or putting after dealing with those power outages that have further hindered the ongoing for the shade off it off it off. sure. bread . you know, i think the show is increasing their production reduction, which is about it in which a 10 percent increase in which production, but in which, the real, in which a big part of the solution which is now as returning lucian, which is now as returning lucian. which it to normal to, to hold import to for my port, to port to the, to hold euro the 2 sided to didn't by 2 by 2, by 2, business for and dropped, and import of most in substrate. your products will include a cold and included kogan included in retaliate in ation. in isaac, in common here, in re, in on, and go go with making lane, lab creation. so the chinese tie, create china, the kind of tried that, tried it by trying, but trying to swing high to swing high,
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to swing high tech and mistake the and that didn't really work. then you have a po box, then you have a great, great, great thing off your nose to spite your face, which i think i think fit. the chinese written chinese written chinese reduced coal imports from australia by 98 percent. now it's normalizing those important, important, important, it made up for some, some of that from ins, denisia. but this is margie milton. since he's in the dms, they're done, they're sick, production production was never the issue. the issue was cut off the supplies from, from australia to austria, stream now strip strip. i just think it's stripped, normal ostracizing now still, but us drill, but just drill, but just dealing with the intended consequences of further inflation, vegetables and proteins and ins. and it's got its got brother based and cancellation, it's scott, scott, africa, good thing that happens a lot. that's good, that's good, real office, good. around the world. you have those political template and you those kind of
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back and forth to bit for towards to bit for towards to bat bottles. and then you then have to do with the very real world class once and then up now moving, moving to the situation to them with oil to go to the is it getting there into the opec members weren't to the a weren't a warrant to, to meet that per production after so much back and back forth back, real tax returns back back. you see the ceiling a problem in the months ahead. i would flint for him to wait for him to wait for it differently. i would qualify that opec's by the production as it increases, as are really, really, really getting to start get these are sort of not to exceed le bubbles, which, which, which could be, can, could be fused, minimum require minimum and a minimum if the production number in animals that being so intimately beliefs, intimately beliefs in the target. it's know that if they fail, you know,
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that just dealing with graph transfers from the to, from close to different from close to different from closer to the interested project. so interesting, never want to see too much supply on the market, plaque it and see and stuff on the other. and you get countries that would love to see the more supply building and in the lower price in the lower price. so it's framed as not meeting for neat duction eat and goals by those that are unhappy with how it, how it, how the prices that the offices are. and that to the as, as it should be, an increase of $254000.00 barrels a day. they're out of their 90000 burleson barrels the earlier earl, 75 and earl, for 70 natural targets, or after or after that's a barrel, pretty small barrel mall berg app to build your very das oak attic members. so not an issue going forward. and i think i want to head on something else that on save it on this because it on the during it, it ended on review with me on the permit on that of me on me on it on can us energy
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secretary jennifer home stated the obvious basically, we bring the car to the cartel for rising gas prices and gas in the con gas treat gas after the gas white house to the course i called on, packed, or luther reluctant for supply. what do you make of the comment? i mean, why be asleep? i oil it around the globe from the globe. full market, which opec for the most part control? yeah, i think that's a fair. i think that's a fair point. but i think there's plenty more, plenty as absurd and plenty of our national energy point, our national energy point, our national energy point out that asia rabbit, the democrat, it's bradley will take him to grabs. dr. vilifying you identify its energy, identifying users vilifying, high blood, vilifying, and vilifying. we have redefined us production production and, and in many and drilling, many and many andrews that would have and of brought us and not only energy and
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pendants but also cap and pendants, but also kept and pendants but also kept in prices down prices down price. so price, so price biden price was price elected largely on price and had largely on a price and had largely on a price a trunk platform pricing platform pricing, platform price, which included which is just of which incredible smell which is down, which in calm down which include 4 which include you for which include energy center, energy sync, but all energy sync, also energies and also energy, cynical, real control range. go until we go row for the go and i think this respect your report, respect your report, respect your you so you so jennifer, you server can use up blaine, set lopez 80. so and 87 and 80. so clearly you, so they argue. so they argue set price mover, that is definitely faster. but i get a little annoyed when people and when birds looming marginally when these can't take ownership of their mistakes. in as a reminder, we're just not, not, not doing whittling goals, sibling the real pulling children. ling blaming others,
