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there has, there has been a lot of progress from the had the hadn't backer side side i using ai a and e, and using other at their, at their other answer as ecology or as ecology or is there as there at or has there at or has there had been on the desert at, on the did her offensive offensive or, and they're at there as a key with
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mm mm i just like shrink, shrink as cars, eyes us, but produced in their home country insurance. it's an unspoken rule for all official events. and i never, and i don't want an amends abided by for a very long time. the head of states car isn't only a symbol of the nation's prosperity. it's a matter of now shut norton norton grubbin broadness of miss of indeed. ah joe biden. you uses the so called on count count, old old, old, old, old, old like old one. that one room is one with the nickname nick named the big names.
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the big names. big knick knacks stick next. stick neck nickname. as nickname, amik named bonnie mcconick: nickname and weighs 10 tons. bar bar. as bar as boshamp. bullshit. bonds bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. driven about about in a jakya, queen elizabeth ryans and a bentley angela mckoko's car of joy. cheese is not in our duty while well a friends, actually a converted veteran diaz 7 with me in russia. this cause cause of cause cause was discontent. can to continue him ticket. kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kowalski, most cubans, cubans control and you can. and you k as it could. you could just kind of kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss,
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kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, just is to close the gap on, on the will normal now, on the call nicole, nicole 9 calling on ended on, on, on the street on the, on the phone, the phone, the, on the phone on the, on the, on the drum noise employ points. going to like to find the point is joining my finish line nationwide. nationwide, nationwide model me eat, eat poorer for us. russian russian and go with dental is a cool, typical, typical wiggles, trickle, clinical, methodological, ethical, called alcohol, classical clinical, classical total power. pretty pretty the for the, for the,
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for the full live for the, for the, for the fucks are for the, for the 3, the 3 the for the, for color, for the, for the fire, for you the, for you the 1st but it for the fire to fly out of the rather for should a foot a foot and a from for, for the, for the, for the, for the, for the, for the next little that of us the, for the for so for said if i can, i can, i can, i can, i can i can, i could, was the, what would preferential delani bellville with the leader of the waffles, france, military. it was partial child to english, english, english, and the harmony harley's. this is the world's only sneeze them available based on wrongs. roy wise and little by little by little tiny, the challenge italian in chinese and indian in donations very well. mm. starlen was afraid of possible assassination attempts. symptoms well in that is that his favorite favorite with on the come come come most was the american
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fact the compact because you with bowden, bowden in the little late, the late, the late 191440 is it is when the u. s. i saw started producing an equivalent of, of its own the, the army c. it's is 115. the next u. s. s. alida khrushchev firmly believed that the people the loved him. so did he didn't use eob eob humid via my vehicles until i took a special special my like i like ashley national into de mesador mason m thickly dumbbell. dumbbell dum. convert him out. a demo to demo demo. dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum, dum. how to move them over demo dum, dum, dum, dum, survey, damn, survey, dom, it over to me over to movie to movie dom did over to movie. dom is heavy dum, dum, dum, had to get a modem modem back to magnum dum, dum, to eat. am to eat amusing alma cause out after a failed attempt on brashness lies lies as a site. as as a synthesis. just as a senior senior senior centers rena serena's necessity associates, i think the siena siena assign,
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allow salesforce for services to drive the head ahead of the head of the head. a hester, hey palance. from them, the president is done just to listen to this defense defense. obediently still, he was doing this to me as to me has been, has been, has to come out and go like to of, of, of to the of the, of, of, of, of the, of much of, of, of the both. lauren, miss lauren yelton in said the v unit unit in collapsed and so did the country economy bay. it was a heavy baby for all the end of his heaviest every street dream street, laundry remote radio, 33330333333. now x rays are 3 option latrice. latrice. latrice, latrice, latrice, latrice, latrice, latrice, latrice agree, pretty read. read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, roger, roger, should irish irish us yelton chose a mercedes assess. initially. vladimir, be glad you provide you with us in my design, my name, my name id,
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until until the necessary pieces of the proposal came together in russia fund funding technology. and what's even more important? what motivates people who hold the little capable of taking on site on amazon business project project? with mr. almost, it's rolled as close to the original paper with latoya sutton. they helped him after money made him more than affordable. mr. michelle was in the board of the said to cool, cool, 40 unify, unify thought my advice, modular plan, a plan full handful channel is a new law. have luckily luxury like a car ah, a pop on from a lemme lemme lemme,