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link for mistakes in taking the skip to skip it, go to take to take, to take maturity to own what's on your policy to is our policy to policy, to act policies, to act policy, to contribute to a contribution of contribution to it'll, i build easy to it'll i build easy so i don't think we can really separate the administration in the middle. actually it's from ira is being paid at the from paid at the 112 percent higher prices, not prices. oh, oh no bite. says that energy trumpet, energy, trumpet, energy transfer, get some time. and i think that's kind of obvious. we knew that to that i just with that he is in energy energy for terry had give that had give, had, give more thought or thought. oh, absolutely. i mean, i, that's something we talk about. we've got this entered and we've got this energy we, because we many, and we've many adult with that. it, that,
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it maybe the 40 wasn't there. we'll come to, you know, to go carbon as a, to making these, these monitors that have kind of trickled down throughout the industry really. and we were of that coming up and just made made at the max of any of mckelvey the financial group. thank you so much better group that much better group that much better group that group that with the thanks to group. thanks to group. thanks to group matt. matt out out. it is from from on. going, going happen. if it, if it, if it's a dumb dumb, but on, but on, but on climate change shape or than more than one in $130.00, probably have gal guy, scott can terrain terrain to raise awareness of what the need is. a weapon that is a way of the invite awareness is a where so is it, where is it where the width or the what has the weight all the way all the way in
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a place it is to end. and if and if or station were there were, there are 24th bill money birth day and dollars, dollars, dollars, dollars committed in can funding from pub fund and fund. i don't fund owners fund along with the fund to pledge under decrease and decrease on methane and methane emissions. methane them is by 30 from methane, and that over the next methane to mix that over the next methane kate over the next methane advocate. over the next methane in the gold methane in the gold methane, and to limit methane and to limit methane and the global and methane, and warming methane, and more me, from methane to me, to 1.25.2 celsius into love. pre industrial to level into and somewhere in 2 leaders. i'm world 2 leaders. i'm world to or live or out spoken about about the mission, the mission than others. to degree to degree toodle and we jeopardize the foods reapply with hundreds of millions of people as well as ppos we'd crops crop
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with a crop like his crops like chris crawley. chris crocked warm chris cromwell, chris crop 3 degrees, crop stickers, crop stickers, crop. and you can add more cycling and struggling patients making will fight for as many drugs, many as many as many times, many, many times, many times, many times, many teach times many times, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many appoint. it's a point of the voice that others we feel that others lane, we sit up on the plane of time on the void. honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly, honestly, on the, you know, dude spending scientific the conclusion is that we must be at the sun, the sun. i stiffly i stiffly. i stiffly fed. i simply, i'm basically just, i simply walk on, fight inside inside is what we need to buy 2 degrees.
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yes. yes. yes. as g is a death sentence. so we, we not 11 that dreaded one death dreaded one death, dreaded one. and since we come here to day to see it tried harder, tre tray had a cause, cause our, our o, he pu claimant become the world the planet and it needs are action or no, no, no, no, i thought all of them that make it is that because they very similar player before, before blige was made, was my world was in paris bound 15. i didn't think i years of august of all this of all taken a notable taken role in the game. this week's discussions, including one of the richest managers, no managers, and i'm just, well, jeff bezos,
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who has been widely criticized for the impact to the i was company is, am as i was, am, as i am, as i von and blue and bridge and been haven't been the environment bar that far, far a car like car like car it will are, it will are, it will are hate with our hate. with our quick, quick, quick rep to be in a grip to the edge of otter's edge base. their said prompted head him to commit to may i do? the may i believe the may i didn't. the may a dollars head colors, head hollers head to the goose head. goose, head. locust, head dog's head. d for as id. for addition, fun to invite block. rotten, but block, rotten block, rotten. fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking larry yet. and fuck thing or even finer. ian was also present wasn't and he can fly called for and he can fly called for. and he can find private rooms to be forced to desire to be flows there. would you be frisk to be for the climate to be claiming to be fair findings, to be fair findings, to be falling bank public company, public. so public one, all public and we expect break to so many weeks and weeks we'll get all these pledges lead to leave any meaningful chance. well, joining us now to discuss it,
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director out of your out of your album directly to ready to like your and your, your at i, your, i sent a directory on the right on the road on the around the way. now, when it k ans t k, a gay are there anyway, i caught today and he say, ex say, i mean to say, i mean is a time we see the time world lead time, we get to the time where we often got these passionate. y'all sound bites in each we only we only, we only on promises problem, but problem it rom is there and prom me thing mom have seen so far on there at this, on the summit that psalms us that a promise us that a problem or from the us from the when the, when the, when the, when the yes from the united states is now states states is engaged. we took a more years off under the trumpet migration. and so we're having to make up for lost time. so just the fact that the united states sent such large delegation to glasgow ob, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing, ringing a lot of the audit committee commitments. it made it clear cyclical clips of the
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world that united states is going to be your state. various. your state about your state income statement here, state computer state forward. i know that it's frustrating that some of the commitments are not at the bishops justices. we would like to use as much money for the global saudi call for clark, with critical units, 1000000000 and, and call you and climate clinton battle you 1000000000 by leon. lillian, italy in this baby still. you in that baby still you in that baby still you know when you're dis, when you'll and wish when it trusts. when did process, when gets when so much when mean age when sions swing swing swing, we never, we never ups when the same paying the same to address the same rest, but mus st. global. the same promise, same form of climate change as ain't so st. update, update, update em, incurred interest in the general direction and for that it states and china, china and a larger vendor and automates, opened, and needs
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a new and up even even even their commitment there, cuz they're cut out their cut out there. in general, they're cool. i am a incur incurred by one. i'm to text you to talk about the long get here because that seems to, that seems to be a hominy point. you've heard birdie as the world has kind of, has faced this ace, this energy. i mean, we could, you call it a critique, price a g. we call it a g project. whatever g white would, you want to call it? where, where, where there's issue there is in there and sectors of their energy. they're there. you know, there's a lot of analysts there, especially if there's a back there in the field, the phone, the oil on the line, the grizzly are in the, in the pointing to the, in the fact that in that the, when the felt in the ever, in the body can the exactly the same, the thing and then that, that will in the for got been the fit in the din of different eyes right away and moving forward too fast. and we're not having a late it late all enough game fall into actually slug at this dog and on and get
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the right infrastructure for her into, for claim, for, for, for, for to, for it become more of the problem work. we're seeing more now. what do you make it more that well, well, well 1st i don't think any can be trees like united states or others are talking about and not, and not needing wines on fossil fuel pulse to mario forward to talking about gradual trend. it was a trend. it was a trend address should, should, that, should that the, the provided or the standard ocean in clear the clear there is a mobile for going from there. but if you look at just the explosive growth of growth, of growth, of renewable renewals, if you look at blue, auto, real actual food or both on shoe one more and more and more. and i'm not sure which cost reductions for photovoltaic. some of that is hid a little hid elizabeth now, but with the supply chain issues due to the scope and it was around the world full full, rolled that in general, the cost reductions from got
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a cruel beckles continue to to market have down to so so so i don't see it as to the real to list victim victim allergic to monica. so my box have lots of these transitions. these are these 420302050. that gives us an economy the size of the e. u. and i think it's a to make this megan vision issue is shorter lee. she managed that. that shouldn't result in significant district because a good now when it comes to those transitions from that i know that i know kind of like how you know, you mentioned about like kind of issue out of a lot on a leader and i was then and a big and of their time, i'm kind of, i'm fine. i mean, they know what they know the thing and know how many belong and everything. i know that it will, they know, but they know when we heard from an india's i know, prime minister never, i never, i never saying that they were playing to reasoning that 0 chron emissions by 270. i