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it also includes as i see dan, a minivan, a mic and the convertible, and build the police, a cabal invincible in vega to meet him, but said to meet him, but to meet him but the civic customer require customer requirements requirement. shaniqua melissa choir, name, choir may think, why am i reside? i reside my, my, my, my lamps, lamps, lamps, lamps, i am on a vegetable washer email. we'll continue continue to ski. so stuck up that also because i said when it i yeah, it's like a chicago, chicago. someone was la, she's machine. yeah. of them. yeah. if you just use what are you source the listed on my of, of my mean and all of similar to it of tumbled into it of their table when you were with courses know potentially be changed. got that on the top, my mom disposal, maybe luke or lucas casa authentic with
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court to court is proof is proof budget was entrusted to, to the, the renown now me institute hued that we should, we should develop the very 1st sentence, soviet be an automobile, but after left it mapped up there is stories. baker baker? no, no, no mommy. no. but simpler. but yeah, it was, it was madame to that bumped to that bumped that baton to that mom to that must go to school to school, taking on a planet project budget of such scope scope. even last a good example. pebble cove always seem always to seem always to see where the landline to renew the any. although you hopefuls and alphabet gimme deal, i'm using u v. m a. when you, when you, when you for you. so you before you move. so you. so you are still looking for you to a book from, so you will, so you on assuring. so you measuring, so you are in so you only translate hello wondrously hello, wondrously law. a should adult. we've been the model mobile mobile for
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sorta, sorta, sorta, sorta sorta. mm hm. so could unfortunately, i'm 40, i'm 40, i'm so from, from, from a g standpoint. but are you still with choice choice with them both of them both signals. missiles is the shelby shelby ship, not shell from that shell from met. we bona to the break with come up with open the experts at least at least with
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a, with a, with a last last last okay. can you teach not last a but when you my, my gags dealing with doesn't shut. so shuttle's for sure. so that the use of the modem,
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i be software that should do much the cost to launch the it the co grandara grandara grandara. i women in a woman, jeanette schuman bill, we're dealing with dealing with, dealing with them, julia chanel marketing go than it's mark longer than it's smarter than it's marquee exact, than it's marquee exact, than it's martin convey for sure what i mean, but there's really much in groups she also stock class the shops i suppose. i should i should. i should boucher bumps. i should play a special given i should be meant by shopping. sure. what can you buy? sure. what can you buy? sure, but i wasn't sure wasn't sure what you buy shipping schools other than you thought of that the annual company. but those angela angela, what i've done, associate coastal sheet associated the coil coil coil, which was cable in her, which was cable in her. let him kill no, no, no. they were lacking just production, just particular, just just a bunch but hortner jolla, flu, mccoy flu. my daughter was my daughter, antonio, she thought. but you know, with, with the daughter, the daughter, a daughter, your daughter, marquetto daughter. oh, give the daughter. oh, give the daughter from you to was the daughter there was
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a daughter that she was the daughter to do it at the cost of that arm design. yet i'm you simberg in hollywood. you rena senior. he will come. daniel, because you'll be spring all confused, but i will give you a coupon here. conditional but to be completed on the 3. because up a comple, rebekah will show complete a complete the machine, but she threw up with him his company being and writes, convenience in northern athenians, athenians? sure, of course you with nozzle. sheila, if a dog eat dog, the 1st challenge changes which was to come on come with with the feature that the feature, the feature, the feature, the feature would, would not any said the visa card. it be said that the seller party said, party said from audi, said, enable that, and the rest of the rest of it instance tempted to template template and which, which has a clear reference abstract physical i've come up, come up, come apple tree and be after the efforts. alright. alright. alright. alright. alright. alright, beth beth, beth beth. only millennium anthem. anthem below. well, i've grown, they're all medical cards. yep. correct. got it. hello. hello. hello. i know you
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said you say you a might be my guy lives with be away from my bill. my bill class luxbory locks blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. a bone from one from i'm in the more so with that i stay and you go, i see a lisa germano channel boy should be able to watch with a choice of with
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almost all thought when you can combine latke the table when you apply a platform for them to send me with 8444444444444, with 444-444-4448 social worker, cindy, it's funny, it's when each and you said a, sheila,
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please god, when did you please go to the language that i used to sleep is lost a little with, with a chip with, with a chip with, with a chick list, a chip with a chip with your feeling off base with, with butcher violet. she has a lot of potential and put it in the market for you, but if you got a cleaning, we be doing a couple more things to complete this number here at the blog post. if we pull in the lease in the pool, you would have done that in the pool. you would have done that in the pool. you would have done that in the pony with you. my, my key of to my media in the plus plus mac and lots from shots from sure. we'll feel really stuck with crusty looking through. what about your vehicle to look for what all is just to be done?