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wondering if i'm any i wondering if i let me i point and then there's china, which is china as yet. there's china as a given and there's china back china 8. now given, i know that even now given, i know in our given, i know here is target it to be from actually the organizers of 6 are actually want want one where does put global tension on climate change moving forward there is a lot of pressure on dyna in it. yeah, i mean there permit permit permit and the ban skyrocketing, whereas in countries like, you know, he's lengthy states if he's, if he's with a bed and flat lining or i'm right. finally, i'm falling off and self and self and there is a lot of need for training in it to be more aggressive or grunts. disappoint groin a for a greenberg ready for a train or grant. howard resident will really provide brendan from, are running from hard run a lot of firms from a lot of men,
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a lot of commitment. a lot of a lot, lot lot, lot of lot of that a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot of a lot, a lot of lot a lot of to lot of philosophy when a lot of really lot of pregnant lot of pregnant lot of found to lot of for to lot of lenient a lot of you know, lot of friends, a lot of friends, a lot of friends, a lot of these are in china, number of refrigerant from my, my, my mom really related issues dealing with some with swan one was try, one is we're going of why i want for 1. 111 is 111 that one that y things y things y, things one, depending upon honey. how some of those mini go. she's been in the g. she's been in plenty, plenty of out and out. any of any we might be more than than c a commitment for my for my for each i none, none a so so for you for you i'm at. i'm at 40 shane, shane,
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40 or east cobb. cobb kind, kind co, co, coffee, a cookie, a clean call card amongst come become a be a cut, cut the clay she could, she couldn't come when you're trump wearing to withdraw with a whole sweep of different didn't look, didn't look, didn't look at a issue between these countries, country climate definitely seems they seems they see a climate change it and, and, you know, it's saving the environment of it and things like that. it should, it should be, should, it should be, should a situation, houston geopolitical politically, where everybody should be the facial get, get together together and kind of come to some come to sort of terms of terminals. but that's not always, that's the way that, that way, that, that now the way that we had to weigh the fact about it, their way inchoate there, about, about prompt, about prompt, about i've, it's sector being and vector been rector, been rector, been rector, burglary factor, bank and what jeff fater businesses, what jeff baker doing, jeff bader bl, how pater bordinez, pater bordinez, pater was having the private enterprise getting on board with this order. and
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having billionaires throw their money where their mouth, where that where that was why i think, you know, these bill, these billionaires, you know, have, you know, i've, you know, i've, you know, more well for him to horton horton or a lot of nation nation shipments that are available that are at her warning messiness. and so i think it is a that the super rich showed up on me. joe, i had some metro, i had commitments, audits, audits. and while jeff bezos does have a logo connection, addiction on, on, on business practices with regards to the clark amendment. one thing that amazon amazon amazon is responsible for the war it is on board number on board or on board of corporate proportions and development of jumped up. the little jeep picked really large scale wind in up, up, up. so it's good to soci than sofi than so they can soaking some soaking some so so
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so so, so hm. so didn't so been so dismissed, so some, so in addition to so in addition to so in addition to so financial management's pioneer, pioneer, pioneer, pioneer, pioneer, pioneer to no financial devil financial can be if i needed to be a financial d financial d, financial tail finance, detail, financial bill, financial bill, financial bill finding a jacket bill financially, financially financial, lee finance, l. e. financially, financially finding what money going to be in the behavior and the behavior and being in a and i just wanna get some, a courtney sort of board of captains of industry ah, up or to participate in the discussion and on. and i kind of kind of kind of a financial financial, a contribution should be monitored ah, the nav. yeah, yeah, those, it only be an interesting,
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an interesting in to see what else comes out of those out of this some a, some a, some and some how some worse, how some along i'm along, i'm making it in the minutes. lamens. landman, a mathias m. m m m m m m m m m m m m m there at the enter the enter the eddie program at public citizen. hm. thank you so much for your time on my call me an insight today like what? like, like, like what? like, like, like, like, like, like, like like and the tech tech rep and at the largest economies can, can you can, you can interest the deep interest as the other thing as yet another to another, to think america, to think american congress, the clarity of the firm has, has to stick with the germs that god interest, the god interest that gets out of interest that gets out of interest that are in, from the china market. yahoo! that was about the internet premier has announced that our official official quickly put the hold out of china as a 1st diverse, diverse member joining her soccer soft linked in the 2nd major us platform to leave
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. leave the trip, leave the trip, leave the public, the public, the, the band man, much like much like much, much job, job network, young job quality, our m g. m, yahoo, yahoo, john, hall, john hall, johnson, joshua jones, jones, conjoin, man and lead. i met, i met as my man, man, i met him behind my man. it's demand. part of my men, part of my men. sure. i'm sure i'm in the firms my meant the firms i met. i met him, pointed, pointed guys with the implementation of tracking of tracking of china's new personal informational, informational information, protect him from extra tut and from the law firm in law. and from which, when from which, when from which, when from into effect on meant to effect a friend to effect much like into effect the ged, into effect are in, into effect in the eventual effect you trying to effect into effect into effect aiming, gaming, gaming, decrease per, per change and with the new law. now,
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that does exactly exactly that. i'm going to present supremacy size though, is that the server has been, has been wind whining. 999. sanger was in china chime for the better part of the decade. yeah. yeah. real similar, similar to what we've seen, we've see google the google thing. the thing is they, they yahoo, yahoo was actually was actually sent me night after night, which was a lot a lot. right. and it is raina is raina. it is really, it is really interesting, the fish thing that fish thing to say this he got to see got to see the same thing the same tactic, texting to text me, to text with your text, with your tech there in tech there in tech. the last the last week and 15 for you if you get bigger i me bring me bigger with one bigger with one today with one to they really want to things 11212. they didn't want, they want, they want, they want to, they all, they, all the big, big, big i melt the big, nelson, nelson,
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nelson nelson. only intrinsic law, but also here. so here in the united. absolutely, absolutely. now for break look break, when we come back, we're going to take a and in the mid the mr. mint, the minimum reagan reagan, you late them, you late them. no point. we have guidelines, but all of the commentary from the bus kristen, i can bring out an adult. and i'm gonna go right here here, here, number here, numbers here to close here. well here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here with
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with the bridge it is and american government and government and 77 and 7 been 7 been 7 been 7, came on, 17717172 months of 2 months of this month, this month and settling lives in error, error, error, error, use, etc, in there, se in the us, these takes these to steady state, the state, the steve us, the besides, this is instant messaging message to the 2828, dash essential, essentially c, destroy dish. to smell, to destroy,
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individually with dish to dish. dish assigned to this by scientific by scientific. this is how 11 looked at this deal is what were allegedly used in the used vehicle used electrically used electrically used in walter against profit as blocking the danger to the states that that was on vacation on vacation for the method of some cycle on some for going from target are engaged. dish dish fill up fission from from, from ford, from, from, from, from, from, with disseminated within the, within the us intelligence intelligence can tell from until, until, until i'd among allies for them and texas for them until x's for them to tell you here. and out of out of the building to the bad him say they still diesel live with, with consequences of the day with them. we're just talking to you or you all you, all you,
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all that technology you should, you should work with a baby or for the or to get it by here, by here, by here feeling except where such orders are to conflict with order for border florida for joe, your mind and mind and haitian, we should, we should, we should be very, very cool about this very cauldron that's obviously is see, is great, great truck rather than a very job with artificial intelligence, intelligence, intelligence, with a protective own existence, an existing, okay,
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can ah, ah ah ah ah ah and welcome back. welcome back. welcome back. but i did it on by midnight. it, it, it, it, it'll be, it'll take on it. it's okay, it's okay. it's been
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a new report that calls for urgent regulation journals for to be an adult, ridiculous, ridiculous for congress. a great group of top economic advisors conferred to how has the president to work work comp group a group called 1st and group called 1st and group. they were going group, they were going group to be right group to be right. group lated group as a group, as be group banks, group and group sending group group group group trick rule, trick rule, trick rule goals and oversaw that overseas, that overseas, that i was that was that by the pals at by the pals and roles that will, that will admit those admit goals, at fact, goals that appeals, that was, that was, that was, that was that was that under ingles that under angles that the government, it was that suddenly tunnels at hockey tunnels, it was about stable homes. it's because it's, it's been there in the it's bigger value has skyrocketed by over, rocketed by over in by over 500 over 500 over 500 often in the last year. and in that, in the hitting a martin and look at cap a bent in the yearly event in the $130.00 blending $1000000.00 and not, and not as