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you know enough to my little boy she called me but we should call in a few with the one that had you the machine machine. yeah. just a moment. yep. see okay, with see see up is what i was by. yeah, i was, but yeah, i was but yeah, i'm ready. i need some clarity. i'm think i'm ready. i eat with somebody else. somebody at night i'm actually almost with a couple most you come from for who i need a couple couple. a couple, couple of you should come from, get them a cut, cut, cut, cut from mobile, which really only isn't up by it. a yoyo. i'm scholarly with stumbled,
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good sleeves come. brewster. good with that much. we'll put, we'll pull to the wilcox. are you a policy? go what else? any boy go. what else? what else? nice people. what else? if i need this be the. what else? naming. let's be to what else? sweety, lose. be to what else? you could just be to what else? you could this be the what else movie at that he did, period 9. you can watch that of the such city such a technology because alicia homeschool with because you give me a new applicant on other stock that o'clock off by her bookstore millimeters to pick up what's told lien. stormy e for my views solving install of install this model for both. now both samples which boss within the mastery of those got on the muscle bottles? classically she'll go after the brush off at the brush hospital was all school a little wasn't much less than yeah. well then yeah i was, i thought good was, that was good. was a good was good was he isn't goodwill senior good was this constant was that i
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couldn't was maybe you can was him. you can watch them. you can was, it's a little can was, it was a little good was a woman, but them, so the book, so the way shape or the 5th i'm isn't actually which and i like literally with on like when she get is on 1000100010001000 is entirely nearly annually, annually, annually again jojo luthey luthey olivia olivia with gil o'neil is still with me to the meeting and before leave willing to listen to them. if you don't meet with the deal with established. lemme board woodward only through all of them bully it will v it in yesterday monday about monday, monday. nobody, no luck for, for my benefits will go on the flood the video before. now while grab, go get on the fe issue. the issue, the issue is laney a couple of a new chimney, latosha mitchum nutrition in the gym, nutrition, nutrition, nutrition, the 2nd in the 2nd cartridges clinic, roger negligence, is done out of the, into the, into the tier 80 other 80 of released is completed. the 3rd is carried out,
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but when the vehicle's ready to be to be drawn heidi to 50, to 50, to 50, to someone will take a look. so what happened is i will, i wouldn't, gosh, i would have been told my me them of politic them of total storm with political shall not in the matter can come to play phone. she is in bushel anyway, i should say with we've learned enough about the 60 exit exit exam expects exposure exploits under the under the, under the hood under the, under the, under the, under the white under the crime like under the crime. like under the crime, like i'm just like here under the here under the under the hood, i'm sure that i'm to the autumn of all to be on the order number one will meet me. just keep it. it is, it is to come to can the final sign off and on my bill, my bill, my bill them. where would you so ma'am, what am you so my, he just know what the from thumbs up with a cup out with crucial restrict. i have to stop by he eats if eats. if
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they met him of different blood my shoulder. i'm like, born when like motioning like maliciously must go most the way. it looks like the front of the machine to fully understand because i'm because i'm a huge re mitchum, which of course you're confident of info that that guy is big thing in the family in the field, but accustomed to positive fuel, little chill, little torsional distortion. oh the from the oh the from a b o g d n o o w o l o g o d o does that work? oh jan. quit oh junk. oh, okay. mm hm. oh oh oh, but i'm a oh, but i'm a oh, just a diploma school decided to plug that must i recently blow it must i recently blow the plum this hold it as love not with that love it. he does love. he must come quickly. does love him, but he does love him, but he does love almost almost 3 must come on. what's the most? i mean what chromosome was look the most the most desired new up us a little. by if the more finishes the fish can opinion of the most viewed item you looked for and the most done done is done solution number to put up to put i'm
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sorry, i missed it was a what the with what the with legit. so you, you, you give me what that what, what, what that so it, so at the put up with people, people, people, people that what they, what people do put, put to put, put to with proud, proud with what, what danny smiled. yes. yes. when you can use yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. can you switch? and he switch he and he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna snip when he snip. he's gonna say he's gonna say he's gonna, he's got any skinny, scotty, scotty, scotty, scotty, scotty, scotty, trotty, scotty. scotty, scotty smith. yeah, he's, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's gonna, he's with us more waterloo, lena? north wanted out of town for frequent frequently could for him to pursue that clear
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to the us more, lucia monday, monday, monday or not with just all month from bus, with austin congestion when waiting for a stem that is on the got got a hold of them will you send me enough time the mean? normally off, normally, michelle, sitting beside me with my bus here. my apartment complex here, months old. and there's no last to sign up with the stairs. the form of stairs, the forms and the forms. i won't go. awesome. i will all get out my watch him. i will do so on the shops for you to leave a message, come with the horn and then another one, the project that was already well under way. when the international situation changed abruptly tensions between the western estimate master east, that's dummy slanted is 2447 seemingly strong economic ties between these,
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between these which countries a and i'm with the addition shouldn't follow it still sheeka nantell with those to buy your home because i yes, portion by shows a complete jensen with justin with justin civil will jump into the beach. it weighs that each year. i just need a deal at the she's in the world as well as an up, as well as with
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all the getting all the getting all the getting old again with people people. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no somebody with literally let's with no money to money to money, money, money, money, money, money, money for a little money wanting assistance with issue blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, a . and i'm gonna pop off, so i'm like, well i'm, i got
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a fairly good be about to eat, you know, if you can, all people will give you a total. yeah. oh yeah. when you have with the whole thing and i'm with wireless. no, i need a skiwski learn a little more traditional finished finished floss, offering something like that. no no, no, no, no, no, you know a lot to
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do for a ah ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, i had a question question in the,
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in the north at north atlantic with no one no one. no no. just blank things. now there is no official, shall i log on issue on issues that are in bomb bomb. and one of them is ukraine crane washington, and we let us drive to, we met you, craig, you craig, even need to, you know, he is red line line for moscow scout some, some thing thing thing is going to having to having to have to give a dead you, you can simply get simply gets in sibley and since offensive and symptom symptom of the civilian symptoms of the assembly, wait 70 waits into breaks into breaks. if any, sit around in the car industry, industry, and distribute build unexcused, makes things make lasting, drinkable expertise. hey, i just got out of both. i bought only. she'll she'll show you show you show she'll,
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she'll have she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll, she'll show shuttle shuttle show showed, showed, showed show for sure. sure. sure. sure, sure, sure, sure. will sure. sure. sure. sure. sure. sure. sure to wasn't. she was dealing with and she was dealing with with godaddy. and you said sime it's decency since it's it's cut cut. could both be with a bunch of no bonds with no bugs with with no, no, wait, wait. oh yeah. oh, you connected? yes ma'am. way or it's from way we feel that way. we feel that way. what's new? what's nails is a limited the limited a more in the state. as a result is, this is lames, this lames, this fall to the wrong and walk on ethical kind of song on a windows windows,
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excuse me. and then so this is a of the vehicle features, vehicle features, vehicle features, hybrid engine producing $600.00 horsepower. it hits 100 kilometers in 66 seconds pulled up. what is going to be? there's a few other people to go on a formula. so form from wonderful, wonderful publish solution mother. she was with she wasn't sure. lucia lucia with she goes, we've actually looks like we should be in the blue schools, i'm sure. but we're still a digital w o. we pick up a way to mush with that, but he up and loved one. yeah. hello sheila viola. what if we've also with our so she pretty t after wanting you to produce the years g, g, t g with pregnant please? oh yes. as i said, the issue that's, you know, that if you could that be,
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but you'll still be the more still to washington washington cisco for so you receive for folks with, well, had he's, he's, he's, he's been global citizen and global global global global schools. that was also the biggest issue, the biggest issue, the biggest ne, says have with the vehicle is this is a rubbish and about it, a participant, did it, did anything mean the engine thumbs pants or to pawn from abroad? collecting. understand me. thought i thought i thought a clip to issue, and i think it's a really interesting deal. it was a real advantage, the ability, also se, se should store partial washup to my media. i'm getting my lease with my medical, my medical, my medical my medical my me for my vehicle. my vehicle for my vehicle, for my vehicle scoreboard. cause,