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a result of government. government oberman is cloud berman is cloud berman is cloud remaining. government, governmental government, the government, the government, tech, government, government, whatever, mentally agreement, put it up and ready to sort of remitted over meant if number my number over mental, rubber, mental rubber. my site is not site per site and the site immediately citing any site that were site that were signing up for signing for site and for site and for site and for site, for site and for site and for site is all gone. i was christie, i was, i was all right. i was is the most one most mostly most most, most are ins here. moser ends here. most states, most points on most points on those are in fact regular and saudi did like are in fact bank are in fact as is were in fact, ford is foreign fowling or in fact are in fact are in fact are in fact are in fact, well well say, well, well, well, who are the same with that? they actually played through through all of the regulatory products
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find as bank deposits. so the fed and the bed and the office of comptroller for current room has submitted to the community overseas, over the over the se, the se, the se, the se bama for me, if they're defined the find curity about how to active debate right now. actually will be very difficult to try to regulate them as a thing because they basically have to because they basically have to because they basically have come up with a whole new set of rules seeing if they don't fit into the c c, c o, a few options of getting them meeting them, saying them, i'm meeting them, katie. hating them that way. finding them angel, stating them ability, overheating them them a committee meeting them from
9:08 pm
a central relation to the over when they come in to try to i don't, right. i don't like them as if they were on 11 money mutual fund, mutual fund. think think money from from some some still have to pack a car to government. hard to use are hard to ready to little more than 2 decades and hard to hard to so hard to that doesn't seem to lie, lie, and live, then apply court. they can apply credit, apply, create a why competing, why going? why do try to caution? i'm stable, i'm stable, i'm when, when, when people and how, when people in des moines, iowa. and so that quote, you won't, you won't be able to what ways you won't. you won't let me call her current people . if you haven't, if you have a digital you'll, you'll, you'll, you'll this current, current, current, current, current, i'm really fault or my fault or not my fault or logic balter balter and have alter
9:09 pm
and have all. or if you think all, or if you think all, or if you think all for all the mall mall cursing all cursing, alternate, altered, altered, alternate people will use, crippin won't use crippin anymore. criplin crip crippin. and i guess, christine, why talk about don't the idea of regulation getting old able coins when you don't have handled regulation on crypto currency as a whole, it feels to me like you go oh, as a whole as the fact that we do stay coins and maybe the more valid that's going that's going bad and utility coil and all of the so we just focus on focus focus points at this point is that this is the the reason so that you may want to make me rated and helpless. things are unsure about the torque institutions including state and fairly comfortably trying to think of the things sort of thing
9:10 pm
in a way the thank the thank the thank. thank thank tech on the thank. thank cover the pop up of the top of the payment, the payment paid at any potential native systemic impact of what they got. they got they got they so we certainly certainly got arguments and it's met messman for customer summer. stacy too had to had to have stable table deleted, delete, delete, but i feel like i feel like i feel like i feel like i feel like i feel i feel like i feel like i feel like i feel i feel i feel a fairly large furniture or $250.00 or but something on any trip. so i'd have to putting the warning
9:11 pm
potential locked in. it's not the do not in their private key. so i don't, i don't, but it's actually actually the ensure that it should be on the entire system as an existence where the trade for legal tender can be used for can be exchanged for can, for good points. kimble, kimble, kimble, kimble, why, why can't, why can't, why can't, why can everywhere can, can, can,
9:12 pm
can pretty much me. all right, i'm going to try to 82822282828. here with chris with the when the when winning and where and when the air with air with announced much that he is working with ashley. ashley and shepard chap, 8 and 8 and chap version of his of his salary into bitcoin. in a video posted on the green bay packers quarterback, quarterback, twitter account. he, he, he echoed directly in the car, i could echoing eco, and echo to the quote unquote decorated exactly how much culture rogers salary of ralph reported. it bought the rally $1000000.00 will be the round convert the round convert round, convert routed to the rabbit coin throughout, at routh, this throughout, throughout, throughout net, net full that will, that not but off 1st, not perfect for both professional apps to awfully to off for some of his summer
9:13 pm
salary, salary, calories, to be transfer, the world's most popular payler, paylor. low currency, safe. oh and that's all. that's all the players rustled. russell youth youth viewed his salary to buy big calling in 2020 while shawnee walk. hawkins hawkins. hawkins . that you would can be what you would entire than to $20.00 to $20.00 to $21.00 an entry before he was released before he was released before he was released in may and may and of course, of course, called cohen consumer concern quarterly, quarterly, quarterly coleman coleman, coleman, coleman class corporate lined with paris and german germane the cloud, a credit. pick up the car to create a quick quick client component because we could meet the pain at clubs. van in tow a potential. nancy, nancy. nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy, nancy towards a towards just wanted to reach out to you to touch on this incident such and such and such attempts to make check of the check of those have moved some athletes to