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cause call me just call me daily with these spots on the beach on. if i see you tomorrow, wish that i try to stop, look much wash in the moon, the mila it will come. please look pretty so pretty so summer with these new school, new hygiene can do hygiene, promotional mobile, mobile and you booking at home. we some with east of england newsletter, newsletter. got that got daughter. he already near. he's near. he's near, he's got the it is got the period i she's got the, she's got that she's got, she's got thought she's got that. she's got that she's got, she's got the modem. she got throwed up. she got throwed up. she's got the number. she's got to live, she's got the got there wouldn't appear and you want this picked mathew smith. you could go to put a 40 recipient it decently can we? only i should i should, i should assume with i should customer will. you should also could you should possibly i was i should just was i should a summer into the fir,
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into the fir, into fusion the fusion that humans are pretty, pretty righty. righty. what else? what else? what do you, what are you calling? what he was, he was line of vehicles in locations from moscow to go to discuss last task. a bus is always up just a soil. i fly flight, my little little blue link. that is because i was, i was, i would pick up a company or scratches to like, just just does me and my mother bought the order. i knew what actual when it was 40 courtroom, let me know what this is. cuz competition, isn't it healed, though a mishap? that is put under a magnet. nothing can go into into the 11th when barracks. uh huh. yeah. any, any,
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any mechanically in any, any, any, any, any, any, any mtm ca changed around, oh, secret service agents digit, immediately would have banned. seen the view for the crowd of onlookers with fear of my month. my monthly monique little slash was to my build up, but if could be left with in 2017 doctor thompson's cat at that didn't fit, didn't fence through like, truth like, like, like, like, like a roy well, well, so, so the dos on the vehicles bonnet, bluetooth because of because of because of all, it's a great, great jump, too bad, too bad. on with the 2020 p m p
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r e p. don't, don't, don't, don't, don't cry. my protest up on papa, pompey leg and 18 curity here. did the legal end into a motor vehicle? vehicle? was it was it with its own leaks the to the they dropped the to they dropped the to the any it has it on the road. every small detail is it they wanted full oh, from the color color forms. can i been ready to leave a new could, could, could, could of numbers for social social, the cushion cushion can come with it, but i loaded up awesome school. need to do a little mentally coverage. i wish i would allegation, skin was sure to bring with one
8:07 pm
conflict with that. let's get into the grocery store for issues with putting the officials in for in so no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. we have a new marquee with some shop conjunction from chosen chest. a let you know, i should t u t t t a. let's see. are you with that over fully
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blue? with sources or you with before a vehicle can hit the road. it has to process the series of tests and conditions of the system. so that some assistance with me all a convenient premium. christina 60 period a 5050505050. call your $55050.00 a year with
8:09 pm
jessica and jessica federal homes. that is a life like watching warnings just you don't want to both of those. oh, i'm a grow. our 5th grow up a little boston was we weren't sure for for bill. so those corners, just to let me see if the crew to clean up with a dish. because it gets greg greg, greg, greg, greg greg running. greg, greg, greg, greg godek. greg, what a great great great great great them with just calling just calling. just calling to push the long message,
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she sees a walk. why meeting isn't just why meeting isn't just why meeting wants to multiple multiple multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple muslim shoes. what not to keep moving insurance for a while ballpark channel. now that'll work. i thought about like, why, why mobiles? nicole see the color slick order a minute. almost pretty easy was it was like, i wish to work for them and come to i got what's gone. what's that people particular i'm guessing about possible boost mobile synthesis. christmas. some stuff stumps. guardian change mentioned walking. you're walking, you're walking along with the president
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and listen in. is the spice heavy? as the said with at the end of the in the put these in internet for coins. political talk one on a own, for with the simple force from the field off a cliff from all to money order money for being a loyal number. well, number 11 more finished. every one agreed it was, the clue was the crew line declined to combine the co, the little cicc cicc cicc. just another great, a brainstorming session was held. i don't cuz i was younger than those. when you hit the button, you're supposed to when you're, when you're, when you're funny. funny. i'm sure you said you said you should. mr. cunningham. mr
8:12 pm
. cunningham. mr. kind of like you both with going to be up there to can you want to confirm on those or you can use to kind of to can you spot them of skills, news skills, new skills, new hucker than those when you move good. no chasing the grid, nissan come, come. beauty treating could been with knocking, knocking sonya norma. no trouble likable. i killed associate brand but electrical brandish parental. but let me guide you guys. are you able to guide you? senior senior? mia? ma'am? mia? oh mia? oh mia? oh mia? oh mia? mia dispute to mute dixie. mute. oh yeah. oh yeah. i know, but i know, but to me still she bills. she both brother gifts. lauren said console a cup of zola, zola, zola, key zola, zoloft the with a was matching your ration a bazooka for a book shipping. if the mirror with will probably in the voucher will chair when that what she puts, she puts the sticker, which is her actual does laws. i mean the meal they anthem form for the door
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for store she is, she is the nuclear. it'll be, it'll be on it. oh, it is only already. i'm with water motor from sure. okay. the life of the, from the move, the, the lead river is a coca immediately not enough able able little eip eip eip eip eip, eip, eip of dog dog dog. eat a mission. a nice thing with the pro, to finding a product in a couple
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of what a good mission issue initiations that this more more with my broadcasting live from mosque for crim brimley and orlando and orlando. it was under all monte city center at the very rate of the rush, washington capitol hill to fume. if you, if you that fuse fuse fuel mit, mit, feel, feel fuel, let him fuel, let him fuel to put you fuel be few own in when it is a native ore native one to russia. russia a little that if with the ssl certificate and then me to me to meet i'm liam. a was not, is not to more, most of them are more of a,
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with a thump, thump, thump, thump, a little a little more stores, a little more stores with a shorter one. i mean for commercial then you know, then, then, then, then like you can let you stay up with something like that, talk about even coding in with you. me, she with them with something but or something. but i suppose rush, wind, rush, wind, rush, wind, rush, wind, rush from now it was rush from current. it was a bushel, ma'am, it was a bushel, man, it was a partial internal stats from stats, from stats,
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from that's, that's from, that's, that's from, that's from, that's from, that's from, that's from this $111.00. when you can use that emotional solution, you will be given that he did the much much bull bull. nice people messed up on that on the, on the, on the, on the wait on the, on the, on the, on the, on a moment on the limit on what out on what out on the food out on what i don't get is a with you still got a little close, got a little i think i'm even even initiate will. real, real, real with the president resident it has gotten this bill was going unusual cars from this day on may the 7th 202018. shes head of date. it clearly ment i got mo, mo, tick, tick, tick, picking up up up, up, up, up, up till up till up till, till little wilbur was on the only one was like on your phone bill. we shows our conditionals, our conditionals, rosul. when do you guys are still at the new the is
8:17 pm
different than she was. she was people switch was thought to wilma shows. what in garden card with just the sounds i'm like, well i'm with oh, feel so so forth with the pcl seal system with shes. yes. yes, a gum which, which was just awful stuff. there's too much stuff with me. it's my me and that's my me, and that's my me and that's my, that's my, that's my book. that's my book. that's my, that's my, that's my, that's my, that's my, that's my that's, that's my sure that, that's much of that. that's my,
8:18 pm
that's my field. that's much much my bill. what's my bill to? what's one door? what's my, what's, what's, what's, what is going to cut it much, but it's much, much, much, much, much, much did we, did we, did we, did we make it a little bit away? it said we had said we, it's, it's, it's less a fully assess with a want to see seamlessness or with hopes of what they support this with mental a
8:19 pm
month. it was a school just to which play session with chanel is set machine. nashik nash, with a late 31st 2021. spec. sure. as it began, it is a love august spent google spent google gosh, google go google and google and google and google and google god, god, god, god, god, god. oh god i. she took the interest she, me, lupus promotions hours, hours. oh, this is alex. this is alex. this is alex is alex. he's gifts. who's alex? who's hours of what hour please. please. alex, let's number this number to this number to this number. this tech was neck with. thank you. thank you much.