9:14 pm
transfer at least some of their salary in crypto new it's an amazing, amazing. i think, i think they will take part to the hard part in the, in the, in the, in the, in the, in the energy emission should be with which is far superior. then keep me on the rear and keep me on the rear, harder and in the bank collecting the bare minimum interest so so, so smart, move financially, athletes today operating as a business to business and happy and happy to the brands and brand brand. hi ray. hi. ray, so that i also know that they have these on the life of the field and not the rest of their and not the rest of them. they'll be
9:15 pm
limited. they'll often feel stating bases or whatever because i feel brands and it's about field doors feel lot, lot, lot of sense and the lung jacqueline kennedy in, in, in oh, oh, and given the knowledge the emissions on them as we paid to them in a currency will of predominantly, shoot them over time in time and something, and it has to be inflation to very pressured into that. that will be to me today because it to come to the company to quickly relevant in current economic environment, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac, mac. absolutely. and i know that whenever it happens to differ in a day, is a trend that you see continuing on. we've got about 32nd 45. i don't think i did at this try. i done this definitely a day to day as more these are here are typically
9:16 pm
view and they've probably after the, i'm all of the billions of the full across the country who probably who probably the ever so i think i think that's such in person that there are some basic i can then and then, and actually help to grow as an adult at the doc action. and there are there as well. my name is chris chris, chris, you so much, chris, chris. chris chris, on the phone side on this side on this side on this gift. and that's it for the time. you can get, boom, back on demand, on demand for t, v f, a v f, a v f available available on vailable and smart one, smart one, photo, blah, blah, blah, blah, and tablets and tablets. we've had, we've had to go through what and what, what about purchase order for your church purch, pardon? ticket ticket. tensor tensor camera, tamara camara,
9:17 pm
camera device advice, advice, device device. if i can, if i can, if i can divide by 4, by 4 viable, bye bye. bye. bye. bye bye, bye. bye. bye bye bye. bye. bye bye. bye. bye bye bye. by hulu. ah, a ah. dis news news with both, both the years ago.
9:18 pm
bob, from, from a, from a as important point. important, important, important to buy on the right. on the right. i street my street. i'm the joy going to the going to the one you want to waste anyone's video. he's going mulroy skips it will show for you here with my food. 0000000000000
9:19 pm
she if you have your promotion in the commercial, the commercial commercial, commercial motion motion was going to correct of course the phone with can i get more for a maurice more more more quick or with quick or twitter, or twitter, or we can or, or, and, or me, or me or, or, or team from tomorrow. dishwasher's dish. this is 33 divided by device is a big potential for a
9:20 pm
i was in those instances, maybe some from a to some sometimes and sometimes in spanish and spanish and things they, they use are those are they, are they, are they, are they all? and she all and she expects them of traditional national provincial interpretations has not mental vision aim to please read division. this is due to the 3. this is all, this is old decision robotics. one of the things that i'm having is sitting at the mid mid eighty's bye bye bye. now i'd be where is it really worried about it with my brain? so there how to progress walker. so i using either at physiologist, ticket physiology, that physics there has visit, has been busy, been busy, been visiting defendant physically
9:21 pm
with a, a, with sub sub reports. it's a series for him. pfizer is coded vaccine testing procedures and says, u. s. officials, you all's officials, you officials, you haven't repeated refused, used to listen to listen thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, joe biden's branding u. s. at branding u. s. at branding u. s. at bankruptcy,
9:22 pm
the envious world. the let the world facing with a great grows. ation asia, asia died when i have a global global perception, perceptions of maryland in democracy in democracy, the lossy among lucio congress, the up and see up and see it's epis care with care with them. we just them, we discuss the findings with gust of the former. you asked us congressman, the president and president brutus. it budget that, right. i just, i will, you'll be budget carbon new by default new, but you know, later legend one i, j 6 id. imagine the budget too, too delicate to talk to you when the climate after you went to summit. in fact, we went online to inspect the wet and set the wet, wet, wet wet. he went to pushes for a 2nd. sure, sure. when he says, look, suspicious wheels is lock shows lockers, lockers patches. how is their eyebrow or their eyebrow, or their eyebrow isn't boucher's? i bow a bow shows mish plans. my friends hurt, my friends, hurt my friends,
9:23 pm
nations visions content on thought on top of fuel also fuel fossil fuels, fossil fuels, fossil fuel, also fuel, also fueled, also fueled, also fuel fuel fuel.
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