8:20 pm
in la la, during the net. net. net south from 00. mm hm. mm hm. i can kind of like kind of like a, like a costume, a student just doing must do just to just do in such a student. a student is such a student. we ship your students, you just, you know, just doing some just, you know, just didn't justin justin in justin. justin in justin. justin in justin. justin 1st called althea eliza. seldom the oars are not in no change in this fact is free will . it will also produce, produce as you these, but you see, so you miss it a wish to step on which she's lost the which control of which the, which thing she modem which into she'll machine which to show which solution there . sure which, which to solution which to show which controls from which controls from which to civil which through several which through traditional which conditional which rational which rational which which, which, which, which, which, which one is not gonna connect enough enough enough enough go nursing. there's
8:21 pm
a 3rd one with a loan as long as unless you're unless you're a secret player yet. but yeah. intravenous. yeah. one moment. the moment the woman the what to do with adult protective of kish fish. fish of a foot a foot off. thanks. a lot of cooper incompetence density density. i need you to know and then and then and those are with those me. but those are, those are those with those meals for those videos. and those are those not sure if
8:22 pm
there's no potential of, most of those with just just nicholas nicholas specific, be specific, be specific, present presidential, the adobe adobe in, with beats use. now it's be use more remote, a little troll troll that the trip trips with
8:23 pm
anybody to, to look that up like that. the bush, the bush. thank you my mothers, cuz he's in for the key, the blackboard. you can use this from lead to you at their leisure, at their leisure, at their leisure leadership, in which it was more to, to give me a call soon as possible, as possible, as possible. plus plus plus. he's also also so so so so so so so, so, so, so, so as well so, so, so, so, so mostly mostly and also so awesome. awesome, awesome, awesome. your. so you should have sold in the i was like 4 or 5th of the media motor window. when we were free with oh
8:24 pm
a yes yes, yes, to save you out. how to how to become the answer could an engagement because the trail went so many months. so mind them sounds on those with folks and ground
8:25 pm
ground the british and american, the brazilian government, the british have often been british accused district leaves in their own, in their own endeavours, rest trent voice ram. you see, boyfriend, this threat, these to dragon, these wrecks estate devised devise meth. and as soon as the senate especially decently destroy dish, the dish is not supposed to say out of it in the disadvantage of it, in the disadvantage of it, in the dispute by scientific besides this, this is how one dog's fears theos theory were alleged. what it alleged, what you will eat will eat what's inside when such wicked, logical wick a logical will warfare it. what gang fair is, what is another, is what is another? it was deemed, it was deemed of what danger to what the status is, what they got to wait. that was the foundation foundation for the method of psychological inter, garish, like
8:26 pm
a lot like along with the seriousness as instances instances. and since it was and it was within the same as your service, listen to listen to listener and worldwide man, world allies and world next, 3rd and world years. it today, they still still live with the consequences today with a blow report report sports and serious, serious flaws, visor visors, covers color,
8:27 pm
developmental vaccine. chelsea maxine chelsea. maxine proceed, maxine proceed. maxine j like seems and i've seen sexy and sexy. and as you ac, seen by some are seen by some faxing the like, single, like seen, i've seen, i've seen few seems to lexi and listen to lexi and listen to lexi and actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, joe biden is branding un, that's a democracy. the envy of the world but world, but the role the call to usually use agrees as a whole should i should. i should, as they should have been in the globe globe global perceptions of american democracy. and along with the care system, we discussed the findings with the point with a point with them or us congress us from or us as an inclusion plus plus the pressure will be carbon neutral, mesh will be cut later that will be cut and 20 said will be car. the will be cutting it will be carbon message to delegate gets at the deli, gets to delegate the when's climate summit in scotland? climate, scotland climb? the west west pushes for action at
8:28 pm
26th. we've got how they're ambitious. how the plans with plans like pertinent dependents on fossil fuels.
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